Best Roller Skate Shoes – Wheeled Sneakers and Roller Shoes with Retractable Wheels for Boys, Girls and Adults

Skate shoes have come a long way from the roller type that you wore when you wanted to go out skating. Getting these roller shoes can be tough due to the numerous options available. But since you’ve chosen to "roll" with us, we’ve done the job for you by checking out all those options. What we came up with are five of the best skate shoes from brands you can trust. These brands have other choices apart from the ones we featured, so you can check them out for more options.

Before we move on to our reviews, we want to address some possible confusion. First, when we say “roller skate shoes”, we are referring to shoes and sneakers with inset wheels. Also called roller shoes or wheeled sneakers, these are different from “sneaker roller skates.” However, over the years we have learned that many people search for roller shoes, are actually looking for “rollerskate shoes” which are roller skates that look like street shoes but they have wheels that stick out further from the sole. These are used for actual skating, as compared to roller shoes which just make getting from one place to another more fun.

For those of you looking for this other type of skate shoe, we went ahead and picked a few of our favorites to save you time. Since you’re here anyway. By the way, some of these actually do both!

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Upper Info
Sole Info
Our Top Choice
Heelys Propel 2.0 Kids Roller Skate Shoe
Heelys has grown and inspired generations to be active and creative thanks to their quality wheeled sneakers.
Made in USA, these roller shoes come in plenty of color options. They also feature low-profile pop-out wheels with ABEC 5 bearings for fast performance.
The sizes are only available for little and big kids – none for adults. However, Heelys offers other models specifically for adults.
Single wheel
Available in over 30 Colors
Available in 22 Sizes
Best Value
Ycomi Nsasy Double Kids Wheel Skate Shoe
Ycomi is an experienced manufacturer of highly rated kid’s shoes. It has demonstrated commitment and attention to quality.
It’s available in seven colors and plenty of sizes for boys and girls. It comes with extra padding on the inside for maximum comfort.
You can only get this wheeled sneaker in kids sizes, but if you want adult-sized models Ycomi offers a number of them as well.
Fabric, leather
Double wheels
Available in 7 colors
Available in 13 sizes
Heelys Launch Adult Roller Skate Shoe
Heelys boasts of being the pioneer of the shoes with wheels design, a revolution it started in the early 2000's.
Stylish design, allowing you to transition from skating to class or to a party. Padded material for utmost comfort.
A bit heavy for some users, but the brand offers other lightweight options if that’s what you prefer.
Single wheel
Available in 5 colors
Available in 5 sizes
Light Up Roller Skate Shoes for Kids
VMATE has invested a lot into its research and product production, ensuring the performance you expect from it.
These sneakers with wheels are made of quality polyurethane, a material that is easy to clean and maintain. The LEDs need no charging – they just light up automatically as you walk.
Unfortunately, you only have two colors to choose for this pair.
Single wheel
Blue or pink
Available in 10 sizes
DADAWEN Unisex Kids Wheeled Sneaker
DADAWEN is an innovative manufacturer that produces reliable shoes for kids. It is a trusted brand in the US and overseas.
This sneaker’s made with quality synthetic upper and a rubber sole, guaranteeing that it lasts a while. It’s available is three colors and sizes for little and big kids.
Unfortunately, the sneakers are a bit high, especially for smaller kids, but they work well with bigger kids and teenagers..
Single/Double wheel
Pink or blue
Available in 13 sizes

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What Are the Best Roller Shoes for Kids and Adults? Read Our Roller Skate Shoes Reviews!

You now have a sound roller shoe education, and hopefully, you have decided on the features you want from an ideal pair. Now, go ahead and read our review keeping those requirements in mind, and you'll see how easy it will be to select the best roller shoes for you.

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Our Top Choice
The Propel 2.0 Roller Shoe is a stylish sneaker made with synthetic nubuck upper and lightweight outsole for the best performance possible. Want a different design that comes with a rubber sole instead of a synthetic one? We bet you will love the Heelys Boys Cruz x2 Sneaker.

Heelys Propel 2.0 Roller Skate Shoe for Kids – Wheeled Skate Roller Shoes for Boys and Girls, Available in Many Colors & Sizes


Heelys began in 1999 when its founder Roger Adams invented a new skate shoe design for kids in his neighborhood. It gives users the freedom to change from walking to skating by simply switching their weight to the heel.

The Heelys Propel 2.0 Roller Shoe is a lightweight athletic shoe that comes with a single wheel on its heel. It is ideal for your kid, with sizes available for both big and small kids. Its wheel is removable, which makes it easy to transition from rolling to regular walking. This stylish street shoe is currently retailing at $60.

Lets take a look at some of its features:

  • Comes with a man-made quality
  • It has guaranteed USA quality that is reliable
  • It has a 3" shaft from the arch to provide a nice fit
  • Comes with a low profile pop-out wheel and skate-style laces
  • Built with synthetic sole for durability

You can choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes to get a good fit for your kid. We also think your little pricess might love the Heelys Girls' Bolt Plus x2 Sneaker

Best Value
The Nsasy Wheel Skate Shoe comes with double wheels for a better skating experience. It’s made of fabric and leather, guaranteeing it will last a while. Want your child to feel like they really have wings? This silver pair will make them feel just like Icarus! Sadly, they won't be able to fly.

Ycomi Nsasy Girl's and Boy's Double Wheel Roller Skate Shoe - Wheeled Sneaker Available in 7 Colors & 13 Sizes


The designs associated with Ycomi are matchless. The brand has evolved over time because it pays attention to detail and charges a fair price for quality skate shoes.

The Ycomi Nsasy Double Wheel Skate Shoe is built with fabric and leather so that your kid can enjoy rolling with them for a lot longer. It’s available in different colors and sizes for both boys and girls, and comes with two wheels for easy rolling.

Now let's take a look at some features that make this pair of wheelys good value:

  • Different sizes available that can fit small and big kids
  • Fits perfectly for any occasion and also blends well with most outfits
  • It’s built to fit your child comfortably
  • Comes with skate style lace up for convenience
  • Features a stylish design that kids love

You can pick from a variety of colors on Amazon, ranging from pink, red, blue, black and green.

The Launch Men’s Skate Sneaker is made of quality canvas upper and a rubber sole, guaranteeing you years of skating fun. Want a cool pair for women instead? We recommend that you check out the Heelys Women's Dual Up X2 Tennis Shoe.

Heelys Launch Fashion Wheeled Sneaker - Men’s Skate Shoe, Canvas Upper, Low Profile Wheels, Multiple Colors and Sizes


Heelys is synonymous with skate shoes, which is why we had to feature it twice in our 5 top brands. Its skate shoes are made to be reliable, with the kind of quality that both kids and adults love.

The Heelys Launch Men’s Skate Sneaker is a casual looking, low profile skate shoe that’s ideal for use as regular shoes as well as for those playful moments. Since the first Heelys that we featured is perfect for your kid, you might consider getting this one for yourself and share the experience with him or her.

If you are going to make this purchase, here are a couple of features you can expect:

  • Comes in a classic and stylish build that blends with most casual outfits
  • Made of an upper canvas for a durable frame
  • Comes with quality lace closure for convenience
  • Features a strong low profile wheel

The Heelys Launch Men’s Skate Sneaker is available in grey, black, navy and charcoal colors on Amazon. You can also select the size that fits best before ordering.

The Kid Wings Skate Shoes feature a unique design and come with LED lights that make skating fun. Don’t want the wing style design? Prefer a sneaker that's higher on the ankle? Check out these high-top roller skate shoes for kids.

Light Up Kids Roller Shoes - USB Rechargeable Roller Skate Shoes for Kids, Wheeled Sneakers for Boys and Girls


VMATE is a manufacturer of quality kid's footwear. Its designs are appealing to children and add a playful aspect. If you’re looking for a great wheeled sneaker, you simply can’t go wrong with VMATE.

The VMATE Kid Wings LED Light Up Skate Shoes is a must have for your kid. It features dazzling LED lights that add to the fun. All your little one needs to do is walk and they will light up in seven amazing colors.

At a retail price of around $43, you can get this pair of wheelies and put a smile on your kid’s face. Here are some features that it comes with:

  • It features a pulley wheel that can easily be hidden when you want to walk
  • Comes at an affordable price to fit your budget
  • Its soft fabric is easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s made with a stylish party design that is ideal for kids to have fun with

You can choose between the pink and blue colors that are available on Amazon.

The DADAWEN Wheeled Sneaker is a unique pair as it allows you to use either single or double wheels for a better skating experience If your child wants lights, take a look at all these options!

DADAWEN Double Wheel Roller Skate Shoes for Boys and Girls - Available in 2 Colors & 13 Sizes


DADAWEN has been in the industry of wheeled sneakers for long enough to understand what’s needed for a quality pair. With high ratings to its name, consumers have learnt to depend on its products for affordability and convenience.

The DADAWEN Single Wheel Double Wheel Skate Shoe is fitted with first class crystal rollers to give your kid the required durability. It features a single wheel/double wheel design that lets you remove the front wheel to have one wheel at the heel. At an affordable price point of $49.99, getting this pair for your kid will not only be exciting, but also affordable.

Let’s take a look at the features that come with the DADAWEN Single Wheel Double Wheel Skate Shoe:

  • They are made to be comfortable and safe to use
  • Comes with the latest fabric cushion rubber for comfort
  • Built to suit many occasions and blends well with most casual outfits
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Made with durable rubber soles

They are available in pink and blue, plus you get spare pair of wheels in blue and pink.

Best Roller Skate Shoe Buying Guide — What to Look for When Shopping for Wheeled Sneakers

Innovation has found its way into almost every part of our lives. From communication to work, from living to leisure, almost every activity has become faster, easier, and more fun. Nowadays, shoes move us instead of the other way around. On hearing this, rollerblade skates or hockey skates might quickly come to mind. But the type we specifically want to talk about is even more fashionable and is meant for everyday wear.

Roller shoes, wheelie shoes, skate shoes, and wheeled sneakers are some of the names these shoes go by. They look just like the regular sneakers or trainers we wear every day, but these ones have wheels in the soles. If you don’t want to walk, you can just glide along! They are made with removable wheels, allowing you to also use them as standard sneakers. Using roller shoes is easy; all you have to do is shift your weight towards the heel or the toes, and you get rolling! These shoes are often more padded than regular ones, and the soles are thicker and more cushioned so you won’t feel the friction of the wheels.

The best roller shoes or skate shoes have well-padded insoles for extra comfort. The wheels underneath are low-profile so they don’t interfere with the aesthetics of the shoes. They also have great bearings. so whether you're gliding fast or slowly, your foot comfort is not affected. Skate shoes come in all sorts of designs and closures, so you don’t have to worry about finding a pair that fits your fashion game. You can even find ones that are a cross between a roller shoe and a light up shoe. Just imagine how cool you’ll be gliding around while lighting up the night.

Video: Heelys for Beginners

Learn the Basics of Heelys Skating. | Courtesy of Bro and Sis World

Just like any other pair of shoes, the materials used, brand name, and size are often the main factors that affect the price. Unless you have lots of money, you shouldn’t always opt for the best-looking and most expensive product on the shelf. That doesn’t guarantee value for money, anyway. Choosing a suitable pair of wheeled trainers comes down to balancing your budget with meeting your needs.

A pair of gorgeous wheelies from a premium brand will cost around $70. Another pair, with adequate quality of course, but smaller-sized and from a lesser-known brand, might go for less than $40. If you don’t plan on going back home shoeless from a rave party, steer clear of cheap skate shoes. They are poorly made and will probably break down on you in the middle of showing off a stunt.


Wheeled sneakers are a fun and exciting way to move around. It takes some practice, but once you get in with the flow, it’s go time! If the "wheely" craze has gotten to you and you want in, here are some of the features you can consider to make a good choice:

  • Materials
  • Closure
  • Comfort
  • Wheels
  • Bearings
  • Style
  • Sizing

The sections below will enlighten you on how these features might affect your choice of wheeled sneakers.

Construction and Design

Wheeled sneakers are basically the same as the regular ones you’ve known since forever. The only difference is the wheels. The material used for making these type of shoes is also the same, for the most part. The soles are sturdier and much more robust, which makes more sense considering that you’ll be using them as brakes. Some of the most popular materials are synthetic leather, synthetic nubuck, and canvas.

Just like regular sneakers, skate shoes have different types of closures. The type you get will depend on your preferences. The popular closure types are laces, elastic, and power strap. You will often find a combination of both for style. Whichever you end up choosing, make sure you get a good and comfortable fit, as it will have a lot to do with your balance.

The wheels used on these cool sneakers are made of high-quality polyurethane (PU), so they are quite strong and won’t wear out easily. In most cases, these wheels are removable, making the wheeled sneakers quite versatile. If you don’t feel the need to glide, just take out the wheels, and you have regular sneakers. Don’t worry about dirt lodging in the holes left behind; there are heel plugs to cover those gaps. There are different types of wheels for these sneakers: FATS, the smaller wheels, and the MEGA, which are bigger for better balance. The MEGA wheels are ideal for beginners, as they also make turning and maneuverability quite easy.

Skate sneakers have bearings that minimize friction while the wheels are spinning. Bearings are measured in ABEC (Annual Bearing Engineers Committee). The higher the bearing ratings, the better the efficiency and precision of the wheels. You might want to give extra attention to this when making your considerations.

Video: How to Make Roller Skate Shoes

Learn How to Make Skate Shoes at Home. | Courtesy of Ayush Lab
Performance and Ease of Use

The comfort you derive from a pair of shoes is more important than the looks, at least ideally. Skate shoes are no different. In fact, more attention is paid to comfort in this case due to the wheels. The soles on these shoes are thicker to protect you from the discomfort of the rolling wheels. The insoles are often thicker and more ergonomic than in regular trainers. These wheelie shoes are also padded on the upper area for extra comfort, since you’ll be moving your feet often to kick and to brake.

Style is one area where wheeled sneakers are most similar to their regular counterparts, especially in appearance. At first glance, you might not be able to tell the difference, because they basically look the same. Wheeled sneakers have the same aesthetic factor as regular trainers. You won’t have to betray your style just because you want some wheels on your shoes.

As with every shoe, sizing is most important. If you don’t get your size, you won’t be comfortable in the shoes, and will consequently not feel right in them. Pay some serious attention to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to make sure you get the exact size that suits you best.

Get the Best Roller Skate Shoe of 2022!

That’s it. We have done our part, and the ball’s now in your court! We hope our review has come in handy to help you take home a good pair of roller shoes. It’s time to get rolling in style!

Our Top Choice
Heelys Propel 2.0 Kids Roller Skate Shoe
Best Value
Ycomi Nsasy Double Kids Wheel Skate Shoe
Heelys Launch Adult Roller Skate Shoe
Light Up Roller Skate Shoes for Kids
DADAWEN Unisex Kids Wheeled Sneaker

Roller Skate Shoe FAQs

How to skate with roller shoes
Skating with roller shoes is not really as complicated as it seems. It all falls down to 4 steps. Start by finding someone or something you can use for support. Place one foot slightly in front of the other, then raise the toe of your front foot to about a 60-degree angle. Do the same for the back shoe at a lower angle, putting your weight on the wheels to get an even balance. Finally, pull yourself along until you roll. You can use a friend to hold you for this step. Repeat this until you manage to take off on your own.
Where to buy roller skate shoes
Skate shoes can be purchased from most major retail stores out there. However, you’ll be better off checking online shopping platforms like Amazon. Here, you’ll get a wider array of roller shoes coming in different sizes and prices. For more information, you can check out our recommendations in our product review.