Best Red Wine Glass Reviews 2023

A wine glass comes in handy when you want to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine. The right wine glass will elevate your drinking experience from good to great. Take a look at the five glasses we have picked from some of the best red wine glass brands out there. Make your nights more elegant with these wine glasses and your favorite bottle of Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon.
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Our Top Choice
Schott Zwiesel Forte Full-Bodied Red Wine Glasses
Schott Zwiesel has made glass products for 140 years. It's considered one of the best crystal glass manufacturers, and it has innovative designs.
They're breach- and scratch- resistant and have a brilliant surface. They don’t contain any lead, and can be used with your favorite red wine.
One glass arrived broken to one customer.
8-1/2 inches
0.6 pounds
13.6 oz
Best Value
Bormioli Rocco Electra Large Wine Glass
Bormioli Rocco is an Italian glass manufacturer that was founded in 1825. Its portfolio is large and contains everything you need to have on your table.
:: This wine glass is light and practical. It's cut from a single piece of glass with lasers. It's suitable for fine red wines.
One customer considered the glasses very lightweight.
9 inches
0.71 pounds
18.6 oz
Riedel Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Glass
Riedel was founded in 1756. It makes products for fine wine service. Its portfolio contains anything a wine lover might need.
These wine glasses were invented in 1986 and are preferred by wine lovers. They come at a reasonable price for eight pieces.
One customer complained that the package was not marked as containing glass.
Lead crystal
8-7/8 inches
0.5 pounds
21-1/2 oz
Lenox Tuscany Classics Red Wine Glass Set
Lenox was founded in 1889 and manufactures tableware, giftware and collectibles.
These wine glasses have a contemporary shape and are lead-free. They match any dinnerware and have simple stems. Wine breathes easily in these glasses.
One customer complained the glasses were too large. Check the specs before ordering.
9 inches
0.75 pounds
22 oz
Libbey Balloon Red Wine Glass
Libbey has been around for almost 200 years. It sells high-quality glass tableware and related products.
These glasses are large, so you can swirl the wine easily and smell it before you taste it. The shape is practical.
One customer considered the glasses sturdy but a little too thick.
8-1/4 inches
0.28 pounds
18-1/4 oz

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What is the Best Red Wine Glass?

Before getting a wine glass, you should check its specifications, materials and shape. If you are a red wine lover, we’ll walk you through how to choose a glass made specifically for red wine. The design is what will catch your eye, so if you find an attractive design, get it!
Our Top Choice
The Schott Zwiesel Forte Full-Bodied Red Wine Glasses are made of crystal and come in a set of six. They're suitable for Burgundy or Light Red wines, and they're dishwasher-safe. If you are looking for wine glasses which feature a more geometric shape then check out the Pure Stemware Wine Glasses which are also available in several styles.

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Crystal Glass Forte Stemware Collection Set - Burgundy/Light Red & White Wine Glasses

Schott Zwiesel is a German company that patented Tritan crystal and uses it in all its products. Its products have fine designs and are built to last. If you really want to make your drinking experience an enjoyable one, you should check out its carafes and decanters!

A wine glass is necessary in every home. If you are a wine lover, you must have at least six wine glasses in your house. Schott Zwiesel's Forte Full-Bodied Red Wine Glasses are strong and clear. They have a traditional shape and are suitable for big and rich red wines. As the bowls are large, they allow you to feel and taste the rich aroma of your wine.

This particular model is available in several different styles, such as Burgundy / Beaujolais, Claret Goblet, and more, so you should pick the one you like the most. Each glass has a capacity of 13.6 ounces, which is sufficient in our opinion.
Best Value
The Bormioli Rocco Electra Large Wine Glasses have a medium height and are dishwasher-safe. These glasses are BPA-free and boast a classical look. On the other hand, if you require wine glasses to be used in a restaurant then you should go for the Bormioli Rocco Red Wine Glass Set which is available in several styles.

Bormioli Rocco Electra Glasses - Made in Italy, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe, 15 Ounces Capacity

Bormioli Rocco manufactures products made of superior glass that can be used in both homes and businesses. It has been around for 200 years and makes different products, such as canisters, hermetic jars, bottles with lids and others. If you really love your wine, you should use a wine decanter from Bormioli when you drink it.

Coffee is for mornings and wine is for the evenings. If you want to enjoy your wine, consider the Bormioli Rocco Electra Large Wine Glass. It has the ideal size and works with the red wines you adore. It is made of a single piece of glass, which makes it resistant to wear and tear and built to last.

This particular model is available in three different sizes for you to choose from: small, medium and large. This red wine glass is also made from recycled products, and it doesn’t contain lead, so it is safe to use for a long period of time.
The Riedel Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Glasses have a tulip shape and are suitable for full-bodied wines, as they have a generous size. They are made of crystal and are dishwaher-safe. On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy Pinot Noir wines then probably the Riedel Wine Series Pinot Noir Glass Set will be more suitable for you. This set is available in multiple styles as well.

Riedel Vinum Bordeaux, Merlot, Cabernet Wine Glasses - Made from Fine Crystal and Dishwasher Safe

Riedel is known worldwide for its glasses, as it designed the shape of the glasses in concordance with the wine character. It sells multiple glass designs, decanters, champagne coolers and other accessories. Its glasses are designed for red and white wines, sparkling wines, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

Today is the perfect day to just be happy and enjoy some wine. But for that you will need a glass. Riedel's Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Glasses are elegant and shine brightly under lighting. They are suitable for Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. They have a capacity of more than 21 and a half ounces and are available in a set of eight. You can choose from different types of styles suitable for various wines, such as Chablis/Chardonay, Riesling/Zinfandel and more.
The Lenox Tuscany Classics Red Wine Glass Set has a classic design and is made of glass. It's dishwasher-safe and suitable for rich red wines. If you prefer a wine glass set which is made entirely from crystal then we suggest the Platinum Signature Crystal Wine Glass which has a capacity of 10 ounces.

Lenox Tuscany Classics Red Wine Glass Set - Dishwasher Safe, Available in Numerous Styles

Lenox creates high-quality glassware and products. It makes table sets, ornaments, figurines, home decor and even jewelry. If you want to complete your wine collection, you should check out its wine coolers and bottle stoppers. Lenox currently has more than 14,000 products available for sale on Amazon, so this brand is quite well-established.

Adulting in three words: lots of wine. But you need a glass for that. The Lenox Tuscany Classics Red Wine Glass Set has a classic design, and lets the wine breathe. The glasses let you swirl it easily, and you can see the fingers of the wine clearly. It is large enough for rich red wines and suitable for both connoisseurs and casual wine lovers.

This particular glass set is available in multiple styles, such as Martini, Bordeaux and more. It has a capacity of 22 ounces per glass and is completely dishwasher-safe. It is an excellent gift idea, particularly if you know someone who is a true wine lover and has an impressive collection of reds!
The Libbey Vina Round Red Wine Goblets have a round shape and are made of glass. They are clear and transparent, and suitable for all types of red wines. If for some reason you prefer taller wine glasses, we recommend the Cabernet Savignon Wine Glass Set from Libbey. This set has 4 wine glasses with a capacity of 22 ounces each.

Libbey Vina Round Red Wine Goblets - Made in USA and Dishwasher Safe

Libbey manufactures high-quality glassware for reasonable prices. It offers glassware for any food service, including beer glasses and wine glasses. Apart from the usual collections, this brand also has a lux collection of glasses that have innovative designs.

An Italian proverb says age and glasses of wine should never be counted. Libbey's Vina Round Red Wine Goblets have a round shape that is elegant and modern to fit your tableware. You will enjoy drinking wine from them, as they are large and let you smell the wine easily. They're stable and the long stems keep body heat away from the wine.

When you receive this product, you will find six glasses in the package. Each has a capacity of approximately 18 ounces. These glasses are made in the USA, and they can be put in the dishwasher when you want to give them a thorough cleanup.

How Do I Choose the Best Red Wine Glass?

Enjoying the aroma and subtle notes of a glass of red wine and spoiling your taste buds with the irresistible bouquet of the classiest beverage around is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you are a wine lover, you know you need certain objects in your home to enhance the experience of wine drinking. You will need a wine aerator to open up the taste of the wine, an electric wine bottle opener to open any bottle in just a matter of seconds, a wine saver to preserve your wine for up to two weeks after you open the bottle and, of course, a set of wine glasses.

A sophisticated glass of wine satisfies your sense of taste, smell, and vision. If you’ve ever wondered why people usually clink their glasses before drinking, it is so that the experience also stimulates your sense of hearing! Here, we will help you find the right glass to best please your sense of touch as well.

You may already know that certain types of wine glasses are designed for different types of wine. Red wine glasses usually have a larger bowl and a shorter stem. To maximize their flavor, red wines should be served at room temperature. Unlike white wines, which should ideally be kept cold, red wine isn’t affected by your hand on the bowl, so red wine glasses don’t need a long stem. Red wines contain more tannins than white wines, so they need aeration in order to release their flavor. A larger bowl allows a better aeration of the wine and at the same time allows the wine lover to enjoy its unique fragrance better.

The type of wine you’re enjoying with dinner or while reading a great novel is just one factor to consider. Keep reading for more advice on how to choose your new set of wine glasses
There is a wide range of prices for red wine glasses, starting from as low as $5 to as high as $30. A lot of features are responsible for this variety, such as the material, the dimensions and the shape. Usually, crystal red wine glasses are a bit more expensive than the ones made of glass. On the other hand, you shouldn’t consider buying cheap red wine glasses as they are not specially designed for drinking red wine and won’t enhance the wine’s aroma at all.
Red wine should be served in a glass with a larger bowl and a smaller opening. The intense aromas of the wine must have enough space in order to win its consumer over with its rich taste and smell. Whether it’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Pinot Noir, keep in mind: big glasses, big bowl.

Now, let’s check out the most important features to consider when purchasing red wine glasses:
  • Material – Red wine glasses are made of numerous materials, from glass, semi-crystal, crystal, quartz crystal, and lead-free crystal to plastic or other materials. The crystal ones are certainly the most appreciated for their superior quality and their pleasant appearance.
  • Dimensions – The dimensions of wine glasses vary depending on the drink for which they’re recommended. Usually, red wine glasses have a larger bowl than those designed for white wine glasses.
  • Packaging – As a rule, the best sets of red wine glasses are made of up to six glasses, but you can also find larger sets. Also, if you need more glasses, you can buy two of the same sets, solving your problem.
  • Brand – As on the smartphone market, for example, some brands are appreciated more than others; the same is true for red wine glass brands. Picking a reputable, well-known glass manufacturer can give you peace of mind of the high quality you are looking for, although this will push up the price.
Let’s move along and check out the construction and design aspects of red wine glasses.
Construction and Design
A quality red wine glass is characterized by a range of properties. The volume should always be in direct proportion to the intensity and the complexity of the wine. The body and the foot of the glass should be harmoniously balanced so that you can easily spin the wine into it. Top-notch red wine glasses are usually made of glass or crystal. The shape of the glass also influences how wine is enjoyed: in a glass made of high-quality crystal, the wine will have a stronger and clearer flavor. Last, but not least, a good glass of wine is pleasant to look at and to hold in your hand.

Experts know that the same wine doesn’t have the same taste when sipped from two different glasses. This is why, when purchasing red wine glasses, you should be sure your purchase has a large capacity and a small opening, as red wines need to stay in contact with the air for a longer time because they are very aromatic.
Performance and Ease of Use
Red wine glasses are large so you should hold them towards the base of the bowl, according to traditional etiquette. If you know you are buying your red wine glasses for formal dinner parties, then this is something you should pay attention to detail to when choosing the glasses for you. Of course, if you are home, having fun with your friends, the last thing you should worry about is being judged by how you hold your glass, and so this doesn’t need to be as much of a priority.

Red wine glasses can be washed in the dishwasher or simply by hand, using soap and water. If your glasses don’t shine as they used to, here is a tip: submerge them in white vinegar for 15 minutes, then rinse with water and let them dry. Your wine glasses will sparkle once again. If you don’t want to spend your time carefully polishing each wine glass after a dinner party, make sure you buy ones that are dishwasher friendly.

Get the Best Red Wine Glass of 2023!

Some wine glasses are made of crystal, others from glass. Some are short, while others are tall. It is important to pick the one you like, because it will be your comrade when you drink your favorite wine. Now, go and choose the wine glass you prefer and start drinking!

Our Top Choice
Schott Zwiesel Forte Full-Bodied Red Wine Glasses
Best Value
Bormioli Rocco Electra Large Wine Glass
Riedel Vinum Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Glass
Lenox Tuscany Classics Red Wine Glass Set
Libbey Balloon Red Wine Glass