Best Rain Poncho Reviews 2022

Are you preparing for an outdoor activity but worried it might rain later in the day? We understand choosing a suitable rain poncho for you isn’t easy. For this reason, we’ve researched the best rain poncho brands on the market, showcasing one from each of our five favorites, to help you make an informed decision. Check out our men’s raincoats, women’s raincoats and kids’ raincoats if you’re looking for something different.
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Our Top Choice
Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Rain Poncho
Frogg Toggs is a family-owned company founded over two decades ago and is inspired to manufacture products aimed at enhancing your experience outdoors.
Recyclable and eco-friendly. Reusable bag. Waterproof and breathable. Lightweight and adjustable. One size fits most.
It can’t fit all body sizes. Easily blows up in the wind.
Adjustable hood
One size fits most
3: dark green, blue & khaki
Best Value
Coleman .15mm EVA Rain Poncho
Coleman manufactures various high-quality outdoor equipment, such as lanterns and lights, sleeping bags and beds, among others.
Lightweight, PVC-free material. Packable and portable. Watertight to keep your body dry. Versatile to fit most adults. Adjustable and offers full coverage.
Full hood coverage might hinder view. Super thin and might not last.
Adjustable, full-coverage hood
Green & blue
Charles River Apparel Youth Pacific Poncho
Charles River Apparel is a family-owned company founded in 1983 to design and manufacture stylish and premium-quality apparel for kids and adults.
Lightweight, as it weighs only 0.8 ounces. Supports easy backpacking. Waterproof and sealed with heat on the seams. Allows easy movement and fits most youth. Hood adjusts for a custom fit.
A bit big for younger kids. Has only two side snaps.
Elastic gathering at the hood
One size
7 colors
Wealers One Size Fit Most Rain Poncho
Wealers Outdoor LLC designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality camping and outdoor products to enhance user experience.
Lightweight and portable. Ideal as a disposable emergency kit. Compact for easy storage and transport. Available in assorted colors. Waterproof, versatile and affordable.
Ponchos aren’t reusable.
Attached hood
One size fit all
5 colors
Galeton Repel Rainwear Tall EVA Rain Poncho
Galeton is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial gloves, personal safety, maintenance, clothing, spill and containment gear and tools.
Made of rubber and plastic. Durable and waterproof. Lightweight and long for men 5’10” tall and over. Reusable, large and long.
A little heavier than most ponchos.
Adjustable hood
Adult men
2XL or larger
Black & green

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What is the Best Rain Poncho?

Choose a waterproof rain poncho to keep water off your body in the rain. Make sure it’s the right size to fit you and lightweight for compact packing and easy portability. Find out if one of our recommended rain ponchos is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Rain Poncho is made of an ultra-light and waterproof material to protect you from rain. If you prefer a poncho based on bi-laminate technology for sweat-free breathability, opt for the Frogg Toggs Dri Ducks Ultra Light Rain Poncho.

Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Breathable Rain Poncho with Adjustable Hood - Available in 3 Colors

Frogg Toggs manufactures premium outdoor gear. With over twenty years of experience manufacturing rainwear and accessories, the company has gained massive skills in the industry. Whether you’re fishing, hunting or golfing, the company has your needs covered in the rain. It prides itself on manufacturing premium-grade products for prolonged use. With access to innovative material, new designs and the latest technologies, Frogg Toggs often expands its product portfolio.

The Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Rain Poncho is what you need to bring with you outdoors to keep yourself comfortably dry when the rain falls. Whether you’re camping, hiking or attending a sports event, the poncho will come in handy. Made of a light and breathable material, it’s easy to pack and carry, while allowing free flow of air through it. Coupled with welded waterproof seams, rain can’t permeate the poncho, as the unwoven polypropylene it’s made of is also watertight.

Adjust the hood to your size for head protection from rain. With the side snaps, the poncho will stay in place even as you move around or engage in an activity as it rains outdoors. Pack it in the reusable bag it comes with for easy portability or storage when it’s not in use. It comes in one size that can fit most people. Available in three distinct colors, choose from blue and khaki, apart from our featured dark green poncho.

Here are a few other Frogg Toggs rain ponchos to consider:
  • Frogg Toggs Emergency Rain Poncho - designed for irregular use
  • Frogg Toggs Packable Adult Rain Poncho - meant for adults only
The poncho weighs only nine ounces.
Best Value
The Coleman .15mm EVA Rain Poncho has side snap closures for more protection from rain and comes in one size that fits most adults. Do you prefer a versatile rain poncho you can use as a seat cushion, stadium blanket and, of course, a poncho? Opt for the Coleman NCAA Colorado 3-in-1 Rain Poncho.

Coleman .15mm Adult EVA Rain Poncho with Full-Coverage Hood - Available in Green and Blue

Inspired by a white gasoline light, W.C. Coleman founded his company decades ago to offer healthy lighting for use outdoors. The company has grown over the years to diversify its product portfolio from just manufacturing lanterns and lights to designing and developing other outdoor gear, such as coolers, water jugs, tents, shelters, furniture and games, among others. It uses premium materials that can withstand the harsh weather outdoors to support prolonged use.

The Coleman .15mm EVA Rain Poncho is lightweight for compact packing in your backpack or bag for use on the go. With the waterproof EVA material and welded seams, your poncho is bound to keep water off your body. It comes with a full-coverage hood to ensure no water reaches your face and other areas around it. You can easily adjust the hood using the drawstrings attached to it for a custom fit.

As a result, you can use this cover when it rains without drenching your body in water. Use the side snap closures for additional coverage from rain, ensuring water doesn’t get to the upper part of your body. They also ensure your rain cover stays in place once you put it on. Although it comes in one size, the poncho fits most adults. The versatile grommets also ensure you can use them in various ways to fit your rain poncho for heightened protection from rain. The rain poncho comes in a green and blue.

Here are a few other rain ponchos by Coleman you might like:
  • Coleman Kids Rain Poncho – in case your kid wants to be matching too!
  • Coleman Emergency Rain Poncho – for light use irregularly, available in 3 bright colors
  • Coleman Kids Splash EVA Rain Poncho – teal, for kids
The Charles River Apparel Youth Pacific Rain Poncho is made of strong polyurethane bonded with a polyester knit for durability. However, if you prefer a women’s poncho in a different design, with taped seams and full zip styling, opt for the Charles River Apparel Women’s Pack-n-Go Rain Poncho.

Charles River Apparel Youth Pacific Unisex Rain Poncho with Elastic Hood Gathering - Available in 7 Colors

Charles River Apparel designs various stylish clothes for women, men and children. Although the company only manufactured rain jackets when it started out, it has grown to diversify its product portfolio. It designs and makes workwear, rainwear, athleisure, fleece, outerwear, etc. With its commitment, values and performance rooted in the ideals of New England, the company uses premium materials to manufacture durable clothes for both local and international consumers.

The Charles River Apparel Youth Pacific Rain Poncho is made of 100% polyurethane and polyester knit for durable use. The materials have waterproof properties to protect you from rain. Sealing the seams is done using heat for extra watertight properties and enhanced durability. If well taken care of, you can use your rain cover for a long time. Just beneath the arms, you’ll find a side snap closure with sleeves so you can walk and move easily outdoors.

Adjust the elastic gathering at the hood to your size for protection from rain and wind. When going camping with your kids or backpacking for school, simply fold the poncho and store it in the reusable bag it comes with for easy portability. Weighing only 0.8 ounces, the rain cover isn’t just lightweight but won’t take up too much space in your kid’s backpack. Choose a color that matches your kid’s school uniform or favorite outfit for a stylish look.

Measuring 40.5 x 73 inches in a one-size-fits-most, the poncho fits most youths. What’s more, you can get it imprinted with your company name, logo, a message of choice or even your kid’s name.

Here are some other Charles River Apparel rain ponchos for your consideration:
  • Charles River Apparel Pacific Rain Poncho - for adults
  • Charles River Apparel Men’s One Cyclone EVA Rain Poncho – EVA material
Aside from our featured aqua marine, you have six other colors to choose from: black, forest, maroon, navy, red and royal blue.
The Wealers One Size Fit Most Rain Poncho comes in assorted colors: red, blue, yellow, green and white. Prefer a reusable rain poncho for prolonged use? Opt for the Wealers Reusable PVC Rain Poncho in assorted colors and a pack of three.

Wealers One Size Fit Most Rain Poncho with Attached Hood - 20 Per Pack

Wealers manufactures products aimed at enhancing outdoor leisure activities. In addition to designing and manufacturing its products, it also sells them at retail and wholesale prices. The outdoor and survival products the company develops include those meant for cooking, fishing, barbecue, hunting, biking and picnics. It also manufactures related accessories to support relevant outdoor activities.

The Wealers One Size Fit Most Rain Poncho comes in a pack of twenty with four colors each, namely: red, yellow, blue, white and green. Choose a color that matches your given activity or sports team. Designed for disposable use, the rain covers are perfect for emergency situations. Whether you’re watching a sports event at a stadium, going to a zoo, an outdoor concert, outing, university graduation or any other outdoor activity, you need to protect yourself from wind and rain.

The poncho is economical and lightweight for use on the go. Simply pack it and fit it in your pocket, bag or backpack, depending on where you’re headed. The PE plastic used to make it isn’t just light, but supports portability and compact packing for transport or storage. Weighing only 1.6 ounces with a thickness of 0.025mm, it’s also waterproof to keep rain off your body. Measuring 50 x 80 inches, the rain poncho comes in a one-size-fits-all for most adults.
The Galeton Repel Rainwear Tall EVA Rain Poncho is designed for tall men, wearing 2XL sizes or larger, to cover their arms and body from rain. Consider the Galeton Repel Rainwear Reflective Stripe Rain Poncho if you prefer a shorter design available in three colors for use at night.

Galeton Repel Rainwear Tall EVA Rain Poncho with Adjustable Hood - Available in Green and Black

Galeton is focused on manufacturing reliable products you can depend on when you need them the most. Committed to consistently delivering high-quality products, you can expect each product from the company to stand the test of time. The company also offers exceptional customer support and delivery services. With the 100% No Risk Guarantee, you’re assured to get your money back if not happy with your product. It also sources premium materials to manufacture its range of quality products.

The Galeton Repel Rainwear Tall EVA Rain Poncho is made of rubber and PVC plastic for durable use. You can also reuse it as many times as you want. If you take proper care of your rain cover, expect it to last long. Weighing 24 ounces, the cover is heavier than most on the market. However, it’s still easily foldable for packing and portable use. Each side has two plastic snaps to keep the cover in place.

The poncho fits men who are 5’10” tall and over, and those who wear sizes 2XL or larger. Measuring 59 x 97 inches, the rain cover is large enough to not just cover your body from water, but also your arms. Unlike standard ponchos, the head opening is larger. Adjust the drawstring on the hood to cover your head from winds and rain. What’s more, you can trim it if it’s too long, using scissors. Don’t worry about the cover fraying upon cutting, because it won’t. Choose from black and green.

How Do I Choose the Best Rain Poncho?

A rain poncho is a garment made of watertight fabric and designed to keep your body dry from the rain. Generally designed for the modern user, it’s made with a unique sense of style to suit a rainy day. Whereas a rain jacket is functional, a rain poncho inspires a fabulous outlook, even on a day with harsh weather conditions.

If you’re looking for a garment to shield your attire from the damp and strong winds in winter or a cold season, you need to invest in a rain poncho. It’s what you need to enjoy the varied benefits of keeping warm and shielding your essentials in the rain. Usually rectangular, it keeps your hands free to cling onto your other body essentials beneath it. A rain cover comes in handy to break the monotony of wearing raincoats in a cold season.

Even if you have a variety of raincoats in your wardrobe, a rain poncho will give you the change of dress you need to look stylish and still keep warm and dry. Wondering whether there will be a weather change later in the day? Grab your rain cover, fold it into a compact shape and pack it for use later on outdoors. If you’re a style-conscious person, it’s also more suitable than a raincoat, as it’s both stylish and practical.

When it rains, the poncho will shield you from water, protect you from wind and give you a fabulous look in all circumstances. They’re also ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, attending sports events, etc. Choose a color that matches your rain boots for a stylish look. Whether you’re looking for a reusable or disposal garment, aside from the design you want on your rain cover, this guide will help you choose the best rain poncho for you.
Different rain ponchos come at varying prices depending on the type, design, size, suitability, material used and quality, among other factors. Reusable types are more expensive than disposable types, as the latter are usually of lower quality. With $10 or less, you can get an emergency rain cover with a hood or without. Expect to spend about $25 for a functional, reusable poncho you can use frequently for a long time.

For more durable and sophisticated designs, consider budgeting for up to $50, depending on the season and your brand of choice; popular brands cost more than their unknown counterparts. For better bargains, shop for a rain poncho in the dry season, as prices may go up during the wet season due to demand. Although cheap rain ponchos are ideal for one-time use, avoid them if you’re looking for something to use long-term.
Rain ponchos are both functional and stylish. They’re designed to protect you from getting wet in the rain while looking your best. Made of waterproof materials, your rain cover should shield you from getting wet. Look for a comfortable and fabulous cover you can use outdoors. Whether you opt for a reusable or disposable poncho, you need one that’s lightweight for easy packing and portability.

The following are some useful features to look for when buying a rain poncho:
  • Reusable or disposable rain poncho
  • The right design, such as one with adjustable hood
  • A suitable poncho for kids, adults, youth, men, women, etc.
  • The right size to fit your body
  • Breathable, waterproof and durable material
  • Side snap closures for easy movement
  • A color of your preference and taste
A good rain poncho is not just functional and stylish or fashionable, but also easy to maintain, to ensure you can use it for a long time.
Construction and Design
Are you ready for the coming cold/rainy season? Are you bored of wearing rain jackets every day in a long winter season or when you go outdoors? A high-quality rain poncho can help you enjoy your outdoor activity without the rain or cold weather becoming a hindrance. Consider these factors to help you find the best poncho:

Type – There are two major types of rain ponchos available on the market: reusable and disposable. Consider buying a disposable type if you’re working on a tight budget or just need one for emergency use. This type is commonly made of vinyl and nylon, as they’re generally light materials. They’re easy to fold and store and can comfortably fit in a pocket, hence, portable. However, they’re less durable and can only last a season.

Buy a reusable rain poncho for a more durable and convenient option. They’re made of stronger materials, such as canvas treated with waterproof agents, to last longer and withstand regular use.

Design – There’s a variety of designs available on the market to choose from. Consider a rain poncho with a hood to shield your head, neck, shoulders and back from the rains. One with drawstrings offers more protection, as you can close the hood around your face to fit your size.

There are also special designs to suit various groups of people, such as those for ladies, to cater to women’s taste and style. Army ponchos are meant for use in harsh weather conditions, while plain ponchos offer protection from rain in a versatile way. Ponchos for festivals make the wearer stand out, whereas clear designs reveal the outfit underneath.

Suitability – Choose a rain poncho of a suitable length, and made of a suitable material for you. Analyze your needs to be able to look for one with features that can satisfy those needs. Waterproof ponchos that can withstand wind and rain are more suited to harsh weather conditions. Also, determine whether they’re meant for kids, adults, youth, women, men, etc.

Sizes – Though designed in various sizes, rain ponchos are unique as one size can comfortably fit a number of body sizes. Consider buying a size larger than your normal size to cater for future adjustments.

Colors – Rain ponchos come in a variety of colors to suit various preferences. Opt for one to match a number of your outfits. A dark-colored poncho is easier to clean and can blend with almost all colors. Consider a clear color if you prefer to stand out in your regular clothes underneath.
Performance and Ease of Use
Buy a rain poncho that’s easy to clean and maintain. One with a material that doesn’t stain easily is more efficient, as stains are common during the wet seasons. A rain cover should be free from creasing and static effects, for easy maintenance and comfort, respectively. If you’re purchasing one suitable for long hours of use, make sure it’s waterproof or repellent and breathable.

Also ensure your ideal cover is lined to keep you warm and dry at the same time. The importance of a strong material for durability goes without saying. Opt for a poncho that’s lightweight for easy packing and portability, so you can bring it outdoors for use on the go. Look out for care and user guidelines for proper use and maintenance of your rain poncho.

Get the Best Rain Poncho of 2022!

Whether you’re going hiking, hunting, fishing, camping or simply attending a sports event outdoors, there’s a rain poncho out there for you. We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to find a suitable rain cover for you. In case you need something different, browse our other men’s rain jacket reviews.

Our Top Choice
Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite2 Rain Poncho
Best Value
Coleman .15mm EVA Rain Poncho
Charles River Apparel Youth Pacific Poncho
Wealers One Size Fit Most Rain Poncho
Galeton Repel Rainwear Tall EVA Rain Poncho