Best Respirator Reviews 2023

Picking the right air-purifying respirator can seem like a daunting task. With so many available options, it can be difficult to identify what you actually need to decontaminate your air supply. The first step in selecting a respirator that suits your needs best is determining the level of protection you need. Then, you’ll decide whether you prefer a disposable or reusable unit. Once you have a better idea of what you’re really looking for, you might want to check the different types of respirators in the market, comparing their features, design, and so forth. To save you this trouble, we’ve looked at what some of the best respirator brands have in the market and come up with a mix of breathing masks that we believe are among the best in the market. We went further to highlight some of the great features of the chosen respirators below and think that they’re worth your consideration.
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Our Top Choice
3M™ Organic Vapor P95 Full Face Respirator
With more than 100 years’ experience in manufacturing, 3M collision and repair solutions offers you innovative products like the Organic Vapor P95 Full Face Respirator.
Respiratory protection. Reusable. Available in large and standard sizes.
Limited face protection. Has no universal airborne contaminants filter. Does not seal well if not in contact with skin.
Full face
Large/1.5 pounds
NIOSH approved
1 Year Warranty
Best Value
MSA Advantage® 200 LS Half-Mask Respirator
MSA is a brand that has a legacy of providing undisputedly high quality safety equipment for over 100 years. Their safety masks are built for superior comfort and protection.
Multi-purpose respirator. OSHA and NIOSH certified. Low profile cartridges for unobstructed view. Cheap. Free shipping.
Limited to particulate toxins.
Half face
Medium/1.1 pounds
Soft rubber and plastic
OSHA and NIOSH approved
1 Year Warranty
Breathecool II Full Facepiece Respirator System
Breathe-Cool is associated with Turbine Products Company. With barely a decade’s experience in manufacturing, this firm has risen to provide unmatched Supplied Air Respirators.
Fullface protection. Doesn’t clog. Offers 400’ air hose. Offers protection against toxins that cannot be filtered by cartridge type respirators. Durable.
Not NIOSH approved. Limited to at least Grade “D” breathable air.
Full face
35 CFM - maximum air flow
1 Year Warranty
SAS Safety Opti-Fit™ Full Face Respirator
With a mission to provide head-to-toe safety accessories, the SAS Safety Corp. has remained true to their word with the Opti-Fit Full Face Respirator.
Durable. NIOSH approved. Distortion-free visibility. Has nose cup to prevent fogging. Has anti-scratch coated lens.
You will need to buy air supply system separately.
Full face
Medium/3 pounds
Silicone skirt
NIOSH approved
3 Year Limited Warranty
Moldex HandyStrap Particulate Respirator
Moldex has over 30 years’ experience in producing high quality air masks. They are pioneers in disposable and 100% PVC free respirators, like those in the 2700 N95 Series.
Hangs loose. Has Exclusive Ventex® valve lets the hot air out faster to keep user cool. Soft foam nose cushion. 100% PVC-Free® .
Not reusable. Not usable in areas with oils present.
Medium/0.07 Pounds
Soft foam
OSHA approved
Manufacture limited warranty

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What is the Best Respirator?

Armed with the information on how to choose a suitable air mask, let’s take an in-depth look at the selected respirators from leading brands in the market. As you go through our review, keep in mind your needs and budget. Also, see how each of the featured breathing masks in our review suits you. We hope that by the time you’re done reading through this review, you’ll have found a respirator that works for you.
Our Top Choice
If you are looking for a versatile respirator, the 3M fullface mask allows you to change cartridges ranging from paint spray to particulate filters. For those who prefer simpler masks, the 3M 8511 Particulate N95 Respirator is an excellent choice. Designed for user comfort, this safety mask offers unmatched protection against non-oil based particles.

3M™ P95 Full Facepiece Respirator Packout Organic Vapor

Founded in 1902, and formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, 3M is an American global firm with a long history in innovation and production of quality products. 3M has operations in over 65 countries and employs thousands of people giving them a means to livelihood. It also has a well-organized distribution network that makes it extremely convenient for clients to access products.

We have selected the 3M Organic Vapor P95 Full Face Respirator because of the overwhelming good response from clients. Retailing at only $134.31, this large size safety mask passes professional grade standards, although it can still be bought for personal use. With this air purifier, you do not need to buy different masks for a variety of air toxins. All you need is a pack of cartridges for each air contaminant and you are ready to go. It also comes in a standard size to the advantage of people with small faces.

Let’s take a look at an overview of all the features:
  • The safety mask can be used as a negative pressure respirator
  • It can be adapted to a supplied air respirator
  • Has a low-profile filter design that maximizes visibility
  • Different cartridges available for different air toxins
  • Provides some eye protection too
Best Value
Due to its cost-efficient pricing and superior design, the MSA Advantage® 200 LS Half-Mask Respirator has grown in popularity with applications in welding, painting, sanding and grinding industries. If you prefer a fullface safety mask, the MSA Advantage® 3200 Full-Facepiece Respirator is a master piece you would love to own. This version of respirator comes with a soft hypoallergenic silicone sealing that provides pressure-free fit for unparalleled comfort.

MSA Advantage® 200 LS Multi-Purpose Respirator – OSHA and NIOSH Certified

Currently producing cutting edge industrial protective gear, this global corporate started as a result of the sheer determination of mine engineer John T. Ryan Sr. to create equipment that would lessen impact of mining catastrophes. Through the years, the company advanced in inventions successfully building MSA military grade oxygen mask, SCBA products, Quick-Fill ® Systems and advanced gas detection equipment.

The MSA Advantage® 200 LS Multi-Purpose Half-Mask Respirator is among the commonly used products from this renowned manufacturer. Retailing at an inexpensive cost of $39.99, it passes as basic safety equipment for both domestic and professional applications. Its design is built to give you utmost comfort, easy fit and maximum protection.

In addition, here are the features that make this air mask very popular among users.
  • Has multiple applications
  • Has an AnthroCurve that conforms to each user's face
  • Lightweight
  • Has a multiflex system that equalizes facial pressure
  • Comes in small, medium and large sizes
When working in an environment where cartridge air masks clog easily or cannot offer protection against cyanoacrylates, consider acquiring the Breathecool II Supplied Air Respirator System with fullface mask. Alternatively, if you don’t enjoy using a full face mask, try the Half-Face Mask Respirator by Breathecool. It offers a cheaper option for the supplied air masks.

Breathecool II Supplied Air Respirator System with Full Face Mask

Since its inception in 2004, the Turbine Products Company has strived to manufacture quality refinishing products under the Breathe-Cool brand. Their business model is designed to offer clients affordable prices by eliminating resellers. The company sells products through online storefronts.

The Breathecool II Supplied Air Respirator System w/fullface mask is built to operate in immediate danger to life or health conditions where cartridge air purifiers cannot work. Retailing at an affordable price of only $459.99, this safety mask comes with a quality guarantee of a full year. Being multi-purpose equipment, you can use the mask when doing different tasks like welding, spray painting or sanding body filler.

The list of benefits you can enjoy with this breathing mask is endless. Here are the features that would make you fall in love with this mask even the more:
  • Has a portable electric turbine with high-power 1000 watts and thermal-overload protection
  • Fitted with a tangential Bypass air turbine
  • Has a rheostat dial so you can change and control the air flow
  • Don’t worry about feeling stuffy and claustrophic – it doesn’t make the air hot inside the mask
  • Fitted by quick connector to a reinforced breathing tube
  • Comes with 5 stick-on lens protectors
  • Nylon web belt in 2 inches wide and can be adjusted from 34 to 72 inches with a snap connector.
    The SAS Safety Opti-Fit™ Full-face Respirator gives you the flexibility to easily use it as an APR or supplied air safety mask. Alternatively, if you fancy half face masks, the SAS Safety Bandit OV\/N95 Disposable Respirator offers a quality cheap option. This pre-assembled respirator is built for efficiency and use on short notice.

    SAS Safety Opti-Fit™ Facepiece Supplied-Air/APR Respirator

    With decades of experience in building affordable safety equipment, the SAS Safety Corp. has continued to deliver unwavering support to wellbeing of its customers both at home and the workplace. The acquisition of ISO 9001 certification in 2008 distinguished the company from others in continual compliance to high quality standards. In addition, the firm ensures that its respirators are regularly checked for NIOSH certification compliance.

    As you purchase the SAS Safety Opti-Fit™ Supplied-Air Full Face Respirator, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. Retailing at only $249.00, this air mask comes in variations of medium and large sizes. If you want to use the mask to protect yourself from particulate toxins, you can get it at a reduced price without the supplied-air fixtures.

    You will be interested to know what makes this safety mask unique. Here are the features that will attract you to this product.
    • Has a 5-point headstrap
    • Replaceble polycarbonate lens treated with anti-scratch coating
    • Lightweight downtube for easy movement of user
    • Has a silicone skirt that offers exceptional durability and comfort
    The Moldex 2700N95 Particulate Respirator with HandyStrap® And Ventex is comfortable to wear and lets out hot air fast allowing the user to breathe easy and stay cooler in extremely hot and humid conditions. You can also get the Particulate 2300 N95 Respirator with Exhale Valve, at a cheaper price. This Moldex’s disposable safety mask meets heat and flame resistance standards in accordance to the ANSI/ISEA 110.2003, making it a perfect choice for welding works.

    Moldex Respirator Mask with Handy Strap and Valve - 10 Per Box

    Established 36 years ago, Moldex, renowned for great product engineering and design, entered the American air masks market with a bang, producing the very first disposable dust mask in the region. This brand brags of pioneering manufacture of respirators with exhalation valves. With elegant and undisputedly comfortable foam designs, the Moldex brand has continued to wow it customer both in American and Europe.

    Packaged in 10pcs box, the Moldex 2700N95 Series Particulate Respirator with HandyStrap is a very economical choice for a disposable safety mask. It is cheap and lasts longer. Retailing at only $29.03 per box, this mask comes in variations of medium and large sizes.

    If you are working in hot, humid and dusty environments such as welding, soldering and brazing, polishing, stone quarrying and sanding, here are the features that would make you want to choose this safety mask over others.
    • Its Dura-Mesh® shell resists collapsing in heat and humidity
    • Has Softspun® lining for increased comfort and durability
    • OSHA compliant
    • Has a soft foam nose cushion for added comfort and no pressure points
    • Has a HandyStrap®, with buckle, that allows mask to hang around the user's neck when not in use
    • The cloth HandyStrap feels cool and comfortable

    How Do I Choose the Best Respirator?

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a contract worker or a passionate DIYer, you can’t overlook health and safety concerns at your workplace. For instance, if you’re in the construction industry, you’ll need work gloves and work boots to keep your hands and feet from harm’s way. Likewise, just as paint sprayers are important to the automotive industry, so are respirators. They protect workers from inhaling toxic paints, thus keeping one healthy and productive.

    Breathing masks are used not just for protection from chemically contaminated air, but also from particulate air pollutants such as dust and smoke. Respirators come in either full-face or half-face designs. They’re also specially built to offer varied levels of protection.

    The best brands aim at providing respirators that offer maximum protection against air pollutants in a working environment. This means that the choice of your breathing mask will depend on the pollutants you’re likely to face at your workplace. If you’re working on a project that will require a lot of sanding or welding, then a respirator with a particulate filter will be an excellent choice as opposed to a supplied air mask. On the other hand, it would be suicidal to use a particulate respirator in an area contaminated with toxic fumes. It’s thus important to assess the type of pollutants existent in your work environment before you buy a respirator.

    Besides protecting your respiratory system, full-face respirators safeguard your eyes and face from contaminated air, especially where corrosive chemicals are used. If you go for a half-face breathing mask, get other protective gear to cover your eyes and head. Leave nothing to chance, especially when you’re likely to be exposed to extremely toxic environments.
    The price of a respirator depends on its type and overall design. For instance, disposable air masks are fairly cheaper than reusable half-face masks. On the other hand, full face respirators with supplied air accessories are some of the costliest breathing masks available in the market. This is because they’re used to offer protection against highly toxic contaminants such as chemicals and harmful gasses.

    In addition, respirators that can be used for several functions are likely to cost more. The cost of quality breathing masks ranges from $29 to $459.99. You may find cheap respirators around as well, but beware of their quality and performance. Don’t go for a respirator that’s likely to fail and expose you to imminent danger.
    When buying a respirator, you’ll be looking for an option that won’t only protect you, but will be easy and comfortable to use. Its suitability will depend on its overall design and the materials used for its construction. Of importance is to make sure that you get a quality breathing mask that’s effective against prevailing air pollutants.

    Here are the important features to look for in respirators:
    • Type - What is the design of the respirator? Is it half-face or full-face?
    • Size & Weight - Is the breathing mask small, medium, or large sized? Is it heavy or lightweight?
    • Construction Material - What is the respirator made of? Is the material hypoallergenic?
    • Protection Level - What is the assigned protection factor of the respirator?
    • Durability - Is the respirator re-usable or not?
    • Cartridges Used - What filter cartridges are compatible with the respirator?
    • Manufacturer’s Warranty - Are you protected against the product’s factory defects?
    Use these features to select a respirator that’s highly functional and within your budget.
    Construction and Design
    Quality respirators are designed to offer you an unobstructed view. For instance, good full-face respirators feature low filter profiles that allow you to see your surrounding clearly. They also come with exhalation valves that help prevent fogging.

    When it comes to durability, the best breathing masks are built to serve you for a long time. Some of the materials used for their construction include silicone, soft foam, and plastic. Essentially, a respirator is also fixed with straps that hold it in place. These straps may be adjustable or made of elastic material. Before you buy one, make sure you know the right size for you to avoid a loose fit that may compromise the performance of the respirator.

    While there are some particulate masks designed for single use, reusable respirators are common. Most reusable respirators are preassembled. This saves you precious time that you would otherwise spend assembling the breathing mask. They also come in different sizes to allow easy fit for varying face sizes.

    Cartridge type breathing masks have the flexibility of being used in different environments with a wide range of contaminants. All you need to do is to use the right cartridge to filter existing air pollutants. Cartridges are designed to be used for a limited time. They’re also built to tackle specific pollutants such as organic vapors, acidic gasses, alkaline gasses, and fine particles. There are some cartridges that are multipurpose and can be used for a wide range of contaminants.

    For areas with highly toxic gasses, supplied air respirators are the best choice. Such breathing masks come with air supply hoses that are connected to an oxygen canister or pressurized air pumps.
    Performance and Ease of Use
    If your preferred respirator needs assembly before use, make sure that it’s not a complicated process for you to understand. The best models need basic assembly that can be done by anyone. They’re also easy to use and fix cartridges for.

    The materials used for constructing high-quality air masks such as silicone and soft foam are meant to provide an easy and comfortable fit. Hypoallergenic breathing masks will be the perfect choice for people who are allergic to rubber. Also, get a breathing mask that’s light especially if you intend to use it for long periods. You don’t want a cumbersome breathing mask that’ll tire you in minutes.

    Before paying for any respirator, think of how it will fit with other protective gear such as helmets and protective glasses. Both the respirator and other safety equipment should be complementary so that they don’t obstruct each other. For instance, if you’re using a half-face respirator, get one that doesn’t occupy your entire nose bridge; you should leave enough space for your safety glasses. When all safety equipment doesn't fit well, there is a likelihood of leaving spaces that may allow contaminants to enter your eyes or nasal cavity.

    Get the Best Respirator of 2023!

    Now that you’ve gone through our review of top 5 respirators from trusted brands in the market, it’s our wish that you’ve found one that tickles your fancy. If this is the case, don’t waste any time! Go ahead and place your order. However, if the respirators in this review don’t quite suit your needs, the featured brands have other equally good breathing masks. Feel free to explore the whole range of their respirators by following the links on this review page.

    Our Top Choice
    3M™ Organic Vapor P95 Full Face Respirator
    Best Value
    MSA Advantage® 200 LS Half-Mask Respirator
    Breathecool II Full Facepiece Respirator System
    SAS Safety Opti-Fit™ Full Face Respirator
    Moldex HandyStrap Particulate Respirator