Best Road Bike Pedal Reviews 2022

When you want to become the icon in the cycling world, you can go to the extremes with a few upgrades on your bike. Maybe the handlebars, the saddles, or probably that carbon wheel set, but you will most likely overlook the pedals. Remember, being a warrior on the trails is one thing, but having the right bike for the job is another. And you know if the pedals are not top-notch, your ride is simply doomed. Not to worry, we are here to bring you some of the high-end deals from the best road bike pedals brands in the industry.
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Our Top Choice
Shimano Aluminum SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal
If there is one thing Shimano excels in, it’s listening to customers and giving them exactly what they need from a variety of quality products.
Has widely placed bearings to offer stability. It is made from aluminum and chrome. Has a SPD-SL cleat type. It is built to last for ages. Has a double-sided design.
The pedal might be heavy if you prefer the lightweight ones.
Aluminum and chrome
Wide platform, SPD-SL cleat type
Available in black or white
1 pound
Best Value
Retrospec Bicycles BMX Road Bike Pedal
Flawless design is Retrospec Bicycles’ priority, and the company tests its products for safety and durability to ensure top quality.
It comes with a foot retention system and fixed gear freestyle strap. Has a reflective lining for your safety. The strap used here does not loosen when you ride.
You might find it not spinning freely, but it loosens with time.
Polycarbonate body, Velcro straps
Extra-wide platform
Available in 4 colors
1.05 pounds
Diamondback Century Road Clipless Pedal
When it comes to customer service, Diamondback will go for nothing short of perfection to ensure every single customer is satisfied.
Has an easy to click in and out design. It is lightweight, but solid and sturdy enough. It’s smooth and quick to spin too. It has a full alloy pedal body and 7 degrees of float.
It might cost you pretty penny but considering the durability and efficiency, it’s worth it.
Alloy body
Wide platform, cleat type
0.75 pounds
Origin8 Track Pro Road Bike Pedal
Origin8 knows what it takes to balance design, quality and price.
It comes with an alloy body and cage. Has a mount for toe straps. The pedal is lightweight yet sturdy enough and the quality is intact. It is super easy to install.
It might not spin as smoothly at first, but it gets better with use.
Alloy body, Chrome axle
Toe clip compatible
Available in 9 colors
0.59 pounds
Onedayshop Aluminum Alloy Road Bike Pedal
Top Quality is what every customer is looking for, and this has been Onedayshop’s philosophy since 2009 and counting.
Has a unique bearing structure designed to give you a smooth spin. It is lightweight and super easy to clean. Has a solid chromium steel axis meaning an unsurpassed durability.
It might bend in hard terrain.
Aluminum alloy body
Flat pedal platform
Available in 4 colors
0.97 pounds

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What is the Best Road Bike Pedal?

There a number of things you need to consider when purchasing the best road bike pedal for you, but having gone through our guide, we are sure you are aware of the features to look out for. So let’s jump to our review and see the top five brands that made it to our list.
Our Top Choice
The Shimano Aluminum SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal has widely placed bearings offering a stable and even load distribution. If you are looking for pedals that are ideal for around town cycling with an adjustable entry, float and release, then check out Shimano SPD Cycling Pedals.

Shimano Aluminum Road Bike Pedal SPD-SL— Available in Black or White

Giving back to the society is second nature to Shimano, and they’ve worked to engage with the local communities and work for environmental preservation. The company has been in the forefront on advocacy programs, certification, and other programs for employees; which is just one of the things Shimano does beyond the products.

With widely placed bearings, the Shimano Aluminum SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal can distribute the load evenly, adding to its ability to cope with difficult use in tough terrain. And this is not all this icon has to offer: it comes with a number of more impressive features for you.

Here are some of the qualities you can’t afford to miss:
  • If you are into speed play, then this pedal is the one for you. It offers easy entry and exit, thanks to the double-sided design.
  • Built for heavy duty and durability, the aluminum and chrome used in this pedal guarantees a lasting and reliable service.
  • A wide pedal platform ensures absolute foot-pedal stability, not to mention the low maintenance of the sealed cartridge axle.
  • The wider platform enables you to achieve maximum power transfer as well as comfort all through your ride.
  • The 34-road clearance is efficient for tight cornering.
And it’s available in either white or black, so you can pick the one that perfectly complements your bike.
Best Value
The Retrospec Bicycles BMX Road Bike Pedal with Velcro Straps comes with a foot retention system and fixed gear freestyle strap for the much needed support, comfort and stability. If you are looking for a classic polished pedal with an aluminum design with an unbreakable nylon toe clip then check out Retrospec Bicycle Classic Polished Road Bike Pedal.

Retrospec Bicycles BMX-Style Road Bike Pedal Platform with Freestyle Velcro Straps — Available in 5 Colors

Retrospec Bicycle focuses on creating lasting relationships with its customers as a top priority. The company fosters this bond through high standard work ethics aimed at meeting customers’ needs. The company also goes above and beyond to encourage feedback in order to enhance product improvement as well as development.

The reflective fabric in the Retrospec Bicycles BMX Road Bike Pedal with Velcro Straps helps keep you safer when riding at night. Best of all, this pedal comes with a lot more features to blow you away.

Here are some of the features we’re talking about:
  • This one is built to last, with a polycarbonate body offering a durability that lasts for years.
  • The diversity of this pedal makes it suitable for fixed gear, freestyle, or commuter bike, giving you endless options for your ride.
  • The straps are built to last and fastened so that it doesn’t get loose as you ride.
  • With a wide platform, you can be sure of a comfortable ride that you won’t find in any other toe cage, strap or clip out there.
  • An adjustable FRS- foot retention system and FGFS- fixed gear freestyle strap offers additional support and strength to the pedal for stability.
If you feel black is a little too dark for you, this pedal comes in blue, highlighter yellow, lime green, and white.
Diamondback produces satisfactory products, like the Diamondback Century Road Clip-less Road Bike Pedal, which will prove useful if you’re new to the clipped type, with an easy to click in and out design. If you’re looking for a pedal designed with thermo plastic body that’s lightweight, then check out Diamondback Century Elite Clip-Less Road Bike Pedals.

Diamondback Century Road Black Clipless Road-Bike Pedal

Diamondback means quality in the industry; it’s well out to defend and retain that for as long as possible. The company goes out of its way to ensure every customer gets the value they’ve bought, which has won Diamondback trust among most of cycling enthusiasts.

The Diamondback Century Road Clip-less Road Bike Pedal is super easy to click in and out, which can be all you need if you are learning to use the clipped design. It’s also adjustable, just in case you want to fix it to suit your needs. This pedal further offers an array of impressive features to keep an eye on.

These are some of the features to watch out for:
  • What’s more durable than a full alloy pedal body? Add that to the Chromalloy spindle, and you have a pedal to hand down to the next generation.
  • With 7 degrees of float, an adjustable tension, and a lightweight design, you can never go wrong with the performance of this pedal.
  • If you’re looking for a pedal with cleats, then this is the one for you. Don’t forget: if you have some Look Keon cleats already, it is also compatible with them.
  • The smooth and quick spin means an easier and more fun ride without taking a toll on your energy.
  • If you ride in the rain quite often, you’re in luck as this pedal will not succumb to any corrosion or bearing issues, thanks to the sealed cartridge bearings.
The Origin8 Track Pro Road Bike Pedal comes with an alloy body and cage for absolute sturdiness, meaning years of durability and rides on end. If you are looking for a clip-less pedal 50mm center of platform to the outer crank-arm designed with a heated chromoly spindle then check out Origin8 Pulsion Clip-Less Road Bike Pedals.

Origin8 Light Pro-Track Road Bike Pedal — Available in Multiple Colors & 2 Sizes

Every successful company focuses on innovation, value and performance. Origin8 knows this too well, and has put it into good practice. The result has been an unparalleled quality of the company’s products. And you can’t beat the price either, which is why cycle cross, fixed gear, road and mountain biking enthusiasts can’t keep their hands off them.

With an alloy body and chromoly axle, the Origin8 Track Pro Road Bike Pedal is sturdy enough to take on the hard environmental conditions without struggle and still last for years. This is not where it ends: there are still a lot more features to look out for.

With a compatible toe clip, you have an added advantage to use your pedal than with most options out there. If you don’t have all day, then this pedal’s installation is probably all you need to grab. It is super easy to install, saving you both time and frustrations too. Since it is lightweight and yet sturdy enough, this adds to the efficiency of your bike but won’t come at a cost of the pedal adding unnecessary weight.

The track pedals come in a variety of colors; from powder coat black, anodized gold, silver as well as in ½ inch or 9/16 inch size, you can definitely go for what works best for you.
The Onedayshop Aluminum Alloy Road Bike Pedal comes with a unique bearing structure, designed to give you a smooth spin, you won’t have to leave your bike home any more. If you are looking for a waterproof and anti-slip pedal that comes in a butterfly design then check out Onedayshop Aluminum Alloy Butterfly Design Road Bike Pedal.

Onedayshop Aluminum Alloy Flat CNC Bearing MTB BMX Road Bike Pedal— Available in 4 Colors

Looking for an absolute unique customer service? Then Onedayshop might be the place for you. This has been the company’s policy for years, and they have perfected reaching out to customers in the best way possible. What more could a customer look for?

There are many great things about this pedal, but the durable CNC production design shell stands out. But it’s got even more features to offer.

These are several features you cannot afford to overlook:
  • A solid chromium steel axis means unsurpassed durability, so you can keep riding without any concerns holding you back.
  • Looking for a smooth and seamless spin? A distinct bearing design in this pedal offers more than just that.
  • The 9/16” thread is the true meaning of diversity, fitting cruisers, BMX, mountain bikes, kid’s bikes, and road bikes as well. You can never go wrong with this one.
  • The pedal is super light, so the worry of unwanted weight on your bike won’t bother you at all.
  • If you do not believe in your shoes, you can count on the tight grip on these pedals to keep you on the ride. They are designed to perfection.
  • The pair is well built, so identifying the left from the right should never be a hassle for you.
The pedal also comes in green, blue, red, yellow. No matter what you want, there is something for you.

How Do I Choose the Best Road Bike Pedal?

Commuting to work can be more fun, but have you thought about how you can improve the daily trip to the office? Have you thought of cycling to work yet? Well, if you have only a few miles to cover, then a ride may be more interesting with an ideal bike for the job. And what better way to spend your weekend than conquering some mountain climbs with simple strokes of your pedals?

Pedals are not only are they a direct line from your legs to your bike: the right pedals can add comfort to your ride. When well adjusted, it gets a good hold on your bike shoe, offering more control and power on your ride.

Even if you don’t do it for the comfort, it’s worth going the extra mile for your safety. After all, being injured while on a thrilling ride is the last thing on your mind.

Some of these pedals come with features from toe cages to clips, high friction surfaces, nonslip pedals, extra wide platform in a variety of designs and colors. Sounds like the perfect time to get your headphones out and hit the road for a fun ride!

Riding at night can be a risky affair, and safety always comes first. From the sturdy make to perfect fit clips, there are lots of options at your disposal. Want to be seen at night? It’s time to add a little style to the mix, and some of the pedals with a reflective strap will come to your rescue. Once you have everything ready, get your gloves and buckle up to power down the roads and up the rugged mountains. Biking couldn’t be more fun.

We have the best bike pedals for all budgets, but before hitting that purchase button, here are some of the features to check out:
Pedals are a pretty essential part of the ride, and since they range from $20 to $50, it is also reasonable to say they are fairly priced as well.

Obviously, the price will come down to a number of factors: the features, a pedal with easy entry and exit will most likely cost you a little more. The material and brand of the pedal is also another factor. If it is made from durable metal or alloys, expect to dig into your pocket a little deeper. If biking pros endorse it, consider this product among the high-end type.

The only problem is that the market is also flooded with many other unreliable pedals as well, and you need to be wary not to purchase one of the flawed ones. These cheap road bike pedals lack essential features like sturdy body, clips, or working bearings, which can turn to a nightmare for your riding.
Bike pedals are tailored differently to cater for users’ diverse needs, but there are some features to watch out for.

If you are out shopping for an ideal pedal, these are the things to go for:
  • Type – From platform to clipless, and even clip pedals, you can always get what you need for your preference. It all comes down to what your needs are, and whether you want to use your pedal on a road bike, a mountain bike, or any other type of bike.
  • Material – The pedal is crucial in your bike, so it has to be built to take on the tough task and keep going. From alloy, metallic to chromyl types, there’s a pedal out there perfect for your needs.
  • Platform – Whether you have wide feet or are just looking for a pedal that can guarantee comfort and efficiency, you can find the right one. Most pedals come with the extra-wide platform, monolithic platform or other impressive features like SPD clipless platform on the side. If you know where to look, you can get what’s right for you without struggling.
  • Color – Everyone has their preferences when it comes to colors. These pedals come in a wide variety of colors. Whether you are for black, green, gold, white, the list is endless.
  • Size – Not every rider’s feet are the same, and with the diversity comes the need for a wide range of sizes for the pedals. The manufacturers have this in mind and cater to a variety of sizes. So you can always get the right size on the market, from kids to adults.
Construction and Design
The design of any pedal can make the difference not only for your bike but also for your riding experience as well.

Types of pedals:

Flat pedals – This type is quite common, thanks to its practicality and ease of use. They are a favorite for most downhill mountain riders due to the adaptability and the freedom it offers. The most interesting thing about these pedals is that you can use them with your normal shoes, which is nice for casual riders.

Clip-in pedals – These pedals are great as they ensure total utilization of the entire rotation of the pedal stroke, saving energy in the process. With the mechanical design of the pedal, you can pull your leg off through the rear for easy exit. The pedal is also built to allow you drive power with the down stroke for efficiency. This design, however, should be used with a special shoe for the clipless pedal system.

Touring pedals – If you are looking for a combination of the flexibility of a flat pedal and power in the clip-in design, then this one is the way to go. This type gives you the opportunity to cover miles while still enjoying a stroll with your shoes back home. The whole concept comes down to a combination of the wide platform and the cleat system.

The material used:

The material these pedals are made with is meant to deliver. Coming in a variety of options, you can go for metal, alloys or a combination. The main body and the axle will usually feature different material, but they are built to last for years and withstand the beating. With the right material, you can be sure you have a pedal that will keep going under different environments.


This can’t be ignored when it comes to riding in wet environments. Many of the pedals out there have their bearings well sealed, meaning you won’t have issues with corrosion or the bearing itself.
Performance and Ease of Use
Let’s face it: if you don’t have the pedals, you’re not going anywhere on a bicycle.

Get the perfect size:

The size of any pedal can make a difference when it comes to performance, although this changes with the user’s preference or foot size. The designers produce a wide variety of sizes to ensure everyone gets what works best for them, and you can too. The right size goes a long way in not only delivering in performance but also providing unprecedented comfort.

The pedals platform:

Several features make the platform an essential part of the pedal. First up is making sure it’s wide enough. Others come with the clips or cleats necessary for keeping your foot secure from sliding off. These are built for fast entry, but removing it should be easy if you do not want to fall face-first at every stop. And if you have a double-sided one, then you’re in luck because yours will be the most convenient of all.

Get the Best Road Bike Pedal of 2022!

It is our hope that this review helped you find the right pedal for your next ride. But if you did not get the best one for you yet, do not worry. You can still browse more from our recommended brands to get you the best road bike pedals that will transform your ride into nothing but fun. Get yourself the best, and get on the track for a smooth ride.

Our Top Choice
Shimano Aluminum SPD-SL Road Bike Pedal
Best Value
Retrospec Bicycles BMX Road Bike Pedal
Diamondback Century Road Clipless Pedal
Origin8 Track Pro Road Bike Pedal
Onedayshop Aluminum Alloy Road Bike Pedal