Best Real Pearl Necklace – Saltwater, Freshwater and Cultured Genuine White, Pink, and Black Real Pearl Necklaces

Buying a strand of real pearls or a pearl pendant necklace can get really confusing and daunting. In fact, you risk getting ripped off if you’re not knowledgeable about real pearls. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered and right on track with our top five brands that have some of the best real pearl necklaces, highlighting just one product from each brand.

Before we get to our reviews, we want to point out that our featured necklaces are all white pearls. However, each brand was chosen specifically because they offer a variety of genuine and cultured pearls, including real pink pearl necklaces and real black pearl necklaces. Within each review we have included links for some of their other pearl jewelry options.

However, because we TOTALLY understand that besides quality and price, the biggest factor in choosing a perfect piece of jewelry for you or your loved one is how it looks. So, to that end, within this article we are also going to showcase some of our favorite pink and black pearl pieces, starting with some affordably exquisite pink real pearl necklaces. We’ll get to our favorite black ones a bit further down.

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Pearl Type
Pearl Size
Our Top Choice
Pearl Source White Freshwater Pearl Necklace
The Pearl Source is a pioneer importer of wholesale and original loose pearls in the USA, with specialty in designing custom pearl strands of Akoya and Freshwater origin.
Classic and single-stranded. Rounded, evenly-sized, and individually knotted. Multiple choice clasps. 60-day return policy.
The box it comes in is poorly made, therefore you may consider replacing it.
Single stringed
18 inches
5 sizes available
Best Value
Amazon Collection Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace
Amazon Collection has one of the best-in-quality jewelry collections with unbeatable prices. Its customer service team is both extremely responsive and knowledgeable.
Single, rounded, white Akoya pearl. 14k carat gold chain in white or yellow gold. Goes with all types of outfits. 18-inch princess-style chain length.
The clasp on the chain is quite tiny and may be difficult to maneuver.
18 inches
3 sizes available
HinsonGayle Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace
HinsonGayle Fine Pearl Jewelry sources its naturally-cultured, lustrous, and exotic pearls from freshwater and saltwater oceans around the world to produce stunning pearl jewelry.
Choice of white, pink or black unique, baroque-shaped pearls. Highly lustrous surface with rare iridescent flashes. Sterling silver rhodium-plated ball clasp. Versatile 18-inch length.
May lose some color and luster over time.
Single stringed
18 inches
Pearl Pro 3-row White Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Akwaya Pearl doesn’t compromise on the quality of pearls for its jewelry, and with unbeatable prices and top-notch customer service, it ensures total customer satisfaction.
3-row, multi-strand of pearls. High-luster freshwater pearls. Individually knotted. Rhodium-plated box and tongue clasp. Elegant appeal.
In some cases, not all the pearls have individual knots between them.
16.5; 17; 18 inches
JYX 3-row Round Freshwater Pearl Necklace
JYX has about 20 hectares of pearl farms that produce quality cultured loose pearls, and employs skilled designers to create some of the best pearl jewelry on the market.
Fabulous 3-row strands of pearl. Individually knotted. Thick nacre coat. High luster and shine. Perfectly-rounded. Similar in size.
In some cases, the strands may not lay flat and are prone to overlapping when worn.
16-18" or 20-23"

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What Is the Best Affordable Genuine Pearl Necklace? Read Our Real Pearl Necklace Reviews!

So now you have all the necessary information, and then some, to help you make your real pearl necklace shopping rewarding and enjoyable. As you go through the beautiful collection we have in our individual product review section, keep your eyes wide open to quickly identify the real pearl necklace that looks like it was made just for you.

Remember, each of our chosen brands offers more than the one we have pictured, including black and pink real pearl necklaces. But here's a few to whet your whistle.

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Our Top Choice
The Pearl Source 14K Gold White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace is a quintessential piece embodying every woman’s dream of what a first pearl strand should look like with its high-luster pearls. Pearl Source carries white, pink and black pearl jewelry. We are particularly fond of this 18” princess length Genuine Japanese Akoya Saltwater Cultured Black Pearl necklace.

Pearl Source 18" 14K Gold White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace – Available Multiple Sizes and Choice of White or Yellow Gold


Founded in 1991, the Pearl Source is among the pioneer importers of wholesale and original loose, individual pearls in Los Angeles. As a thriving family-owned business, it has become a trusted brand name when it comes to supply of Freshwater, South Sea, and Akoya pearls of the highest quality. One of its specialties is in designing custom pearl strands of Akoya and Freshwater cultures for its teeming customers.

As the premier source of real pearls in the USA and having more than 20 solid years of relevant experience under its belt, it boasts of an amazing rate of profitable and consistent business from satisfied customers, and has enjoyed lots of new businesses as a result of its customer-focus mode of operation. Its pearl specialists are known for stringing together exquisite pearl strands of uniform and multicolored rare colors from even rarer origins—even as it supplies loose or unstringed pearls to some of the biggest and well-known pearl designers and jewelers within the country.

The Pearl Source White Freshwater Pearl Necklace is guaranteed to be a hit for any occasion, what with its 18-inch strand princess length; you cannot go wrong with it. With this piece of jewelry draped gracefully ‘round your neck, you can confidently dress it up or down from formal to casual outfits, and still look good and classy.

This pearl necklace comes with an option that lets you choose a clasp that best goes with your taste and skin tone; this means you not only get the pearl necklace of your dreams, but also that the look and style doesn’t get marred with a clasp that you’d rather not have. What could be better than this? You can choose either the yellow or white gold clasp, depending on your preference, but both are classic and easy to use with a fail-safe so you don’t lose your pearl necklace easily.

The pearls on the Pearl Source White Freshwater Pearl Necklace were carefully handpicked after completing the required length of culture time to allow for a thick nacre coating. This is evident in the extra-high luster and grading of the pearls, so you’re assured of a necklace that’ll shine and last for several years… you can even pass it down as an heirloom if well-kept.

This pearl necklace has been carefully worked on to ensure that the pearls on it are as evenly-sized as possible, with individual pearl size ranging from 7.0 millimeters to 7.5 millimeters for close uniformity.

And in case you need further proof of quality and reliability from the company, Pearl Source is among the few leading brands and founding companies of the Cultured Pearl Association of America on Amazon… it wouldn’t have been there if it had not been on the front burner for customer satisfaction, now would it? And to top it off, it offers a full 60-day return policy in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, thus assuring you of the trust the company has in its product.

In case you’re shopping for your spouse or partner and this happens to be her first strand of pearl, then you’re definitely hitting the mark with this classic, white, and well-rounded pearl necklace from a Freshwater culture origin.

Best Value
The simple elegance of the Amazon Collection 14k Gold Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace is evident in the single, perfectly-rounded white Akoya pearl for a cool, classy look that goes with any outfit. If you’d prefer a multi-stranded, silver freshwater pearl necklace, see the Amazon Collection Sterling Silver 3-Row White Freshwater Cultured A Quality Pearl Necklace.

Amazon Collection 14k Gold Akoya Cultured Real Pearl Pendant Necklace – Available in 2 Metal Types and 3 Sizes Per Pearl


When it comes to jewelry, Amazon Collection has got one of the best ranges in terms of size, type, and quality. Its collection includes diamond, gold, precious metals, rubies, and all kinds of gemstones including pearls. Its products are imported from the highest and most renowned jewelers around the globe from Asia to Europe, Austria to the Americas.

Whatever type of jewelry you want, and from whichever origin, you’re sure to see it in its stock and at prices that are hard to beat. Its customer service is second to none and they’re ever ready to attend to all your needs and inquiries satisfactorily. The combination of quality and diverse products, unbelievable pricing, and attentive customer service, has ensured it stays in the forefront of avid jewel shoppers who’re always on the lookout for the best deals ever.

For a true definition of simple elegance, the Amazon Collection Akoya Pearl Pendant Necklace fits the bill and then some. This pendant-style pearl necklace gives you that cool look that’s hard to come by with most classic jewelry, and is suitable for use with jeans, evening wear, and even suit jackets and blazers.

Its single, perfectly-rounded, white Akoya pearl is a study in perfection in its moderately-sized 7.5 – 8.0mm that is outstanding without being ostentatious, with a color that goes flawlessly with any outfit. And you can wear it from morning to evening without feeling uncomfortable.

The Akoya pearl is hung from a fine 14k carat gold chain and you can even choose to go with the white gold or the yellow gold chain; whichever suits your skin tone best. With its reliable clasp and small eyelet, the gold chain will hold your precious pearl safely and make it highly unlikely for the pearl to fall off on its own.

The gold chain has a length of 18 inches that places the pearl pendant just below the neck. This princess-style chain length is chic and classy, and displays the pearl pendant to full advantage.

The HinsonGayle Handpicked Baroque Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace features uniquely free-formed pearls closely related in size, with a surface that’s shiny white, and rare iridescent flashes that add to its allure. Are you looking for a pearl necklace with a longer length? Then check out the HinsonGayle Handpicked White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Rope Necklace which is an impressive 82 inches long infinity strand.

HinsonGayle AAA Handpicked 10-11mm Baroque Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace - Available in White, Pink or Black Pearls


HinsonGayle Fine Pearl Jewelry was established in 2008 in South Carolina and its journey into the world of pearls has been a rewarding one; one in which thousands of customers have been made happy by its quintessential pearl collections. Its natural, lustrous, and exotic pearls are sourced from the best freshwater and saltwater oceans, rivers, and lakes around the world and only the most brilliant and rare pearls make it to its stunning pearl necklaces.

Its stylishly elegant pearl jewelry is made for the current, confident, and classy woman for a polished and progressive look. As part of its outstanding quality, only the best and sturdiest Japanese threads are used for its pearls, coupled with the strongest precious metals to go with the lovely pearls for a truly elegant and lasting look.

If you wish to stand out from the crowd and look totally different among pearl wearers, then this HinsonGayle Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace is just the thing for you. Its unique baroque shape is quite a contrast to the normal round shape commonly seen in pearls, and is guaranteed to attract attention and sidelong, approving looks from anyone around you.

The individual pearls on this necklace have unique free-form shapes, but are closely related in size, ranging from 10 – 11mm for a more cohesive look. A closer inspection will reveal enchanting iridescent flashes (otherwise known as orient, one of the rare characteristics found in some pearl forms) that seem to come from the inner depths of the pearl—this adds to the high luster of the surface to give a totally rare and exquisite look.

You cannot help but notice the extra-thick, 100% solid coat of nacre on the pearls of this premium necklace that gives it an AAA luster-grade white surface. This guarantees lasting shine and makes it the perfect heirloom pearl.

What about the finishing, you may ask? Don’t worry, everything about this pearl necklace is designed with the highest quality in mind.

The clasp is a ball-type, sterling silver, hand-polished to a shiny finish. That’s not the end of it; it’s rhodium-plated to make it tarnish and scratchproof with a double safety mechanism that ensures it stays draped perfectly—safe and secure ‘round your neck where it belongs.

With its 18-inch length, this HinsonGayle Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace is versatile and lets you wear it in various forms; you can tie it in an alluring knot to form a stylish choker-style pearl necklace or wear it in its full 18-inch glory and beauty. Whichever style you go for is guaranteed to be a total knockout, and all you have to do is choose the style that flows best with your outfit.

And with its luxuriously impressive signature gift box and protective soft cloth pouch, your precious pearls are safe and will remain in perfect condition for generations to come. Not to mention they’ll make a lasting impact on the receiver if you’re buying as a gift for a loved one.

Another thing of import you should note is that the Certificate of Authenticity can be emailed straight to you if you request for it. This is the best form of guarantee that a pearl wearer can ever ask for.

Accessorize your outfit with the Pearl Pro 3-row White A Grade Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace for a glamorously trendy look with its multi-stranded, high-luster pearls designed for the classy and elegant. Do you want a black pearl necklace instead? The Pearlpro A Quality Black Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace features 10-11mm pearls on an 18" strand.

Pearl Pro 3-row White A Grade Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace


Akwaya Pearl has been into pearl jewelry design since the year 2000, and its meteoric rise in the industry can only be attributed to its unyielding stand on using only the best pearls from around the world in crafting its jewelry. Also, it has endeared itself to thousands of pearl users through low price points, made possible by leveraging on cutting-edge technology in production. Its products include pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and sets made from exotic Akoya pearls, rare Southsea pearls, exquisite Tahitian pearls, and classic Freshwater pearls. With an unmatched and attentive customer service, there’s no reason to wonder at the number of satisfied and repeat customers that identify with the brand.

Step into the limelight with Akwaya’s Pearl Pro 3-row White Freshwater Pearl Necklace draped elegantly around your neck. This tri-stranded pearl necklace is designed to stand out and can be used for any occasion—whether graduation, fund-raising gigs, weddings, or any other event that requires dressing up.

If you’re stumped for a suitable anniversary or birthday gift for your mom or your significant other, this elegant necklace with round, liberally nacre-coated freshwater cultured pearls is sure to put a glow on her face and make her feel like a princess with its lustrous shine.

With a rhodium-plated base clasp, your pearl strands are held securely in place ‘round your neck. And what’s more, the box and tongue clasp is easy to fix and take off, and is tarnish- and scratch-resistant.

The pearl strands measure 16.5 inches, 17 inches, and 18 inches individually and are designed to provide a stepped coverage of your neck region with lustrous and highly reflective pearls strung and knotted on fine silk ropes.

The accompanying jewelry box is elegant and beautifully constructed to hold your priceless pearl in safe custody when not in use.

The JYX 3-row Round Natural White Cultured Freshwater Pearl Necklace’s perfectly-rounded pearls measure an eye-catching 7-8mm each and are thickly coated with enough nacre to ensure a high, lustrous glow. For simple, yet elegant look, take a look at the AAA Quality Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace. It features a single pinkish gold pearl handing from a 14K gold flower adorned with exquisite zircon stones.

JYX Pearl Necklace 3-row 7-8 mm White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace for Women


When it comes to loose pearls and pearl jewelry wholesale, the JYX brand is a force to reckon with in the industry. With about 20 hectares of pearl farms located in various cities in China, it has a reliable and guaranteed source of pearls of freshwater and seawater origins, including shell pearls, corals, and a wide range of semi-precious gemstones. Apart from supplying wholesale pearls to jewelers around the world, it also has highly skilled and dedicated designers that keep churning out different breathtaking pearl jewelries in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and sets. Its show room in Beijing has one of the best collections of pearl jewelries you’ve ever come across and the customer service is second to none, going out of their way to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

The JYX 3-row Round Freshwater Pearl Necklace is made for the bold fashionista who likes glamour and enjoys being the belle of the ball. With its perfectly-rounded and thick nacre-coated lustrous surface, you’ll be making a fashion statement wherever you wear it to.

Each pearl in the strand is carefully hand-knotted into place on the silk thread so you don’t have to worry about the pearls rubbing against each other—or worse, falling off and scattering in the event that the rope gets snagged and cut.

These pearls are from a freshwater source, with sizes closely matching and in the range of 7-8mm for an attention-grabbing look. The individual strands measure 17 inches, 18 inches, and 19 inches each, thus ensuring more coverage around the neck region. A unique, sterling silver clasp completes the impressive necklace and ensures the necklace stays securely on your neck with no stress in hooking it up and removing it after the day’s outing.

Packaged in a finely crafted velvety box with a soft interior, this JYX 3-row Round Freshwater Pearl Necklace comes ready to gift to your loved one. Also, accompanying the pearl necklace is a brochure with detailed instructions on how best to care for your pearl necklace, so you can enjoy a long-lasting and hugely satisfying relationship with your prized pearl jewelry.

In addition to freshwater pearls, JYX also has Tahitian black pearls and South Sea Golden pearl jewelery.

Real Pearl Necklace Buying Guide — How to Choose the Best White, Black or Pink Real Pearl Necklace

Several thousand years ago, a fisherman discovered the shellfish and when the soft, succulent meat was dissected, it came with another surprise: a rare gem. Now, at that time, there was no way of knowing what the round, white, and lustrous object found within the shellfish was or how it happened to get in there. Suffice it to say that the strange object was beautiful and rare enough to command lots of interest and value; thus began a quest by the fishermen of that time to get more of it. As time went on, more of this gem was discovered. But some factors, such as the rarity of the species that produces it, ensured that it was not an easy object to come by, and so, could only be afforded by royalty or the excessively rich.

And that was how pearls were discovered… guess you didn’t know that pearls come from the sea, right? Okay, well, you may have heard that before, but what about how it’s formed? Any idea?

Actually, pearls are formed by a biochemical defense mechanism in mollusks or shellfishes. When an irritant such as a microbe (unlike the fabled grain of sand) slips through the shell of a shellfish, the shellfish’s instinctive reaction is to try and protect its soft interior from the foreign body. To do so, it secretes nacre, the substance responsible for forming the shell, and uses it in coating the foreign body layer after layer. This is exactly how pearls are formed, strange but true. And now you can understand why this particular gemstone is held in high regard above most naturally-occurring gems; it’s the only gemstone formed by a living animal.

The formation of pearls is a long process and the longer the process, the bigger and more valuable the pearl is. To maximize pearl harvest, man has learned to farm or culture the pearl oyster—the major mollusk that produces pearls— and by artificially inserting foreign bodies into the oyster, it is prompted to initiate the secretion of nacre. Thus, the formation of the pearl begins. This way, pearls are gotten in commercial quantities naturally and made available for more people to enjoy this unique and natural gift to man.

Knowing this now will help you, and change the orientation you most likely have that all pearls must be perfectly rounded. Nothing made by a natural process is perfect. Having a few imperfections is actually a sign that the pearl is a real one (not just look real while you gaze in the mirror).

Most real pearl necklaces are cultured pearls, which although not gotten from wild oysters in the sea, are nevertheless natural and as real as its wild cousins. Apart from necklaces, pearls can be used in other jewelry forms and can be passed down as a family heirloom. So, next time you’re having a meal of oysters chilling on a bed of ice, give a thought to how many pearls those oysters’ cousins must have produced in their lifetime.

Most online shops have the best deals when it comes to pricing, and so, to ensure you don’t end up with a rope of faux pearl necklace, we’ll give you some pointers on what to look out for. Check the size, color, and shape of the pearl. And since you’re shopping for a real pearl necklace, the rope length, design, and drill point on the pearl are other useful factors to consider—and then, of course, the cost. If you follow these factors religiously, you’ll most definitely end up with a pearl necklace that you’ll be proud to hang on your jewelry rack.

Video: What are Cultured Pearls and How are They Made?

Production Process of Freshwater Cultured Pearls. | Courtesy of nruddy1

Another myth surrounding the pearl, especially when made into a pearl necklace, is that it must be outrageously costly to be real. Well, we’re glad to tell you that now, you can get real pearl necklaces for as low as $50, though the price can go as high as $300. The wide difference is usually a factor of the size of pearl and the design of the pearl necklace. Under normal circumstances, a pendant pearl necklace will surely cost less than say, a 3-row pearl necklace or any other type requiring lots of pearls stringed onto the rope.

Also, a large, 13mm (half-inch) mother-of-pearl is not expected to be in the same price range as a tiny, 3mm (0.1-inch) pearl. These are some of the factors that affect the price of the real pearl necklace, and that you should seriously consider before making a financial commitment towards the piece.

The real pearl necklaces we’ve featured in this product review are carefully selected from reliable brands in the industry to cover a wide range of different pearl necklaces at different price points—you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and is kind to your pocket.

There are some other cheap pearl necklaces we came across while carrying out our research, but most of them looked like they were hastily harvested and wouldn’t have enough nacre coating to last for you. We decided to stick with products that are sure to give you value that’ll even exceed what you paid for, as we usually do.


When shopping for a real pearl necklace, you should bear in mind that a real pearl is a natural product, and thus isn’t meant to be perfectly perfect. Once you get this notion firmly planted in your psyche, you’ll then be able to look at the following features and factors from the perspective of a knowledgeable pearl shopper:

  • Type of pearl
  • Size
  • Color and Shape
  • Length of the Rope
  • Drill Point on the Pearl
  • Design
Construction and Design

There are four main types of real pearls: Akoya pearl, Southsea pearl, Tahitian pearl, and Freshwater pearl.

Akoya pearls are formed in the akoya oysters found in Japan. They epitomize a classic pearl with their milky-white color, overtones of gold or rose, and round shape, although they can be found in other shades such as minty green or even light blue.

Southsea pearls can be either white or gold. Grown in silver-lipped oysters, the southsea white pearls are usually white or silver in color and may have a rose overtone. Because they’re usually large, they’re more expensive than the smaller akoya pearls. Southsea gold pearls are the rarest and most expensive of all types of pearls. They’re grown in gold-lipped oysters and have shades ranging from bright gold to light champagne pink. And coupling their rare color with the large sizes, it’s no wonder that they come across as the most expensive.

Tahitian pearls are quite different from other pearls. Contrary to the belief that pearls should be white or light-colored, these Tahitian pearls are black… well, not actually black, but dark shades of navy blue, dark green, slate, silver, and deep plum. You can also see them in black with a peacock-green overtone, which happens to be widely sought after. Tahitian pearls are found in black-lipped oysters off the coast of Tahiti, hence their name.

Freshwater pearls naturally are found in freshwater mussels rather than oysters. They’re most often smaller than other types of pearls found in saltwater, and come in various shapes. They also have the largest variety of colors and hues.

It’s usually said that a lady’s first strand of pearls should be white. This indicates that pearls can come in so many other colors as we said earlier, although cream and white are more popular. Also, pearls, no matter the color, have other underlying secondary colors or hues—called an overtone—that imparts the general look and luster of the pearl. The overtones are usually gold or rose hues and may even come in shades of light blue and green.

Classic pearls come in a round shape, as is obtainable in the akoya pearl which sometimes, when examined closely, may not be as perfectly rounded as expected due to some minute impurities that may have intervened during the coating process. Other shapes include off-round, opal, and baroque (which is a lumpy form of pearl found mostly in freshwater shellfish).

When shopping for a real pearl necklace, you’ll have to consider the strand or rope length that suits you, also bearing in mind that the lengthier the pearl necklace, the more pearls it takes to make, and the more expensive it gets.

That said, there are about 5 different lengths that you can choose from. The choker-style of a real pearl necklace usually consists of small pearls strung on a silk rope of about 10 to 14 inches long, with the pearls hugging the base of the neck. The next length is the princess strand that drapes just beneath the hollow at the neck and measures about 16 to 19 inches long. For a semi-formal look, the matinee pearl necklace is just the thing; with lengths of about 20 to 24 inches, it’s a bit longer than the princess necklace.

An opera-style pearl strand necklace is used for formal outings due to its lengthy nature and attendant high cost. It usually hangs just below the bust line and comes in lengths of 30 to 36 inches long. But if you want a pearl strand that you can wear doubled or even tripled over your neck to give a multi-stranded look, you might want to consider the rope strand. This is so far, the longest length of real pearl necklace available and starts at a length of 37 inches and above.

The strand length you’ll go for will depend on what the pearl necklace is for, as well as the age of the user as young ladies in their 20s are more likely to go for the simpler, chic choker or princess pearl strands, while those in their 30s and above will prefer the lengthier and more elegant (not to mention more expensive) pearl necklaces.

Video: How and Why Do Oysters Make Pearls?

How are Real Pearls Made? | Courtesy of Today I Found Out
Performance and Ease of Use

Pearls are strung on fine silk rope to form a necklace, and then attached to a clasp that’s easy to put on and remove. Since they’re basically natural products, they require lots of care to preserve their luster and shine. It’s recommended that you wear your real pearl necklace when you’re all dressed and ready to step out; and once you’re back, it should be the first item to come off. Then you should wipe it down with a soft towel and store it in a padded box, away from other jewelries that can scratch it. This way, your pearl necklace will last for as long as you have it.

One of the most astounding features of a pearl that determines its value is the size. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the pearl size, the more expensive and valuable it is. Another rule of thumb to consider is that generally, older women are more inclined to wear large pearls, while younger ladies and teenagers go for the moderately-sized and smaller pearls, respectively. So, as you shop for the right real pearl necklace, you should consider the age of the user (in case you’re shopping for a spouse, girlfriend, or daughter). And if you’re buying for yourself, well you should know what size suits you most.

When shopping for a pearl necklace, be sure to check that the pearls strung together are of uniform size and shape. You wouldn’t want to end up with a necklace with different-sized pearls (unless so designed) and shapes.

Real pearl necklaces may be designed as a single-strand, multi-strand, or pendant necklace. The single-strand pearl necklace consists of pearls of the same size, color, and shape strung on one rope of any length. Multi-strand pearl necklaces consist of two or more single strands of pearls attached to a single clasp, such that they form stepped layers when worn around the neck. This type of pearl necklace is showy and worn when you really want to dress up for the occasion.

A single pearl can be strung on a thin chain to form an eye-catching pendant. This type of pearl necklace usually emphasizes the unique color or shape of the pearl. Pearls used for the pendant necklace are often large and mostly oval in shape, and are likely to come in colors and hues other than white or cream.

To know whether a pearl necklace will last or not, the most telling feature is usually the drilled hole through which the rope is passed. A well-formed and mature pearl will have lots of layers of nacre coating the foreign body, such that when drilled, there’ll be no cracks or chipping. On the other hand, if the drill point on the pearl shows faint lines or chips, then it’s safe to say that it was hastily harvested without allowing it to stay for proper nacre coating. Also, if you’re able to see through to the center of the pearl, then there’s no gainsaying the fact that the pearl will not last, and therefore, is not worth you spending money on it.

Get the Best Real Pearl Necklace of 2022!

Hey, we are sure glad to have you read to the end; why not go ahead and take that last step? Just place an order for the real pearl necklace that caught your fancy already! We wish to inform you that the featured brands have other scintillating necklaces that you can check out if you wish.

Our Top Choice
Pearl Source White Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Best Value
Amazon Collection Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace
HinsonGayle Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace
Pearl Pro 3-row White Freshwater Pearl Necklace
JYX 3-row Round Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Real Pearl Necklace FAQs

How much does a real pearl necklace cost?
A real pearl necklace costs anything between $50 and $2,000. It all depends on the manufacturer and the concentration of pearls in the necklace. Read our buying guide to find out more on real pearl necklaces.
How to tell if a pearl necklace is real?
To tell if a pearl necklace is real, rub it lightly on the front of your tooth (not on edge to avoid scratching the pearl). If it is cultured or natural, the pearl will feel gritty. Otherwise, it is a simulated pearl. You can also check the authenticity of a pearl through its color (it should be white), surface thickness, luster, shape, size, absence of blemishes, drill holes, and matching colors.
Where to buy a real pearl necklace?
You can buy a real pearl necklace from Amazon and other online stores. There is no other place you would rather be when it comes to convenience, variety of products, and great deals. If you are looking for a real pearl necklace to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.