Best RC Helicopter Reviews 2022

A RC helicopter is suitable for fun both indoors and outdoors. These remote-controlled toys can fly for up to 10 minutes on a single charge – especially good for keeping your sugar-hyped kids occupied for a while - just keep them away from the antique vases. Take a look at the 5 products we’ve chosen from some of the best RC helicopter brands out there.
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Flight time
Age rating
Our Top Choice
Syma RC Toys Village Special Edition Gyro RC Helicopter
RC Toys Village is the place where you can find toys, fun, and quality at reasonable prices. It sells a wide range of RC toys that are innovative including the Syma line of RC helicopters.
Palm-sized and charges through USB or from the controller. Lightweight, portable, and offers a wide infrared control with a high-precision controller.
It doesn’t do high speed flybys.
17.8 x 7.3 x 3 inches
1 pound
6-8 minutes
14 years and up
Best Value
GP TOYS Iron G620 RC Helicopter
GP TOYS is a worldwide distributor of high-quality hobby products. This includes remote-controlled toys such as cars, drones and helicopters.
Omni-directional maneuverability. Range of 30-50 feet. 3 frequencies. Control 3 helicopters at once. Auto-stabilizing rotors. 6 minutes flight time. LED lights. Durable.
17.8 x 3 x 7.4 inches
0.9 pounds
8-12 minutes
14 years and up
Blade mCX2 RTF Heli RC Helicopter
Blade is one of the highly trusted brands from Horizon Hobby, a hugely popular brand focused and passionate about all things RC.
Improved on the mCX model. Powerful motor. Large 120mAh battery pack. Beginner and expert settings. 5-in-1 control unit. LED lights. 4-channel transmitter. Counter-rotating coaxial rotor.
There appears to be a 1 in 100 chance of receiving a defective product, although it can be replaced by the manufacturer.
20.1 x 5.5 x 9.8 inches
3.1 pounds
8-10 minutes
7 years and up
Indoors and outdoors
Haktoys Mini 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyroscope
Haktoys offers its customers a wide range of products which are made of quality materials, durable, and come at reasonable prices.
Short charge time of 30 minutes. 6-8 minute flight time. 50-feet range. Ergonomic remote control. 360˚ control. Coaxial rotor and single rear rotor. Recyclable materials.
Some customers consider it too small, but it is mentioned to be a mini version.
8.9 x 4 x 2 inches
0.18 pounds
6-8 minutes
8 years and up
SYMA Phantom Infrared RC Helicopter
Syma is a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and trading RC helicopters for beginners and experts alike.
Easy to control indoor helicopter. Gyro Direction Stabilizer makes it stable. Turns off automatically when chocked.
It can’t be used outdoors, but you’ll have lots of fun with it indoors.
15.3 x 10.3 x 3.9 inches
1.6 pounds
5-6 minutes
14 years and up
Indoors and outdoors

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What is the Best RC Helicopter?

There is a RC helicopter out there for everyone. When choosing the right one, you have to decide if you want to use it indoors or outdoors, as some RC helicopters can’t withstand the wind. Additionally, if you want to use it during the night or in a dimly lit room, check to see if it has LED lights attached on the sides, tail, or nose. With some of these features in mind, feel free to check out the five we’ve reviewed – you may find one that catches your eye!
Our Top Choice
This Syma Gyro RC Helicopter brought to you from RC Toys Village requires no assembly and features the latest Gyroscope technology for flying indoors. If you want a helicopter which comes with bonus spare parts, check out the Special Edition Syma S107G RC Helicopter that has a flight stabilizing system and adjustable trimming control!

Syma Special Edition RC Helicopter (through RC Toys Village) - American Flag Colors Theme, 3 Channels

RC Toys Village sells a wide range of RC toys such as RC boats, quad copters, robots, tanks, helicopters, and many more, together with spare parts and different accessories for them. This brand is focused on providing quality products that promote value and fun times for its customers. It’s committed to constantly improving its line of products and offering its customers more fun with every passing day. If you have a little boy (or girl who loves racing), you can also check out the RC cars from this brand as they’re reasonably priced and have good features.

RC Toys Village carries a wide variety of Syma RC products including this Special Edition Gyro RC Helicopter which has a stable take-off and goes straight up without changing direction. It’s sturdy and has a blinking LED for flying in dim lighting. It’s miniature in size (17.8 x 3 x 7.4 inches; 14.4 ounces) and features 2 solid motors with a third motor in the tail. This helicopter is decorated with American-themed colors and can be used by both children and adults. Controlled by a 32-Level high-precision controller, the helicopter has a steady take off and 6 directions: up / down, forward / backward, and clockwise / counter–clockwise.
Best Value
The GP TOYS Iron G620 Helicopter boasts a smooth ride thanks to the co-axial auto-stabilizing rotors. You’ll be able to enjoy this smooth ride in the air for 6 minutes per charge. If you were on the market for a larger RC helicopter, don’t hesitate in checking out the GP TOYS 11-Inch Durant Remote Control Helicopter too!

GP TOYS Remote Control 4 Channel RC Helicopter with LED Light

GP TOYS is a brand that is under the USLC International Limited umbrella. Their base is China, where they produce high-quality hobby products, such as remote-controlled toys. Since its inception in 2002, GPTOYS has focused on the detail, safety and quality of its products. This has led them to be recognized distributors to the US, Canada and Europe.

The GP TOYS Iron G620 RC Helicopter is a fantastic RC helicopter suitable for kids and adults whether they’re experts or beginners just starting out. It has a built-in gyro, ensuring your heli has maximum hovering performance and stability at all times. The smooth flying is complemented by a flight time of six minutes, a reasonable time for a beginners RC helicopter and definitely long enough to get into some adventures!

Let’s take a look at some more awesome features of this helicopter:
  • Receiver has 4-channels and a range of 30-50 feet
  • Choose between 3 frequencies and control 3 helicopters at the same time
  • The smooth control is enabled by co-axial auto-stabilizing rotors
  • Unmatched maneuverability thanks to the omni-directional control
  • 40 minutes charge time of the 3.7V 180mAh LiPo battery
  • Fully assembled with LED lights that flash
  • Durable materials used to withstand inevitable crashes and bumps
  • ROHS, CE and FCC compliant
  • Dimensions are 8.4 x 7.4 x 4.1 inches
The Blade mCX2 RTF Helicopter is a fantastic improvement on the original mX2 model. It’s still great for all skill levels but it has an improved motor and battery pack. If you want an RC helicopter fit for intermediate and expert users, you should check out the Blade BLH4100 RC Helicopter with 6-channels and a sub-micro single rotor.

Blade mCX2 RTF Remote-Controlled Helicopter - Beginner-Friendly, Flashing LED Lights

Blade is one brand under the Horizon Hobby umbrella. Horizon Hobby live and breathe RC products and their commitment and enthusiasm is evident in the quality and innovation of their products. Blade is the go-to brand for RC enthusiasts of any skill level. Their selection of products includes multiple helicopters, airplanes and drones.

The Blade mCX2 RTF Helicopter is a second-generation RC helicopter which has been tweaked and improved from the original mCX model. It has kept all the parts of the mCX that made it easy to use and great for all skill levels but it’s added some exciting new features including a higher capacity, 120mAh battery pack!

Here’s some more awesome features of the mCX2:
  • Ready to fly straight out of the box; it’s been assembled and tested in the factory
  • Set on beginner settings however the pilot can change this to perform at higher speeds
  • User-selectable control settings with the precision swashplate
  • 5-in-1 control unit with main motor ESCs, gyro, mixer, servos and 2.4GHz DSM2 compatible receiver
  • Attractive design with LED lights
  • Maximum control with the counter-rotating, coaxial rotor
  • New and powerful motors are dual micro coreless
  • 4-channel transmitter included and all parts are available for replacement if you have an detrimental crash
The Haktoys Mini RC Helicopter offers a stable flight due to its built-in Gyroscope. It has a compact design and is available in blue and green. Additionally, if you prefer a quad copter, check out the Haktoys RC Quadcopter that’s rechargeable and features a camera to film the landscape with!

Haktoys Mini 3.5 Channel Remote-Controlled Helicopter with Gyroscope - Easy and Ready to Fly with Gyroscope

Haktoys is a US-based company in New Jersey. They manufacture a vast range of toys for kids of all ages that must pass strict quality controls. Their products range from toy puppies, fishing games and bubbles to RC stunt cars, motorcycles and helicopters. All of their products are highly rated, and their customer satisfaction rate is one to be impressed by.

The Haktoys Mini RC Helicopter is fantastic for beginners and experienced flyers alike. The plastic body is protected by a metal frame to reduce injury after crashes! The elastic blades and flybar are also built to withstand a crash or two so this helicopter should stand the test of time. With bright LED lights, you’ll never lose your new heli and the built-in gyroscope will help keep it stable and flying smoothly.

Some more important information:
  • Recommended for indoor use. It uses infrared frequency and therefore the UV rays from direct sunlight could interfere with this.
  • Short charge time of 30 minutes which yields 6-8 minutes of flight time
  • It can be used within a range of 50-feet
  • Great for beginners and children aged 8 and up
  • The ergonomic remote control can make this heli fly up, down, forwards, backwards and both clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • It’s coaxial rotor and single rear rotor offer precise 360˚ control
  • The materials used are recyclable and ROHS, CE, FCC, ASTM and PB-free compliant
The SYMA Infrared RC Helicopter has good flight characteristics and is suitable for beginners. It has a brushed motor and can fly 6 minutes on a full charge. If blue isn’t your favorite color, check out the Syma Helicopter with Gyro that comes in red and is easy to fly!

SYMA 3 Channel RC Helicopter – Gyro, Lithium Polymer Battery, Great for Beginners

Syma is a company that specializes in RC helicopters for beginners and experienced persons. This brand sells a wide variety of RC helicopters in different sizes, designs, and colors. Its goals are pushed by quality and technological innovation, and today it sells its products worldwide. Its products are made of quality materials, tested for good functionality, and affordable. Syma also sells quad copters with HD cameras that are wind-resistant and easy to fly.

Available in blue, the SYMA Infrared RC Helicopter uses a LiPO battery and infrared radio bands. The remote it comes with has up / down, left / right, and forward / backward controls; it also includes a USB charger and spare tail blade. The helicopter has the ability to hover in place and features a flashing LED light on the nose. It’s sturdy and can be used by children over 14 years with adult supervision. The remote uses 6 AA batteries that will last for a while if you don’t use it to charge the helicopter. Lastly, this helicopter is lightweight, weighing 1 pound, and has dimensions of 17.8 x 7.3 x 3 inches.

How Do I Choose the Best RC Helicopter?

An RC Helicopter can be the perfect gift for any child, but adults can also enjoy playing around with one, whether they’re passionate about flying or just like to collect such items. Although they can be for kids, RC helicopters are not just toys. For example, some models allow you to attach a camera so you can check out what’s happening around you, or take pictures from a certain height. Of course, you can also use a drone to take pictures, but they’re typically more expensive and more complicated to fly.

It can be extremely fun to “ride” an RC helicopter through the remote control. If, in general, you and your family are into RC products, you may want to consider even investing in an RC Boat, especially if you live near a body of water. For families that have kids who may not be old enough to fly their older sibling’s (or dad’s) helicopter, a motorized ride on toy with a long-lasting battery is sure to keep them happy and occupied!

Before deciding which type of helicopter to buy, it’s a good idea to look at the existing models, how they work and the types of features each one has. With all these details, you can get acquainted with your soon-to-be purchase without spending any money.
Before thinking that you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good helicopter, you don’t! For as low as $25, you can find a quality RC product that is sure to please your kids or bored spouse. If you want to spend more to get other features, such as video recording or longer flight time, you’ll probably end up spending about $70 to $80.

Even cheap RC helicopters have comparable flight times to more expensive models, but be aware that cheaper models may not be able to withstand crashes (and crash landings happen a good bit, especially if it’s your first time flying).
RC helicopters are amazingly fun, and if you and your kids want to enjoy time either indoors or outdoors, you should consider purchasing one. To take some out of the hassle out of finding the right type of helicopter for you, we’ve compiled a list of features that should give you some idea as to what to look for when you’re shopping:
  • Type - RC helicopters models vary depending on their performance. There are some simpler ones, such as toys that are suitable for children, but also more advanced models, such as micro-coaxial, hobby grades, dual-rotor, quad-rotor or multi-rotor.
  • Gyroscope - An essential component of RC helicopters that consists of an electronic device connected to the transmitter. It’s used to feel the helicopter’s unwanted movements so you can correct them.
  • Transmission - This is how you’ll control the plane. An infrared system is one option while a radio frequency control system is another. Infrared-controlled helicopters are cheaper, but they have to be kept in line with the remote, which shortens how height they can actually fly.
  • Engine - It can be either electric or thermal with most being electric. For these types, the power supply comes from simple, lithium-ion batteries. They’re quieter and generate less vibrations, and, generally speaking, kids can handle batteries without much of an issue.
Now that you know some of the features to look for, let’s talk about how RC helicopters are designed.
Construction and Design
The materials used to build RC helicopters are aluminum, plain or reinforced plastic, glass fiber and carbon fiber. These are the most common materials used in constructing these products so that they can withstand impact if they crash. The propeller palette must be made of a lighter material, such as glass fiber or even wood, to facilitate flight. The easier it is to fly, the less fuel it’ll use, but beginners will probably encounter some difficulties if it’s their first time controlling an RC helicopter.

If you have kids who’re 5 and younger, an RC helicopter may be too difficult for them to fly. Typically, kids who are around 7 or 8 can handle flying one of these without accidentally destroying it in a crash. Although some models allow you to purchase spare parts, others don’t. If you have a young, but precocious, kid who really wants to fly an RC helicopter, try purchasing a cheaper one in case it does get broken. For adults who want to fly, a more advanced helicopter, with features like lifting, lowering, turning lateral, forward and backward, may be a better option.
Performance and Ease of Use
RC helicopters can be flown by kids who’re older than 5 or 6. At the beginning, of course, you might find it a bit difficult to fly it around, so don’t be surprised if you crash into somethings here and there. Similarly, most of the models on the market feature a gyroscope. As you fly your plane, it will probably deviate off course because of wind or other things moving around in the air. When this happens, the gyroscope detects the wrong rotation and corrects itself.

So, if you want to spend a fun afternoon flying a helicopter indoors or outdoors, maybe we recommend getting one!

Get the Best RC Helicopter of 2022!

As you can see, some RC helicopters can fly indoors, while others can fly outdoors in the wind. You should pick the design you like, decide upon the main features you want it to have, and have your pick. Have fun!

Our Top Choice
Syma RC Toys Village Special Edition Gyro RC Helicopter
Best Value
GP TOYS Iron G620 RC Helicopter
Blade mCX2 RTF Heli RC Helicopter
Haktoys Mini 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyroscope
SYMA Phantom Infrared RC Helicopter