Best Rifle Case – Single, Double, Hard and Soft Cases for Hunting Rifles, AR Tactical Rifles and Shotguns

Hunting, gaming, and shooting enthusiasts know that their equipment isn’t complete without a suitable rifle case. It is the easiest way to keep rifles and guns safe from the elements. A good rifle case will keep your rifle safe from dust, rust, scratches, water, etc. The challenge you’ll face is choosing a proper rifle case from among the numerous options.

We’ve made ourselves useful by doing the research for you and have narrowed down on five of the best rifle cases. We chose brands with a variety of quality options, besides the one we featured, because we know that each hunter and marksman has different requirements. You’ll find suggestions and links within each review to make it easier for you.

For the products we reviewed, we chose a mix of unisex soft and hard rifle cases. However, we also understand that many women prefer a design that’s a little less masculine. If that’s you, or your shopping for a gift for a loved one, many of the brands we featured have rifle cases for women too. But we also wanted to give you peek at some options before we get to the main event.

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Our Top Choice
Plano AW Double Scoped Hard Rifle Case
Plano, a trusted name in firearms protection, manufactures watertight and airtight cases that shield rifles from extreme weather conditions and internal corrosion.
Crush and dustproof. Multiple lockable latches. Well-padded. Customizable interior.
The handle makes it a pain to use the latch behind it.
Hard-sided; wheeled
Scoped rifle guns/shotguns; 2
Ext: 55x16x6 in; Int: 52x13x5 in
Dri-Loc; customizable foam
Dual-stage lockable latches
Best Value
NcStar Double Carbine Soft Rifle Case
NcStar manufactures products that are innovatively crafted with high-end features to provide you with a great user experience.
Made with heavy-duty materials. Padded divider to separate rifles. Exterior pockets and pouches. Holds two rifles.
Carry strap is unpadded which could be uncomfortable.
Soft padded fabric
Carbines; 2
Available in 36 or 42 inches
Heavy-duty PVC material
Zippers; hook and loop straps
Pelican 1720 Wheeled Hard Rifle Case
Established in 1976, Pelican has maintained a prominent role in the making of high-quality gear that protects your stuff while in the great outdoors.
High-quality. Layered foam interior. Robust wall design. Padlock protection.
The interior foam is not pick and pluck.
Hard-sided; wheeled
2 colt rifles
Ext: 16x6x44 in; Int: 42x14x5 in
Heavy-duty plastic
Easy-open double throw latches
Flambeau Outdoors AR Tactical Gun Case
Flambeau is a notable manufacturer of plastic rifle cases that protect firearms and prevent corrosion through its patented zerust.
Built for strength. Well-padded interior. Protects rifle against corrosion. Adjustable strap-on.
The hinges are not as strong as expected.
1 AR
Ext: 42x15x5 in; Int: 40x12x4 in
Safe shot latches; padlock holes
Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Soft Rifle Case
Bulldog has decades of experience in crafting creative products that carry different types of weapons for various activities.
Nylon outer shell. Water-resistant. Thick foam padding. Loop to hang it with. Durable zippers.
The case doesn’t have storage pockets or pouches.
Foam-padded case
1 scoped rifle
Available in 40, 44 or 48 inches
Water-resistant nylon/tricot
Full-length zippers

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What Are the Best Rifle Case Brands? Read Our Rifle Case Reviews to Find What Your Favorite!

Now you know that not all rifle cases are equal and understand the features that make the suitable stand out from the inadequate. Now go ahead and read our review of specific brands/products to choose the best rifle case for you; hopefully, you’ll find one at an affordable price.

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Our Top Choice
The Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case with Wheels is rock-solid with its industrial construction. Its Dri-Loc Seal keeps the case air and watertight to keep your rifle entirely safe. If you’d like a case that can hold different types of rifles, go for the Plano All Weather Premium Watertight Tactical Gun Case which has a high-density foam interior.

Plano All Weather Double Scoped Rifle Case with Wheels - Airtight Heavy Duty Dri-lock Gasket, Lockable, Customizable Foam Liner


Plano was founded over 60 years ago to provide equipment protection and storage solutions for outdoor activities. Beyond hunting and fishing, this company prioritizes making outdoor experiences unforgettable. In the bid to improve product quality, Plano has forged a partnership with Frabil and Tenzing Hunting Packs. Thus, it has a broad range of products for tactical, hunting, medical, and several other outdoor purposes. Plano is an adaptable brand that strives to meet the changing demands of anglers, shooters, fishers, and hunters of any skill level by providing quality protective gear and cases.

The Plano Double Scoped Rifle Case is a well-engineered protective shield that can hold two scoped rifles. Furthermore, it comes with pluckable foam that can be cut to fit, and provides watertight and airtight protection for your firearms. Its design is built to withstand the tussles of air travel and its rugged features allow for convenient maintenance. Here are the features of this case:

  • Built tough with industrial strength
  • Customizable pluck foam interior
  • Can accommodate 2 rifles
  • Dri-Loc technology keeps it watertight and airtight
  • 6 latches and 2 locks for maximum security
  • Smooth glide wheels
  • Swivel handles for solid grip
  • Exterior Dimension: 54.625" x 15.5" x 6"
  • Interior Dimensions: 52" x 13" x 5.25"
  • Airline-approved
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Best Value
The NcStar VISM Double Carbine Case has been designed to accommodate two rifles of up to 35 inches long. It has several pockets with hooks and straps for security and easy haulage. If you would also like one with high-density interior padding, try the NcSTAR VISM Deluxe Padded Rifle Case with external magazine pockets. It can accommodate almost any rifle or shotgun.

NcStar VISM Carbine Double Rifle Case – Soft Rifle Case with Pockets for Gear, Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes


NcStar has over two decades of experience in providing quality products for various outdoor activities, and has done so on a consistent basis. Its commitment to excellent product delivery led to the creation of VISM, the arm that’s responsible for infusing current trends and technological advancements into new products. NcStar also boasts of its sustainable practices by using superior-quality materials and flexible designs to accommodate different rifle sizes.

The NcStar Double Carbine Case is an innovative design with the goal of providing optimal protection for your rifle. This bag comes with interior and exterior pockets for handguns, log books, cleaning supplies, ammo, magazines, and other extras to make your adventure complete. Below are other features of this bag:

  • Heavy-duty zippers for all the pockets
  • Tough PVC material
  • Full protection for 2 rifles
  • Hooks and loop straps to secure each rifle
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for easy conversion to backpack
  • High-density foam inner padding
  • Extra PALS loop for customization
  • Primary and secondary compartments
The Pelican 1720 Rifle Case with Wheels is constructed to be airtight, watertight, and dustproof. It has heavy-duty polyurethane wheels for smooth movement, and strong fold-down handles. If you would like a case that can accommodate a longer rifle, or more than one, Pelican has you covered. For example, you may like the Pelican Vault V800 Double Rifle Case.

Pelican 1720 Tactical Rifle Case with Wheels – Watertight, Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve, Available in 3 Colors


Pelican Products Incorporated is a renowned name in the design and creation of protective cases for weapons to ensure their durability and maintenance. Pelican produces a rich range of products in the commercial, consumer, and biothermal divisions with many patents to its credit. The focus is to ensure that enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals enjoy outdoor activities through maximum gear protection.

The Pelican 1720 Rifle Case is temperature-controlled and creatively crafted to provide sure protection against the elements and internal threats. This long gun case is not only STANAG 4280-certified, as it has gone through Def Stan 81-41 and MIL-STD-810G Fungus tests to ensure both quality and safety. Here are some features that will provide the best value for your money:

  • Automatic Pressure Equalization valve to regulate pressure and keep it dry inside
  • Hardware and padlock protectors made of stainless steel
  • Sturdy, yet lightweight
  • Double throw latches that easily open
  • Wheels made of polyurethane with strong metal bearings
  • Features a foam set of 3 pieces for your convenience
  • Polymer O-ring seal
  • Interior Dimensions: 42.00 x 13.50 x 5.25 inches
The Flambeau Outdoors Tactical AR Rifle Case is injection-molded with mechanical hinges for durability. It has a well-padded interior and adjustable strap-on for firearms and magazines. Looking for a more affordable, quality soft rifle case? Check out the Flambeau Outdoor Soft Gun Bag with the same Zerust anti-corrosion technology built into it's liner.

Flambeau Outdoors 6500AR AR Tactical Rifle Case with ZERUST Technology - Hard Gun Case with Magazine Pockets and Straps for Ammunition


Flambeau was created to provide packaging excellence for plastic packaging products. Through various design and customization options, Flambeau continues to manufacture rifle cases that protect firearms in different scenarios and weather conditions. The products are also safe, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly.

The Flambeau Outdoors Rifle Case is an ideal case for storing and protecting your favorite rifle. It has secure latches that keep your gun safely in its case. The case itself has adjustable straps that secure the rifle in its place whether the case is stationary or on the move. Here are some more of its features:

  • Injection-molded design with a polypropylene construction
  • It has safe shot latches
  • Integrated handle so it’s easier to move around
  • Four padlock holes to give it even more safety
  • Mechanical hinge allows your rifle to remain even more secure
  • Padded interior with egg-shell foam
  • Adjustable strap-on included for your convenience
  • Zerust advanced corrosion protection
The Bull Dog Pit Bull Rifle Scoped Rifle Case offers excellent protection with its scratch-resistant inner lining, and has durable zippers that keep everything securely locked in. Bull Dog has a wide range of AR and Tactical Rifle Cases, including designs for the ladies. For example, look at the Muddy Girl Pink and Black Camo Extreme Tactical Rifle Case.

Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Rifle Case - Ballistic Nylon, Water-Resistant Outer Shell, Scratch-Resistant Lining – Available in 2 Colors and 3 Sizes


Bulldog is an American-registered brand situated in Danville, Virginia. It uses nylon and leather materials to construct durable and quality products. Bulldog has different options in its rifle cases product category to suit different requirements and activities. If you’re looking for a case to get the job done, this may be the brand to go to.

The Bulldog Black Scoped Rifle Case is suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing, and is sturdy enough to be transported if you’re traveling or going to the range. It has a quality zipper that’s built to last and has quality stitching. With two mesh handles that are woven for easy carriage and a loop to hang the case, this is a product you don’t want to miss. Here are other features of this rifle case:

  • Neat and durable stitching
  • Water-resistant shell made of nylon material
  • Top-quality full-length zipper to keep your rifle protected
  • Thick foam padding on both sides
  • Sturdy hook to hang bag
  • Scratch-resistant inner lining for longevity
  • Made from plastic material
  • Spacious enough to accommodate most long guns

Hunting and Tactical Rifle Case Buying Guide: Hard Rifle Case vs Soft Rifle Case; Single vs Double Rifle Case – Which Is Best for You?

It’s great fun going on an expedition to the range or woods carrying your rifle and possibly a hunting knife. For safety and privacy, it’s best to keep your rifle in a case. As it’s convenient to keep your handgun in a wall safe for safety and protection at home, you also need a sturdy and durable case to store the rifle you use for hunting or other outdoor adventures.

You’ll soon find out there isn’t a “one size fits all” description for the best rifle case for you. You may want a soft case if you regularly go hunting in nearby woods, but you’ll require a hard case if your hunting or gaming expedition location is far and requires air travel. Also, rifle cases are made of different materials including PVC, leather, nylon, aircraft aluminum, and many others that determine its weight and resistance to elements.

The best rifle cases will keep your rifle safe from rain, snow, or other harsh weather conditions. They’re waterproof to prevent rusting due to water retention, and will have an integral handle to hold the weight of the ammunition and other accessories that you would usually pack alongside the rifle. They should also have interior padding to offer internal protection to the rifle.

Another thing that many rifle owners will agree on is the need for a shooting earmuff/headset to protect hearing, especially for those who use their rifles frequently.


Video: Preparing Your Rifle for Long Term Storage

How to Get Your Rifles Ready for Long Term Storage. | Courtesy of My Gun Diary

Rifle cases come in varieties, and each type also has different features. The features of a hard rifle case differ from those of a soft rifle case, while the materials of a hard case also differ one from another. The same applies to soft cases. This automatically causes differing prices for different brands and products. A double-scoped hard case with six latches could go for above $200, while a less expensive economy-scoped soft case could go for around $15.

We came across some cheap rifle cases which we didn’t talk about in our review. We just need to bring your awareness to the fact that there are rifle cases of poor quality; if you don’t want your rifles getting rusty and being poorly protected, don’t try these.


Every rifle owner knows that a rifle case is a no-brainer. But this doesn’t mean any rifle case will suit your needs. A suitable rifle case will comfortably house your rifle, and protect it against the elements. The following are important features to consider:

  • Dimensions
  • Type
  • Material
  • Size
  • Locks
  • Zipper
  • Safety
  • Durability

This list will provide great insight on what to look out for in a rifle case. Read on to understand how each of these features matters.

Construction and Design

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” adequately applies to rifle cases. Many people have bought an unsuitable rifle case because they didn’t do their research to know if it would suit their needs. Both the interior dimensions and exterior dimensions of a rifle case determine the kind of rifle you can put there. Interior dimensions can range from 40 x 12 x 4 inches to 51.5 x 12.6 x 5.2 inches. Other interior dimensions also range from 40 x 13 to 46 x 10 inches, while you can find exterior dimensions of about 54 x 15 x 6 inches.

While some rifle cases are made from tough PVC, eco-friendly material, there are those that are made of polypropylene materials; some others from plastic, wood, or aluminum. Some have about 4–6 latches that can be locked while some have industrial zippers that can entwine for secure locking.

Further, there are rifle cases that can be regarded as soft case, especially those that are made of fabrics which range from nylon to leather. The advantage of soft cases is that they have a broad range of applications; they’re lightweight and can be converted to a pillow or seat. Hard cases have a hard exterior and offer more protection for your rifle than soft cases. They’re made from materials such as wood or aluminum and have high-density foam padding. They are often heavy and have wheels for convenient mobility.

Some rifle cases come with a high-quality double zipper that can be closed from both ends to ensure what you keep in the case stays in the case. Others have built-in key locks to restrict unwanted access to your firearm; there are even some that come with multiple locks. Most rifle cases are waterproof, giving your rifle full protection from water and humidity, thus preventing corrosion. There are others still that have a built-in mechanism to regulate the pressure in the case.


Video: How To Sight Your Hunting Rifle

Step by Step Method of Sighting in a Hunting Rifle. | Courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife
Performance and Ease of Use

Firearms have made hunting, gaming, and some other outdoor activities less hectic and more fun. Having the right rifle case will almost always make you feel like using it more often. A good one will prevent it from scratches, stains, dust, and rust which increases its appeal and longevity.

If you’ve spared the amount it takes to acquire a rifle, you should ensure you don’t compromise in keeping it secure at all times. You also have an advantage in the fact that most rifle cases are easily affordable and will meet your specific requirements.

Just as we said earlier, the most important thing about getting a rifle case is to find the one that fits your needs. For example, imagine your rifle has a folding stock or you have multiple rifles and handguns; you might want to carry everything to the range regularly, so the type of case you’ll need will be different from someone who has just one handgun or rifle and wants to hunt as light as possible.

You now have sufficient information about rifle cases to make up your mind regarding the features you want in the best rifle case for you. It’s our hope that you’ll find it easy to choose one that will meet your needs.

Get the Best Rifle Case of 2023!

Here you are, at the end of the review. We hope we’ve been able to supply you with enough information to make a decision of the rifle case you want. If that’s the case, go ahead and make your purchase. It’s time to get the game on.

Our Top Choice
Plano AW Double Scoped Hard Rifle Case
Best Value
NcStar Double Carbine Soft Rifle Case
Pelican 1720 Wheeled Hard Rifle Case
Flambeau Outdoors AR Tactical Gun Case
Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Soft Rifle Case

Rifle Case FAQs

What case can I buy for my carbine rifle?
The case you can buy for your carbine rifle is one that adequately protects it from scratches, rust, dust, and water damage. It should be large enough to hold your carbine rifle and other accessories. The rifle case handles should be sturdy and robust enough to remain intact when carrying it for a long time. Notably, the dimensions should be just right for a carbine rifle. Our review on rifle cases has several quality ones that you will love. Check it out!
What molle pouches do you attach to your rifle case?
The molle pouches you can attach to your rifle include holsters, sustainment pouches, first-aid kits, and canteen carrier. You may also attach grenade & magazine pouches, sling D-rings, holsters, and pouches for general use.
Which way to align a rifle in a case?
The way to align a rifle in a case depends on whether the foam is custom cut or not. If the foam comes already cut, then how you align the gun doesn't matter. Check that the foam contours the rifle's entire body to ensure an even spread of its weight. Alternatively, you may contour the foam around the rifle's body while leaving open the scope area. However, it would help if you endeavored to configure the foam right since that is the most critical factor and not the rifle's alignment.