Best Reptile Terrarium Reviews 2022

If you fancy exotic pets such as reptiles and amphibians, you’ll appreciate the fact that they need special care. This means that their terrarium needs to be chosen with particular attention. Now, with so many terrariums on the market today, it’s hard to know which reptile housing will best suit their needs. To help you make this decision, we’ve searched far and wide for the best reptile terrarium brands and settled on the top five companies. We also went further and handpicked five terrariums, all of different designs, from these trusted brands which we think are great picks that are worth your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Reptile Terrarium
Zoo Med has a long history of manufacturing innovative products that have been used to provide domesticated reptiles with an environment conducive to health.
Dual door design for easy access and cage cleaning. Corrosion resistant material that increases its durability.
It can easily fall apart if it’s moved around a lot.
Tall design
Available in four sizes
22.16 – 119.69 gallons
Dual door design
Aluminum metal
Best Value
KollerCraft Repitat Reptile Terrarium
The Kollercraft company is committed to making high-quality and amazing terrarium products that are convenient for nature lovers to use.
Transparent for better pet visibility. Impact resistant thus safe for children to touch.
Plastic plants and lighting accessories are bought separately.
Wide design
19” x 12” x 10”; 4.3 pounds
5 gallons
One top door
Acrylic, metal
Exo Terra Maya Natural Reptile Terrarium
Exo Terra specializes in the production of reptile housing as conceptualized by qualified European herpetologists.
Dual door design with locks. Allows for easy access. Prevents reptiles from escaping. Background offers a natural wild feel.
Its screen allows for quick loss of humidity.
Small – tall design
24” x 18” x 18”; not available
33.66 gallons
2 front doors with locks
Glass, metal
Zilla Reptile Terrarium Starter Kit
Zilla is renowned for providing quality housing products that maintain a healthy living environment for reptiles. It puts into consideration both first-timers and seasoned reptile keepers.
Stays fresh for long time. Doesn’t make your home smelly. Available in multiple sizes to pick from.
It doesn’t come with UVB lighting which is necessary for some desert reptiles.
Wide design
2 sizes available
2.64 – 5.28 gallons
One top door
Glass, metal
IRIS USA Animal Reptile Terrarium
IRIS USA is renowned for providing clear plastic organizational solutions with wide range of domestic applications ranging from storage to pet carriers.
Lightweight plastic design makes it portable. Corrosion resistant and isn’t brittle.
Some of its ventilation slots can allow small insects to escape
Wide design
4 sizes available
0.74 – 5.14 gallon
On top door

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What is the Best Reptile Terrarium?

Now that you know what to look for in a reptile terrarium, it’s time to examine the features of the highlighted products in this review. As you do, see how each of the features relates to your pet’s needs. We’re hoping that by the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll have found a reptile habitat that is ideal for your pet.
Our Top Choice
The Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Reptile Terrarium features two doors – the main front door and a smaller one at the bottom, for easy access and substrate removal. Shopping for a terrarium with a glass door? Check out the Zoo Med Laboratories Naturalistic Terrarium. It comes with a stainless-steel screen at the top for ample ventilation.

Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Screen Reptile Terrarium – Available in Various Sizes

Every pet owner derives pleasure from seeing their animal healthy, active and playful. Now, in order to achieve this goal, you need to provide your pet with a comfortable environment that’s close to its natural habitat. The Zoo Med Laboratories company understands how vital this factor is, and has thus provided solutions that have saved the lives of many reptiles. Hence, their terrariums are designed to ensure that your reptile pet will thrive in your home environment.

The Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Reptile Terrarium comes with an open-air screen that allows your pets to breathe freely. Its screen is made of anodized aluminum, making it corrosion resistant. This terrarium comes with all the hardware that’s required for its assembly so you don’t need to buy anything else. The package includes illustrated assembly instructions that are straightforward. The Zoo Med Laboratories company also provides a step-by-step assembly video on its website for added clarity. All you need is a screw driver and you’re good to go!

Moreover, this cage is designed to accommodate a wide range of reptiles such as chameleons and arboreal lizard species. It’s also available in multiple sizes, allowing the freedom to choose a cage that fits your pet well. You don’t need to worry about its quality as the manufacturer provides a one-year limited guarantee.
Best Value
The KollerCraft Repitat Reptile Terrarium features an impact resistant acrylic container that is constructed with a heavy-duty metal screen lid for added ventilation and security. Need a reptile cage with a feeding door? Consider the KollerCraft TOM Kreature Kingdom Habitat. It’s highly portable and ideal for small animals.

KollerCraft Repitat Flat-Backed Reptile Terrarium Habitat

When shopping for a pet shelter, one of the key things you must consider is their safety. You don’t want your pet to escape from its shelter and get lost. You also want to show it off to your guests, especially if the terrarium is kept in the living room. KollerCraft company seeks to surpass your expectations by providing transparent terrariums that are built to give both you and your pet premium security.

The KollerCraft Repitat Reptile Terrarium is specially designed to accommodate a wide range of animals and insects such as crickets, hermit crabs, lizards, and snakes. This versatility ensures that many customers can use it to shelter varied pet species. It serves as a great choice for those who want to begin with a basic, reptile-friendly containment unit for their animals. Moreover, its acrylic construction makes it strong so it won’t break easily. Since this makes it child-friendly, you won’t have to worry when your kids are around it. Also, its flat-back design gives you lots of room for viewing your pet.
The Maya Reptile Terrarium features two front doors that open separately for easy feeding and care. It also has uniquely built locks that prevent pets from escaping. Need a terrarium to complement your office décor? Consider the Exo Terra Habisphere Desktop Terrarium. It features a bent window design for optimal viewing.

Exo Terra Allglass Reptile Terrarium – Available in Various Sizes

The thought of living in a stuffy, water-logged space can be quite frustrating. The same goes for the lovely pet reptiles that we love to have around. They desire to live in a comfortable environment as their natural habitat would be in the wild. Exo Terra is all about creating reptile-friendly habitats and it is this drive that led to the invention of their Maya Reptile Terrarium.

This cage is as natural as it can be. It features a perfectly integrated environment that is quintessential to your pet’s survival. It has waterproof flooring and front window ventilation. This means there’s absolutely no water that leaks through the floor and plenty of air-flow throughout the cage. The terrarium comes with a patterned, realistic-looking background that is true-to-nature. The background additionally provides quality grips, crucial for climbing reptiles. It can also be used to create either a humid or dry surrounding for your pet.

There’s more to this terrarium’s features as listed below:
  • Features a raised bottom for easy and better handling when moving
  • Screen cover locks easily and allows for infrared light to penetrate, keeping your reptile warm and active
  • Front window is built to create clearance for installation of thickly layered substrates or a spacious den for your pet
  • Built-in tube inlets that allow easy installation of waterfalls, sensors and other accessories
The Zilla Terrarium Starter Kit features an odor-fighting liner that’s based on a nonabrasive and biodegradable enzyme. Looking for a vertical styled terrarium? Check out the Zilla Tropical Reptile Vertical Starter Kit. It comes with a mini halogen lighting system and works well with tree frogs and crested geckos.

Zilla Reptile Terrarium Starter Kit w/Light and Heat – Available in Multiple Habitat Styles & Sizes

Zilla is committed to providing an excellent habitat for reptiles. That’s why their Terrarium Starter Kit is built to ensure that your pet receives the care and comfort they deserve. It’s also worth mentioning that, when shopping for a terrarium, it’s important to make sure that the cage allows you to set up an environment that resembles the reptile’s natural habitat. This ensures that your pet feels at home in its cage thus improving its health. This kit comes in multiple habitat styles, allowing you to pick a terrarium that best suits your reptile’s natural habitat.

Light and heat are two important elements in any enclosed creature environment. When either of the two is compromised, it becomes impossible to carry on with the usual activities. Well, Zilla is very much aware of this and as such, features a twin-domed light source that ensures efficient lighting and manageable heat within the terrarium. Reptiles require these two factors to be delicately balanced and monitored if they are to live comfortably. The kit also comes with a practical user manual that is easy to follow, making the terrarium installation process hassle-free.

Other features of this terrarium are as follows:
  • Has a white bulb spot that mimics the sun and allows the reptile to bask during the day to warm its body
  • Comes with a black-colored incandescent bulb that provides warmth to keep your pet active at night
  • Has a temperature/humidity gauge that allows you to regulate these parameters for a comfortable habitat
  • Its screen cover provides security for your pet while preventing it from escaping
The IRIS USA Animal Reptile Terrarium features a well-ventilated cover with an opening that fits the hose of a small sized air pump. Looking for cage for transporting your small reptile pet? See the IRIS Small Animal Insect Habitat Bug Cage. It features a clear plastic design with a divider that allows you to create multiple compartments.

IRIS USA Animal Reptile Terrarium – Available in Multiple Sizes

Another important aspect of a good pet cage is its ability to provide ample space to move about. It also needs to be designed to ensure easy access to food and water. As the owner, you’ll also have to access the house and clean it regularly. With the IRIS USA Animal Reptile Terrarium, these needs are adequately catered for to ensure that your pet is happy and in good health.

This plastic cage comes in multiple sizes to give you the flexibility of choosing a housing that best suits your pet’s needs. It’s also highly versatile as it can be used to house a wide range of pets such as insects, goldfish, and small reptiles. This habitat features a clear, plastic access door at the top that allows you to feed your pets with ease while preventing them from escaping.

Its plastic construction not only makes it durable, but also cost-efficient. So, you won’t have to worry about the cage breaking when bumped against by other items. If you live in an area where salt levels are high, you’ll never lose sleep over your pet cage rusting because, lucky for you, plastic doesn’t rust! This terrarium is transparent thus allowing you to view your pet with ease. It will undoubtedly serve as a wonderful entertainment for your guests, bringing the wild right into your living room.

How Do I Choose the Best Reptile Terrarium?

For pet owners, it’s always a joy to see your animal healthy and playful. This is a testament that your efforts to take care of it have paid off. In fact, it’s a good idea to invest in a pet camera in order to capture any precious moments, so you can share them with friends or for future reference. Keeping mammals and birds is relatively easy, you just need to invest in quality pet care products. Reptiles and amphibians, on the other hand, require much more effort. To ensure that your pet will thrive, you’ll need to create the proper environmental conditions, as well as control the temperature and humidity of their enclosure.

This is why terrariums make a suitable living area for your reptile. They are specially built to allow you the flexibility of recreating conditions that are close to your pet’s natural habitat. These reptile houses enable you to bring in a wild, natural environment into your living room. Just like fish aquariums, reptile terrariums need a supporting base to keep them visible and stable. The good news is, you don’t need a special stand for this purpose as a multipurpose aquarium stand can do the job perfectly well.
The cost of a terrarium depends on its size, construction materials, and accessories that accompany it. For example, a quality, small sized plastic reptile cage that comes with little or no accessories costs about $8. In comparison, the price of a large sized stainless steel and glass terrarium which includes a heater, temperature and humidity meter, and background can easily exceed $120. This doesn’t mean that you won’t come across cheap reptile terrariums on the market. But you’ll need to be extra careful as they are likely to be made of low-quality materials that can place your exotic pet’s well-being at risk. However, you don’t have to worry about this as we haven’t included such products in our review.
When choosing a terrarium, it’s important to focus on your pet’s needs. Remember, the goal is to provide a housing that’s as close as possible to its natural habitat. This will keep your pet comfortable, active, and content. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to examine the features of the available terrariums and pick one that suits your needs.

Here are the important features to look for in a reptile cage:
  • Design – The shape of the terrarium, e.g. tall, wide, circular, etc.
  • Size – Dimensions and weight of the reptile cage
  • Capacity – The volume of the reptile housing
  • Access – Amount of doors and their placement in the terrarium
  • Construction Materials – Materials used in the manufacturing of the cage
  • Accessories – Other accessories that come with it, e.g. heating and lighting bulbs, substrate, etc.
  • Ventilation – Does it have enough openings to allow for sufficient airflow?
By focusing on these features, you can easily identify a terrarium that meets your needs and is also within your budget.
Construction and Design
Some of the common materials used in the manufacturing of terrariums include acrylic, metal, glass, and plastic. Most all-metal cages feature an open-air screen design. On the other hand, terrariums with glass or acrylic walls will often feature a metallic base and screen cover. When it comes to reptile cages made of plastic, both the body and the cover are made of the same material. It’s also important to note that these cages come in varying shapes. Some are tall while others are short and wide. These shapes provide unique habitat conditions suitable for the thriving of specific reptile or amphibian species.

Due to their unique ability to draw warmth from their surroundings, reptiles and amphibians need housings that have controlled temperature and humidity. This is why most brands use waterproof bases on their terrariums. By do so, it allows you to set up a waterfall or wet section, particularly necessary for tropical species. Temperature and humidity gauges are also used to help you better control these conditions. Other reptile species like to burrow in the ground, thus requiring cages with ample space to accommodate enough substrate for them to hide away.

Reptiles are very sneaky creatures and will try, by all means possible, to escape. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, some manufacturers use a multi-door design when manufacturing terrariums. Typically, there is a front door to access the environment for cleaning purposes and a bottom door to access the substrate section. These doors are often fitted with locking latches for added security. The top screen also acts as an entry point and air vent. Other types of reptile housings will feature small doors on the top screen that allow you to easily get to its interior.

It’s also essential to note that there are additional accessories that are used to make terrariums habitable for your exotic pet. These include lighting and heating bulbs, retreat caves, and artificial plants. They are meant to make your terrarium as similar as possible to your pet’s natural habitat. So, you’ll want to research your exotic reptile, taking note of how they would normally survive in a natural ecosystem. This will allow you to understand what accessories you’ll need to replicate the same condition in your terrarium.
Performance and Ease of Use
As you choose a terrarium, go for a design that ensures the security of your pet. Also, make sure that the structure is strong enough to last for a long time. You’ll also need to check whether the materials used in its construction are corrosion resistant. Not only will this ensure the longevity of your structure, also but also the safety of your pet.

When you have accessories that allow you to control the warmth and humidity in a terrarium, you’ll ensure that your pet is always active. Also, if your cage has an odor repelling agent, rest assured that your home won’t be overwhelmed by stinky odors and foul smells. If you need a cage that can be moved with ease, then go for one that’s lightweight, yet sturdy.

Get the Best Reptile Terrarium of 2022!

We appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read through our review on the best reptile terrariums and we hope that you’ve come across one that tickles your fancy. If you still wish to compare more terrariums from these leading brands, click the links on this review page for more details.

Our Top Choice
Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Reptile Terrarium
Best Value
KollerCraft Repitat Reptile Terrarium
Exo Terra Maya Natural Reptile Terrarium
Zilla Reptile Terrarium Starter Kit
IRIS USA Animal Reptile Terrarium