Best Rocking Chair Reviews 2023

Our home is usually our sanctuary; the place we come to after a long day’s work to relax and unwind. We don’t know any better way to unwind than to sit and rock gently on your rocking chair with a hot cup of tea, so we’ve gone out and done some research for you to come up with five of the best rocking chair brands and help you decide which is best for you!
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Frame Info
Our Top Choice
Suncrown Outdoor Patio Rocking Chair
Suncrown is a manufacturer of elegant and comfortable outdoor furniture. Their aim is to bring the luxury and comfort of indoor furniture, outdoors in the form of rockers, sofas and daybeds.
Smooth, easy glide. Perfect for round the pool. Made of high-quality resin wicker. Weather-resistant against wind, rain and sun. Extra thick cushions with Velcro straps.
Chairs are quite low and possibly not the best for someone with back problems.
Outdoor / traditional
Resin wicker
Thick cushions
Not specified
Teal, orange or lime green
Best Value
Timber Ridge Folding Rocking Chair
Timber Ridge is first and foremost a tent manufacturer (and a good one at that). They also dabble in other camping gear, like backpacks, chairs and even rocking chairs.
Sturdy stainless steel frame. Durable polyester material. Padded for comfort. Up to 300lbs capacity. No assembly required. Foldable. Easy to transport. 29-inch backrest.
Some isolated complaints of a squeaking sound when rocking.
Outdoor / camping / foldable
Sturdy steel frame
Durable polyester, padded
40.5 x 19.5 x 18” / 16.53lbs
Brown, blue and gray
POLYWOOD Presidential Rocker
POLYWOOD, founded in the late 80s, saw an abundance of recycled plastic and decided to create a weather-resistant, recyclable lumber that can be used to make tables, chairs and more!
Constructed with recyclable materials. 20-year warranty on the lumber. Weather-resistant. Contoured design. Easy to clean. UV inhibitors and stabilizers. Tons of colors.
You might need some tools, like an electric drill, during assembly.
Outdoor or indoor / presidential
Recyclable wood alternative
No upholstery
33.75 x 26.25 x 42.5” / 37lbs
11 colors available
Mainstay Outdoor Rocking Chair
Mainstay is a proud manufacturer of a wide range of home décor and furnishing products. They have a wide range including storage, bedding, dinnerware and outdoor furniture.
Durable, FSC-certified hardwood. Sturdy frame. Wide seat. Backrest slats. Easily customizable. Treated with a weather-resistant treatment.
May need an electric screwdriver during assembly.
Outdoor / traditional
FSC-certified hardwood
No upholstery
27.2 x 30.2 x 44” / 23.3lbs
Black, brown or white
Keet Roundy Rocking Chair
Keet began manufacturing for other companies before deciding to utilize their skills and launch their own pet supplies and kid furniture lines. Their Roundy Rocking Chair would fit into any home.
Lots of colors to choose from. Made with durable wood. Good quality material used. Would fit into any home décor.
Isolated incidents of the chairs rocking too far backwards.
Indoor / children’s
Powder-coated steel
Durable, gingham material
24 x 17 x 18” / 13lbs
5 colors available

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What is the Best Rocking Chair?

When you’re looking for a rocking chair, you’ll probably have some things in mind, considering how many different choices there are out there. You will want to consider your budget, whether you want to use the chair inside or outside, whether you’d like it to be a permanent fixture or portable, and whether the chair will be used by you, your family or your children. That’s a LOT to think about, so hopefully our guide helped clarify things for you before browsing through our selection of choices, looking for your ideal rocker!
Our Top Choice
The Suncrown Outdoor Patio Rocking Chair is made from high-quality resin wicker that’s weather-resistant. Leave your rocker out in the wind, rain and sun without fear. If you’d like a rocking chair set, you should check out the Suncrown Outdoor 3-Piece Rocking Wicker Bistro Set.

Suncrown Outdoor All-Weather Wicker Rocking Chair – Smooth Gliding, Washable Cushions, Available in 3 Colors

Suncrown is a manufacturer of outdoor furniture. They strive to make their customers as relaxed and comfortable as possible, even when outside. With their range of products, Suncrown takes the elegance and luxury of indoor furniture and converts it into functional, stylish outdoor comfort.

Rocking chairs are usually found inside the home, in study’s or baby’s rooms, however the comfort of a rocker does not have to be confined to one place. Suncrown offers a luxurious outdoor rocking chair that would be ideal for any patio, sun-room or for round the pool. The Suncrown Outdoor Patio Rocking Chair is premium rocker that’s been designed to offer the ideal balance and rock for a relaxing seat anywhere in the home. This easy to assemble rocking chair is also compact and would work great in a small nook or under a cozy gazebo.

Made from durable, high-quality resin wicker, this chair is not scared of a little wear and tear. In fact, it’s completely weather resistant and will withstand wind, rain and exposure to direct sunlight without warping or breaking down. With super thick, washable cushions, this chair is not going to be easy to get up from. For extra security, each cushion has Velcro straps that hold it in place. If you’re not a fan of the featured teal color cushions, you might be inclined to opt for the orange or lime green options instead.
Best Value
The Timber Ridge Folding Rocking Chair is padded for comfort and has a 300lb weight capacity. If you’re looking for other foldable outdoor furniture, you should take a peek at the Timber Ridge Oversized XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair.

Timber Ridge Smooth Glide Lightweight Padded Folding Rocking Chair

Timber Ridge is primarily a tent manufacturer. They have a passion for anything outdoors, whether it’s the back yard or the back country! This passion is evident in the quality and functionality of their products. Aside from producing tents they also manufacture camping chairs, rocking chairs, backpacks and wagons too!

The Timber Ridge Folding Rocking Chair is the ideal camping chair. Who doesn’t want to sit around a roaring campfire AND be able to soothingly rock back and forward on your foldaway chair? With a 29-inch seat back, this chair will be comfortable for anyone. Made with a sturdy steel frame and durable polyester, this chair can withstand up to 300lbs. The material is also padded for extra comfort and there’s a couple of armrests too! With no assembly required, all you need to do is open up the chair, lock the legs in place and you’ve got yourself a fully-assembled, sturdy camping rocking chair.
The POLYWOOD Presidential Rocker is made using weather-resistant, recyclable lumber and is available in tons of bright, cheery colors. For a different design, check out the POLYWOOD South Beach Rocker instead. It’s also available in lots of colors, you could even match with the Presidential rocker.

POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair – Available in Multiple Colors

POLYWOOD was founded in the late 1980s when an opportunity arose. Due to government recycling programs there was an abundance of recycled plastic. POLYWOOD saw this opportunity and with some innovative ingenuity, created a recyclable lumber that can be used as a wood alternative in furniture making. It’s weather-resistant, durable and strong. Beginning with the classic Adirondack chair, POLYWOOD’s collection has grown to now include lounges, deep seating, swings, benches and rockers!

The POLYWOOD Presidential Rocker is one in their line of rocking chairs. There’s also the Jefferson rocker, classic Adirondack rocker, seashell rocker and Long Island rocker all made with the same recyclable lumber. The Presidential Rocker features a contoured design for a more comfortable seat and wide arms and slats that are accommodating to your back. POLYWOOD’s lumber is back by a 20-year warranty because they’re that confident that their material won’t splinter, peel, crack or rot! It’s even resistant to stains and even if you did spill something, they can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

This rocker is built to withstand anything mother nature throws at it, including harsh winds, snow, blistering sun and salt spray. This protection is partly due to the UV inhibitors and stabilizers protecting it from environmental degradation. If you choose to purchase this rocking chair you can choose from a variety of colors to match your current décor. Opt for the brown for a more realistic wood effect or go bold with lemon, pacific blue or red. There’s plenty more colors to choose from as well, if these don’t jump out at you.
The Mainstay Outdoor Rocking Chair is a simple, sturdy outside rocker constructed with FSC-certified hardwood. If you’re not a fan of wooden rockers, you might be more interested in the Mainstay Decorative Wrought-Iron Porch Rocker.

Mainstay Outdoor Rocking Chair – Available in 3 Colors

Mainstays is a manufacturer focused on producing modern, functional and stylish home décor and furnishing products. Their range of affordable products includes furniture, storage accessories, bedding, bathroom furnishings, dinnerware, kid’s products and outdoor furniture, to name a few!

The Mainstay Outdoor Rocking Chair has a simple, modern look to it that wouldn’t look out of place on any porch or in any yard seating area. Available in black, brown or white, you can choose the color that best suits your current décor and you could even accessorize with pillows and throws. Constructed with FSC-certified hardwood, this chair is sturdy and strong. Couple that with the weather-resistant treatment used and you’ve got yourself a rocker that’ll last for years to come. With a comfortable, wide seat and backrest slats, this rocking chair is comfortable and suitable for anyone up to 275lbs.
The Children’s Roundy Rocking Chair would fit into any home, with a wide choice of colors. The durable wooden rocker’s legs should stand the test of time (and kids!) too. If you like the look of this chair but would prefer a different design, check out the KEET Bubble Rocking Kid's Chair.

Keet Roundy Rocking Kid's Chair Gingham – Available in 5 Colors

Keet began way back in 1999. Yes, last millennium! They started by manufacturing products for other companies before they realized that, actually, they wanted to go it alone. And so they did, in 2004, and they launched their own high-end pet products, shortly followed by their kids’ collection. Their furniture is created to be just like a miniature version of adult furniture. They use real wood for the legs of chairs and high-quality gingham fabric and stain-resistant micro suede for the upholstery. Their Kids Roundy Rocking Chair is no exception to this.

This children’s rocker, firstly, looks great. It is a miniature version of an adult’s rocker, which would fit in to any home décor nicely. The gingham fabric is available in 5 different colors, so you can coordinate it with your interior, or let your little one choose their favorite color! The frame is made of strong wood as well as the rocker legs for that authentic rocking chair feel, and the high density foam makes for a comfortable sit. Your little one will be more than happy to sit on this chair reading, watching TV or just relaxing, and the recommended age of 2-5 years means they’ll get plenty of use out of it. Choose from brown, green, navy, pink or lavender!

How Do I Choose the Best Rocking Chair?

Goldilocks took three tries to find the porridge that was just right for her, and those tries came with consequences! So, let’s make sure we find the right chair for you the first time round. First, you may want to consider what you’re using your rocking chair for. Yes, we know the most obvious answer is to sit on but, if you’re looking for more of an outdoor option, then camping chairs are great! They’re light for travel and save you getting a muddy bottom, and come in many different variety’s – including rocking ones. Alternatively, if you’re not fond of camping, then why not pretend your garden is a hot beach in the Caribbean and your laying under some palm trees rocking away in a hammock (unless of course you don’t have to pretend – in which case, where’s our invite?).

Outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be a hammock (even if they are super cool). We’ve got you covered for both indoor and outdoor rocking chairs which hopefully you won’t need to worry about falling out of. Rocking chairs come in many varieties and it can be hard to pick. Are you looking something for you, or your kids? You can even get matching adult and kids rocking chairs, like the Jack Post Knollwood Classic Child’s Rocker.

There’s also other styles; modern and stylish, or a classic wooden rocker like the ones you see in movies where the grandfather is rocking calmly with his newspaper. The eHomeProducts Rocking Wood Chair with Carved Detail sprung to mind when we thought of this. Nowadays, it’s more likely you’ll be sitting in the chair laughing at the children whilst they play pie face and if you haven’t heard of that you are definitely missing out on some pure entertainment!

Most rockers are made of wood, however some people might be opposed to this as they don’t know where the lumber’s come from or whether it’s sustainable or not. If this is a concern of yours you should take a peek at the United General Supply Organic Char-Log Rocker. There are plenty of sizes, shapes and styles to think about but don’t panic. We’ve looked into the finer details for you to look out for when making a decision.
You can expect price to vary based on a number of things. For example; a rocking chair aimed at kids is considerably smaller than those for adults. Size and type of material can affect the price of the product, and you can find kids rockers for around $40. However, we can’t see a full grown adult fitting into these (but if you do see someone try, make sure you have a camera at the ready!).

For adult rocking chairs, prices can range from $50 up to $140. This will be based more on the structural features and craftsmanship. For example, a traditional rocker with engraved detail is likely to be higher priced because of the time used to carve the chair, but that nostalgia feeling is just so worth it if it brings back good childhood memories, and they look stunning as well! Cheaper products are likely to use more fabric as it a cheaper material, but the benefit of this is the added comfort it as it’s not a solid seat. If rocking chairs could hug you, these options would do it!

Just make sure you avoid especially cheap rocking chairs – we found some during our research with price tags too good to be true, and sure enough, customer experiences showed they were badly made and fell apart after the briefest of uses.
As you probably noticed, the varieties of chairs available can affect the price. So, there are a few features to look out for when deciding on your perfect rocker. These features should match your needs as well as your budget and to help you out, we’ve narrowed down what’s important.
  • Material – If being used outside, a wooden chair is more reliable when it comes to the weather. They’re usually heavier and less likely to blow over due to the weight, which is perfect for your garden as you won’t have to worry about finding it in a bush the next morning. Alternatively, if you’re on the go, fabric chairs are perfect for moving around and using them as and when you need them – a great option if you need to find an extra chair at a BBQ.
  • Style – Rocking chairs now come with more options. The traditional hand built wooden rocker comes in different styles of wood (we are in love with walnut right now), but the fabric rocking chairs open up a new pool of colors. They are usually lighter than wooden rockers, making them a fashionable yet practical option.
  • Protection – Outdoor rocking chairs need extra protection from certain weather conditions. When looking for a chair that’s going to be open to the elements, the chairs should have some form of protection from rust, UV rays, water or scratches. However, it’s unlikely you’ll need this for indoor chairs
  • Comfort– You may not realize it, but rocking chairs have been upgraded for practical use, and by practical, we mean you now have somewhere to put your beer rather than the floor! A drink holder makes your experience a little more comfortable, which is a great benefit when it comes to a BBQ or camping. Another feature is that some come with cushions to rest your head on and this definitely makes it easier to fall asleep!
Construction and Design
Rocking chairs will be constructed in one of two ways. This will be either through the use of wood or a form of metal and usually they will take a good effort to rock your way out of it if you know what we mean. The difference between the two options is usually the weight. Depending on the type of wood used, these ones are considered heavier than their metal counterparts. These are great for being stationary either in your living room or out on your porch. They’re also likely to require some elbow grease when assembling, but don’t worry – it all comes with instructions and is a lot easier than it sounds.

The ones that have the ability fold are more transportable due to their lighter frame, and they tend to have more gadgets to offer. Some are designed to make your swing even more comfortable than you remember. With spring activation in the legs to ensure a smoother glide on different surfaces, it’s not going to swing you out of your seat like you may be thinking. These features are added to make sure you have the ultimate swing regardless of where you are.

Those designed for children are usually constructed to be a lot smaller. This design will allow easier access for those with little legs, making it easier for them to get on and off the chair themselves. They also come in an assortment of colors but usually not too extravagant as they are designed to fit with your furniture too.
Performance and Ease of Use
There’s nothing like kicking back and relaxing in a good chair. It’s even better when the chair rocks smoothly. It almost gives us a glimpse of what it was like when we were babies and rocking us was the only way to soothe and calm our crying-little-selves. You’ll know you’re in for a good rocker if it rocks like a dream. However, the performance of the rocker will depend on the surface on which you use it. Those built for indoor use will not work as well as outside as those designed for outside purposes. We recommend investing in one that’s purpose-built for outdoor use to ensure a smooth and stable ride if that is your intention.

Assembling rocking chairs is really simple for those that come with instructions. They provide clear and concise guidance where needed, which means no piece of furniture or person is harmed in the process – always a winner in our books!

The ones we’ve tried have had a positive response from the whole team – in fact, there’s a rumor someone fell asleep in one, and that’s always a good sign! So, we hope this has helped you narrow down a few things to look out for when finding the right rocking chair for you.

Get the Best Rocking Chair of 2023!

Now you’ve taken the time to consider your options, you should have a favorite brand or chair in mind and you can go ahead and get shopping. And, like Goldilocks, hopefully by now we’ve helped to establish which one is right for you so you won’t have any bears chasing after you for taking theirs! If you didn’t like the featured chairs but liked the brand, check out the other rockers they have on offer – you could just stumble across your dream rocking chair.

Our Top Choice
Suncrown Outdoor Patio Rocking Chair
Best Value
Timber Ridge Folding Rocking Chair
POLYWOOD Presidential Rocker
Mainstay Outdoor Rocking Chair
Keet Roundy Rocking Chair