Best Radar Gun Reviews 2023

Radar guns are in great supply today, and finding the best radar gun for your needs might prove an uphill task. In order to make the process a lot easier for you, we’ve taken the time to identify five top radar gun brands, and have reviewed one radar gun from each here. In case you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out these brands for more.
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Our Top Choice
Pocket Radar Classic All Purpose Radar Gun
When it comes to sophisticated pocket-sized radar, Pocket Radar leads the pack as the maker of the world’s only pocket-sized personal speed measuring device.
It is easy to use, with well-written instructions and a durable battery. It has a nice protection case and responsive support.
It may occasionally give far-off readings on small targets.
Pocket / Cars, Running, Skating
4.7 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches; 0.29 lbs
Car: 0.5 miles / Person: 200 ft
Car/Running/Skate: 11 to 600 kph
2 x AAA
Best Value
Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun
Bushnell is dedicated to combining leading-edge design with innovative performance.
It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as sports, traffic control and more. It is a competitively priced gun that delivers consistent readings.
It may have difficulty tracking small objects at a distance.
Outdoor / Cars, Balls, Sports
3.9 x 11.6 x 9 inches; 4.1 lbs
Car: 1500+ feet / Ball: 90 feet
Car: 16-322kph / Ball: 16-177kph
2 x AA
Stalker Radar Sport 2 Radar Gun
Stalker Radar has made itself into the principal Doppler radar system in its industry.
Not only is it accurate, its batteries are long-lasting, and it’s easy to use and has great customer support. It features an LCD display that shows release and plate speed.
It doesn’t recall more than five speeds.
Outdoor / Baseball, Sports
6.5 x 3 x 8 inches; 1.8 lbs
300 feet
Ball: 8 - 241 kph
Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar
Sports Sensors Inc. provides trainers with immediate feedback through its accurate radar sensors.
It’s a lightweight, convenient solution for measuring golf and bat speeds.
It’s somewhat pricey for its single function of swing speed measuring.
Indoor or outdoor/ Golf, Baseball
7.2 x 5.4 x 4.6 inches; 0.61 lbs
Not specified
Bat: 32-320kph / Golf: 64-320kph
3 x AA
Louisville Slugger Multi Sport Radar
Louisville Slugger has been the maker of iconic bats for a mind-blowing period of 130 years.
One person can use it, as it self-activates with every throw. The LED display can be read from a distance and is well-built.
The 188 etched on its surface glows in sunlight, which may make readouts difficult to decipher.
All-purpose/ Ball, Golf, Lacrosse
4 x 8 x 6 inches; 1.15 lbs
Not specified
5 - 241 kph
3 x AA

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What is the Best Radar Gun?

To find the best radar gun, you have to consider certain factors, such as how you would like to use it. While there are many multipurpose radar guns, there are others that are suited to a particular purpose and will not give correct readings otherwise. After reading our guide, you ought to have better understanding of radar guns. Let’s go to the individual product reviews.
Our Top Choice
The Pocket Radar Classic is a pocket-sized radar gun that gives accurate speed measurements within one mile per hour in real time, at the touch of a button. It features two modes, snapshot and repeating, and gives 10,000 readings on one set of batteries. If you want to measure ball speeds accurately, this company also makes the Pocket Radar Ball Coach, which is a professional-level speed training tool. Check it out if that’s what you’re looking for.

Pocket Radar Classic All Purpose Pocket Radar Gun

Pocket Radar creates the smallest and easiest-to-use speed radar gadgets on the market. It focuses on the production of sleek, compact and portable speed measuring devices that can be used by professionals and everyday consumers. Since its founding, Pocket Radar has won the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award, the 2010 Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award, and the 2016 American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Convention: Best of Show Award (for its Pro Radar System).

The Pocket Radar Classic is a compact, portable speed radar that can fit into your pocket. It’s a multipurpose speed gun with applications in many areas, including traffic safety, motor sports, radio-controlled hobbies, industrial safety, scientific research, neighborhood safety and much more. It features both snapshot and repeating mode. To use the snapshot mode, all you have to do is tap the button and you’ll get instantaneous speed reading. For instance, with a moving car, it will give the speed of the car in a split second. To use the repeating mode, you hold down the button. This keeps the transmitters on and gives you updates every ¾ of a second. It also has a memory that stores up to 10 previous speed readings and shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity.

This device is designed to accurately measure the speed of moving objects from 7 – 375 MPH. It is built from the same high-impact plastic as hockey helmets. It has a K-Band frequency (24GHz) and measures in miles per hour (MPH), kilometer per hour (KPH), meters per second (MPS) and feet per second (FPS). The Pocket Radar Classic is able to deliver more than 10,000 readings on a single set of AAA batteries.

The design of this radar is not suited for measuring the speeds of balls and isn’t recommended for that by the manufacturer. Its package features:
  • Hard-shell, protective case that makes the radar easy to store
  • Wrist strap with which the radar can be conveniently carried during use
  • Two AAA batteries to get your radar off to a good start
  • An illustrated quick guide start
There is a one-year warranty for this radar gun, and a card is included in the package to that effect.
Best Value
The Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun has a point-and-shoot pistol design and a large LCD display. It’s accurate to one mile per hour. It measures speed up to 110 miles per hour at a distance of 90 feet. If you’re interested in a bundle that includes this gun and some baseballs, check out the Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun Pitcher's Training Bundle. It comes with four baseballs for recreational use.

Bushnell Outdoor Technology Velocity Speed Gun for Spectator Sports

Bushnell is one of Vista Outdoor LLC’s brands. It has an unmatched commitment to delivering excellent customer service, and maintains strong relationships with its partners. This company boasts the leading market share in the sport optics categories, with its products winning multiple design and performance awards. Its robust product line promises to intensify the enjoyment derived from outdoor pursuits such as spectator sports, hunting, fishing, nature study and many more.

The Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun is a lightweight, handheld device that is easily operated with one hand. It’s well-built and takes the rigors of the outdoors in its stride. The point-and-shoot trigger system is easy to use. All you need to do is line yourself up with the object whose speed you want to measure, aim the radar gun and pull the trigger. The highest speed recorded will be displayed, on its large and clear LCD screen, when you release the trigger. This gun features a digital signal processing technology that measures the speed of a baseball from as far as 90 feet away, or a vehicle that’s on the move 1,500 feet away. It does all these within one mile per hour of the object’s or vehicle’s exact speed.

This Bushnell radar gun was created to be put to a seemingly endless list of uses. It can be used to measure pitch and runner speeds for baseball practice. It can also be to used to measure serve and return speeds in tennis and other sports as well. It measures running speeds of athletes and animals, and vehicular speed. This device may be all you need if you’re looking for an accurate and consistent radar gun as a training tool, without the features and price of the more professional options.
Bushnell makes other great radar guns, including:
  • Bushnell Speedster III Radar Gun: With continuous mode for automatic reading, which is able to measure speeds from 10 – 200mph
  • Bushnell Speed Gun: A radar gun equipped with the latest processors for speed conversion, measuring speeds up to 322kph. It comes in a vanity case
Stalker Radar’s Sport 2, the radar gun of choice of major MLB teams, is built to measure pitching and throwing speeds. It's available in three package options, each with a 300-foot range, and measures speeds between 5 -150 miles per hour. If you’re interested in a non-rechargeable, battery-powered Stalker radar gun with a corrugated shipping box carrycase, try the Stalker Sport 2 Radar - Starter Package.

Stalker Radar Sport 2 Deluxe Package Radar Gun with 300 Foot Range

The Stalker Radar team has been involved in nearly every radar-based product development of note since 1970, including the first solid police state radar, the first k-band handheld radar, the first direction-sensing radar, and the first radar with virtual VSS. Stalker Radar's products are the most technologically advanced available, all boasting the highest level of accuracy and performance in their class.

The Stalker Radar Sport 2 promises to keep the baseball player right on target. It has created a place for itself as the gold standard for all things baseball. This gun delivers accurate pitch speeds as consistently as nine out of 10 times, and it is accurate to within one mile per hour. Its maker categorically states that this radar gun, as well as its other guns, usually measure to 0.1 (one-tenth) of a mile per hour. The Sport 2 measures speed from 5 - 150 mph, with an impressive 300-foot range (view should be unobstructed). What’s more, it is the only radar gun on the market that reads speed in tenths of a mile. It does its job quickly and is quite easy to use.

It features an informative LCD display that gives radar and stopwatch readings concurrently, so you can simultaneously measure pitch speeds and time runners, although an optional stopwatch cable is required for this. The display has two active speed windows for the display of peak and plate speed, which will help teach players how to throw their change-up versus their fastballs. It also has a recall function that enables it to recall five previous readings. Its default settings are optimized for pitch speed measurements and can be customized by pressing the menu button. It has a three-hour battery life and low battery indicator, but if you forget to charge its batteries, all you need to power it is regular AA batteries.

Other radar guns from Stalker include:
  • The Stalker Pro ll: Four modes and removable, rechargeable Li-ion battery handle. It is sensitive, accurate and can be put to a lot of uses
  • The Stalker Solo 2: Four modes, designed to measure the speeds of moving objects on land, in air and in water. It includes a battery charger adapter and a carrycase
The Stalker Spot 2 has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.
The Sports Sensors Inc. Swing Speed Radar is a small, portable device designed to measure the golfers’ swing speed or bat speed at 20 - 200 miles per hour. It can be placed about 10 inches from the tee, or suspended by its snap hooks from a batting net. The serious golfer who wants to improve swing and tempo should take a look at the Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer.

Sports Sensors Inc. Swing Speed Radar with Golf, Baseball and Softball Modes

Sports Sensors Inc. has seven unique radars and accessories, five trademarks, and the award of six United States and two foreign patents. It also boasts ownership of 15 related domain names and six former websites that, at present, link to its current website. Its focus is on introducing and developing innovative product concepts and delivering on-stream custom production equipment.

The Sports Sensors Inc. Swing Speed Radar is a microwave Doppler radar speed sensor that measures the swing speeds of golfers, baseball players, and softball players. It helps players decide which speed is best for top performance, and monitor the consistency of swings. With this tool, you’ll also be able to select the golf club or bat that best suits your swing type. The golfer can use this device to determine the best swing for distance, accuracy (nominally within 1%) and control, while the baseball or softball player can consistently create solid contact by training with it.

It has a speed range of 20 - 200mph and 40 - 200 mph in bat and golf modes respectively, and real-time feedback that enables trainers and players alike to identify and fix problems in swing mechanics. For best golf results, set this radar gun in a forward location directly away from the tee, about eight to 10 inches. In baseball and softball, it can be suspended, by its snap hooks, from the cage, net or fence either behind or in front of the player. The distance between the player and the radar gun in this case should be about five feet.

The Swing Speed Radar is powered by three AA batteries. It comes with a drawstring pouch and two snap hooks for easy handling and carrying.

There are other radar gun options from Sports Sensor, such as:
  • The Glove Radar: Measures the speed of balls thrown from any distance and attaches to the back of any glove. It measures speeds from 12 - 100mph
  • The Break Speed Radar: Measures the velocity of the cue ball as it approaches the point ball. Its accuracy is measured to one-tenth of an mph
  • The Paintball RADARchron: Measures the speed of paintballs as they’re shot from the marker. It ensures that your paintball marker is shooting within the prescribed safety limits
The Louisville Slugger Multi Sport Radar measures speed accurately from 3 - 150mph. It recalls 10 previous speeds, and has a voice notification that announces speed readings. If you’re interested in bats of superior quality, have a look at the Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Baseball Bat.

Louisville Slugger Multi Sport Radar with Voice Notification

In the 1880s, 17-year-old Bud Hillerich sneaked away from his father’s woodworking shop to watch the Louisville Eclipse team play. He was in the stands when Pete Browning, the star of the team, busted his bat. Bud suggested a visit to his father’s woodshop. With Pete’s guidance he hand-crafted another bat, with which Pete got three hits the next day. In 1984, Bud took over his father’s business and registered it as Louisville Slugger. Since then, the company has made and sold over a hundred million bats, which makes it the most widely accepted bat company in baseball history. Today, it has extended its product line to include fielding and batting gloves, catcher’s gear, helmets, training aids and more.

The Louisville Slugger Multi Sport Radar measures bat and pitching speeds, and can also be used to measure speed in soccer, golf, lacrosse and tennis. It instantaneously measures speeds from 3 -150 mph and immediately relays the information to you via a bright LED screen that can be read from a distance. It features a voice notification system that also gives speed reading feedback.

It has been designed to recall the last 10 speed readings recorded. It is a portable radar gun with a hands-free design that can be mounted on an accompanying tripod and used anywhere by a single person. It displays speed in miles per hour and kilometers per hour, and runs on AA batteries. For easy storage and transporting, it comes in a spiffy-looking carrycase.

How Do I Choose the Best Radar Gun?

Whether you’re an athlete looking to perfect your throw or speed, a law enforcement officer who has to keep the roads safe, or a concerned citizen who has decided to contribute to road safety, there’s always more that can be achieved in these endeavors. working with a device such as the radar gun will help you do just that.

Radar guns help determine the speed at which objects are moving. They employ a principle known as the Doppler Effect, named after Christian Doppler, who discovered it. Doppler uses the frequency of microwave signals that have been reflected off a moving object and sent back to their source. The rate at which the frequency returns to its source determines the speed of the moving object.

Radar guns were initially used by law enforcement to monitor and maintain speed limits. Danny Litwhiler, a coach at Michigan State, is credited with bringing the radar gun into baseball in 1973. Since then, it has been used in other activities: to measure the swing of a golf club, to measure a runner’s speed, in nature study where it is used to determine the speed of moving animals, and much more.
The use of the radar gun is diverse and continues to grow more so. Many radar guns incorporate additional features, such as a stopwatch to determine time taken, and carry cases for convenience. There are some that can be attached to the back of baseball mitts to measure the speed of a thrown ball.

Be that the gun is aimed directly at the object you want to measure. Radar guns are set up to measure only things that move in a straight line, and as they get off-angle, the speed tends to lower.
The prices of radar guns usually range from $100 to $599. This price range doesn’t apply for professional units that sell for as high as $1500 (and more). The difference in price is due to the applications the radar gun can perform. For instance, there are cheap radar guns that sell for less than $100, but these are limited devices that may not do more than measure the speed of objects at a very close range. If you want to improve form and deliver faster, better-aimed balls, for yourself or the people you train, investing in a radar gun is a great idea. The results of training with a radar gun of good quality are worth every penny spent on one. Consider your budget and weigh it against how much you need a radar gun, and the result of your pondering will help you purchase wisely.
A radar gun has to have certain features to be a good feedback tool. A display screen should be a basic part of every radar gun, because it is the sole means of feedback for the user. It displays the speed readings, and some companies add other information such as stopwatch readings. The display should be bright and well-made. Other important features to look for in a radar gun include:
  • Type: Where it’s designed to be used i.e. ball games, traffic control, athletics
  • Size: The dimensions of the radar gun
  • Speed: The speed range it measures, whether in mph, kph or other units
  • Batteries: The type and number of batteries it uses
Keeping these in mind while shopping will help you get the appropriate radar gun for your purpose.
Construction and Design
One of the best ways to determine if a radar gun will suit your purpose is to read what the manufacturer has to say about it. This information is usually well-displayed and not hidden in fine print or implied. A radar gun that is designed to measure pitches will not accurately measure swing speed. As it has been set up to give accurate pitch measurements, it will give you neither accurate nor consistent results when applied to bat swing measurements. When a manufacturer says its radar gun is for a specific use, it’s good policy to adhere to it. The same brand may have a radar gun that’s designed to meet your exact need. That said, there are multipurpose sensors that can be applied to various uses; if you do not intend to use your radar gun for a particular activity, these ones will suffice.

Before you start using a radar gun, check the manual. This will prevent you from sabotaging the efficiency of the radar gun by using it wrongly. For instance, if your fingers are between the sensor and the object whose speed you desire to measure, chances are that you’ll get wrong readings. Some radar guns have different operational modes, and consulting the manual will help you understand how to use each mode.

If you end up with a radar gun that doesn’t meet your expectations, do not fail to reach out for support. Some of these companies have great support teams that are ready to help.
Performance and Ease of Use
A radar gun's size will determine how portable it is. Some of them are small enough to fit in your pocket, while others come with straps, tripods or carrycases for handling, transporting and storing them.
The power sources for these units are worthy of consideration too. How long does the radar gun last on a single charge? This is a good question to ask. There are radar guns with rechargeable batteries, and there are others that use regular alkaline batteries that can be easily obtained from hardware stores.

Since a radar gun will most likely be seeing lots of outdoor use, it’ll be a good idea to investigate the materials. It should be constructed with high-impact materials that can withstand the impacts this device is going to see.

The accuracy and speed of a radar gun are the key definitions of how good it is. Most of them are accurate to within one mile per hour. There are some that promise accuracy to 0.1mph. These are good if you’re perfecting your form for competitive sports, but if it’s all for a hobby or recreation, you may not need one of these "ultra-accurate" units. The radar gun's range should also be considered.

Get the Best Radar Gun of 2023!

Now that you're done with the review, we hope you've found the radar gun for you; we’re positive you’ll enjoy it. Go ahead and shop with confidence.

Our Top Choice
Pocket Radar Classic All Purpose Radar Gun
Best Value
Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun
Stalker Radar Sport 2 Radar Gun
Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar
Louisville Slugger Multi Sport Radar