Best Rock Tumbler Reviews 2023

Rock tumblers are a wonderful way to create stunning jewelry, decoration pieces, mosaics and much more! They can turn a plain old stone into something magical - how great is that? So, to give you a helping hand in choosing the right rock tumbler for you, we’ve selected the best rock tumbler brands on the market today. As well as this, we have featured a product from each brand to give you a better feel for what machines are available and what different brands offer. So, what are you waiting for? Get perusing!
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Barrel Size
Our Top Choice
Lortone Rotary Rock Tumbler
Lortone have been creating professional standard, authentic jewelry equipment in a traditional style for well over 50 years.
The Rotary Rock Tumbler has two molded rubber barrels that allow you to use abrasives and polish at the same time. It can also polish jewels, glass and beads, too.
When using the tumbler for long periods of time the machine can overheat.
Rotary Rock Tumbler
4.1" x 3.9"
Stones, Jewels, Glass and Beads
3 lb.
Best Value
National Geographic Rock Tumbler Kit
National Geographic is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization that aims to inspire people to care about the world around them.
Comes with a 2 year warranty as well as 9 types of rough gemstones, polishing grits, jewelry fastenings and educational guide too. High-quality metal with a leak-proof, noise reducing barrel.
The motor in this rock tumbler isn’t overly strong
Vibratory Rock Tumbler
10.8” x 8” x 9.5”
Gemstones, Jewelry fastenings
Gems, Stones and Rocks
1 lb.
Tru-Square Metal Products Rotary Tumbler
Tru-Square Metal Products is a professional style brand offering a wide variety of tools such as rock polishers, tumblers and case polishers.
Coming with a 5 year guarantee. High-grade and has an impressive 15lb. capacity in its hexagonal steel barrel. It also has a heavy-duty motor that’s fan cooled to prevent overheating.
Some customers found the machine to be slightly too heavy and large in size.
Rotary Rock Tumbler
13.4” x 12.9” x 11.5”
Rocks, Brass and other Metals
15 lb.
Thumler’s Tumbler Rock Polisher
Thumler’s Tumbler Supplies is passionate about creating professional grade tools that encourage their customers to be creative and produce something truly beautiful.
Thumler’s Rock Polisher has 4 grades of polishing and is suitable for rocks, castings and casings too. The barrel of this product is also lined with rubber for durability.
The machine itself can be quite messy.
Rotary Rock Tumbler
6” x 6” x 7.5”
Starter rocks and polish grit
Rocks, castings and casings
3 lb.
Discover with Dr. Cool Rock Tumbler
Dr. Cool is a fun and exciting kids’ science brand created by husband and wife Jordan and Katie Willing. They love everything science and create kits your kids will love!
The Tumbler Kit by Dr. Cool comes with tons of accessories to help you get started. It also includes a high powered motor with a 2 year warranty.
It can take quite a long time to tumble rocks.
Kids Rotary Rock Tumbler
10.8” x 8” x 9.5”
Gemstones, Polishing Grit
Rocks and Stones

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What is the Best Rock Tumbler?

When it comes to choosing the best rock tumbler for you this is going to totally depend on your skill levels in the area already. If you’re new to the hobby, you’ll want to go with a product specifically designed for this. If, however, you’ve been using rock tumblers for a while or use them in your profession then a higher-end product is what you will be going for. To help you make the right selection, we’ve picked a wide range of rock tumbler products covering all skill sets to help you choose your ideal product.
Our Top Choice
Lortone’s Rotary Rock Tumbler is the perfect choice for anyone new to the world of Lapidary but looking for a high-quality, professional machine. If you’re after a slightly smaller product, make sure you check out Lortone’s 3A Single Barrel Tumbler instead!

Lortone 33B Rotary Double-Barrel Rock Tumbler

Lapidary brand Lortone has been developing jewelry equipment for over 50 years and is considered one of the leaders in the field for performance and durability. Lortone is big on tradition and makes all its products locally for a truly authentic feel. The Washington-based brand has been producing high-quality products for many years using superior materials and workmanship, meaning a Lortone product is guaranteed to be enjoyed for years to come.

The Lortone 3A Single Barrel Tumbler is a great choice for anyone after a product that polishes not only rocks, but jewels, glass and beads too! This versatile unit has a double-barrel design that allows you to polish in one and use abrasives in the other. This is an ideal product for beginners as it’s easy to use and produces results just like a professional machine. The steel body of the machine is incredibly strong and has a 1 year warranty.
Best Value
National Geographic’s Rock Tumbler Kit is great for rock and gem enthusiasts of all ages and allows you to make some beautiful jewelry too! If you are after a slightly newer model, however, then make sure you check out National Geographic’s 2016 Rock Tumbler Starter Kit instead.

National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit Perfect for Beginners

National Geographic is a society that’s been up and running for over 126 years! Its aim as a brand is to inspire people to care about the planet they live on, with all the proceeds supporting exploration, research, conservation and education too. National Geographic is one of the world’s largest nonprofit educational and scientific organizations.

We wanted to feature National Geographic’s Rock Tumbler Kit due to the good name of the brand, the fact it’s perfect for beginners and its amazing reviews online. This kit includes everything you will need to get started such as the machine itself, 9 types of rough gemstones, four polishing grits, jewelry fastenings, educational guide and instructions. The tumbler itself is made from high-quality metal with a leak-proof, noise-reducing barrel and powerful motor. The machine is also incredibly easy to operate with an automatic shutoff timer that saves energy and creates great results.
Tru-Square’s Rotary Tumbler is ideal for professionals looking to develop their tumbling skills and create products of the finest quality. If you want a slightly smaller product at a lower price point, make sure you take a look at Tru-Square’s A-R1 Special Rock Tumbler Kit instead

Tru-Square Metal Products Professional Grade Heavy Duty Rotary Tumbler

Tru-Square Metal Products creates professional style tools such as rock polishers, tumblers, case polishers and vibratory tumblers. Its products can be used for a variety of operations including laboratories, industry and schools. As well as this, Tru-Square stocks a whole range of polishing accessories such as brass cleaner, rock polishing supplies, manuals and kits. This is a brand with everything you need to start a new hobby today!

Tru-Square’s Rotary Tumbler is ideal for professionals looking for a high-grade product by a well-known and trusted brand. The tumbler itself features a whopping 15lb. capacity and includes a steel hexagon barrel with a removable rubber liner. This product can be used for a variety of mixing and tumbling uses such as polishing rocks, brass and many other metals too. The 115V heavy duty motor of this product is also fan cooled to prevent overheating and issues with overloading. This machine is used by hobbyists, laborites and schools across the world and offers an impressive 5 year guarantee.
If you are after a rock tumbler that has all the bells and whistles then look no further than Thumler’s Tumbler Rock Polisher! If, however, you are looking for a heavy duty rock tumbler then make sure you take a look at Thumler’s Heavy Duty Rotary Rock Tumbler instead

Thumler’s Tumbler Special Kit Rock Polisher Ideal for Rocks Castings & Casings

Thumler’s Tumbler Supplies specializes in a whole range of professional-standard tools such as both vibratory and rotary rock tumblers and rock polishers. Thumler’s products are used worldwide and can be found in laboratories as well as in industry too. Thumler’s is passionate about creating products that make a difference and are constantly reinventing their tools to bring you the best possible products on the market today. If you are after professional grade machines and accessories, then Thumler’s is definitely the brand for you.

Thumler’s Tumbler Rock Polisher is a firm favorite of ours due to its great reviews and the fact it has 4 grades of polishing. This complete rotary rock tumbler kit is ideal for rocks, castings and casings and has a 3lb. capacity rubber lined barrel. This machine is perfect for polishing jewelry and even includes some sample stones and jewelry findings to help you get started. The kit comes with a rock polisher’s guide to give you a helping hand, too!
If your kids love science and are looking for a new hobby then Dr. Cool’s Rock Tumbler Kit is the perfect choice! If your child already has a rock tumbler, however, and is looking for the next step up then why don’t you have a look at Dr. Cools PRO Series Rock Tumbler instead?

Discover with Dr. Cool Complete Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit – Easily Transform Rocks Into Stunning Gemstones

Dr. Cool is a line of science products that are all about adventure! This kids’ brand is passionate about showing little ones the cooler side of science with their extensive range of earth science kits. Hands-on experience is what inspires young learners to discover the world around them whether they are examining bugs, uncovering fossils or cracking geodes! It was founded by husband and wife Jordan and Katie Willing, who wanted to create a kid friendly science brand that created the spirit of adventure, something they have managed to do brilliantly.

The Dr. Cool Rock Tumbler Kit is the perfect choice for kids looking to get into the wonderful world of Lapidary! This kit is a top choice for us due to its great features and durable materials. It includes tumbler and barrel, half a pound of gemstones (different types too!), polishing grit, jewelry fastenings, learning guide AND instructions! The machine itself has a metal base and a high powered motor that is backed by a 2 year warranty. The rubber barrel features noise reducing technology and has a stainless steel lid that’s leak proof. Another great feature of this machine is its programmable timer that prevents you from over-tumbling your rocks and uses less energy as well.

How Do I Choose the Best Rock Tumbler?

Hobbies. We all have them. Whether it’s scouring the beach with a metal detector, knitting scarves for every member in your family or rushing down a mountain on your cruiser. You can’t deny hobbies are a wonderfully productive way to pass the time. Have you, however, ever thought about turning precious stones into lasting treasures? Below is a little bit of information about why rock tumbling could be your next, favorite hobby.

Rock tumblers are machines used to polish rocks, gems, stones, metals and glass. The use of these machines has become increasingly popular in recent years and is no longer just a profession but a hobby. Hobbyists often use rock tumblers to shape rocks for display or even for jewelry purposes with many kits these days including jewelry making tools as well. Since there is such a wide spectrum of people using these machines, the tumblers themselves are now available in a variety of styles. They can range from desktop models for amateurs to industrial models for use in large studios.

Many people tumble rocks and gems simply for display purposes but there are actually a whole host of things you can do with your tumbled goodies that you may have never even thought of. Tumbled gems are great for making jewelry whether you are a professional or simply trying your hand at something new. They can also be used for a whole host of decoration purposes such as mosaics, picture frames, ornaments, vase fillers and sooo much more!

When looking for the best rock tumbler for you there are a few things you may want to consider beforehand. Firstly, rock tumblers come in two different styles - rotary and vibratory. It’s important to figure out which style of tumbler you are after before making your purchase.
  • Rotary rock tumblers- These are probably the most common type of tumbler for creating tumbled stones. Rotary tumblers often have barrels made from rubber to help them run quietly. We recommend purchasing this type if you are a beginner to the world of tumbling as they are easy to use and often come with instruction guides and accessories.
  • Vibratory rock tumblers- These are a lot faster in comparison to rotary tumblers and are usually more economical to operate. Often, vibratory tumblers are more expensive and require a certain level of skill and practice to operate them successfully. We recommend purchasing a vibratory tumbler if you have been using tumblers for a while and are looking to improve your skills.
When it comes to the price of your new rock tumbler, this is going to come down to the type you choose (rotary of vibratory) and the features and accessories you want included. As discussed earlier, vibratory machines are often more expensive due to their professional style. You can expect to pay between $100 and $200 on these types of machine. A rotary machine, however, is slightly less expensive due to the fact it’s for beginners. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60-$100 for these types of products.

If you are after a cheaper rock tumbler, we recommend buying a product that doesn’t include accessories such as stones, jewelry making kits and grit. Although these features are great and make your hobby easier to start, they do add cost to the machines. If you look around online you may be able to buy these accessories separately for less. However, buying machines that have these items included makes the whole process that little bit easier and also helps you to understand how to make jewelry products too. If you are a beginner to rock tumbling or buying a machine as a gif then we recommend choosing a product with accessories included.
When trying to find the best rock tumbler for you there are a few things we recommend looking out for to ensure you choose the perfect product to get you started.

Here are some key features to look out for…
  • A rubber lined barrel
  • Tumblers that can polish a variety of materials
  • Noise reducing barrel
  • Leak proof motor
  • Kits that include stones and accessories
  • Shut-off timer
Construction and Design
When choosing the best rock tumbler, we recommend buying a product with a rubber lined barrel as this means the construction is durable and well built. It’s also a great idea to choose a tumbler that can polish a variety of materials as you will have more variety in the products you can create. Plus, it’s more fun too!

Noise reducing barrels are a wise choice in our opinion as all those rocks and stones rolling around can create quite a racket! This way you won’t annoy your neighbors, parents or yourself! Leak proof motors are also a great feature to look out for as rocks can create quite a lot of dust when tumbled. A leak proof motor will prevent any nasty spillages meaning you can spend more time tumbling and less time cleaning!

Finally, we suggest looking out for a product that’s made of a sturdy material such as steel. This will mean your chosen product is built to last and can be enjoyed for years to come rather than falling apart after the first few uses.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to caring for your rock tumbler it’s important to keep the barrel clean to ensure you produce the best stones and rocks possible. A clean barrel also stops the product from leaking. Now, don’t worry - rock tumblers don’t actually require much effort when keeping them clean. Simply use an old toothbrush to wipe down the rim and sides of the barrel to ensure any excess grit has been removed. Easy!

If you have purchased a rock tumbler with a rubber barrel and quality material then you won’t have to worry about the maintenance of your product. These types of machines are designed to take a bit of a battering so they are purposefully made with durable materials. Many tumblers these days also come with 1-5 years’ warranty too, so keep a look out for for that.

Rock tumblers also don’t require any installation. What a relief, eh? Most machines come ready and raring to go so you don’t have to worry about spending hours piecing your product together. If you are after a particularly high quality machine then we recommend purchasing a vibratory rock tumbler. Although they are trickier to use, they create finer quality products that will look stunning in jewelry or as part of a mosaic.

Get the Best Rock Tumbler of 2023!

Fingers crossed, by now, you should have a better idea about what you are after in your new rock tumbler. If you aren’t particularly fond of the selected products we have featured, then all is not lost! The brands we chose are renowned for their wide variety of products. All you have to do is simply browse through their collections to find something that rocks your world … sorry, we had to!

Our Top Choice
Lortone Rotary Rock Tumbler
Best Value
National Geographic Rock Tumbler Kit
Tru-Square Metal Products Rotary Tumbler
Thumler’s Tumbler Rock Polisher
Discover with Dr. Cool Rock Tumbler