Best Room Divider Reviews 2023

Room dividers are designed for versatile use both as interior décor and functional items. They can come in handy when you need to partition your room or create privacy in a stylish way. However, the many styles, brands and colors out there can make the buying process difficult. We’ve researched five of the best room divider brands on the market, showcasing a divider from each to help you find one that best meets your room partitioning needs.
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Our Top Choice
Room Dividers Now Ceiling Track Divider
Room Dividers Now is focused on designing high-quality and versatile room divider solutions for renters and homeowners.
This room divider is easy to set up, inexpensive, and creates privacy in a few minutes. It’s heavy-duty, versatile and non-flame-retardant.
Although this room divider closes and opens, it’s not portable, as it is fixed on the ceiling.
Ceiling track room divider
100% polyester
8 x 5 x 6 inches
3ft to 18ft wide curtain
Midnight black
Best Value
Coaster Home Folding Room Divider
Coaster Home Furnishings designs fine furniture ranging from living room, dining room and bedroom items to home office furniture and design accents.
This room divider is affordable, folding, sturdy, portable and comes fully assembled. It’s of good quality and stylish.
Since this room divider has only four panels, it cannot work for large spaces.
Oriental screen room divider
Wood and synthetic paper
72 x 1 x 70 inches, 8.7 pounds
4 panels
Cotton Craft Rajasthan Handmade Room Divider
Cotton Craft designs handcrafted wooden room dividers with antique finishing for both functional and decorative use in your interior space.
This room divider is fully reversible, versatile, attractive, and hides clutter. It’s also sturdy, portable, and folds for easy storage.
Although this room divider is a bit expensive, it’s of great quality. It’s also small, hence not ideal for large rooms.
Antique handcrafted room divider
73 x 21 x 5 inches, 55 pounds
4 panels
Antique brown
MyGift Deluxe Bamboo Room Divider
MyGift manufactures diverse products for use at home and in the office, such as kitchenware and organizers.
This room divider is attractive, portable, sturdy, and eco-friendly, as it’s made of bamboo. It also doubles as a storage solution.
With just four panels, this room divider might not be ideal for large rooms.
Deluxe bamboo room divider
Wooden bamboo
20 x 1 x 71 inches, 20.3 pounds
4 panels
Legacy Décor Plum Blossom Room Divider
Legacy Décor manufactures functional interior décor items such as room dividers, accent furniture, bath and bedroom furniture and bar stools.
This room divider is stylish, folding, portable, affordable and comes ready for instant use out of the box.
Since this room divider comes with just four panels, it might be too small to divide large rooms.
Japanese style divider
Pine wood, veneer, rice paper
71 x 1 x 70 inches, 20 pounds
4 panels
Plum blossom print

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What is the Best Room Divider?

Choose a stylish, attractive and well-fitting room divider for your intended use. They're available in two designs, so you can choose between ceiling track curtains and freestanding room dividers. Find out if one of our recommended room dividers is what you’re looking for.
Our Top Choice
The Room Dividers Now Ceiling Track Room Divider is stylish and creatively designed to create privacy, divide a room or hide storage space and closets. Would you like a similar curtain divider in a different color and material? Opt for the Room Dividers Now Muslin Room Divider Curtain, with six color and six size variations to choose from.

Room Dividers Now Premium Heavyweight Ceiling Track Room Divider – Available in 12 Sizes & 8 Colors

Room Dividers Now makes budget-friendly, attractive and easy-to-use solutions for dividing rooms, creating privacy or hiding whatever you don’t want to be seen from the other room. These room dividers are made from quality designs and materials. What’s more, the company cares about its customers, so it offers them exceptional customer service and a quality guarantee.

The Room Dividers Now Ceiling Track Room Divider comes with an installation kit and instruction manual to facilitate easy setup. Whether you live in an apartment, mansion, studio or condo, this room divider works for all rooms, including dorms, shared bedrooms, basements, studios, closets, workspace, or storage.

The black color is neutral to blend into any décor, giving it a classic and timeless look and feel. The well-done finishing and hemming on the edges with no loose strings make the curtain divider hazard-free.

Here’s another Room Dividers Now room divider you might like:
  • Room Dividers Now Premium Heavyweight Freestanding Room Divider: This room divider comes in a black hue for a timeless look. It also has seven other colors and eleven other sizes to choose from
Best Value
The Coaster Home Furnishings Folding Room Divider is designed for versatile use: not just to divide your room, but to also enhance its appeal. If you prefer an elegant room divider in ivory fabric and a metal frame for a rustic touch, get the Coaster Home Furnishings Ivory Fabric Room Divider. With an antique-style appeal, this stylish room divider is bound to add a touch of elegance to your space.

Coaster Home Furnishings Black Framed 4-Panel Folding Room Divider

Coaster Home Furnishings is determined to become a global company for home décor and furniture items. After over two decades in the industry, the company uses high-quality materials and the latest innovative technologies to come up with various solutions for your interior space. Since customers always come first, Coaster Home Furnishings is determined to offer them the best services and products.

The Coaster Home Furnishings Folding Room Divider is designed to help you conceal places in your room that look unsightly. It can also divide small spaces with a touch of elegance. With this room divider, you don’t just get to hide your laundry, dustbin or whatever it is you need concealed, but also add a décor element to your space. It adds an Asian style into your room for a more appealing look.

This room divider features black metal frames for a contrasting appeal against the translucent screens.

Here are other Coaster Home Furnishings room dividers to consider:
  • Coaster Home Furnishings Transitional Screen Room Divider
  • Coaster Home Furnishings Contemporary Screen Room Divider
  • Coaster Home Furnishings Oriental Floral Accented Room Divider
The Cotton Craft Rajasthan Handcrafted Room Divider is made from mango wood and MDF. It creates privacy and divides a room. You can also use it as wall art or a headboard for your bed. If you want a room divider in a different carved design pattern and color finish, try the Cotton Craft Kamal The Lotus Room Divider. It’s fully reversible, aesthetic and versatile.

Cotton Craft Rajasthan Antique Handcrafted Wood Room Divider – Available in 2 Colors

Cotton Craft uses high quality wood such as mango wood and MDF to create room dividers that last through years of use. The room dividers and all other products by this company are handcrafted for a personal and unique touch of style. The handcrafted room dividers are so attractive that they can either be used to create privacy, or as interior décor pieces for a beautiful look.

The Cotton Craft Rajasthan Handcrafted Room Divider is hand-carved and polished into slatted patterns for an appealing personal touch. It’s given an antique brown finish for a rustic look with a touch of warmth. It’s carved on both sides, to be reversible for using either side.

Here’s another Cotton Craft room divider to consider:
  • Cotton Craft Chitra Antique Handcrafted Room Divider: This room divider comes in an antique brown finish for a warm look and feel with a natural touch
The MyGift Deluxe Bamboo Room Divider is simple yet elegant. It folds for portability and easy storage. It comes with removable display shelves for your arts and crafts, books, framed photos, potted plants and any attractive items you’d love to display. If you want a similar divider without the shelving element, consider the MyGift Freestanding Bamboo Room Divider. The connecting hinges allow easy folding for portability or storage.

MyGift Deluxe Bamboo Woven Freestanding Folding Room Divider – Available in 2 Colors

MyGift is committed to offering great product prices, guaranteed quality and personal shopping services. With products under various categories such as home, fashion, office and lifestyle, you’ll find almost anything under this brand name. The company uses top-quality materials to manufacture products for durable use.

The MyGift Deluxe Bamboo Room Divider is made of bamboo for a natural, eco-friendly look in a beige hue. It features removable shelves for displaying aesthetic décor items. It creates visual interest by adding elegance and variety to your interior space. Whether your existing décor style is natural-themed or not, this is a great way of bringing nature into your home.

Here are a few other MyGift room dividers you might like:
  • MyGift Wood 4-Panel Room Divider
  • MyGift 4-Panel Hinged Room Divider
  • MyGift 3-Panel Shoji Style Room Divider
The Legacy Décor Plum Blossom Room Divider is made of veneer, pine wood and white rice paper in a Japanese-style plum blossom print for decoration and functional use. If you want a larger room divider for your large interior space, opt for the Legacy Décor 8-Panel Japanese Style Room Divider. It folds easily, has a wooden frame in a black finish, and is attractive enough to enhance your interior space.

Legacy Décor Black 4-Panel Plum Blossom Oriental Style Folding Room Divider

Legacy Décor is a household name, with many products used both at home and in the office. Its diverse products are made using high-quality materials for durable use. They're designed for both functional and decorative use, and many of the products are versatile for multiple uses.

The Legacy Décor Plum Blossom Room Divider is designed in a Japanese style and features four panels to create privacy. They’re functional to divide your room or conceal clutter, leaving your space organized and appealing. The flexible two-way hinges support a sturdy, freestanding position. The white shoji rice paper adds a modern touch to your room.

Here are other Legacy Décor room dividers to consider:
  • Legacy Décor 4-Panel Natural Room Divider
  • Legacy Décor 3 or 4 Panel Solid Wood Room Divider
  • Legacy Décor 4-Panel Wooden Fabric In-Lay Room Divider

How Do I Choose the Best Room Divider?

Room dividers are functional and decorative pieces you can use in your room to create privacy or even a partition. The versatile nature of room dividers lets them find use as wall hangings, window closures or screens and even headboards.

You can also use these décor items to hide or conceal areas in a room you don’t want seen, such as a laundry area in your bedroom or your kids’ toys kept in a corner in your living room. Since room dividers come in fancy styles and designs, they improve the appeal of interior spaces.

Whatever kind of room divider you opt for, you can either complement or contrast it with your sofa chair colors, fabrics or cushions. Your wall hangings, area rugs or carpets, and other items in your room need to go well with your room divider for an enhanced appeal. For instance, it can match your toddler chair or baby crib, depending on the room where you intend to use your divider.

When shopping for a room divider, ensure you look out for the right size, style, color, price, design and even your intended use. First choose the style and design you want, then move on from there. We hope that this guide will help you make an informed decision.
The brand, material use, size, appeal, quality and style of a room divider determine its price. Since room dividers are versatile, it’s important to opt for the best quality you can find. Cheap is always expensive in the end, and there’s no guarantee that cheap room dividers will last. Buy from a popular brand known to sell high-quality dividers.

With prices ranging from $40 to $350, you need to buy something that you like and can use for a long time, without starting to dislike it just a few days or months after purchase. The large price range also indicates that there’s something for every budget. Determine the amount you’re willing to spend, and work based on your budget to find a good room divider for your space.
Room dividers are designed to work as both functional and interior décor pieces. They’re available in various styles you can choose from depending on your décor. For instance, if your house is natural-themed, opt for bamboo room dividers for a natural touch. When shopping for a room divider, there are many features you need to look for to settle on the best.

Here are important features to consider when shopping around for a room divider:
  • Size that fits your room
  • Style that blends into or contrasts with your décor
  • Intended use of any given room divider
  • Design such as ceiling track or freestanding dividers
  • Beautiful colors to decorate your space
  • Materials of high quality for durable use
With the right color, style and size of room divider, you won’t just be able to partition your room or create privacy, but you'll also enhance the appeal of your space.
Construction and Design
The height of room dividers ranges from 4 feet to 8 feet, whereas their lengths span 6 feet to 24 feet. For privacy, go for tall dividers. If you only need your room partitioned, opt for short dividers. Measure your room to ensure you buy the right size of room divider to suit your specific needs. For room dividers with panels, the higher the number, the bigger it is and vice versa.

Room dividers come in many styles to choose from, based on your existing décor and the kind of look you want in your room. Some styles to consider include modern, rustic, contemporary, traditional, Asian and European styles, among others. Choose a style that will enhance the appeal of your interior space while reflecting your distinct personality, style and preference.

Room dividers are able to perform various functions they’re designed to support. Choose a divider suitable for your intended use. These dividers come in ceiling track curtains and freestanding variations. Choose what you think is most suitable for you.

Whatever your intended use for a room divider, first examine your existing décor to help you choose the right color, design and style. If your room has mostly dull or neutral colors with soft hues, consider a bold color for your space to brighten it up with a touch of some personality. This will also create a centerpiece in your divider, attracting attention when someone first walks into your room. You can also choose a material that matches the furniture in your room.

Pick a material that’s easy to clean and maintain. It needs to be strong and durable, and blend easily into your existing décor. Consider a material that matches your beddings if you’re considering using the divider in your bedroom.
Performance and Ease of Use
The best room dividers are easy to set up, fold for easy storage or portable use, and do the work of creating another partitioned room or privacy. They’re also stylish and come in attractive colors or patterns to give your home a new look. If possible, opt for versatile room dividers for varied use. The materials used to make them need not just be alluring, but also strong and durable for prolonged use.

Get the Best Room Divider of 2023!

Whether you want a room divider to partition your room, create privacy, hide some things, or use as a wall hanging or headboard for your bed, you’ll find one in a style and color of your liking. We hope with our review of five of the top room dividers, you’ll be in a position to choose the best functional and attractive divider for you.

Our Top Choice
Room Dividers Now Ceiling Track Divider
Best Value
Coaster Home Folding Room Divider
Cotton Craft Rajasthan Handmade Room Divider
MyGift Deluxe Bamboo Room Divider
Legacy Décor Plum Blossom Room Divider