Best Raclette Grill – Full Size and Mini Raclette Cheese Grills

For newcomers to the experience, a raclette meal is served using an electric grill that sits on the table. While the original use began with Raclette Cheese, you can also use a raclette grill for non-dairy items such as vegetables and thinly sliced meats. Think of it like a cross between a retro fondue party and a Japanese Hibachi experience in your own home. With many grills on the market, you can be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing one for your home party needs. We’ve researched five of the best raclette grill brands on the market, showcasing a grill from each, to help you find one that best meets your needs.
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Grill Surface
Our Top Choice
Gourmia Electric Raclette Party Grill
Gourmia promotes healthy lifestyles by engineering innovative cooking tools to help its customers cook tasty and delicious meals.
Interactive and exciting and can grill various foods at a time. Has an easy-to-control dial. It’s ETL certified. It nicely dissembles for convenient storage.
The ‘Sizzlin’ Sombrero’ on top of the grill makes it a bit bulky and gimmicky.
Non-stick cone-shaped grill
Six people
11 x 18.25 x 18.25”; 5.2 pounds
1000 watts
Best Value
NutriChef Two-Tier Party Raclette Grill
NutriChef is a leading global manufacturer of the finest cutlery and cookware for both professional and home use.
Versatile and has a large cooking surface area. Simple in design, powerful, convenient and easy to operate. Has a temperature control that’s painless to adjust.
No wooden spatulas.
Stone plate and metal grill
Eight people
6.4 x 10 x 21.3”; 11 pounds
1200 watts
Graphite stone, metal
Swissmar Classic Raclette Party Grill
Based in North America, Swissmar manufactures fondues, raclettes, bamboo boards, cheese knives, wine accessories and other kitchen accessories.
Features a reversible grill top and supports variable heat control. Comes with eight heat-resistant spatulas. Can serve up to eight guests.
More expensive than most raclette grills due to extra features.
Reversible non-stick grill plate
Eight people
6 x 10 x 16.5”; 8.9 pounds
1200 watts
Cast aluminum, enamel, steel
Milliard Granite Cooking Stone Raclette Grill
Milliard is a family-owned company founded in 2009 to manufacture various office and home products such as pet supplies, comfort and kitchenware, among others.
Dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, portable and affordable. Has two cooking surfaces. Supports up to eight guests. Grill is two-sided, with flat and grilled surfaces.
No user manual. No on/off switch.
Reversible non-stick grill plate
Eight people
5 x 9.25 x 18”; 5 pounds
1200 watts
Boska Holland Mini Raclette Grill
Boska Holland helps professional cooks and cooking enthusiasts to enjoy life by exploring cheese with various dishes using preferred recipes and innovative tools.
Compact in design, affordable and supports up to two people. Easy to clean, durable and has a non-stick surface. Comes with 2 spatulas and 2 enamel pans.
Not ideal for a large family or get-together.
Non-stick grill
Two people
4.3 x 4.3 x 12”; 1.9 pounds
500 watts
Enamel and plastic

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What is the Best Grill for Making Raclette Cheese and More? Read Our Reviews to Find Out!

Choose a raclette grill that can serve all your guests. Also make sure it has everything you need for fun, interactive parties such as spatulas and dishes. Now that you know what it takes to shop for this grill, let’s find out if one of our recommended products is what you need!
Our Top Choice
The Gourmia Electric Raclette Party Grill is perfect for hanging out with your friends or your regular family gathering, offering them the fun and interactive experience they deserve. Do you prefer a charcoal electric grill with removable electronics? Opt for the Gourmia Charcoal Electric BBG Grill that reduces smoke by 90%.

Gourmia Electric Raclette Party Grill with 6 Cheese Melting Trays & Recipe Book


Gourmia is committed to ensuring that everyday cooking isn’t just easy, but that the foods being cooked are delicious and healthy. The company manufactures innovative and high-performance cooking tools that deliver top value to consumers. The fun, easy-to-use and reliable small cooking appliances are made by experts who are passionate about their work. The Gourmia Electric Raclette Grill comes in an interactive design to allow your guests to choose from various delicious ingredients and get them to cook right in front of them. It features traditional raclette plates and a tray for one-of-a-kind gourmet experience; your guests can melt cheese and potatoes and steak with a newfound simplicity. The integrated pegs on the grill’s surface support vertical grilling while the raclette plates allow for the cooking of soft dishes. The control dial is easy-to-use, allowing you to cook your food without overheating or getting it burnt because you can customize your cooking temperature. The raclette grill is also ETL certified to be efficient, safe and of top quality. The recipe book features ten easy recipes for preparing lobsters, pizzas and more, etc. This compact portable and convenient grill is easy to store and features knob-style temperature control for ease-of-use.

Best Value
The NutriChef Two-Tier Party Raclette Grill is built in a design that features upper and lower cooking areas to cook enough food for up to eight people. If you prefer an raclette built for melting cheese in a hassle-free operation, opt for the NutriChef Electric Cheese Raclette. It has changeable temperature controls and effortlessly comes apart when it’s time to put it away.

NutriChef Raclette Grill with a Stone Plate, Two-Tier Party Cooktop & Metal Grills — Available in 4 Styles


NutriChef believes that the best way it can help its customers to live healthy lifestyles is by providing them with innovative cooking solutions for preparing tasty and healthy meals. The company also believes in offering exceptional customer experience and support for each product. As such, the company backs its products with warranties for protection from manufacturing faults. It also uses premium materials to design highly functional and durable cookware. The NutriChef Raclette Grill features two cooking surfaces and comes in a classic swiss-style design. The high-powered heating unit is simple in design for hassle-free operation by simply plugging it into a socket. The adjustable rotary temperature control knob allows you to cook at a desired temperature that’s favorable for your dishes. The cool-touch handles with wooden ends support convenient use and protect your hands from getting burned. The grill features a power LED light to indicate when it’s on. Its compact design ensures it can safely fit on any kitchen countertop or table. The raclette grill comes with eight skewers, eight serving paddles, a stone cooking surface, and a small and large metal cooking tray. Each of the two cooking surfaces measures 7.3 x 9.5 inches. The unit is ideal for cooking vegetables, cheese, seafood, meats, etc. This product also comes in a fondue style, a stone cooktop style, as well as a stone and metal cooktop, so check the other buying options out!

The Swissmar Classic Raclette Party Grill is designed to help create memorable dinner parties with family or friends with its fun and interactive use. If you want a raclette grill of the same quality and capacity, but with two cooking surfaces to help keep foods separated, opt for the Swissmar Swivel Raclette Grill. It’s more affordable, supports versatile use and comes with eight heat-resistant spatulas.

Swissmar Classic Raclette Party Grill with a Reversible Non-stick Grill Plate — Available in 5 Styles


With over three decades of manufacturing experience, Swissmar retails its innovative kitchen items all over the world. It was founded in 1983 and has partnered with various brands over the years to expand its market reach. The innovative products are both functional and eye-catching to deliver high performance and elevate the appearance of interior spaces. The Swissmar Classic Raclette Grill offers a distinct dining experience in casual settings. Designed for tabletop entertainment, the raclette grill is built with an enamel base for sturdy use. The reversible cast aluminum non-stick crepe plate or grill allows versatile use for cooking all kinds of meals. It also comes with eight heat-resistant spatulas and eight raclette dishes to serve all your guests. Rated 1200 watts, the grill is powerful enough to cook all your foods and the variable heat control knob allows you to cook different dishes at different temperatures. The user manual provides instructions on how to install and use the raclette grill, on top of featuring some recipes to help you cook delicious meals. The non-stick raclette dishes have cool-touch handles to prevent the hands of users from getting burned. Use it to cook fish, meat and vegetables. There are also five style options for this product, which give you different choices of material and color for your grill.

Granite Cooking Stone Raclette Grill is designed for tabletop dining with a capacity of eight guests and fits on small dining tables and kitchen countertops. Working on a tight budget and need a more cost-effective raclette grill with a capacity of four people? Opt for the Milliard 4-Person Raclette Grill for your next get-together; it comes with four paddles and spatulas.

Milliard Raclette Grill with Granite Cooking Stone, 8 Paddles and Reversible Non-Stick Grilling Surface


Milliard doesn’t just manufacture premium products for customers across the globe, but also has its employees use some in the office and back home. It also loves giving back to the local community by donating some of its products and time. The company is popular for manufacturing innovative, aesthetic and highly functional products that last. The Milliard Raclette Grill has a reversible non-stick grill surface with a grilled surface on one side and a flat surface on the other. The granite stone top supports slow cooking of meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. The cooking tops measure 18 x 9.25 inches. With the eight paddles and eight pans, each of your guests can personalize their own servings. The grill also comes with eight wooden spatulas to serve each guest without getting their hands burned. Non-stick coating on the cheese pans and grill tops offer convenient plating for easy cooking and cleaning. The power light status indicates the status of the raclette grill, for instance when it’s on or off. The grill is also ETL-certified for efficiency and safety while the temperature is easy to adjust. Whether you’re having your girls or boys over for a get-together, organizing a small party or just want a fun family dinner, you can't go wrong with this grill.

The Boska Holland Mini Raclette Grill is a classic electric mini European treat for a couple or just one person. If you prefer an even smaller raclette to melt your cheese, opt for the Boska Holland Partyclette To Go. It’s easy to clean, features tealights to melt cheese and comes with a folding handle for easy storage and portability.

Boska Holland Mini Raclette Grill with a Non-Stick Surface for 2 People


Boska is focused on making products used to process cheese and related products. With a product portfolio including cheese making kits, fondue sets, cheese boards and cheese curlers, etc., the company has so much to offer the cheese lover. The company manufactures innovative and durable cheese-related products made from premium materials for long-term use. The Boska Holland Mini Raclette Grill has a non-stick surface and comes with two spatulas and two enamel pens. The removable grill plate makes the grill easy to wash. It’s compact in design, making it perfect for use in small kitchens. You can also transport it for use on the go as it weighs only 1.9 pounds and measures 4.3 x 4.3 x inches. The grill is also dishwasher-safe if you don’t like appliances recommended for hand wash. The raclette grill also consumes less power than its larger counterparts with room for more guests.

How to Choose the Best Raclette Grill for Cooking Cheese, Vegetables and Meats

In the 21st century, a raclette grill, just like a barbecue grill, is almost indispensable at parties — just like the fondue was the rage of dinner parties in the 60's and 70s. Raclette grills enable your guests, friends or family to personally cook their tasty dishes using all the available food ingredients. With origins in Switzerland, the term ‘raclette’ is historically used to refer to melted cheese, its etymology coming from the fact that it had to be scraped off of what it was cooked on and on to the dinner plate. Designed to also cook vegetables, meats and other kinds of dishes, and because they are compact, raclette grills feature various compartments to support the cooking process.The fact that these grills are fun and interactive to get all your guests engaged explains why they largely find use at parties and other family get-togethers.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between a raclette grill, a tabletop hibachi grill and a fondue pot?

The simplest answer is that raclette cooking is a combination of both. It takes the cheese melting capabilities of fondue sets (which require you to have foods cooked in advance) and hibachi grilling (which typically don't have a section that cooks at a temperature that won't burn the cheese). The other difference between fondue and raclette is that fondue cheese is liquidy, and raclette cheese is thin and caramelized - kind of like that yummy cheese that seeps out of the side of a grilled cheese and gets crispy.

A raclette grill is enough to make your party the talk of your neighborhood by offering a unique party experience. It allows your guests to customize their dishes with their own preferred sauces and cheeses while keeping conversations going for a fun, casual party atmosphere. This gives you the peace of mind you need, knowing your food service is guaranteed and each guest gets to serve themselves. What’s more, these grills cook healthy dishes!

Whether you’re hosting your family or friends, there’s always the need for the right raclette grill with the features and accessories you need. Consider a basic raclette grill with a capacity of two people if you’re planning to use it alone or with your spouse. A model designed for parties can accommodate up to eight guests. However, there are other high-end models with a capacity of up to twelve people. Also, consider the other accessories a grill comes with such as cheese plates and cheese slicers.

We hope that this buying guide will help you find the best raclette grill for your next party. If your set doesn't come with them, make sure you pick up enough fondue forks for all of your guests!

How To Make A Cheesy Raclette Dinner Spread

Tips for Cooking on a Raclette Grill. | Courtesy of Chicago chef Paul Kahan, author of Cooking for Good Times

Raclette grills are priced differently based on size, quality, brand and capacity. The different prices are ideal for people with varying needs. Whereas large grills are generally costly, smaller ones are less so. When shopping for this kind of grill, make sure you go only for the best quality and premium material to ensure you can use it to entertain your guests year-in and year-out.

Avoid cheap raclette grills as they’re made from poor quality materials. This means that your grill can break down easily after just a few uses without notice. The more the accessories and features a grill comes with, the more money you can expect to pay. We also advise that you only buy the add-ons you’re likely to use to prevent wasting money.


Raclette grills come in handy when you need to host a small party, invite friends or even have a family gathering. They’re built with various features to increase their functionality. It’s important to look for the right features to complete your search for a suitable grill. The best features of the grill can also help differentiate various models on the market. Choose the best for your intended application. Here are the important features to look for in a raclette grill:

  • Compact design and size for portable use
  • The right capacity to serve your guests
  • Material such as steel, cast iron, granite, stone, plastic, wood, etc.
  • Accessories or add-ons such as dishes, spatulas, pans, recipes, trays, etc.
  • Non-stick reversible, flat, ridged or grilled cooking surfaces
  • Temperature control for cooking various dishes
  • Warranty for protection from factory faults
  • Power rating suitable for your cooking needs

With the right raclette grill, all your guests can serve themselves tasty, delicious and healthy foods, not to mention that it’ll have the durability to last years.

Construction and Design

In terms of construction and design, consider the following factors when shopping for a raclette grill:

  • Size and Capacity — Buy a raclette grill of the right size and capacity. The right size is compact and lightweight for portable use and storage or placement in tight spaces. Determine the number of people you expect to invite for small parties and get-togethers to choose the right capacity or number of users.
  • Material — Opt for raclette grills made from premium materials for durable use. Look out for cooking stone, graphite, cast iron and non-stick surfaces.
  • Add-Ons/Accessories — Find a raclette grill with spatulas, trays, pans, dishes, recipes, manuals, etc.
  • Cooking Surface — The raclette grill should come with non-stick ceramic coating for easy food release and cleaning. The surface area should also be large enough to accommodate all your guests. Decide whether you want flat, grilled, reversible or ridged cooking surfaces.
  • Temperature Control — Various foods cook at different temperatures. Buy a raclette grill with a knob for controlling your cooking temperature for tasty and delicious delicacies.
  • Power — You also need to opt for a raclette grill with a power rating suitable for your country and electric outlets. The higher the rating, the more powerful a grill is and the larger its capacity.

How to Entertain Friends with a Raclette Grill

Megan and Jason Day of Burnt finger BBQ show how to cook on (and under) a raclette electric grill. | Courtesy of Well Done
Performance and Ease of Use

A performing raclette grill accommodates all your guests; if you’re always in the habit of hosting a party for four, six, eight or even twelve people, buy a grill with the right capacity. Look out for a user manual to guide the installation process; the manual can also indicate how the grill should be used properly and maintained for optimal performance. It should also be easy to clean; buy a dishwasher-safe raclette grill if you want to engage in little to no washing using your hands. The maintenance process should also be easy for optimal performance of your grill. With a warranty, you’re protected from any manufacturing faults within the course of use.

Get the Best Raclette Grill of 2022!

Whether you’re expecting two, three, four, eight or twelve guests, there’s a grill out there for your unique cooking needs. We hope that with our review of five of the top raclette grills, you’ll be in a position to pick the right product to meet your demands. In case you need something different, feel free to check out our other grill reviews.

Our Top Choice
Gourmia Electric Raclette Party Grill
Best Value
NutriChef Two-Tier Party Raclette Grill
Swissmar Classic Raclette Party Grill
Milliard Granite Cooking Stone Raclette Grill
Boska Holland Mini Raclette Grill

Raclette Grill FAQs

How to use a raclette grill
The best thing about a raclette grill is that it allows multiple people to cook at once. You have the advantage of using two types of surfaces: the smooth one and the raised side. With over 8 slots to cook on, you are spoilt of choice when cooking. You can stick to Swiss recipes when using a raclette grill or experiment with other delicacies. Check out our buying guide for some ideas to get you started.
How do I clean a raclette grill?
Make sure you read the instruction manual that comes with your particular raclette grill. Here are some general guidelines. First, you have to ensure that the grill is unplugged. Don’t submerge the grill in water. Rather, use a damp cloth to wipe any food or grease remains. To clean the hot stone and grill plate, use a mild detergent and warm water. Stay away from abrasives and wire brushes when cleaning the grill. While the temptation to use baking soda or vinegar may be high, the two may result in caramelization of the grill’s hot stone.
Where can I buy a raclette grill?
The best place to shop for a raclette grill is on eCommerce sites such as Amazon because this often gives you a wide variety of options (as compared to looking at a single brand website). There you will find good reviews about different brands which will really help with your purchasing decision.
Can I use any cheese for raclette?
To be on the safe side, always use cheese that is made for raclette cooking. However, in case you can’t find such you can go for any Swiss cheese that melts easily — any cheese that you can cook in a fondue pot will work. Ensure that your choice of cheese is cut in flat slices or is finely grated so there is enough surface area for it to melt and caramelize. That's what makes raclette cheese different from fondue cheese.
What can you cook with a raclette grill?
While originally designed for cheese, raclette grills are quite versatile. From sliced vegetables and potatoes to steak, chicken and seafood, raclette cooking allows you to host a party and cook up a feast. You can check out Swiss recipes online but one thing is for sure – if you love melted cheese, then getting a raclette grill is a must. To give your guests options, use a cheese plate to display different kinds of cheese.