Best Reading Glasses – Affordable, Cheap and Designer Reading Glasses, Bifocal Readers, and Anti Blue Light Reading Glasses

When you find yourself squinting at fine print or pushing the object you’re reading farther and farther away to see it better, what you need is a good pair of reading glasses. Eye doctors say that people’s eyes grow weaker as they get older, but you can age graciously and spare yourself the discomfort by reaching for your favorite pair of readers. Not only will you see better, but in many cases, it may slow down the effects of aging on your precious eyes.

But choosing the right fit of reading glasses can be an uphill battle because the market is awash with many brands that don’t meet customers’ needs. In this review, however, we have carefully selected five of the best reading glasses brands in the market. Please check out other products from these brands if the ones we have featured here don’t meet your needs. We also want to give a special shout out to PeeperSpecs designer reading glasses (voted as some of Oprah’s Favorite Things), LifeArt reading glasses, and AQWANO designer readers. All 3 have a variety of quality, stylish readers – we simply didn’t have enough room.

For those of you who are specifically looking for bifocal reading glasses or blue light reading glasses, most of our featured brands offer them too. But since we know that “seeing is believing” – throughout this article we showcase some of our favorite designs. We’ll start with some cool looking anti blue light readers.

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Our Top Choice
Fiore Wayfarer Men's and Women's Readers
Fiore has, for years, maintained a leading edge as one of customers’ top choices for reading glasses, making it a preferred pick of the top pack in the reading glass market today.
The Fiore 6 is spring-hinged for comfortable fit and they offer powerful 1.75 magnification power for clear vision.
The frames aren’t so strong and some would have preferred an equal color share between black and turquoise.
5 clear lenses & 1 tinted lens
Mix of black & tortoise
13 available from 1.00 - 4.00
Best Value
Gamma Ray Women's Reading Glasses
Gamma Ray Optics has established itself as a global name in eye care products with collections of low price quality digital eyewear, sunglasses, and reading glasses.
They are lightweight and come in a variety of colors and styles to give you maximum comfort
Some complain that they aren’t stylish enough.
6 colors
13 available from 0.50 - 5.00
Scojo Gels Designer Reading Glasses
Inspired by the gumption and contemporary style of its home base, New York City, Scojo is an acknowledged global market leader in high quality gel reading glasses.
These reading glasses are made of aspheric, scratch-resistant coated lenses and a high-impact color-coordinated tube case is included.
The price might be a bit high for some, but these are high-end designer reading glasses and naturally command more money.
Scratch resistant
24 available from 1.00 - 3.00
Eyekepper Vintage Reading Glasses
Since 2007, Eyekepper has maintained a track record of quality and good pricing, paying attention to the design and manufacture of highly rated eye care products.
They have spring-hinged, comfortable frames for a great fit and acrylic scratch-resistant coated lenses.
It is reported that highly medicated soaps may eat up the lenses.
Aspheric scratch resistant lenses
5 colors
14 available from 0.00 - 4.00
DoubleTake Half Rim Reading Glasses
DOUBLE TAKE provides quality eyewear products that catch the eyes and deliver value for your money. Its reading glasses are effective, comfortable, compact, and elegantly designed.
These glasses combine sublime simplicity with subtle sophistication to stand out in classic and modern styles. You also get two frames for the price of one.
You need to look straight at the center of the lenses to see clearly and the lenses are not so versatile.
Classic/half rim 
Metal frame
Stainless steel
12 available from 0.5 - 4.0

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What Are the Best Women’s and Men’s Reading Glasses? Read Our Reading Glasses Reviews!

There are numerous brands and types of reading glasses in the market. However, if you read our buying guide, choosing a particular pair of reading glasses that is comfortable, stylish, affordable, and which brings more clarity to your vision should not be difficult.

In addition to the ones offered by our featured brands, we also wanted to showcase a few more of our favorite bifocal readers.

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Our Top Choice
Fiore’s Wayfarer Reading Glasses have the right power (1.75), price, style, and colors to meet your needs. They come in the right numbers so you can keep one everywhere you ever need reading glasses to be. Prefer bifocal reading glasses? Fiore has a wide variety of spring hinge bi focal readers for men and women too!

Fiore Wayfarer Spring Hinge Reading Glasses – Trendy Readers for Men and Women, Available in 13 Magnifications and Multiple


Fiore™ is a globally recognized name in the design and manufacture of delicate personal goods. Its products are rated highly as market leaders all over the world as they meet the functions and needs of customers in style. Fiore has a penchant for customer satisfaction so much that the owners sometimes take the time to take calls from customers. It offers 30-day money back guarantee on most of its vast collection of reading glasses and customers are happy with its services and quality products.

This set of 5 Clear and 1 Tinted Fiore Spring Hinge Wayfarer Reading Glasses comes in a single magnification power (of your choice) and in a mix of black and turquoise shell colors. The spring-hinged frames ensure a firm fit on the bridge of your nose, comfortably hugging your face. Each pack of six glasses you purchase for the same price saves you a lot of money and potential regular irritation when, as most users of reading glasses do, you either lose your pair or forget them in the office, home, bathroom, car, or anywhere else. You can put one of the six glasses in all the likely places you might forget them. Despite these, they come at an affordable price with their strong and sturdy frames which ensure durability. Following are some other features of the Fiore Wayfarer Reading Glasses:

  • Generally light in weight
  • Tinted lens meets the trending need for class
  • Easily folded to fit into pockets
  • Frames don’t break easily
  • Glasses don’t easily scratch or break
  • The rectangular design of the lens is simply quaint
  • The color outputting is breathtaking
Best Value
The Gamma Ray Readers come in six pairs designed to meet the unique needs of intensive readers or bookworms who spend most of their time looking at text. This particular set is one of many different female reading glasses, and of course Gamma Ray has men’s reading glasses, as well as unisex readers!

Gamma Ray Optics Flex Hinge Fashion Readers for Women – Women's Readers Available in 13 Magnifications and Multiple Styles


Established as a high-tech digital eye care solutions provider, Gamma Ray Optics is steeped in research and development of delicate and sensitive personal care products that have made it into the top bracket of the market. It has rolled out collections of Flexlite technology-based products in the areas of digital eyewear for protecting the eyes from computer strain, high-tech reading glasses for achieving visual acuity, and cute sunglasses to protect the eyes from heavy sun radiation. Style, color, panache, and long-lasting quality are the hallmarks of its products.

GAMMA RAY READERS 6 Pairs for Ladies are designed for high quality readers who are inspired by classic styles. They cater specifically to bookworms and heavy readers who spend most of their time reading. They also protect your eyes while you’re working or enjoying your favorite hobby. They come in a range of classic colors and shapes to give you maximum comfort when you need to look good and see better. Other features of these readers include:

  • Six pairs: for this price, many others charge for two
  • Spring hinge for comfortable fit
  • Light plastic frame
  • Protected from manufacturer’s defects for two years
  • Fun colors
  • No headaches which some get upon wearing some other brands
  • You can have your doctor’s prescription put on them
  • You can have different patterns for different occasions

With their excellent, cute, and stylish designs and high quality value delivery, these readers are on point.

Scojo Gels are famous as coveted, classic, ultra-lightweight reading glasses, handcrafted from surgical-grade memory plastic and are known to be among the most comfortable reading glasses in the market. Looking for blue light reading glasses? Check out the Scojo New York Ariels Gels BluLite Readers. They feature a patented BluLite filter to protect your eyes from harmful blue light rays.

Scojo New York Gels Originals Luxury Reading Glasses for Men and Women – Rimless Readers Available in 24 Magnifications & 19 Colors


Since its inception in 2001, Scojo has devoted its energy to the development of innovative, need-meeting, and customer-driven personal care products that have taken the market by storm. To reinforce its commitment, it has consistently donated a portion of its profits to charitable organizations that provide eye care. Scojo is passionately dedicated to the design of premium, ready-to-wear reading eyewear.

Scojo Gels are exceptionally flexible and durable with optical-quality lenses. Available in 25 sizes and 19 colors, each pair ensures distortion-free magnification for clear sight. There’s more to these reading glasses:

  • 100% recycled case
  • Bookmarks included
  • Offered in eight ready-to-wear powers
  • Aspheric, scratch-resistant coated lenses
  • Highly durable
  • High-impact color-coordinated tube case included
The Eyekepper 5-pack Reading Glasses have scratch-resistant, coated, and optically correct lenses plus top quality spring-hinged plastic frames that fit your doctor’s prescription. Need bluelight blocking glasses for working at the computer? Eyekepper has options that block 40%, 60%, 90%, and 98%! Check out their fantastic computer reading glasses.

Eyekepper Men’s and Women’s Reading Glasses - Set of 5 Vintage Style Readers, Includes Reading Sunglasses for Outdoors, Available in 14 Magnifications & 7 Colors


Eyekepper is famous for the remarkable attention it has given to the design and manufacture of highly rated eye care products. The frames of its reading glasses are some of the most comfortable and durable available. Its lenses are also top notch. It is so confident about the quality of its products that it offers a lifetime breakage warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee.

Eyekepper Vintage Reading Glasses have scratch-resistant, coated, and optically correct lenses, top quality spring-hinged plastic frames that fit your doctor’s prescription and tinted lenses that make for great outdoor reading. They come in five pairs per pack for a modest price and with +1.50 magnification power. The lens width is 2.05”; lens height is 1.3”; bridge is 0.67”; arm is 5.5”; and frame is 5.35.” It also has a Zip EVA case included with a delightfully soft cleaning cloth. With Eyekepper’s readers, you can have peace of mind because they come in the right numbers and quality to go the distance.

These reading glasses are very affordable, lightweight, and elegant. They come in metal frames, with plastic lenses and identical frame colors with a sturdy skeleton. Need different features? Check out the DOUBLETAKE 2 Pairs of Classic Readers in Slim Pen Portable Hard Case Reading Glasses.

DoubleTake Classic Spring Hinged Half Rim Reading Glass with Slim Hard Case – 2 Pairs of Semi Rimless Readers, Available in 14 Magnifications


DOUBLETAKE provides reading glasses that are effective, comfortable, compact, and elegantly designed. They come in pairs and are offered in a range of styles from classic rimless frames to vintage-inspired glasses with a splash of the modernity.

DOUBLETAKE Half Rim Reading Glasses (MSRP $14.99) provide solutions to customers’ quests for very affordable, lightweight, comfortable, flexible, and elegant reading glasses. These glasses have a very rugged construction, suit the pockets of low income earners, and their frames are designed to bring out the royalty in you. These reading glasses are built to last so that you don’t keep spending money on replacements.

Best Glasses for Reading Guide: Cheap Reading Glasses vs Designer Readers – How to Choose the Best Men’s and Women’s Reading Glasses

You may observe that your eyes don’t focus as they used to and reading from your mobile device or personal computer has become difficult. If you are currently experiencing the above symptoms, now may be the right time to get yourself a new pair of eyes or reading glasses. Since we don’t deal with human organs, let’s stick to reading glasses for now, shall we?

Reading glasses are as the name implies – glasses that are worn when reading. They can also be worn when there is a need to see something else that is done up close such as texting, quilting, sewing, etc.; their main function is to magnify whatever you are looking at, reducing the burden on the eye. Like most sunglasses and safety glasses, there are different types, styles and shapes of reading glasses, and there are several factors to be considered before picking a pair. Some reading glasses can only be bought with a prescription from an optometrist or eye care professional, while others are ready-made (over-the-counter) and sold online or in many different stores.

For the purpose of this review, we shall focus solely on ready-made reading glasses. Unlike spyglasses and prescription reading glasses, they are usually inexpensive. They also come with different frame and lens options. Whatever your profession or personality, it is very unlikely that you won’t find a pair of reading glasses to suit you. Do remember to consult an eye professional about the optimal power of your lens, as only they can determine it and this will help you pick the right pair of glasses. Also note that ready-made reading glasses don’t rectify or cure astigmatism. Bear in mind reading glasses are not made for nearsighted people because they require a negative lens while ready-made reading glasses feature a positive lens.

As more people spend time in front of their laptops, most are thinking about keeping their eyes safe. One of the trends that have taken over is the use of blue light blocking eyeglasses that help filter out harmful rays. 

Eye problems and disorders are common as one's age progresses.  Since aging is a natural process, you can’t avoid it. You can only manage it. The eye has no spare and it is necessary to give it the best protection available, especially when it gets weak. That’s why we've decided to review the top brands and give you five of the best reading glasses that are comfortable, stylish and affordable.

What Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

What You Need to Know About Blue Light Blocking Glasses | Courtesy of WKBW TV | Buffalo, NY

Reading glasses can either be custom-made at the optician’s or ready-made, and they come in different styles, shapes and magnifications. Reading glasses that are ready-made are usually less expensive than custom-made reading glasses. Since we are focusing on ready-made reading glasses, you will be pleased to know that you can get a pair of comfortable, stylish and suitable reading glasses for between $15 and $60.

From our research, we were able to note the factors that can influence the price and they include the nature of the frame and lens, the style and the shape. As a general rule, reading glasses with superior lens and frame quality tend to cost more. We also came across some cheap reading glasses, but we disregarded them because we want only the best for your eyes. Don’t you?


If you’ve decided to buy reading glasses, it means that you have limited vision while reading. This problem needs to be corrected and great care must be taken in doing so. There are several important factors that must be considered carefully before you make a choice of reading glasses and they include:

  • Style and Shape
  • Optical Power
  • Frame Information
  • Lens Information
  • Application of Reading Glasses

Now let’s look at how your choice of reading glasses can be affected by these factors…

Construction and Design

Reading glasses are available in several styles and shapes to suit the personality and reading needs of the user. When it comes to style, there are reading glasses specially designed for men, women, and both men and women (unisex). Some reading glasses are also retro-styled – imitating a style from the recent past – while others are vintage-styled – imitating a style from the past of high quality. When it comes to shapes, there are the traditional shapes, oval and rectangular being the most popular. You can also get the vintage cat eye reading glasses, aviator-style reading glasses, and retro-styled “Clark Kent” mod frames.

The magnification of lenses that are used to correct vision problems is usually measured in diopters. A diopter is the unit of the lens’s optical power and it equates to the reciprocal of the lens’s focal length which is usually computed in meters. In simple English, a 4-diopter lens is capable of bringing rays that are parallel to converge at ¼ meter. It is the job of an optometrist or other eye professional to measure the focal length of the eye and suggest the lens that would best regulate that distance. Once adjusted, the eye can either focus nearer or some distance away. Ready-made reading glasses usually come in magnifications starting at +1 diopter and increase by increments of 0.25 diopters. The maximum diopter that you can typically get is +3.5 diopters. Please note again that only a professional can recommend the correct lens strength for you.

There are different frames for reading glasses and they can be stylish or plain, depending on the taste and personality of the user. Some frames are made of plastic while others are made of metal or rubber. Plastic frames are the most popular and some come with a spring hinge which allows the frame to sit comfortably on the nose. The colors of the frame can range from basic traditional colors like black, grey, brown, silver and gold to unusually bright colors and even multi-colored patterns. One thing that should also be considered when selecting the frame of your reading glasses is the face’s shape. A dainty frame would be suitable for a small face while a large frame would look good on a rugged and large face. While narrow frames constrict the face, wider frames flatter and open up a narrow face.

How to Choose Your Reading Glasses Strength

How to Determine Your Reading Glasses Lens Strength. | RENEE'S READERS
Performance and Ease of Use

Determining when and how the reading glasses will be used should be a priority when purchasing them. If you spend a lot of time reading or focusing on close material, you should consider full reading glasses. But if you won’t be spending a significant amount of time reading, then reading glasses with half-eye would be more suitable. This is because the lenses of a pair of full reading glasses will blur the images viewed from a distance. But with the half-eye glasses, you can look up and over the frames to view distant images, and down and through the lenses to view close materials. A special set of bifocal lenses are more suitable for correcting vision problems that prevent you from seeing both far and near clearly. They can also be called progressive lenses. The lower portion of a bifocal lens is magnified and there is a distinct line that separates the magnified area from the non-magnified part. Sometimes, there is no line separating the magnified area from the non-magnified region and the magnification is improved gradually as you lower your eyes.

There are reading glasses that are UV protected or tinted and they can be used for reading outdoors. Most reading glasses are foldable, allowing them to be easily tucked into a purse or a shirt pocket. There are also reading glasses that enable you to read from computers, especially desktop computers. They are quite popular now and their area of magnification is located in the upper part of the lens. This design prevents you from having to tilt your head backward in order to view images through the lens’s lower part. To increase the durability of the lenses of your reading glasses, getting a pair with anti-scratch properties would be the best bet.

Since ready-made reading glasses are relatively inexpensive, it is sometimes advisable to get more than one pair. This allows you to store them in several rooms of the house as well as giving you an extra pair for your car, purse, office, etc. For cleaning and maintenance purposes, there are some reading glasses that come with either a tube or hard case for storage and a soft cotton fabric for cleaning the lens.

Get the Best Reading Glasses of 2023!

Now that you’ve gotten the information you need to make a great buy, please go ahead and place your order. Happy reading!

Our Top Choice
Fiore Wayfarer Men's and Women's Readers
Best Value
Gamma Ray Women's Reading Glasses
Scojo Gels Designer Reading Glasses
Eyekepper Vintage Reading Glasses
DoubleTake Half Rim Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses FAQs

How do you know what strength reading glasses to get?
To know what strength reading glasses to get, read small print until you find one that doesn’t leave you strained. For example, if you can read +2, but +1.5 is blurry, you should buy a +1.5 pair of reading glasses. Start reading the first line and move steadily until you find the right strength of reading glasses.
How to choose reading glasses?
To choose reading glasses, you should pick anything between ready-made and custom glasses. After that, you should go ahead and select the right design for the lens. It could be single-vision, bi-focal, tri-focal, or progressive lens. You will need a doctor’s prescription to choose the right shape and size for the lens. If your prescription is strong, then you should buy a smaller, narrower lens. Otherwise, you are better off with larger, multi-focal lenses. When it comes to the frame, you may choose anything between trivex, polycarbonate, plastic, and metal.
How to clean reading glasses?
To clean reading glasses, you should start by applying some dishwasher detergent and running them under running water. Once they are clean, use a soft cloth (cotton) to dry them. In that case, you shouldn’t use your shirt to wipe the glasses dry.
How to know if you need reading glasses?
To know if you need reading glasses, you should check if you often find your reading room too dim. Another sign may have to do with frequent headaches due to straining your eyes trying to read.
Where to buy reading glasses?
You can buy reading glasses from Amazon, which is arguably the online retail store with the widest variety of reading glasses. The good thing is that you will also enjoy the best deals possible. If you are looking for reading glasses to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.