Best Raised Dog Bowl Reviews 2023

Do you place your plates on the floor during dinner? Probably not! So why let your adorable canine friend eat off the floor? The best way to give your dog a more comfortable and healthier meal experience is through a raised dog bowl. Treat your lovely pooch like the royalty they are! You’ll find a wide range of raised dog bowls on the market, but choosing the right one may be tricky. However, with our review of some of the best raised dog bowl brands, you’ll be in a position to pick a bowl that makes every mealtime special and healthy, too!
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Bowl Material
Our Top Choice
PetFusion New Zealand Pine Raised Pet Feeder
As an award-winning designer of modern pet products, PetFusion not only manufactures best selling products, but they also actively contribute to animal welfare across the globe.
Grade A pine; stainless steel bowls; anti-slip feet; inset bowls
Veneer may start to peel over time
Solid wood
3 cups/1.5 cups
20.8 x 10.4 x 10.1-in; 6.6 lb.
Stainless steel
Durable grade A pine
Best Value
OurPets Raised Bone Feeder
Since its inception, OurPets’ goal has always been the same: to design and market high-end, innovative products that improve the safety, comfort and health of pets while enhancing their enjoyment!
Dishwasher safe; stainless steel bowls; spill ridge for no-mess feeding
Food and water particles may get in-between the bowls.
4 cups
19.4 x 11.6 x 8.5-in; 9 lb.
Stainless steel
Durable plastic
Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog Bowl
The sloppy dining habits of a family dog named Duke lead to the invention of the Neater Feeder Company. Their goal is to deal with sloppy eaters in a way that helps other dog owners avoid a feeding-time mess!
Kick-proof; spill-proof; color options; no-mess feeding
Bowls may rust over time
Bronze, Cranberry
7 cups/9 cups
 21.5 x 14 x 14-in; 4.2 lb.
Stainless steel
Thick, shiny plastic
IRIS Large Elevated Feeder with Storage
IRIS USA is a leading global manufacturer of pet products, providing high-quality, innovative items that improve the lives of pets and pet owners.
Buckle design on lid for spill-free use; holds 64 cups of dry food
Water and food may get trapped underneath the bowls
Black, Green, Tan
2 cups
 21.5 x 14.3 x 15-in; 4.7 lb.
Stainless steel
Strong plastic base
Suncast Elevated Pet Feeder
Suncast uses unique details and durable materials to design practical products that are excellent for the whole home.
Includes legs for adding height; use without legs for puppies; holds 6-8 cups of food
Plastic design may attract dirt/hair
Tan w/ foldable legs
8 cups
22 x 13 x 4-in; 3.5 lb.
Stainless steel
Durable plastic

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What is the Best Raised Dog Bowl?

There are hundreds of different brands of raised dog bowls out there, and you may be wondering if it matters what you use to feed your dog just as long as he eats. But wonder no more, for we’ve explained why it matters in our handy guide! We’ve reviewed some of the best feeders on the market, so making a choice will be much easier for you. Once you know what to look out for, you can go straight to checking out all the available choices our review, our brands and the market has to offer!
Our Top Choice
The PetFusion Raised Pet Feeder has a functional and modern design, and is constructed from New Zealand pine. The natural wood tone makes this item easy to match with your existing décor. Want a raised pet feeder that’s not made of wood? Check out the PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder in Premium Anodized Aluminum. It also comes with stainless steel bowls.

PetFusion Elevated Stainless Steel Pet Feeder in Premium Grade A Solid Wood – Available in 2 Sizes

Founded in 2010, PetFusion is an award-winning brand dedicated to customer satisfaction and pet wellness! First, their designs are not only functional, but also seamlessly blend in with your home’s existing décor. Second, they have a remarkable level of quality in terms of product materials and construction. Third, these well-made, beautiful products come at an extremely affordable price!

PetFusion’s Raised Pet Feeder made from Grade A New Zealand Pine is designed to make feeding time easier and more comfortable for your four-legged companion. Available in two different versions—4 inches tall for small dogs and 10 inches tall for medium or large dogs—this feeder is meant to ease the strain off your best friend’s shoulders, neck and joints during mealtimes.

Other interesting features that come with this feeder include:
  • Two stainless steel food-grade bowls for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Modern design that’s easy to incorporate into your décor
  • Anti-slip feet and rubber bowl insets to minimize bowl spinning, thus keeping the feeder tidy
  • Care tips to help you keep the feeder looking pristine
  • Base of feeder is triple coated with water-resistant seal
Best Value
The OurPets Raised Bone Feeder comes with two bowls, and each one can hold a maximum of four cups of dry food. Looking for a feeder that’s shorter and with different features? The OurPets Signature Series Elevated Dog Feeder might be an excellent fit for you and your dog.

OurPets Elevated Bone Feeder with Raised Feeding Station – Available in 4 Sizes

With their in-depth knowledge of cat and dog biology, OurPets has been designing pet accessories and pet treats that improve the health, comfort and safety of pets while enhancing their enjoyment. What’s more, their innovative and unique products have all been patented, so you won’t find anything like OurPets’ products!

To continue with their goal of improving the comfort and health of your pet, OurPets designed the Raised Bone Feeder to make feeding time strain-free and to support your dog’s digestive system. The tray is able to maintain its stability thanks to its durable plastic legs. The stand has a nice outer lip around it to prevent spilled water or food from falling all over the floor.

You’ll also love the fact that this feeder comes with removable, dishwasher-safe bowls for easy cleaning. The bowls are fairly large and can hold a considerable amount of water and food.

If you love this feeder, it’s good to note that it comes in four sizes, including 4 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch and 16 inch.
The Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog Bowl comes with a unique design that traps spilled food in the upper reservoir while spilled water flows into the lower reservoir for easy discarding or reuse. If you have taller pups that are also a little bit chunky, the Neater Feeder Deluxe with Leg Extensions may be more comfortable for them.

Neater Feeder Large Deluxe Dog Bowl – Available in 3 Sizes, 2 Colors

Inspired by Duke, their then-sloppy dog, Fernando Jr. and his father came up with The Neater Feeder and founded Neater Pet Brands to deal with the mess created by Duke and his sister Dakota. They also wanted to bring the same “sanity” to other dog owners! The company’s mission is to design innovative products that enhance the joy of owning a pet by making pet care easier and by positively influencing the daily lives of pets everywhere.

The Neater Feeder Large Deluxe will save your floors and give you back your sanity. Measuring 21.5 x 14 x 14-inches in the largest size, this feeder is suitable for dogs weighing 30 to 100 pounds. The elevated feeding position is excellent for digestion and joints. Its unique design makes it possible to separate spilled food from spilled water: spilled food stays off the ground as spilled water flows into a lower reservoir. The Neater Feeder is also kick proof, thanks to its high walls, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess even when accidents occur.

The feeder also comes with a 7-cup quality stainless steel food bowl, a bunch of non-skid rubber pads and an additional 9-cup stainless steel water bowl.

If you feel that this feeder will be a perfect gift for your four-legged family member, you’ll be happy to know that it comes in two different colors—bronze and cranberry—and three different sizes—small, medium and large.
The IRIS Airtight Raised Feeder with Storage incorporates convenient storage space underneath the two stainless steel bowls. The airtight seal helps keep your dog’s food fresh, dry and protected from unwanted pests. Looking for a food container for your pet instead? Check out the IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo. We’re sure you’ll love it!

IRIS Large Airtight Elevated Feeder with Storage and 2 Stainless Steel Bowls – Available in 3 Sizes, 3 Colors

Since its inception in 1994, IRIS USA has been dedicating its efforts and resources to inventing and developing products that foster beauty, organization, comfort and convenience to everyday living. As a leading manufacturer of pet products, this company offers an array of innovative high-end items that enhance and improve the experience of owning a pet. Their products include pet food storage containers, plastic pens, pet carriers, litter boxes, training pads, cages and more!

The IRIS Airtight Raised Feeder with Storage is a perfect component for improving your pet’s digestion and helping reduce muscle strain. This feeder comes with convenient storage space tucked underneath the bowls, allowing you to store a maximum of 64 cups of dry dog food. Its airtight seal helps keep food fresh, and the buckle design strengthens the lid to allow spill-proof usage.

Measuring 21.53” x 14.29" x 15.04", the Large Raised Feeder also comes with two stainless steel bowls, with each bowl having the capacity to hold up to 2 quarts of food or water. The bowls are removable, so washing them is really easy!

If you’re not keen on the large size of this feeder, not to worry! It comes in two other sizes—small and medium—and three colors—black, green, and tan.
The Suncast Raised Pet Feeder is made from quality hard plastic and comes with additional legs if you pup needs the extra height. Looking for a pet carrier instead? We know you’ll love the Suncast Deluxe Pet Carrier, which comes with a bowl for water and food.

Suncast Large Elevated Feeding Tray

While you strive to create a beautiful home environment, Suncast takes pride in helping you maintain it! With their custom wood structures and high-end resin products, the company works to make your space perfect, catering to your needs and desires. Suncast designs, develops and manufactures elegant products with practical features that fit the whole home.

Measuring 25” x 13-1/8” x 12-1/2”, the Suncast Large Raised Pet Feeder can either be used on the floor or with the included added legs for extra height. Your pup won’t have to strain uncomfortably during mealtimes! They’ll simply walk over to their feeder that has bowls at the perfect height for their pretty little head. The two stainless steel bowls are about 8 inches in diameter and fairly deep. They’re also removable and easy to wash.

The feeder is made from quality hard plastic, it’s easy to assemble and the legs store safely underneath the tray. It’s also constructed in a way that allows you to easily remove the bowls from the feeder. Even with a messy dog, you won’t have problems with water or food dripping and falling all over!

How Do I Choose the Best Raised Dog Bowl?

Just think of this for a second. Who greets you with more passion and affection than your pet every time you get home? We’re guessing that nothing can compare with your adorable pup! They meet you with sloppy dog kisses, tail wags and those trademark cuddles. There’s so much love you derive from your canine friends, which is why you should bond with them through caring activities, like giving them a nice wash and feeding them right.

Speaking of feeding your pup right, is your pooch a “gulper” or a classic “gobbler” or a “frenzy feeder”? As crazy as it sounds, some dogs will eat like it’s their last day on Earth! Wolfing down food without chewing can cause all kinds of digestion problems, like upset stomach, bloating and gas. This is particularly common in homes with more than one dog. You definitely can’t restrain them using a dog harness, right? Well, you don’t have to!

There are special dog bowls with slow feed features designed to create obstacles in order to manage the feeding process. Your pup will be forced to slow down and navigate around the obstacles to reach the food, and, in the process, improve digestion and protect them from choking.

Now, apart from buying a dog house fit for a king, you can make your pooch feel like royalty at every mealtime with a raised dog bowl! And who doesn’t want that for their lovely pups? Consider purchasing a decently raised feeder to offer your dog that extra digestive help at mealtime. It’s healthy for them!
Raised dog bowls come in various models, shapes and sizes, and with differing prices. You can find affordable feeders costing $10 or less, but if you need to give your puppy some much-deserved care, we’ve picked some of the best brands with prices ranging from $22 to $60. It all depends on your budget and preferences.

Now, let’s look into some factors that affect price:

Bowl size
    Pick a feeding bowl large enough to contain your pup’s entire meal without flowing over. Additionally, a water dish should hold enough water to keep your dog hydrated all day long. Bigger sizes will cost slightly higher, but it may be necessary, depending on the size or breed of your pooch, and the quantity of their meals.
Bowl materials
    Plastic bowls are the cheapest and don’t easily break. However, they typically won’t last, especially if your four-legged friend likes gnawing on things. They can easily chew it and even swallow some pieces, posing health risks. Plastics are also difficult to wash, especially if they’re porous. Stainless steel bowls are moderately priced and offer durability, and they’re usually dishwasher-safe. Ceramic materials are heavy enough to prevent pets from pushing the bowl excessively, but they require extra cleaning because their porous nature may attract bacteria. The cost of ceramic bowls are slightly higher than stainless steel bowls.
Specialized bowls
    Bowls with specialized features come at higher prices. Elevated feeders assist dogs with the right posture during meals and are also helpful for pets who have stiff joints due to arthritis or other health conditions. Slow feeding bowls keep dogs from gobbling their meals by releasing a little food at a time. Gravity feeders allow pets to feed throughout the day; just be sure that your pooch isn’t an over-eater before you consider this style of feeding. Electronic feeders dispense food on a timely schedule through portion control, and you can automatically feed your dog even if you’re not home. Finally, auto water dispensers provide a continuous supply of clean, bacteria-free drinking water to your pets all day long.
Although you can find cheap raised dog bowls out there, we don’t recommend them to our readers because they might not offer the desired durability or aesthetics. Again, only go for features that add value for you and your canine friend.
In its simplest design, a raised dog bowl consists of a small box or platform with a food bowl resting on top. But more advanced models incorporate other features to improve functionality and the aesthetics of your pooch’s feeding station.

Here are some of the features of a raised dog bowl:
  • Dog Bowl - There are numerous types of dog bowls available on the market. Each type comes with its benefits and drawbacks, and some will work better with certain breeds. Here is the analysis of different bowl types to help you narrow down your choices.
  • Stainless Steel - These dog bowls provide durability and will not crack or break. You can be sure no dog will try to chew it, and bowl won’t rust even when left outdoors. They are safe to clean in a dishwasher and you can easily sanitize them.
  • Ceramic - If you’re looking for something unique, ceramic dog bowls come in a variety of designs, styles, and colors. Most types are made with a protective glaze to ensure easy cleaning. However, some are not dishwasher friendly. One downside is that they can easily break or crack, and become susceptible to bacteria harboring.
  • Plastic Bowls - These bowls are lightweight and come in different colors. They are quite inexpensive, but will always be chewed on by some dogs, quickly ruining the bowl.
  • Feeding Platform - We believe that the most important feature to consider in a raised dog bowl platform include a clean, modern design, probably made of real wood, steel or super durable plastic. It’s also paramount to appreciate the convenience offered by models that offer storage space, which could be helpful to owners of huge dogs that take in a lot of food. All in all, choose a raised dog bowl that offers the features that matter most to you and your lovely furry friend.
Construction and Design
Elevated feeders are comprised of a feeding platform that can be as simple as a wooden box, and two feeding bowls. Every other additional feature is at your discretion. Of course, if you want to pamper your canine friend, you can consider more fun additions, like dog-friendly art work and much more. Now, let’s look at the major design parameters:

Food Storage
    Some raised dog bowls are made with a storage box that acts as the platform, creating space for food storage. You can keep the dog’s food inside for convenience between feedings. However, one notable downside to this design is that most models come with flat bottoms, which can trap moisture, bacteria, and mold on the floor.
Designs Matching your Style
    Some units combine form with function. They are designed to offer additional attractions to your home. A number of them are manufactured from aged copper or exotic hardwoods, while others are made from wrought iron. It is, however, important to note that these features are meant for your benefits, not your dog’s!
Adjustable Height
    This is a useful feature if you need a feeding station that can feed different pets, or something your pet can use as a puppy and grow with into adulthood. You can easily adjust its height to get the right feeding posture for your pet. Veterinary staff, breeders and groomers also find them useful for the large number of dogs they handle.
Performance and Ease of Use
The ultimate motive behind raised dog bowls is to improve your pup’s dining experience. Let’s elaborate on how raised dog bowls and automatic feeders make every meal time enjoyable and healthy.

Elevated Bowls
    Most raised dog bowl stands are made from wood, plastic, or metal. They’re especially useful for large dogs by reducing strain on the shoulder and neck during feeding. Just ensure that you pick the right height for your pooch. The feeder should stand approximately six inches below the dog’s shoulder. You’ll likely want to place the elevated stand up against a sturdy wall to prevent it from tipping over.
Automatic Feeders
    Automatic dog feeders can be helpful if you’re going to be away for long periods, but you want your pooch to have something to munch on whenever he feels hungry. The feeder also provides clean drinking water for your pup, which can be important during hot days. Automatic feeders can be as simple as a gravity feeder, or it can be more detailed and have features, like programmers or timers to feed at specific times. This type of feeder makes it easy to give young dogs that need several meals a day, especially if you’re away for long hours. However, they may not be appropriate for dogs that tend to overeat since they can gulp in excessive food, causing tummy aches and fatness. Finally, ensure that the feeder is really durable so your pup doesn’t break into it and eat up all the food in the reservoir.

Get the Best Raised Dog Bowl of 2023!

Elevated dog bowls have a lot of benefits for you and your loving pup. Hopefully, our review has helped you pick the right feeder for your pup. However, if you didn’t find the right one, don’t worry yet! You can check out alternative models from our recommended brands based on your budget and preferences.

Our Top Choice
PetFusion New Zealand Pine Raised Pet Feeder
Best Value
OurPets Raised Bone Feeder
Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog Bowl
IRIS Large Elevated Feeder with Storage
Suncast Elevated Pet Feeder