Best Satellite TV Dish Reviews 2023

In a world where staying informed and getting entertained are a must (if you factor in how hard we all work, whew!), a satellite TV dish plays a central and pivotal role in the fulfillment of this well-deserved desire. But how exactly do you select the absolute best, especially in the face of all the promises made by different manufacturers today? Well, we asked the same question too, and the answers we got are what we have compiled into this review that you now have in your hands. Not only do we present our top five best satellite TV dish brands and a product from each, but we also give you a step-by-step guide on how to pick the best one for you.
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Our Top Choice
Satellite Oasis Turbo HDTV Satellite Antenna
Satellite Oasis is a brand loved by its many customers as it has set and maintained a track record of functionality and convenience when manufacturing its products.
Great for traveling. Quick assembly. Strong signals. Multiple connection options.
A bit pricey, but comes with extra accessories.
27 x 22 x 8 inches
Dish Network
110, 119, 129 satellites
Three receivers
Best Value
DIRECTV Slim Line Dish Antenna
The world’s largest satellite TV provider, DIRECTV, has scaled all odds in its bid to redefine entertainment and television viewing using new and advanced technology.
Single Wire Multiswitch feature allows for multiple satellite feeds at once. Receives 101, 110, 119, including 99 and 103 degrees satellite. Lightweight. Attractive.
Does not come with assembly instructions.
36.2 x 30.4 x 7.3 inches
99, 101, 103 satellites
One receiver
Winegard TRAV’LER Slimline Satellite
Few brands compare to Winegard in product manufacture and service delivery. It has built a name for itself as a reputable satellite TV dish manufacturer in its industry.
Automatic capacity. Considered user-friendly. Easy installation. Tough build.
A bit heavy. Expensive but worth it.
46 x 27 x 13.8 inches
99, 101, 103 satellites
Four plus
GEOSATpro FTA Satellite TV Dish Antenna
When it comes to service delivery, GEOSATpro knows who’s king, and that’s you. It therefore continually improves on its products to keep you satisfied.
Comes with a DVD recorder. Attractive and durable finish. Works with most dish motors.
Assembly is a little complicated.
36 x 6 x 24 inches
Dish Network
110, 119, 129 satellites
Three receivers
Dish Network High Definition Dish
The award-winning Dish Network prides itself in its commitment to consistently serve customers with the most sophisticated products at about the lowest prices industry-wide.
Single-dish antenna gives standard and high-definition channels. Receives 110-, 119-, and 129-degree satellites. Easy assembly. New hybrid LNB with the latest hopper receiver.
Does not come with assembly instructions.
33.5 x 8.3 x 36.8 inches
Not Available
Any ku-band satellite
One receiver

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What is the Best Satellite TV Dish?

A lot goes into picking a good satellite TV dish, and hopefully, we’ve been able to lend a hand in making the work easier. Now, you can go ahead to the reviews and make your choice.
Our Top Choice
The Dish Network 1000.2 Turbo HDTV Satellite Tripod Kit is a super choice for RVing. It works with all DirecTV HD receivers, Genie, and H25, so wherever you are and whatever satellite provider operates, you’re always connected! But if you would rather see more options, there’s always the SWM SL3S Portable HDTV Satellite Dish Kit.

Satellite Oasis Dish Network 1000.2 Turbo HDTV Satellite Tripod Kit – Portable Dish Antenna Product Model Number:: Satellite Oasis Satellite TV Dish DISH10002SKIT

Satellite Oasis is a company that fills the gap when it comes to making customers that want to stay connected happy. It offers products that go beyond the simple problem of establishing a network. The brand is a sure mark of quality, and this is well-demonstrated in the experience it has gathered in the industry.

The Dish Network 1000.2 Turbo HDTV Satellite Antenna can operate up to 3 receivers from one satellite dish. This satellite TV dish will even work properly in a mountain city. After you have pointed it in the right direction, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy its functionality.

For a great price, you can get yourself this traveler’s satellite tripod kit and hit the road. If you like this product, here are a few more features that are included with it:
  • Portable satellite dish for both DISH (network) and standard programming
  • Black turbo HD dish that receives 110W to 129W satellites
  • Compatible with receiver models that end with “K”
  • Compatible with Hopper
  • Capable of receiving both HD and SD programming
  • Also comes with a blue accessory case
  • Includes a tripod mount, a satellite finder meter, and F81 splice
Best Value
All your wishes just came true with the DIRECTV Three LNB La/Ku Slim Line Dish Antenna SL-3 LNB Combo. This kit is well-designed to give you the new Single Wire Multiswitch dish technology for multiple satellite feeds at once! Or you could check out this short stub roof mount dish with a 4-way SWM splitter that connects up to four receivers at once: the DIRECTV Slim Line Dish Short Roof Only.

DIRECTV Three LNB La/Ku Slim Line Dish Antenna SL-3 LNB Combo

DIRECTV, since its inception in the ‘80s, has not stopped putting in all the hard work it takes to be a front-liner in its field. Known in its industry, and indeed every place else, as the largest satellite TV provider in the world, this brand has not achieved this feat without a couple of challenges especially at the inception stages. Right now, though, thanks to technological advancements and a team of perseverant experts, DIRECTV has become a reference point in the world of television viewing even as it keeps redefining the viewing experience. By expanding its bouquet of services, viewers can now own their viewing experience and enjoy personalized TV even better.

The DIRECTV Slim Line Dish Antenna is all you’ve been looking for in an amazing satellite TV dish, and there are so many reasons you’ll love it.

In the first place, this kit comes with an output for the new Slim Line Single Wire Multiswitch dish and other necessities required to convert your non-SWM dish into a SWM dish. And what does that mean for you? Your dish can now accept multiple satellite feeds all at once! No sweat!

Also, this dish comes with three Low Noise Block Downconverters which can receive 101, 110, and 119 degrees’ satellite all in high-definition. Plus, it’s also designed to receive 99 and 103 degrees’ satellite (the new ka satellite) to give a clear local MPEG4 programming, also in high-definition!

Although this dish doesn’t come with instructions for setup, you do find your way around it eventually, and when you do, it gives excellent signals, helping you to enjoy your channels in crispy-clear picture quality.

This fantastic kit is quite lightweight, so although setting up isn’t quite easy, it doesn’t constitute too much of a bulk. And, of course, because looking good is never out of place, this kit looks pretty cool and you’re going to love the way it hangs up on your roof. Order yours!
If you’re looking for a rugged satellite TV dish that’s made to last, then check out the Winegard Slimline Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna. It’s not just tough, it also supports all DirecTV HD receivers! But for a great product with different features, check out the Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER Multi-Satellite TV Antenna.

Winegard Slimline Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna – RV Roof Mount TRAV’LER Satellite Antenna for DirecTV

The Winegard Company produces the best satellite TV antennas for both RVs and tailgating. It strives to provide trouble-free service that results in sustainability. Winegard constantly updates its technology to fit into the modern demands of the contemporary customer. This is why it continues to be a reputable firm.

The Winegard TRAV’LER Slimline Tech Satellite Antenna is a fully automatic satellite dish that supports all the new DIRECTV HD receivers. You can comfortably watch all your favorite programs on different TVs at the same time.

Get this TV satellite dish today for a great price and start enjoying its features, including:
  • Simultaneous reception with up to 100 degrees of complete SD and HD programming
  • Works perfectly with DVRs and is capable of recording from different satellites at the same time
  • Tough build for durability
  • Traveler's single wire multi switch for easy installment
Aside from its simple and attractive finish, the GEOSATpro 36"/90cm FTA Satellite Dish and .5dB NR SL1PLL Single Standard LNBF is versatile and highly functional, designed to work with most dish motors available right now and to receive any ku-band satellite. For a great product with different features, though, you can check out the GEOSATpro IPTV DVBS2 Satellite Receiver HDVR3500.

GEOSATpro 36"/90cm FTA Satellite Dish and .5dB NR SL1PLL Single Standard LNBF

GEOSATpro is a company that is committed to consumer service, not forgetting the quality products it offers. Since it's a brand that values quality, it is easy to see where its drive for upgraded features comes from. This is why its products tend to go beyond the requirements of market distribution. GEOSATpro has been in existence since 2005 and continues to deliver satellite broadcasters and other equipment that provide reliability and innovation.

The GEOSATpro FTA Satellite TV Dish Antenna is a powerful HD satellite receiver that includes a digital video recorder for your convenience. With this satellite TV dish, you will be able to pause and replay live programming, and even go as far as recording what you like on TV. For those who want to explore some more, you can now listen to your radio while still watching TV with ease.

The GEOSATpro HD receiver is a must-have satellite TV dish for the functionality it offers. Here are a few more features to expect from this product:
  • Perfect satellite dish antenna for great reception
  • Contains hundreds of free channels
  • You get international news, programming, sports, and entertainment for free
  • Compatible with most dish motors such as the SG2100 Motech, among others
  • Easy mounting with the GEOSATpro 90cm roof tripod
The Dish Network 1000.2 High Definition Dish sets the standard for quality with its single-dish antenna that delivers both standard and high-definition channels in crispy-clear picture regardless of the elements. How about something for your RV? This satellite TV dish comes with a tripod stand and delivers HD channels. See the Dish Network Turbo RV HDTV Satellite Tripod Kit.

Dish Network 1000.2 High Definition Dish – Available with Sat Finder

When it comes to pay-TV, most customers are of the opinion that they are being ripped off by service providers. Dish Network, therefore, takes it upon itself to alleviate this burden by going ahead to commit to serving customers with about the lowest pay-TV rates that can be found across the industry. While it might appear that such a move would cause a drop in quality, the reverse appears to be the case here, as the brand still stands tall as one of the most sophisticated and innovative brands in terms of product quality. From its award-winning Hopper with Sling Whole-Home HD DVR that enables you to watch TV on-the-go, to its Tailgater (a portable satellite dish that’s great for RVing or camping), Dish Network is, no doubt, a name that’s synonymous with excellence.

Get set for amazing TV with the Dish Network High Definition Dish. This is one amazing satellite dish that you won’t want to miss. Although a single dish, it comes with the power of two and delivers both standard and high-definition channels. Yeah! That’s super!

And here’s something to know about the picture quality: it’s crispy-clear, and even in spite of the elements, rain or fog, the picture quality remains the same and uninterrupted.

Also, its new hybrid Low Noise Block downconverter comes with the latest Hopper receivers that receive 110-, 119-, and 129-degree satellites. And with its Dish Pro Plus Tech, it only needs one line to supply two tuners. Talk about convenience!

Although this set does not come with assembly instructions, customers who have bought this dish all seem to agree that it is super easy to install, and in a relatively short time too.

You can check out other equally great products from Dish Network, such as:
  • The Dish Network Wally HD Receiver: It’s super-affordable and works superbly.
  • The Dish Network Solo HD Receiver: This is another incredible High Definition receiver that’s also affordable.
  • The Dish Network Eastern Arc HDTV Dish Antenna: It comes with instructions, an eastern arc, and a foot mast.

How Do I Choose the Best Satellite TV Dish?

With the constant stress and pressure the human race faces to make a living, a well-deserved relaxation is only fair, and a main actor in this scenario is the TV. The TV is not only a great way to unwind and get entertained, but it also provides an excellent way to bond with family, whether it’s over a video game, or a television soap. It’s also a key way to stay informed.

But then again, information and entertainment cannot be gotten from the TV all by itself; without such a thing as a satellite TV dish, a TV can be quite a space-consuming, boring, annoying box we’d rather not have in our homes.

The reason a satellite TV dish works is that it gives you access to a wide range of different fantastic TV channels that suit your various tastes and interests. And the good news is that many of them are free too! Even though some of them are subscription channels and have to be paid for, at least, the fact that quite a number are free-to-air is a blessing we all should be thankful for.

This doesn’t mean, though, that picking a satellite dish is straightforward. While it’s not exactly the most difficult thing on earth, we can’t say that it’s as easy as picking a universal remote, for example.

Quite a number of things affect the performance and output of any one satellite TV dish and we will be discussing them later in this guide. But some things you might want to consider before you settle for any dish are the number of channels you hope to get, the number of receivers and TVs that will be fed by that satellite dish, and whether or not you intend to pay for subscribed TV.

When you’ve successfully answered these questions, it becomes easier for you to pick out a satellite dish that works for you after going through the features as we have provided them below. Now come along and let’s check out some features that make for a great satellite TV dish.
Satellite TV dishes go for a wide range of prices, from as low as about $75 to as much as $300 plus. Quite a few factors affect price, such as the presence of a tripod stand and the size of the dish. Since a larger dish gives more channels, it naturally costs more than a smaller one, and of course, a tripod stand in your kit equals more money.

There are quite a number of cheap satellite TV dishes available in the market today and they could be tempting to get. But before you decide to buy, you might want to consider the fact that most of these dishes are unnecessarily difficult to install and cannot stand up to the demands of harsh weather conditions. Wouldn’t you rather just get a quality, howbeit slightly expensive, product?
Here are some features to look out for when deciding on a satellite TV dish:
  • Type
  • Low Noise Block Downconverter Type
  • Appearance
  • Size
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
You need to consider the type of satellite TV dish you plan on getting along with its appearance. Knowing a little more on these topics is going to be really helpful when you’re out shopping for one, so we presented some info on each topic below.


There are two basic types of satellite dishes: the stationary, and the motorized. We will discuss each briefly.

Stationary Satellite Dish: This is a little inconvenient to own as receiving signals can be a bit of a chore. Since it cannot rotate electronically, you’d have to physically align it with a geosynchronous satellite, and yes, it’s every bit as stressful as it sounds.

You can usually find this type in a wide range of sizes. But for more signals, you’d have to go for the larger ones. Stationary satellite dishes are quite limited in that they have difficulties in picking up signals that aren’t close together in location, unless they are manually adjusted.

Motorized Satellite Dish: This type is kinda like the opposite of the stationary. It comes with a built-in motor that works with a remote to adjust the dish to whatever position. Ahhhh... yes… sweet, blissful convenience. As a result, it is able to pick up a wide range of signals regardless of their location, and the good news is that most of these signals are actually free.

But there’s a drawback though. Most motorized dishes are large, like when we say “large”, we mean “large.” So, if your neighborhood is already clustered, it might present a problem.


Lastly, in this section, we will talk about appearance…

First off, satellite dishes do not come in a variety of colors. Well, it’s not like the color impacts the output though, so that shouldn’t be a big deal. But then, because satellites aren’t exactly the cutest things you’d ever find in a building, you’d have to learn to place them properly in a place where they won’t be visually appalling, like close to the chimney or the shrubs, or on the rear wall of your building. Just make sure it’s not in a place where the signal could be blocked.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are two things that will most affect the performance and ease of use you get from your satellite TV dish: its size and its Low Noise Block Downconverter (or LNB) type. Below is some more information on both of these topics.


The size of your dish plays a vital role in its performance, as it determines the number of channels your unit will be able to receive. So, the larger the surface area of your dish, the more channels you can receive. Another plus for larger satellite dishes is that they tend to be more durable under adverse weather conditions such as storms, winds, or snow. Only issue, like we have seen before, is that they can be quite unappealing to the eyes.

Low Noise Block Downconverter Type

Next, let’s talk about the LNB…

The LNB is what is known in full as the Low Noise Block Downconverter. Yeah, we know, pretty big vocabs, but the bottom-line is that it contributes to the output of your dish. It’s actually the little arm that juts out of your dish and helps to convert signals which are sent down through the cable and into your receiver. There are different types.

Sky LNB/ Universal LNB: This type is specifically designed for Sky dishes and is compatible with both zones 1 and 2.

Single-line LNB: This is designed to receive and send only one signal to one receiver alone.

Dual Band LNB: This type can receive multiple signals.

Multi LNB: This uses a coaxial cable to send signals to multiple receivers.

When choosing an LNB, you should consider the number of TVs and receivers the satellite dish is supposed to serve. If it’s just one, a single-line will do, but if you have quite a number, then you know you have to go for a multi-LNB.

Get the Best Satellite TV Dish of 2023!

We’re sure you’ve found the best satellite TV dish for you and we’re excited to have been a part of your relaxation story. Go on now and enjoy your TV. You’ve earned it! Or for even more options, see what else our featured brands have to offer!

Our Top Choice
Satellite Oasis Turbo HDTV Satellite Antenna
Best Value
DIRECTV Slim Line Dish Antenna
Winegard TRAV’LER Slimline Satellite
GEOSATpro FTA Satellite TV Dish Antenna
Dish Network High Definition Dish