Best Salt Lamp Reviews 2023

Himalayan salt lamps are useful if you feel the air in your room is heavy and not clean enough. If you feel tired all the time and don't have any energy, you should think about getting one of these. Check out the five Himalayan salt lamps we have picked from some of the best salt lamp brands. These beautiful lamps will purify the air in your home and give it a nice, warm glow.
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Our Top Choice
Crystal Allies Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
Crystal Allies considers home a sanctuary. It manufactures home décor appliances with multiple uses. Its salt lamps have innovative designs and reasonable prices.
This impressive salt lamp pulls the dust out of your house. It has a nice glow and illuminates the room, making the air fresh even if you don’t open the windows.
The salt lamp is different than in the photo. Each lamp is different, as is also stated in the product description.
6 x 6 x 6 inches
Salt bowl with salt chunks
6 pounds
6 feet
Best Value
WBM LLC Hand Carved Natural Crystal Lamp
WBM LLC manufactures products made of Himalayan salt, including lamps and even seasoning salt. Its salt lamps are built for health and well-being.
This salt lamp is made of one piece of Himalayan salt and emits an amber color. It eliminates smoke, pollen and other allergens.
Isolated complaints that the lamp arrived broken.
4.5 x 4.5 x 7 inches
Wood base
One-piece salt lamp
5-6 pounds
6 feet
Levoit Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp
Levoit manufactures salt lamps, aroma diffusers, air purifiers and humidifiers. Its products have impressive designs and benefits.
The stainless steel base has moisture drainage for maximum longevity. This salt lamp emits negative ions to fight stress and fatigue.
Isolated complaints that the lamp is smaller than it looks in the pictures. Check the dimensions before ordering.
11.3 x 7.1 x 7.1 inches
Metal base
One-piece salt lamp
8-9 pounds
6 feet
HemingWeigh Rock Salt Bowl Lamp
HemingWeigh specializes in different high-quality yoga products. It creates sporting wear, Himalayan salt lamps and toys.
This salt bowl lamp has a wooden base. Place it in a frequently used room to improve the quality of the air.
For proper results, you have to use 5W light bulbs, which are difficult to find in many stores.
7.5 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches
Wood base
Salt bowl with salt chips
5-6 pounds
5 feet
Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
Crystal Decor sells salt lamps with impressive designs and differently-themed bowls. Its products have reasonable prices and abstract designs.
This quality Himalayan salt lamp emits a dim light, which is fully adjustable and uses typical light bulbs. It's easy to set up and is a suitable size for any room.
Isolated complaints that the salt chunks smelled like smoke.
8 x 5.7 x 5.4 inches
Metal basket
Metal basket with salt chunks
6 pounds
6 feet

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What is the Best Salt Lamp?

When it comes to deciding on the best salt lamp for you, there are some things you may need to consider. First, choose a design depending on your tastes. You should also consider the size of the lamp. Small lamps are suitable for standard-sized rooms but you’ll need to get a large one if you want to use it in a big room or an open-plan studio etc. If you have trouble sleeping, you should get a lamp with adjustable brightness so it won't bother you during your sleep. Right, let’s dive right into our review on our top five picks.
Our Top Choice
The Crystal Allies Gallery Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp has an interesting design and works with regular light bulbs. Each lamp is handcrafted and has a different style.. However, if you prefer a pyramid-shape salt lamp then you should go for the Natural Himalayan Pyramid Salt Lamp which is available in 4 different sizes.

Crystal Allies Gallery Natural Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Lamp with Rough Salt Chunks & Dimmable Switch

Crystal Allies makes products with impressive designs and convenient prices. Along with salt lamps, it also sells clusters and geodes like agate, amethyst, quartz and others. If you are a yoga enthusiast, you should check out its seven-piece chakra set made of natural stones.

The Crystal Allies Gallery Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp has an impressive design, and it is built to last. If you have trouble sleeping, this lamp will help you, as Himalayan salt purifies the air and cleans it so you can have a long, nice sleep. You will receive the salt chunks separately, so you can place them in the bowl any way you like. This salt lamp is carved by experts and will add a nice, elegant feeling to your room. To make the lamp more stable, a wooden base has been added to it. In the package you will also find a light bulb and a 6-feet cord which is UL-listed and completely safe for your house.
Best Value
The WBM LLC Hand Carved Natural Crystal Lamp has a termite-resistant wooden base and it releases negative ions into the air, purifying it. It's easy to clean and comes in 4 different sizes. Do you prefer a basket full of salt chunks? In this case, check out the WBM Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp which is also available in 2 different styles.

WBM LLC Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp with Genuine Neem Wood Base, Bulb and Dimmer Control

WBM LLC is popular for its Himalayan salt items. Its products have superior quality and are made with care and dedication. Each lamp it sells is different and has a hand-carved shape.

If you feel that you can hardly breathe the air in your home, you need a Himalayan salt lamp. The WBM LLC Hand Carved Natural Crystal Lamp is made of only one piece of salt. It has a wooden base that makes it look modern. The light it emits creates a feeling of warmth in the room. This kind of salt lamp is often cherished by people with asthma, because they say it reduces their symptoms. This lamp is available in different sizes for you to choose from, such as 4-5 inches, and larger ones that measure 11-12 inches.
The Levoit Elora Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is an Amazon Best Seller. It's made from the highest quality salt crystals and has a stainless steel base. If you are looking for a spa-style Himalayan salt lamp then you should check out the Levoit Aria Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp which comes with a UL-listed cord.

Levoit Hand Carved Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp with Stainless Steel Base and Touch Brightness Dimmable Control

Levoit has set a new standard in holistic health with its unique Himalayan salt lamps. It says each salt crystal is hand-picked from the Himalayan Mountains. If you want to improve the air in your house and give it a nice scent, you should also check out Levoit's ultrasonic aroma diffusers!

If you usually work at home, you will need a salt lamp, as it increases the oxygen flow to the brain and helps with productivity. Levoit's Elora Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp is sturdy, as it has a stainless steel base and an adjustable light to make it as bright or dim as you wish. It is made of high-quality materials and has touch controls. You can place it in any room you want, because it will be there for a long time.

This particular lamp is ideal for multiple places in your house, such as the office, living room, kitchen or even basement. It comes with a warranty period of one year. The lighting bulb is included in the package, so you don’t have to buy it separately and at the moment of this writing, this salt lamp is an Amazon Best Seller!
The HemingWeigh Rock Salt Bowl Lamp emits an amber glow and purifies the air, creating a soothing atmosphere. It comes with an UL/CE certified cable. If you prefer a one-piece salt lamp, check out the HemingWeigh Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp which is currently available in 3 different sizes.

HemingWeigh Rock Salt Bowl Lamp with Salt Chips, Wood Base, Electric Wire & Bulb

HemingWeigh makes impressive and quality sporting wear. It also sells salt lamps that have a nice design, are sturdy and come at reasonable prices. If you are into yoga and love relaxing your body, you should check out its anti-fatigue comfort mats and its cork yoga blocks. This brand is known and preferred by yoga enthusiasts for its attention to details.

The HemingWeigh Rock Salt Bowl Lamp's classy design includes a wooden base and a salt bowl full of salt chips. The salt bowl and chips are handcrafted by professionals, so no two lamps look the same. If you want to boost your immune system and have lots of energy, you should definitely consider this salt lamp, as it has multiple holistic advantages.

As the lamp glows, it releases negative ions which can improve breathing and also help you eliminate stress. In the package you will find a UL-listed cable and a light bulb.
The Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp has a metal basket full of Himalayan salt chunks that will improve the air quality in your room and enhance the aesthetics of your house. It is available in multiple styles for you to choose from. If you prefer a different but still innovative design, try the Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp which comes in a metal basket and has a dimmable cord.

Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp in Star Design Metal Basket with Dimmable Cord

Crystal Décor thinks about the health of people and wants to improve it through the salt lamps it commercializes. It sells only salt lamps so it puts all its creativity into creating them. Apart from metal baskets full of salt chunks it also sells salt lamps made of only one piece Himalayan salt with a classy wooden base. You will find the design you are looking for in Crystal Décor’s portfolio, you just have to look for it.

If you are a smoker, you know how the air in any room you smoke in feels sometimes. Crystal Decor's Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is said to clean and purify the air from smoke, pet dander, pollens and more. It has an adjustable, quite long cord, so you can set it up in an place of your room and it will create a unique and calm ambiance.

This particular lamp can be bought in various design styles. The metallic boxes come in diverse patterns, such as stars, angels, flowers, Jesus and more. These shapes will create beautiful light effects in any room you put the lamp in, and will make the indoor atmosphere warmer and more romantic.

How Do I Choose the Best Salt Lamp?

Have you noticed how amazing you feel, both mentally and physically, when you stand near a waterfall? Or how well you feel after spending some time at the seashore? The good disposition that these places give you is due to the abundance of negative ions produced in certain natural areas.

There exists the possibility of copying the exact effect of these areas and transferring it into your own home or in the places where you spend a lot of time, like in your office. Salt lamps have the ability to chemically and physically transform the atmosphere in a room, in addition to their many unique healing effects.

Salt lamps are blocks of pure Himalayan salt that come from the Himalaya mountains in Asia. Also called "Air vitamins", these lamps are made of the salt that comes from ancient oceans and function exactly like air ionizers.

Salt lamps have a light bulb inside them and are modeled to be used as an eye catching decorative object with an invaluable benefit for health. It is a well-known fact that clean air improves health. So, it's great to use a salt lamp in the room where you spend most time. If you drive a lot, the air in your car should also be clean, which is why it's good to use a car air purifier.

In some cases, you can also place a few drops of essential oil on your salt lamp and make your whole room smell heavenly.
No matter how you see it, salt lamps are affordable when compared with the benefits they bring to your health. They are fairly cost-effective and you'll find that salt lamps range from around $15 to $100. One aspect that impacts the price is the size of the lamp and the colors of the salt. White salt lamps are really rare so you could expect to spend a little more out of pocket if you want one.

However, we advise you to stay away from cheap salt lamps. They don't offer any benefits to your health and some of them may even be toxic. Always make sure that the salt lamp you're going to buy is original.
Also known as halo therapy, salt therapy is an ancient practice that involves the purification of our bodies and the air around us. It eases anxiety, skin conditions, insomnia and many other issues. Himalayan salt is rich in healing minerals and releases negative ions. That's why salt lamps are so great. You just have to place them near the place you stay most and they'll start doing their job.

However, there are some important features to consider when purchasing a salt lamp. These features are as follows:
  • Size - Salt lamps can be very heavy as they're made of crystals or rock salt. Always make sure that the salt lamp is large enough to cover the entire room with its healing properties. However, if you don't want one large salt lamp, you can also use smaller lamps and distribute them evenly around the room.
  • Color - There are multiple colors available for salt lamps. You can choose between white, pink, orange and red salt chunks and rocks. However, white salt lamps are not that common and are quite expensive.
  • Design - The design of the salt lamp is not really important. This is a matter of personal preference and you can choose between salt chunks, one piece of salt, salt rocks and salt chips. No matter which one you choose, they'll have the same effect.
  • Lamp base - You also need to consider the base of the salt lamp. They should have a sturdy base as they're very heavy. You'll be able to find salt lamps with wooden bases, or salt chunks placed in metal baskets. There are also models that have the base carved out of the salt itself. Choose the one you like most.
Construction and Design
It's good to place the salt lamp in a room where there is a lot going on or where you usually relax or study. The pink glow that the lamp gives is great and enhances the atmosphere in any room.

As we said the typical colors for Himalayan salt are white, pink, orange and red.

White salts are quite rare and they emit maximum light compared to the other colors. You might find them a bit too bright, but they'll be a great addition to any room. For example, white represents healing and detoxification.

Pink salts have a very interesting look. Pink is loved by everyone and stimulates emotion and love.

Orange salts are the most common and they emit a pleasant and warm glow. Orange helps the nervous system and activates your kidneys.

Red salts are really eye catching, but they don't have to be too dark, otherwise they'll take away all the attractiveness of the lamp. Red activates the heart and improves blood circulation.

The size of the salt lamp is also important. Whenever you want to purchase a salt lamp it’s good to consider the size of the room you'll place it in. For example, a 6 lbs. salt lamp is good for a small bedroom, while a 15 lbs. salt lamp is great for a living room. The bigger the room, the bigger the salt lamp should be.
Performance and Ease of Use
Salt lamps are a great addition to any room. Apart from its aesthetics, salt lamps also offer you many health benefits.

Scientifically, a salt lamp ionizes the room, balances artificial frequencies and unnatural electromagnetic wavelengths which come from electronic equipment and produces a warm light that protects your body.

After you use a salt lamp you'll notice physical and mental improvements. They can help with respiratory problems, skin disorders, mental disorders, stress, headaches and migraines, rheumatism, circulatory system disorders and they can even be used in color therapies to cure the lack of sleep.

So, if you want to feel relaxed and maintain your health, a salt lamp will be a great addition to your home.

Get the Best Salt Lamp of 2023!

You should now have a better understanding of what you are looking for in a salt lamp. Now, choose the one you like, order it, and start purifying the air in your home. Health comes first!

Our Top Choice
Crystal Allies Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp
Best Value
WBM LLC Hand Carved Natural Crystal Lamp
Levoit Natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp
HemingWeigh Rock Salt Bowl Lamp
Crystal Decor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp