Best Router Table Reviews 2023

There’s always a great feeling that comes with looking at your finished handiwork. Perhaps you’re contemplating the design for your daughter’s dollhouse, but haven’t yet decided on the router table to use because of the numerous options out there. It’s your lucky day! We’ve done all the work for you by coming up with a list of the best router tables from five top trusted brands. Pick one of the products we featured or check out other router tables made by these brands.
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Our Top Choice
Kreg Precision Router Table
For many years, Kreg has been making high-quality and innovative equipment that lets you carry out your woodwork projects with precision and ease.
High-quality and durable. Core absorbs vibration. Comes with a heavy-duty stand and a dual locking system.
Isolated case of table arriving warped.
40 × 30 × 7 inches
Info not provided
Heavy-duty insert plate system
Best Value
BoschBench Top Router Table
Bosch is a world renowned manufacturer of power tools that allow you to get creative with your woodwork and metalwork projects.
Superior quality and high performance table. Compatible with most other routers and accessories. Spacious aluminum table top.
Isolated complaint that bolts come loose from vibration.
27 × 18 × 14.5 inches
1-year limited warranty
Adjustable featherboards
Bench Dog Portable Router Table
Bench Dog believes great tools bring about great designs and solid engineering, so it manufactures such tools so you can make your own creative projects.
Highly compatible with other routers, versatile, provides extra support for routers, and has a compact design.
No adjustment scale.
26.8 × 22.8 × 5.1 inches
Dual position fence
Limited 2-year warranty
Extruded aluminum fence/T-slots
Skil Quick Clamp Router Table
Since 1924, Skil has been committed to innovation and quality, manufacturing high performance power tools for professionals and hobbyists alike.
Quick and easy to set up. Convenient router installation. Adjustable fence.
Isolated complaints that the precision is poor.
27.7 × 17.7 × 9.5 inches
Adjustable MDF fence
Available on request
Dual featherboard
Craftsman Router Table Combo
Craftsman has been making power tools since 1927, helping professionals and DIYers get their wood and metalwork done with ease and accuracy.
Heavy-duty router. The fences are adjustable and extendable. Cutting depths adjust easily and lock to detailed precision levels.
No variable speed control.
26.3 × 15.9 × 14.7 inches
User-friendly/router table combo
1-year limited warranty
Double outlet power/dust guard

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What is the Best Router Table?

You now have better knowledge about router tables, which will help you decide which features are critical to you. As you read through our reviews of brands and products, keep those needs in mind. We put different factors into consideration, thus the differences in price and features you’ll notice. We hope you find a great router table that can do the things you need it for at a price that fits your budget.
Our Top Choice
The Kreg Precision Router Table is a heavy-duty table with a 1-inch thick core to support large routers and lifts, with steel reinforcing struts. It also has an adjustable steel stand. If you would like this router table bundled with other accessories, check out the Kreg PRS1045 Router Table. It has a caster, true flex, switch, set up bars, and table stop.

Kreg High-Performance Router Table with a Precision Insert-Plate System

Out of necessity, Craig Sommerfeld built himself a jig with steel and aluminum to find that it was just the device he needed to finish the job. With this contraption up his sleeve, Craig decided to find some potential customers at woodworking shows—and while it took persistence, it proved to be a smart move. Today, his company Kreg creates products that are suitable for just about any construction or home job you’ll come across.

If you’re looking for a versatile yet simple router table, you may just have found what you need. With a thick 1-inch core and additional features such as its very own T-square fence which makes precision easy, the Kreg Precision Router Table has all you need to make the most of your job or project. The top of this router table is 24 x 32 inches and is made from a high-pressure laminate, enabling your work piece to glide smoothly. And for projects that require a bit more freedom, this table features a special dual locking system that makes the fence easy to remove.

The fence system on this table is made with anodized-aluminum and is multi-purpose and self-squaring. Further, the micro-adjust wheel included on this table sets you up for precision, sporting a measuring scale that allows you to position the fence and make adjustments based on the bit you’re using.

With a steel stand, this table offers not only simplicity, but durability and lifelong potential. Its height can be adjusted from 31 inches to 39 inches to compensate for the user’s height and working preference. It also has levelers for uneven floors, and the pre-drilled holes allow you to attach accessories so you can customize the table to your taste. What’s more, you even have the option to customize your router table just about any way you want!
Best Value
The Bosch Benchtop Router Table, with its plethora of additional features for convenience, is a table that won’t disappoint! Check out the Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table for a table with 2 dust collection ports.

Bosch Bench Top Router Table with Mounting Hardware for a Variety of Routers

Bosch Power Tools, a division of Bosch Group, is a world market leader for power tools and accessories. The real reason behind its success is its dedication and furious pace of innovation. Each year, Bosch launches more than 100 new superior quality and dependable power tools into the global market. Its worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network has helped further its growth during its 130 years of existence.

The Bosch Benchtop Router Table is a table you can count on for any woodworking project you have in mind for the future. You’re not likely to find any limitations when using this table, as its versatile and sturdy design—including MDF face plates—allows it to handle taller pieces of wood, as well as those that are smaller. The following are some other features of this awesome router table:
  • A spacious top
  • Pocket for convenient storage
  • Featherboards
  • Accessory slot to mount optional add-ons
  • Dual outlet switch
  • Dust collection port
  • 6-foot power cord with cord wrap storage
  • Comes with an adjustable clear guard
  • Compatible with many routers
The Bench Dog ProTop Router Table, though small, has everything you need to make the most of your next woodworking project. If you would like a complete router station, go for the Bench Dog 40-300 ProMax RT Complete. It includes a 40-188 ProCaster, 40-083 Drawer Pack, or 40-084 Door Pack.

Bench Dog ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table with Plastic Laminate Top

Bench Dog began with Norston Fontaine and Karen Slatter in 1995 with the idea that tools are the utmost important thing a person needs to do a job well. With that foundation, this company has fostered a large range of high-quality and convenient tools—and its roster is growing every day. With high ratings and a good reputation, Bench Dog is a brand you can count on to give you the very best of tools.

The Bench Dog ProTop Router Table makes the most of your work space by offering a small design with lots of convenient and necessary features, including an adequate work surface and a fence. Its cabinet is tall enough to accommodate almost any router. This table is designed to be easy to move around and is compatible with any other type of router. Better yet, it provides the versatility, guidance, stability, and accuracy you need to carry out your precision-sensitive projects safely. This award-winning router table has other features including:
  • Table top that doesn’t mar
  • A router plate that’s ready to use
  • Integrated dust port
  • Aluminum fence with adjustable sub-fence
  • Adjustable aluminum miter gauge track
  • Enclosed cabinet makes for a quieter work experience
  • Rubber feet for grip and stability
The Skil Router Table The Skil Router Table has features similar to those of other router tables, while still maintaining a sense of individuality with its ability to cut curved pieces. If you want a less expensive model with similarly great features, try the SKIL RAS800 SKIL Router Table, which also has a clamp mounting system.

Skil 26-Inch x 16-1/2-Inch Router Table with 2 Containers & a Quick Clamp System

Skil gets that woodworking and other heavy-duty projects require tools that are both convenient and made to fit customers’ needs. Since 1924, it’s been putting this into action by providing its customers with unbeatable products – from its revolutionary Model E handsaw to the Skil Router Table we’re featuring here.

The Skil Router Table is both similar and fairly different from other router tables on the market. With features such as a large work space and versatile use, you can expect to use this tool for a large array of projects you have in store—and with its ability to do curved pieces and clamp things in place with little effort from you, this table is a good deal!

More features of this table are as follows:
  • 26 x16.5-inch laminated top
  • Accessory boxes for storing accessories close by
  • Quick clamping for easy installation and release of the router
  • Tall and adjustable fence
  • Fence has a T-track
  • Dual feather boards
  • Bit height gauge gives you what you need for great cuts
The Craftsman Router Table Combo is designed with ease of use in mind, and goes even further with a powerful router and neat features. If you prefer a table made with die-cast aluminum, check out the Craftsman Die Cast Aluminum Router Table that has cutting adjustment and a miter gauge.

Craftsman Router Table with Router & Other Accessories Included

Started in 1927, Craftsman has been making its way to the top of the ladder and the front of the market, with a wide range of tools that’s exceptionally designed. It doesn’t stop there, however, as it offers even more to its customers. With opportunities to save money and learn even more about the crafts it supports, Craftsman has attained a customer base that’s as sturdy as the tools it makes.

The Craftsman Router Table Combo is a heavy-duty and reliable tool that’s sure to please. With 1 ¾ horsepower and an otherwise strong router, your cutting job will be a joy—even the ones you may have dreaded before. Buy this tool today, and it could last you years and years due to its precautionary features, such as lubrication and a place to let the dust escape.

It also has adequate table top space (11/16 inches thick) and has a laminated surface for you to do all your work. The cutting depths on the table adjust easily and lock to detailed precision levels. Finally, the fences are adjustable and extendable—talk about a good deal of convenience!

Following are some other features of this router table:
  • Lubricated, sealed-in ball bearings
  • Jointing fence off sets up to 9/16 inches
  • Double outlet power strip
  • Comes with 3 insert rings
  • Miter gauge that adjusts up to 60 degrees in either direction
  • Dual feather boards
  • Dust extraction port

How Do I Choose the Best Router Table?

Are you a professional woodworker who makes crafts tables, game tables, and the like for sale? Or a DIYer who just wants to build a dollhouse for your daughter? There are router tables that can make your job a whole lot easier.

Professionals might decide to build their own router tables to suit their whims, but it’s better for a novice to buy a commercially made one. Router tables are used along with a router (sold separately), and have different changeable pins you can use the router with. These pins, in conjuction with the router, let you cut, trim, make engravings, and sand.

The best router tables, at minimum, have a rigid tabletop, a router plate that lets you mount your router, and a fence that aids your accuracy. There are critical woodwork procedures that are easier to do on a router table, as well.

What you can do on a router table depends on its features and options, which we’ll talk about below. And remember: your safety is critical, so pay special attention to router tables that are designed to give you extra protection.
Router tables come in different price ranges. This is so for reasons such as materials used for construction, the complexity of the design, how many accessories are bundled with the table, and more. The high-end ones (around $500) are built for heavy-duty use, and they come with most of the accessories you'll need.

There are others with modest price tags, a little over $125, that are still of great quality and performance, but with less add-ons. We all want to buy the best products with all the goodies attached, but money is still a scarce resource. So we have to look out for a router table that adequately meets our needs and is reasonably priced.

There are some cheap router tables we found. But if you're serious about getting a table that will really serve its purpose, don’t consider them. There’s a reason they're called cheap – they’ll only be a waste of your time and resources. That’s why we’ve worked hard to bring you this information, to help you avoid products like that.
Craftsmanship is a lot of fun if you know what you’re doing. Since you’re reading this, we’re sure you do. You’ll agree with us for saying the features of a router table largely determine if the work you’re doing on it is fun or not. For instance, a table that doesn’t help with accuracy is a nightmare if you’re working on a precision-sensitive project. So join us as we present you with useful features to look out for in a router table.

Here they are:
  • Table top flatness and rigidity
  • Table surface type
  • The fence
  • Router base plate and height adjustment
  • Table height
  • Stability
  • Compatibility
  • Feather board
  • Table base and stand
Decide the features you consider essential, and then go through our review. This will make it a lot easier to find a router table that suits your needs and falls within your budget.
Construction and Design
Most woodworkers agree on one crucial part of a router table, and that is a flat and rigid table top; nothing can be done well otherwise. If it’s not flat, the fence and the router bit won’t align with the surface, which will cause inaccurate cuts and mess up other precision jobs. If it’s not rigid, it won’t be able to support the weight of the router and router lift without misaligning.

Most router tables are designed such that the router is quick and easy to install. A lot of router tables are highly compatible, so that routers of a certain brand can easily fit into a table made by another brand. It’s important to ascertain the compatibility of a router and a table before purchase. This factor is favorable for people who already have a router and need a table to use it with.

A router is attached to the base plate, which in turn fits into the opening on a router table top. The base plate must be sturdy as it will be carrying the weight of the router, so machined aluminum or solid phenolic are usually used for making base plates. They usually come pre-drilled to be compatible with certain router models. Some also come with blank plates so you can drill, in case the pre-drill isn’t compatible with your router.

Tables with an adjustable and extendable fence will let you make accurate cuts, while miter slots and T-slots are used to secure the accessories you might want to attach to your router table. Most tables come with these slots equipped, but if you want more you can machine them into the table yourself.
Performance and Ease of Use
Routers are mounted to router tables from underneath. So the importance of a strong and stable base cannot be over-emphasized. A strong router table base doesn’t only make it easier to work on, it makes it safer too.

There are some tables that are designed such that the router can be kept out of sight behind the cabinet doors. Another thing to consider about router tables is how easy it is to mount and dismount the router, along with how easy it is to adjust its height.

The best router tables have a flat and rigid table top, with lots of working space on it. And still more tables are fitted with dust collection ports that suck up wood dust and chips that you make.

A fence is used to control your cut on a router table. Whether your cut is accurate or not largely depends on the fence installed on your table. Lots of router tables have adjustable fences which make it a lot easier to keep the cutting piece in a straight line.

Fences across most brands have a height of 4 inches and a depth of 4-5 inches. Even though fence features and mechanisms vary among different brands, every good fence is straight, rigid, stays in place when locked, and is easy to position.

Whether you’re a professional or a DIYer, you should now be able to find a router table that suits your needs and is within your budget.

Get the Best Router Table of 2023!

You know what you want from a router table, and it’s our hope that we’ve provided the information you need to decide on which one to buy. Do note that the brands we featured have other router tables if the featured products don’t cut it for you.

Our Top Choice
Kreg Precision Router Table
Best Value
BoschBench Top Router Table
Bench Dog Portable Router Table
Skil Quick Clamp Router Table
Craftsman Router Table Combo