Best Rice Cooker Cookbook – Recipes for Making More than Plain Rice in a Rice Cooker!

Most people only use their rice cookers to cook rice or to take up counter space in the kitchen. However, the rice cooker is a valuable tool that can really spice up your cooking. To spice up your meals, we’ve researched the most highly rated rice cooker recipe cookbooks. We chose five different authors’ cookbooks to review and show you how versatile the rice cooker is. We hope you’re able to pick a cookbook that will provide you with quality meals that you and your whole family will love. Check out other cookbooks by these authors—yes, they have more.

The cookbooks we reviewed are what we would call “universal” rice cooker recipes. This means you’ll get the ingredients and instructions, but you may need to do some adapting for times, depending upon the machine you own. But for those of you who are new to using a rice cooker, we went ahead and found some rice cooker recipe books written to go with specific rice cookers. Of course, like the featured cookbooks, the recipes will work in any rice cooker too.

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Our Top Choice
Beth Hensperger - Rice Cooker Cookbook
Looking to try out new recipes at home with a rice cooker? Beth Hensperger’s rice cooker cookbook has got you covered.
Over 200 quick and delicious recipes. Full color pictures and great instructions. Includes recipes for whole grains and rediscovered grains.
Recipes are confined to specific model of rice cookers.
Porridges, soups, puddings
7.2 x 1 x 9.2 inches, 1.4 lbs.
Best Value
Diane Phillips - The Everyday Rice Cooker
Diane Philips has written many different successful cookbooks and her latest project, the Everyday Rice Cooker, is no different.
Contains a variety of ways to use a rice cooker. Has options for vegetarians and pescatarians. Recipes are quick and easy to make. Affordable yet effective choice.
Not all dishes are attractive.
Soups, sides, grains, mains
Paperback, digital
9 x 0.8 x 8 inches, 0.76 lbs.
Katie Chin - 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes
Nobody knows rice like Asian chef, Katie Chin, and her rice cooker cookbook is a great hit as she provides great recipes for people on small budgets.
Easy to follow recipes. Over 300 provided. Offers a great range of foods that can be cooked in a rice cooker. Contains guidelines to using a rice cooker.
Doesn’t make meals with the rice cooker in general.
Legumes and whole grains
7 x 0.8 x 10 inches, 1.6 lbs.
Debra Murray - Rice Cooker Creations
Debra Murray’s creative mind comes alive in the kitchen, and the Debra Murray Rice Cooker Creations shows how much you can do with a rice cooker.
Shows how to make a full-course meal with a rice cooker—appetizer, main meal and dessert. Clear and concise instructions. Beautiful and attractive depictions of each recipe.
Recipes are confined to one brand of rice cookers.
Appetizers, desserts
11.1 x 8.8 x 0.9 inches; 2 lbs.
Dexter Poin - Rice Cooker Asian Recipes
Dexter Poin provides a manual for easy cooking specifically for those who are usually very careful about what they eat. This cookbook helps you make healthy foods.
Healthy recipes. Guidelines for using the rice cooker for dishes such as stir-fry. Most dishes are affordable and easy to make. Great for both amateurs and professionals.
None reported so far.
Info Not provided
Paperback, digital
6 x 0.2 x 9 inches, 0.34 lbs.

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What Is the Best Rice Cooker Recipe Cookbook? Read Our Rice Cooker Cookbook Reviews?

Because each person has his or her own definition of good food, the best cookbook will depend on what flavors and tastes you like. All you need to do is to go through the features and pick out the cookbook that resonates most with you.

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Our Top Choice
Beth Hensperger is known for her down to earth and straightforward cookbooks. Her Rice Cooker Cookbook does an amazing job by shedding light on the numerous benefits of a rice cooker. She also has cookbooks for slow cookers, for more easy meals. Check out Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook.

The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook by Beth Hensperger: 250 No-Fail Recipes for Pilafs, Risottos, Polenta, Chilis, Soups, Porridges, Puddings, and More


Because Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufman had no challenging recipes to use rice cookers on, they decided to write their own cookbook which has now become an Amazon bestseller and has hundreds of recipes for the avid rice eater.

If you eat rice more than two times a week, a new recipe to spice up your regular rice pattern wouldn’t hurt to try. Luckily, the Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook has over 200 quick and delicious recipes for your rice cooker that will make dinner more special. This cookbook also comes with:

  • Full color pictures and great instructions
  • Recipes for whole grains and rediscovered grains
  • Recipes for different types of rice
  • A complete guide for newer rice cookers that have surfaced since the publication of the maiden edition
Best Value
Diane Phillips has, over the years, helped restaurateurs and moms make great meals through her cookbooks. The Rice Cooker Cookbook is a great way to utilize your rice cooker, but if you don’t have a rice cooker, her Slow Cooker Recipe Book has more than 400 easy-to-make dishes.

The Everyday Rice Cooker by Diane Phillips - Soups, Sides, Grains, Mains, and More


With her new cookbook, Diane Phillips introduces to us the many ways a rice cooker can be used apart from filling up counter space.

The Everyday Rice Cooker is a great way for pros and amateurs alike to cook healthier meals for themselves and their families. Some features of this cookbook:

  • Comes in paperback
  • Has options for vegetarians and pescatarians
  • Contains information on how to use a rice cooker to its fullest advantage
  • Recipes are quick and easy to make
  • 85 different recipes to choose from
Katie Chin makes life easier for people with her cookbooks, and her rice cooker cookbook simply holds you by the hand as you learn new tricks in rice cooking. If you are a lover of Chinese cuisine, you will also love her Everyday Chinese Cookbook.

300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes by Katie Chin - Also Includes Recipes for Legumes and Whole Grains


With her Asian roots, Katie Chin is able to come up with this wonderful cookbook that’s been a great help to many of its users.

If you’re a busy person still looking to eat healthy, 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes is a great option because it provides dishes that can be prepared quickly and that are quite tasty.

This cookbook comes with some other features:

  • Comes in paperback
  • 300 different recipes
  • Offers a great range of foods that can be cooked in a rice cooker
  • Contains guidelines to using a rice cooker
Debra Murray is known for her ingenuity in cooking rice. Rice Cooker Creations allows you to do wonders with a rice cooker. You can also check out her Simply Sensational Slow Cooking if you don’t fancy rice cooker recipes or you want to try her other recipes that don’t have to do with rice.

Rice Cooker Creations by Debra Murray - Introduction by Wolfgang Puck, Recipes Include Enticing Appetizers, Delicious Meals and Exquisite Desserts


Debra Murray, assistant to chef and television personality Wolfgang Puck, wrote this cookbook to show her enticing recipes ranging from savory appetizers to sweet desserts, all made with a rice cooker!

Rice Cooker Creations is a great choice for starter chefs and pros alike to whip up something quickly in the kitchen. Features of this cookbook include:

  • Dozens of amazing rice cooker recipes
  • Clear and concise instructions
  • Beautiful and attractive depictions of each recipe
  • A hardback edition
Dexter Poin is passionate about healthy eating, and his cookbooks attest to that. The Dexter Poin’s Rice Cooker Recipes for Asian Cooking helps you make dishes that help you stay healthy. However, if you’re in the market for vegan recipes, the Rice Cooker Recipes for Vegans is a great place to start.

Asian Cooking Rice Cooker Recipes Cookbook by Dexter Poin - Includes Quick & Easy Stir Fry, Low Sugar and Low Sodium Recipes


If you want a cookbook that lets you maximize your use of the rice cooker, Dexter Poin has authored a good one that highlights Asian cuisine.

Rice Cooker Recipes by Dexter Poin is filled with recipes that are delicious, easy to make and healthy. It’s a great choice for those who watch what they eat as he provides nutrition information for all the recipes in this book. Here are some of this book’s other features:

  • Specially features Trader Joe’s grocery items
  • Most dishes are cheap and easy to make
  • Great for both amateurs and professionals

Best Rice Cooker Cookbook Recipe Guide – Learn How to Make Delicious Meals in a Rice Cooker!

Breathe it in. And again. One more time. Close your eyes and breathe in that wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. Sometimes it’s the small things in life, and having a kitchen full of mouth-watering smells is one of them! And you know it’s infiltrating the house when lots of little busy-bodies come in to see what’s for dinner!

We can all get into a rut of cooking the same meals over and over, especially when we know them off the top of our head. It feels easier than trying something new. However, the trick to liven up your cooking is to use what is already there…in a new way! What about the rice cooker sitting on your counter? Instead of using all those pots and pans to cook the same mac ‘n’ cheese as every Monday, why not get a recipe book for rice cookers and you can spice up your food in no time!

Video: Simple Rice Cooker Recipes That Are Awesome

Simple and Perfect Easy Dinner Using Rice Cooker. | Courtesy of Taste Show

Recipe books in general are very affordable when you think of how much they can improve your daily life. And rice cooker cookbooks are no different. Our five featured cookbooks are priced from around $7 to $20. There are cheaper rice cooker cookbooks available, but they won’t offer as many recipes and will leave you in another cooking rut in a short amount of time. The amount of recipes, the cover, and the detail of instructions and photos to go with the recipes are the main factors that affect the price. So if you have a few more dollars to invest, then make sure your money is well spent on a cookbook with hundreds of recipes to try out and stunning photos so you know what you’re aiming for with each recipe! You can also get some cookbooks in a hardback covers.


If you’ve never bought a cookbook before, and even if you have, you may not know what to look out for when shopping for one to suit your needs. Well, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here are some important things to look out for when buying the perfect cookbook:

  • The Food! - It sounds silly, but even though you’re looking for something new, make sure the cookbook uses some of your favorite ingredients. That way, even if you take a risk with a new cuisine, there will still be something in there that you will love!
  • Number of Recipes - Some people naturally want to cook new things all the time while others play it a bit more safe. If you’re the type who plays it safe, that’s not a problem. But if you know you’re like that, try to avoid getting a cookbook with over 400 recipes as it might be too overwhelming!
  • Instructions and Photos - Even as adults, we all learn and engage with different things. If you are a visual person, ensuring your cookbook has photos is pretty essential,
  • Cooking Time Required - Some cookbooks specifically cater to busy lifestyles with quick, easy recipes. However, others give you recipes that may take more love and attention to get just right.
  • Author/ Chef - If there’s a chef or author of a cookbook with a similar flare and tastes, then their recipes will probably hit the nail on the head for you!
  • Cover - Some books only come in hardback, others in paperback, and some give you the choice!
Construction and Design

Let’s take a look at the main aspects to consider when it comes to the construction and design of your rice cooker cookbook. The main things are the food, number of recipes and author and/or chef.

The Food!

This really depends on how adventurous you are with your food. Some people naturally seem to like whichever cuisine is put in front of them, whereas others have a much more acquired taste. If you are looking to expand on the meals that you know, try to find a book that teaches you new flavor combinations and new ingredients, whilst also having something that you already definitely like so you have something to fall back on.

Number of Recipes

Some cookbooks offer a moderate number of recipes, maybe around 50 to 100. For a lot of people, this will keep them going for a while when trying and practicing new meals. Other cookbooks, on the other hand, can go up to two, three or four hundred recipes. This can either be pure heaven for you or it can be slightly overwhelming! Just be honest with yourself about how much time you have to invest in new cooking or if it has to be something that will be done over a long period of time around your schedule.

Author/ Chef

We all have our favorite on-screen chef or someone that just gets us when it comes to flavor and tastes. The author of the cookbook should have created something that makes your eyes light up and your mouth water…and then you’ll have found your match!

Video: Cooking Perfect Rice Uncle Roger's Way

How to Cook Perfect Rice. | Courtesy of Ninja Tasty
Performance and Ease of Use

The instructions and photos are invaluable to the performance of a cookbook and should be the most important consideration factor to consider. That being said, you shouldn’t neglect checking out the cooking time required and cover/format of the book too.

Instructions and Photos

Clear and concise instructions are vital in a recipe; it can make all the difference between getting the recipe just right or having it all fall apart before your eyes when you have a table full of guests in the next room. So ensure the cookbook you go for explains things in a way that translates well to you, saving you time trying to work out the exact steps when you’re in the kitchen.

Photos can also be a really important guide for many people when they cook and a good way to compare your final product with the one in the cookbook. If you’re a visual learner or are inspired by colors and presentation, getting a recipe book with beautiful pictures can make the experience much more fun and enjoyable.

Cooking Time Required

Nowadays, we all live a life that demands a lot from us, and cooking is a great way to relax and do something just for the enjoyment of it. If you know you need this tool to let you unwind and have some me time, then recipes that take a little longer and more attention are ideal. However, if your constant schedule doesn’t seem to have the break you need to try out intricate recipes, make sure you purchase a cookbook that promises quick and easy meals. This way you can expand your cooking skills and enjoy good food without having to find any extra time in the day for it.


A paperback or hardback cover? It just comes down to personal preference. Some people like to stand the book up on the surface so it’s easy to glance up and follow the instructions. Other people don’t feel the need to do this. Whatever suits your cooking style best!

Get the Best Rice Cooker Cookbook of 2023!

We hope we’ve made it easier for you to pick out a cookbook that fits you the best. Remember that these authors have more cookbooks to offer outside those featured here. So let the fun begin in the kitchen!

Our Top Choice
Beth Hensperger - Rice Cooker Cookbook
Best Value
Diane Phillips - The Everyday Rice Cooker
Katie Chin - 300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes
Debra Murray - Rice Cooker Creations
Dexter Poin - Rice Cooker Asian Recipes

Rice Cooker Cookbook FAQs

Where can I get a rice cooker cookbook?
You can get a rice cooker cookbook from Amazon, where you can choose from a variety of options. The site also has some of the best prices, regardless of the product you want. If you are looking for a rice cooker cookbook to buy, we have reviewed some of the best.
How many recipes can I expect in a rice cooker cookbook?
The number of recipes you can expect from a rice cooker cookbook vary from case to case. Write some rice cooker cookbooks may have only 100 recipes, others pack more than 300 of them. So, you can choose a good cookbook, depending on the number of recipes you want.
How much does a rice cooker cookbook cost?
A rice cooker cookbook may cost anything between $1.5 and $10, depending on the number of recipes inside.