Best Scary Halloween Costumes – Spooky, Horror and Scary Adult Costumes for Men, Women, Teens and Children

You know what can be scarier than Halloween? It’s choosing the right costume. While the market has endless options, getting the best scary costume that will attract attention at the party can be hard. To give you a hand, we’ve identified the 5 best spooky Halloween costumes from the leading brands. Our featured costumes are a mix of price, design, and gender ensuring that we’ve something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a modest or extremely scary costume, we’ve got you covered. And if your idea of scary is more on the subtle “villain” side of things, check out our adult Disney Costumes review!

Just so you know…

The brands we chose offer a wide range of scary costumes (and not-so scary too) for adults, teens, kids, and infants. Depending upon the size of your teen or child, some of the adult costumes we featured may also fit. Additionally, we have a separate review for kid’s scary Halloween costumes. And don’t forget the power of Halloween face painting for creating a scary or horror look!

Oh, and for those who want and terrifyingly costume, horror masks for Halloween are the way to go! Here are a few super scary costume masks that look like they jumped right out of your worst nightmare!

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Our Top Choice
Fun World Scary Halloween Costumes
Started in 1968 as an Easter basket and eggs business, Fun World is today one of the leading holiday costume and accessories brands.
Polyester jumpsuit and latex mask. Can be hand-washed. Available in a variety of sizes. Impressive details and design. Durable.
Picking the right size can be tricky.
Killer clown
Jump suit, mask, and collar
Best Value
Rubie’s Horror Costumes for Halloween
With offices across the globe, Rubie’s is one of the world’s largest designers and manufacturers of Halloween costumes.
Can be hand- or machine-washed. Great details and quality. Warm and comfortable. You can customize the cuttings and collar design.
Choose the size carefully.
Miss Krueger
Mini dress, glove, and hat
California Costumes Scary and Spooky Outfits
California Costumes’ mission of bringing characters to life using well-thought costumes is evident in every piece of its Halloween costumes.
Great quality. Mask, head, and hands are detachable. Ties for fastening. Matching ear, face, and gloves. For any scary dressing party.
No pockets or openings.
Faux fur and polyester
Body suit, feet, hands, and mask
Smiffy’s Scary Halloween Costumes for Adults
Smiffy’s has been in the industry for over 120 years and is one of the biggest Halloween, fancy dresses, and carnival brands in the UK.
100 percent polyester. Easy putting on and taking off. Multiple sizes. Great design and details. Good for indoors and outdoors.
Very light.
Long-sleeved dress
Forum Novelties Adult Scary Costumes
Founded in 1978, Forum Novelties is one of the most prominent Halloween costume brands, offering a wide range of holiday-related products.
Great quality and details. Made of polyester. Lightweight and comfortable. Reputable brand. Durable and multipurpose.
Available in only one size.
One size fits all
Dress, shirt, belt, and wristlets

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What are the Best Scary Halloween Costumes for Women and Men? Read Our Scary Halloween Costume Reviews!

The best spooky Halloween costume will depend on a few things. First, it’s the setting, and secondly your preference. If you’ll be around children, the scariest costume won’t be a good idea; instead, go for a modest costume that won’t disrupt the party. Secondly, decide if you want the new trending designs or a traditional look. The point is getting something that will steal the show and one that will be comfortable. Let’s now meet our top picks for the spookiest Halloween costume.

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Our Top Choice
Comprising of a polyester jumpsuit, latex mask, and a ruffle collar, the Fun World Killer Clown Complete Halloween Costume will make everyone want a photo with you after scaring them. Looking to create a scary couple's costume? Make sure your partner wears the Fun World Women's Killer Clown Costume. It's a spooky with a touch of sexy!

Fun World Killer Scary Clown Complete Halloween Costume for Men or Women - Just One Of Many Scary Costume Choices


Fun World has been on the market for over five decades, which is an indicator of a loved and reputable brand. The company, which is a division of Easter Unlimited Inc., designs, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of decorations and accessories for Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter holidays. Apart from costumes, other product lines in its Halloween product line include accessories, décor, special effects, masks and wigs, and beards.

We picked the Fun World Killer Clown Halloween Costume as our top pick for scary Halloween costume as it’s one of the most popular scary Halloween designs. It’s sold as a complete set of a polyester jumpsuit, latex mask, and a ruffle collar. Further, while this is designed as an adult costume, the smaller sizes can fit teenagers. The largest size can fit users of up to 6’ 4” height and 250 pounds. You can even use this costume on mannequins in your house to scare your visitors.

Unlike some other holiday costumes that can’t last through one night, you can use this one for the next several years. You can hand-wash it, and for removing creases you can use a hairdryer. And more importantly still, the mask design allows free air circulation to minimize sweating; however, there are isolated complaints of the mask’s hair falling off.

All in all, this is a scary Halloween costume that’s sure to keep you comfortable and your guests a little less so!

Best Value
There is a safer and more fun way to stalk and invade people in their dreams; by donning the Rubie’s Nightmare on Elm Street Miss Krueger Ladies Complete Costume, comprising of a mini dress, glove, and a hat. Rubie's has official licenses for many horror costumes, such as the Grand Heritage Men's Pennywise Costume or Women's Anabelle.

Rubie’s Nightmare on Elm Street Miss Krueger Ladies Complete Costume - Many More Scary Costume Ideas Too!


Rubie’s is a family-owned costume brand that has been on the market for over six decades. Rubie’s family of companies includes Forum Novelties, Imagine by Rubie’s, Princess Paradise, Charades, Highest Heel, and Morbid Enterprises. The brand has licensed costumes for any of your favorite movies, from Star Wars or Suicide Squad, to DC Superhero Girls.

As the name suggests, the Rubie’s Nightmare on Elm Street Miss Krueger Halloween Costume is from the horror film Nightmare on Elm Street. Feared for stalking people in their dreams, the Freddy Krueger look will scare and mesmerize any fan of the movie. The best thing is that while people who haven’t watched the movie may not understand who Miss Krueger is, this dress looks great and sexy.

The costume includes a plus-size brown- and red-striped sweater dress with a tattered chest section, gloves, and a hat. The costume is made of polyester, and can be hand-washed or machine-washed. When paired with a matching fedora and boots, you’ll be ready to give your friends a nightmare-haunting Halloween experience.

Get a lifelike look of the legend Bigfoot with the California Costumes Men’s Big Foot Halloween Costume comprising of a faux fur bodysuit, character mask, hand, and big feet with realistic details and faux fur. For a different design, check out the California Costumes Sinister Jester Costume comprising of a bodysuit and mask for kids above ten years.

California Costumes Big Foot Costume for Men - Lots of Scary Halloween Costumes for Men and Women In Stock


Founded in 1992, California Costumes is an undisputed trendsetter when it comes to Halloween costumes. With a large collection of proprietary designs, the brand is sure of giving your whole family their preferred Halloween looks, whether it’s traditional or trending designs. It has a wide range of adult, toddler, teen, and pet costumes for any party.

Up to date, we’re not sure if Bigfoot folklore is real or not. But one thing we are sure of is that people won’t stop staring and complimenting you while donning the California Costumes Men’s Big Foot Costume. Apart from being great for Halloween parties, it’s also a smart option when attending any mastery dressing party.

The costume comprises of a faux fax bodysuit, a faux fur-covered mask, along with hands and feet also covered with fur. Further, the mask and gloves are detachable for ease of wearing and comfort. For fastening, there are ties at the back of the neck, and the shoes have an elasticized opening. The things we loved most are the details and design! If your kids are always arguing about Bigfoot, this is a good costume idea for you this Halloween. Just run in the backyard and scare them for a minute.

If you’re looking for a sexy yet scary women’s Halloween costume, the Skeleton Long Sleeved Black and White Tube Dress is our recommendation, ideal for themed and Halloween parties. Smiffy's carries a large variety of skeleton costumes for both men and women. Or if you want something more haunting, take a look at all of their zombie Halloween costumes.

Smiffy’s Women’s Skeleton Long Sleeved Black and White Tube Dress – More Women's and Men's Scary Costumes to Pick From


Founded in 1894, Smiffy’s has grown to be one of the leading and largest Halloween, carnival, and fancy dress designers and manufacturers. With over 5000 stockists globally, the company ships over 25 million products annually. The brand has a wide collection of holiday accessories, adult and children costumes, Fever collection, film and TV items, and wigs.

We picked the Smiffy’s Women’s Skeleton Tube Dress for ladies looking for a modest and comfortable dress best for themed and Halloween parties. Made of 100 percent polyester and available in multiple sizes, this dress is lightweight and comfortable. It also has a zipper on the back, making it easy to put on and take off—visits to the loo are more comfortable!

On the front is an adult man’s X-ray print and plain black on the back. It also has an under-chin opening, concealed fly, and a jammed hem. Dry cleaning is recommended.

Available in one-size-fits-all, the Forum Novelties Zombie Party Women’s Full Costume is great for Halloween and costume parties. It includes a punk dress, belt, mesh shirt, and wristlets. Want to mix some fun in with your spooky? Check out Forum Novelties Men's Drac-In-The-Box with a coffin built right into the costume!

Forum Novelties Women's Zombie Punk Party Girl Costume - Many More Spooky Halloween Costumes for Women and Men


Forum Novelties, owned by Rubie’s, started as a mom-pop costume brand over 3 decades ago. The brand believes that a party or holiday won’t be memorable without the right costumes and decors. With over 8,000 products, Forum Novelties has every holiday costume from funny to frightening.

We picked the Forum Novelties Women’s Zombie Halloween Costume for a woman who wants to bring the spookiest look to the party. Comprising of a punk-styled mini-dress that goes down to the knees, a ripped fish-net shirt, black mesh wristlets, and a drop-waist belt, this costume won’t disappoint whether you’re attending a zombie-themed party or a Halloween party.

The dress is available in only black color and size for 26- to 32-inch waist and 37- to 38-inch chest size for women. But that aside, we love the fact that this isn’t a one-wear costume; hand-wash it using cold water, and it will serve you for endless zombie and costume parties.

Best Scary Costumes Ideas for Men and Women – From Slightly Spooky, to Mildly Scary, All the Way to Terrifying Horror Costumes

It’s only during Halloween that you can scare children and get away with it. It’s also the best time to bring out the young-at-heart side of you by getting a scary Halloween costume. This means you can’t afford to get a costume that nobody will notice or one that everyone will be wearing. If you’re known in your neighborhood as the real deal when it comes to spooky and scary costumes, get something that no one else could have thought of.

One reason why scary Halloween costumes are a smart option during Halloween, is because they bring out the truest feel and look of Halloween—it’s time for celebrations and superstition. It’s also the time you can be yourself, and no one will judge you. If you have kids, get them a good trick-or-treating bag and a scary kids’ Halloween costume too to make their experience even better. For your significant other, you have an option of getting a couple’s Halloween costume or something different. If you’re not into scary costumes, there’re sexy, Disney, and superhero costumes that look as good.

If you’re looking for a costume that you can wear during Halloween parties and any other themed party you’ll be attending next year, choose a design that isn’t Halloween-specific. Some of your options here will be scary movie characters or trending designs that you can wear to themed or scary dressing parties. In this review, we’ve featured both Halloween-specific costumes and costumes that you can use during such parties.

With ideas of what’s available, let’s get deeper and see how much it will cost you to get a costume that will make you stand out.

Video: Easy and Scary Halloween Makeup Tutorials

DIY Halloween Makeup Tutorials. | Courtesy of Everyday Cakes

The price of a quality scary Halloween costume averages between $20 for dresses and $75 for full costumes. On the lower end are cheap costumes that we’ve not featured for quality reasons. While there are several factors that determine the price of a Halloween costume, design and packaging play a big role.

If you’re looking for a full costume including a mask, bodysuit, gloves, and feet, you’ll pay more than you would for a hood, dress, or mask. Apart from the package, design also plays a huge role. A costume with lifelike details such as hair and skin costs more than a polyester-made costume.


Scary Halloween costumes are available in different sizes, designs, and materials, making it important to be clear about what you’re looking for. For instance, it’s good to have the weather in mind. You don’t want something that will be too warm or too cold.

Here are the important features that you should consider when shopping for a spooky Halloween costume:

  • Material
  • Gender and size
  • Theme and design
  • Accessories
  • Durability and if it’s reusable

Let’s now discuss how these features affect construction and performance of a Halloween costume.

Construction and Design


When it comes to construction, the basic considerations are size, gender, and material. Scary Halloween costumes are available in a wide range of materials, depending on the type and design of a costume. For dresses, bodysuits, and hoods, polyester is the most widely used material. For those costumes requiring a lot of details, vinyl and plastic are used. Provided the quality and details are good, go with any of these materials. Material also plays a great role on how long the costume can last. If you’re looking for a costume you can wear for several years, choose a strong material that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Gender and Size

The other basic considerations are size and specified gender of the costume. While there are some costumes that are unisex, others are gender-specific. While deciding on gender is simple, picking the right size can be a tall order, especially because costume sizing and apparel sizing are different. To avoid frustrations, know your body size and pick the exact or a bigger size. Sometimes a bigger size is better than a small size, as you can customize it. As mentioned earlier, if you want a costume that you can wear to themed dressing parties, choose a design that isn’t Halloween-specific.

Theme and Design

Design is probably the most important consideration. The best thing is that you’ve endless options to choose from. From zombies to the latest trending designs. Some of the most popular designs and themes include 300, Army of Darkness, Beauty and the Beast, Fantastic Four, Friday the 13th, Jesters, Killer clowns, Hellboy, Michael Myers, Nightmare on Elm Street, Slipknot, World of Warcraft, among others. While it’s not a must, ask yourself if the design is popular and if people will connect.


Another important consideration is the weather. Is the costume weather-friendly and comfortable? How long can you wear it? If the weather will be cold, picking something warm and heavy (and vice-versa) is advised. Also, consider how easy it is to put on and take off—and if it’s a full costume, does it have openings to allow air circulation and avoid sweating? What about opening to allow you access to your pants’ or dress’s pockets? After deciding on the material and design, ask yourself if you want a group or a couple’s costume so that you get a matching pair.

Video: 38 Awesome Halloween Ideas You Can DIY In No Time

DIY Halloween Ideas. | Courtesy of 5-Minute Crafts
Performance and Ease of Use


When it comes to performance, there are a few things to consider. First is if you’ll need matching accessories and clothing. The costume can only look good if you accessorize it with the right accessories. If you want to avoid the hassles, buy a complete costume. For instance, a zombie or Bigfoot costume won’t require any accessories. For a jumpsuit, check for the type of shoes, mask, gloves, and sword that you need and buy them.

Durability and Reusability

If you’re a do-it-yourself enthusiast, customize the costume to get your preferred look. You can add blood paintings or holes to make it scarier. You can even make your own design by purchasing different pieces and putting them together. If you don’t want a mask, consider scary Halloween makeup or fake wound drawings. When it comes to cleaning, it depends on the material. Check if it can be hand- or machine-washed and how you’re supposed to dry it.

Get the Best Scary Halloween Costume of 2023!

Did you get something that you feel can help you earn the award of the best Halloween costume this year? We hope you did. If none of the five costumes cut it for you, the same brands have a lot of other creepy Halloween costumes that you can choose from.

Our Top Choice
Fun World Scary Halloween Costumes
Best Value
Rubie’s Horror Costumes for Halloween
California Costumes Scary and Spooky Outfits
Smiffy’s Scary Halloween Costumes for Adults
Forum Novelties Adult Scary Costumes