Best Remote Starter Reviews – Remote Car Starters and Remote Security Systems for Starting Your Vehicle

Remote starters are designed to allow owners to heat their vehicles in winter and cool them in summer from a distance before hitting the road. While some offer keyless entry through direct remote control and 2-way or 1-way communication, others support access from smartphones. We have researched five of the best remote starter brands on the market, showcasing a starter from each to help you find one that best meets your needs. We also want to give a shout out to one more company. Compustar remote starters are available with a variety of features — we simply didn't have enough room for 6 brands.

While most remote vehicle starters require a specific device to work, there are also ones that will start your car remotely from your mobile device through the use of an app. Some of our featured brands, such as Viper, have remote starters with this option. We also went ahead and found a few others, listed below, if you are looking for a remote car starter app.

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Our Top Choice
Viper 2-Way Security Remote Starter
Viper is a leading brand in matters of auto security and remote car starters. It deploys cutting-edge technology to give you control, range and dependable features.
High quality product. 2-way communication type. 1-mile transmission range. Great reviews on Amazon. Reliable, durable and portable. 3rd generation LCD screen display.
Costly. The SmartStart module is sold separately.
Best Value
Auto Page Prestige LCD Remote Car Starter
Auto Page is a highly experienced auto security company founded in 1979. It provides access to advanced auto security solutions, including remote car starters.
Convenient, reliable and secure. Lightweight and portable. High quality. Beautiful design. Long battery life (2 to 3 weeks). 1 mile transmitting range.
Installation requires expertise. Delicate and easy-to-scratch screen.
Avital Remote Start Vehicle System
Avital is America’s favorite security firm with over 100 patents and many awards for innovation. It boasts of technologically sophisticated electronic systems.
Amazon best-seller. High quality and durable. Lightweight and portable. Highly affordable. Easy to use and a simple design. Wide transmission range.
Some users reported that these remote car starters are easy to misplace. Don’t send signals to indicate that the car has started. No LCD displays. A BYPASS module required for installation.
Crimestopper 2-Way LCD Remote Start
Crimestopper is a firm with a focus on auto safety and security. It develops high quality auto security systems for monitoring, locking, unlocking and starting vehicles remotely.
Lightweight and portable. Durable and compatible with smartphones. High quality and remote access. Convenient and highly reliable. Long range.
Doesn’t come with security features such as panic mode, starter kill, alarm functions and shock sensing.
Bulldog Remote Vehicle Starter System
Bulldog Security is committed to providing premium remote car starters with advanced features such as keyless entry for easy handling from a remote location.
Affordable. Lightweight and portable. Remote access and control. Durable and high quality. Compatible with all vehicles with fuel injection and auto transmissions. Easy to install.
Doesn’t come with security features such as panic mode.

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What Is the Best Remote Starter on the Market? Read Our Remote Car Starter Reviews.

Choose a remote vehicle starter with the right range, type of communication, warranty, and control type, and consider carefully any other features it comes with. High-specification remote car starters allow you to access your vehicle from a long distance to either heat or cool it, depending on the prevailing season. Find out if one of our recommended remote auto starters is what you need. And don't forget about Compustar remote car starters.

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Our Top Choice
Viper 2-Way Remote Start System is a remote auto starter designed to give you the control you need to start your car from up to 1 mile away and receive a notification on your LCD screen once your car starts. Opt for the 2-Way LED Remote Start System for visual LED confirmations at a slightly lower cost.

Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security with Remote Start System – 2-Way, LCD Screen, Door and Trunk Triggers


Designed as a security and remote start system, you can start your car up to a mile away and have your alarm system activated in case of a security breach or attempted intrusion. You can rely on this remote car starter to warm your car in winter for certain duration before you hit the road. Whether you’re winding down your day in the office, having lunch at the nearest restaurant or just shopping in a local mall, this product proves valuable.

The Viper Responder LC3 has a 1-mile range to enable the control of your car from a distance. The LCD display allows you to view both text- and icon-based notifications which are easy to understand. Together with the five simple buttons on the transmitter, you are able to monitor and command your car remotely. What’s more, you can realize up to 24 functions on two vehicles using one single transmitter. For instance, the Active Temp Check displays your vehicle’s interior temperature.

Here are other features of this Viper remote car starter to consider:

  • Remote control transmitter sidekick with 5 buttons to control up to 24 functions
  • LCD screen for display of remote confirmations
  • Micro-US recharging support
  • Remote start and security system capabilities
  • 1 Responder 2-way, 3rd generation liquid crystal display
  • Inbuilt lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • SuperCodeTM encryption for secure transmissions
  • 4 auxiliary channels and a guaranteed protection plan
  • Failsafe starter kill and Neo Revenger Siren with 6 tones
  • Domelight supervision and Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor
  • Trunk pop and keyless entry
Best Value
The Auto Page LCD Car Starter is an innovative security system that’s based on C3 technology to enable you control of up to two cars from a distance of 1 mile.

Prestige Two-Way LCD Command Confirming Remote Start/Keyless Entry and Security System with up to 1 Mile Operating Range + Free Gravity Phone Holder


Available with advanced and standard features, this remote car starter works with different kinds of vehicles. With this product, you can enjoy the convenience of not just controlling your car remotely, but also receiving status updates on the state of your vehicle. With the two remotes, there’s no need to worry in case you misplace one or even both because you can still start your vehicle remotely from your smartphone, thanks to the C3 technology. Auto Page gives you the ability to track your vehicle from anywhere across the globe for your peace of mind, knowing that your car is secure.

The Auto Page LCD Car Starter comes with an extended range to ensure that you can remotely control your car 1 mile away. You can remotely access your car on a direct mode or from your smartphone. The remote start feature ignites car engines for a warm start during the cold season. You can even receive text-based and visual confirmations of your commands on your LCD screen due to its status as a 2-way starter.

Here are the features of this Auto Page remote car starter to look out for:

  • High-tech chrome modern finish and a leather strap holding the key ring
  • An extra relay/socket to disable the starter
  • LCD screen with 7 colors for backlighting and 50% more viewing screen space
  • Two high-frequency remote transmitters with 5 buttons
  • 24-hour digital clock featuring a count-down timer used as a reminder for the parking meter
  • 2 lithium ion batteries for prolonged use with the 1-way XT33 sidekick
  • 2-way onboard serial port for integration with the Bypass module and i-Data link data bus
  • Onboard temperature sensor to the temperature inside a vehicle for display on the LCD screen
  • Can operate two cars, keyless entry and GPS tracking
  • Many audible tones for confirmation including the vibrator paging mode
  • C3 compatible data ports usable with C3 Telematics
Avital Remote Start is the smallest long-range Avital remote car starter designed for convenience and use with factory key-integrated OEM keyless remotes. Opt for the AVITAL Security Remote Start System for a higher end model with LCD display at a higher price (almost double).

Avital 4103LX Remote Start System with Two 4-Button Remote – Available in 5 Styles, D2D Compatible, Keyless Entry, Panic Mode, 4-Button Remotes


With this 1-way remote car starter, you can start your car from a distance and get it running for awhile. This guarantees that you’ll walk into a warm car during the cold seasons. Whether you’re out for the movies, in the mall shopping or just having some coffee with your friends at a restaurant, you’ll marvel at the functionality and quality of this remote car starter. What’s more, you can use it year-in, year-out, starting and running your car from a distant location for a certain period.

The Avital Remote Start comes with two remote transmitters, each with 4 buttons. The optional panic mode works as an alarm system, flashing parking lights and sounding alarm when there’s a security breach or forced intrusion. There’s need for professional installation when configuring this remote car starter; a BYPASS Module is required. With the Valet mode, your vehicle will keep on running even after you’ve removed the car keys.

Here are the features of the Avital Remote Start to consider:

  • Superhet HX receiver for a great range
  • Optional horn outputs and anti-grind or starter kill relays
  • Bitwriter programmability for easy remote starter configuration
  • Features two 4-button remotes, each with a dedicated AUX output
  • Trunk release, lock and unlock and remote start capabilities
  • XCR relays onbard
  • D2D serial data port for fast connections to other interface devices (Xpresskits) through D2D cables
  • Dedicated Virtual Tach for A-to-D sample auto voltage conversions, hence no need for a wired tachometer connection
  • Authorized dealers have access to technical support
  • Keyless entry
  • Valet mode for continual running of the vehicle even upon removal of car keys

You have five styles to choose from at varying costs.

The Crimestopper 2-Way LCD Remote Start is a car starter designed to enable you to start, lock, stop, unlock, access multi-auto control, and open the trunk from a distance of up to 3000 feet. Opt for the SecurityPlus Alarm\/Keyless Entry System for a more affordable model with 5 buttons and a lock mechanism.

Crimestopper LCD Remote Start System – 2-Way, 4 AUX Outputs, Keyless Entry, LCD Screen, Trunk Release


Crimestopper 2-Way LCD Remote Start is a high-end remote car stopper designed for durability and convenience. Although it does not come with security features, it can allow you to remotely heat your vehicle from as far as 3000 feet away. Your location should be free from interference to get the best of what this system has to offer, since it relies on high frequency FM signals. What’s more, you can control up to two vehicles using any of the two remotes.

This remote car starter comes with two remotes: the primary and secondary remotes. Whereas the primary remote features an LCD panel, the secondary version doesn’t. The primary remote also comes with many more functionalities than the counterpart remote. The keyless entry feature gives you access to your car without the need for keys. You can also access your car from your smartphone, thanks to the MobileStartTM feature.

Here are the features of this Crimestopper remote car starter to look out for:

  • 2-way LCD transmitter with a range of up to 3000 ft
  • 31 programmable options and horn honk confirmation
  • Keyless entry, remote start and trunk release
  • 1-way companion transmitter with a range of up to 2000 ft
  • Engine Tach, sense, hybrid modes and Tachless can be programmed
  • Remote or e-brake activation of the manual transmission mode
  • 4 extra data-based auxiliary outputs
  • 2-way data port for easy hook-up of the data module
  • MobileStart port for easily connecting the MS-3 module
  • Weight of 1.6 lbs. for portability
Bulldog DIY Remote Starter comes in the form of a 2-button remote transmitter with each dedicated to start and stop functions for convenience and easy handling of your vehicle remotely. Opt for the Vehicle Keyless Entry System for a high end model with greater functionality and performance.

Bulldog Do It Yourself Remote Starter – 400 ft, 2-Button Transmitter, Automatic Transmissions Only


If you need a remote car starter with a low range at an affordable price, this is it. This remote keyless entry system is a perfect choice if your vehicle already has a security system in place and all you need is remote start capability. You can start or even stop your car from a distance of up to 400 feet.

Bulldog Remote Starter Only is designed for convenience to enable you to start and stop your car from a distance. It comes with a remote transmitter featuring two buttons dedicated to start and stop functions. You need the instructional video DVD and installation kit to guide you when installing the starter for the first time.

Here are the features of this remote car starter to consider:

  • Buttons dedicated to start and stop functions for easy handling
  • Designed for convenience in remote starting of vehicles
  • 2-button remote transmitter
  • A range of up to 400 feet and remote start
  • 2 wire harnesses and onboard relays
  • 15 minutes run time on a single charge
  • Weight of 1.45 lbs. for portability
  • Compatible with automatic transmission vehicles with fuel injection
  • Instructional video DVD and an installation kit

Best Remote Car Starter Buying Guide – What to Look for When Buying a Remote Starter for Your Vehicle

One of the most convenient and popular add-ons you can ever have in your automobile is a remote car starter. Although many new cars sold at premium prices come with remote car starters, most trucks and cars don’t. If you’re reading this guide, it’s likely that you’re looking for an aftermarket remote car starter model.

The remote starter is one of the many automotive accessories money can buy today and it is convenient and practical as it lets you start your car from a remote location. If you live in a hot climate, it can cool your car before you get in. On the other hand, if you live in cold weather, your remote vehicle starter can heat your car. This tool is a must-have, just like other accessories such as car air purifiers or jumpstarters, especially if you spend a lot of hours in your car on a daily basis.

Remote car starters come in different types, brands, designs and with a myriad of features (security included in some) to improve their performance and functionality. Some remote car starters are also only compatible with automatic transmission vehicles with fuel injections. A good remote starter supports 2-way communication and allows you to directly control your car from a remote transmitter or smartphone.

Whether you’re in your apartment, home or shopping mall, you can start your car in summer to let the AC run or in winter to warm it up. Designed in various models and with different features, choosing the right remote car starter can be a difficult task. First, decide whether you want a one-way or two-way remote starter. We hope you can choose the right one for you by the time you finish reading this guide.


Video: Remote Car Starters Explained

How Does a Remote Starter Work. | Courtesy of Metra Electronics Canada

It’s not enough to buy a high quality remote starter for your car. Proper installation is just as important. Investing in one of these convenient add-ons comes with the extra cost of installation because it takes a professional to properly install a remote car starter for smooth operation. Buy a high quality starter that’s compatible with your vehicle and supports long-term use.

Although you’ll find remote starters in the price range of $50 to $450, various factors influence the price you pay for one. For instance, popular brands with many great features come with high price tags. Expect two-way remote starters to cost more than one-way variations. Moreover, factor the cost of installation in your budget to avoid last-minute disappointments. You will also find a multitude of cheap remote car starters on the market, but these tools are usually unpractical as they are made from poor quality materials and they might not communicate with your vehicle properly.


Remote car starters might seem unnecessary until you own one and wonder how you ever survived without its comfort and convenience. They are designed with various features to support different functionalities. Choose a remote starter with the features you need to ensure you don’t spend on a feature you might never use. Whether you opt for a one-way or two-way remote car starter, there are basic features you need to look out for.

Here are the important features to look out for in a remote car starter:

  • 2-way remotes know the status of your car such as security, temperature, etc.
  • Keyless entry for remote locking and unlocking of your car
  • Smartphone control for remote control over an unlimited range
  • Parking light confirmation to signal when your vehicle is running or shuts down
  • Starter-kill for added security
  • Anti-grind for no starter re-engagement or grinding noise
  • A high transmitter range for control of your car from a distant location
  • Easy installation and ease-of-use
  • Engine speed sensing to monitor your engine’s RPMs
  • Warranty for protection from manufacturing faults
  • RFID entry for auto lock and unlock of your car’s doors

With a properly installed remote start system, you can start your car while still in the house to heat or cool it in winter or summer, respectively.

Construction and Design

Look out for the following features in the construction and design of a remote car starter:

2-way Communication – this feature lets you know the status of your car after starting it from a remote location. It can also report the status of your car’s security system, cabin temperature or the duration of the run before the vehicle shuts down. Also look out for LCD displays or LED sounds or lights to signal what’s going on in your vehicle.

Keyless Entry – find a remote starter with keyless entry if your vehicle doesn’t come with one that’s installed by the manufacturer. It allows you to lock or unlock your car from a remote location.

Transmitter Range – choose a remote starter with a high transmission range. This ensures that you can start, lock or unlock your car from a great distance, be it work, school, hospital, mall, etc.

Smartphone Control – integrating your smartphone with your remote start system allows you to control your car’s trunk release, unlock, lock, remote start, etc. over an unlimited range. However, this feature can come with an added monthly cost of about $5.

Parking Light Confirmation – this feature lets you know if your car is running or has shut down and why. It also informs you when unlock, lock and start commands have been received.

Starter-Kill – this feature comes in handy if you remotely lock or arm your auto doors by disabling your vehicle for additional security.

Anti-Grind – usually bought as an additional feature, anti-grind prevents re-engaging of the starter and stops ‘grinding’ noise.

Defrost Activation – remotely activates your rear window defrost to melt off the ice and warm up your car in winter. Other features to look out for are RFID entry, warranty, engine speed sensing, hood safety switch, temperature starting, low voltage starting and a car finder feature.


Video: Most Common Remote Starter Problem

The Most Common Remote Starter Issue. | Courtesy of Spare Parts
Performance and Ease of Use

Although a remote car starter is complicated, it mimics how your car normally starts. It takes a professional with technical training and proven experience to properly install a remote starter. A remote start system must be reliable, easy to use and durable if properly installed. Make sure the remote starter is covered by a warranty for protection from manufacturing faults.

It’s also important for your car’s manufacturer to support use of quality aftermarket remote start systems. Find a professional to install your remote start system for exceptional experience. Finally, ensure your remote car starter covers a long transmitter range to ensure you can start your auto from a long distance.

Get the Best Remote Starter of 2023!

Whether you simply need to start your car remotely for heating or cooling purposes in winter and summer, respectively, or want a remote starter with additional security features, there’s an auto starter out there to meet your specific needs. We hope with our review of five of the top remote car starters, you’ll be in a position to pick the right starter to meet your needs. If you need something different, make sure to check out what else these brands offer.

Our Top Choice
Viper 2-Way Security Remote Starter
Best Value
Auto Page Prestige LCD Remote Car Starter
Avital Remote Start Vehicle System
Crimestopper 2-Way LCD Remote Start
Bulldog Remote Vehicle Starter System

Remote Starter FAQs

How to reset my remote car starter?
To reset your remote car starter, get hold of all the remote-start fobs. Take your position on the driver’s seat and close the door. Now it’s time to press the start button while leaving the brake pedal untouched (or insert the ignition key, turn to accessory, and push the lock button). Within the first five seconds after turning it on, turn the start key back to off. Alternatively, press the start button again. Please go through the on-off sequences for another three times so that they are four. At that time, you will hear a “buzz,” “ping,” or “ding” sound. That means you have entered programming mode, so press and hold down the lock button on the remote. Before 10 seconds lapse, turn your car off, open the door, step out, and shut the door. Now test if the remote is working. If you can’t get it to work, call your dealer.
How to use a remote car starter?
It would be best if you always used a remote car starter within the acceptable range (that’s within 1,000 feet). Push the button, and you will start the car remotely. However, you should have inserted the start key into its slot first. That’s important because skipping the step may mean turning off the car if you hit the brake or open the trunk.
How to install a remote car starter?
To install a remote car starter, make sure you buy one that’s compatible with your car. Go through the instructions on the installation manual or check online for instructions. Also, read your car’s owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with the standard wire connections. Install the main module in a location of your choice. You should also remove the seat where you intend to install the control module. After disconnecting the battery, remove the steering wheel panel, and connect the wires.
How much does it cost to install a remote car starter?
Installing a remote car starter may cost anything between $150 and $500. The actual price you pay depends on many factors, including the need for a bypass module. That’s why we still advise you only to buy a remote car starter that’s compatible with your vehicle model.
Where to buy a remote car starter?
It would be best if you bought a remote car starter from online platforms like Amazon. It’s in places like these that you will find the best deals and a variety of devices. If you are looking for a remote car starter to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.