Best Satellite TV Receiver Reviews 2017

The first satellite TV receivers were nothing more than decoders that only allowed people to receive satellite TV. Over the years, however, these receivers have become loaded with awesome features designed to make the viewing experience better and more complete. If you want to go the satellite way and enjoy more programs, you can get a good receiver and make your wishes a reality. All you have to do is read our review on 5 great satellite receivers from top brands and make your decision.
Our Top Choice
Shaw Direct HD PVR Receiver
Shaw Direct is known for producing some of the top receivers on the market. Its HD PVR 630 Satellite Receiver is a true performer with an easy-to-use interface for faster functionality.
Provides high-definition quality. Records multiple programs. Easy to use and install.
A little expensive but worth the price.
10.5" x 8.5" x 2”/ 8.5 pounds
Dual tuners, live recording
Best Value
iSmart F1 Hybrid Full HD Receiver
iSmart is associated with professionalism in making satellite equipment. The iSmart F1 HD DVB-S2 with IPTV provides a hybrid full feature that is highly desirable.
Easy to use. Pocket-friendly. Supports 1080p full HD.
Does not work with Dish Network or Direct TV.
Free to Air
Full HD
4.8" x 2.4" x 4.5”
Wi-Fi, live recording
Solovox Full HD FTA Receiver
SOLOVOX is known for its incredible options in home entertainment. The SOLOVOX 1080p FTA Full HD Satellite Receiver gives you extra entertainment with its free to air package.
Full control with an IR extender cable. Supports Web TV. Supports Wi-Fi. Full HD capability.
Only supports HDMI and AV output; cannot support SCART port.
Free to Air
Full HD
8.8" x 5.1" x 3.2”
Infrared receiver extender
Dish Network Dual TV Receiver
Dish Network offers quality products and services. The Dish Network Dual Output Satellite Receiver is a convenient package that has an integrated video recorder.
Records live TV. Multiple viewing. Has turner and rewind options.
Slightly expensive, but comes with extra features.
17.5" x 15.2" x 4.5”
Dual output, live recording
DIRECTV Genie Receiver
Over the years DIRECTV has produced great entertainment tools. The DIRECTV Genie Receiver is an example of an affordable and functional product.
Quality recording and viewing. Easy to operate. Affordable.
Limited to HR34 and HR44 Genie systems.
Full HD
7.5" x 6.3" x 3.6”
Live recording

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What is the Best Satellite TV Receiver?

What should you look at when buying a satellite TV receiver? We recommend you look at what the set top box comes with. Does it have features such as USB and HDMI for HD viewing? What’s the processor speed of the decoder? Does it have Wi-Fi? As you get these answers, do not forget that the more features you get, the higher likelihood that you are going to dig deeper into your pockets.
Our Top Choice
The Shaw Direct HD PVR 630 Satellite Receiver is designed to deliver HD images and digital recording, handling 175h and 45h of HD programming and standard definition programming respectively. If you don’t mind the older model of this receiver, you can get the Shaw Direct HD 600 Receiver at a lower rate.
Shaw Direct HD PVR 630 Satellite Receiver

Shaw Direct Satellite TV Receiver HDPVR630

Shaw Direct offers over 650 channels, amazing programming packs, high-performance Motorola hardware, access to instant pay per view movies and interactive programming guides. Shaw prides itself on being a business that puts its customers' needs first. With its cutting-edge technology, Shaw Direct stands out among the industry’s finest.

The Shaw Direct HD PVR 630 Satellite Receiver works under almost any conditions and goes for a retail price of about $229. With an easy connect that comes with a UHF remote control, you will be able to control your remote behind closed cabinet doors. What makes the Shaw Direct HD PVR 630 great is the fact that the machine delivers high-definition images and great digital recording capacity.

Check out some other features of the Shaw Direct HD PVR 630:
  • Over 45 hours of HD programming
  • Includes standard definition programming of about 175 hours
  • Allows you to record programs while watching on the DVR list
  • Capacity for pausing live TV or skipping back to what was missed
Best Value
The iSmart F1 Hybrid Full HD Receiver delivers 1080p Full HD TV and record and play capability, giving you much-needed entertainment. The brand also offers amazing Video Balun Transceiver Cables to make your entertainment even more seamless, so check them out as well.
iSmart F1 Hybrid Full HD FTA Satellite Receiver with IPTV

iSmart Satellite TV Receiver F1 HD

Since 2008, iSmart has expanded and become a leading distributor of receivers and the accessories that accompany them. Its wonderful customer service and commitment to quality has made the brand stand out over the years.

Its F1 Hybrid Full HD Receiver is equipped with a free HDMI cable, an AV cable, and two remote controls that make for an easy and friendly user experience. This product is built to last for a long time. The new and stylish mini receiver design allows you to place it behind the TV or even on the wall with ease.

This iSmart satellite receiver retails at $24.95. Here are other features that are included:
  • Simple and modern design including 2 remote controls
  • Electronic program guide that supports subtitles and teletext emulation
  • Multilingual support on the menu screen for easy operation
  • Online upgrade option that is easy to perform
The SOLOVOX 1080p FTA Full HD Satellite Receiver is a high-end receiver that supports Full HD TV and Wi-Fi. It can be placed anywhere thanks to the IR extender cable. If you want a model that’s almost the same price as this receiver, comes with a USB port, and supports Web TV, get the SOLOVOX V9S.
Solovox 1080P FTA Satellite Receiver Box With Extender Cable Wi-Fi HDMI and VFD Display

Solovox Satellite TV Receiver M3S

SOLOVOX is a well-recognized brand with a large number of customers. It sets the bar on customer loyalty by always ensuring that its subscribers' needs come first. With its range of top products and accessories, getting a SOLOVOX product is choosing durability and functionality.

For a satellite receiver that supports Web TV, with an electronic program guide support for 7 days, choose the SOLOVOX 1080p FTA Full HD Satellite Receiver. It retails at about $38. It comes with an IR extender cable, to give you the convenience of installing your satellite receiver inside a cabinet and still being able to control it with ease using your remote.

Here are some more features to look out for on the SOLOVOX 1080p FTA Full HD Satellite Receiver:
  • All free to air channels are supported
  • Dual core CPU of 600MHZ with a US power supply adapter for maximum functionality
  • Automatic and manual channel scan option
  • Brilliant high light LED display
The Dish Network Dual Output Satellite Receiver with Tuner and Recorder is a unique model as it offers dual output, Dolby Digital recording and the ability to pause and rewind what you are watching. If you want to save a few bucks and not get the dual output, but still have a good receiver, get the Dish Network Solo HD Receiver.
Dish Network Dual Output Satellite Receiver with Tuner and Recorder

Dish Network Satellite TV Receiver DVR 625

Dish Network provides satellite television and satellite Internet access, among other television services that are interactive and entertaining. This company has gathered enough industry experience to be trusted as a manufacturer of quality satellite TV receivers.

At a price tag of $79.99, you can get the Dish Network Dual Output Satellite Receiver with Tuner and Recorder. It has a pausing function to enable you to see what you want when you want. This satellite TV recorder also comes with a Dolby Digital record capacity for quality recording. You will need to get an ongoing contract with Dish Network to get this receiver.

Check out the list below to see some other exciting features of the DISH Network Dish Player-DVR 625 Satellite Receiver/Recorder/Tuner:
  • Provides several multi-room viewing options with its dual satellite tuners
  • Programming guide that extends up to 9 days
  • Up to 100 hours of quality digital recording
  • Capacity for name-based recording
The DIRECTV Genie Receiver lets you enjoy HD quality TV and attach up to 5 Genie DVRs for the ultimate entertainment. If you are looking for a more advanced model that’s 3D ready, check out the DIRECTV H25 HD Receiver. We bet you will love it!
DIRECTV Genie Client Satellite Receiver with RF Remote

DIRECTV Satellite TV Receiver C51

DIRECTV offers solutions in an industry that keeps growing day by day. As a company that has won various awards in regards to customer service, it has truly earned the loyalty of its numerous clients.

The DIRECTV Genie Client Satellite Receiver with RF Remote is a great bargain, as it only retails at $39.99 and gives you the convenience of attaching up to 5 Genie DVRs. This satellite TV receiver allows everyone in the family to stay entertained in multiple rooms with the accompanying HD DVR. To use this satellite TV receiver, you will have to accept a contract by DIRECTV, and monthly fees will apply.

Look at the other features that make this satellite TV receiver a masterpiece:
  • Ample recording storage with up to 200 hours of quality entertainment
  • Lets you record up to five shots simultaneously from any channel
  • Comes with Genie Sport feature to help you tune in and find your favorite sports games
  • The Genie Mini HD DVR gives you quality HD functionality on all the screens

Get the Best Satellite TV Receiver of 2017!

Whether you are looking for a Direct TV receiver, or a good model by Dish Network, we have something for you. We have found other awesome brands as well to help you enjoy those channels you never had. We are glad we were of help in your search for a satellite TV receiver that won’t disappoint you.

Our Top Choice
Shaw Direct HD PVR Receiver
Best Value
iSmart F1 Hybrid Full HD Receiver
Solovox Full HD FTA Receiver
Dish Network Dual TV Receiver
DIRECTV Genie Receiver