Best River Float Tube Reviews 2023

Entering any body of water inhabited by Reliant Robin-sized catfish and other fast-swimming creatures with sharp teeth and a bone to pick with humans can present a challenge at times, especially if your fishing expedition ventures into an exotic area where particularly nasty fish lurk! Therefore, what you might need is a tough 'n' reliable float tube so that you can keep your-gentlemanly-self away from the dangerous fish and in the position of power from which you can make your advances toward extricating a specimen or two out of the water! Check out our top 5 list to find the best model for your needs!
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Weight Limit
Our Top Choice
Caddis Sports Pro 2000 Float Tube
Caddis makes the outdoors sports-related equipment one might need to achieve the best possible results in the discipline of your choice.
This tube has a heavy-duty tarpaulin bottom. There are two large equipment pockets on either side of it. It's completely water-resistant.
The back support could have been a bit larger. It's difficult to get comfortable in it.
Float Tube
250 lbs
53 x 46 x 15 inches; 11 lbs
Two Auxiliary Pockets
Best Value
Intex River Run 1 Float Tube
The River Run 1 Float Tube is built by the enthusiastic bunch of folks at Intex. It's a simple yet tough piece of gear for your water-bound frolics!
It comes with a convenient back rest, and features a mesh bottom that regulates temperature. There are two handles for easier transport and handling.
The valves can be a bit touchy at times, so make sure you've sealed them correctly before setting off.
Inflatable Sport Lounge
Approximately 240 lbs
11.5 x 4.1 x 13 inches; 5.4 lbs
Built-In Backrest
Classic Accessories Cumberland Float Tube
Whether you're looking for car covers, inflatable pontoons or fishing accessories, Classic Accessories has you covered with nothing but top-notch products.
This tube has a heavy-duty 350-pound weight limit. The hull is "hydrodynamically" shaped. It comes with two fishing rod holders.
It's probably not the best solution for casual users.
Inflatable Fishing Float Tube
350 lbs
56 x 44 x 19 inches; 14 lbs
1-Year Warranty
Bestway CoolerZ Float Tube
Bestway makes all sorts of summertime-bound items, including the CoolerZ Rapid Rider!
This float comes with two handles for carrying it around. There is a convenient cooler in the middle of it. It features a tough build.
It's not really great for fishing, as it lacks cargo pockets.
Inflatable 2-Person Tube
102 x 53 x 19 inches; 10.8 lbs
Two Cup Holders
Tricam Swim and Snow Tube
Tricam produces an array of heavy-duty durable products. It has made a name for itself thanks to its working tenacity and the quality of its products!
This tube is made out of a tough kind of rubber. It has quite a reasonable price, and comes with a one-year limited warranty.
It does not have any additional attachments whatsoever.
Inflatable Swim and Snow Tube
250 lbs
45 x 45 x 32 inches; 2.8 lbs
1-Year Limited Warranty

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What is the Best River Float Tube?

Organizing your fishing tactics while seated comfortably on the river bank is surely a sufficiently satisfactory experience in itself, but there are still those moments of irritation and excitement when you wish you could just jump into the water and grab the dodgy fish with your own two hands! While we don't necessarily condone such an approach, we’d still like to pitch to you a nifty alternative – get a float tube, and get as close to the fish as possible before you actually catch it! If you're not sure what sort of model you should get yourself, check out our top 5 list of the best float tubes and see for yourself!
Our Top Choice
The Caddis Sports Pro 2000 Float Tube is a tough piece for your fishing arsenal, from a company dedicated to creating the best possible outdoors equipment. If you'd like a different outer shell, check out the Sports Nevada Gold Tube instead!

Caddis Sports Pro 2000 Chair Style Float Tube in Green

A fully-sized pontoon is every fisher's biggest dream. A float tube is probably their second biggest dream, but it can work just as well! Led by the burning desire to provide the populace with high-quality outdoors equipment, the Caddis folks decided to pursue their dream and position themselves at the top of the batch of people dealing in everything fishing and camping-related. Caddis products include float tubes, accessories, rapid shelters and other pieces of equipment necessary to make an outdoors excursion work!

With the enthusiastic slogan of "Never stop the adventure," the fine squad at Caddis goes to great lengths in an effort to make its products as good and as marketable as possible. For each of their models, there's a page on the Caddis site you can visit to find out more about its details. This company is known to offer hefty warranties and look closely into customer feedback!

The Caddis Sport Pro 2000 Float Tube offers a tough and durable basis for fishing. Thanks to its low sitting position, the stability of this cheeky vessel is one of its most notable properties, and for additional protection, the most exposed joints on it are double-stitched.

Properties of the Caddis Sports Pro 2000 include:
  • Adjustable seat
  • Comes with a small back rest
  • Outer shell made out of nylon pack cloth
  • Double-stitched on critical seams
  • Two large storage pockets
  • Two auxiliary pockets
  • A storage unit behind the seat
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
This is a tough piece of angler's equipment that you don't want to miss out on if you're about to set off on a proper fishing adventure! With its many pockets, you'll be able to store your entire fishing arsenal in it, and still have space for some beer! What's not to love?
Best Value
With its tough tug rope and convenient back rest for leisurely times, the Intex River Run 1 Float Tube is a floating aid you don't want to miss! For an inflatable floating cooler, check out the Intex Mega Chill II!

Intex River Run 1 Inflatable Floating Tube Raft for Lake, River, & Pool

Whether it's comfy airbeds, sizeable pools, or hot bubbling spas, Intex has it all, and it sells its wares with the conviction and tenacity of a rabid badger! For more than 40 years, it's been a part of the worldwide business that's now grown to produce a wide range of items. As for the pool-building branch of its business, its working principle is that each of its products must be built with quality in mind and sold at an affordable price.

Intex is also engaged in a wide-scale project of decreasing its carbon footprint in its production processes. Its efforts to minimize the usage of fossil fuels go back 10 years. If you're interested in how it's faring, you can find out more about it on its official website.

The River Run 1 Float Tube is one of Intex's most interesting products. It's a simple yet effective means of propelling yourself further into a body of water, without having to swim to the spot. It features a tough grab rope and some other pretty interesting properties!

Features of the River Run I include:
  • Built-in back rest
  • Mesh bottom
  • All-around grab rope
  • Two cup holders
  • Two handles for carrying it about
This tube is an interesting solution for anyone who likes to have a bit of relaxing time outdoors with a piece of floating equipment! Even though it may not be the perfect choice for fishing, due to lack of cargo pockets, it may be an excellent prop for pool parties and other jolly gatherings.
With over 30 years of experience in the production of all kinds of protective covers (and of an inflatable pontoon), the Classic Accessories folks strike once again with the Cumberland Float Tube! If you need a real river monster to invade entire ecosystems at a time, the Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat may be a perfect weapon of choice!

Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

In the glorious year of 1983, a tenacious gentleman of tough pleasures and outdoorsy exploitations named Jacob Engelstein decided that too many steering wheels were left unprotected and without a proper cover in the often harsh conditions of a car's interior. Soon enough, his basement underwent a change and turned into a small-scale production facility, Classic Accessories, that challenged this automotive injustice head on! Englestein went on to produce a number of steering wheel covers, fuzzy dice and high-class seat belt pads.

Once he realized that other aspects of the automotive world, such as cars, were also in dire need of covers, there was no stopping him! Tough and rugged car covers soon came pouring out of his basement, much to the amusement of average pigeon-battling, acid rain-fleeing car owners, who got tired of having to hide their four-wheelers in the face of a range of unforeseen circumstances! (Pigeons, mostly.)

Boat covers were the next step in Englestein's unrelenting market conquest. The Classic Accessories Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube is one of the company's most recent efforts: a fully operational inflatable fishing vessel! It sports a tough military-like style and can be quickly deployed wherever you are. (It works best on water surfaces, though.)

Here are some features of the Cumberland Inflatable Fishing Float Tube:
  • 350-pound maximum capacity
  • Tough PVC bottom
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Safety flag holder
  • Mesh stripping apron
  • Two drink holders
  • Two rod holders
  • One-year warranty
This float is made to be durable, and to include a number of convenient properties for ensuring that you have a carefree and productive fishing trip! The warranty is another positive to take into account if you're thinking about getting yourself one of these.
If you like one sturdy piece of floating vinyl for leisurely pool activities, how about two? The Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider Inflatable Float Tube is a perfect float for pairs, siblings, or friends! For roughly the same configuration, only split up, choose the 2-Pack Bestway Rapid Rider instead!

Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider Inflatable Float Tube – Available for 1, 2 or 4 People

Bestway is making its production processes greener and more affordable by using alternative sources of energy, such as solar panels. In this way, it hopes to make manufacturing safer and more lucrative, which will in turn mean it can offer customers lower prices.

The Bestway CoolerZ Rapid Rider Inflatable Float Tube is a fine example of the company's work philosophy put into practice, as it is built for two people to enjoy together. The material of choice is a tough pre-tested vinyl, and it also comes with two cup holders and a removable cooler!

The CoolerZ Rapid Rider has these features:
  • Built for two people
  • Sturdy pre-tested vinyl
  • Cool mesh bottom
  • Removable cooler in the middle
  • Heavy-duty handles
  • Easy to inflate considering its size
This two-seated float tube is built by an enthusiastic bunch of fun-loving folks. It can be a great solution for anyone in need of a heavy-duty party float. It can also work quite well for dates! To ensure you never run out of drinks, there's a built-in cooler, so once you've inflated this contraption, the party can start! (Unless it rains, that is.)
As a product of a company concentrating on quality and toughness, the Tricam Swim and Snow Tube is a great example of simplicity of design combined with high-quality materials in use. If you happen to be in need of a fish-cleaning table, Tricam's MT-2 Outdoor Fish and Game-Cleaning Table can be an excellent choice!

Tricam Black Inflatable Swim and Snow Tube – Available in 2 Sizes

Tricam has been providing customers with nothing but high-quality wares for almost 30 years now. Its work ethic revolves around fairly lofty ideals such as innovation, quality and execution. Its continuous efforts have been crowned with a couple of Vendor of the Year awards. It's a trustworthy retailer in the global market.

Among the products that Tricam's made over the years, you can find such helpful contraptions as ladders, step stools, lawn carts, a range of different spare tires, and tarps. If you're interested in any of its other products, you can learn more about them on Tricam's website, which has been elaborately made to give potential customers better information.

Tricam's Swim and Snow Tube is one of the simplest and toughest entries in its spare tire list. Its sheer ruggedness and durability are its best selling points. This tube can be used during both summertime and wintertime, for sledding or enjoying yourself awhile in a pool. It's pretty affordable as well.

Here are some of this float's features:
  • Can be used also for sledding
  • Made from tear-resistant rubber
  • Weight capacity up to 250 pounds
  • Rubber-coated valve system
  • One-year limited warranty
This is possibly the simplest piece of equipment on this list! It floats about well, and it's not very likely to sink any time soon once you've deployed it. Of course, it may not have the convenient attachments of some of the more elaborate models, but for its price, it does its job quite well indeed!

How Do I Choose the Best River Float Tube?

When you're out there on a river bank all revved up in the high hopes of catching some big fish and avoiding the annoying tortoises that tend to get tangled up in your gear every now and then, what better way to start your angling adventure than by inflating a convenient contraption better known as the float tube! These portable vessels can present a massive asset when it comes to venturing into a body of water that you suspect of containing a sizeable school of unsuspecting fish. Quite right and forsooth – with one of these plucky contraptions by your side, your respectable tackle made up of curiously-shaped hooks, mighty fishing rods and a fishing scale or two can go a long way indeed! To complete the look of a true angler of genteel and fish-catching prowess, we advise you to also get a durable 'n' rugged wader.

In this section of our buying guide, we'll mention a couple of notable characteristics of float tubes so that you may have a clearer idea of what to go for when buying one. First off, the material. Since these inflatable utensils are often deployed in tough and unwelcoming environments, it's important to ensure that they’ll be able to survive whatever the murky waters have in store. Therefore, many manufacturers opt for durable materials such as PVC, nylon, and rubber, or some combination of these 'ingredients'. Also, it's become a trend to additionally secure the build of these tubes by double-stitching the critical points, mostly those that are submerged full-time while you're out there floating about.

The second important thing to pay attention to would be the accessories that come with a float tube. Since these contraptions are mostly used in fishing excursions, it's really no surprise that they’re often brim-filled with various pockets, holders and other useful things to keep your tackle in. For example, you may expect your new float tube to contain a cup holder, a couple of handles for easier manoeuvring, a backrest, and maybe even a cooler for your beer and other refreshments! It'd be safe to say that whatever it is that you need to make your fishing time more convenient, you can find it equipped on one of these floating fauteuils!
Generally speaking, float tubes are possibly one of the most inexpensive parts of fishing gear out there, especially considering their size and purpose! A standard-size model with a couple of additional accessories will cost you about 20 to 30 bucks, which is peanuts compared to some other fishing and angling-related items such as waders and rods. The deal is – the more extra stuff, the more the price will be. Of course, models reaching up to 200 dollars are also out there on the market, but those are usually equipped with some sort of special set of extras, such as inbuilt coolers, for example. All in all, whatever your budget, you can find yourself a decent model sturdy enough to support you through all your outdoorsy adventures!
A float tube can be a great addition to your mighty fishing arsenal, and obtaining one (meaning a float tube, not the arsenal) is a delicate deed of importance that needs some careful deliberation! If you're unsure as to what model you should get yourself, check out the list below, and learn about the most important features these contraptions tend to possess!

The list of features to pay attention to when buying a brand new float tube:
  • The Material of Choice
  • The Weight Capacity
  • Type of Valve System
  • Protective Stitching
  • Built for One or Two People
  • Carrying Handles
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Cup Holders
  • Back Rest
  • Inbuilt Cooler
  • Warranty
If you're the kind of person who likes to have a sip or two of a well-cooled beverage while you're out fishin', get yourself a float tube model with an inbuilt cooler!
Construction and Design
As far as the style and design of float tubes are concerned, it's safe to say that these fishing accessories are fashioned so that they resemble armchairs, in an 'inflatable' way, so to speak. In this respect, you can expect some variation in the field of backrests and mesh bottoms, but that would be about it, really. The most important aspect of the construction of a float tube, though, would be its weight capacity, as this digit determines how big of a fisherman or fisherwoman can occupy this illustrious seat! Therefore, make sure you've checked this value before buying one of these utensils, so as to avoid the costs of returning your purchased goods!

Some float tubes are built for two people while others are meant to carry just yourself. To withstand your weight, your potential partner, as well as any gear you may have onboard, float tubes are made with tough PVC plastic, vinyl, and strong, durable rubber. Also look out for the kind of valve system featured on any which float tube, as you’ll have to fill it up with air and you’ll certainly want to get the most efficient pump available to ensure you spend more time on the water than laboring on the shore.
Performance and Ease of Use
Float tubes are a breeze to use, once you've got a hold of them. All you need to do to render one of these 'sea-worthy' would be to inflate it, seal the valve, and voila!- you've got yourself a plucky floatable fortress seated on which you can catch some plump fish! Maintenance-wise, make sure to deflate it when you're not using it, and to clean it thoroughly after every use so that the swampy particles of the body of water you're frequenting can't start nagging at your glorious inflatable vantage point!

Nothing lasts forever, which means that it may be wise of you to invest in a float tube that comes with a warranty that lasts at least a year. You may also want to check out whether the float tube you’re eyeing comes with carrying handles and protective stitching, as these will help you get your inflatable to the water without too much hassle.

Get the Best River Float Tube of 2023!

Whether you're in it to catch some unsuspecting fish, or you simply like to repose idly amidst some rather atypical surroundings, floating about on a body of water is surely a fun and useful activity to take up at times! That being said, the best way to go about it would be to obtain a float tube – a simple contraption that keeps you afloat and often comes with a bunch of handy pockets for storing your tackle or snacks. Grand stuff indeed, and mighty convenient once you get used to it! We at hope you liked our reviews and the buying guide, and wish you a smooth, hassle-free purchase – cheers!

Our Top Choice
Caddis Sports Pro 2000 Float Tube
Best Value
Intex River Run 1 Float Tube
Classic Accessories Cumberland Float Tube
Bestway CoolerZ Float Tube
Tricam Swim and Snow Tube