Best Reading Light Reviews 2023

Reading lights do much more than brighten up your reading space. They also come in handy when you need to make sketches, do some work on your computer, or revel in a before-bedtime hobby. They simply bring everything you do into bright focus. We know finding the right reading light can be energy-sapping, time-consuming, and somewhat tricky. That’s why we decided to take the pain of doing a thorough investigation on the best reading lights from each of our top five brands, for you. Please, also note that we have another review on the best reading magnifiers in case you’d like to take a look at that too.
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Power Source
Our Top Choice
TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp
TaoTronics is known globally for its innovative and functional products that have consistently satisfied the needs of millions of its customers all over the world.
5 color temperatures and 6 brightness levels. Glare-free illumination. Dissipates heat and stays cool. Stores settings. USB charging port. 60-minute timer. Memory function.
It’s quite heavy to carry.
5 color modes; 6 brightness
12 Watts
Best Value
LuminoLite Rechargeable Reading Light
LuminoLite is passionate about the brilliance and illumination of your space, so it gives 100% to providing you with simple and high-quality lights.
Soft-padded clip to hold books. Long-lasting rechargeable battery. Bright LED energy-efficient lights. Lightweight and portable. Adjustable brightness. Gooseneck for comfort.
May start to flicker after a while.
2 brightness levels
Rechargeable battery
Info not provided
Brightech Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp
Family-owned Brightech is committed to the ideals of aesthetics, innovation, and quality. Today, it makes the best consumer electronics in the lighting industry.
Suitable for traditional and modern spaces. Dimmable bright lights. Heavy base for stability. Energy-efficient bulbs last for 20 years. Doesn’t burn up. Gooseneck.
Not compatible with power control devices.
Full Spectrum LED
5 color modes; 4 brightness
12 Watts
Ecologic Mart Eye Care Warm Book Light
Ecologic Mart is a countryside company that has made a good name for itself in the lighting industry with customers who testify of its excellent customer service.
Super-fast charger. Battery and charging status indicators. Adjustable brightness. Easy on the eyes. Travel pouch for storage. 2 adjustable gooseneck heads for more coverage.
The soft clip cannot hold small books because it requires many pages to hold.
8 LED; Double Arm
3 brightness levels each
Rechargeable battery
Info not provided
WalterDrake Headboard Light
With a wealth of experience spanning 7 decades, WalterDrake has grown to become a renowned brand. Its extensive product line speaks of innovation and high quality.
Direct lighting. Pull chain to turn on and off. Scratch-free wire hooks. Easy to move. Hangs on up to 1.5-inch thick headboards. Pleated shade casts a soft glow.
Power cord is quite short.
Headboard Light
1 brightness level
40 Watts

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What is the Best Reading Light?

Having gone through our detailed buying guide, we’re confident that you can now make a perfect choice when shopping for a reading light. You should take a peek into our features section for quality reading lights from wonderful brands.
Our Top Choice
The TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp with 5 Color Modes and 6 Brightness Levels lights up your space, and allows you to choose the brightness you want. It even has a memory function for storing settings. Think you gravitate more towards a white lamp? Then check out the amazing TaoTronics Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp with 5 Color Modes, with a modern design for any location.

TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp with 5 Color Modes and 6 Brightness Levels

TaoTronics is a giant leader in the world of consumer electronics. It specializes in the production and supply of electronics and accessories, and derives joy from the fact that it can feel the pulse of its customers, know their needs, and proffer the right solution to meet those needs. It constantly turns its innovative ideas into products that can improve the quality of life of many people all over the world. For close to a decade, TaoTronics has seen significant growth and it attributes this success to the loyalty of its customers.

The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is a multifunctional reading light that is specially designed to enhance your view and light up your space without causing harm to your eyes. Make the most of its versatile lighting by rotating the base, the neck, and the head for a perfect angle. Doing this means that you can get light from any position at all.

Its high-quality LED light can be regulated within 5 color temperatures and 6 brightness levels. Its temperature mode range includes natural light, daylight, and cool white light. This unique feature gives you the luxury of choosing the combination of ambience and brightness that you find suitable and comfortable for your space. If you want really bright light, you may find joy in the sheer fact that this lamp can reach a brightness level of 1200 lux at a height of 15.8 inches, making it the brightest lamp in the market.

Setting the lamp to your preferred choice is a breeze. But if you eventually get stuck on trying to figure out the ‘hows’ of this lamp, it comes with a user’s guide that will get you through.

No matter how fantastic a lamp is, it defeats its purpose if it’s detrimental to your eye sight. But you can relax knowing that this desk lamp is designed for the safety of your eyes. It has an acrylic light panel that reflects the light to the side and out of your direct line of vision, so that you can have glare-free illumination. So, if you have to visit the ophthalmologist for any reason whatsoever, it won’t be because of this lamp.

Moreover, its aluminum is designed to dissipate excess heat so that it neither stores nor radiates the heat on you. This extends the longevity and consistency of the light so that it can serve you for a long period of time.

Perhaps best of all, this lamp also has a unique memory storage feature that allows you to have your settings just the way you want them the next time you use it. This means you don’t have to keep tweaking the capacitive touch controls each time you want to use it.

It features a USB charging port that allows you to charge your USB-enabled devices such as your smartphone or your e-reader. And just in case you need the lamp on for just an hour, you can take advantage of its 60-minute timer for this purpose.
Best Value
The LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra Bright Reading Light with 4 LED Lights has a gooseneck structure that allows you to position it for your comfort. Further, its rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of uninterrupted illumination. Thinking of reliable lights for hiking or camping? Check out the LuminoLite Ultra-Bright CREE Headlamp with Adjustable Strap. It’s water-resistant, durable, and easy to use.

LuminoLite Rechargeable Extra Bright Reading Light with 4 LED Lights – Available in 2 Colors and 2 Styles

If you love lights—and beautiful lights at that—then you’ll find a perfect friend in LuminoLite. LuminoLite is all about simplicity, elegance, functionality, and aesthetics. That’s why it entrusts the production of its lights to a dedicated team of experts. Its aim is to satisfy the needs of its customers and ensure that they have pleasant experiences with its products. As a follow-through on its mission, it delivers excellent customer service to help its customers get the best of its products. LuminoLite’s products are also cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

The LuminoLite Rechargeable Reading Light is designed to lighten up your space and provide you with comfort while reading. It has a gooseneck structure that allows you to position it in any direction you deem suitable and comfortable. You don’t need to bend your head too low or stretch your neck too high to get the best of its illumination either.

It features a soft-padded clip for you to clamp the reading light onto your books or e-readers for a unique and personalized reading mode. For instance, if you’re working on an algebra assignment at night, you can hold your book between the clip and have your hands free to punch a calculator or scribble your solutions in a notebook. The padded clip eliminates the possibility of having marks on your books, as seen with plastic clamps that have sharp edges.

Because it’s light and portable, you can have it with you anywhere you go and be able to charge it with its AC charger whenever the need arises. The bright illumination from this reading lamp comes from its 4 energy-efficient LED lamps that shine without glaring into your face or radiating heat. It stays cool throughout its use and doesn’t burn under your touch.

If, like most people, you hate to change your batteries ever so often, then you should be happy to have found this lamp. Its built-in rechargeable battery boasts a 1000mAh capacity that guarantees you about 10 hours of steady and even illumination.

The LuminoLite doesn’t just throw its bright lights at you; it gives you the privilege to toggle between 2 brightness levels by clicking a button dedicated to this purpose. So, you’re sure of a comfortable brightness level for your workspace. You can also choose to have this lamp in two colors; a slick black or elegant silver. The black lamp can also come with two goosenecks so you have two lamps to position for the perfect light balance; this is especially good if you don’t want shadows.

Overall, this lamp is made from quality materials that make it durable and efficient. Hence, it’s offered to you with a 1-year warranty in case of damages and defects.
Brightech’s Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp with Gooseneck offers the cool ambience and brilliance delivered by its energy-efficient LED lights, which are also dimmable. Need an efficient and minimalistic lamp for your space? Then try the Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Dimmable Floor Lamp. It features a 3-step dimmer to suit your preferred mood.

Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp with Gooseneck – Available in 5 Colors

Brightech is a family-owned company based in Los Angeles, California. It focuses on affordable and innovative lighting products that enhance the quality of life of its customers. Its unique yet classy designs in lighting have made its products must-haves for individuals and families. Irrespective of the lighting need you have, Brightech always has a thing or two for you to illuminate your outdoors and indoors—from your house to your workspace. Its product line also includes magnifier lamps that provide enhanced and illuminated views of texts and images. Brightech’s goal is to lighten up your world.

The Brightech Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp comes in 5 different exciting colors to blend with your space. Placing one of these lamps on your desk adds style and elegance to your room, making it impossible to ignore.

It’s built beautifully well to serve you for 20 years and even more. And even though it offers you the brightness of the white light, it doesn’t come with the heat that conventional white-light lamps radiate. So, your child can be around this lamp without you, and you’ll rest assured his fingers won’t get burned if he touches it.

It has a broad spectrum of hues that will light up the darkest of places with its brilliance. With this much talk about the brilliance of this lamp, it’s almost certain you’re beginning to wonder if it comes with the annoying glares. Take a deep breath. It doesn’t! It actually prioritizes your eye health by preventing eye strains.

Make the best of its gooseneck design to pivot it in a direction that’s comfortable for your use. What’s more? It has a weighted base—very much unlike other floor lamps—that keeps it stable and less likely to topple over. Moreover, as soon as you set your comfortable height or position, it stays just that way unless you change it again.

Another extra to this lamp is that you don’t have to be imprisoned by its remarkable brightness all the time. You have the liberty to dim it to the brightness level that you consider suitable. All you need to do is hold the light switch down on a single press. Once you get to your desired level of brightness, you can release the light switch and it will stay just that way. What’s even more interesting is that this lamp has the intelligence to remember your selection the next time you switch it on.

In case you place it in a dark or poorly-lit room and need it again, finding it is pretty easy. Its light switch displays a soft glow that makes it conspicuous enough to be found in a dark room.

Assembly is also a walk in the park. When you purchase this floor lamp, you get a step-by-step guide on how to get it in working condition. A Phillips screwdriver is recommended for the final attachment to the sturdy base. And Voila! Ready to go with you on a 20-year smooth sail. Before you run off to checkout, there are a few extra things you should know about this lamp. Its 2-prong plug is only compatible with 110-volt outlets. If you’d like to use it for a 240-volt outlet, then you need to pair it up with a compatible adaptor.

Finally, if you grow plants in your space, it’s important to note that this lamp isn’t designed for the purpose of growing your plants. So, you may want to order this exclusively for your reading and space lighting purposes while you search for an appropriate light that’s designed to boost your plants’ growth.

This lamp can suit a ranger of decors, and you can choose from Alpine White, Havana Brown, Jet Black, Natural Wood or Titanium Silver to suit our home.
The Ecologic Mart 8 LED Eye Care Warm Book Light is a powerful lamp with a rechargeable battery that charges quickly and delivers 20 hours of illumination. It’s also brightness-adjustable for eye health. If you want an extra USB cable for your smartphone and e-reader, check out the Ecologic Mart USB Male A to Micro-USB Male B Charging Cable.

Ecologic Mart 8 LED Eye Care Warm Book Light – Available in 2 Styles and 2 Light Temperature

Ecologic Mart is not a skyscraper company at the center of an industrial city. It’s a simple company run by a close-knit family living on the dividends of their farm pride. They derive joy in the sheer fact that they are miles away from the immediate effects of industrialization and have access to uncontaminated and healthful farm produce. Nonetheless, Ecologic Mart seized the opportunities of online retailing to produce its high-quality lamp and delivers to a large number of people. Because it’s small and simple, Ecologic Mart gives a 100% customer support so that people can get the best out of its products. And there’s hardly anyone who has had an after-sales experience with the customer service team who won’t rate Ecologic Mart high for excellence.

The Ecologic Mart Eye Care Warm Book Light is designed for the avid reader’s reading comfort and pleasure. It comes in 4 exciting variants to accommodate the needs of different kinds of readers and hobbyists.

The variant with the warm light and double arm gives a yellow light that won’t stress your eyes or tell on your vision over time. You’ll notice the benefit of this feature when you sleep immediately after a good read with this lamp. And more often than not, users who own a lamp like this confirm that they sleep easily without unpleasant experiences that lead to eye rubbing—and further into reddening eyes or poor eye sight.

The 2 arms are great assets to musicians when reading music sheets or scoring songs. They can cover 2 pages at the same time, providing a steady and calm illumination for your reading. Each arm has 4 bright LED lights on its head whose brightness can be adjusted on 3 levels to accommodate your mood and assure you of reading comfort.

You won’t need to buy batteries for a long time, either, because it comes with a replaceable and rechargeable battery that charges quickly (1.2 hours). Depending on your preferred brightness setting, this book light can serve you 20 hours of illuminated reading on a single charge.

Moreover, its blue/red charging indicator lets you know when it’s plugged in and charging, and when it’s fully charged. This helps you eliminate the possibility of charging it excessively, which may reduce the lifespan of the lamp. The battery status indicator also lets you know when the battery is full or when it has reduced by a quarter of a full charge so that you’ll know when to charge it. And when it gets really low, it has an alarm that rings loudly to keep you in the know.

Before bedtime hobbies, such as knitting, Ecological Mart has got you covered. It features a sturdy clip that you can utilize to keep it fixed on your headboard so you can carry out your tasks easily. You also have the exclusive rights to a travel pouch for storage and easy transportation and a 6.6-foot-long dual charger for super-fast charging.

If you’re a music enthusiast, a DJ, or a globetrotter, then the double arm with cool light book light will be your best option. On the other hand, the double arm warm light variant assures the safety of your eyes and prevents eye strains. Travelers will also find the single arm cool light variant useful on a long journey; on a dark train ride, for example. Thinking of a suitable gift for a bookworm? Then the single arm warm light will be a perfect choice.

That said, irrespective of the variants, all four lamps from Ecologic Mart are durable, functional, and of high quality.
The WalterDrake Headboard Light with Pull Chain provides direct illumination from your headboard to your book or knitting. It comes with a string that you can pull to turn it off and on whenever you like. Add style and elegance to your space with the WalterDrake Barn Star Nightlight. This simple yet beautiful light makes a perfect housewarming gift for a friend or relative.

WalterDrake Headboard Light with Pull Chain – Available with or without Expert Assembly

WalterDrake was founded and named after its founder, Walter Drake, as a direct mail company in 1947. It’s well-known for allowing parents to sign up so that their kids could receive a personalized gift from its delivery character ‘Tommy Turtle’. This novel idea gained widespread recognition and success for Walter Drake and so he decided to broaden the scope of his business to include address labels and stationery. Today, 7 decades later, WalterDrake’s product line has grown significantly to include kitchenware, organizers, household items, personalized gifts, and so much more. Each product it offers is a unique problem-solving one that speaks of high quality.

The WalterDrake Headboard Light brings back the retro style of having your bed light attached to your headboard and directly over your book. It features 2 coated-wire hooks that attach the lamp to your headboard firmly without leaving scratches on it. But for a firm and steady fit to your headboard, your headboard should be about an inch-and-a-half thick.

This style brings the bright light close to you and your book as opposed to needing to sit at a desk or table. So, if you like to read or finish a knitting job before you ride off to la-la land, then you won’t be disappointed with this lamp.

As soon as you realize that you’re nodding off, or even right before you go off dreaming away, you can pull the string on this lamp to turn it off. And if you’re such an avid reader that you like to read as soon as you wake in the morning, then you can pull this same string to turn it on.

It has a pleated shade in a cream color that casts a soft and amber glow on your print without lighting up the room or disturbing your room mate. In essence, its warm illumination is exclusive to you and your book.

This lamp requires a 40-watt bulb which doesn’t come in the order. So, if you decide on this one, it’s best to also place an order for a bulb.

How Do I Choose the Best Reading Light?

The eyes are delicate and they have their limits and we all need to make sure we protect our eyes as much as possible. One such way to care for your eyes is to ensure that you have ample light when you’re reading, inspecting, or doing any task that requires a certain level of detail. We say ample light because too much or glaring lights have the potential to damage your eyes and lower the quality of your vision.

This means sooner or later, you may need to have your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist who may then prescribe reading glasses that are quite easy to misplace. More so, frequent visits, consultations, and treatments come at a cost most people don’t budget for.

In essence, great reading lights save you the stress of eye health issues, illuminate your space, and bring your work into bright focus.

Apart from congenital and hereditary eye defects, most other defects come from being careless with lighting. With kids, for instance, it’s no longer headline news that most of them get initiated into the reading culture at a tender age. There are those kids who even get out of bed right after you’ve tucked them in to read a comic book or any book that catches their fancy.

You’ll be playing the role of a good parent by placing a suitable desk lamp or a reading light on their kid’s desk in cases where this happens. And while we know that you don’t like the idea that they aren’t in bed when they ought to be, we think you can help them nurture their growing interests on those rare occasions.

Another thing about reading lights is that they emphasize your concern for other people’s interests and save you a good name. Say you’re at the 11th hour of your final examination preparations and you need to dot a few I’s and cross those t’s at night; having a reading light will be a good way to read when you have a roommate who doesn’t like having the lights on while he or she is sleeping.

We should let you know that desiring a good reading light is way easier than actually finding one. But if you stay here a while longer, we can let you in on the things you should look out for before you follow your desire.
Cheap reading lights develop issues over time and you should totally avoid them. They can pretend to be perfect at first blush, and then start flickering or burning up under your touch after a while. You should congratulate yourself for being here to read this, because this guide excluded such reading lights.

Reading lights vary in price, but generally fall within a range of $30 to $300. But you must know that versatile reading lights such as those with dimming features and memory storage for brightness settings tend to be pricier than others.
There are certain features of reading lights that you should look out for before settling for any. Some of these features include:
  • Power Source: Does it use a battery or external power source? Is the battery rechargeable or for one-time use?
  • Illumination Coverage: Does it go the extra mile to brighten other areas too, or is it just for your space?
  • Versatility: What else can it be used for besides just lighting up?
  • Brightness: How bright is it? Is it dimmable? How many brightness settings are there?
  • Temperature: Can you control its output to suit your mood?
  • Extras: This may include USB ports, memory storage, etc.
Construction and Design
Most people hate the idea of having to replace batteries every other day. And some reading lights consume so much that one may need to change the batteries one too many times. If you don’t think changing batteries is a chore, then you’ll most certainly feel satisfied with a one-time battery-operated choice. Moreover, battery-operated lights are usually compact and portable, and some of them can be tucked in a small bag for easy access.

Rechargeable lights are the more preferred of the two options because most of them are also portable and can be carried around with their chargers so you can charge them anywhere on a trip. They tend to last longer and take away the chore of replacing batteries. If you ever need to change rechargeable batteries, most times you have the privilege of at least a 3-year window to do that.

Yet still, there are those who don’t run on any batteries at all. These require external power sources such as sockets. But you must note the voltage ratings of such lights before you order them because different countries have different voltage ratings. So, you must ensure that the reading light you’re purchasing can be used on your regular socket. In some cases, if you have a reading light that’s not compatible with your socket, you may need to purchase an adaptor separately so that you can use it without a hassle.

Some lights have clips to provide a clamping feature for books and headboards. This helps to direct the light to your work, especially when you don’t want to have to move it during use. These clamps also have their limits. There’s a level of thickness they can hold and they may become useless for books and headboards that don’t fit in well. In some cases where the headboard is too thin for the clip, a small piece of lumber can be inserted for a firm fit to the headboard.

If you prefer floor lamps, then you must ensure that your choice has a wide and solid base for stability. Otherwise, it will topple over when you move it or adjust it.
Performance and Ease of Use
The ease of use of a reading light depends largely on how versatile it is. Lights that have battery status indicators and charging status indicators, for instance, tend to have a longer lifespan than other rechargeable lamps. This is because you get to know when the battery is low, when you need to charge it, and when you need to disconnect it from an external power source. Some even come with low battery alarms to notify you of the battery status if the battery gets low and you’re not close enough to the reading light to see the indicator light.

Goosenecks make it easy to adjust the height and position of the light for effective illumination. Some other lights have swivel features instead of goosenecks so that you can also adjust the height for your comfort. Further, the rigid ones may be quite troublesome if you want it to be easily adjustable, however for some this is much more appropriate for their use. A headboard light is designed to fit firmly to your headboard and stay there throughout the period you need it. They are designed to provide direct illumination on your book or work, and are not flexible in any way.

Most times, the purpose of a reading light is to have an exclusive and illuminated reading experience, otherwise, we may as well just turn on all the room lights. Many of our featured lights give you a number of light settings, some have up to 6 brightness modes so you can get the lighting level just right.

Your mood matters a lot when it comes to reading, especially if you’re a student. Some temperatures or color modes have the potential to lull you to sleep quicker than a sleeping pill, which could be dangerous if you’re preparing for an all-important exam. You’ll discover that the trick to staying awake to read may not necessarily be in a cup of coffee, but in the temperature of your reading light. So, you should look out for those that come with your preferred reading temperature before you place an order. You can choose a warm and amber light mode similar to those in a Starbucks café, or the bright white light of a drug store depending on the purpose you hope to achieve.

Some reading lights feature USB charging ports to charge your smart phones and e-readers. You may want to take advantage of this, but ensure the port is compatible with your devices’ or it becomes useless.

Get the Best Reading Light of 2023!

Selecting a reading light that suits your needs should be a breeze for you by now. And if you want a wider selection of reading lights, the navigation links we’ve provided you with will be more than useful to you.

Our Top Choice
TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp
Best Value
LuminoLite Rechargeable Reading Light
Brightech Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp
Ecologic Mart Eye Care Warm Book Light
WalterDrake Headboard Light