Best Sand Table Reviews 2022

Sand tables are one of the most popular outdoor play toys for kids, but you might find it difficult to sift through the numerous options available in the market. We carried out investigations on several brands with sand tables and arrived at the top five brands with the best sand tables. We highlighted one product from each of these brands, but note that the featured brands have plenty of other sand tables that might spark your interest—make sure to check them out!
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Our Top Choice
Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table
Step2 encourages learning and growth in children by providing toys that stimulate children’s creativity through play.
Easily-assembled. Can be comfortably moved around. Convenient height for toddlers. Lid locks tightly, keeping moisture and unsupervised kids out. Accessories included.
The sand bin could be deeper.
Sand and dabbling
36 x 26 x 16.4 inches;17lbs
80 lbs
Best Value
Children’s Factory Large Sensory Table
The Children’s Factory is passionate about creating toys and play environments that are soft, safe, and creative.
Versatile and sturdy enough to hold water, water beads, ice, and more. Lightweight enough to tip over, empty, and clean. Water- and rust-proof. Wheels lock.
It does not come with a lid.
Sensory table
36 x 24 x 24 inches; 17lbs
20 lbs Kidfetti/50 lbs sand
Hape Happy Trails Sand Table
Hape, an award-winning brand, is popular with parents, pediatricians, experts, and teachers for producing growth-stimulating toys.
Fascinating, colorful, and modern. You can bolt it to the ground for stability. Sturdy construction and easily assembled. Sealed-in sand. Magnetic pieces.
One doesn't get to feel the sand, as it’s sealed in and just not accessible.
Magnetic sand table
30 x 30 x 9.2 inches; 1lbs
20 lbs
Wood Designs Petite Tot Sand & Water Table
Wood Designs uses the best materials, the most imaginative designs, and the strongest construction to create great early-learning furniture.
Sturdy. Easy to set up and maintain. No sharp edges. UV-resistant. Plywood/plastic construction. Comes with drain plug. Lid included.
The lid is somewhat heavy and requires some careful handling.
Sand and water table
15 x 28 x 18 inches; 29lbs
40-50 lbs
American Plastic Toys Sand Table
American Plastic Toys has manufactured safe toys in the United States for more than half a century and earned the love of parents and child caregivers.
Easy to set up, as all that’s requires is to snap the legs in. Easy to clean and transport. Quite durable. Lightweight. Waterproof tarp.
There are isolated complaints about the tarp’s loops not fitting the hooks.
Sand and dabbling
34.5 x 22.5 x 15 inches; 5.7lbs
20 lbs

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What is the Best Sand Table?

Sand tables come in different types with varying features to check out before buying. Now that you’ve read through our buying guide, you should be better-informed about the features to look out for. To ensure that you get the best sand table for your kid, take a look at the products we reviewed below, and pick the model that best suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table with Lid & Elevated Design is convenient for toddlers, and has a protective lid with roadways molded onto the surface. It even comes with a bucket, 2 claw rakes, and 2 shovels. If would like a versatile water-sand table combination, we present the Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Center for your consideration as well.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table with Lid & Elevated Design

The Step2 Holding Company LLC was established 1991 with a determination to become the leading innovator of high-quality children’s products that not only build children’s imagination but enrich the entire family’s playtime experience to bring its members together. It is the largest toy manufacturer in North America, and its founder, Thomas G. Murdough, Jr., built it on the basis of value, quality, service, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Step2 is the number one rotational molder in the world, a technique used in shaping plastic, pioneered by its founder. The brand includes Step2 Direct ( and The Step2 Company, LLC. The company boasts a staff strength of over 800, including moms, dads, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and everyone in-between.

The Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table is an easy-to-assemble, elevated sandbox that’s designed to fit nicely in areas with limited play space. Its raised design keeps children off mud and sand, and its height was designed with your toddlers’ playing convenience in mind. There’s enough room for several kids to play and take part in the fun without having to get in each other’s’ way.

This sand table features textures and colors that are unobtrusive and should blend well with living areas and traditional landscapes. It has a protective lid which can be fastened to the table with cords attached to the ends of the lid. It provides a strong cover to keep water out of the sand. What's more, the lid fits tightly enough to require an adult to open it; this means your kids can't get in without your knowledge. The lid has roadways molded onto its top surface and this can be another play tool and creative outlet for your little ones.

The sandbox can hold up to 80 pounds of sand (not included), and the sand table comes with one bucket, 2 shovels, and 2 claw rakes for your kids’ optimum enjoyment while using the table. This sand table is proudly made in the USA and is recommended for children aged 2 years and above.

Step2 makes other intriguing sand tables and here’s a few of them:
  • The Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay: This is a 7-piece sand and water table set with a water tower, shovel/rake, and shark.
  • The Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table: This set is dinosaur-themed and features a molded volcano lid that can also be incorporated into playtime.
  • The Step2 Crabbie Sand Table: This one comes with a shell-shaped lid and 4 accessories. It has capacity enough for up to 25 pounds of sand.
Best Value
The Children’s Factory Large Sensory Table with Wheels and Steel Frames is sturdy and durable. It consists of a waterproof plastic tub and a rust-resistant steel frame with wheels (two of which lock for stability). If you’d like to multi-task, or multi-play in this case, the Neptune Sand & Water Table at 24 inches high is also available from the Children’s Factory.

Children’s Factory Large Sensory Table with Wheels and Steel Frames

Children’s Factory began early 1981 in Mike and Barbara Richter’s Kirkwood home attic. Their aim was to create a soft, fun environment in which a child, no matter how young, could safely play. The first product from this company was a basic, 3D animal-shaped toy that was designed with a child’s size in mind. Today, the firm boasts a large product range that includes toys for soft play, infant toddlers, climbers, learning skills, mirrors, sand and water tables, and lots more. In 2006, a family just as passionate about the Richter’s vision bought the company with a promise to continue its manufacturing of innovative toys, to widen its product offerings, to stay on the cutting edge, and to exceed its customers’

The Children’s Factory Large Sensory Table is a 24-inch-high table designed to be just the right height for young kids. It’s made up of a tub and a mobile frame; the tub is made from toughened, weatherproof plastic for durable years of play. Deep and sturdy enough to hold not just sand, but water, beans, rice, ice, Kidfetti, and anything that you and your kids can imagine, you’re guaranteed hours of fun with this table. It should be noted that it doesn’t have a drain plug, however, so you’ll have to tip it over at the end of playtime to empty its contents. Considering its lightweight nature, this shouldn’t dampen the fun one bit.

The frame is of rust-resistant chrome steel with wheels, or casters, attached to the end of each leg for ease of mobility. Two of these casters have locking mechanisms, which means that as long as those wheels are locked down, the sand table will be stable. Your kids can play in safety without you having to worry—pretty neat, right? This sensory table can be paired with a lid (sold separately) to keep its contents clean and dry. It ships ready to assemble and is not difficult to put together.

Children’s Factory makes other sand tables, and here’s a few:
  • The Discovery Table: This table is available in 18 and 24 inches, and is a triple basin sand and water table. Each of the basins has a drain.
  • The Activity Table and Lid Set: This one is available in 18 and 24 inches, and is a sand table large enough for multiple play. It also features a drain plug.
  • The Mini Double Discovery Table: This is a low-profile table with 2 spacious see-through tubs for toddlers to explore multiple themes at once.
The manufacturer recommends that the Large Sensory Table be used with 20 pounds of Kidfetti or 50 pounds of sand.
The Hape Happy Trails Magnetic Sand Table with 4 Magnetized Tracks has a hardwood frame enclosing a recessed area with a transparent acrylic top sealing the sand. Magnetic discs are used to steer the magnetized pieces. If you’re interested in a safari-themed sand table, take a look at the Hape Safari Tour Magnetic Sand Table with vibrant jungle graphics, a safari jeep, and more.

Hape Happy Trails Magnetic Sand Table with 4 Magnetized Tracks

Hape’s founder, Peter Handstein, was born and raised in rural Germany with an ingrained respect for family, nature, honesty, and compassion. He set up his company in 1986 after working as a salesman for an educational toy company, and the knowledge he gained from talking with hundreds of educators was put to good use. With a deep-rooted belief that the future begins with and belongs to our children, the Hape brand sets out to design and make toys that inspire play, exploration, and learning in children, and it aspires to leave the world a better place than it was before. Hape understands the activities kids consider fun, and works to make products that are age-appropriate, include learning basics, are made with natural materials and water-based paint, and follow strict safety and quality standards. Hape seeks to make all of its toys in a way that kids will love and parents will trust.

Hape’s Happy Trails Sand Table takes play to the next level with its magnetized features. It consists of a wooden frame surrounding a recessed area where the sand is contained. The top of the table has a see-through acrylic covering that seals off the sand, keeping your kids sand-free and clean.

This sand table has magnetized vehicles, marbles, and creatures that can be steered through the sand with the four magnetized discs that are permanently attached by ropes to the underside of the table. It’s a sturdy, durable table that’s designed for indoor use and has steel legs with provisions for bolts to be passed through them, fastening the table to the floor.

Engage the imagination of your kids aged 2 years and above (manufacturer’s recommended age range) and keep them entertained when their friends come to visit with this interactive table. It might prove a good addition to your kids’ playroom and even a pediatrician’s waiting room.
The Wood Designs Petite Tot Sand & Water Table with Lid is a preassembled plywood table, with rounded edges and corners which are sanded for safety. The tub is plastic and even has a drain pipe attached. For a see-through sand table with wheels, take a look at the Deluxe Sand and Water Table.

Wood Designs Petite Tot Sand & Water Table with Lid

Wood Designs is a proud American brand that strives to continually create and supply the highest-quality products while keeping its ever-growing customer base satisfied. Its promise is to provide some of the strongest, safest, and most aesthetically pleasing furniture for early-learning environments; a promise it keeps by using only the world’s best plywood in the manufacture of its furniture. After the wood has been joined together, it covers the whole unit in its UV- and scratch-resistant trademark TUFF-GLOSS finish. Each product is then hand-inspected for quality before it is shipped off to the doorstep of an expectant customer.

The Wood Designs Petite Tot Sand & Water Table is a 100% plywood, 18 x 28 x 15 inches sand table with a rugged, plastic tub that is 8 inches deep and lightweight for ease of emptying and cleaning. The tub has a drain plug through which the contents can be emptied, as well. The tub is well-made and will carry rice, pebbles, beads, marbles, beans, ice, and whatever you or your kids fancy. It comes with a flat and somewhat heavy lid with which the contents of the tub can be protected from water and dirt, and can double as a work surface.

The wooden parts of this sand table have been coated with this company’s exclusive TUFF-GLOSS UV finish, giving it a scratch-resistant surface that will stand the test of time. The edges and corners of this sand table have been rounded and sanded to ensure the safety of your little ones while they play. Putting this piece together only requires you to attach the legs, as it comes preassembled.

Other sand tables from Wood Designs include:
  • The WD11810 Sand and Water Table with Top/Shelf: This one features casters on two of its legs for mobility and comes with a lid.
  • The WD11811 Petite Sand and Water with Top/Shelf: This sand table has casters on 2 of its legs for mobility and ease of drainage.
The Wood Designs Petite Tot Sand & Water Table is proudly made in the US.
The American Plastic Toys Sand Table with Waterproof Tarp Cover is sturdy, lightweight, and deep enough to hold sand, water, and anything else. It comes with a waterproof tarp and corner loops which attach to the table. Introduce your kids to a world of fun, learning, and development: check out the American Plastic Toys Colossal Pail Set. It includes a shovel, sand sifter, bucket, and more.

American Plastic Toys Sand Table with Waterproof Tarp Cover

American Plastic Toys was established in 1962 and has grown to a brand with five facilities and a product line with more than 125 different items that range from a simple sand bucket to a complete play kitchen set. Its products are 100% assembled in the USA, molded in its plants with less than 4% of its toy value content brought in from the Far East. None of the products are painted or include phthalates, as it uses FDA-approved, food-grade colorant, (also purchased in the USA). With its products in high demand, it has many regional retail outlets and sells through most major North American retailers.

The American Plastic Toys Sand Table is easy to set up, and it comes with a tarpaulin and four legs. To assemble, just snap the legs into the provisions made for them in the corners of the table. It’s quite simple and can be done without breaking a sweat. The legs can be removed and the sand box placed on the ground for younger kids to play in.

The waterproof tarp comes in the same color as the sand table. It has four loops, one located at each corner and attaches to notches on the corners of the sand table. When properly fastened, it keeps the water out. This sand table is large enough to have up to four children playing at a time.

Here are some other sand tables by American Plastic Toys:
  • The Sand and Water Play Table: This comes with a removable 11.25-inch-tall water spinner tower, a pitcher, and two sailboats.
  • The Sand and Water Play Set: This is a one-piece water way with a wave maker, rotating crane, sand pit, flatbed truck, and lots more.
Bring the beach experience—well, some of it—home to your kids with this colorful sand table.

How Do I Choose the Best Sand Table?

Are you looking for a suitable outdoor play toy that your kids will love? Maybe you’re looking for something that will take them out of their cozy playpens and into the open to have some cool, safe fun. Good news: you can finally have your own mini beach for the kids to frolic in right in the comfort of your home. This fun toy keeps kids entertained for many years, starting early on. It’s a safe way to develop their minds and let their creativity run wild with lots of digging, building, and shape-making in the sand—and it gives you a chance to relax on the chaise lounge.

A sand table is a wooden or plastic table with a groove. It comes in different sizes and heights and may have a section for water play. Kids love nothing better than an open-ended medium, and they rarely get bored with a sand table as they keep inventing and discovering new things they can do, from building sand castles to going on treasure hunts for buried metal with magnets. Most sand tables also come with accessories such as buckets, measuring cups, and measuring spoons, and kids can learn mathematical concepts such as “more than”, “less than”, and “equal to”, when they play with the buckets or other containers of varying sizes.

Sand tables can help children carry out some scientific experiments with your help, like setting up a rope system to move bucketsful of sand across the sand table to teach about pulleys and levers. And when you provide some common household items such as funnels, ramps, and rolling pins, they’ll have a splendid time creating their own unique experiments.

Knowing the reasons for getting a sand table is just half of the equation. To make the right choice, you should have information about features, including the type of sand table, manufacturing material, size, assembly, and price. Keep reading as we discuss these details.
When it comes to toys, there is a wide variety within product categories and they differ in manufacturing material, accessories, and style. The prices also differ according to the above factors and you can pick a set that best suits your budget with the necessary safety measures and features that’ll keep the children entertained for long.

The sand tables featured in our review range from $38.83 to $399.99, which covers both high-end and budget products. No matter which sand table you choose to pick from our list, rest assured that you’ll get value for your money. With that in mind, we urge you not to buy a cheap sand table for the sake of saving money; buying a slightly pricier one, such as the ones in our list, will assure you of higher quality and more satisfaction.
Shopping for a great sand table for your kids can be a lot easier if you know just what to look out for in terms of features. Here are some factors to help you in your search for an ideal sand table:
  • Type
  • Manufacturing material
  • Size
  • Assembly
  • Safety measures
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
Sand tables come in two types: the lone sand table or the sand and water combination. The lone sand table is designed for only playing with sand and is easier to maintain. A water and sand table has more versatility, as the kids will have the option of playing with both sand and water. The water and sand table is more difficult to maintain and involves constantly changing out the sand. It’s also often more expensive than its lone sand counterpart. So, when shopping, consider the convenience of maintaining the unit.

Different brands manufacture their sand tables with either plastic or wood. Both materials are good and reliable, but if you’re looking for a more natural setting in your backyard, then you’ll be better off getting a wooden sand table. If you’re looking for vivid colors that will add vibrancy and attract the kids, then you’d do well to go for plastic sand tables. Plastic tables are also better if you’re going to be moving it from one location to another.

Before investing in a wooden sand table, make sure that the wood is treated so it can withstand the elements outdoors. And whichever one you’re going for, ensure that the base is solid and stable. You wouldn’t want the kids playing on a wobbly structure which may topple over.

One major factor to consider when you’re shopping for a sand table is the age range of the kids that’ll be using it. Generally, it’s recommended that you go for a larger size that the youngest child can grow into because a sand table is a long-term investment. A bigger-sized sand table means more kids can play with it so you can have the neighbor’s children over to join your kids at the sand table—the more, the merrier.
Performance and Ease of Use
Sand tables provide maximum fun and help develop motor, cognitive, and physical skills in children. They come in different forms as well, so be careful to pick a unit that will be easy for you to set up. Most sand tables come with an instruction manual to help get them up and running, and the sand tables we have reviewed are all quite easy to assemble with minimum fuss.

Some manufacturers have pre-assembled sand tables, making them ready-to-use right out of the box. Keep in mind this means you probably won’t find it easy to transport or move it from one location to another, so they’re best kept in one location. The sand table assembled at home is easily dismantled for better storage and portability. When making your purchase, check whether you’re buying a pre-assembled unit.

Sand tables are equipped with various plastic accessories such as funnels, shovels, buckets, cups, and measuring spoons. These accessories are molded with blunt or rounded edges for the safety of the little ones. With these tools and many more common household items, children can have fun for hours.

Finally, some sand tables have lidded tops. The lid helps keep the sand safe from the wind and from neighborhood critters. Some of these lids have embedded motorways for added fun, so it can also serve as a driveway for your kids’ trucks and cars.

Get the Best Sand Table of 2022!

Thank you for reading this review. We’re sure that you’re well-informed and can now pick the sand table that really suits your children, so go ahead and place the order. You might also like to view more options from our featured brands, so navigation links have been included for you as well.

Our Top Choice
Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table
Best Value
Children’s Factory Large Sensory Table
Hape Happy Trails Sand Table
Wood Designs Petite Tot Sand & Water Table
American Plastic Toys Sand Table