Best Sawhorse Reviews 2023

Sawhorses come in different shapes and sizes and are all over the place in the market, making it difficult and challenging to select a suitable one for your particular needs. We have, as usual, gone on a fact-finding mission and have come back with the top 5 brands producing some of the best sawhorses in the market. This review goes through one product each from the 5 brands, but we’d like to point out here that the featured brands still have some other great sawhorse products that you may want to check out if the featured ones don’t meet your requirements. We’ve included links to those other models in the review.
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Our Top Choice
DEWALT Lightweight Rolling Saw Stand
DEWALT is dedicated to manufacturing tools and equipment that ensure customer satisfaction by increasing productivity, saving time and reducing energy output.
Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to move around while its quick-connect brackets allow for fast mounting and unmounting of a saw to the unit.
It has a relatively low weight capacity at 200 pounds.
200 pounds
90x20x34 inches; 33 pounds
Best Value
2x4Basics Black Plastic ProBrackets Sawhorse
The 2x4Basics is a product line for consumers and do-it-yourselfers to build strong, reliable, long lasting and customized organization and storage facilities.
Its heavy gauge structural resin allows it take up loads of up to 2000 pounds in weight and a larger capacity is attained by using a wider wood.
On the downside, you can’t use 2 x 4 pressure treated woods as they’re likely to be a little wide for the sockets.
2000 pounds
16.5x15.6x10.4 inches; 8.7 pounds
Rockwell JawHorse Portable Workstation
Rockwell produces power tools and hand tools that are often used in both professional and private capacities to construct and repair vehicles and household fixtures.
Its versatility makes it well suited for use as a machine press, workbench or vice and its heavy-duty, solid steel construction holds up to 600 pounds of load.
The clamp jaws have been reported to malfunction easily in some cases.
600 pounds
39.8x17.9x15.9 inches; 53 pounds
Hands free
Target Precision Rugged Buddy Sawhorse Legs
Target Precision meets, satisfies and exceeds customer’s expectations by excellently designing and marketing products that are both functional and durable.
The legs help to quickly build a sawhorse that is tailored to your needs and the patented leg-locking system ensures it stays stable once its opened for use.
Its legs are a little wobbly near the base.
1000 pounds
34x25x3 inches; 12 pounds
Stanley Junior Plastic Folding Sawhorse
Stanley always have the right, quality tool for any type of job and for anyone, be it the homey do-it-your-selfer or an accomplished professional in the field.
Its all-plastic design makes it very lightweight and easy to clean and maintain while its collapsible nature ensures it doesn’t take up much storage space.
On the flip side, the legs don’t open wide for perfect stability.
1600 pounds
22.5x5x31.9 inches; 10.6 pounds

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What is the Best Sawhorse?

Our review covers most of the features and qualities of a great sawhorse, despite the numerous brands and types available in the market. So, having gone through our buying guide, we’re fully assured that you’re well informed to make a great choice from our product review section of the best sawhorse for your work and projects.
Our Top Choice
The DEWALT Rolling Saw Stand is built from lightweight aluminum; it has an ergonomic design for portability with rolling wheels and handle and folding legs for easy storage. For a stand with a much higher weight capacity, see the DEWALT Heavy Duty Work Stand, which not only can handle up to 1,000 pounds of weight, but it’s also more affordable.

DEWALT Lightweight Rolling Saw Stand – Available in 2 Styles

Since 1924, DEWALT has been dedicated to manufacturing tools and equipment that ensure total customer satisfaction by saving time and increasing productivity in any capacity its tools are being employed. Its professional workhorse products are solution-oriented and constantly optimized to ensure maximum productivity for even the toughest jobs.

The DEWALT Rolling Saw Stand is a greatly priced, heavy duty and dependable equipment with versatile and innovative details that lets you keep work pieces together while working at a convenient height. It’s constructed to comfortably take up to 200-pound loads.

Here are some of its distinguishing features:
  • Its built from aluminum which makes it lightweight, weighing just 33 pounds and sturdy while ensuring its performance isn’t compromised
  • Ergonomic design for easy transportation with heavy duty wheels built to roll over any terrain and a collapsible easy-grip handle that lets you pull the equipment behind you comfortably
  • Supportive and stable design afforded by the table’s wide base and rear legs that extends farther backwards than the front legs
  • For storing convenience, it features foldable legs controlled by quick release levers and a heavy duty kickstand that lets the unit stand upright while the saw is still attached to it
  • It comes with an amazingly easy fast-connect brackets for quick mounting and unmounting of a saw to the unit. The brackets have rubber bearings that prevent the saw from sliding around when mounted
  • The unit’s legs are fitted with rubber tips to keep them from marking or damaging the floor and increase its stability
  • The design lets you work at two different heights; you can use it with the legs folded or you can use with the legs extended to the ideal working height
  • One-year limited warranty
Best Value
The 2x4Basics ProBrackets Sawhorse is made of heavy gauge structural resin and comes with all the necessary hardware to assemble your custom-built sawhorse. If you want a customizable workbench and neatly organized shelves, then check out the 2x4Basics Hopkins Workbench and Shelving Storage System, which supports 1,000 pounds per shelf.

2x4Basics Pack of 2 Black Plastic ProBrackets Sawhorse

The 2x4Basics is a product line that helps consumers and do-it-yourselfers build strong, reliable, long lasting and customized organization and storage facilities, including lawn and garden furniture. Its owned by Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation, a renowned company that has been around for close to 6 decades and is known for its innovative and problem-solving products geared towards meeting the end user’s needs.

The 2x4Basics ProBrackets Sawhorse is an inexpensive assembly unit that lets you effectively and effortlessly assemble your own sawhorse customized to your desired size. The pack comes with all necessary hardware required to construct the full unit.

Its notable features include:
  • Simple and straightforward assembly requiring only a saw, powered screwdriver and straight, 90-degree cuts of 2 x 4 lumber
  • Build the sawhorse units to your desired size of up to 8 feet long and 4 feet high, thereby eliminating the problem of limiting standard sizes
  • Because of its heavy gauge structural resin make up and rugged 2 x 4 lumber assembly, each pair of the Probrackets can hold up to 2000 pounds of load
  • Includes rubber shoes that is fitted to the ends of the 2 x 4 lumber legs for more stability or security
  • Larger capacity afforded by making your sawhorse wider or using the lower shelf for cutting plywood sheets or priming wood trim
  • Comes with 4 high impact plastic brackets and 8 stabilizing rubber feet to make two sawhorses with a lower shelf
  • The product is covered by a limited 2-year warranty
The Rockwell JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation is highly versatile: it can function as a workbench, a machine press or a vice, and it has a stable tripod stand. If you want to have a look at a portable sawhorse with a foot pedal that lets you apply up to a ton of clamping force hands-free, then see the Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse.

Rockwell JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable and Versatile Workstation

Rockwell is a brand name for a line of power tools manufactured for a Chinese-based company known as Positec Tools Corporation. Its products include power tools and hand tools that are often used in both professional and private capacities to construct and repair vehicles and household fixtures.. Its products are well known in the industry as pacesetters when it comes to quality and durability.

The Rockwell JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation is a highly versatile tool that can function as a workbench, a machine press or a vice at the worksite or in the home. Constructed from solid steel, its weight is a portable 53 pounds which makes it easy to move around.

Some of its notable features are:
  • Its clamping jaws are very powerful, with up to 10 times the clamping force of a normal vice, allowing you to clamp virtually anything on it so you can have your two hands free to complete your work
  • With a clamping width of 49 inches, you can securely clamp pieces of up to 48 inches like sheets of plywood and doors
  • Has a tripod stand that stabilizes the unit with the two front legs sporting holes for fastening on permanent sites
  • Heavy duty design, holding loads up to 600 pounds and foldable to a compact and portable unit for easy storage and transportation
  • A convenient working height that lets you transform the unit into a workbench by simply clamping a sheet of plywood to it and then putting your work pieces up and off the ground
  • Its industrial pressing power has the capacity of a one-ton machine press and allows for rugged working conditions either for bending or straightening metals
  • The jaw grips are non-marking, and holds your pieces firmly without marring
  • It easily folds down to a portable 43-pound weight for transportation with the single rear leg doubling as a handle and in-built wheels that roll easily over all terrains
  • The clamp jaws have a fast lock-release switch for locking your piece in place and quickly releasing it with a simple flick
  • A 5-year product limited warranty
The Target Precision Rugged Buddy Sawhorse Legs effortlessly builds a custom sawhorse which is lightweight and has a weight capacity of over 1000 pounds. For some smaller sized, high end sawhorse legs, you can check out the Target Precision Rugged Buddy 28-Inch Folding Sawhorse Legs.

Target Precision Rugged Buddy Folding Sawhorse Legs

At Target Precision, meeting, satisfying and exceeding customer’s expectations is achieved by excellently designing and marketing products that are very functional and durable. Its over 35 years of hands-on experience gives it an edge in the market and helps in its quest to provide the most consumer-oriented products and services in the industry. With a top class customer support and after sales service, it has clearly distinguished itself as the go to brand for a range of tools that make work easier and more productive.

The Target Precision Rugged Buddy Sawhorse Legs allows you build your own sawhorse to your specification. Made in the USA with extremely strong and durable tubular steel, it boasts of top notch quality and resilience that is unparalleled.

Its distinguishing features include:
  • Patented leg locking system that firmly locks the legs in place once its open
  • The legs weigh a mere 12 pounds but supports weights of over 1000 pounds
  • The legs are covered with non-marking, slip-proof and stabilizing rubber tips
  • Designed so that it easily stacks when in its open and locked position for efficient storage
  • The legs have a quick-release and foldable mechanism, allowing for safe and compact storage
  • Constructed from 1 ¼ inch diameter tubular steel, it’s very rugged and comes with a powdercoat fine finishing
  • Easy and snappy set up with only wood, screws and a screwdriver
  • Customizable legs lets you tailor your sawhorse to the desired specifications by just outfitting with wood of 2 feet width and any desired length
The Stanley Junior Folding Sawhorse is simple and inexpensive, and is well-suited for lightweight jobs and do-it-yourself projects. For a high end sawhorse featuring a toolbox, adjustable legs and 2 separate lidded organizers for small parts, see the Stanley FatMax Sawhorse with Adjustable Legs.

Stanley 2 Pk Junior Plastic Folding Sawhorse

At Stanley, there’s always the right tool for any type of job and for anyone working the job, be it the do-it-your-selfer or an accomplished professional in the field. It’s a reliable brand synonymous with quality and innovative products and is dedicated to constantly upgrading its products and services to keep its numerous customers satisfied. Its top notch products have been used in building, repairing and protecting the world in various capacities and at different times.

The Stanley Junior Folding Sawhorse is a simple and inexpensive sawhorse designed specifically for do-it-yourselfers or for occasional use. It’s made entirely from a durable and lightweight plastic material which makes it very easy to clean and maintain, unlike those with wooden parts.

Some of its notable features include:
  • An integrated V-groove on the top for holding the work pieces in place
  • A complete set comprising of two pairs of sawhorses that can hold up to 800 pounds of weight
  • Its very sturdy to ensure it holds up well under stress and lightweight for portability
  • Its legs are foldable so it takes up less storage space and makes for easier transportation
  • Tool-holding tray that unfolds at the lower end of the unit when its fully set up for use
  • Very easy to set up, no manuals or skills required and collapses quite easily for storage or transportation
  • Made in the USA with great quality and high tensile plastic with an ergonomic design that catches the eye

How Do I Choose the Best Sawhorse?

A sawhorse is a versatile piece of equipment that provides support for woods, logs, metals or any other material that needs to be worked on, whether it’s to be cut using a saw or sanded or painted. Apart from that, it can be used as a workbench for different jobs or even as a machine press. This is a basic and essential equipment for every do-it-yourselfer or professional construction worker, and certainly an investment you’ll not regret. A sawhorse basically consists of a beam with four legs used to support a plank. This description, however, has changed drastically in recent times as more innovative designs come up and they’re built to take on a reasonable amount of weight. We even have the do-it-yourself pro-sawhorse pack that you can assemble with just a powered screwdriver and wood.

A sawhorse is used in different capacities. It provides support that allows you to carry out your cutting, sanding or any other work safely with your two hands while exerting as little pressure as possible. Once the piece of wood or metal is securely held on the sawhorse, it leaves you hands-free to carry out any other work on the piece. This gives a much neater and faster job, saving you precious man-hours. It can also be used as a portable workbench by simply placing a sheet of plywood on it and then placing your other working instruments and tools on it. Its ideal working height ensures that you don’t stress yourself too much to get the work done. Some of them have built-in toolboxes or tool trays where you keep the tools that you’ll be needing for that particular project you have in hand, making them easily available when needed. There are different types and sizes of sawhorses with varying functions which we’ll look at shortly.

Let’s now talk about some of the features that mark a great sawhorse, namely the type, size, weight capacity, construction material and the cost. Our product reviews look at these features in greater detail so you’re encouraged to read on in order to make an informed choice.
So many factors affect the price of different items in the market, but the most obvious are the features the item is equipped with. Some sawhorses may not really have much difference in their individual feature makeups while others have pronounced differences. For an item like the sawhorse that’s meant to be a long term investment, it’s advisable to not skimp on its purchase. There’s absolutely no need throwing away good money, no matter how small, on a product that is shabbily put together when there are far better ones that may be pricier, but which will do a better job.

Our featured sawhorses cover a good price range, from as low as $30 to as high as $200, which gives you a wide range of choice from high quality products that you’ll be proud of. During our research, we came across many cheap sawhorses but we figured you’d want only the best and since those ones are made from very flimsy materials that likely won’t stand the test of time, we decided to ignore them. So, please, stay with us.
For a sawhorse to be classified as great, there are some factors or features it should possess which will improve its overall functionality. These features include:
  • Type of sawhorse
  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Manufacturing materials
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
There are many different materials employed in manufacturing a sawhorse, but the most common material is wood, followed by metal and plastic. Each of the different materials confers special qualities which in turn affect the performance of the sawhorse. The wooden sawhorse is quite simple to build, and nowadays there are often metal legs that support a wooden platform to form a sawhorse. Here you buy the metal legs and then use a piece of wood to build your sawhorse; it might also come in another form that requires you buying connecting brackets and then using woods to fix it up. All in all, this metal-wood combination is a whole lot better than the all-wood type as it gives the sawhorse unit more stability and increases its weight-bearing capacity.

A sawhorse may also be constructed from metal. These types are usually heavy-duty and designed for tougher jobs. The metal can be either steel or aluminum, but whichever one, it’s usually built to be lightweight, with a very high weight bearing capacity. Metal sawhorses require a certain skills level before one can build it. It lasts very long, unlike the wooden type which is prone to unintentional cuts. Plastic sawhorses are less common; they’re usually designed for lightweight works, often for do-it-yourselfers. Its lightweight structure, however, increases its instability, unlike the other models.

There are two main classifications of sawhorses. The first is based on the construction material which has been treated above, and the second is by its size. A sawhorse may be a chainsaw sawhorse or a lightweight sawhorse. A chainsaw sawhorse is a heavier-duty equipment that’s designed to hold very heavy logs, woods or any other piece that’s to be cut using a chainsaw. This type of sawhorse is almost always made from metal because of its durability. The lightweight sawhorse is very easy to move around. It’s usually constructed with portability in mind first, even before functionality. This type is best suited to people who plan to work in various locations and need their equipment to go with them.

Every sawhorse has a certain maximum weight capacity. This is a very important factor as you wouldn’t want to overload the sawhorse, which may lead to the unit breakdown or poor performance. The weight capacity of a sawhorse is largely dependent on the type of construction material used and the size of the unit. Although generally sawhorses are built to take on a large amount of weight, you still need to consider the kind of work or maybe the heaviest load you’ll be working with before you choose the sawhorse to buy.

The size of the sawhorse is another important factor for your consideration. You’ll need to think about the dimensions of the unit you want to buy, the length and height and the weight. This is to enable you to plan well for its storage and to check if it’ll be easy for you to transport or move from one point to another - that is, if you’ll be moving it around at all.
Performance and Ease of Use
When buying a sawhorse, it’s better and more advisable to go for a unit that’s easy to set up or one that comes with very clear instructions as to how to set it up. It really isn’t funny spending lots of productive hours trying to figure out what goes where and how to get the equipment up and running.

Most sawhorses in the market boast of portability in their marketing pitch, and while this is a good thing, you have to be sure that the performance isn’t compromised for portability. A portable sawhorse is easier to use in that you get to move it around different locations while you work, and they often come with rolling wheels and a retractable handle.

Some of them are also designed with foldable legs. This feature makes for safer storage that will not take up much space and also helps greatly when it’s time to transport the unit. These types that have folding legs most times do have a locking mechanism that keeps the legs firmly locked in place when extended for use and a release latch to quickly release the legs so you can fold it up and store away safely.

Almost all the sawhorses in the market come with a rubber tipped stand to help protect the floor from marring. This feature also serves the purpose of making the sawhorse more stable, balanced and safe. Some sawhorses also feature a second shelf below the top which can be used to keep some handy tools and accessories that you might need for your work. Others have built-in tool boxes or lidded containers that serve the same purpose of keeping your working tools close and handy.

A few of the sawhorses are multifunctional, like one of the products in our product review section that functions as a workbench, a machine press and a clamp vice, all in one piece of equipment. You might want to consider getting that one if you’re going to be needing all those functions instead of buying different equipment which will definitely be more expensive and take up more storage space.

Get the Best Sawhorse of 2023!

Having read through our product reviews of some of the best sawhorses around today, and armed with the relevant knowledge for choosing one, we believe that you’re in a good position now to make your choice; so, go ahead and place that order now.

Our Top Choice
DEWALT Lightweight Rolling Saw Stand
Best Value
2x4Basics Black Plastic ProBrackets Sawhorse
Rockwell JawHorse Portable Workstation
Target Precision Rugged Buddy Sawhorse Legs
Stanley Junior Plastic Folding Sawhorse