Best Seafood Set Reviews 2023

To fully enjoy your bountiful feast from the sea you’ll need a good seafood cutlery set. There is an abundance of seafood sets on the market, so in a bid to make your hunt easier, we’ve investigated and narrowed down the search to top 5 best seafood set brands available on the market today. Having highlighted one product per brand, we further included navigation links so you can easily view other great seafood sets from our featured brands if you didn’t find what you’re looking for in the reviewed products.
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Our Top Choice
Oxo Good Grips Seafood Set
Since 1990, Oxo has been designing and manufacturing a broad range of products that cover different areas of the home.
5 piece set. Includes solid zinc cracker and stainless steel picks. Ergonomic, good grips handles. Cracks crab legs and lobster claws efficiently.
It is not dishwasher safe. Cannot crack really small nuts.
Seafood cracker, seafood picks
5-Piece set
Stainless Steel
Dishwasher safe
Best Value
Hiware 10-piece Seafood Set
Hiware designs and manufactures top quality kitchen ware. Its products are used worldwide.
Set includes 8 lobster forks & 2 crackers. Forks are made from stainless steel. Crackers are made from zinc alloy. Heavy-duty. Easy to use. Dishwasher safe.
This cracker works perfectly for large or medium sized nuts but it may not work well for small nuts.
Lobster crackers, seafood forks
10-Piece set
Stainless Steel / Zinc Alloy
Dishwasher Safe
Norpro Seafood Serving Set
Since 1973, Norpro has been manufacturing a variety of high caliber kitchenware. Its products are used worldwide.
It has 2 butter warmers, 2 crackers, and 2 forks. Butter warmers come with stands. Forks have tines and scoop styled ends. Easy to remove meat from seafood.
The butter warmers are a bit fragile.
Crackers, forks, butter warmers
10-Piece set
Stainless Steel
Hand wash recommended
Oggi 8 Piece Seafood Dipping Set
For more than fifty years, Oggi has been creating innovative products for the home, such as, sports bottles, ice buckets, food prep products and more!
8 piece set. Includes butter warmers, crackers, forks and ramekins. Four bowls included. Tools are easy to use. Attractive red and white design.
Its forks rust and become fragile after some time.
Crackers, forks, butter warmers
8-Piece set
Ceramic, zinc alloy, steel
Hand wash recommended
New Star Foodservice 8-Piece Seafood Set
For many years, New Star Foodservice has been designing and manufacturing high-quality kitchenware.
8 piece set with 2 crackers & 6 forks. Crackers made of zinc alloy. Forks made of stainless steel. Comfortable to hold. Dishwasher safe.
Its crackers sometimes bend out of shape while cracking hard nuts.
Lobster crackers, seafood forks
8-Piece set
Stainless Steel / Zinc Alloy
Dishwasher safe

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What is the Best Seafood Set?

Lots of factors must be considered before selecting the right seafood set. Since you've taken the time to read our buying guide, it shouldn't be difficult to recognize the seafood set that would meet your needs. In this review, we have listed the features of each seafood set, so when you go through it, you're certain to see one that best suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Oxo Good Grips Seafood Set contains four seafood picks and a seafood cracker. The picks and the cracker have soft, ergonomic, non-slip handles that easily absorb pressure and are comfortable to hold. If you want a fish turner, we recommend you check out the OXO Good Grips Fish Turner. It comes with a stainless steel head and a comfortable non-slip handle.

Oxo Good Grips Seafood Eating Utensils – Available in 5 Styles

OXO is founded on the background of universal design. This means that when its products are being designed, it makes sure they cater to the needs of any individual. It manufactures a broad range of products that help to make everyday life easier. With OXO, customers always come first. Their products are highly innovative, and they are always extensively tested before they are put out for large scale production. OXO's products are used worldwide, and they are known for their durability, reliability, and creativity.

The OXO Good Grips Seafood Set is a top-quality set that contains a seafood cracker and four seafood picks. The cracker is constructed with durable solid zinc. It easily cracks crab legs, nuts, and lobster claws. The picks are built from stainless steel and they can be used to remove tail and leg meat from seafood elegantly. They can also be used in the removal of meat from its shell. These utensils are well made, and they have ergonomic and soft non-slip handles. These handles absorb pressure and make them comfortable to hold. They help to cut down on your cooking prep time, and they do not damage shrimp like conventional crackers and picks. With this seafood set, your knives will no longer bend. These tools are easy to use, and they can be used for heavy duty shucking. You should take a look.

If you like the look of this seafood set, you will be happy to know that you can also purchase a clam knife, nut and seafood cracker, oyster knife and shrimp cleaner all with the same great quality and good grips handles!
Best Value
The Hiware 10-piece Seafood Set has eight lobster forks and two lobster crackers. The forks are made from stainless steel while the lobster crackers are made from heavy duty and durable die-cast zinc alloy. If you want a tool that is just a seafood cracker, you could check out the Hiware 12-piece Seafood Cracker. It is affordable and can be used on any seafood shell.

Hiware 10-piece Shell Cracker & Fork Seafood Set – Nut Crackers Also Available

Hiware is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchenware in the world today. Its products combine both style and functionality perfectly. Hiware keeps on growing and expanding every day. Its products are trendsetters because of their uniqueness, and they are used all over the world. Hiware treats its customers, employees, and distributors with the utmost respect and it is always looking for new ways to improve its products. Customer feedback is of high importance to Hiware as it is trying to make all its products highly durable. If you want a top-quality seafood set, Hiware is a great company to consider.

The Hiware 10-piece Seafood Set is a top-quality set that contains eight lobster forks and two lobster crackers. The fork and pick sets can be used for eating lobsters, oysters, crab legs and more. Its lobster cracker is constructed with durable and heavy duty die-hard zinc alloy while its lobster forks are constructed with durable stainless steel. The lobster cracker can tackle extremely strong crab legs and lobster claws. The forks help you serve shelled seafood if you desire and they also help to remove meat from the shell effortlessly. These utensils are also quite easy to maintain as they are dishwasher safe.

If you like the high-quality construction of these seafood utensils, you might want to check out the nut cracker and pecan cracker that Hiware also produces.
With two butter warmers, two shellfish crackers and six seafood forks, the Norpro Seafood Serving Set has everything you need to enjoy your seafood meal. The butter warmers even come with stands and candles for an elegant setting. If you prefer only seafood forks, we recommend you check out the Norpro 801 Stainless Steel Seafood Forks\/Picks; they are affordable, and it is a set of four forks. The forks have a spoon shaped head and a tined end.

Norpro Seafood Tools Serving Set with Seafood Knife

Norpro was founded in 1973 and has become a leader in the kitchenware industry throughout the world. Norpro designs, manufactures and supplies highly innovative kitchenware. It started as a family business, and now, it is at the forefront of product innovation. Its products are designed to be highly versatile and reliable. Norpro is made up of highly passionate and committed people who do everything in their power to give the best to its customers and make sure the consumers are always satisfied. It is all about offering top-quality products and services to its customers. If you need high-quality and easy-to-use seafood kitchenware, Norpro is a great company to check.

The Norpro Seafood Serving Set is a stylish set that contains two butter warmers, two shellfish crackers, and six seafood forks. Each butter warmer has a three-ounce capacity. The forks have a tined end for picking and a spoon-shaped head for scooping out morsels of meat from shells. The butter warmers come with stand and candles, and this makes them easy to use. This set even comes with an odor remover, so you do not have to walk around with the smell of fish or other seafood on your hands all day. The shellfish cracker easily cracks nuts of different sizes. This seafood set is hand wash recommended. This set is overall reliable, stylish, handy and extremely functional.

Here are some more seafood products by Norpro:
  • Norpro 6508 8-piece Seafood Set: It has 6 stainless steel forks and 2 lobster crackers
  • Norpro Stainless Steel Fish Poacher: It is a stainless steel lidded fish plate with perforations on the inside. It has a polished finish and can be hand washed
  • Norpro Heavy Duty Nut Lobster Cracker Pack: It is a chrome-plated shellfish and lobster cracker
  • Norpro 6512 Lobster Shears Seafood Set: This is a shears and fork seafood set. Its shears have detachable blades making cleaning easy, while the forks come with large and small tips for picking and piercing seafood
  • Norpro 6518 Shrimp and Prawn Peeler: This is a one-step prawn and shrimp devein peeler. It has stainless steel bladed scissors that cut through shells efficiently
The Oggi 8 Piece Seafood Set is a stylish and functional set that contains butter warmers, seafood crackers and forks and ceramic ramekins. It has four bowls so everyone can enjoy eating their crab legs with their sauce. If you want butter warmer set instead, we recommend you check out the Oggi 2-Piece Butter Warmer Set. It is affordable, and it comes with a stainless steel stand.

Oggi 8 Piece Seafood Dipping Set with Butter Warmers, Steel Stands, Forks & Crackers

Oggi was founded in the 1960s and has become a leading brand in the housewares industry. Its products spread over a wide range. It designs products for cleaning, refreshment, bartenders, pets, and the kitchen, to name a few. Oggi's innovative products are used worldwide, and its employees are a professional team of engineers and designers. These professionals work hard to make sure that the quality of an Oggi product is never low. Oggi takes its customer's feedback quite seriously and in this way, keeps growing.

The Oggi 8-piece Seafood Set is a seafood set that contains ceramic butter warmers, two seafood forks, two lobster crackers, ceramic ramekins and a chrome steel stand. The ramekins can be used to hold extra sauces which are great when people want to eat with different sauces. The forks are sturdy, and they have a tined end for picking things up. Their other end is shaped like a spoon so food can easily be scooped from shells. Its bowls are colored red and white, and this helps to add style to your setting. These tools significantly reduce your cooking prep time. They are stylish, functional and affordable.

Here is another seafood set by Oggi:
  • Oggi 8-piece Stainless Steel Seafood Set- It has two crackers, four forks, and two cups and they are all constructed with stainless steel
The New Star Foodservice 8-Piece Seafood Set contains two stainless steel lobster crackers and six lobster forks. The forks are made from durable stainless steel while the crackers are constructed with die-cast zinc alloy. If you prefer a seafood cracker, you could check out the New Star 6 Piece Heavy Duty Lobster Cracker. It has an ergonomic design for easy handling and cracking of all kinds of nuts and foods.

New Star Foodservice 8-Piece Lobster Cracker and Fork Seafood Kit

New Star Foodservice has been designing and manufacturing top quality kitchenware for many years. Its products are known for combining innovative modern technology with classic style and craftsmanship. New Star Foodservice team is made up of professional designers and artisans who create products that set the standard for other brands. Its products are always easy to use, functional, and well designed. If you are looking for a reliable seafood set, New Star Foodservice is an ideal place to find just what you need.

The New Star Foodservice 8-Piece Seafood Set contains two lobster crackers and six lobster forks. It comes with a colored box so it can be stored easily. The forks are constructed with durable stainless steel while the lobster crackers are constructed from die-cast zinc alloy. They are easy to use and to hold, as they have soft, smooth and ergonomic handles. The utensils are easy to maintain as they are dishwasher safe. It is affordable and durable.

New Star Foodservice has other seafood sets in stock:
  • New Star Foodservice Rose Pattern Oyster Fork: This is a three-tined stainless steel fork that is suitable for picking oysters. It is available in a set of 12
  • New Star Foodservice Alloy Lobster Nut Cracker with Decorative Handle: This is a 6-piece set seafood tool that is suitable for cracking all kinds of nuts and seafood. Its decorative handle makes it a lot more elegant

How Do I Choose the Best Seafood Set?

Ask a professional chef or restaurateur, or even a seasoned home cook, and they'll tell you that there are different types of cutlery sets for almost all types of food. Using cutlery that is not meant for a specific function in the kitchen or at the table, like trying to use a steak knife to cut vegetables, will most likely lead to unsatisfactory results. And, in the end, you may end up having to trash the food item. People with a clear understanding of what utensils or equipment you’ll need in a kitchen, like having the right set of cutlery at all times to successfully and quickly carry out cooking chores, appreciate the need to function with minimal fuss and waste. One such set of cutlery that lends credence to your kitchen and table is the seafood set.

The seafood set is a specialty cutlery set designed for the preparation and eating of seafood. We know how messy and time-consuming it is to prepare seafood, hence the invention of this versatile set whose sole function is to make this task easier and reduce prep time. From cracking the hard shell of a crab or shellfish to scooping the meat from the deepest crevice of the shell, the seafood set has got you covered.

Some chefs go as far as including butter dishes, complete with candles and stands, to ensure that you have a perfectly matching cutlery when setting up your table for a sumptuous seafood meal. Of course, there's absolutely no way you can prepare seafood without having to deal with the smell that comes with it, but don’t worry, most seafood sets include an odor remover, which is handy when it comes to ridding your hands of that fishy smell. It has been observed that most seafood sets would require a good dish soap to get the fish odor out of them as well as from your plates.

Before you invest in a seafood set though, there are some factors that you need to carefully consider to help you make the best selection and ensure your needs are met. Features like set type, material, number of pieces, cleaning and cost, are some of the pertinent factors that we will be discussing shortly, so please read on.
Seafood sets do not vary so much from brand to brand. Except for a few differences, they're essentially the same in design. The primary difference, however, lies in the manufacturing material. Since this feature determines just how well and how long the set lasts, we think it's an important factor to consider. This is especially important when you're deciding how much you're willing to spend for a seafood set. The seafood sets made from stainless steel usually cost more than those made from other materials, but they typically last longer too. So, you'd have to consider the durability of the seafood set when you're planning your budget towards it.

We believe it is essential to always get your money's worth. That’s why, with the price of our reviewed seafood sets ranging from around $10 - $35, all the seafood sets we have reviewed are considered to be great purchases from reputable brands. During our research, we found some cheap seafood sets that didn't conform to our quality standards, so we chose to ignore them because we would like you to consider only quality products.
A great seafood set is an asset to any kitchen as it can be used for both seafood preparation and as a place setting for a seafood meal.

To choose the ideal seafood set, consider looking out for these features:
  • Set type
  • Number of pieces
  • Manufacturing material
  • Cleaning method
  • Any extra feature
Construction and Design
The seafood set type simply refers to what type of tools are found in the set. A basic seafood set contains two types of tools – the shell cracker and the lobster fork. The shell cracker is usually shaped like a pair of pliers and functions much in the same way, only in this case, you’re using it to crack open the shell of a lobster, crab or shellfish. The lobster fork is long-handled and two-pronged. It’s used to effectively pick out the meat morsel from the interior of the shell. The more sophisticated and high-end seafood sets may include a couple of butter warmers with stands and candles. There are still other seafood sets that feature a clam or lobster knife, so when you’re shopping for this item you’ll want to check out the components in the set and be sure they’re what you really need.

The type of materials manufacturers use to manufacture these seafood sets plays a major role in its longevity and reliability. Many brands employ the use of stainless steel in making their seafood sets. Other brands may prefer to use chrome steel or die-cast zinc alloy. It's a well-known fact that stainless steel is one of the safest metals utilized in the food industry. It hardly rusts and is quite resilient thus extremely hard to bend out of shape. Most brands combine stainless steel and die-cast zinc alloy in their seafood set, using die-cast zinc alloy to manufacture the shell cracker and stainless steel for the lobster forks. This ensures that you get the benefits of a reliable and strong die-cast zinc shell cracker and the safety of stainless steel for the lobster forks.

The number of tool pieces varies from one seafood set to another. A good number of seafood sets come with two shell crackers and varying numbers of forks, ranging from two to as much as eight. One of the products featured in our individual product review section has just one shell cracker and four lobster forks so there are different packages that you can choose from, as far as number of pieces in a set goes. However, the rule of thumb for purchasing such items is to buy the one with as many pieces as you can afford so you won’t have to go looking for a bigger pack to buy when you need extras in future.
Performance and Ease of Use
The seafood set is incredibly easy to use because there's no setup required. All you need to do is place the crab or lobster in the shell cracker and squeeze it tight. it's as simple as that. You need no special skill to use either the shell cracker or the lobster fork.

For increased performance, most lobster forks come with scoops at the other end thereby making it a dual-purpose instrument. With the scoop end, you can easily get to the tiniest morsel of delicious seafood in the shell without having to look for an extra utensil that is suited for that purpose.

Some seafood sets have, in addition to the shell cracker and lobster fork, butter warmers which can be used to serve other sauces that go with the seafood dish. This type of seafood set also features candles and stands so you can keep your butter or any other sauce always warm and readily available on the table.

Another extra feature that is found in one of the products we reviewed here is the odor remover. Few things are as off-putting and hard to get out as the odor of fish. Some manufacturers are considerate enough and have thought it necessary to add an exceptionally effective odor remover so you can easily get that fish smell off your hands. So, if you're concerned about the fishy smell on your hands, you should go for the seafood set with odor remover as it's been known to be excellent at removing fish odors.

Seafood sets are quite easy to maintain. All you have to do for most of them is to hand wash with soapy water and rinse out thoroughly. Not all seafood sets are dishwasher safe, so you'll have to check the washing instructions before chucking the seafood set into your dishwasher.

Get the Best Seafood Set of 2023!

We are excited that you've stayed with us through this entire review and we know you'll now be able to pick out the best seafood set for either home or restaurant use. So, go ahead and place that order.

Our Top Choice
Oxo Good Grips Seafood Set
Best Value
Hiware 10-piece Seafood Set
Norpro Seafood Serving Set
Oggi 8 Piece Seafood Dipping Set
New Star Foodservice 8-Piece Seafood Set