Best Red Flashlight Reviews — Bright LED Light Flashlights with Red Lens for Night Vision

When you need a flashlight for tactical and outdoor purposes, a red light flashlight is an ideal go-to— especially if you need to see well in the dark. Getting one for yourself might not be as easy as it sounds, with all the options out there. And we’re sure that’s why you’re here. We’ve done the hard work, searched through those options and come up with five of the best red light flashlights. Do keep in mind, however, that the brands we featured have other variants you can also check out.

Now, for those of you who were searching for a different type of red light — the kind used for red light therapy or infrared therapy — here’s a good place to start. Additionally, we have a separate review for tactical flashlights, which has some additional red LED flashlight choices. Finally, for our featured products, we chose red flashlights in the more affordable, every day price range. If you need a high end tactical flashlight with red light, we recommend checking out the SureFire Aviator Flashlights with Dual Output Multi-Spectrum LED.
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Our Top Choice
Smith & Wesson Galaxy LED Flashlight
Smith & Wesson has spent over a century in producing world-class firearms and survival and tactical tools. Its consistent, value-driven approach explains why customers trust it.
26-hour long-lasting runtime. Includes a holster. Impact resistant. Waterproof up to 1m. Lightweight. Batteries included. Ultra-bright. Easy to use ON/OFF buttons.
Red light button sometimes difficult to use.
Dual color; red and white
94 lumens
Up to 56 feet
6.5 inches long; 7.7 ounces
Best Value
Coast Dual Color Red LED Flashlight
Coast believes there is always a more efficient way to get the job done. Thus, it takes the onus to help professionals and amateurs achieve that with its practical products.
155 lumens bright lights. Compact size. Light covers 127 feet. Uses bull's eye spot beam. Water-resistant to IPX4. Lightweight at 3.2oz.
Should have a switch guard to prevent the light turning on inadvertently.
Dual color; red and white
155 lumens
127 feet
4 inches long; 3.2 ounces
Celestron Powertank White & Red Flashlight
With a line of patents to its credit, Celestron leverages on technological innovations to manufacture exciting and uniquely designed products.
Energy efficient LED. Built-in circuit breaker. Two cigarette lighter ports, adapter included. Two USB ports. Booster terminal on the rear. Flashlight with red filter cap.
The Celestron Power Tank will not charge all USB devices.
Power tank; red flashlight inc.
Not specified
30-100 feet
12 x 10 x 6 inches; 7.5 pounds
Gerber Recon-M Flashlight with IR TailCap
Growth is the natural reward for a company like Gerber, which dedicates itself to providing contemporary, sleek and quality multi-tools and survival kits.
Top-quality. Lightweight and durable. Flashes red, blue, green and clear colored lights. Proprietary technology. Water resistant. Hands-free use with clip.
Lights not bright enough to cover a wide range.
Multicolor; Green/blue/white/red
3 lumens
15-25 inches
Not specified
1 AA
UltraFire Focasable LED Tactical Flashlight
UltraFire’s vision of a well-protected world lies in giving everyone a chance, and it does so with its broad range of well-built survival and tactical tools.
Versatile. Rain resistant. Long 100,000 hours LED lifespan. Zoomable light. White, green and red lights. 600 lumens bright. Lights up to 590 foot.
The sleeve that adjusts the beam should have been tighter.
Tricolor; white/red/green
600 lumens
590 feet
6.2 inches long; 5.29 ounces
Li-ion or 3 AAA

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What is the Best Red LED Flashlight for Night Vision?

You now know enough to decide which features you want in a red light flashlight. All you have to do now is read our review of the brands and products, keeping in mind the needs you want to be met. With this, it will be easier for you to choose the best red light flashlight for your needs.

One quick thing, if you are looking for a high performance tactical red light flashlight (which do come with a significantly higher price tag but are worth the investment if you need the advanced features and functionality), we recommend taking a look at what SureFire has to offer.

Our Top Choice
The Galaxy 94 LED Flashlight is a great choice if you want to alternate between sharp and dim light as the need arises. It will also survive accidental drops. You may also like the Smith & Wesson Night Guard Micro Flashlight which features 4 brightness modes — two red LED light and two white light brightness options

Smith & Wesson Galaxy 94 Lumen Flashlight - Dual Mode Green CREE LED and Red LED LIght

If you know firearms, you will know Smith & Wesson. For over 150 years, it has been manufacturing one of the most sought-after hand guns. With this much experience and consistency, you can rest assured of a completely reliable product. One of its guns was used by the legendary Clint Eastwood in one of his movies, and the Model 10 has been a standard issue in the Military and Police of many nations around the world. This highlights the brand’s ingenuity in the manufacture of firearms and tactical tools. Its Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight defines performance in every way.

There are times you need a flashlight to generate radiant illumination for general tasks. Sometimes the application you need a flashlight for requires focused light. You don’t need to have two flashlights to tackle both tasks. The Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight is adequate in both cases. The red LEDs are tactfully designed for optimum performance, with a single set of batteries lasting up to 80 hours and a beam distance of over 16 meters.

You can go ahead and peruse that map for the warehouse you must visit, or enter silently into that territory to get the juicy intel (you know, where your teenager is planning to party next). You could also use this flashlight to fly at night or distinguish between those liquid chemicals. That’s not all; the following are some other features of this tactical flashlight:
  • White and Red LEDs – It has ten white LEDs for general illumination and three red LED for the dark, while not losing any of your natural night vision.
  • 19 Lumens – This is bright enough to properly illuminate an area. It can spread the light so you can cover more areas and it can also focus light when you need it to do so.
  • Anodized Aluminum – The flashlight is made of strong, aerospace-grade material that can withstand impact and any rugged condition you can throw at it.
  • Has Three AAA Batteries – This flashlight is bundled with three AAA batteries, which can power it for over 26 hours on the white light and up to 80 hours on the red light.
  • Patented Dual Switch – This feature makes it quite easy to switch between the white and red lights. You just need to press a button to turn on the type of light you want.
  • Comes With a Holster and Lanyard – Even though this flashlight is quite light on its own, the manufacturer still considers it useful to include these for convenient mobility.
Best Value
You are always ready with the Coast Dual Color LED Flashlight; it combines the power of its piercing beam with night vision for efficiency. If you would like a similar flashlight without the red LED, go for the Coast PX25 LED Flashlight which has a 275-lumen light output.

Coast PX20 Dual Color LED Flashlight with 39 Meter Beam Distance - Dual Color White and Read Beams, Red Light Preserves Night Vision.

Work is fun – or at least, it should be. That is the mindset with which Coast operates, and it reflects in the range of products produced by this company. It creates recreational and professional tools that help enthusiasts and amateurs get stuff done faster and efficiently. Coast is prominent in the job of merging insight, innovation, and technology with its products to solve problems both now and in the future. With the use of high-density plastics, aluminum alloys, and stainless steel blades, Coasts produces pliers, wrenches, knives, saws, lanterns, flashlights and other handy tools. What more? All Coast Flashlights meet the ANSI/FL1 standard, having passed quality assurance tests and ratings.

The Coast Dual Color LED Flashlight offers you a tremendous advantage with its Bulls-Eye Spot Beam, which focuses light for a longer range. It also disperses light to give you a wider viewing area. The serrated surface of the torch is to enhance your grip, making sure it doesn’t easily slip out of your hand. This Coast flashlight is ideal for many different situations in which you need quick, far-reaching illumination.

Here are some more features of this flashlight:
  • White and Red LED Lights – The white light is 155 lumens, bright and piercing, giving you adequate long-distance illumination, and the red light is ideal for reducing night blindness.
  • Lightweight Material – Made of top-quality aluminum that will endure tough conditions, yet it is lightweight enough, at 3.2oz, to conveniently wield for hours on end.
  • Tough LEDs – The LEDs are said to be virtually unbreakable, thanks to its impact-resistant shell. And they will sure outlast the job you need them for.
  • Water Resistant - This flashlight is water/impact resistant to IPX 4, meaning it can suvive splashing water from any direction for up to 5 minutes
  • Runtime - It runs for 3 hours 30 minutes which should be long enough for most tasks
  • Beam Distance - You can shine this light up to 127 feet
  • Warranty – Coast gives you a lifetime warranty on workmanship and defects in the material. That sure is a show of confidence.
  • Comes with Three AAA Batteries – It’s always awesome to get freebies! The first set of batteries that will power this flashlight is included with the package, so you don’t have to buy them yet.
When you want more than just a red flash light, you get the Celestron Powertank. It’s really a tank full of power, as it is fitted with a 7 amp hour battery and two USB ports to charge your portable devices. Need something smaller? Then the Celestron PowerTank Glow 5000 Red Flashlight might be just what you are looking for. What's even better is it's also a portable USB rechargeable power bank.

Celestron PowerTank Telescope Battery - Portable Power Supply Emergency Kit with White and Red LED Flashlight and USB Ports

Celestron uses revolutionary technology to manufacture products that not only meet current market demands but also respond to future changes in such demands. While astronomy naturally comes to mind when you hear the name Celestron, the company has forged ahead to create microscopes and products that aid sports. Celestron’s patents, which are spread across the board, express its belief that the customer must always be satisfied. Not just with one of its many products, but with everything that bears the brand Celestron.

Who doesn’t like a multifunctional device? Imagine how awesome it is that your flashlight can charge your phone. Or maybe charge your mp3 player while you’re doing your rounds at night. The two 12V cigarette lighter ports can be used to power other devices with the adapter included. The LED bulbs used for both the white light and the red are energy efficient. So, they won’t quickly wear out the 7 amp hour battery that got this flashlight its name, Powertank.

There are booster terminals at the back of this device to jump start weak car batteries. We weren’t kidding when we called it multifunctional. If you’re just going to be using this thing for its powerful flashlight, just know you’re shortchanging yourself, because it sure can do more. It has two USB ports that output 5V at 1.5 amps to charge some portable devices. You won’t have any safety worries using this device as it has a built-in circuit breaker.

We’re not done yet. This device can be used anywhere in the world, and we didn’t forget that not all countries use the same voltage. But this device is fitted with a switchable, universal AC adapter which lets it handle the voltage any country has to offer. There are four lights on the side indicating the battery status, so you can know when it’s time to charge and when to use.
If you want a compact, tough, and resilient flashlight you can use under different conditions, the Gerber Recon-M is a great choice with its Type 3 anodized aluminum shell. If you’d like a flashlight that gives you an edge while hunting, you may want to check out the Gerber 22-80066 Carnivore Blood Tracking Light.

Gerber Recon-Multicolor Flashlight with IR TailCap with Blue, Red, Clear & Green Lenses

When you sample random households or personal collections and you find a brand common to all, you know such a brand is not to be trifled with. That describes Gerber, the brand that strives for consistency in all lines of the products it manufactures. Initially starting with knives, this company now uses technological innovation and creative craftsmanship to create dependable and quality handsaws, machetes, headlamps, multitools and digging equipment, among others. Gerber has spent over 70 years improving on quality products and value creation. Surely, that is a brand you can always rely on.

There are few times we succeed in just one attempt, but the Gerber Recon-M Flashlight is able to deliver excellently in just one use. Do you need it to create a creepy ambiance for Halloween? Light up your room to create a nightclub aura? Fly in the dark? Pore over your favorite novel or read a map? This flashlight will surely be up to the task. This is because it has a patented feature that allows you to get four-color light output by easily switching from one to another.

Using the Diode Illumination Adjustable Lens (DIAL) technology, this allows you customize the lens to output different colors to suit the purpose you have at hand. This is what you need for several of the applications you might need a flashlight for – seeing in the dark, fluid inspection, night vision, etc.

When it comes to durability, this is one tough flashlight right here. It is crafted from a Type 3 anodized 6061 aluminum, which is aerospace-grade, by the way. This alone expresses how much quality is put into this product. It is designed to be compact, and its material makes it lightweight, so it is super convenient to carry around. It uses just one AA battery, so you can rest assured your new buddy won’t be costing you much in the long run.
The UltraFire Zoomable Flashlight is a great choice if you want a bright light you can control. Its 600 lumens will surely give you all the illumination you need. For brighter flashlight, opt for the UltraFire A100 Tactical Flashlight. It's a 900 Lumen LED zoomable hunting flashlight with modes.

UltraFire Tactical LED Flashlight Hunting Flashlight - Focusable, Exchangable Glass Lens: White, Green and Red Light

There is a reason everyone is a pro with UltraFire; you just don’t get anything less than the best with this brand. It continues to improve on its survival and tactical tool offerings. By merging the ingenious contribution of its craftsmen and engineers with technological innovations, UltraFire takes a lead in manufacturing products that generate maximum user satisfaction. It is able to combine modern and contemporary inclinations with traditional ruggedness to manufacture products that appeal to the eyes, justify the pocket and, most importantly, deliver value.

The UltraFire Zoomable LED Flashlight speaks five distinct languages – high, low, medium, strobe, and SOS. These entirely capture whatever message you want your flashlight to pass across and, when you remember that it actually has three color outputs, then you know that opting for this flashlight isn’t a mere emotional choice, but also a rational one. Its compact size, just 6.2 inches long, and light weight, at 5.29 ounces, are definitely a plus as it can easily fit into your pocket. How’s that for mobility?

This flashlight has a red and a green glass lens that lets you turn the white light into the corresponding color for tactical and outdoor applications. This alone suddenly triples the value of the LED. The aluminum alloy used in crafting this flashlight makes it one rugged accessory. If you need this flashlight as a flood light, just zoom in. If you need it as a spotlight, then zoom out – seriously, it is that easy to use. These LED lights have a 100,000 hours lifespan which is just enormous! The 600 lumens bright lights will travel up to a huge 590 foot.

One cool feature about the A100 is that you can use two battery types to power it. If it’s AAA batteries you have, you will need three of them. If it’s 18650 3.7V you want to use, go ahead and throw one in. The choice is yours. That’s not the end of this flashlight’s awesomeness; the base is magnetic! You can let it hang from something metal if you need to use both hands – of course, sticking it into your mouth isn’t a good idea. Truth be told; however you want to use the magnetic feature is totally up to you. Let your creative juices flow.

Red LED Flashlight Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Red Lens Flashlight for Night Vision, Hunting and Tactical Uses

We all know flashlights are useful – truth be told, there are times our survival depends on them. It is often assumed that the brighter a flashlight is, the better. That’s not always true, at least in certain situations. There are times when a red flashlight is more suitable than the regular white ones. Regular flashlights are brighter and cover much more ground, but there are cases in which the white light is brighter than needed. For night vision in an enclosed area, a red flashlight is ideal, as it does not cause our pupils to shrink like the white one does. That way, we can take in more light and see clearly.

Some red flashlights are designed for applications in astronomy, to read charts, for example. So, you often find astronomers carrying them along with their telescopes. Red light flashlights are also useful to hunters who camp out all night. A red light is less likely to startle that deer you’ve been patiently waiting for in your hunting blind.

The best red light flashlights use energy-efficient LEDs and have tough and durable shells that can endure rigorous use. They are lightweight and well equipped for mobility. Red flashlights have varying brightness, just as they come in varying shapes and sizes. They are usually designed so that you can easily switch between the red, white, or other color lights as the case may be. You will get the best out of a red flashlight if you choose the appropriate one, which you will with our help as you read on.

One more quick thing, when we are talking about red light for night vision, we are not talking about infrared flashlights for night vision. Those don't use red light, but rather emit infrared light which is not seen by bare eyes.

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Anyone who has been disappointed by their flashlight when they needed it the most knows how important it is to get a dependable one. As such, you want to entirely do away with the cheap red light flashlights and their empty promises.

Fortunately, with as little as $10, you can get a good red light flashlight that will help you achieve what you need it for.

If you want a variant with great features, or perhaps one that is multifunctional, you have to be willing to pay close to $60. The number of features, the materials used, and the technology involved are usually the factors that determine the pricing of a red light flashlight. There are also military grade tactical red LED flashlights that can cost hundreds of dollars.

Another thing that will impact the price of a red lens flashlight or red LED flashlight is whether it comes with other color options as well, such as blue and green. If you only need the red and regular light, you can save money by shopping for a flashlight with fewer color functions.

Video: Uses for Color Flashlight Lenses

The tactical and practical uses for colored flashlight lenses explained. | Courtesy of Wiggy's Wilderness
You’re here reading; this means you want a red light flashlight for reasons best known to you. Since you know why you want it, you know what to expect from it. In that case, pay attention to the following features:
  • Type
  • Beam Distance
  • Lumens
  • Battery Type
  • Runtime
  • Material
  • Dimensions
Further explanation below will help you understand how these features affect the performance of red light flashlights.
Construction and Design
The red flashlights covered in this review are all LED because its rating is unparalleled in energy, efficiency, brightness, and duration, among other things. Less expensive, dare we say cheap red light flashlights, will often have a regular flashlight bulb with a colored red lens that can be added. This is different from LED lights with interchangeable colored lens because the LED light is much brighter. So be careful, just because the light comes out right, doesn't mean it will be effective for night vision.

Multipurpose products are cost effective and highly sought after, and it makes a lot of sense if one thing can serve many purposes. It is with this mindset that manufacturers design red flashlights. It is rare to find a full-fledged flashlight just in red. Most are regular flashlights that can be switched to red light; the way this happens is where brand creativity comes in. Some flashlights are dual color with both white and red LEDs and separate buttons to turn them on. Others are designed such that the flashlight has white LEDs, but you can convert the white light to red when you need it with a filter cap. It is not uncommon to find flashlights with blue, red, green, and white, all in one.

The battery types a red flashlight uses is totally at the discretion of the manufacturer. The common types, though, are the AA and AAA types. Some flashlights even use built-in rechargeable batteries; those are often the multifunctional types. We have seen red flashlights that use 18650 batteries. One awesome type we came across is one that can use either a single 18650 battery or three AAA batteries. How cool is that!? Whether you use rechargeable or disposable batteries is up to you. Since we all know the advantages of using rechargeable batteries, we’ll leave that decision to you.

Flashlights these days use LED bulbs and we all know how long lasting and energy efficient those things are. This singular factor has tremendously changed the runtime of flashlights. How long a flashlight will beam bright now mostly rests on the capacity of the battery used. An average red flashlight will stay on for hours on end, running on fresh batteries, usually outlasting what you need them for. Of course, there are some flashlights that have found a way of making their flashlights run several hours without needing a battery change.

You will often see flashlights being described as tactical – that’s another way of saying it is cool and useful. Flashlights are supposed to be tough, rugged, and ready to rumble. They are one of the most important items in a survival toolbox, so they should at least be able to survive. To ensure that, they are often made with tough materials that won’t easily succumb to hardship. A lot of them have aerospace-grade, anodized aluminum shells, which are rugged, yet lightweight. You don’t want a flashlight that should help you survive adding to the weight you have to carry. They are often compact, making them easy to carry around. In most cases, you won’t even notice their weight.

Video: Using White, Blue, Green or Red Light During Nightops

Which color is the best to use during nighttime tactical operations, and why? | Courtesy of Instructor White
Performance and Ease of Use
Red flashlights are not usually as bright as the white ones, for obvious reasons, but they still have to be bright enough. Red flashlights are uniquely useful in the sense that they don’t make our pupils contract like the white ones do. This causes less stress on our eyes and we get to take in more light, hence, see more clearly. The brightness of of a red flashlight is a function of the LED used and is measured in lumens. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the flashlight. Red lights often have lumen ratings between 100 to 200, but you might find some with more or less. So, just be on the lookout for what suits you most.

Beam distance is another thing to consider. Ideally, the brighter a flashlight, the more distance it will cover. Some red flashlights cover close to 100 meters. What is important here is your need. So, what you should go for is what will fulfill that need. The best way to go about your decision is to clarify what you need first and let that guide the choice you will make.

Do keep in mind that no matter how bright your red LED flashlight is, your ability to see in a distance is still limited by your own eyesight. If you need to be able to things that are far away clearly, you will probably need to pick up a pair of night vision goggles or binoculars.

Video: How Do Red Light Flashlights Work?

The red light in a flashlight or headlamp keeps your night vision intact. | Courtesy of FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

Get the Best Red Flashlight of 2022!

Now that you have read all we had to say, it is our hope that you have sufficient information to decide on the best red light flashlight for you. Now it is time to make that purchase and start meeting the needs you bought it for.

Our Top Choice
Smith & Wesson Galaxy LED Flashlight
Best Value
Coast Dual Color Red LED Flashlight
Celestron Powertank White & Red Flashlight
Gerber Recon-M Flashlight with IR TailCap
UltraFire Focasable LED Tactical Flashlight

Red Flashlight FAQs

What is a red flashlight?
When people talk about red flashlights, they are not always talking about the color of the flashlight. The term red flashlight is short for red light flashlight or red LED flashlight. This is a special type of tactical flashlight, that produces red light, which serves various functions in the dark. For instance, you can use it to read in the night and prevent others from locating you. It is best for people involved in outdoor or tactical activities. For more information, take a look at our buying guide.
Where to buy a red flashlight?
You can buy a red flashlight online. Several stores such as Amazon provide the best red flashlights at reasonable prices. The thing with online shopping is that it is convenient and doesn’t require you to move from your desk or home. If you are looking for a red flashlight to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.
How to put batteries in a red flashlight?
The process of putting batteries in a red flashlight may vary from one model to another. Generally, you should start by opening the head or the tail cap (it depends on the model). Insert the batteries, ensuring that the positive and negative sides are correctly aligned. Close the lid when you finish. You can start using your red light flashlight.