Best Sauna Suit Reviews 2023

Losing weight has never been an easy feat. You need the right gear to get more out of your efforts. So, you’re interested in a sauna suit and you want to know what’s best for you, but where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard bit and researched five of the best sauna suits from top brands. Below is our list of choices and a buying guide to help you understand the process of deciding what’s best. Have fun!
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Our Top Choice
RDXSlimming Pro Weight Loss Sweat Suana Suit
RDX, a top manufacturer of sports equipment, shows its love for sports by producing equipment only made from the safest and most effective materials.
Works up a good sweat when used. Running/track suit design doesn't stand out and fits well with everyday activities.
Rips easily and some pieces of the interior chip off.
Full - Unisex
1.5mm – 3mm
M, L, XL, 2XL
Black or Black w/ Red Design
Best Value
4Fit IncNeoprene Sweat Shirt Rash Guard Sauna Suit
This sweat suit from 4Fit demonstrates mastery in innovation and design as it can make you feel warm but still make you work up a good sweat.
Enhances weight loss at a faster rate than regular clothing.
Some reports that not as durable as other more expensive suits.
Half – Unisex
Extreme Flex DS -Grade Neoprene
S – 6XL
Black with Red Trim
Kutting WeightThe Men’s/Women’s Sauna Suit
Kutting Weight has the aim of cutting weight with its weight loss sauna suits that feel comfortable to the skin and are made with extra care.
Firm. Doesn’t rip.
Some report that a little too expensive for a sweat suit, but it comes with the quality.
Half – Unisex
Flexible Elastic Neoprene
X Small to 6X Large
Black or Black w/ Yellow Trim
Body SpaSauna Suit to Make You Sweat for Weight Loss
Body Spa makes very good weight loss suits and its Sauna Suit takes care of your body along with you, achieving the best results.
Durable and very efficient.
Not enough fabric used in the product.
Full – Women’s Cut
S to 3XL
Black w/ 4 Trim Color Options
RAD™ Sweat Sauna Suit - Training Track Suit
RAD specializes in different kinds of equipment, and the RAD™ Sweat Sauna Suit will meet your expectations for a good workout session sweat suit.
Very durable. Doesn’t rip. Track style design looks like normal running outfit.
Some reports that sizes run small. May take longer to cut “sweat weight” than other materials
Full - Unisex
Eva Nylon and PVC Coated Fabric
M to 6XL
Black with Red Trim

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What is the Best Sauna Suit?

You have learned about sauna suits and you have decided on the features you want. Keep those features in mind as you read through our reviews of brands/products. We hope you find one you love at a favorable price.
Our Top Choice
A great way to lose weight is to use RDX sweat suits. The effective RDX Slimming Pro Weight Loss Sweat Sauna Suit works like magic. But if you prefer something that zips up, try out the RDX MMA Neoprene Sweat Sauna Suit.

RDX Non Rip MMA Slimming Sauna Sweat Suit for Track, Weight Loss, Fitness, Gym, & Exercise Training – Red or Black

When it comes to picking the right workout equipment, it’s best to leave it to the professionals, or in this case, RDX. Only making the most effective items, RDX has their customers praising their products and you can be one of them too.

Selling for $52.74, the RDX Weight Loss Sweat Suit may look like a fashionable suit with its attractive looks, but it’s also a very effective choice as it is even possible to triple your weight loss. It’s an affordable one, at that. Here are some of the other features this RDX sauna suit has in store:
  • Unisex; sleek design and color make it attractive to both males and females
  • Two-piece set comes with top and bottom
  • Double-stitched seams for durability
  • Enhanced sauna effect due to elastic gatherings at openings which increase sweat output by up to 70%
  • Hood increases training options and adds great style
  • Sturdy, machine washable EVA nylon construction
  • Efficient and shows quick results
  • Soft, non-irritating and non-toxic material
  • High-quality Zippex closure in the trouser cuff
  • Added cord in the neck to avoid hoodie slipping off
  • Improved Quick-Ez Velcro in cuff of pullover for easy adjustability
RDX also has this suit in a different color if this one isn’t your style.
Best Value
Losing weight is more effective with 4Fit’s Sweat Shirts that work well for all. The hand-washable 4Fit Neoprene Sweat Shirt can be a great buy. However, if you want a suit for your whole body, then the 4Fit Heavy Duty Sweat Suit is a more ideal choice.

4Fit Inc Neoprene Sweat Shirt Rash Guard - Sauna Suit for Weight Loss, Offers Great Movement, Red/Black Design

From boxing equipment to sweat suits, 4Fit can provide a great choice for better workout options. They boast great customer service and have enjoyed many positive reviews on Amazon.

The 4Fit Neoprene Sweat Shirt Rash Guard has custom fit features and provides a faster way to lose weight. It’s very affordable and produces great results. It can also be worn at any time to aid weight loss just by doing work around the house.
Features of this product are:
  • Close body fit for uninhibited movement during workout
  • Heat from body offers serious sweat loss of excess weight
  • Unisex sweat suit
  • Zips up the front, making it easy to wear or take off
  • Made of 3mm extreme Flex DS Neoprene and holds pleasant warmth
  • Union Machine seams and anatomical cut provide total freedom of movement
  • Hand-washable
One way to aid weight loss is by using a sweat suit, and Kutting Weight provides amazing products that really do cut weight. The Kutting Weight sauna suit makes you sweat by increasing your body’s metabolism. Looking for sweat suits with pockets? The Kutting Weight’s Men’s Neoprene Sauna Shirt has some for your convenience.

Kutting Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Suit – Unisex Design, Choice of Black or Black with Neon Yellow Trim

Kutting Weight was founded by Dustin Zahursky, a man who had first-hand experience with weak sweat suits and, wanting something better, created Kutting Weight. Being one of the most reviewed brands in weight loss sweat suits, this company has never failed to deliver to its customers.

The Neoprene Sauna Weight Loss Sweat Suit by Kutting Weight is built for some of the toughest workouts out there and is triple reinforced so you won’t have to worry about it ripping. It ultimately helps your body–internally and externally–in many different ways and is guaranteed to last.
Some of its features are:
  • Made from 2.5mm flexible elastic neoprene
  • Triple reinforced stitching to ensure it lasts
  • Zipper on the front for ease and zipper protection flap for comfort
  • Mesh armpits and inner legs for good body ventilation
  • Machine washable but for best results, hand wash suit
  • Scientifically proven to increase body metabolism and facilitate greater weight loss
  • Lowers chances of injury and increases flexibility
  • Lightweight and available in different sizes
The Neoprene Body Suit is one of Body Spa’s signature sweat suits with excellent weight loss capabilities. However, if you want something that’ll mold your body while losing weight, check out the Body Spa Sauna Suit with Sleeves and Waist Trainer for maximum results.

Body Spa Neoprene Sauna Suit with Sleeves - Weight Loss, Gym, Sports, Aerobics, Boxing, MMA, Available in 4 Slimming Designs

Body Spa only has your best interests at heart when it comes to their products. All cost-effective, you’ll be working out better and healthier with Body Spa merchandise.

The Neoprene Sauna Suit with Sleeves will make you sweat a lot, but you’ll be glad you did because of how much weight you’ll lose in the long run. It’s worth every penny and does a great job as a sauna suit.
Here are features of this great product:
  • Made from light material that’s also comfortable
  • Close-body fit allowing you to sweat more
  • Allows you to detoxify your immune system, increase flexibility and reduce chances of injury
  • Allows for increased metabolism as well as increased mental and physical endurance
  • Moves with you through any and all types of exercise
  • Can be used every day at home, work, or the gym
RAD knows how to make good sweat suits, and their heavy-duty RAD™ Sweat Sauna Suit is no exception, and neither is the Gym Boxing MMA Weight Loss suit. It’s especially great if you want something that zips up and can be used to cut weight while boxing.

RAD™ Heavy Duty Track Suit Style Sweat Suit - Anti-Rip Sauna Suit for Exercise, Gym, Fitness Weight Loss

RAD has amazing products for the gym, and they have two priorities: creating the best possible products, and customer satisfaction. They don’t fail to deliver on their priorities and have enjoyed positive customer reviews for their products.

This unisex sweat suit from RAD is a good choice for cutting weight and comes in an attractive color combination. This suit also promotes the production of lots of sweat and its oversized fit provides top results.
Features of the suit are:
  • Elasticized cuffs for optimum results
  • Durable due to anti-rip and tear-resistant fabric
  • Rubberized inner lining
  • Nylon and PVC-coated fabric
  • Toxins and waste are expelled in sweat
  • Keeps muscles warm

How Do I Choose the Best Sauna Suit?

Believe it or not, losing weight is nothing more than reaching a calorie deficit on a daily basis for a certain period of time. You can do this in many ways such as increasing your metabolic rate, making smart diet changes or even fasting. To get optimal results, you need to monitor your calories and one of the best ways you can do that is with the help of a fitness tracker.

However, that's not all. To maximize your results, you should also invest in a good quality sauna suit which will help you sweat and eliminate excess water from your body. Sauna suits will also help you detoxify your body and they can be used in tandem with a pair of running shoes to offer you a sensation of comfort and wellbeing during your weight loss regime.

Additionally, you can speed up the process of losing weight by undertaking simple fitness exercises – even in the comfort of your own home! For example, you can use basic dumbbells or almost any home gym and exercise equipment you prefer to work your major body muscles and increase your metabolism. This in turn will help you burn more calories which will lead to a slimmer physique!

Let’s look into some of the more specific aspects of sauna suits to understand what makes a good one.
Sauna suits differ in price mainly because of the material used and the size. You deserve to have the best products available with all the great benefits and features, but for most of us, money and cost are always going to be factors. The high-end sauna suits usually cost a bit less than $90, while the less expensive types that also give you most of the benefits for about $40.

We came across some cheap sauna suits too and we took a look at them. They turned out to be made with low-quality materials that rip easily. Some of them don’t even have any form of ventilation, making the user overheat, and that is a health hazard. The products we settled on represent good value, not just a low price tag.
Sauna suits have a lot of health benefits such as accelerating your metabolism, making you sweat more and detoxification. Some sauna suits provide these benefits better than others. That is due to their features, which fall into the following areas:
  • Material
  • Size
  • Design
  • Care
Let this list guide you in deciding what you want from a sauna suit. As you read further, you will get a better understanding of how these features affect the efficacy of a sauna suit.
Construction and Design
There are three main materials used for making sauna suits; nylon, PVC, and neoprene. PVC is a synthetic plastic material that’s lightweight but susceptible to ripping, and that’s a zero for durability. Nylon is a much tougher material than PVC and effectively serves its purpose, but it promotes the spread of bacteria.

Don’t ignore every PVC or Nylon sauna suit, though. Some nylon materials have been treated to at least reduce the aforementioned disadvantage. Others are made of a mixture of PVC and Nylon. There is a particular brand that makes its sauna suits with nylon fabric coated with PVC which actually not only increases durability but also makes you sweat more. Some are even anti-rip and tear-resistant. So PVC and nylon are still good enough materials for sauna suits, if used in the right context.

Neoprene, though, is the best material for making sauna suits – no question about it. It’s a synthetic rubber that can withstand high temperatures and intense workouts. It’s also flexible, allowing you to move as you like without any discomfort or restrictions. You will pay more for these advantages, but if it’s within your budget, it’s worth it.

Brands are going the fashion way with sauna suits. There are many beautifully designed suits out there to make you look good even while sweaty. Sauna suits might be broadly categorized under clothes – why not? However, sizing for sauna suits is a bit different from regular clothes. You shouldn’t go out for a sauna suit based on the measurements of your street clothes. Sizes are chosen mainly based on your height and weight. So be sure to check the manufacturer's chart to know what size is ideal for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
As you’ll have realized by now, all sauna suits are not equal. This applies especially to washing. Not all sauna suits can be washed in a machine or dried with a drier. Some are best only washed by hand. So make sure you check the manufacturer’s instruction for whichever one you buy. You can always wipe down the inside of your sauna suit with a damp cloth to keep it clean before the next wash.

Brands have different designs on their sauna suits making them more comfortable to wear. Some have rubberized lining and elastic cuffs to reduce heat loss, making you sweat more. While this is a plus for sauna suits, it is important to know that your body still needs to cool itself. That is why some have breathable mesh in the groin area and armpits, giving you adequate ventilation. Pay attention to your safety all the time. Some also have reinforced front zippers, making them easy to wear and take off.

It is our hope that you now have enough information about sweat suits. This will help you make up your mind on the features you consider essential.

Get the Best Sauna Suit of 2023!

These five products are just a glimpse of what these brands have in store for you. They have more options for you to pick from, so if you’re not yet decided and want to look through some more options, start with their catalogues.

Our Top Choice
RDXSlimming Pro Weight Loss Sweat Suana Suit
Best Value
4Fit IncNeoprene Sweat Shirt Rash Guard Sauna Suit
Kutting WeightThe Men’s/Women’s Sauna Suit
Body SpaSauna Suit to Make You Sweat for Weight Loss
RAD™ Sweat Sauna Suit - Training Track Suit