Best Raised Dog Bed Reviews 2023

Finding the best raised dog bed that you and your dog can trust may prove to be a frustratingly difficult process if you get the wrong ones – and with so many to choose from, the chances of doing so are high. That’s why we’ve combed the market for the top 5 brands and present them to you with one raised dog bed of theirs that we particularly love. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, there are more of these on offer by each brand; we also have another review for dog beds from 5 more awesome brands, so feel free to check those out too.
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Our Top Choice
2PET Elevated Cooling Pet Bed Deluxe
2Pet offers, not just the finest quality pet products, but wonderful and helpful community of pet lovers as well.
This bed is easy to clean, lightweight and portable. It’s mold and mildew resistant and it’s also a semi-orthopedic bed for your pup. Customer support is responsive as well.
It requires some force to put together.
48 x 36 x 7”; 8.9 pounds
Steel/Oxford 600 Dernier fabric
Up to 200 pounds
Low maintenance
Best Value
K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot
K&H is dedicated to tirelessly creating unique and innovative products for the comfort of pets and to the appreciation of their owners.
It’s lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, equaling portability. It’s also sturdy, comfortable and easy to clean.
There are isolated reports of a strong smell upon purchase that nevertheless soon fades.
30 x 42 x 7”; 4.2 pounds
600 Dernier fabric
150 pounds
Waterproof; easy to assemble
Keet Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed Set
Keet builds to excite by designing an array of comfortable, modern pieces especially for kids and pets.
It’s a comfortable and classy bed. It is also roomy, sturdy and lightweight.
Some might find the cushion somewhat thin.
24 x 36 x 20”; 20 pounds
Micro suede
40 pounds
Stain resistant
Kuranda Standard Indoor Dog Bed
Kuranda believes that every dog deserves a cozy place to relax and sleep and has been committed to making products for the health and comfort of pets since 1987.
It withstands doggy abuse quite well and the Cordura fabric isn’t absorbent. The bed is sturdy, long-lasting and really easy to clean.
It makes some noise when the dog gets on it.
40 x 25 x 7”; 8 pounds
125 pounds
Easy to clean; 1-year warranty
Coolaroo Elevated Cot Style Pet Bed
Coolaroo is an Australian brand that designs forward-looking products for the enrichment and comfort of your furry companion.
This bed is lead-free (as with all Coolaroo’s products) as well as durable and lightweight. It’s also difficult to chew on and is easy to clean.
Assembling it isn’t really a breeze
31.5 x 51.2 x 7.9”; 8.4 pounds
High density polyethylene
85 pounds
Easy to wash and maintain

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What is the Best Raised Dog Bed?

Capacity, fabric, design - these are some factors you ought to have decided on before you actually start shopping. Such information increases your chances of choosing the best raised dog bed, saving you from the wrong one and the attendant disappointment. With the knowledge from our buying guide, deciding on those factors should be a lot easier as we take a look at the products under review.
Our Top Choice
The 2Pet Elevated Cooling Pet Bed is made with a resilient, breathable mesh-nylon material and is supported by strong steel tubing. It comes in 4 sizes to accommodate small, medium or large sized dogs. For a less expensive raised bed, check out the Elevated Pet Bed Cot by 2PET, which comes with fabric but not any mesh.

2PET Elevated Cooling Pet Bed Deluxe with Oxford Fabric And Mesh – Available in 2 Colors and 4 Sizes

2Pet is a Florida based brand that was established in 2014. It’s made up of a team of committed pet lovers who understand your pet’s place as a member of the family and which designs quality products that will keep your four-legged, furry companion comfortable. This company is constantly working to create choice products at competitive prices, continuously finding ways to ensure that you and your pet’s needs are met. It assures you of excellence in its products’ design and the best service possible.

2Pet’s Elevated Cooling Pet Bed Deluxe is designed to lift your dog 7 inches off the ground, thus providing ample space for air flow beneath it. Its fabric is an Oxford 600D Fabric which is tough and springy (or stretchy) and discourages the growth of mold and mildew. It has a strong mesh on the fabric that allows air to easily get to your dog and cool it, which should prove useful on particularly hot days. The mesh and the surrounding fabric are rugged and make this bed suitable for everyday use, both indoors and outdoors.

The tubes that make up the frame and legs of 2Pet’s Elevated Pet Bed are of strong steel, which are tightly and firmly connected to each other by T-connectors. This raised bed comes in 4 sizes tagged small, medium, large and extra-large, with each having its own weight limit. The suggested weight limit for the each is 44, 66, 88 and 99 pounds respectively, plus the large and extra-large models have supports across their middle to keep your pet safe and balanced on them. It also comes in 2 color options: Rawhide red and bonny blue.

Maintenance for this raised dog bed is as easy as a quick scrub with regular soap, detergent, disinfectants, spray with water and air-drying. It can also be vacuumed clean and the fabric can be removed and washed with cold water in a washing machine for a more earnest cleaning. It comes dissembled in a carry case, making it highly portable. It can also be easily assembled but does require some measure of force given its tight-fitting tubes and connectors; the manufacturer actually recommends that it be set up by 2 people. In the event of a tear, there’s a replacement fabric, in different colors, for each model on offer by the manufacturer.
Best Value
The K&H Original Pet Cot has a tough, double-stitched waterproof nylon with a center meshing over durable metal tubing with non-skid rubber feet. It has a 150-pound weight limit for each of its 3 sizes. If you’d rather cool your dog down by means of a neat cooling pad, K&H’s Coolin' Pet Cot is worth a good look.

K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot – Available in 3 Sizes and 2 Colors

K&H Manufacturing is the proud maker of all K&H pet products and is the largest producer of heated pet products around. This eco-friendly brand incorporates bio-based and recycled materials in the production of most of its products. Its products are recommended by veterinarians and pet experts who have found them to be reliable, beneficial and affordable. The heated beds provide warmth that soothes joints and relaxes the muscles of your aging and arthritic pets. K&H products are tested by MET laboratories for the safety of these products for both pets and homes.

The K&H Original Pet Cot keeps your pooch cool on those hot summer days and elevated from the hard, hot ground. It has a tough cover that comes in either gray or chocolate and is made from 600 denier nylon bordering a mesh center for better and adequate airflow. The fabric doesn’t allow the growth of mold and mildew thus eliminating odors and reducing the chances of microbial growth and infections. The frame of this bed is made from strong metal tubing held together by durable corner connectors made of PVC. The cover is slipped over the frame for a tight, secure fit. The manufacturer’s recommended weight limit for this raised bed is 150 pounds – that’s support enough for large dogs. Upon assemblage, the legs of this bed might not all be resting on the ground. This can be very easily corrected by placing some weight on it, making sure that the weight does not exceed 150 pounds.

Putting the K&H Pet Cot together is a breeze as it doesn’t require any tools and takes only minutes; what’s more, it’s just as easily disassembled, which makes it a great bed for travel, picnicking, camping and more. It’s available in small, medium and large sizes with the weight limit for each pegged at 150 pounds. In response to customers’ feedback, its covers now feature double stitching and double backing for added durability and strength. For your pet’s added protection, all of its legs feature non-skid rubber feet. Keeping this bed clean only requires a wipe-down with damp cloth, for everyday cleaning, and a gentle cycle machine wash with cold water for more extensive cleaning. The Pet Cot Cover can be bought separately and the bed is covered by a 1-year warranty.
The Keet Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed Set is built with strong wood and upholstered with high density flame-retardant foam and faux-leather. Its cushion is made with memory foam, giving it a strongly orthopedic quality. A coordinating mat and squeaky toy are included in this set. The more affordable Keet Mini Sofa Leatherette Pet Bed is also available; feel free to have a look.

Keet Deluxe Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed Set - Comes in 7 Colors and 3 sizes

Keet is a family-owned business that was established in 1999. Named for the Mayan word that means to equalize or to make equal, Keet seeks to reduce the gap between the top and bottom strata of the economy by providing a fair trade to everyone connected in any way to its business through its 3 brands: Keet, Keet Pets and Keet Mind & Body. The first makes a vast range of kids’ furniture; Keet Pets is responsible for the production of tasteful pet furniture and Keet Mind & Body has its line of meditation, Pilates and yoga products in the works.

The Keet Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed Set is a solid piece of furniture, built with a strong wooden frame and padded with high density, flame-retardant foam. Its cover is faux leather that comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is also stain resistant. It features an orthopedic memory foam cushion in a removable, zippered micro-suede fabric that’s also resistant to staining and easy to wash.

A set of this furniture also includes a matching mat, matching pillows and small bone-shaped foam with a squeaky toy in it. The small size has 2 pillows; the medium size has 3 pillows while the large size sports 4 pillows. The manufacturer’s recommended weight limit for the small, medium and large is 10, 20 and 40 pounds respectively. The mat accompanying the large size measures 38 by 27.5 inches while the mat for both the medium and small sizes both measure 27 by 22 inches. At about 5 inches off the ground, this raised dog bed set is low enough for the short-legged dog breeds to get on without any difficulty.

Keet makes other stylish raised beds, some of which include:
  • The Heaven Bed which includes a matching pillow and reversible comforter. It also features polished nickel glides as feet for the protection of floors
  • The Cleopatra Chaise, a handsomely-made chaise with comfortable foam padding that’s befitting of a royal pooch
  • The Modern Bed with wooden legs sporting a fine chocolate glaze finish and a strong wooden frame which will carry up to 15 pounds of furry love
The Kuranda Standard Dog Bed is US-made with stainless steel fasteners and a patented chew-proof design. It give dogs orthopedic support and keeps them cool and comfortable in hot seasons. If your dog weighs more than 125 pounds we suggest you consider the Kuranda All Aluminum Dog Bed, which can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a weight limit of 250 pounds.

Kuranda Standard Indoor Chewproof Walnut PVC Dog Bed – Comes in 5 Sizes and 4 Colors

Kuranda USA started out in 1987 with just two employees, Michael Harding and Paul Connolly, and 2 products: water removal systems for athletic fields and a circular, trampoline-style dog bed. In 1995, the production of the circular dog bed was discontinued with the design and introduction of Kuranda’s original rectangular dog bed. Following the immediate success of the RDB, rectangular dog bed, the standard PVC bed and its aluminum version were introduced in 1998 and 2003 respectively. This company has continued to improve and increase its product line and has since grown to become a company of 30 members, including Mike and Paul’s children. In case you were wondering, Kuranda is the name of the place in Australia where the company first began before it was purchased- and named- by Mike.

The Kuranda Standard Dog Bed lifts your dog about 7 inches off the hard ground, providing orthopedic support to take away the pressure on their legs which is caused by sleeping on the ground. If you have an arthritic or aging dog, this raised bed promises to support them in comfort and safety as it’s made with high-strength, furniture-grade poly-resin frames. The fabric is Cordura, an abrasion resistant, non-absorbent material that provides enough traction for your dog when it’s getting in and out of this bed. The antics of mischievous, chewy dogs literally do nothing to reduce this bed as it features Kuranda’s patented chew-proof design which allows the fabric to be slid into the frame, thus hiding the edges and preventing chewing. For added strength and stability, all the fasteners on this bed are made of stainless steel. The frame is coated in a UV-resistant finish that stands up well to regular cleaning and resists fading. The durability of this bed has been tested in many active dog shelters and kennels around the world for over 10 years and counting.

The walnut-colored frame is a great fit with the wide selection of fabrics and colors, but it’s recommended only for outdoor use by the manufacturer. It’s best employed in direct sunlight or in areas with outdoor temperatures on the high side. You should also note that the weight limit of this bed is 125 pounds, irrespective of any of the 5 different bed sizes it comes in.

There are more raised dog beds from this brand that should interest you. They include:
  • The Kuranda Standard Dog Bunk Bed which is designed at optimal shoulder height for dogs to jump onto and comes in 4 sizes
  • The Kuranda Aluminum Dog Bunk Bed with aluminum frame for greater strength and stability. It’s available in 5 sizes
  • The Kuranda Mini Aluminum Dog Bed for toy sized dogs, supporting up to 250 pounds of doggy weight
All of this company’s products are covered by 1-year warranty and backed by responsive support.
The Coolaroo Cot Style Pet Bed features a resilient knit fabric that allows the passage of air to and from your dog. Its fabric is mold, mildew, mite and flea resistant; what’s more, it comes with a 5 year UV degradation warranty. If you’d like to replace a worn out cover, there’s the Coolaroo Replacement Dog Bed Cover in terracotta to meet that need.

Coolaroo Elevated Cot Style Pet Bed – Available in 4 Sizes and 4 Colors

Coolaroo is an Australian brand that began with the development of the Coolaroo fabric more than 50 years ago. It was designed from strong, long lasting exterior-grade materials to defy the extremes of Australian weather. Another unique feature of this material is that it was designed to allow the passage of cool breeze while casting off the heat and the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays. The fabric was a hit and soon spread from its home country to the United States and on to the rest of the world.

The Coolaroo Cot Style Pet Bed has a powder-coated steel frame that’s both strong and lightweight. The feet are shod in non-slip rubber that grip the ground (whether outdoors or indoors) securely. The fabric is made from high density polypropylene (HDPE) that’s useful in the elimination of hot spots and comes in 4 color options which are green, nutmeg, terracotta and gray. It is also breathable as it allows the passage of air and weather resistant; plus, it has been specially treated to resist damage from UV rays and has a 5-year warranty to that effect. To assemble this raised bed, all you’ll need is a screwdriver.

It lifts your pup 7 inches off the hard hot (or cold, depending on the weather) and the large size has a 100-pound weight limit. The small and medium sizes have a weight limit of 50 and 75 pounds respectively. This bed’s legs curve outward and might take up more space than its pictures suggest. If you’re looking for an affordable raised dog bed that’ll keep your pets cool and prevent them from over-heating, this might just be it.

Its metal parts and screws are prone to rusting with time, especially when frequently exposed to moisture and the outdoors. The trick to avoiding this is to paint those parts with an anti-rust paint. For maintenance, a simple hosing down or vacuuming is okay; the cover shouldn’t be machine-washed.

Another raised pet bed from Coolaroo is:
  • The MAELSON Soft Pet Bed, which is available in small, medium and large and is great for indoor and outdoor use

How Do I Choose the Best Raised Dog Bed?

Many of us consider our dogs as integral parts of our families, thus they get as much care and attention as any homo sapiens in the house. Seeing as science has yet to find a means of giving our canine friends a language we can fully understand, it can get difficult trying to meet their needs, especially if you’re no dog training expert or vet. This is one of the reasons why a great majority of us don’t know that our dogs would be a lot more comfortable sleeping on a bed than on the cold or hot, hard floor. As a matter of fact, they’ve been found to get a better night’s rest on raised dog beds; how else does one explain a dog’s penchant for hogging our beds and couches?

It becomes easier to understand a dog’s appreciation of a raised bed (also called an elevated bed) when you realize the fact that it provides firm but pliant support for senior dogs to ease the muscular and joint pain they often experience at that age. A raised bed also provides joint relief for dogs of all ages, it doesn’t harbor dirt and allergens and it reduces your dog’s contact with fleas and other insects that leech off of them. What’s more, the minimalist mesh and frame design of the raised dog bed has proven to be virtually indestructible when compared with the traditional dog bed. They’re also able to go where the traditional dog bed or pillows can’t, and where a dog carrier won’t suffice or will seem out of place, most raised beds fit in nicely, such as camps and picnics.

For extra comfort, you can throw in some interesting squeaky toys and some of their favorite blankets (this will also help a cautious dog accept the bed more readily than coercing or commanding would). They also come at budget-friendly prices.
One of the reasons these raised dog beds are so popular is the ease with which they can be maintained. They can be simply cleaned with a vacuum, scrubbed and hosed down with detergent and water while a great many of them are machine washable.

We do hope you consider giving your dog the many benefits that the raised dog bed brings.
Raised dog beds sell at a price range from as low as $34 to as much as $159 (and even more, especially if we’re talking about luxury raised dog bed). It all depends on the materials used in the manufacture of the bed, the complexity of the design and the brand. Most people wonder why a piece of fabric stretched over some PVC pipes, which is what most raised dog beds look like, should cost so much, and we’ve seen D-I-Yers try to put one together for themselves. However, we’d like to make it known that, while it isn’t rocket science, there’s actually a lot of thought and research that goes into the production of these pieces. Good manufacturers usually consider the capacity of both the fabric and frame before deciding on which to use and always state the weight limit for each product as a lot of calculations, physics and some chemistry is done before introduction into the market.

There are frames of raised dog beds from aluminum and there are those from steel; there are those from wood and there are others from PVC. Some of these beds sport innovative, techy fabric while others have a good old sturdy fabric on it. Whatever the case may be, you should understand that the health and safety of your furry best friend is your responsibility and should not be entrusted to cheap raised dog beds (you wouldn’t do that to yourself would you? So, don’t do that to your pooch).
Dog lovers and owners may have, at one point or the other, encountered dogs with dysplasia or dogs with bone injuries. Their whines, when they’re getting up in the morning, are usually heart-wrenching and you just want to help. Well, with a raised dog bed you can as the dog gets to rest its body on a surface that’s firm but not as hard as the floor. However, you should consider certain features such as the type of fabric as you don’t want your dog to slip or have to be extra-cautious while on the bed. Trust us when we say it’s a pain watching a dog trying to be careful when all he/she wants to do is plop down or play.

Here are some other important features to consider:
  • Type, i.e. cot style or traditional-style stuffed raised dog bed
  • Capacity, i.e. how many pounds of dog the raised dog bed can safely carry
  • Frame material
  • Dimensions of the bed
  • Weight
  • Versatility, i.e. indoor or outdoor
  • Maintenance; how easy it is to wash, clean
  • Extras such as chewproof, flameproof, orthopedic etc.
Construction and Design
The advantage the raised dog bed has over the mat or pillow on the floor is elevation. This provides room for airflow around and beneath the dog, thus cooling her on hot days and keeping her off the cold floor on chilly days. They’re usually raised about 5 to 7 inches from the ground, and here we’d want to caution that you ensure that the raised dog bed you choose isn’t so high that your dog has to strain to get on it. Remember, we’ve earlier discussed that this style of dog bed is especially useful at calming dogs with bone issues, so we don’t want to have them endure undue stress whenever they want to get onto their favorite bed.

There are different fabrics used in the construction of the raised bed cover and a popular design is the fabric that’s breathable. Breathable fabric allows air to pass through it to the dog above whilst allowing the passage of the hot air from the dog through it. Some raised dog beds feature a sturdy, thick but resilient fabric bordering a breathable mesh material while others are entirely made of some air-permeable fabric. Whatever be the case, the fabric should be tough enough to stand up to doggy abuse as it will surely get some of that, especially with hyperactive and mischievous dogs. Avoid mesh with weave large enough for the dog’s claws to get hooked on.

The fabric should also be easy to clean and disinfect; a waterproof material that doesn’t absorb fluids will be great. Another thing of note on this issue is to ensure that the holes at the corners of the raised bed shouldn’t be so large as to avoid your dog’s foot getting accidently caught in any of it.

Now we move on to the metal frame. The frames of these beds are popularly made of PVC, wood, aluminum and steel. They’re usually tubular with connectors or fasteners joining one tube to the other. Beds with plastic frames won’t survive a chew-happy dog; there’s also the danger of its choking on the fragments of plastic. The wooden frames are seen more in the traditional-style stuffed raised dog bed. The aluminum and steel frames offer the most reliable support but are also prone to rusting. The solution is to coat the frame in anti-rust paint, although some of them have finish applied by the manufacturing to this end. We also suggest you ensure that the connectors and fasteners are of durable stock; if there’s any breakage, some companies offer replacement parts.

For the more technologically advanced dog owners, there are raised dog beds that offer self-cooling and self-warming covers. The principle at work here is that of conduction; these beds contain cooling gel or water and the process of heat transfer from your dog’s body to the foam makes the body feel cooler. However, some people are of the opinion that this cooling effect doesn’t last long.
Performance and Ease of Use
The cot style raised dog bed is ultimately easier to clean and wash than its stuffed counterpart. They’re also lighter, portable and can be taken outdoors on camping trips and so on. If you aren’t going to be moving your raised dog bed around then you may consider the traditional-style dog bed which come in a myriad of styles, designs, colors and pattern that will fit any room décor. They also come in a wider range of fabric than their cot counterparts such as faux leather, faux fur, damask, fabric options not usually available with the cot but undoubtedly more stylish.

The chew-proof design is also an advantage the raised dog bed has over the regular ones. They’re usually designed to outlast a dog’s chewy mischievous phase. Some of the fabrics, like Cordura, are able to withstand scratching from dogs without any loss in its effectiveness. Some raised beds feature a design that lets the fabric slide into the tubes of the frame, thus preventing damage from chew-happy dogs.

The ease with which the pieces of a raised dog bed are put together and taken apart is also worthy of note. If you’re going to take it along with you on camping trips and picnics, you’ll need to consider one that’s easy to set up and disassemble or unobtrusive enough to carry around.

The weight limit is usually given by the manufacturer and we advise you adhere to it as it was arrived at after a lot of research. Most, if not all, companies make these beds in different sizes, so you should be able to find one that comfortably carry your dog’s weight.

Get the Best Raised Dog Bed of 2023!

Now that you are familiar with the best raised dog beds around today, we believe you’re ready give the mutt a well-deserved rest. Go on and make that purchase today!

Our Top Choice
2PET Elevated Cooling Pet Bed Deluxe
Best Value
K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot
Keet Deluxe Orthopedic Dog Bed Set
Kuranda Standard Indoor Dog Bed
Coolaroo Elevated Cot Style Pet Bed