Best Reading Magnifier Reviews 2023

You may want a reading magnifier for your personal use or as a gift for a friend or relative. Irrespective of the occasion, we must let you know at this stage that finding the perfect reading magnifier in a market swarming with all sorts can be quite a chore. But don’t worry, we’ve taken the pain of doing thorough research on the best reading magnifier brands and their products, and have come up with this informative buying guide just for you. We’ve also included a detailed review on one reading magnifier from each of our top five brands for your perusal. Note also that we have another review on reading lights if that’s what you’re in the market for instead.
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Power Source
Our Top Choice
Brightech LightView PRO
Family-owned Brightech is passionate about lighting up your world and providing you with quality and affordable products that enhance your vision.
42 energy-efficient LED lights for illumination. 1.75X extra-large lens. Flexible and adjustable neck. Portable. Generates heat. 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
You may need to adjust it a few times for it to be stable.
Floor lamp; 42 LEDs
Diopter glass
6.5 x 4 inches
Best Value
Fancii LED Reading Magnifying Glass
Fancii believes you can get great products that emphasize your beauty without breaking the bank or compromising quality. Fancii’s belief system is reflected in its products.
Wide and clear view. Energy-efficient lights for use in dark areas. 2 batteries included. Drawstring pouch for storage. Durable battery. Ergonomic handle. Scratch-resistant lens.
LED light intensity considered uncomfortably strong.
Handheld; LED
2 CR2016 batteries
Acrylic lens
4 x 2.3 inches
ViSee Portable Digital Magnifier
ViSee is a wholly-owned company that’s committed to designing and creating functional and affordable products that enhance the quality of vision for many people.
4 levels of magnification. Wide LCD display for large view. Full color and 2 other modes. Freezes texts for ease. Video-out for projection. Includes 2 rechargeable batteries.
Doesn’t charge when it is being used.
Handheld; LCD
6x – 12x – 18x – 24x
Rechargeable Lithium battery
4.3 inches
MagniPros Handheld Magnifying Glass
MagniPros has a wealth of experience in all things optics. It shows its love and commitment to its customers by providing them with all they need to have great visual experiences.
Ergonomic handle for comfort. Sturdy, durable construction. Versatility of different lenses. Ultra-bright lights for illumination. Crystal-clear view. 100% money-back guarantee.
The 3X and 4.5X lenses are quite small.
Handheld; LED; racket design
3x – 4.5x – 25x
3 AAA batteries
ABS/acrylic lens
3.7 x 3 inches
Carson Minibrite Aspheric Magnifier
Carson has a great wealth of experience and has grown to be a strong force in the optics industry, with its customer-centric approach to business.
5X magnification for detailed view. Lightweight and compact for easy storage. Aspheric lens provides distortion-free images. Built-in LED lights for illumination. Slide-up cover.
Quite challenging for reading fine prints.
Pocket; LED
3 AAA batteries
Acrylic lens/plastic sleeve
1.5 x 1.3 inches

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What is the Best Reading Magnifier?

Now that you know what to look out for before selecting a reading magnifier, we’re sure you can now go ahead and place an order for your most preferred choice. Let’s show you what great magnifiers look like through our featured products.
Our Top Choice
Take the limits off your aging eyes and take advantage of Brightech’s LightView PRO LED Magnifying Floor Lamp, which features 42 LED lights to illuminate your view even in the darkest places. If you want a magnifier lamp that brings every detail of your book into bright focus, then go for the Brightech LightView Flex Magnifier Lamp. It will last for up to 100,000 hours.

Brightech LightView PRO LED Magnifying Floor Lamp – Available in 2 Colors

Brightech is a family-owned company based in Los Angeles, California. With a focus on delivering affordable and innovative lighting products, this company helps better the quality of its customers’ lives. Its unique yet classy lighting designs have made its products must-haves for individuals and families. Irrespective of your lighting needs, Brightech always has something for you to illuminate your space—from your house to your workspace. Its product line also includes magnifier lamps that provide enhanced and illuminated views of texts and images. Brightech’s goal is to lighten up your world.

With its 42 energy-saving LED lights, the LightView PRO is unarguably the brightest reading lamp in the market. This light provides bright illumination for you when you’re in dark or shaded areas. This means if your power goes out while reading a book or knitting a sweater, you can rely on the LightView PRO for backup.

It’s not just a lamp, but a magnifier that offers you the opportunity for a wide, crystal-clear, and distortion-free view of your work. For instance, if you would like to attach embellishments to your needle work or even thread the needle on your sewing machine, this magnifier provides a magnified image of it so that you can see what you’re doing and get the work done faster. It will also be a great asset for your craft work and any other task that requires a certain level of detail.

This magnifier will also come in handy when you need to read materials such as magazines, books, and documents that have fine print. More so, if your vision is limited by macular degeneration or visual impairments, this lamp will be your loyal companion to ensure that you enjoy optimal viewing.

You know that glasses for macular degeneration go missing ever so often, right? So, if you’re thinking of a birthday or retirement gift for an elderly parent or friend who experiences the challenges that come with aging eyes, you can put that smile on that person’s face by buying this LightView PRO magnifier. You can trust that the lights won’t glare or strain their eyes over time.

Then again, if you find it challenging to read at night because you have a roommate who doesn’t like having the lights on while he or she is sleeping, then you can treat yourself to a personalized—albeit illuminated and magnified—view of your book by using this illuminated magnifier without disturbing or offending your roommate. What’s more? It doesn’t generate heat like the incandescent bulbs do, and so it stays cool.

The LightView PRO also has a long power cord that extends to about 6 feet so that you can have it close to you while it’s connected to a 120-volt outlet. Please kindly note that this voltage rating is the only acceptable one for the LightView Pro.

By using this fine device, it’s almost certain that your roommate will see you as a considerate and peace-loving person. At the end of the day, everyone is happy. (Unless he or she is a feisty lot.)

Your comfort is also considered in the swivel design of the LightView PRO. This design allows you to adjust the height of the magnifier to your level of comfort. And if you have bedtime hobbies that require viewing, inspecting, or reading, this illuminated magnifier can be bent low to about 24 inches so that you can use it comfortably.

Brightech trusts the ability of the LightView PRO to serve you faithfully well and can vouch for it any day. This is why it places a 3-year warranty on all its magnifier lamps. This means if you have an unsatisfactory experience with your purchase, you can contact its dedicated customer care team and they’ll take the right steps to ensure you have a better experience.
Best Value
The Fancii LED Light 2X Rectangular Handheld Reading Magnifying Glass breaks the limitation of visual impairments and provides you with a wide and clear view of tiny prints, with powerful LED lights for night use. Want a reading magnifier with a headband design? Then try the Fancii Headband LED Head Reading Magnifier. It comes with 5 detachable lenses with varying magnifying power.

Fancii LED Light 2X Rectangular Handheld Reading Magnifying Glass

Fancii’s goal is to provide its customers with innovative solutions to their personal needs at the most affordable prices without losing out on quality. It believes that people everywhere should have access to affordable products and services that will emphasize their outer and inner beauty. Fancii is pacing up with the evolution of the health and beauty industry by improving and upgrading its products to higher levels of quality to produce excellent results. It also boasts a dedicated and committed customer care team that operates ‘round the clock to help customers resolve issues and get the best of its products.

Get up-close and personal with your prints, jewelry, and coins by using Fancii’s Reading Magnifying Glass. It’s shaped as a rectangular lens to provide a natural feel to how you view things. Visual impairments and macular degeneration can no longer rob you of a great time with the early morning newspapers and magazines that you love.

It provides a wide view for better inspection from its 2.3-inch by 4-inch rimless lens. You can take advantage of its high-quality and crystal-clear lens to read tiny print in your books, newspapers, maps, magazines, and encyclopedia.

For geologists who deal with outcrops and study core samples extracted from the subsurface, having this magnifying glass in your geologist’s bag will help you make detailed and accurate interpretations of the rock samples for a holistic description of a geological area.

There’s more! It’s also an illuminated magnifier with 3 powerful, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly lights. They’re easy to turn on by flipping the switch at the edge of the lens’s ergonomic handle. So even in dark and shaded areas you can study, interpret, inspect, and draw inferences however you like without hassle.

Because this magnifier is handheld, it’s designed to be lightweight for your comfort, convenience, and ease-of-use. So, you won’t strain your hand muscles or give up reading because of the weight of the magnifier on your arms and shoulders.

Apart from the fact that this magnifying lens is resistant to scratches and abrasions, it also has a lens cleaning cloth that you can use to clean it in the event that it gathers dust or liquids spill on it.

It also comes with a drawstring pouch that allows you to carry and transport it easily. This pouch stores the magnifier safely from harm and preserves it for a long period of time.

You shouldn’t worry about the batteries, either. This magnifier comes with 2 durable CR2016 batteries for a long-lasting experience.

Fancii gives you unreserved rights to place an order for this magnifier, with confidence that you’ll get good value for money. In fact, it prides itself in the fact that you will get more than your money’s worth on this one. Nonetheless, if by any means you have an unpleasant experience with it, Fancii promises to return every cent you paid for it.

Fancii offers more magnifying lenses and they include:
  • Fancii LED 3X Illuminated Reading Magnifier with 15X Loupe: It flips open in a classy way and can be used for reading and inspection of coins and jewelry.
  • Fancii Daylight LED 10X Dimmable Magnifying Makeup Mirror: It’s eco-friendly and has a powerful magnification of 10X.
  • Fancii LED 3X Illuminated Magnifying Lens with Auxiliary 10X Lens and 15X Magnifier Loupe: It comes in a compact style and can be used by geologists and jewelers for close-up inspections.
  • Fancii 5.5-inch Extra Large LED Handheld Magnifying Lens: It’s a scratch-resistant, high-power lens ideal for viewing prints, coins, and jewelry.
  • Fancii LED Hands-Free 2.5X Magnifying Lens with Stand: It can be used in 5 different ways including hands-free, handheld, and lanyard for people who have impaired vision or macular degeneration.
The ViSee LCD Portable Digital Reading Magnifier Reading Aid for Low Vision magnifies texts and images and allows you to take screenshots to store and transfer to your PC. It also features an adjustable lens. Need a digital reading magnifier for TVs? Then you should see the ViSee Electronic Digital Video Magnifier for TV. It features 8 adjustable magnification levels from 1X to 32X.

ViSee LCD Portable Digital Reading Magnifier Reading Aid for Low Vision

ViSee is wholly owned by Oasis Scientific Incorporated. It is committed to providing affordable and high-quality products that enhance the vision of its customers. Its goal is to use the powers of technology to create a world of possibility where people who have visual impairments can do the things they wish to do with innovative and comfortable vision-related products. Its line of products includes LED-lighted magnifiers and video magnifiers. Today, people testify that the quality of life they live has been improved by using ViSee’s affordable and innovative products.

The ViSee Portable Digital Magnifier is designed for people with low vision. It has a lens window behind it that has the ability to magnify prints and images to four different magnification levels within the range of 3X and 14X. So, you can view tiny texts and pictures larger and bolder. Its 4.3-inch LCD screen offers you the privilege of a wide view of anything you choose to magnify.

Further, you can freeze the screen in place if you want to focus on a text or image of interest. This makes for easy and comfortable reading.

It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows you 2.5 hours of uninterrupted viewing of your magnified world. This magnifier also allows you access to four display modes that encourage white text on black backgrounds and black texts on white backgrounds. Of course, you can also view your texts and prints in full-color mode however you like.

Moreover, if you have a larger device with a video-in, you can project images to the larger screen using the magnifier’s video-out feature. You can also store images by inserting a memory card in the Micro-SD slot and transfer them by plugging a USB cable into its USB port.

Finding your way around its features using single-click buttons is pretty simple and straightforward. This means you won’t spend unnecessary time trying to figure out how it works. But if you’re still concerned about using it, you can take advantage of its user’s guide to ensure that you’re in the know.

In case the screen or lens accumulates dust or is exposed to spills, you can use the cleaning cloth that comes with it to wipe it and keep it clean so that you can get the best out of the magnifier. Further, it makes for easy travel, as it comes with a carrying case that stores it safely and compactly when it’s not in use.

Finally, this magnifier comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty that should strengthen your confidence to place an order for it right away.

ViSee has other magnifiers for your consideration:
  • ViSee 3.5 Inch Portable Video Reading Magnifier with Stand: It features about 3 hours of viewing time and can zoom from 2X to 15X.
  • ViSee 4.3-inch Digital Magnifier with 4-Level Magnifications and 3 Color Modes: It has a video-out feature that allows you to connect it to any device that has a video-in.
  • ViSee LED Lighted Desktop Magnifier – Available in 2 Colors: It features 3 bright LED lights that recreate the ambient effect of daylight.
  • ViSee 5-inch Portable Video Reading Magnifier with 15 Color Modes: You can take screenshots, save pictures, and transfer them to a PC.
The MagniPros Ultra Bright Handheld Reading Magnifying Glass with 3X, 4.5X & 25X Lenses features 3 ultra-bright lights that provide illumination in dark and shaded areas, along with its 3 lenses. Worried about lights that are too bright? Then try the MagniPros Ultra Bright Handheld Reading Magnifier with 2 Brightness Levels. It can magnify prints and images by 300%.

MagniPros Ultra Bright Handheld Reading Magnifying Glass with 3X, 4.5X & 25X Lenses

MagniPros has a wealth of experience in all things optics. That is why it’s known as a leading brand in the supply of magnifying instruments in America. Its love for its customers has propelled MagniPros to upgrade and improve its products to accommodate their visual needs. It has a committed customer service team that ensures 100% satisfaction with its products and services rendered. It attributes its success to the steady and increasing loyalty of its customers over the years. Quality is MagniPros’ priority. That’s why it ensures that its control team brings on its A-game every time.

MagniPros’ Ultra Bright Handheld Reading Magnifying Glass provides crystal-clear and distortion-free views of images and prints. It gives far greater clarity than most magnifiers and is illuminated with 3 ultra-bright LED lights that are eco-friendly and energy-efficient. These lights have the ability to last for more than 10,000 hours while giving you the rare privilege of bright illumination in shaded and pitch-dark areas.

They are designed for people with low vision and professionals such as jewelers, geologists, and geographers whose responsibilities require a certain level of detailing and precision. Nonetheless, a hobbyist will also find viewing images and texts with this magnifier a good sport.

The magnifying lens is evenly lit to avoid straining your eyes, while providing you with enhanced viewing. It runs on 3 AAA-sized batteries (not included in the pack) that will serve you for long hours provided they are standard batteries. Rechargeable batteries are often recommended for a long-lasting experience.

It has a lightweight and sturdy structure that makes handling it strain- and stress-free. So now you can enjoy long hours of viewing, reading, and inspection without feeling tired or fatigued. In addition, its durable structure promises you a long-lasting experience.

This magnifier is literally 3-in-1, owing to the 3 different magnification levels it features. The main lens has the ability to magnify up to 3 times the original image, while the spot lens can magnify images up to 4.5 times. The last lens, located on the handle of the magnifier, has a magnification of 25X which is particularly suitable for inspecting jewelry.

Studies on this magnifier reveal that the 3X lens is the most comfortable of the 3 lenses for viewing maps, documents, and pages. In any case, you can trust the optical acrylic nature of the lenses to assure yourself that they are resistant to scratches and abrasions.

It has an ergonomic handle that assures you of a comfortable and easy handling. You can hold onto it for many hours without feeling the urge to stop as a result of tiring hands.

With this much said about this magnifier, you should have no worries about its eventual performance. In case you still have worries, you can bank on MagniPros’ money-back guarantee for less-than-satisfactory experiences with it.

MagniPros has other magnifiers you might want to check out:
  • MagniPros Rectangular Handheld Reading Magnifier with Rimless Lens: Its ergonomic handle allows you to read in handheld mode for long periods without arm strain.
  • MagniPros Ultra Bright Hands-Free Full Page Magnifier with 2 Bonus Bookmark Magnifiers: Its legs flip out so that you can have a full-page view in hands-free mode.
  • MagniPros Magnifying Bar with Guide Line: This instrument is suitable for reading tiny print in books and documents.
  • MagniPros Oval-shaped Magnifier with 4 Ultra Bright LED Lights: Its ultra-bright lights provide adequate illumination for viewing.
  • MagniPros Jumbo Size Magnifying Glass Lens: Its lightweight design makes it suitable for use in a handheld position for a long time.
Its 5X MiniBrite LED Aspheric Magnifier with Protective Sleeve features a special kind of lens that produces crystal-clear and distortion-free images, along with a slide-out magnifier for texts and prints. If you want something compact, then you should try the Carson Lighted Magnifold Rectangular Reading Magnifier. Its handle locks in 3 positions for comfort and easy handling.

Carson 5X Minibrite LED Aspheric Magnifier with Protective Sleeve – Available in 2 Pack Sizes

Founded by disheartened ex-banker, Richard Cameron, Carson took off in a basement in Long Island in 1990. Its first line of business involved importing and exporting products of different types and origin. By 1991, Carson had its first contact with optics when Richard discovered the unique pair of the Electronic Binocular manufactured by Copitar Japan. It was a great business opportunity for Carson at that time as he gained wide-spread popularity across many media outlets. Shortly after this period, Richard changed his company name from Copitar USA to Carson Optical. And in the years that followed this change, its product line grew exponentially to cover a wider spectrum of products that was customer-centric and relevant to their everyday needs.

The Carson Minibrite Aspheric Magnifier features an Aspheric lens instead of the conventional lens you often find with most magnifiers. The type of lens used in this magnifier helps to correct spherical aberrations that occur while viewing images. This makes the images you view on it crystal-clear and distortion-free.

This characteristic nature of the Minibrite Aspheric Magnifier makes it appropriate for those suffering from astigmatism—a role that simple lenses cannot play. More so, it will pass conveniently as a handy tool for people with challenges of low vision.

You can conveniently use this magnifier to read small print, examine currencies and coupons, and even inspect jewelry. If you would also like to study a map during a tour, this compact magnifier will be a great asset to you. You’ll know when to follow a river, take a turn, avoid dangerous zones, and get to your destination quickly and safely.

Its compactness makes it really easy to store in bags, pockets, and travel cases. This means you can always have it within your reach wherever you go and whenever you want it.

This magnifier doesn’t allow dark places to prevent you from viewing the things you ought to. Say you go on a field trip and you end up in a dark cave where you aren’t supposed to be; the bright LED light on this magnifier will allow you the opportunity to use your map to navigate through and out of the place and follow the right trail.

With Carson, your satisfaction is its utmost priority. Hence, it offers a limited lifetime warranty on this magnifier so that you can have it replaced or repaired if you notice any manufacturing defects before or while using it.

Other exciting offers from Carson include:
  • Carson DeskBrite200 2X Reading Magnifier and Lamp: It has a flexible neck that will allow you to bend it in any direction you choose.
  • Carson Fresnel 2X Flexible Page Magnifier: This bendable magnifier can magnify things by 200% when you hold it about 4 inches above your print material, and much more.
  • Carson ezRead Digital Magnifier: This digital magnifier is designed to turn your TV into a visual reading aide.
  • Carson MagniFlip Pocket Magnifier with Built-in Case – Set of 4: Each magnifier is compact and useful for reading, mapping, inspection, and other viewing purposes.

How Do I Choose the Best Reading Magnifier?

A reading magnifier is a loyal companion for jewelers, craftsmen, and even geologists whose tasks and jobs require paying attention to even the smallest details.

As a student, you may have to spend a part of your summer on the academic goals you hope to achieve as soon as school starts again. And if you’re a graduate preparing for a master’s program, you know nights with your GMAT book will begin to roll in. Reading at night may not necessarily be your thing, but you may be unable to avoid it sometimes. On such days, you’ll need the illumination from a desk lamp to read your book.

Sometimes the print’s really tiny as seen with instructions and tips in the margins of the book. Reading tiny print may be even more frustrating when you already suffer from one eye defect or the other. Instead of straining your eyes to read such prints, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and future visits to the ophthalmologist by having a reading magnifier with you.

Reading magnifiers will enlarge the print and help you see them better. They also help you save the time you would have spent trying to figure out what was written. This means you can have a good and relaxing reading time—one you can look forward to having over and over again.

People with aging eyes who love reading can also take advantage of a go-to magnifier to keep the flames of their reading passion alive. This is why an elderly parent or relative with visual impairments will appreciate a magnifier gift any day.

A typical example will be buying a magnifier for your grandma who loves to sit with her knitting machine and yarns every other day. Knitting involves paying attention to detail. So, getting her a magnifier will allow her to see the littlest details of her work so that she can make the best sweater or scarf possible.
Quite a number of magnifiers not only magnify prints and images, but also provide the extra benefit of illuminating your view; this extra makes it pricier than the rest. Moreover, the number and type of lighting also determine how costly an illuminated magnifier can be.

There are other factors that significantly affect the price of a reading magnifier that you should also consider. Nonetheless, the cost of reading magnifiers usually falls in the range of $5 to $269. A big difference, for sure, but you’ll later see why some cost so much more than others.

You should be wary of cheap reading magnifiers because they tend to distort images—a characteristic that defeats the purpose of a magnifier. Not to worry though; we have left them out of our review so that you can have only the best.
To ensure that you get the best reading magnifier, you must know what to look out for. These include:
  • Type: This could be digital, electronic, or non-electronic.
  • Magnification: By how much does it magnify objects?
  • Size of Lens: What is the areal extent of the lens?
  • Illumination: Does it have lights? Can the brightness be regulated?
  • Power Input: It could run on batteries or electricity, typically.
  • Portability and Weight: Some are available in pocket-size.
Construction and Design
Ideally, a reading magnifier should be lightweight, of wide diameter and viewing areal extent, and also offer crystal-clear enlarged images. This is only an ideal description of a magnifier. In reality, the majority of magnifiers you’ll find won’t possess all of these traits due to the nature of optics.

The magnification that a lens offers is one of the most important features that a lens possesses. In any case, this depends on the focal length of the lens, which then depends on its curvature. As the curvature of a lens increases, its focal length reduces while the power increases.

One important thing you should keep in mind is that you’re likely to have more distortion with increasing curvature of the lens. This is why aspheric lenses, unlike simple lenses, offer the best distortion-free images; they’re designed to correct spherical aberrations.

Generally, magnifiers with large lenses offer a wider viewing area and do not require you to move around to get a full-length image. On the downside, they have low magnifying power. Magnifiers with small lenses, on the other hand, have high magnifications; but you’ll need to move them every now and then to view all the parts of the object.

If you want to have a magnifier with a wide view and high magnification, then prepare to pay a lot more than you would for the magnifiers that are not as sophisticated.

There’s hardly any reason why you shouldn’t go for a lighted magnifier, because they make your texts clearer and easy to read. Further, a dimmable one will be a safe option because it allows you to vary the brightness level to suit your comfort preferences. Such magnifiers may also pass as reading lamps—taking away the bulk of having a magnifier and a separate desk lamp.

Digital magnifiers are pricier than the conventional magnifiers and are of two types. One is designed like a mouse that scans over the object you want to have magnified and projects it to a TV screen for larger viewing. The second one is an electronic magnifier that’s portable and compact for storage and transportation. They provide the option of varying color modes and magnification levels for ample viewing. They come with LCD display for user interactivity and rechargeable batteries.
Performance and Ease of Use
Reading magnifiers can either be handheld or hands-free. The purpose for which you hope to use a magnifier should guide you on the design to pick. If you’re an avid reader or a craftsman, then you should opt for a hands-free magnifier.

This is because reading and crafts require the use of your hands to a large extent. So, you can get a magnifier that can sit on a table and enlarge your view while you work, or you can opt for the ones that come in headband designs that you can have on your head throughout the time you need it.

If you’re planning to go on a tour that requires you to go along with a map, the handheld magnifier will be a good option. You can also decide on its compactness as well, for storage.

Most magnifiers, especially the handheld ones, are designed to be lightweight for comfort and ease-of-use. The lightweight structure prevents tiring hands and muscles as a result of holding the magnifier for a long period of time. Even though it’s commonplace for brands to ensure that a magnifier is easy to handle and not bulky, you must do your homework by ensuring that it will be comfortable for you.

Most magnifiers that have lights usually require batteries. Some brands include batteries in their product package, while others require you to purchase them separately. Floor lamps, on the other hand, come with power cords for you to connect to a socket.

Get the Best Reading Magnifier of 2023!

We can rest assured now that you can pick the right reading magnifier that will meet your needs perfectly. If you’d like more options, feel free to use the navigation links that we’ve provided you with.

Our Top Choice
Brightech LightView PRO
Best Value
Fancii LED Reading Magnifying Glass
ViSee Portable Digital Magnifier
MagniPros Handheld Magnifying Glass
Carson Minibrite Aspheric Magnifier