Best Retractable Leash Reviews 2023

Most dogs love to take a walk every day, and they’ll be overly excited to step out the door when the moment comes. Walking your dog is a fulfilling experience that gives both of you some well-deserved fresh air and exercise as you bond more with your pup. However, to enjoy a safe and hassle-free walk outdoors, you need a good retractable leash for your dog. We have reviewed five of the best retractable leash brands to make your choice easier. Additionally, you can check out our separate review for the best dog leashes for more options.
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Our Top Choice
PetDreamland Hands Free Dog Leash
Made by individuals with love for pets, PetDreamland products are designed to make your life and that of your pet much easier and happier.
Three powerful bungee cords. Extremely durable
Unsuitable for small dogs
Hands free
3 bungee cords, adjustable
Stretched 70 - 87 inches
9.4 oz
Large dogs
Best Value
URPOWER Nylon Retractable Dog Leash
With their high-level quality control measures and excellent customer service, URPOWER has understood what their customers need and how to satisfy their demand.
Button brake-and-lock mechanism. Reflective nylon for additional safety.
The hook is a bit too heavy for small dogs.
Retractable ribbon cord
 Extends up to 196.8” 
12.5 oz
Small and medium dogs
Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash
By relying on advanced technology, experienced handcraftsmanship and superior materials, Flexi creates high-quality leashes that promise a good life to pets and pet owners.
Patented, one-hand brake-and-recoil system. Bite-resistant, double-stitched nylon cord
Susceptible to breaking
One-hand braking/recoil system 
Extends up to 312” 
19.2 oz
Large dogs
TaoTronics Hands Free Retractable Dog Leash
TaoTronics follows the latest technological innovations and designs a product that connects with your daily life in terms of enhancing your activities and making your routine tasks easier.
Strong dual bungees able to hold dogs up to 150lbs. Luminous, reflective stitching for extra visibility
Handle is too small for larger hands
Hands free, waist wearing
Extra handles, dual bungees
Extends up to 63" 
12.6 oz
Large dogs up to 150lbs
Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash
Hertzko has achieved 100% satisfaction feedback from thousands of clients across the globe. Their priority is quality with a touch of modern design at affordable pricing.
Secure locking mechanism. Secure and durable
Locking mechanism tends to stick
Secure locking mechanism
Adjusts to whatever length
12 oz
Small, medium, large, up to 110lbs

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What is the Best Retractable Leash?

As you take your canine friend for a walk, sometimes you may not trust them to stay close at heel, or perhaps your neighborhood has leash laws that you must adhere to. This makes it necessary to have a reliable retractable leash for ease of movement as your pup runs around, sniffs, and explores what nature has to offer. Now that you’re well equipped with features to look for in a retractable leash, it’s time to dive into our individual reviews and pick a model that suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
The PetDreamland Hands Free Dog Leash has three powerful bungee cords and two symmetrical neoprene padded handles to ensure that your hands and back, and your dog’s neck are always protected.

PetDreamland Hands Free Retractable Training Dog Leash with 3 Bungee Cords and Padded Handles

PetDreamland does not dream of success, but of happy animals and contented animal owners. The company desires to manufacture the most innovative, practical, reliable, and playful products, with love and care. PetDreamland products are designed to make your life and that of your pet much happier and easier.

While your dog will enjoy those morning or evening walks, holding a leash can prove to be really tiring and even leave your hands sore. Well, this horror will end when you buy the PetDreamland Hands Free Dog Leash. This leash is perfect for running, hiking and jogging, so you can let your four-legged friend accompany you wherever you go.

Unlike other products in the same category, PetDreamland’s Hands Free Dog Leash comes with three shock-absorbing bungee cords to keep you and your pup safe from sudden tugs. The two handles are strategically placed and padded with neoprene to ensure your hands remain comfortable, even when the dog keeps pulling you.

Made by humans with love for pets, this retractable leash is extremely durable, with high-quality bungee cords and strong D-rings and carabiners. The company provides a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with this product! What’s more, this leash can also be utilized as a bike leash or running leash. And, it is easy to use. Simply attach one carabiner to your waist belt and another one to your dog’s collar or harness. Using the additional metal rings, adjust the length of the leash and use the padded handles to control your dog. You can also detach it from your belt and utilize it as a typical leash.
Best Value
Capable of stretching up to 16.4 feet, the URPOWER Nylon Retractable Dog Leash comes with a button brake-and-lock mechanism, making it easy to set the required length, with just your thumb. Looking for a dog harness instead? Check out the URPOWER Dog Leash Harness.

URPOWER 16.4 Feet Nylon Retractable Dog Leash with Hand Grip, for Small and Medium Dogs

URPOWER specializes in patio and garden, consumer electronics, home improvement, health and personal care, and pet supplies. The company develops, designs, manufactures, and sells solar lights, essential oil diffusers, Bluetooth speakers, dog harnesses, and other products to consumers around the globe.

The URPOWER Nylon Retractable Dog Leash is safe, comfortable, and easy to use. The reliable Lock Button System allows you to adjust the length of the leash as desired. It also enables you to maintain the leash at a constant length, ensuring that you have absolute control of your safety and the safety of your dog. This retractable leash stretches up to 16.4 ft and is excellent for dogs up to 66lbs. Made of environment-friendly, durable nylon material, the URPOWER Nylon Retractable Dog Leash has an ergonomic, anti-slip handle that is safe and easy to grip, providing an enjoyable walking experience for you and your pet.

As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to ensure that the dog’s collar, as well as all the parts of the leash, is in good working condition.
The Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash comes with a patented, one-hand brake-and-recoil system that allows you to take full control of your pooch during your walks together. Want a leash that supports a larger dog and comes in more color options? Check out the Flexi Durabelt Retractable Belt Dog Leash

Flexi Explore Retractable Dog Leash - Available in 3 Sizes and 3 Colors

Packed with patented technology, handcrafted details, and innovative ideas, Flexi’s leashes are assembled by hand and receive over 100 quality checks before they get to the market. The result is an uncompromising level of perfection that meets the needs of all dogs and their owners.

The Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash is designed with a big dog in mind. The leash can extend up to 26 feet and handles dogs up to 110 pounds. This is one of the largest leashes available on the market today and will give your curious pup plenty of space and freedom to explore. Available in three popular colors and sizes, this leash not only comes with superior durability and high quality, but also has an attractive design. The one-hand brake-and-recoil mechanism enables you to take full control of your pup during your walks. The mechanism is incorporated into the ergonomic handle of the leash for easy adjustment of the leash to the desired length.

Made in Germany, all Flexi leashes are handmade and come with a two year Limited Manufacturer Warranty. A safety precautions and directions booklet is included, and it describes how to use the Flexi retractable leash properly. The package also comes with a safety collar that should be utilized while walking the dog!
The TaoTronics Hands Free Retractable Dog Leash comes with strong dual bungees that withstand all abuse from dogs up to 150lbs, reducing back strain and the possibility of getting hurt. Looking for a hand-held leash that also comes with extra features? Go for the TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash for Medium Large Dogs that comes with Dog Waste Bags.

TaoTronics Hands Free Retractable Dog Leash with Dual Bungees for Dogs of up to 150 lbs - Available in Blue, Green, and Pink

TaoTronics is a leading brand in consumer electronics with specialization in small electronics and accessories. The company strives to understand the needs of each customer and how to meet them, and this can be seen by the millions of satisfied customers across the globe.

TaoTronics Retractable Leash comes as a hands-free, wrist-wearing belt to free up your hands to use a phone or even read a newspaper without feeling restrained by the movements of your dog. It also incorporates an extra handle for better control. The built-in waist handle allows you to guide your dog without breaking a stride. Your canine friend no longer has to fight with the collar’s handle since you have a more direct control.

Here are some of the features of this retractable leash:
  • Strong, dual-spring construction to absorb all lunges and jerks from dogs weighing up to 150 pounds. This reduces back strain and risks of injuries.
  • One-size fit for all dogs, with an adjustable belt that can stretch up to 63 inches, hence accommodating dogs of all sizes
  • Reflective stitching for extra safety and added visibility during night use
If this is your kind of dog leash, you will be happy to know that it comes in three different color options; choose among blue, green and pink!
The Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash comes with a secure locking mechanism, allowing you to adjust it to a length of your choice. Willing to add a few extra dollars for a hands-free, retractable leash? Check out the Hertzko Hands-Free Weather Resistant Dog Leash.

Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash with 16 Feet Nylon Ribbon - Perfect for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs of up to 110lbs

Hertzko was founded by a group of cat and dog-lovers with a commitment to produce the best products. The company has a dedicated team that works with great pet enthusiasts to bring world-class products to the market. What makes the company stand out from the competition is that they are passionate dog-lovers themselves, and will design and produce products that are the best for your canine friend.

The Hertzko retractable leash helps you walk your dog with fun, through its secure locking mechanism, making it seamless to adapt the leash to a convenient length. The 16-foot, durable nylon ribbon offers plenty of room for you and your canine friend to enjoy a safe walk. The leash comes with an easy-to-brake and lock button for added flexibility. By simply holding the leash by the handle, the smooth and durable retracting mechanism keeps the leash tight. When you press the brake button using your thumb, the leash stops and remains locked as long as the button remains pressed.

Additionally, the leash is extremely strong and durable, and can carry dogs up to 110 pounds. The comfortable grip, coupled with an anti-slip handle, ensures a secure grip during the walk. To add icing to the cake, if you don’t feel satisfied with the retractable leash within the first 30 days, you have a full money-back guarantee from Hertzko. Fabulous!

How Do I Choose the Best Retractable Leash?

Taking your pup for a walk has always been fulfilling, but we all know our canine friends can be quite adventurous and sniffy as you stroll down the track. If you have a strong dog, it can be overwhelmingly exhausting as you try to catch up with the pulling force – sometimes off the track. Unlike conventional dog leashes, a retractable leash comes with a handle that makes it more comfortable and convenient to control and allow your pup to roam freely as you follow at your preferred pace.

Retractable dog leashes are adored by millions of dog owners and trainers, owing to their effective results as control mechanisms for dog movements outdoors. Even though these gadgets have their fair share of controversy, your decision to go with a retractable leash boils down to its safety features, sturdy construction, and ease of control. Just be sure to have a firm grip on the leash and a strong and comfortable dog harness as well.

Always take care when walking your dog with a retractable leash to avoid unnecessary accidents. For instance, ensure that you grip the handle as opposed to the leash itself. Consider models with wide, flat belts over the thin cords, as the cords can easily tangle and cut into limbs.

Even though retractable leashes come with lock buttons to stop the leash from unreeling and prevent your pup from running too far off, if you’re in a crowded area like a dog park, ensure that you shorten the leash and engage the lock mechanism to have maximum control over the dog.

However, even with these safety features, every dog owner understands how quickly the pups can dash off, especially when they see a squirrel or another dog. Before using a retractable leash on your pup, he/she should be properly trained to walk close to you and retreat when you call. Otherwise, you may end up being an infuriated dog owner or, worse still, a traffic accident! Practice your dog’s commands and tricks while he/she is wearing a collar or during a walk to ensure the emergency call-back protocol is on point. Your authority should always supersede the temptation to grab that tasty-looking squirrel a few meters away!

With that advice in mind, it’s time to go through the features to look out for when shopping for a retractable dog leash, before you go into our individual reviews.
The prices of retractable lashes will vary based on several factors like size, model, material, as well as design features. However, there’s no cause for alarm, since the best-quality retractable leashes will cost between $12 and $40, which should be relatively affordable. You can still find very cheap models below this range but we strongly discourage our clients from the temptation to go for such due to quality and safety concerns. You don’t want your aggressive pup to break loose in the middle of a crowded dog park and cause mayhem, do you?
Regardless of the price, there are critical features to look for when buying a retractable leash for your dog. Let’s look at them in more details:
  • Leash Length – It’s important to consider the length of your retractable leash when fully stretched out. Your choice on what length to go for will depend on how much space you need to give your pup, and whether or not the pup is adequately trained to respond to call-back commands. You can get impressive distances of up to 26 feet or more, but smaller dog leashes can still go up to 23 feet.
  • Ergonomic Handle – Since most retractable leashes have uncushioned plastic housings, you need a model that is ergonomically designed.
  • Easy Clip – Consider leashes with easy-to-open and close clips that hook the retractable leash to the dog’s collar or harness. You want something you can slip on an excited pup with no trouble.
  • Durability – You should get a retractable leash that will hold up to heavy use for a long time to come. It should withstand occasional falls on the sidewalk and frequent jerks from your dog without snapping. The ribbon should extend and retract several times without getting twisted or losing responsiveness.
  • Dog Size – No one retractable dog leash fits all dog sizes. Consider the weight and size of your dog and get a leash that is built to withstand the physical capability of your dog. The handle must be equally firm and strong to handle the dog’s momentum.
Construction and Design
Producing a retractable leash that is built with strength and comfort for both the dog and the owner is the primary goal of reputable manufacturers. When shopping, it’s better to go for a leash designed for a larger dog than your own to anticipate possible weight gain or excessive jerks. If a leash is rated for a 60-pound dog, it can safely handle a dog weighing 60 pounds and less, and not more.

Most leash cords are made of nylon, but you’ll find models made of leather for added strength and safety (when the cord accidentally wraps around your body parts). Additionally, you will have to choose between cable and ribbon styles. The initial retractable leashes came with cables that hooked to the collar. Owing to the injuries these cables caused to the dogs and the owners, most manufacturers have switched to the ribbon-style leashes, which are much safer for you and your pup.

When you’re going to take a walk in dark, it’s a good idea to consider cords that are brightly colored to improve visibility for pedestrians, cyclists, and even motorists. A neon cord is easy to spot against a variety of backgrounds, even in the dark. Others are made with reflective strips for additional nighttime visibility.

Finally, the retractable leash lock mechanism should be flexible, effective, and easy to control. Even though you can let the leash extend to its full length during a walk, sometimes you want your pup at your heels, and you’ll need a model with a lock button to limit the leash to a convenient length, depending on your surroundings.
Performance and Ease of Use
For many dog owners, a retractable leash can only compare to no leash at all. You give your pup more freedom to roam around while still being able to retract when you approach crowded spaces or roads. However, you should be careful when using a retractable leash to avoid leash accidents. First, never allow your dog to put the ribbon in his/her mouth, as this may compromise the integrity of the ribbon, in addition to posing a danger to the pup. Periodically confirm that the trigger snap is functioning properly and the attachment to the end of the ribbon is secure.

Secondly, ensure that the leash is properly cleaned after use. Remove dirt and debris, and clean the leash mechanism with a damp cloth and dry it out. Keeping the retractable leash damp can cause rusting of the internal mechanisms, which may affect the retracting ability.

If you have two dogs that you want to take for a walk simultaneously, you can consider a model designed for two dogs. These designs come with two leashes to control the two pups separately. However, the units are still tied back to the same base that you can easily control with one hand. Sounds cool? Additionally, you can stop one dog from moving further away while still allowing the other dog to roam freely, as long as it’s still within safety limits. You can also stop both dogs at the same time when necessary.

Other retractable leashes come with non-tangling features, helping you avoid the annoying habit of tangling that is common with long, extending leashes.

Get the Best Retractable Leash of 2023!

Using the best retractable leash gives your pup more freedom to move around as compared to standard leashes. You can both walk at different paces as your dog sniffs around and explores various features without dragging you along too much. Walking your dog with a retractable leash can be fun, but you need to choose the right model and use it safely. Hopefully, our guide pointed you to the best retractable leash that suits your needs and budget. Note that these brands still have other models that you can look at if our picks weren’t ideal for you.

Our Top Choice
PetDreamland Hands Free Dog Leash
Best Value
URPOWER Nylon Retractable Dog Leash
Flexi New Classic Retractable Dog Leash
TaoTronics Hands Free Retractable Dog Leash
Hertzko Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash