Best Radar Detector Reviews 2022

Not only do radar detectors notify you of surveillance that can earn you a costly speeding ticket, they also enhance your driving safety by prominently displaying your driving speed. Furthermore, they inform you of road hazards such as dangerous intersections or approaching emergency vehicles. We've selected 5 top brands with 5 different radar detecting capabilities and features. We would also like to point out that these 5 featured brands have other radar detector models you may want to check out as well.
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Alert types
Our Top Choice
Beltronics Pro 200 Laser Detector
Beltronics is a leading expert in producing radar and laser detectors. Their Pro 200 Radar Detector has Digital Signal processing that isolates real signals from false alerts quickly.
Bar displays signal strength. Highway, AutoScan and City modes. Adjusts to lighting conditions.
No community share app.
280 LED
Auto scan, TSR
360 degree
Clear voice alert
Auto mute
Best Value
Cobra XRS 9370 Laser Detector
Cobra has been a leading electronics company since the 1940’s! Their XRS 9370 Radar Detector keeps false alerts to a minimum and notifies the driver of safety hazards along the road.
Extremely affordable and popular radar detector. 360 protection.
Does not have the GPS camera detection technology of the more expensive brands.
Bright Graphic Display
Xtreme range technology
360 degree
Tone alert, safety alert
Ultra compact design
Escort Max 360 Laser Detector
Escort has won more detector awards than all their competitors combined, making them a trustworthy choice. Their Max 360 Detector uses pinpoint precision and the latest technology.
Directional arrow indicator. AutoLearn to omit false alerts. Escort Live Community app. Mute button.
Expensive. Does not hide itself from RDD’s.
Multicolor OLED display
Bluetooth, DSP w/AutoLearn
360 GPS
Clear voice alerts
Magnet mount & carry case
Valentine One Laser Detector
Valentine One is a long time player in the field with consistent customer satisfaction. Dual antennas for front and rear are a standout feature. Highly efficient and simple to install/use.
Best rear detection with additional antenna detector for 360 radar/laser alerts.
No GPS or RDD detection.
LED Display
Multi-band detection
360 degree
Arrow & tone alert
Tracks multiple targets
Whistler CR93 Laser Detector
Whistler is an international leader in automotive radar detectors. Their CR93 Detector combats false alerts that come from new vehicles equipped with Frequency-Modulated Continuous Waves.
Great range. Advanced false alert detection. Bilingual English/Spanish real voice alerts.
No DSP. Can be detected by RDD’s.
OLED Text Display
FDSR technology
360 degree
Bilingual voice/text
Displays frequency

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What is the Best Radar Detector?

Most radar detectors differ in features and functions. While some only detect radar, others detect traffic cameras or notify you of dangerous intersections ahead of you. If you’ve read this buying guide properly, selecting the radar detector that works best for you should be quite easy. Let’s look at our recommended radar detectors and what features made them stand out.
Our Top Choice
The Beltronics Pro 200 Radar Detector offers exceptional value for high-quality, efficient alerts. If you want a more powerful detector, the Beltronics GT-7 with GPS learns your route to eliminate false alerts. It also comes with a Defender Database to inform you of red light and speed cameras locations.

Beltronics Pro 200 Radar-Laser Detector with “Pop” Technology

Do you want to pay now or later? Considering the cost of a speeding ticket nowadays and the impact on your driving record, you’ll be glad you made the investment in the Beltronics Pro 200 Radar Detector. Offering a smooth driving experience with clear voice alerts and traffic sensor rejection of false alerts, the Pro 200 is reliable and affordable.

Here are some of the great features it offers:
  • Bar graph display provides band signal strength
  • Adjusts to lighting conditions
  • Easy to read from any angle
  • Highway, AutoScan and City modes
  • Auto mute reduces volume over a long encounter
  • Customize to adjust to your driving style
  • Great range detection for all bands
  • Quick release windshield mount
  • Smart cord
  • Clear voice alerts keep you informed
Easy to operate with limited false alarms and ample warning time when radar is detected, the quality of construction makes the Beltronics Pro 200 a great buy.
Best Value
With digital band identification icons and signal strength meter, the Cobra XRS9370 is a great radar detector. If you want a more advanced product, you may prefer the Cobra DP 9200 BT which connects to Cobra iRadar to receive camera and speed trap notifications, basic navigation, car finder and music control.

Cobra XRS 9370 Radar-Laser Detector with 360 Sweep Circuitry

K.I.S.S. the Cobra is the motto with this inexpensive Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector. Cobra follows the Keep It Simple Stupid strategy with their radar design, and people love it. An Amazon bestseller, this radar detector has 360-advanced radar technology and safety alerts for hazards on the road. The price is right at around $110, making it a very cost-effective investment.

Here are some of the high-quality performance features:
  • POP mode radar gun detection
  • Advanced radar warnings to all radar/laser guns
  • Compact design
  • Ultra bright data display
  • Tone alert
  • Signal strength meter
  • Intellimute
  • City/highway filtering modes
  • Ku band detection
  • Super-fast sweep circuitry provides extra detection range
With the Safety Alert that warns drivers of emergency vehicles and hazards on the road, as well as the 360 LaserEye technology, you will be up to speed on what’s going on around you while driving.
Escort Max 360 is ready to learn your route with the state of the art pinpoint detection and precision response time. For an equally high-performance radar detector, try the Escort Passport 9500ix without the Bluetooth features at significant savings.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector w/GPS & Bluetooth

Everybody knows “Big Brother” is watching! Because of this, Escort introduces the Max 360. This new ultra, high-performance radar detector has you covered with directional alert arrows indicating front, side or rear.

The AutoLearn technology GPS system intelligently manages false alerts to discover camera locations which you can mark in its memory bank. The DEFENDER database will even update you on speed traps and camera locations.

These are some of the best features on the market in radar detectors:
  • Displays your MPH right on the detector
  • Variety of visual and audio notifications
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Award winning app. ESCORT Live
  • Community network of users who share data
  • GPS AutoLearn
  • Defender Database
  • USB port for Web data
  • Crystal clear voice alerts
  • AutoLearn technology
Comes with your choice of four different color settings: Blue, Red, Green and Amber.
Valentine One has been in the business of radar detection for a long time, and they know their stuff. An alternative to this detector is the Radar Mount Mirror Mount Bracket & Direct Wire Power Cord to ensure the best mounting spot in your vehicle right at the mirror.

Valentine One Radar Locator with Laser Warning

Like a sling-shot from cupid’s arrow, the Valentine One will point an arrow in the direction the detected radar/laser is coming from. With dual antennas, this radar detector covers what’s in front and behind you so it can detect multiple radar devices. A high-performer in laser reception, it is a top of the line detector for accuracy and efficiency.

Valentine One has some serious game with these features for detection:
  • Dual antennas for front and rear
  • Arrow display for directional alerts
  • Quick to install
  • Incredible detection range
  • Tracks multiple targets
  • Reinforced power cord
  • One touch mute button
  • Volume control
  • “J” for Junk display for discarded alerts
  • X, K, Ka, Ku, and Super Wideband Ka Detection
For rear and high-efficiency, multi-band detection, Valentine One delivers.
The Whistler CR93 is a great buy for super quick detection and advanced false alert technology. If you want a less expensive version without GPS, try the Whistler Z-19R plus Laser Radar Detector.

Whistler CR93 Laser-Radar Detector with FDSR Technology

New in 2016, this Whistler CR93 Laser Radar Detector has figured out how to dodge the bullet of annoying false alerts created by the anti-collision technology employed by newer vehicles called FMCW (Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave). The Whistler detector has designated FDSR technology in their devices (Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection) to ensure accurate radar and laser detection readings from real threats.

It is also one of the few products on the market which recognizes the need for a bilingual Spanish/English voice alert option.

Here is what you can expect from this radar detector:
  • Internal GPS for red light and speed camera alerts
  • Total laser detection
  • OLED text alerts in blue
  • Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR)
  • Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR)
  • 360 GPS tracking
  • USB Port
  • Bilingual voice alerts English/Spanish
  • Bilingual text alerts English/Spanish
A great product at an even better price.

How Do I Choose the Best Radar Detector?

Imagine paying a fine, having points deducted from your license, and being cited and summoned to a traffic court because of a speeding ticket. That sucks, right? What if we told you even the most careful drivers could be found guilty of exceeding the speed limit of certain places, would you believe us? Probably no, but it’s quite true. Most people exceed speed limits simply because they are not conscious of them while driving. So, to avoid the drama and embarrassment that comes with being issued a speeding ticket, it’s best to get a radar detector to keep you in check.

What is a radar detector? It’s an electronic device that can help motorists control their speed, detect if they’re being monitored by any form of law enforcement agents, and alert them accordingly. How does it work? When the band emitted by the radar gun being used by the police or other agents hits a moving object and returns with a different frequency, the police can tell the speed of that object, based on the difference in frequency. So, the radar detector allows you to know the band being transmitted and the distance between you and the band. With such information, the speed can be adjusted immediately before reaching the radar source.

Before purchasing a radar detector, you should know there are different types with varying features and most times, the type and number of features determines the cost. There are also some technologies that may affect the price of the detector. While the importance of a standalone GPS Navigation System while driving may be often debated, the presence of the global positioning system (GPS) technology in a radar detector automatically increases its functionality and application. Other technologies include smartphone integration and Bluetooth connectivity.

Although often described as expensive, a radar detector is one device that will become valuable and pay for itself over time. Before choosing one, consider your budget and determine which features are most essential. If installed and used properly, a radar detector can drastically reduce your chances of getting a speeding ticket, give you the freedom and confidence to drive better and – most importantly – reduce the risk of accidents due to dangerous intersections or approaching emergency vehicles.
If you’ve decided to buy a radar detector, then you need one that ultimately gives you the driving confidence and relaxation you desire. However, this may mean spending some of your hard-earned money. The cost of a good radar detector varies and depends on the type, design and features present. For example, remote radar detectors are more expensive than those mounted on the dash board. Those with the latest technology such as GPS and smartphone integration are also usually costlier than those without them.

However, it’s all dependent on how much you're willing to spend at the end of the day. A good radar detector with an ergonomic design and important features should cost between $700 and $150. It could also cost less, but we decided not to include these cheap radar detectors because most times, they aren’t sensitive enough and wouldn’t offer the convenient protection required in the first place.
To simplify the buying process for you, here are the important features to look out for before purchasing a radar detector:
  • Detector Yype – corded, cordless, remote-mount
  • Technology – GPS, smartphone integration, Bluetooth connectivity
  • Detection - of K, X, XA and laser bands
  • Alert Type – digital voice alert, tone alert
  • Extra Features – city mode, carrying case, mounting kit
Construction and Design
There are 3 basic types of radar detectors and they include the corded radar detector, the cordless radar detector and the remote-mount radar detector. A corded radar detector can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield. Because of its mounting location, it’s known to deliver a stronger range of detection when compared to the others. If you have more than one vehicle, the cordless model is a good option because of the ease of transferring it from one vehicle to another. The remote-mount radar detector cannot be transferred because it is permanently attached to the vehicle. It is usually mount behind the car’s grill and the controls are situated beneath the dashboard. While it also offers good range of detection, it’s important to note this type is more expensive than the rest and requires professional installation. However, when compared to the rest, it’s the least prone to theft.

A good radar detector can detect KA, K and X bands. Some of the best models have dual antennas that allow the radar to detect different radio frequencies around the car. While those bands are mostly used by the police and law enforcement agents, another important band a good radar detector should be able to detect is the laser band. For the detector to detect it successfully, it should have at least one laser sensor. For laser detection in multiple directions (3600), a detector with two sensors is ideal. Note, however, that a radar detector with 360-degree radar/laser detection is quite expensive.

One of the most important technologies incorporated in radar detectors is GPS (global positioning system). Once programmed properly, it can increase the functionality of the radar detector by calculating the location and speed of the user and alerting them to speed limits, speed cameras or speed traps. It can also give you access to a database of law enforcement locations that can be downloaded and programmed to pre-alert you. Another technology is the Spectre or VG-2 protection which can be described as shielding technologies. It alerts you to the presence of law enforcement agents making use of radar (RDD) and allows you activate stealth mode or invisible mode. Other times, it prompts the detector to shut itself off to prevent discovery. The presence of this technology is important for places where radar detectors are illegal and often lead to an increase in the cost of the detector.
Performance and Ease of Use
After detecting a radar or band, the next step should be alerting you to the presence of the band. There are different alert systems and the type of alert that communicates the detection is largely dependent on the brand and model of the radar detector. While some alerts use indication lights, others use sound or both. No matter your choice, it’s important for the radar detector to have a visual display that’s good and strong and either a volume or mute button that can be used to adjust the sound settings. For those with digital voice alerts, the audio provided should be easy to understand and clear.

Extra features of a good radar detector include personalized user settings which enable the user to customize detection to suit driving expectations and a wider range with false alarm trigger. While these extra features may invariable lead to an increase in cost, a sophisticated detector means confidence and relaxation while driving.

Also, there are some accessories that may accompany the radar detector. These accessories include mounting kits for dashboard or windshield mount, extra power cords, travel cases in the case of cordless detectors and a remote control. If you're purchasing a remote-mount detector, ensure the kit necessary for professional installation is added. If not, it may need to be purchased separately.

Get the Best Radar Detector of 2022!

While nothing is better than safe driving, the fact is sometimes we do drive over the speed limit and need a reminder to slow down and avoid a ticket. There will be times when you’re thankful you have a radar detector. Better to be safe than sorry, so make your purchase today!

Our Top Choice
Beltronics Pro 200 Laser Detector
Best Value
Cobra XRS 9370 Laser Detector
Escort Max 360 Laser Detector
Valentine One Laser Detector
Whistler CR93 Laser Detector