Best Resistance Band Reviews 2023

Exercise and fitness resistance bands are a lightweight and portable way to stay in shape - at home, at the gym, or even on the road! Resistance bands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different attachments and designs depending on your fitness goals. They may be labeled as exercise, fitness, or simply as resistance bands and tubes. Their functionality and design follow a general pattern, with distinguishing functionality coming from their length, weight, and handle type. We’ve chosen five quality brands to help you buy the best resistance bands that do everything you need the right way, at the right price. If a single band or set isn’t right for you, each company has been chosen for quality and versatility - so there’s always more to offer. So let’s dive in!
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Our Top Choice
SPRI Xertube Plus Resistance Band
SPRI is a leading innovator of rubber resistance bands and their Braided Xertube Plus is a durable, strong, high-quality exercise band for any fitness regimen!
Braided design is resilient and durable. 90-day limited warranty. Great for machine or partner assisted exercises.
Extra-long length may make it unsuitable for some individual, unassisted exercises.
Single, Braided
Braided Rubber
Foam Handles
Very Light (1) to Very Heavy (5)
Exercise guide.
Best Value
TNT Pro Series Resistance Bands
TNT Pro Series are dedicated to making your fitness their top priority. Their Resistance Bands are made for high quality performance and durability.
Stronger, thicker, longer, and wider than many competitors’ bands. Lifetime replacement warranty - no questions asked.
Fewer attachments and handle options than some bands.
Set of 3 Bands
Stretch Resistance Material
Light, Medium, Heavy
Door anchor. Exercise Guide.
Bodylastics Strong Man Resistance Band Set
Bodylastics is an international leader in resistance band innovation. We're featuring their high quality, full-featured resistance band set with attachments.
ANTI-SNAP safety innovation. Quick and easy clip system. Exact weight measurements. Warrant. Money back guarantee.
Full set may be more than necessary for some.
Set of 19 Bands
4 Waffle Grip Handles
3, 5, 8-18, 13, 19 23, 30lbs
Door anchor. Ankle Strap. App.
DynaPro Gym Quality Resistance Bands
DynaPro delivers professional quality resistance bands at an affordable price, and this set is no exception!
Adjustable length and resistance for each band. Extra padding on handles.
Heavy lifters and bodybuilders may want to purchase their bands with higher resistance levels.
Set of 3 Bands
Stretch Resistance Material
Comfort D-Handles
5-10, 15-20, 20-25 lbs.
Adjustable length.
WODFitters Pull-up Assist Resistance Bands
WODFitters creates fitness equipment with the fitness experts and their Pull-up Assist 41inch Resistance Bands shines with quality.
Extra-long length. Toughness and strength to assist with pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and muscle-ups.
Longer length may not be ideal for all exercises.
Single Band
Stretch Resistance Material
5 Resistance Levels
Includes an eGuide

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What is the Best Resistance Band?

To find the right resistance band (or set of resistance bands), you’ll want to consider features, value, and price. Take a look at the weight rating, length, handle style, and any attachments or exercises it’s specifically design for. A longer band may be better for wrapping around doors and exercise equipment, but it may not be the best choice for individual, unassisted exercise. Look for extras, such as exercise guides or warranties. Make sure you keep these suggestions in mind while reading this review so we can help you find the brand of resistance bands that will help you achieve your fitness goals! Now that you know how to choose the ideal resistance band, we can go ahead and have look at our top picks.
Our Top Choice
SPRI has pioneered rubber resistance training for fitness. The SPRI Braided Xertube Plus Resistance Band is a high-quality piece of training equipment that is lightweight, portable, and strong. If you’re looking for a resistance band that’s a little friendlier for a tight budget, SPRI Super Bands may be a great alternative!

SPRI Braided Xertube Plus Resistance Band Exercise Cords with Exercise Guide

SPRI is a leading innovator in rubber resistance technology and has helped popularize resistance bands for exercise and fitness! They have a wide range of products, including simple exercise bands, braided resistance bands, basic resistance tubes, and accessories. SPRI Braided Xertube Plus Resistance Band is a perfect for use alone or with a partner.

The SPRI Braided Xertube Plus is 16inches longer than the standard Braided Xertube, which means it can wrapped under, over, and around exercise equipment. It comes in five different colors, each with a different level of resistance: Yellow (level 1), Green (level 2), Red (level 3), Blue (level 4), and Purple (level 5). Soft foam handles and a rope-like design make it durable, safe, and ergonomic for exercise. SPRI includes a limited 90-day warranty and free exercise guide with all of their resistance bands.
Best Value
The TNT Pro Series Heavy Duty Resistance Bands with Door Anchor are a multi-purpose solution for a wide variety of fitness needs. But if you’re looking for wider bands specifically designed for leg exercises, check out the TNT Pro Series Extra Wide, Extra Long Resistance Bands for Legs

TNT Pro Series Heavy Duty Exercise Stretch Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor Included

TNT Pro Series creates resistance bands and fitness equipment, placing a high emphasis on quality and service. They feature a large line of fitness bands and the TNT Pro Series Heavy Duty Resistance Bands are built to last. They are sold in different colors, each with a different amount of resistance.

The TNT’s Heavy Duty Resistance Bands are designed for a multitude of workouts, from resistance training to rehabilitation and Pilates. Incredibly, they include a lifetime replacement warranty - no matter what the reason or cause for replacement. They are stronger, thicker, longer, and wider than many competitors which gives them increased durability.
The Bodylastics 19 piece Strong Man ANTI-SNAP Resistance Band Set with Anchors, Handles, Straps, and Exercise Training Resources is one of the most full-featured sets of resistance bands on the market. If you need even stronger resistance options, the Bodylastics STRONG MAN Stackable Resistance Band Set may be just right!

Bodylastics Strong Man Anti-Snap Resistance Band Set - Available with 19 or 23 Pieces

Started in 1998 by a personal fitness trainer, Bodylastics has grown to be an international leader in resistance band technology. Bodylastics creates a wide variety of fitness and exercise equipment with special emphasis on their huge line of different resistance bands. The Bodylastics Strong Man Resistance Band Set is a hallmark of their innovation in resistance band technology, showcasing their engineering’s quality and design.

The Bodylastics Strong Man Band Set is designed with a clip system that allows you to use multiple bands at once and customize your resistance level with ease. The set features a wide variety of different resistance levels - with actual weight values included - and comes with extras such as a carrying bag, user book, and multiple attachments (ankle straps, handles, and even door anchors). The unique ANTI-SNAP technology features a separate core in each band that increases resistance by an extra 150 lbs. per band when stretched to their limit.
DynaPro Gym Quality Exercise Fitness Resistance Bands provide professional, gym-quality bands at an affordable price. If you’re looking for bands that are even cheaper, check out the DynaPro Mini Precision Loop Exercise Bands.

DynaPro Gym Quality Exercise Fitness Resistance Bands - Available Individually or in a Set

DynaPro was founded when its owner, a fitness expert, noticed that the quality standards for resistance bands didn’t have the features and dependability he needed. Since then, DynaPro has expanded with one goal: provide the highest quality workout products at affordable prices. The DynaPro Resistance Bands are designed with this philosophy in mind. They manufacture a wide variety of resistance bands and fitness products - all with durable designs you can trust.

DynaPro's Gym Quality Exercise Bands comes with three professional grade resistance bands with different colors representing their relative level of resistance. The handles are specially designed and padded for comfort throughout the full range of motion. They also allow you to adjust the length and resistance of the individual band. DynaPro backs up their quality with a one-year warranty and money back guarantee.

If you don't want to buy a set of 3 bands just yet, you can always buy the bands individually and choose the weight right for you. They have light, medium, heavy, extra heavy or extremely heavy to choose from. Make sure you choose the right strength for your fitness level!
WODFitters Pull-up Assist 41inch Loop Exercise Resistance Bands fit nearly any pull-up or dip station and are appropriate for many types of exercise. For other specific bodyweight and suspension training purposes, check out the Anchor Point Training Home Gym Kit.

WODFitters Extra Durable Pull-up Assist 41” Loop Exercise Mobility Band - Available in 5 Resistance Levels or as a Set

WODFitters is an exercise equipment manufacturer that prides itself on quality, affordability, and service. They make multiple products, from different types of resistance bands to protective gear and training courses. The WODFitters Pull-up Assist 41inch Loop Exercise Resistance Bands are designed to help with pull-ups but can be used with or without a partner for other exercises as well.

WODFItters Pull-up Assist bands are specially designed to be used with pull-ups, ring dips, chin-ups, and muscle-ups. They work by reducing the weight of your body through resistance during those exercises. They can also be used for common resistance band exercises, such as flexibility and strength training. They are light and portable, but designed to be strong enough to hold your weight while exercising.

If the 10-35lbs resistance level isn't right for you, check out the 4 other resistance bands that Wodfitters has to offer. Finding your perfect band is a moment away.

How Do I Choose the Best Resistance Band?

A vital practice in maintaining healthy bodies is keeping fit. Fitness is traditionally associated with gyms. However, recent evolution coupled up with the usually high gymnasium subscription fees, has seen this trend change, as more people now own exercise equipment such as treadmills and adjustable dumbbells. Among the basic necessities in your personal fitness center is a resistance band, hailed by several exercise hobbyists as jack of all trades due to its ability to perform several activities.

The popularity of these bands has been on the rise in recent times as a result of many factors, among which is convenience. As opposed to weights, these bands are easy to carry around because they have a significantly lower density in comparison. Heck, they can be carried around in gym bags! They are also versatile, capable of replacing the weights while performing a host of other tasks such as physiotherapy.

Additionally, resistance bands are pocket-friendly as compared to other exercise machinery, especially weights. This makes them appealing to individuals on a budget. Despite their cheap price, they are equally as effective as other tools, capable of developing muscle strength, toning, and improving balance and coordination. Also, the flexibility of these bands means that you are not limited to a few postures while undertaking your fitness regimen. Thus, having one of these unlocks a new world of possibilities.

Resistance bands come in two variations, namely tube and loop. Tube bands consist of a string with two handles; one at each end. They are often used for conventional workouts, and can be used in combo with weights. On the other hand, loop bands resemble giant elastic bands. Their primary purpose is physiotherapy and muscle rehabilitations.
By now you are probably itching to get your hands on a resistance band. This is not easy, despite the numerous choices available in the market. We took our time to assess the market, and selected the best bands for you. Read on to become an expert on this subject!
In the fitness industry, resistance bands are one of the cheapest tools. The prices are influenced by type, material and resistance. The tougher the material, the higher the cost. Similarly, bands with higher resistance cost more than those of low resistance.

The price ranges from about $10 to $60. Low-priced resistance bands usually return meager performances, so it would be wise to invest once on an expensive band rather than continuously replace cheap resistance bands.
Knowing what to look out for will help you discern the best option when it comes to any product, resistance bands included. The following features should be your main concern when shopping for a resistance band:
  • Type– This refers to the form factor of the band. It can be single or multiple, braided or unbraided.
  • Material– This is the substance used to make the band. Examples include rubber and latex.
  • Handles– They may be present or absent, depending on the intended usage of the band.
  • Resistance– This is the force exerted by the band. It may be adjustable or fixed.
  • Extras– These are add-ons that come with the band, such as instruction manuals.
Construction and Design
Resistance bands can be either made of a single band or multiple bands. Single bands have pre-determined resistance level which can be altered in any way. Contrariwise, resistance bands whose set consists of multiple bands offer varying resistance levels. The user can increase or decrease the resistance by simply adding or removing the bands. This is particularly helpful where you want to gradually increase the tensile force created by the band.

The material used in making the band is among its vital aspects. It should be strong and stretchable to withstand extreme tension, while also being durable. This is because if the band snaps when being used, it can cause an accident. Rubber and latex are favored by many because of their elastic tendencies. This guarantees maximum stretching without breakage. Care should, however, be taken when adding weights to increase resistance, as they may overwhelm the band causing damage.
Performance and Ease of Use
Typically, resistance bands are available in multiple colors. These colors are not there for aesthetics alone. Each of them denotes a specific resistance level. In the bands which come as a set, this feature is invaluable as it assists in identifying the appropriate band. Also, for those who intend to adjust resistance levels, the color scheme helps in determining the aggregate resistance offered by a combination of such bands.

To increase comfort, resistance bands often come with padded handles that also improve the grip on them. Nonetheless, some variants do not come with handles included. These are preferable if you are willing to sacrifice a firm grip over closer control of the resistance level.

Last but not least, a majority of resistance bands have an instruction manual in their packages, to assist greenhorns in becoming experts.

Get the Best Resistance Band of 2023!

We hope that you’ve found the best type of resistance band that suits your fitness routine. If the exact fitness band that you’re looking for wasn’t reviewed here, remember that each reliable brand makes multiple resistance bands that make for worthy alternatives you can choose from. Whether your priorities are fitness, flexibility, features, or affordability, we are confident that you can make an informed decision for your resistance bands!

Our Top Choice
SPRI Xertube Plus Resistance Band
Best Value
TNT Pro Series Resistance Bands
Bodylastics Strong Man Resistance Band Set
DynaPro Gym Quality Resistance Bands
WODFitters Pull-up Assist Resistance Bands