Best Roof Rake Reviews 2022

Heavy snow on your roof during winter can be dangerous. If allowed to accumulate, it can get too heavy and damage the roof. A good roof rake can help you get rid of it to protect your roof. With the numerous roof rakes on the market, getting one can be an uphill task. We’ve researched five of the best roof rake brands and selected a unique product from each to help you find the right one. It’s time you cleared that snow!
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Our Top Choice
Avalanche Deluxe 20 Snow Rake
Avalanche has been the leading manufacturer of snow rakes and other related winter tools for the past 30 years.
20-foot pole lets you reach high areas. Made with lightweight aluminum. Head of the rake has wheels which prevent damage. 24-inch wide rake head.
You cannot push the snow with it, since it works in one direction.
24 inches wide with wheels
20 feet
5.8 pounds
Lightweight aluminum / vinyl
Best Value
True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake
True Temper has built a solid reputation for quality products aimed at giving you the right tools to get the job done.
Extend with just one button. Extends to 17-feet. 24-inch blade is lightweight. Reinforced with wear strip. Durable. Non-slip handle. Easy storage. Poly end grip.
The aluminum handle gets really cold, so you’ll need some gloves.
24 inches wide
17 feet
4.8 pounds
Aluminum / polyethylene
Suncast 21 Ft. Telescoping Roof Rake
Suncast manufactures a range of products, such as hose reels and snow rakes, for creating a conducive environment around the home.
Telescoping handle extends to 21 feet. Can reach on top of a 2-story house. Non-stick graphite blade. Rake head measures 24-inches wide. Includes aluminum handle that’s resin coated.
Maneuvering can be difficult as it’s top-heavy.
24 inches
21 feet
7.8 pounds
Aluminum/resin/no-stick graphite
Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake
For more than six decades, Garelick has produced superior quality products that stay on course with technological development.
2 sizes available; 16 or 21 feet. Long enough to reach the roof with ease. Patented rollers protect shingles. 4 easy snap-together poles. 24-inch blade head.
The wheels in this rake are a little bit weak.
24 inches with wheels
16 feet or 21 feet
5.8 pounds
Sno Brum Auto Snow Removal Tool
Sno Brum, a brand of Sno Joe, is dedicated to manufacturing quality winter equipment.
High grade polyethelene soft head. Prevents scratching. Telescoping handle extends from 27-46 inches. Available in 3 colors, 3 sizes and 3 pack sizes.
This rake is ideal for cars, but would be too short for house roofs.
17 x 6 inches
3.8 feet / 27 - 46 inches
1.1 pounds
Polyethylene foam / coated steel

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What is the Best Roof Rake?

With all the snow that falls during winter, your roof might not be able to sustain the weight. You do not want it caving in on you in this cold season. If you want to keep your family safe and warm, you need to clear that snow with a quality roof rake. The best roof rake is the one that lets you clear snow from your roof without damaging it or breaking its shingles.
Our Top Choice
The Avalanche Snow Rake Deluxe 20 features a long 20-foot pole that enables you to reach the highest parts of your roof to clear a large mass of snow with ease. If, however, you’d prefer an entire snow removal system for your roof, check out the Avalanche Original Roof Snow Removal System which features a 17-inch cutting head.

Avalanche Deluxe 20 Lightweight Aluminum Snow Roof Rake with 24 Inch Wide Rake Head

Avalanche has been the leading manufacturer of snow rakes and other related tools for decades. Its snow roof rakes are not only efficient, but save you from the back-breaking job that traditional snow removal rakes cause. Avalanche is dedicated to producing high-quality products backed up with excellent client service.

Snow accumulation on your roof can damage your roof, ceiling and insulation, as well as your walls, if you allow snow dams to form. The Avalanche Snow Rake Deluxe 20 is an ideal tool for clearing this snow without forcing you to climb on the roof. It has a 20-foot pole that lets you reach the highest parts of your roof to clear snow with ease. This is one roof rake that will get the job done the way you want it.

Here are some other features of this rake to consider:
  • It’s only 5.8 pounds, so you won’t strain your back lifting it
  • 24-inch-wide durable plastic head that pulls the snow down easily
  • Easy rolling wheels that prevents the head from damaging your shingles or roof
  • Its vinyl grip enables you to have a good grip when working
  • Comes with snap couplers and is really easy to assemble
  • Has five four-foot poles that you connect with the couplers to get your desired length
  • Mounting bracket for easy storage
Best Value
The True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake features a push-button telescoping feature that enables you to extend the length of the handle to its maximum 17 feet. You can reach the highest point of your roof while standing firmly on the ground. If you want a short rake with a unique head design that prevents clogging, get the True Temper Clog-Free 24-Inch Poly Rake.

True Temper 17-Feet Telescoping Snow Roof Rake – 5 Snow Brushes Also Available

True Temper has a truly amazing history, dating back to 1808! Back in this day everyone was farming a small portion of land and Alexander Miller, a blacksmith at the time, began producing axes, nails, hoes and other tools in “The Old Stone Shop”. From here, in Vermont, the small shop grew and over the course of centuries morphed into Ames True Temper, or The AMES Companies, Inc. as it’s also known. Throughout this whole journey there’s always been one important commitment at its forefront; to produce well-balanced, durable and enduring hardware products.

The True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake has a push-button telescoping feature, so you can adjust the length of the handle to reach your whole roof when clearing snow. It’s time you stopped climbing your roof and risking falling when you can just clean it from the ground.

Here are other features that make working with this rake a walk in the park:
  • Weighs a paltry 4.8 pounds, so no more backaches after work
  • Made of quality aluminum that will last through many falls
  • 17 feet long to reach the highest points of your roof
  • Poly end grip to prevent it from sliding through your hands when pulling the snow
  • The handle has a hole from which you can hang it for easy storage
The Suncast 21 Ft. Telescoping Roof Rake comes with a long handle that can remove snow from a two-story house roof. If you simply want a snow scoop shovel, try the Suncast 14-Inch Snow Shovel Scoop instead!

Suncast 21 Foot Snow Shovel Roof Rake with 24-Inch Head

Suncast makes lines of home equipment such as hose reels, deck boxes, shovels, garden rakes and roof snow rakes. Their main agenda is to help you keep your home and garden looking as beautiful as ever with assorted storage and cleaning products.

You'll never have to worry about your roof developing snow dams if you get the Suncast Telescoping Roof Rake. Get rid of snow, even on top of a two-story house, with the help of an extendable 21-foot-long roof rake.

Here's more of what it has to offer:
  • With its telescoping ability, you can easily adjust its length
  • No-stick graphite blade
  • Comes in four pieces with snap connectors
  • Resin-coated handle for a firm grip
  • Blade made of quality and durable aluminum
The Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake is available in two sizes; 16 foot or 21 foot. Either size is long enough to reach on top of most roofs without straining. If you want a rake with a block shape that is equally effective, look at the Garelick Aluminum Snow Trap Roof Rake.

Garelick Aluminum Snow Trap Roof Rake - Available in 16-Foot or 21-Foot

For over 60 years, Garelick has offered superior products with up-to-date technological development. Its mission is based on its principles of integrity, innovation and reliable service delivery. You can get some of the best home products from this company.

Get rid of the snow menace on your roof easily with the budget-friendly and quality Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake. It features innovative and patented shingle saver rollers that ensure the rake’s blade never touches the roof. This helps protect your shingles from damage that could occur if the blade was to push them.

This rake has other amazing features that include:
  • Four five-foot poles that you can easily snap together
  • Helps prevent eaves damage and ice dams
  • Blade measuring 24 by 7 inches
  • Made of durable aluminum, so you won't have to get another for a long time
  • Available in 2 sizes. Choose from 16 or 21 foot
The Sno Brum Auto Snow Removal Tool features a high-grade polyethylene soft head that helps prevent it from scratching paint when you're clearing snow from your car. If you’d like a snow tool with even better features from this brand, consider the Sno Brum Sno Pro Professional Grade Snow Removal Tool.

Sno Brum Auto Snow Removal 27” to 46” Telescoping Roof Rake - Available in 3 Sizes, 3 Colors & 3 Pack Sizes

Sno Brum provides budget-friendly winter tools. You can be confident when you get a quality Sno Brum product to clear snow from the roof and bonnet of your car, or from sidewalks and house roofs.

Winter brings with it good and not so good tidings. While your children enjoy throwing snowballs, you will be clearing snow from the driveways and from your car. This doesn’t have to be a difficult job with the Sno Brum Auto Snow Removal Tool. It has a soft polyethylene head to help keep it from scratching your car. It also works on pool covers, awnings, and other soft items.

It also has more amazing features, such as:
  • Telescoping extendable handle (from 27 to 46 inches) to reach the farthest points without straining
  • Plastic face plate is recessed in the foam to help prevent it from touching the car body and scratching it
  • Durable powder-coated steel handle
  • Available in silver, blue or black
  • Choose from custom, junior or regular sizes
  • If you choose silver or blue you can get them in a 1, 2 or 3 pack

How Do I Choose the Best Roof Rake?

Snow brings with it a holiday and festive mood. This is the time we get the warmest toddler snow boots to keep our kids’ feet warm, and the warmest jackets and bedding. It’s also when we mostly stay indoors, and for those of us lucky enough to have fireplaces in our houses, when we sit and warm ourselves by the fire.

If snow's accumulating on your roof, you may need to get a good roof rake to remove the snow and prevent it from doing any damage. If you want a roof rake that will get the job done without damaging your roof or the rake itself, there are some important factors that you may need to take into consideration.

Removing the snow from the roof means that you will also need to clear the sidewalks and the driveway. Leaving it there can make it difficult to walk or drive on these paths. A snowplow can really save you a lot of work and headache by helping you clear the snow easily. You can also use a snowblower as an alternative.
Roof rakes are not that expensive. For about $20, you can get yourself a relatively good roof rake. Consider the effectiveness of the roof rake first before going for the really cheap ones. It would futile to get a really cheap roof rake and compromise on quality, only to end up with a damaged roof which would definitely cost you a lot more. You also do not want a device that will force you to climb on a roof covered in snow. Fixing a broken limb would be a lot worse!

There are roof rakes that cost more than $70. They come with additional features such as protective rollers and telescoping ability, and are relatively longer. Most of them are made of aluminum, but you can find some with steel parts that might slightly increase their price. Brand popularity also contributes to the price. However, you are bound to find a quality and efficient roof rake for between $20 and $70. This will all depend on your budget and your house roof.
Snowfall during winter can get really heavy and even dangerous. Imagine having an added weight of 10,000 pounds on your roof! You can avoid such a scenario with a good roof rake. Since it can be dangerous to climb onto your roof to scoop the snow, you need a device that you can work with while standing on the ground. A roof rake that is light and long can come in handy.

Here are some features you might want to consider before getting one:
  • Design - Some roof rakes come with wheels on the blades, and some come without. There are rakes where you have to snap short poles together to extend the handle, and others have a telescoping feature
  • Blade Length - This is the size of the blade or head. Most of them are 24 inches
  • Handle - This is the length of the pole. You will find poles as long as 21 feet. Rakes used for cars are relatively shorter
  • Weight - Roof rakes are fairly light so you can lift them easily
  • Material - Most roof rakes have poles made of aluminum. It’s not only durable, but also light. You will also find handles made of materials such as vinyl and polyethylene. Most blades are made of plastic, with a few having soft foam polyethylene
Construction and Design
A roof rake has a very simple design. Usually, it is just a blade sticking out at the end of a long pole. The poles are usually long to allow you to reach the roof while standing on the ground. They are also thin but sturdy. Most of them are made of lightweight materials, since you will be doing a lot of lifting and dragging. Some poles have a telescoping feature with a button strategically located near the handle, so you can extend the pole’s length without having to drag it down.

At the other end is the blade, which is usually a wide hard piece of plastic. Most are curved so that they can scoop snow from the roof and drag it down. Some come with wheels to keep them from touching the roof, since some plastic can damage roof shingles. Rakes for clearing snow off cars have soft heads to help prevent them scratching.
Performance and Ease of Use
A good roof rake should enable you to clear snow from your roof without damaging it, and without causing you pain. It should also be long enough for the height of your roof. If you do not want to keep readjusting the length of the pole manually, get a rake with a telescoping feature that will let you adjust at just the push of a button. Consider a pole with a good grip to prevent it from slipping during use.

Some snow roof rakes can damage your roof if you are not careful when pushing them. You might need to use a little bit more strength to lift them up to avoid such damages. You can get one with roller wheels to help you push it up without lifting the rake. You simply roll it on the roof. If you are clearing snow from your car, consider rakes with soft heads and the plastic tucked in the foam, to avoid scratching your car.

While most rakes will have you drag the snow down the roof ,which can be a bit tiresome, you can avoid this with the special cutting feature. This feature cuts through the snow as you push the rake up the roof, then lets the snow slide down a special canvas.

Get the Best Roof Rake of 2022!

We wouldn’t like you and your family going through the stress of repairing your roof during winter. With the selections we’ve listed for you, we hope that you have found a solution to the snow menace. If you’ve yet to find the best roof rake to suit your needs, continue reading our reviews for more options.

Our Top Choice
Avalanche Deluxe 20 Snow Rake
Best Value
True Temper Telescoping Snow Roof Rake
Suncast 21 Ft. Telescoping Roof Rake
Garelick Aluminum Snow Roof Rake
Sno Brum Auto Snow Removal Tool