Best Remote Control Outlet Switch Reviews 2023

There are times you just love the position you’re sitting or lying in, and it’s such a drag having to get up just to turn off the light or go all the way outside to flick a switch. A remote control outlet switch is a great way to do any of those with just the push of a button. Since you know we are always useful in cases like this, which is why you’re here, here you go: We have selected five of the best remote control outlet switches from trusted brands to feature. Just read our review, knowing that these brands have other variants you can check out as well.
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Remote range
Our Top Choice
Oittm Touch Screen Wi-Fi Wall Switch
Oittm specializes in the manufacture of high-quality, smart home products which make everyday living more intuitive, convenient, and enjoyable like it should be.
Voice control with Alexa. Remote control with smartphone. Automated timers. Relatively easy to install.
Not compatible with some existing faceplates.
Connects with Alexa
6 x 3.6 x 1.9 inches; 0.6 pounds
30m indoor; 50m outdoor
Installs like a light switch
Best Value
JTD Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet
With impeccable customer support and superior-performance products, JTD proves to its old and new customers that it is committed to their satisfaction.
Works remotely. Covers a good range. Reduces power consumption. One-year warranty and free lifetime support.
Device cannot be programmed.
Electrical outlet
6.8 x 6.4 x 2.6 inches; 0.6 pounds
10m indoor; 30m outdoor
Installs like a wall socket
Etekcity Wireless Electrical Outlet Switch
Etekcity is committed to meeting its customers’ expectations and improving the quality of their lives with its numerous products and services.
Can control multiple devices from one source. RF coverage of 100 feet. Certified for safety and quality.
Requires other hardware to control with a smartphone.
Electrical outlet
9.1 x 4.6 x 2.3 inches; 1.5 pounds
Installs like a wall socket
GE Wireless Remote Wall Switch
GE is a giant in the energy solutions industry, as it offers equipment for power utilities all over the world, from power generation to the final consumer.
The RF covers a wide range. No tools or wiring required for installation. Controls wirelessly.
The receiver works with only one light switch
Side electrical outlet
7.8 x 7 x 2.2 inches; 0.5 pounds
Up to 30m
No wiring needed
Woods Outdoor Wireless Remote Control
Woods specializes in the manufacture of Wi-Fi smart switches that let you remotely control lights and appliances, bringing convenience to everyday routines.
Can be controlled remotely. Works with your existing Wi-Fi. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Weatherproof. Easy to install.
Would have been better if it was available in sets too.
Electrical outlet
6 x 1.5 x 5.8 inches; 0.5 pounds
Grounded cord for easy install

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What is the Best Remote Control Outlet Switch?

You now know your remote control outlet switches, as well as the features you would want in one. What to do next is read our review of the brands and products, keeping in mind the needs you want to have met. Then you will find it easy to decide on the best remote control outlet switch for you.
Our Top Choice
You can program when your lights and appliances should go on or off with the Oittm WiFi Wall Switch, which allows you automate the operation of connected devices. If you’d like one with energy monitoring, go for the Oittm Wi-Fi In-Wall 20 Amp Socket, which also has a timing function and works with Amazon Alexa.

Oittm Touch Screen Smart Wi-Fi Wall Switch Works with Amazon Alexa (Android 4.1 / iOS 8.0 Above)

Established in 2012, Oittm now has distributors in Canada, the United States, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, the United Kingdom, etc., just within its short period of existence. This is possible simply because it is a company that is goal-driven and committed to customer satisfaction. As valuable as its products and services are, this brand still manages to make them affordable. “Choose Oittm, you will win more than you paid” – quite a befitting slogan.

Do you experience those days when you just don’t want to do anything? You just want to sit in one place, or maybe lie down and wish everything did itself. Well, we’re happy to inform you that such a feat is closer to reality than you think. With the Oittm Wi-Fi Wall Switch, you can control the lights and other electric appliances in your home without moving a muscle. Okay, maybe you’d move a few, but just enough to operate your smartphone or tablet, as that will become your new command station. Lounging never felt so good.

All you need to do is install the device, download the Oittm app, connect with your smartphone or tablet, and boom! You start operating your appliance just like Iron Man. This remote control outlet switch is super convenient; just imagine turning on the light, and maybe the heater, before you get home. That way you don’t have to start fumbling around in the dark for the light switch and bump into everything in your path.

You can even schedule your appliances to start working at a particular time. Assuming you are the type that gets home at the same time every day, you can pre-program your cooling system to come on at certain times so you can get home to an ideal temperature. You can even set your lights to go on and off at your usual times and have your neighbors think you’re home when you’re on the other side of the world. Are you feeling like a world-class spy yet?

‘Alexa please turn off the light.’ But then you live alone, so who in the world is Alexa? Alexa is a device assistant controlled with voice prompts. Your Oittm Remote Control is configured to work with Amazon Alexa, which lets you issue voice commands to your appliance while you sit back and watch things get done.

You are probably thinking that something capable of all this will take up a room – well, not at all. This wall switch has a sleek appearance that will definitely complement any interior design, blending in like it was all part of the plan.
Best Value
The JTD Wireless Remote Control Outlet can help you save money by remotely turning off appliances you’re not using, to reduce power consumption. If you’d like multiple outlets, go for the JTD 5 Pack Remote Control Outlet Switch, which has an improved capacity and a coverage of 160 feet.

JTD Energy Saving Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet – Available in 2nd Gen & 5-Pack 2nd Gen

J-Tech Digital, Inc. supplies the best in cameras, electronics, computer accessories, and office products from trusted manufacturers around the world. It is committed to 100% customer satisfaction, whether through its products and services or customer support. If you patronize this brand, it strives to ensure you’re well taken care of and kept as a repeat customer. Now, that’s how to run a business.

Plugging and unplugging appliances from outlets just to conserve power isn’t just a tedious task, it is old school. If you’re trying to save on your electricity bill, the JTD Wireless Remote Control Outlet can help you achieve that. It can remotely turn off any appliance that’s on standby, or that you rarely use. Just imagine how soon you will cover the cost of this outlet in energy savings.

JTD Remote Control comes as your regular switch outlet and a remote. Just plug in this device to your regular AC socket, plug the appliance into the device, and now you can turn it on or off via the remote control. You don’t even need to go looking for a socket; the RF signal covers a range of 100 feet. Just so you know, this device will work even if you’re in another room, as long as you’re within the range.

This device has a sort of active learning function, as it lets you activate multiple devices with just one remote control or, if you want, you can control just one device with multiple remotes. Whatever suits you best. You can even sync several remote outlets together, regardless of their frequency, for extra ease of operation. The JTD remote control outlet has a one-year warranty, but it doesn’t stop there – you also get free lifetime technical support. Only a brand with utmost confidence in its products and commitment to its customers can dare pull this off.
The Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Switch lets you sync outlets together and control multiple devices with just one remote control, which makes it easy to use. If you’d like a mini outlet with Wi-Fi monitoring, go for the Etekcity Smart Plug Mini Outlet, which is available as a pair of outlets and works with Alexa Echo.

Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch For Household Appliances And Wireless Remote Light Switch

Etekcity is a supplier of practical and valuable products with excellent quality and performance. It has a reputation for fast delivery and commendable after-sales support. It has a core value of raising its customers’ quality of living by meeting their needs with innovative solutions. Etekcity understands that a product should not only solve a user’s problem, but also be enjoyable to them.

If you have been smart with cutting your energy bills, here is some good news – you can cut them further with the Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Switch. This set of five outlets will remotely turn off plugged-in appliances that are secretly consuming power in standby mode. This set also lets you sync multiple outlets so you can control the connected appliances from one remote control.

You don’t need to move around too much to turn these switches off and on, as the device is equipped with a powerful RF that covers a range of 100 feet. Not even walls and doors are barriers for the coverage, as you can still control an outlet in one room while you are in another. This feature is especially ideal for people with mobility impairment, as it allows them turn on/off stereos, lights, TVs, etc., with the push of a button.

This product has passed rigorous testing, as it is certified by UL, FCC, and ETL for quality assurance and safety, so you can be assured that if you use it right, you will get the best out of this device and not have to worry about hazards and risks. However, you have to pay attention to the manufacturer’s warnings. The Etekcity Wireless Remote Switch has a voltage rating of 120 and should not be used in 220V sockets. The remote control is not designed to swim, so be sure to keep it away from water. It is important to stay safe at all times.
The GE Wireless Remote Wall Switch is truly wireless, as it involves zero wiring in its installation, making it quick and easy, yet effective. If you’d like a less expensive alternative, go for the GE Keychain Remote\/Transmitter with 1-Outlet RF Receiver, which also has a 100-foot wireless range.

GE Wall-Switch Light Control Remote with 1 Wireless Outlet Receiver

General Electric hardly needs any introduction. There is almost no country in the world that is devoid of its broad collection of products. GE specializes in electricity generation and distribution, from the manufacture and sales of power utility equipment to managing power supply and maintenance. It is also one of the brands at the forefront of the campaign for renewable energy alternatives. When it comes to electricity generation and supply, GE is a brand you can’t miss.

If you’re only concerned with remotely controlling the lights in your house, the GE Wireless Remote Wall Switch is a great option for you. Even though it can control larger electronics as long as it uses the three-pin plug, it is best used for lights. One cool thing about this product is the ease of installation. There is no wiring involved, as it has a bracket that mounts directly onto walls.

This wireless wall switch is a purely no-hassle design as it does not require any internet connectivity, nor do you have to bother with using a smartphone. All you have to do is plug the receiving unit into your home’s AC socket and then plug any three-pin appliance of your choice into this device. Now, mount the switch plate onto any location you find convenient, and you’re done.

You don’t even need to locate the switch plate close to the receiver, as this wall switch is fitted with a radio frequency that has a 100-foot coverage. You can mount the switch plate in a different room from the receiver, for all you care, and you’d be happy you did. The remote switch runs on a 12V battery which comes with this device.
No longer do you have to step out into the cold just to flick a switch. We know you don’t like that, and that’s why we brought you the Woods Outdoor Outlet Remote. If you’d like one with a schedule timer, go for Woods Outdoor 24-Hour Photoelectric Timer with Remote Control, which turns on and off your appliance according to your settings.

Woods Weatherproof Outdoor Remote Control Converter Kit

Woods has been around for more than 75 years, consistently manufacturing superior-performance electrical products for both direct consumers and contractors. With so much experience and focus on customer feedback, it has excelled in creating innovative and quality designs. It offers practical and useful solutions to users’ needs, with its broad range of products, such as surge protectors, electrical wires, lighting, and its series of Wion Smart Switches.

Do you want a smart home but dread the cost of outfitting your house with all the necessary equipment and paying the subscriptions? You’re in luck, and we’re partly responsible for that. We present to you the Woods Outdoor Outlet Remote Switch, which lets you remotely control the lights in your home via your existing Wi-Fi router. You won’t need to pay any extra subscription fees; you just need to buy the smart switch and install it. The best part is that it is quite affordable. We weren’t joking around when we suggested you could get a smart home without incurring too much cost.

The following are some more cool features of the Woods Smart Switch:
  • Handy Remote Unit – The control box that lets you control this switch remotely fits snugly into your hand, purse, or glove box, if you don’t want to carry it around. It also has a loop that lets you attach it to a keychain for easy access when you need it.
  • Good Frequency Range – You don’t need to stand next to the switch to control whatever you need. The radio frequency of the remote control covers up to 60 feet.
  • Weatherproof Control Base – The manufacturer rates this product usable both indoors and out. So, you can use this for your porch, walkway, and garden lights without worrying about the effects of weather.
  • Quick and Easy Installation – The control base is quite easy to install without the need for wiring or tools. Just plug the receiver into a three-pin outlet and plug the appliance of your choice into the receiver, and you’re ready.
  • Ideal for People With Mobility Issues – With this switch, you don’t need to move to an appliance or light switch to control it. You can control most devices from where you are, with the touch of a button, sparing those with back pain, for example, the burden of having to bend.
  • Works With Other Appliances Too – The versatility of this smart switch is incredible. You can use it with almost any appliance that uses a three-pin plug, which is almost every appliance. This makes it useful for almost any application.

How Do I Choose the Best Remote Control Outlet Switch?

We all know how much of a drag it is when you’re tucked in bed and settled in that ‘comfort spot,’ only to notice that the lights downstairs are still on. Something tells you to leave them on, giving you all the reasons why you shouldn’t get up. Suddenly the cost of power for the previous month flashes across your mind – you sure don’t want to pay that much again. Now you have to get up and do the needful. That type of scenario never feels good, probably never will.

A remote control outlet switch would have spared you the agony of dragging yourself out of bed. With it, you could have turned off those lights from where you are with the push of a button. Yes, those things work through walls and doors. It might not necessarily be the lights you need to control; it could be any appliance, really. You can use the outlet switch to control your outdoor lights or even the strip lights you decorated your kid’s room with.

One practical way these remote control switches could work is the way our friend used it. He happens to be a celebrity (yes, we do know people like that). Everyone was up in his business, especially the press. It was as if they didn’t have any other job than to chase him around with their camera (of course, they didn’t, chasing him around was their job). They wanted to know who he was dating, where he took them, and all that. The nosiness was so ridiculous that he felt like he was going to lose his mind. He couldn’t even have a casual meeting with anyone. “Playboy meets the sensation princess in …” their caption the next morning would read. He got the idea to fit these outlet switches to the lights in his home (of course, the idea was ours).

He got one of those that you can schedule and control with your smartphone. So, he set the lights to go on at sunset and go off the next morning. He called us, from Venice, to say how great it worked because he read in the papers that he had locked himself away in his home after a break-up. He was finally free from the ‘stalkers with cameras,’ just because he installed some smart switches.

You can actually make your house smart without those fancy gadgets and extra costs by installing some of these devices. The best remote control outlet switches will work with any appliance in your home, as long as it has a plug and is within range. Some will even work with your WiFi router. Others are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and let you use voice command. Most are compatible with most types of light bulbs, whether LED, CFL, or incandescent. Keep reading to learn some more benefits you can get from these outlet switches and how you can choose one for your needs.
The price of a remote control outlet switch is largely determined by how technologically advanced it is – how much of those sophisticated features it has. It is generally not an expensive device, but then, money is still a thing. A high-end offering with the ‘nice’ features will cost you close to $50. A modestly priced one that does its job like it should goes for around $10. The cheap remote control outlet switches are the ones you want to keep away from. If you get tempted by their promises and price, you will be losing money and we don’t want that for you.
Remote control outlet switches are as useful as anything else that makes your life easier. This is why a lot of people want them – for convenience. If you are one of those people, we want to show you what to look out for in choosing the best option for your needs:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Design
  • Operation
  • Remote Ranges
  • Installation
As you read on, you will understand how these features affect the efficacy of outlet switches.
Construction and Design
Remote control outlet switches are categorized into two types. The indoor outlet switches, as the name implies, are installed inside the house and can work with most appliances. The outdoor types are often used to control lights outside the house, as well as some other outdoor equipment, such as irrigation systems, swimming pools, etc. They are weatherproof and, as such, can withstand the elements and still continue to work properly.

Some outlet switches are designed to only control switches without on/off buttons. This means they are only compatible with plug-in appliances, or require wiring to set up the appliance with the outlet switch. Knowing where you require one will help you choose the best option for you.

You might also want to consider the size, dimension, and weight of both the outlet switch and the remote of your outlet switch. This is because you want to be certain it complements your existing interior design.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most remote control outlet switches have a good RF range, at least good enough to be used from a reasonable distance, and can penetrate walls and doors. Knowing the RF range lets you know which one to buy according to your need and where in your home you should install it. Some outdoor types have about a 60-foot range, while a good indoor option has a 200-foot range.

Some remote control outlet switches can be controlled via a smartphone, through a dedicated app. Some are compatible with pre-existing smart home system and can be controlled using certain voice commands. Some require Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate with their remote control and receive commands from external sources. The sophisticated ones let you program the operation you want at certain times of the day. A particular brand has a photoelectric sensor that detects when it is dark so it automatically turns on the light. Cool, right?

We hope this information will help you decide on the features you want in a remote control outlet switch.

Get the Best Remote Control Outlet Switch of 2023!

Great job getting to the end of our review. It is our hope that you now have sufficient information to help you choose the best remote control outlet switch for your needs. In that case, don’t waste any more time. Go get yours and smarten up your home.

Our Top Choice
Oittm Touch Screen Wi-Fi Wall Switch
Best Value
JTD Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet
Etekcity Wireless Electrical Outlet Switch
GE Wireless Remote Wall Switch
Woods Outdoor Wireless Remote Control