Best Rollerblade Skate Reviews 2023

Whether you’re shopping for rollerblade skates for you or for your child, you want to make sure you get a pair of skates that’s durable, comfortable, stable, and best suited to your needs and skills. For a little help, check out our top 5 choices from some of the best rollerblade brands out there.
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Suitable for
Our Top Choice
K2 Skate Raider Pro Rollerblade Skates
K2 Skate has 54 years’ experience in the skating market, and has more than 40 consumer sport-orientated product categories in its portfolio.
The rollerblades’ cuffs offer extra stability and are comfortable at the same time. These rollerblades are made of high-quality materials, and are supportive and comfortable.
Isolated complaints that the lace design could be better.
Speed skates
Black/orange or red
K2 speed lacing system
Best Value
Chicago ADJ In Line Rollerblade Skates
Chicago was founded in 1905, so it has extensive experience in the roller skating market. It offers rollerblades for beginners and experienced skaters.
These rollerblades are available in 2 sizes: MD and LG. They also have PUC wheels and ABEC 3 bearings. They have a precise fit and are suitable for growing children.
One customer received pink-colored rollerblades for his son.
Recreational skates
Quick release buckle
Bauer X300R Rollerblade Skate
Bauer has been in the market for over 80 years and produces quality hockey equipment such as sticks, pads, helmets, skates, bags, hockey accessories, and apparel.
On the inside, these skates are designed to reduce sweat and have cell foam underneath for protection and comfort. The Hi-lo Court wheels improve speed and performance.
These rollerblades don’t come with rocker effect.
Speed skates
Men and women
7, 11 and 12
Suitable for hockey
Rollerblade Fitness Zetrablade Skates
Rollerblade was founded in 1980, and since then its motto has been “Born to Skate”. It specializes in inline skates that offer performance, stability, and durability.
These rollerblade skates help you graduate from beginner in no time. They are comfortable and stable, and provide ankle support for a smooth ride.
You have to tighten the laces strongly, otherwise they will loosen up.
Recreational skates
Very comfortable and stable
Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Rollerblade Skates
Roller Derby is a brand that offers a great variety of skating products such as recreational, fitness, derby and ice skates, and skating gear and accessories.
The wheels of these rollerblades are built for speed and performance. They have gel wheels which make the riding smooth and comfortable.
They don’t have foam insoles.
Speed skates
3 color options
Push button adjustment system

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What is the Best Rollerblade Skate?

When choosing rollerblade skates, the first thing you have to think about is your level of experience; if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert skater. Beginner rollerblade skates usually cost less than others, but offer less features compared to those for intermediates and experts. To help you decide, we‘ve reviewed the most appreciated rollerblade skates and picked the best 5.
Our Top Choice
The K2 Skate Boy's Inline Skates are available in multiple sizes and feature a K2 traditional lacing system. They have a stamped aluminium frame and come in 2 color options. On the other hand, if you’re looking for women’s rollerblade skates, you should see the K2 Skate Women's Kinetic Skates, which are available in 7 sizes, and are lighter and more breathable than traditional rollerblade skates!

K2 Skate Boy's Raider Pro Inline Skates - K2 Speed Lacing System, 2 Sizes and 2 Colors Available

K2 Skate was founded in 1963 and started initially as a ski company from the USA. Later, it renamed itself K2 Sports and nowadays has hundreds of products and brands. Its products are made of high-quality materials and are innovative. K2 Skate puts all its passion into creating original and authentic lifestyle experiences. Apart from rollerblade skates, this brand also sells snowboards, alpine and ski equipment, snowshoes, and other types of skates. At K2 Skate, passion and fun meet science and technology.

Suitable for your child’s outdoor activity, the K2 Skate Boy's Inline Skates glide smoothly and have adjustable sizes between 1 and 5 and between 11 and 20. They have ABC-5 bearings and a durable aluminium frame. If your child wants to start rollerblading but you’re on a budget, you should take these skates into consideration as they are both affordable and high-quality. As they’re adjustable in size, you can buy them for your growing children because they’ll fit for a couple of years. Also, these models are available in 2 color options: red and black/orange.
Best Value
The Chicago Rally Jr. Boys Inline Skates have a vented outer shell for maximum breathability and adjust to 4 sizes. The boot is comfortable and has a power strap and laces. Additionally, if you want to buy a pair of skates for your daughter, you should check out the Chicago Blazer Jr. Girls Inline Skates which are available in 2 sizes and have a quick release buckle!

Chicago Rally Jr. Boys Adjustable Inline Skate - Quick Release Buckle, Size 1-4

Chicago has more than 100 years’ experience in the roller skating industry. Its products are appreciated by people around the world, are made of high-quality materials and have affordable prices. For beginners, Chicago offers adjustable skates that offer the rider both performance and speed. The line for intermediates is comfortable, made of breathable materials, and has multi-size push button adjustments. Apart from rollerblades, Chicago also sells retro skateboards with a modern touch that are colorful and easy to use.

The Chicago Rally Junior Boys Adjustable Inline Skates are comfortable and secure, and are good for both genders. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities and are available in sizes MD (1 - 4) and LG (5 – 8) with a 30-day warranty. The wheels are smooth, as they are made of PUC, and they have a quick release buckle. The outer material is of good quality and breathable.
The Bauer Skate SR offers optimal balance and stability. They have the updated X-Rib pattern that reduces the weight and improves the lock. If you’re searching for rollerblades for your son or nephew, check out the Bauer Vapor X300 Inline Skates which are available in 6 sizes and are built to last!

Bauer Skate SR - Ankle Padding, Brushed Nylon Lining, 5 Sizes Available

Bauer is a popular brand among hockey players and was founded in 1927 by the Bauer family, in Canada. It manufactures ice hockey equipment, recreational and fitness skates, and more. This brand’s ice skates are split into categories to suit different styles of playing. Its skates provide power and performance for every stride, and have an anatomical design and close-to-foot fit for stability. Apart from rollerblade skates, Bauer also sells performance apparel such as neck guards, socks, helmets, and jackets.

The Bauer RH X300R Skate SR is made of tech nylon and thermoformed X-rib pattern. They also have an abrasion guard that keeps your foot protected. The outer material is brushed nylon and the ankle padding is made of close cell foam that makes striding comfortable and pleasant. They are available in three sizes: 7, 11, and 12. The integrated X-rib pattern minimizes the overall weight and helps make tighter turns. They also have an integrated Ventilator Steele Chassis that provides a better balance.
The Rollerblade Men's Zetrablade Skates focus on stability and are easy to use. They have SG5 bearings, Monocoque composite framce, and are available in multiple sizes. Another option would be the Rollerblade Girls Spitfire Skates which are suitable for girls. These are also available in several sizes and come in a beautiful black/pink color scheme.

Rollerblade Men's Zetrablade Skate - SG5 Bearings, 6 Sizes Available, Comfortable and Stable Design

What’s special about Rollerblade is that it is composed of skaters, thus designing inline skates for best indoor and outdoor experience in concordance with the real needs of worldwide skaters. This brand wants its skates to perform and reach the expectations of any customer. Its skates can be used by anyone whether they’re professionals, fun seekers, or just beginners. Apart from rollerblade skates, this brand also sells skating gear such as wrist guards, skate bags, protective gear, and more. If you want to start skating, you can find all the gear and accessories you need at Rollerblade.

The Rollerblade Men's Zetrablade Skates are suitable for you if you’re a beginner, as they are stable and comfortable in order to provide you a nice and pleasant ride. They are sharp-looking and durable. As they are made from Monocoque composite, they are built to last, stable, and keep the feet secured for good rides and tight turns. You can secure your ankles through three methods: the laces, the bands over the arches, and the upper-ankle bands. If you’re a beginner and you want to learn how to skate, we suggest you also get protective gear. Lastly, remember that these skates are available in several sizes, from US size 6 to US size 12.
The Roller Derby Women's Inline Skates have a triple cam-lever buckle and offer support and stability. Their frame is made of reinforced polymer and they have adjustable sizing. Additionally, this model is also available in 3 color options. If you’re an adult looking for rollerblade skates for your junior, check out the Roller Derby Boy's Inline Skates which are available in 2 sizes, have a soft boot support, and a reinforced nylon frame for enhanced durability!

Roller Derby Women's Button Adjustable Inline Skate – Size 6-9, 3 Colors Available

Roller Derby is a sporting goods manufacturer from America. It specializes in inline, ice, quad skates, and other skating accessories. This is the second largest manufacturer of sporting goods in the American market. This brand was founded in 1936 and has extensive experience in the skating market. It first started selling ice skates, but soon after that started creating inline skates also. Apart from rollerblade skates, Roller Derby also sells protective gear and rolling bags which are affordable and durable according to its customers.

The Roller Derby Women's Inline Skates are the most colorful from our review and they come available in three color options: grey / purple, blue / purple, and mint. The sizes are adjustable and vary from 6 to 9, suitable for women. They have a Gold 7 race-rated bearing which keeps the foot secure and stable. These are good-looking rollerblade skates with an appealing design for any woman. Whether it’s your first time skating or you like skating for fun, these rollerblades are suitable for both beginners and those who enjoy a speedy ride.

How Do I Choose the Best Rollerblade Skate?

Rollerblade skates, also known as inline skates or just rollerblades, represent an excellent solution for outdoor recreation or for practicing a sport that keeps you fit while at the same time allows you to have fun. Many people recommend rollerblading as a great fitness solution, for both men and women.

In addition, any child wishes sooner or later to have his own pair of roller skates to go out with friends to ride in the park. Regardless of the motivation to buy such a product, the justification of the purchase is clear. In other words, whether you’re a parent, a teenager or an adult, these items shouldn’t miss out on being part of your arsenal, especially when you’re a very active person who likes to spend time outdoors.

No matter how cool the professional skaters look in competitions, they always wear protective equipment. The helmet, knee-lengths and armrests are the only way to avoid serious jolts when you take curves to the limit in the park. At the same time, once you’re properly accessorized, you can speed without worrying about a possible fall. Similarly, if you like to skate during the night we also advise you to consider getting a LED vest that’ll allow you to be seen in any conditions. Also, if you like to keep a precise track of your performance, to see a certain route or how many kilometers you’ve skated, you can also consider getting a GPS watch that’ll keep track of all your activities.
When it comes to the price of your new rollerblade skates, it’s going to depend on what style of skates you go for and what extra features you’re looking for. Usually, the cost of a pair of rollerblades starts around $50 and can go up to $1000 for a pair of professional roller blade skaters designed especially for races.

You’ll also find cheap rollerblade skates on the market, but you shouldn’t go for them as they don’t offer great stability and they’re made of poor quality materials which will tear apart sooner or later.
There are some key features that determine the quality of a pair of rollerblade skates: the professional appearance which denotes that they were manufactured with the best materials and that demonstrates durability and shock-resistance; the possibility of being used for relaxation, running, free ride or even some acrobatics, because you never know when you want to spice up your outdoor activities; a reliable and durable closure system, reinforced with a safety flap, and the wheels which should have a generous diameter to encourage high speeds.

Here are the main characteristics you may want to look for when purchasing inline skates:
  • For men, women or children — The most suitable skates for children are the adjustable ones that allow you to extend certain parts to allow them to grow with their wearers. For ladies, we recommend the models designed for walks in the park or the city, suitable for covering average distances. For men, we recommend powerful ones that are better for intense activity or for more long-ranging adventures.
  • Intended use — You can choose between speed, recreational and performance skates
  • Skill level — There are rollerblade skates especially designed for first timers, beginners, intermediates and advanced skaters
  • Safety & Stability — The rollerblade skates should keep your feet secure and stabile, providing at the same time good ankle support
Construction and Design
Rollerblade skates are available in several designs and colors. Depending on how you’ll use them you should be heading to one category or another. Adults who are first timers may have to decide whether they want skates that are suitable for recreational activities or free ride skates, with a higher degree of resistance, that are ideal for long rides regardless of frequency and intensity of use.

It’s also important to choose the wheel diameter correctly. In the beginning, it’s easier to learn how to ride on 80mm or 84mm wheels as they keep the center of gravity lower than those with larger wheels. In addition, the strake will be shorter, so that means the skates will be more maneuverable. It’s a good idea to choose 100mm or 110 mm speed wheels if you have passed the initiation phase and are planning to use them for short distances or you just adore the speed. Free ride skates are suitable for slalom courses using cones or intense use in the city doing slides and jumps. The youngsters, of course, have their own category of children’s rollerblade skates. The latter are adjustable and can be expanded so they can be used for several seasons.
Performance and Ease of Use
Just as you take care of your bicycle, car or ice skates, you have to do the same with your rollerblade skates. They have to be checked periodically, the wheels must be replaced when they’re not working smoothly anymore and the boots should be cleaned thoroughly.

Boots don’t usually cause major maintenance problems, with one exception: don’t put them or the liner (the sock inside the boot if detachable) in the washing machine, as rollerblading skates usually have antibacterial and antifungal substances inside that’ll disappear at the first wash.

Get the Best Rollerblade Skate of 2023!

If you’re looking forward to getting out and skating, you should be a little closer to getting just the right rollerblade skates for your needs. We have reviewed the best for you, so you can make the right decision and start spending more time outside skating. Get the ones you like from Amazon and enjoy! Happy skating!

Our Top Choice
K2 Skate Raider Pro Rollerblade Skates
Best Value
Chicago ADJ In Line Rollerblade Skates
Bauer X300R Rollerblade Skate
Rollerblade Fitness Zetrablade Skates
Roller Derby V-Tech 500 Rollerblade Skates