Best Receipt Printer Reviews 2023

Receipt printers have become indispensable to businesses, and as such they require careful consideration before investing in one. This may not be easy, seeing as there are so many options to choose from. To make the whole process easier, we selected from a pool of brands with receipt printers on the market, the top five brands with the best receipt printers in their class.
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Paper Width
Our Top Choice
Star Micronics USB Receipt Printer
Star Micronics, an expert in POS and kiosk receipt printing hardware, offers the widest range of POS printing solutions worldwide.
Unique futurePRNT software with interestingly useful features. AllReceipts Digital Receipting. Doesn’t require ink cartridges. Prints 4.9 – 9.8 in/sec. 4 interface versions.
It doesn’t feature a power button (ECO model).
Direct thermal printer
4.9 in/s
10.5 x 8.1 x 6.5 inches; 5.7lbs
80 mm (3.1 inches)
Best Value
Citizen America POS Thermal Printer
Citizen America provides a wide array of solutions that maximize miniaturization and refinement, ease of use, and superior dependability.
Easy to set up, configure, and use. Affordable. Comes with a standard IEC cable that plugs directly into the printer and doesn’t come with “brick". Eco-friendly. Built-in buzzer.
Drivers are not preinstalled and have to be downloaded and installed from manufacturer’s website.
POS thermal printer
6.3 in/s
USB/Serial connection
7.7 x 5.5 x 5.2 inches; 4lbs
80 mm (3.1 inches)
EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer
EOM-POS produces state-of-the-art POS hardware that will integrate, seamlessly, with your existing POS software.
Fast, with splendid network capability. Doesn’t require ink cartridge changes. Affordable. Excellent customer support. Compact. Prints on 3.1-inch paper.
It doesn’t allow for changing IP addresses.
Thermal printer
9.8 in/s
USB/Serial cable/Ethernet
9 x 8.6 x 7.1 inches; 4.3lbs
80 mm (3.1 inches)
Epson Direct Thermal Printer
Epson is a first-class supplier of value-added point-of-sale (POS) printers and transaction terminals for retail businesses.
Reliable. Sturdily and compactly built. Amazing speed. Budget-friendly. Auto cutter lasts for 1.5 million cuts. Versatile compatibility.
In spite of its great features, this receipt printer is somewhat difficult to set up.
Direct thermal printer
7.9 in/s
7.8 x 5.5 x 5.8 inches; 3.8lbs
80 or 58 mm (3.1 or 2.3 inches)
LESHP Portable Thermal Printer
LESHP is a maker of popular and much-loved electronics that include computer peripherals, headsets, cameras, and much more.
Saves space, power, and money. Easy to install and use. Produces bright prints and lasts long on a single charge. Lightweight. USB and Bluetooth connection.
This receipt printer may not be fast enough for larger retail businesses.
Portable thermal printer
2.8 in/s
3.07 x 4.17 x 2.05inches; 1.05lbs
58 mm (2.3 inches)

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What is the Best Receipt Printer?

A receipt printer can print receipts, logos, and coupons for businesses and it is an extremely useful and convenient tool. Having read through our buying guide, we’re quite sure that you’re well-aware of the appropriate features that you ought to know while choosing a receipt printer. Our individual product review section has got top-of-the-line receipt printers that will suit your business needs, so go ahead and have a look at them.
Our Top Choice
The Star Micronics USB Direct Thermal Receipt Printer has a printing speed range of 4.9 – 9.8 inches per second. It has 4 interface versions as well: USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Wireless LAN. If you would like to consider another model with a USB interface, check out the TSP143U GRY, an equally well-constructed receipt printer from Star Micronics.

Star Micronics USB Direct Thermal Receipt Printer - Available in 3 Buying Options

Star Micronics Co. Ltd. was created in 1947 and has developed a vast range of Point of Sale (POS) printers with the most sophisticated printing technology that’s available today. Its history began with the precision processing of miniature components and soon expanded into CNC Swiss-style automatic lathes, printers, micro-audio components, and other areas, to meet up with the changing demands of the times. This company has developed a POS printer portfolio that covers thermal and dot matrix printers and mechanisms designed for ticketing, barcode, labeling, and receipts. Its tested technology is also used to develop reader/writer systems for stripe cards and to set up print install mechanisms in multimedia kiosk environments. The Star Micronics range can be obtained via Star EMEA and other distributors and dealers.

The Star Micronics USB Receipt Printer is a worldwide bestseller and the first software-driven POS receipt thermal printer to feature an immediate plug-and-play application which allows retailers to customize and continually modify any aspect of receipting to suit their particular needs. It includes Star’s futurePRNT value added software at no extra charge which does more than the average installation tool. This software allows you to install high-volume custom set-ups and includes features such as the Receipt Re-Design Tool, Coupon Marketing Tool, Auto-Text Reversal™, and Journal and Multi-Copy Tool.

It doesn’t require any special skill to set up and configure, and it can easily mirror individual printer settings to multiple units in various locations if required. It doesn’t even need to be removed from its box for pre-installation. The series has a print speed range of 4.9 – 9.8 inches per second and a high-quality guillotine auto cutter.

A brief description of the printers in this series is given below:
  • The TSP100IIIU: Star Micronics describes this baby as the first to directly connect to an iPad or iPhone using the Apple Lightning cable.
  • The TSP100IIIU: This one features Bluetooth connectivity and an “auto connect" option for iOS.
  • The TSP100III WLAN: This device supports 802.11b/g/n – 2.4GHz for fast and easy work that’s ready to go.
  • The TSP100IIILAN: This one is Star Micronics’ Ethernet printing solution which comes with a LAN cable, a virtual serial port, and 5v-1A USB trickle charging.
  • The TSP100ECO: According to its manufacturer, it’s the world’s first dedicated ECO receipt printer. It comes with efficient environment-friendly power and paper management features that are also cost-effective for the user.
  • The TSP100U: This one comes with a high-quality tear bar or auto cutter.
  • The TSP100GT: Call this one the high-speed version of the series. It’s available with new high-gloss casing in Piano Black or Star White.
These receipt printers are covered by a new 4-year limited warranty and expert customer support. And don’t forget to look at its other buying options, as you can purchase it alone, with a black drawer, or with a white drawer. Let the printing begin!
Best Value
The Citizen America POS Thermal Printer with PNE Sensor is a “green” receipt printer capable of reducing power consumption by as much as 45%. It prints at speeds up to 6.3 in/sec. It also features a 2D bar code support and built-in buzzer. If you’d prefer a receipt printer with a top exit printer, 7.9 in/sec print speed, and other great features, take a good look at the CT-S601 from Citizen America, available in black and cool white color options.

Citizen America POS Thermal Printer with PNE Sensor

Citizen Systems Japan Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 in Japan, with Citizens Systems America Corporation and Citizens Systems Europe as its sales subsidiaries. The Citizen brand is a leading firm in miniaturization and precision technologies with three product lines that include information, health care, and electronic devices. Its information device line is a range of printer products that meet the specific requirements of different businesses; it includes business-use printers, built-in printers for POS cash registers and compact measuring equipment, portable color printers, and mobile terminal printers. Its health care products include user-friendly, smart devices such as blood pressure monitors and electronic thermometers. Also, in everyday life, one is sure to come across the calculators, electronic dictionaries, and other such products that make up its electronic device product line.

The Citizen America Receipt Printer is a competitively-priced receipt printer with dual interface (USB and serial). It’s a compactly-built, energy- and money-saving device; it can run on 45 percent less power than most printers. Even on standby mode, it has one of the lowest power consumption rates in its class. Some of the features that make it an efficient receipt-printing option include the ‘Save Paper’ function and ‘Long Life Print’ function. With the former, you can cut paper use by as much as 20%, and with the latter you can significantly extend the print head's life. These features will enable you to save money and ensure that your printer stays in good condition even with long-term use.

With this printer, cutting down the lines at the check-out is now possible, as it prints at a speed of 6.3 in/second; it prints on paper with widths of 3.1 inches or 2.3 inches, with an 8 dots/mm (203 dpi) dot density. Talking about the paper, it features a smart cutter jam release function. For ease of servicing, its cutter and print head assembly can be easily removed, while for ease of use and loading, it has a drop-in paper loading system.

There’s also a 2D barcode support which allows for more applications to be connected; the GS1-DataBar, for instance. The CT-S310II also has an LED that indicates the status of the printer—errors as well as messages. The indicator light dims as it enters energy-saving mode and brightens as it comes out of it. Plus, there’s a buzzer that alerts you when the paper is out and when there’s a problem with the feed.

Here are some more features of this printer:
  • A 384 kilobyte user memory that’s capable of storing customized characters and logos
  • Cash drawer kick-out that supports 2 cash drawers
  • A sample paper roll to get you started
  • A wall mounting bracket kit, if you’d like it to hang safely from a wall and free up table space
  • A paper partition for when you’re using the 2.3-inch paper
  • Four rubber feet to protect your tabletop from scratches
  • A CD-ROM that contains drivers and the manual
This printer has a halogen-free housing, and is ENERGY STAR-compliant with a recyclable packaging made from recycled materials.
The EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer with USB, Ethernet & Serial Ports is a compact unit that prints on 3.1-inch-wide paper and has an impressive printing speed. It’s compatible with a variety of software. If you wouldn’t mind a cash register or drawer to go with this receipt printer, we recommend you check out the EOM-POS Heavy Duty Cash Register Money Drawer with Mounting Brackets.

EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer with USB, Ethernet & Serial Ports – Available in 3 Buying Options

EOM-POS manufactures superb POS hardware such as thermal receipt printers, cash drawers, and barcode scanners. These devices are developed with the knowledge that the average business owner probably has a POS software that the hardware’s designed to integrate with. This brand prides itself in being professional, a fact that’s proven (in one way) by its knowledgeable and readily available tech support. Its many years of experience allow it to keep its promise to supply what works for your business. Its state-of-the-art POS systems are created to suit everything from retail businesses to bookstores, and even to e-commerce businesses.

The EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer features a solid, compact build. It’s designed to work with Windows operating systems, and thus is not compatible with Square. These are the Windows software editions that it is programmed to work with: Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, 7, 8, and 10. It also supports POS/ESC command.

The fact that this printer can be connected to your PC via any of its three interfaces is noteworthy, as well. It sports a USB interface and comes with a USB cable, though you can also print via a serial cable as well. Further, if your business has multiple computers that will be printing from this bad boy, you should be able to enjoy the flexibility that will come with using the Ethernet/LAN interface.

It prints on 3.1-inch-wide paper, at a resolution of 203 x 203 dots per inch. It has an impressive 9.8 inches per second printing speed, so printing tickets or receipts won’t be a reason for tension at checkouts any longer. It also features an audio alert system that beeps at the end of each printing task; this can be turned on or off according to your preferences.

In addition to all this, loading is as easy as dropping the thermal paper roll in. Did we mention that it comes with sample thermal paper? Okay, so it does. And best of all, it’s easy to use and drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Add a quality auto cutter, and you have yourself a receipt printer not to be passed up.

In case you encounter a problem, no matter how seemingly negligible with this printer, do not hesitate to reach out to the EOM-POS support team, as it’s known to go the extra mile to ensure that you’re one happy camper.
The Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer boasts an auto cutter life of 1.5 million cuts, and its drivers can be used with a broad range of operating systems including a variety of POS software. Increase your plug-in options with a dual interface (USB and serial) that the Epson TM-T20II Direct Thermal Printer offers. Why not have a look?

Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer

Epson first opened its doors for business in 1983. It manufactures a wide range of top-quality products for image capture and output, servicing both individual users, businesses, and art professionals. It is also an industry-leader in provision best-in-class printers for use in transaction and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. The company is a forward-looking player in its industry and is committed to the satisfaction of its customers, conservation of the environment, and celebration of individuality and teamwork. When faced with challenges, it puts its best foot forward and responds with innovation and creativity.

The Epson TM-T20 Thermal Receipt Printer is a multifunctional thermal printer that includes the necessary accessories to ensure the right startup needed for receipt printing. It’s compactly built with its power supply mounted within, and can be installed in any position: vertical, horizontal, or hung on a wall—whichever one suits the user’s purpose or setup. With this printer, you won’t have to worry about how much of the job it can perform before any hiccups occur, as it has mean cycles between failure (MCBF) value of 60 million lines and an auto cutter life of 1.5 million cuts. Both of these features translate into an extended period of uninterrupted ticketing and receipt printing service, even in heavy-duty work environments, before you need to begin considering repair jobs.

The TM-T20 has a USB interface and comes with a cable. It prints on 2.3 – 3.1-inch paper in both standard and 42-column mode and can print at speeds of up to 5.9 inches per second. It comes with a CD-ROM that contains drivers for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, VIRTUAL PORT DRIVER, OPOS, OPOS FOR. NET, JAVA POS, and more. It is Energy Star-certified, thus reducing power consumption.

Other features of note include:
  • A power switch with a waterproof cover to protect it from damage due to moisture
  • Rubber feet and switch panel for convenient and scratch-free vertical installation
  • Wall hanging bracket and screws for safe and secure mounting on a wall
  • 1 roll of thermal paper for your convenience and to check the printer’s initial movements
  • 2.3-inch paper guide plate or partition to keep the shorter-width paper in place
This receipt printer is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
The LESHP Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Printer with ESC / POS Print Commands Set is highly efficient, with a portable and lightweight size. You get to choose between USB and Bluetooth connection, as well. Make your dreams come alive in 3D with the LESHP 3D Printer. It comes with an SD card slot, LCD, and is easy to set up.

LESHP Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Printer with ESC / POS Print Commands Set – Available in Multiple Buying Options

LESHP manufactures an extensive range of electronics that incorporate the latest technology and are of high quality. They are popular with today’s electronic consumers and include a vast collection of well-constructed printers, 3D spectacles, calibration equipment for calibrating X-ray diagnostic apparatus, audio and video receivers, camcorders, cameras, chargers for batteries, and so much more.

The LESHP Portable Thermal Printer, like all thermal printers, utilizes heat instead of ink in its printing process. It’s a convenient unit as it’s quiet and consumes lower power than most printers out there. Another feature that makes it a power-saver is its auto-sleep and auto-wake function. It comes with a built-in 1500 Milliamp Hour lithium ion battery that can last 5 to 6 days on standby, and a charger adapter, as it is a rechargeable battery.

It has a printing speed of 3.5 inches per second and color print speed of 3.1 inches per second; it’s suitable for printing speeding tickets, tax bills, receipts, and more. It can print on different media (provided it’s the appropriate size and thermal) including labels, and does so clearly. It prints on 2.3 to 3.1-inch-wide paper.

This printer can be connected to Android, Windows, iPhone, and iPad operating systems wirelessly via Bluetooth. The presence of a USB, Bluetooth 2.0, and optional 4.0 Bluetooth interface means that you don’t have to run out of connection options for this device; it can even be used over a network.

Included in its package, apart from the previously mentioned USB cable and charger adapter, is a driver CD and a roll of sample paper.

How Do I Choose the Best Receipt Printer?

Receipts are an integral part of all business transactions and every establishment needs an efficient and reliable tool that will dispense receipts speedily to its customers. Most customers don’t want to make a purchase without obtaining a receipt to show that the transaction was completed successfully. With the fast-paced lifestyle and advancements in technology, most businesses have moved beyond the manual dispensation of receipts and have embraced the electronic and mobile receipt printers that are fast and durable. Nowadays, as you’re making a cash or cashless payment, the computer is generating your receipt and it’s printed out via this special printer with little or no lag time. Receipt printers can be likened to the conventional desktop printers, only that they’re much smaller and may not have the capacity to print graphics and colored work.

We have different types of receipt printers suitable for different types of businesses. For an establishment with a steady stream of customers who have to be issued receipts so that the queue can move along as fast as possible such as in a retail or grocery store, a thermal receipt printer will be ideal. If you’re running a high-brow restaurant where the patrons aren’t in a hurry to get their receipts, but instead quality and class is demanded, then you’ll be better off looking for an inkjet printer. If you need to send printed orders to your restaurant’s kitchen and you want to be sure it doesn’t get messed up by the hot and humid environment created by the heat appliances in the kitchen, then you’ll want to be looking for an impact or dot matrix printer.

If your business has a mobile marketing and sales unit or you offer a home delivery service such as a washing and dry-cleaning service that has you receiving payment off of your businesses premises, you’ll surely need a receipt printer to generate receipts for your customers. You can get receipt printers designed for such mobile outfits and they can be inkjet, thermal, or impact printers.

Receipt printers have several connectivity interphases which include Ethernet/LAN (which enables sharing one printer to multiple computers on the same network), USB cables, serial/parallel ports, and wireless technology.

Let’s delve into the features that you need to have in mind as priority factors when shopping for a suitable receipt printer for your business. Things such as the cost, design, speed, and connectivity of the receipt printer are vital factors for consideration. You may also want to consider the portability of the receipt printer and its compatibility with your other devices. Just keep reading as we discuss the finer details of these factors.
Having a well-planned budget is a must for every wise investment. For an item such as the receipt printer, its price is often determined by the type you want to buy and there are different types suitable for different businesses. The price for receipt printers ranges from as low as $50 for impact and some thermal printers, to as high as $200 for inkjet printers. There are also high-end inkjet printers with a myriad of features that cost much more than what we have here. However, there is no need to spend more when you can get the same results for less.
You should take care not to sacrifice quality on the altar of price. Sometimes a simple entry-level inkjet printer is all you need for your printing needs. However, you might want to consider spending a little more and buying a faster model if you need to keep your customer lines moving.

As we were researching, we came across some cheap receipt printers that have poor-quality features which are unlikely to give the results you desire. We left these models off of the list as we are concerned with bringing to you quality products that will give you maximum value for your money.
Having a great performing receipt printer makes a world of difference in running your business smoothly. You should be sure that your choice of a receipt printer has the necessary features to adequately serve your business needs. The features to consider include:
  • Type
  • Speed
  • Connectivity
  • Compatibility
  • Portability and size
  • Other extra features
Construction and Design
To get the best results out of a receipt printer, ensuring that you buy one that is best-suited to your line of business is of paramount importance. This factor is extremely important because there are different types of such printers with features that are more suited to some establishments than others. Basically, there are three main kinds of functional receipt printers that differ majorly in their mode of printing. They are: dot matrix printers, thermal printers, and inkjet printers.

The dot matrix printer is designed with a series of tiny pins that make impact with the receipt paper, and in the process, transfers tiny dots of ink onto the paper. It features an ink ribbon that’ll need to be changed from time to time and this is one of its drawbacks. Another challenge with the impact printer is that it’s somewhat noisy and not suitable for use in a home office. This type of printer produces receipts that are heat-resistant and are therefore ideal for use to print orders for the kitchen in a restaurant. They also have the ability to carry out 2-ply printing, which means printing two copies of a receipt, which is an important feature for businesses such as banks where the issuer will need to keep a copy of the receipt and give the other to the customer.

Direct thermal printers employ the use of heat transfer onto a special paper that’s chemically treated to react to heat for printing or generating receipts. This type of printer does not require any ink ribbon, thus you can do away with the stress of changing messy strips if you opt for this printer type. On the flip side though, the receipt from the thermal printer doesn’t last long and fades easily when exposed to sunlight; when exposed to heat, the receipt turns black. This is the reason why it’s not used for printing orders for a restaurant’s kitchen because the heated atmosphere in the kitchen will render it illegible in short order.

The inkjet printer is the most expensive type of receipt printer available. It uses ink in printing, just like the impact printer but with far superior prints. It can be thought of as a miniature desktop printer because it can print graphics and logos, and it comes with ink cartridges that give multi-color printing. Although the print output from the inkjet printer is top-quality, its ink cartridge does not come cheap, so you might want to consider the extra costs down the line before investing in this type of printer.

Receipt printers are usually compact in size. They’re designed to take up as little space as possible, but some are smaller than others. Some of them even have a compact clamshell housing designed to withstand falls.

Receipt printers that are portable are powered by rechargeable batteries and can be taken with you everywhere. They come in handy for mobile retail units and home delivery businesses where receipts need to be printed on the spot for payments made. Other types of receipt printers will require computer connection, but the portable printer has a stand-alone configuration and wireless connectivity.

Receipt printers may be wireless or wired. The wired type uses Ethernet or LAN cables, USB, and serial/parallel connections to hook up to the computer or cash drawer. Ethernet/LAN interface connection lets you share the printer among many computers and is quite useful when you have multiple checkout computers but want to save costs.

The wireless receipt printers may use a Bluetooth sharing technology or be integrated directly into a POS machine. The POS receipt printer is normally smaller than conventional receipt printers and can be impact, inkjet, or thermal printer type.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most receipt printers have a plug-and-play design that doesn’t require much setting up, especially the portable or POS receipt printers. The conventional receipt printers come with a software program that you’ll need to install on your computer before you can start using it. The installation steps are pretty simple and easy to follow. Once you’re through with the installation process on your computer, you then need to connect the printer to the device, usually computer(s), using the cable provided and you’re good to go.

The fastest receipt printer so far is the direct thermal printer. It has a noiseless and super-fast operation of about 10 inches of print per second. This makes it suitable for use in fast food eateries and retail stores where customers need to move through the cashier queue quickly. It’s also ideal for establishments where noise is an issue such as in a library or hospital. On the other hand, the impact printer is the slowest and the noisiest of them all. You wouldn’t want to use it in the home, if you have an office, to avoid disturbing other members of the house unless you have the house all to yourself for that time. The inkjet printer is neither fast nor quiet, but it’s a vast improvement on the impact printer, coupled with its fine and superior print.

Most brands design their receipt printers to be compatible with different operating systems including Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, and others. If you’ll be using the printer with a cash register/drawer, then you’ll need to check if the printer is configured that way, so you don’t end up buying a device that’ll be useless to you.

Most receipt printers come with a tear bar that enables you to tear off the receipt after it has finished printing, but there are some high-end types that feature an auto paper cutter for convenience and a professional, neat cut after generating the receipt. You may also want to search for a receipt printer that lets you easily replace the paper roll without having to go through stressful procedures that make a quick change a challenge. If there’s any need, you may want to look out for the printers that are paper-budget friendly (meaning they maximize paper usage and minimize money spent on paper).

Many receipt printers have more than one connectivity platform which increases their versatility, and thus you can use a different connectivity interface if the other one fails. Some of the models in our product review section have Ethernet, USB, and serial connectivity ports so you can use whichever one is most convenient for you.

Get the Best Receipt Printer of 2023!

Thank you for reading through our review. We’re sure that you’ve been able to arrive at a decision with regard to the most suitable receipt printer for you. You can go ahead and place your order now. We also encourage you to use the navigation links included to check out other great receipt printer options from our featured brands.

Our Top Choice
Star Micronics USB Receipt Printer
Best Value
Citizen America POS Thermal Printer
EOM-POS Thermal Receipt Printer
Epson Direct Thermal Printer
LESHP Portable Thermal Printer