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We often look for ways to kick back from the stress of the real world, take on another personality, and just have fun. This is what we get in RPG games. But getting the right RPG game that suits your personality might be quite challenging. We researched five of the best RPG games out there, from five top brands, with a guide to the features you want to look out for before making the purchase. So basically, all you have to do is read on, and then purchase.

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Play Time
Our Top Choice
Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons
Wizards of the Coast is a brand that produces RPG games to grant your wildest dreams, bringing fantasy to reality with extreme realism in its storylines and themes.
Comes with 42 heroes and monsters. Up to 5 participants can play this. Features multiple scenarios including a single player scenario. Beautiful storyline based on a novel.
Rules aren’t as complex as professionals might desire.
Legend of Drizzt
1 to 5
12 – 15 years
1 hour +
Best Value
Asmodee Cash N Guns RPG Game
Asmodee is an RPG game company that focuses on the production of fun action packed RPG games using fan-favorite themes and characters to bring fantasy worlds to life.
Features a hilarious art design. Comes with miniature foam guns. Accommodates as many as 8 players. Doesn’t depend on chance but strategy.
Only for quick, fun sessions.
Cash and Guns
4 to 8
10 years +
Live longest
30 minutes
Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror Game
Fantasy flight games, as the name implies, focuses on delivering you RPG games that take fantasy to a whole new level with its accurate characterization that accommodates everyone.
Allows for as many as 8 players. One player can use more than one character. Extremely detailed storylines, actions and settings. Stretches for as long as 4 hours.
You’ll need a large table.
Arkham Horror
1 to 8
12 years +
Team play
2-4 hours
Z-Man Games Tales Of The Arabian Night Game
Z-man Games is an American company that has been making RPG games since 1999. It focuses on delivering its customers world class RPG games that take you into another world.
Accommodates 2 to 6 players. About 120 minutes of gaming time. Features an excellent storyline. Six different characters to choose from.
The story might take some getting used to.
Tales of the Arabian Nights
2 to 6
13 years +
120 minutes
Rio Grande Games Puerto Rico Game
Rio Grande Games is a brand committed to bringing you great family entertainment that everyone can enjoy on game night, with thrilling original stories and scenarios.
Can accommodate as many as five players. Features farming and economic themes. Maintains a good balance of strategy and chance. Can last up to an hour thirty minutes or more.
It takes quite a while to set up.
Puerto Rico
3 to 5
13 years +
Build a city
90 minutes

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What is the Best RPG Board Game?

So, you’ve seen all you need to note when getting an RPG game. Go on to our reviews to see the 5 products we have for you that showcase the features we’ve highlighted.
Our Top Choice
Wizards Of the Coast’s the Legend Of Drizzt Board Game comes with a whopping 42 hero and monster figures to aid the storytelling, and is designed to allow as many as 5 participants. Are you looking for a remake of a family classic with easy enough rules to accommodate newbies with up to 8 players? Get the Wizards Of the Coast Dungeon Fantasy RPG Game.

Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game


Wizards of the Coast guarantees all your wildest imaginations come to being in the thrilling encounters of its games. It’s primarily based on horror and fantasy themes, creating stories that stretch your imagination to its limits. Also, their miniature hero pieces are created with great precision, which moves the character from being just an illusion (something you get from most other brands), to seeing it right there in your living room. The guys at Wizards of the Coast work in a really fun environment which ultimately helps it make the best fun decisions in terms of what feels right, entertaining, and engaging for the customers.

Often, we play our RPG board games once and immediately get tired of the storyline. That’s why this Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons RPG Game features multiple scenarios so you can play the game over and over again, and never get tired. The multiple scenarios also feature turns, surprises, and unexpected actions that only make the game more challenging, and better engaging.

Who says you can’t have fun on your own? Certainly, not us. Although the Legend Of Drizzt Board Game is designed to allow as many as 5 participants, you can embark on a solo quest to conquer the monsters (in the game, lol) single handedly, still maintaining the fun level you would have when playing with, or against others. This is highly important, especially when you want to get better at the game but still want to have fun in the process. Trust us when we say that after completing the solo quest 2 or 3 times, you’ll be challenging all your friends, and will eventually stand victorious!

A single pack comes with the following; 42 heroes and monsters, 13 sheets of interlocking dungeon cards, 200 encounter and treasure cards, a scenario book, a rule book, and a 20-sided die.

When you play with your friends, this game improves cooperation, because unlike most games where you guys are meant to be battling each other, you fight together against the game, so whether you win or lose, you’re doing it in good company.

Best Value
If you are looking for something short to liven up the party that includes bluffing, arguing and ultimately remaining alive and being the richest, then the Asmodee Cash N Guns RPG Game is what you want. If you are looking for a game that is longer, and features a head-to-head battle rather than group play, get the Asmodee 7 Wonders Duel RPG Game with similar rules as 7 wonders.

Asmodee Cash N Guns RPG Board Game - Second Edition


Asmodee is a gaming company that develops RPG games using fan favorite themes and characters, ranging from horror to comical, and so on. It also produces RPG games for different groups of players, whether you want to play against the game, a one versus one duel, something for family game night, to compete with your friends, or just have fun with your old folks, this brand has got you covered. Moving make-believe from your mind to your table top is what Asmodee prides itself on, and that’s what makes this one of your best bets when it comes to RPG gaming.

Unlike this Asmodee Cash N Guns RPG Game, many role-playing games take a really long time to get a winner, which often makes most players tired of the story, get bored, and some just give up, which is really saddening, especially if you love RPGs. This factor affects our passion for these kinds of games. It often denies us the opportunity to share the moments with our loved ones, because they’ll probably just get tired.

Now here is an RPG game that will give you the fun you derive from playing, but also grant you the opportunity to share the moment with friends and family, without them getting bored, because it is so action packed, fast-paced, thrilling, and engaging. This is a really engaging game because, unlike most, the storyline is very basic, and easy to understand. The rules are simple, so even first-timers find it absolutely easy to get involved, instead of dice rolling and reading of cards, there is bluffing and arguing, isn’t this just fantastic?

It also comes in a hilarious theme and design, and miniature guns which makes the game even more involving. While up to 8 participants are allowed in a single game, it’s also fun for spectators, so additional guests can be entertained by watching.

The storyline is basically about a successful heist (or so they thought), the aftermath of which brings quarrels amongst gang members with every crook wanting to outwit the other to get the biggest cut. Players point foam miniature guns at each other in order to bamboozle them into giving up their cut.

The comical, cartoonish design makes this a fun and action-packed party game.

The Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror RPG Game features as many as 8 players with a playing time that can stretch from just 2 hours to as long as 4 hours. This is all you need for an excellent game night really. Don’t forget to add to your Arkham horror collection the expansion pack and revised version of the 2006 classic Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror - Revised, check it out.

Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror RPG Game - For Ages 12 & Above


When we talk about RPG gaming, we talk about storylines, characters, and of course, fantasy. Fantasy Flight Games takes you on journeys into fantasy lives created by its amazing storylines. It also focuses on in-depth and detailed characterization that allows its players to be related personally to all characters in one way or another, which helps its games to be more thrilling and engaging. It focuses mainly on horror and sci-fi RPG games that are quite horrific, but still mild enough for kids to play and enjoy with adult supervision.

The Arkham Horror RPG Game is a cooperative game in the sense that it allows for players to work together to tackle the game. This is unlike most RPG games which only have a single play-to-win feature. It therefore builds family values and friendship bonds.

It with 16 individual playable investigator characters, each coming with its own blend of unique abilities, who will face off against 8 “ancient one” characters. Having this many characters ensures you have a variety of options, and make the best choice on what character relates to you the most. Each player can have a maximum of two characters, making cooperative decisions and strategies to tackle and defeat the ancient ones.

This game engages you on a whole new level. Each card is so detailed, it brings you into an understanding of the game without necessarily having to do actual “role play” (although that only makes the game more interesting and intriguing). The mythos card changes the whole setting of the game, keeping it unpredictable, and pushing you to rethink your strategies and plans.

One fun thing about this game is that you don’t need to be obsessed with horror to enjoy it. While it is based-on Lovecraft’s Cthulhu horror stories, it’s also an adventurous game with a whole lot of mysteries, surprises, and chances for you to team up with other players and get further in the game. This game is exceptionally designed, with the characters moving seamlessly through different locations, settings, and even other worlds; battling monsters, gaining more resources, and ultimately making the world (the game world, that is) safer.

This engages as many as 8 players, your best bet for game night with family, friends or neighbors. Plus, it’s long and engaging enough, you will play this for the whole night and not get tired.

The Z-Man Games Tales Of The Arabian Night RPG Game is one you won’t want to miss because it takes you on a ride where you can be the hero or heroine in a thrilling adventure and fantastic story. Do you want an RPG game that you can play for a longer time? At a more affordable price, get the Z-man Games Merchants and Marauders RPG.Game with 180 minutes of playing time.

Z-Man Games Tales Of The Arabian Night RPG Board Game - About 120 Minutes Playing Time


Z-man games was incorporated in the year 1999 in the US. It produces RPG games over a vast range of themes, remaking old time classics, and also venturing into new innovative territories never seen before. To achieve global standards, this brand partners with foreign game makers in order to produce its games in the English Language. This brand has got a keen eye for the visual aesthetics of its games, and couples that with its top-notch components and settings to afford you a new world of gaming. It produces games of all difficulties, from casual quick games to extremely tasking and complex games, in order to satisfy all its customers – first-timers and rookies to gurus and warlords.

The Z-Man Games Tales of The Arabian Night RPG Game allows for a gaming time that averages 120 minutes, but can stretch further depending on the skill level of the players. It never gets tiring, because with more time comes more adventure, more thrills, more excitement, and ultimately more fun. You’ll never get bored of this, and the feeling of winning is even more ecstatic due to the time and skill it takes to get there.

The game is like a combination of a role-playing game, an awesome fantasy novel, and a “choose-your-own-storyline” adventure book. It’s a fantasy novel in the sense that, while you have opportunities to win and end the game, you will most likely always want to find out what happens next, much like every awesome novel there is. A choose-your-own-storyline adventure book in the sense that you get to choose what character (hero or heroine) you would want to be in the game, and get to go on different adventures, each according to the character you’re playing.

This game comes with a game board, a book of tales (this is where the fantasy plays out), 1 reaction matrix, 6 stand-up figures (each acting as a specific character) 6 player mats, 125 cards, 100+ counters, 3 dice, and the rules. Up to 6 players can play this game, making it great for you to embark on with family, or friends, or both.

The Rio Grande Games Puerto Rico RPG Game is based on the original state of Puerta Rica. It is economic themed so it is fun that the whole family can enjoy together – no fear of nightmares for the children. Yes, there is a war RPG game out there that simulates 7 years of war in Central Europe with a 150 minutes playing time. That is the Rio Grande Games Friedrich RPG game.

Rio Grande Games Puerto Rico RPG Board Game - For 3-5 Players


There are a few brands that focus on building family values, and Rio Grande Games is one of them. It boasts great family strategy games for all families and all ages, dedicated to providing the family with entertainment suitable for all members. It publishes a variety of self-made games, but also imports games it feels you deserve. It even accepts storylines written by the customers themselves – submitted tales are sometimes taken up and used for its games. With this approach, you can be sure that whatever is in your mind to make the game more enjoyable for you can come to reality, and bring the game from your mind to your table top.

Often, parents who are fans of RPG games cannot share that love with their kids because most of the RPG games out there are not family-friendly, and/or not suitable for all ages. The Rio Grande Games Puerto Rico RPG Game is one RPG game that the whole family can enjoy together. Unlike most other role-playing games, this RPG Board Game is not horror themed, but is farming and economy themed so the whole family can play together without worrying the kids might get scared.

We know you might be thinking to yourself how a tabletop RPG would be interesting without it being horror themed. Well, this economic themed RPG game showcases the beautiful state of Puerta Rica, taking you on a journey to acquire the whole city, buying and selling, and making bold, sometimes rash, business decisions. It teaches teamwork and also builds business skills with an element of chance and opportunities, just like in real life.

It allows for up to 5 players, so the whole family can enjoy this one together on family game night, and the beautiful thing about it is that you don’t have to get so many games for family game night, games that the kids may get tired of, you only have to get this one engaging family game which can last for up 90 minutes, or more, as the case may be.

This is one family game you do not want to miss – well worth the bucks. A huge benefit of this is the fact that it teaches all players of all ages how certain economic choices affect life in general, making this a fun learning activity that everyone can partake in.

How Do I Choose the Best RPG Board Game?

Board games come in different types and different forms. Some depend entirely on luck and chance, while others depend entirely on strategy and smart thinking. RPG games come as a combination of the two – the best of both worlds, featuring a little bit of chance and a little bit of strategy to guarantee you ultimate fun.

RPG board games bring fantasy to life – sometimes in the classical fantasy way such as Tiny Epic Quest and Mage Knight. However, there are different themes and scenarios covering many other settings, and storylines give you the ability to immerse yourself in many new worlds without leaving your sitting room. They offer a great family night game that increases family bonds with cooperative gameplay.

Sometimes party night gets boring because of the repetitive games we use that people easily get tired of, but RPG games provide an alternative to old-fashion party night games, and get the place lively with bluffing and hyped competitions amongst friends.


RPG games differ in price, ranging from about $20 to $70. The prices of RPG games differ for various factors like the number of players playable, and the theme of the game. Also, sometimes RPG games come in parts, having sequels and new editions, or remakes. These editions are often more affordable than the original game. Some brands out there offer cheap RPG board games, but those are often a waste of money with boring themes, and storylines that just get you frustrated – really, why bother?


To get the best out of an RPG game, look out for the following features:

  • Average playing time
  • Theme
  • Rules
  • Accessories
Construction and Design

For every RPG board game, there is an overall theme it represents. While all games with the same theme don’t always have the same storyline, they often relate to the same types of people. There are a lot of themes when it comes to RPG games, much like what you have in novels and movies.

The theme of an RPG game relates, in one way or another, to the personality and the interests of the individual. Horror and sci-fi will most likely relate to someone who loves science and the outside world, mythical and mysterious themes would relate to someone who loves mysteries, magic, and sorcery, and so on.

Also, the theme you want to get should depend on the age group of the players. Little children may not be too keen to play horror RPGs, but a more comical and funny themed RPG would get their attention immediately.

There are also a few accessories to look out for when getting an RPG. One is the miniature characters. Although some brands do not take into consideration the quality of their miniature characters, many others do. You may think this isn’t too necessary, but when you get the game finally, you will find that it plays a vital role in painting an imaginative scenario of the game; it immerses you more into the game, and increases the fun and enjoyment.

Furthermore, some come with other accessories like cards, scenario books, rule books, and other things that make the game more enjoyable. So, check out all it comes with, and how each thing affects the game before getting it.

Performance and Ease of Use

A really important feature in all RPG games is the average time it takes to complete it. Some RPGs are really quick to set up and complete – great for party nights where everybody just wants something short that livens the party up, but doesn’t take the whole night (or day, as the case may be). Longer games lasting about 3-4 hours are naturally for family game nights or arranged sessions with a dedicated group of friends, so you don’t have to get any other game as long as they are very engaging, and don’t get anybody bored.

The rules of the game are also important in terms of the skill level of the participants. While mild rules are preferable for beginners and novices in the world of role play, stringent and more intricate rules are better for more experienced players because the simple rules may not get them the thrills they want.

Get the Best RPG Board Game of 2022!

Hurry now and get yourself an RPG game, and immerse yourself into a new world of fantasy where you are whoever you want to be. If our featured products weren’t quite what you’re after, check out what else is on offer from these trustworthy brands.

Our Top Choice
Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons
Best Value
Asmodee Cash N Guns RPG Game
Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror Game
Z-Man Games Tales Of The Arabian Night Game
Rio Grande Games Puerto Rico Game