Best Self Cleaning Litter Box Reviews 2018

If you have a lovable furry friend, the one thing that you may not love so much is the mess and smell of the litter box. Pet ownership comes with responsibilities, but you can cut your work down tremendously with a litter box that does some, or all of the cleaning itself. We have put together a list of the top 5 self cleaning litter boxes that are worth considering.
Our Top Choice
Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Works with any clumping litter, but premium is best. Cuts down on work, time, mess & smell.
Designed for cats up to 15 lbs. OK for multiple cat use. Completely automated scooping.
A bit pricey. Requires placement near electric outlet. Some cats don’t like noise.
Best Value
Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Affordable option compared to “automated” self cleaning litter boxes.
Don’t have to purchase special litter – but clumping types work better.
You do have to “roll and clean” but there’s no scooping. May be too big for small spaces.
Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Self Cleaning Litter Box
If you’re looking for THE absolute best self cleaning litter box on the market, this is it.
Fully automated scooping. Full drawer indicator. Good for cats up to 20 lbs.
Expensive. May want to consider Litter-Robot II series.
ScoopFree® Self Cleaning Litter Box
Single cat owners average 3 weeks between major cleaning – truly hands free scooping.
Automatic raking system. Disposable crystal litter trays – leak proof. Closed waste container.
Need to purchase special crystals. Requires electricity.
CatGenie Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box
If you don’t mind the “toilet” look, and have a place to connect it, unique litter box solution.
Connects to a water source to literally remove waste and wash the litter.
Requires washable granules and SaniSolution cartrides.

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How Do I Choose the Best Self Cleaning Litter Box?

In answering the question about what to look for in a good self cleaning litter box, we are going to focus on factors that are specific to this type. For more information about how to choose a litter box in general – or if you aren’t sure yet what kind you want – we recommend taking a look at our more in-depth article.

Self cleaning litter boxes require a bit more of a financial investment than a traditional litter tray, but they offer benefits that may make it worth it to you.

First of all, cats are very clean creatures by nature and the very fact that you can train them to do their business in the place that you want them to is a great benefit in and of itself. But cats won’t use a litter box that is dirty or smells – and they will find another place to go if they aren’t happy with the place that you have provided. Needless to say, the last thing you want is your beloved friend finding a corner of your closet or going to the bathroom in your laundry basket. Not all cats are so nice as to choose the bathtub as their alternative (although some do!)

With a litter box that does some or all of the cleaning for you, you can be assured that you are giving your cats (or cats) a place that works for them. Because this type of litter box will regularly remove the waste for the main area, there is less odor – which is something that both you and your cat want. Many come with hooded lids with not only provide the privacy that many cats want, but it will help cut down on the litter that inevitably comes outside of the pan from time to time.

Another benefit for you is that self cleaning litter boxes cut down tremendously on the amount of work you have to do, and the time it takes. Just about the only thing easier would be training your cat to use the toilet! (Psst... have fun getting her to flush though.)
We have mentioned it before, but we are going to say it again. Self cleaning litter boxes cost more, but if you want a home that is odor free and less messy, it’s the “price you will have to pay.”

The price of a self cleaning litter box will depend upon the features it offers. Good quality ones typically start at around $100 and high end ones can cost as much as $700. We found one that is “semi-automated” that sells for under $30
The feature that makes this type of litter box stand out from a regular litter tray is the fact that they are self cleaning. Some models have added features that make them worth spending a bit more. One of the important things to consider when getting any litter box is the size. If you have a bigger cat, or several cats, you are going to need a large sized litter box.

You will also consider the size in terms of how much space it will take in your home. Some automatic litter boxes come with hoods. This will impact whether or not your cat gets the privacy that it wants (some like a closed spaces, others don’t). It also has an impact on how much litter gets out of the tray – either when your cat does its digging or tracked out on its paws.
Construction and Design
The next factor that you will consider in relation to design is how the litter box actually does the self cleaning. Related to this is how big the “waste disposal” container is and how often you will have to empty it. There is one model that makes it possible to literally leave your cat alone at home for days (poor kitty, make sure he has toys to entertain her!).

Finally, how a litter box looks may be important to you and some simply look more stylish than others. Depending upon where you are going to keep it, this may matter.
Performance and Ease of Use
In terms of performance and how easy a self cleaning cat litter box is, there are a few things to consider.
  • Does the litter box help to keep down odors?
  • Does the litter box do its job effectively?
  • Does the litter box really help to save you time and effort?
  • Does your cat actually use the litter box?
It goes without saying - if your cat won’t go to the bathroom in the litter box you provide, none of the other stuff matters.

In relation to the last question, there are some cats that are skittish and the sounds of the machine operating may frighten them. Some eventually adjust, and others don’t. This is why it is important to consider the amount of noise that the cleaning process makes. There are a few models that have a delayed timer so that your cat is long gone before it starts working.

What is the Best Self Cleaning Litter Box?

As you can see, self cleaning litter boxes have a lot of benefits for both you and your cat – but they do come with a price tag that’s higher than a traditional litter box tray. Let’s take a look at some of the automatic litter boxes that we consider the best on the market – and worth the money you will invest.
Our Top Choice
With the Litter Robot, keeping your cat’s litter box clean is completely automated – when your cat leaves the box, the patented sifting process takes over, depositing all the waste into a separate drawer. If you want to take things even further into the “future,” the Litter Box 2 Open Air has a self adjusting weight sensor and a timer to allow the litter to actually clump before the robot goes to work!
Litter Robot LRII Classic Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Available in 2 Colors

Litter-Robot II Classic – LRII-Black

Manufacturer AutoPets (formerly Automated Pet Care Products, Inc.) has two spots in our top 5 self cleaning litter box list with the Litter-Robot series of cat boxes. Truthfully, either one could have been our “Top Choice” based upon features and benefits, but we picked the Litter-Robot II simply because it’s less expensive than the Litter-Robot III Open Air.

The Litter-Robot lets you program your cat’s weight and it uses this information to sense when your cat enters and leaves the box. The lowest weight that the system can automatically detect is 5 pounds, so if you have a really small cat or kittens, you will have to use the manual override. The maximum weight setting is 15 pounds. For cats weighing more than that, sometimes the system adjusts to it, others it doesn’t but again, as long as your cat fits, you can use the manual cleaning option.

The manual mode gives you the option of turning on the cleaning operation when you want it rather than using the 7 minute timer. This is a great option for helping your cat adjust to her new “robot friend.” These automated cat boxes by Litter-Robot are pretty energy efficient, but if you want to have it only run when you want it to (rather than every time the cat uses it) the manual option makes this possible.
Construction and Design
Before we talk about how the automatic self cleaning system works, let’s take a moment to talk about the two models within this series, the Litter-Robot II Classic and the the Litter-Robot II, in terms of construction and overall design. Both models work the same, but they do differ in a few ways – most significantly size.

When you look at the Litter- Robot, it definitely looks a bit futuristic – almost like it really is a litter box cleaning robot. What stands out the most is the round, globe shaped litter box that sits on top of the base – a design that is essential for how it takes care of all the scooping for you. Both models come with a carbon filtration system to control odors, a spacious waste disposal compartment (16” long x 11”W x 6”D), a step for easy access for your cat, an extender lip to help keep litter in and a 15 Volt DC power supply (plugs in to any standard outlet).

Where the two models differ is size. The Classic model is designed for small to medium sized cat, with dimensions of 29"H x 22"W x 24"D. The Bubble model gives bigger cats more room with a “clear bubble” at the back – which also let’s some light in. With dimensions of 29"H x 22"W x 24"D – an addition of 3” inches from front to back – the Bubble Litter-Robot is recommended for cats up to 15 pounds. It will still work with larger cats; it will just be a tight fit. The Litter Robot is good for multiple cat homes – we’ve heard stories of people with 7 cats using just one litter robot! Both models are available in two colors:
  • Litter-Robot II Classic Beige – LRII-Beige
  • Litter-Robot II Classic Black – LRII-Black
  • Litter-Robot II Bubble Beige – LR2-EX-BE
  • Litter-Robot II Bubble Black – LR2-EX-BL
Now let’s talk about the real “magic” of this powerful robot that does all the scooping for you! Seven minutes after your cat leaves the box, the inside of the globe will start to slowly rotate. As this happens, the solid waste and clumped urine will be separated from the clean litter. It will automatically be dropped into a closed waste container. There is literally nothing for you to do! If your cat enters the box during the time delay period, the timer will reset. If the system is in cleaning mode and the cat enters, the robot will sense this and automatically stop. There is no “rake” or “grid” to worry about jamming with this uniquely designed self cleaning litter box system.
Performance and Ease of Use
At the time of our research almost 1,000 people had left reviews on Amazon for the Classic Litter-Robot II Classic, giving it an overall rating of 4.4 – with 70% of owners leaving 5 star reviews. When we took a look at the critical reviews, what we saw were mostly related to people “expecting miracles” – trying to use lower quality litters, skimping on how much litter they put in the tray or going too long before emptying the waste drawer. Let’s face it – we are dealing with cat urine and feces here and the reality is that it stinks! Psst… we bet you have walked into your own bathroom a few times and didn’t enjoy the smell.

What stands out the most when we look at the positive feedback for the Litter-Robot LRII Classic is that if you follow the manufactures recommendations and follow some “common sense” tips (things you would do with a traditional litter tray), this self cleaning litter box really does cut down on the work and time involved and reduces smells. Once you get past the initial investment, it may even save you money on the amount you spend on cat litter when compared to a regular cat tray because there is less waste of litter.

Whichever Litter-Robot you choose, be it the Classic, the Bubble or even the Open Air, what you get is truly hands free scooping and super-easy daily maintenance. All of the waste is deposited into a separate container, and get this – you even line the waste tray so all you do is tie off the bag and toss. Each litter box comes with 3 waste drawer liners but when those are gone, simply recycle plastic bags from the grocery store or purchase bags made for small garbage cans. Some owners recommend buying “scented” garbage bags for added “smell protection.”

You don’t need to purchase “special litter” for the Litter-Robot but you do need to use the clumping kind – regular clay, pine pellets, newspaper based litters or any litters designed to be strictly absorbent won’t work with the system. While any brand or type will work, user feedback indicates that the performance is better with premium quality clumping litters. The better quality litters eliminate the risk of lumps of waste getting stuck on the side of the globe and produce less litter dust during rotation.

The charcoal filtration system does a great job at minimizing odors, but you can take this to an even higher level if you purchase a litter with odor control features. The manufacture recommends replacing the charcoal filter about every two months.

The waste tray is large enough that single pet owners can leave it unattended for about 2 weeks before it is full and HAS to be emptied. With that being said, just because you CAN go this long, doesn’t mean that it’s what you should do if your goal is to have an odor free home. Yes, the waste compartment is closed but it’s not an airtight seal. Keeping in mind that this is basically a bucket full of waste, it will start to smell after a while – and depending upon the litter you buy, the longer you leave it, the more it will stink when you open the drawer. Most owners report that emptying it twice a week does a good job at keeping your home odor free.

As for “major” cleaning, it’s recommended that you empty out the globe, clean it and start with a new batch of litter once a month. If you have multiple cats, cats that are sick, or cats who have more frequent bathroom habits, you may want to do to the major cleaning more often. Even though the drawer uses plastic liners, it should be washed about twice a month. You can wipe down the exterior of the base with a disinfectant cleaning spray – some users suggest putting plastic wrap over the controls just as an “extra touch” of cleanliness and protection. In between major cleanings, you will need to monitor the litter level and replenish it as needed – we suggest doing it at the same time you empty the waste container.

Because the cleaning system is pretty quite, most cats adjust to it quite nicely – many owners report that their cats are actually fascinated by it. Some suggestions for helping a more skittish cat get used to using the Litter-Robot include plugging it in the first time when the cat is around because when you do, the system will start a cleaning cycle as a test. Another suggestion is to turn off the automatic cleaning operation for the first few days until your kitty gets used to using it, using the manual cleaning mode instead.
Best Value
A #1 best seller on Amazon, we chose the Omega Paw’s Roll’n Clean™ litter box for “best value” on two top 5 lists (self cleaning and mixed category litter boxes) because of its unique patented grill which makes cleaning easy. Omega Paw also makes cat toys to give your furry friend hours of fun.
Omega Paw Roll’n Clean™ Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Available in 3 Sizes (Small, Medium & Large)

Omega Paw Litter Box RA20 – Large (19-1/2" x 22" x 20")

Okay, let’s start with this important piece of information – you DO have to do some work with this machine because it will not separate the waste all by itself. So in some ways the “self cleaning” tag is a bit misleading – we would actually consider this a “semi-self cleaning” litter box. With that being said, because of the affordable price (as compared to motorized self cleaning litter boxes) and because it does make your job less work, it was worthy of being included on this list. By the way, this litter box got our vote for “best value” when it comes to the top litter boxes overall. Daily cleaning is easy with the Roll’n Clean™ Litter Box by Omega Paw -- all you have to do is roll the box upside down and back again! Comes in 3 sizes and a variety of colors.

If you look at the Omega Paw from a cat’s perspective, it has all the features that matter (at least to most cats).
  • Privacy provided by the enclosed hood
  • Don’t have to change from favorite brand of litter
  • Ease of use for the owner = clean place to “go”
  • A “bathroom” that doesn’t stink
  • No motor or rake – means nothing to scare them
  • Low affordable cost means more cat toys!
What more could your loveable, feline friend ask for in a litter box? It’s no wonder this litter box made it on two of our top litter box lists.
Construction and Design
The Omega Paw Roll’n Clean litter box doesn’t have a raking system or anything that does the cleaning for you. You don’t plug it in and there are no batteries. Instead, it uses good ol’ physics and a patented grill. The outside of the litter box is shaped with curves so that it can easily be rolled on to its side – and this is where the “cleaning” takes place.

When you roll this Omega Paw litter box over, the litter inside of the box shifts inside. Because of the patented design, the clumps of dirty litter are separated away from the clean – they “magically” go into a waste container. When you return the box to its normal position, the clean litter settles back down to the bottom (you might need to shake the box a little to make sure that it’s distributed evenly). The waste container is closed to keep in odors so you don’t have to empty it with each “scooping roll” unless you want to. Disposal is simple – the container pulls out, you dump it, rinse and put it back.

This litter box will only work for cats who like the privacy of enclosed space because the system won’t work without it. The Roll’n Clean Litter Box by Omega is available in three sizes (although the smallest of the three is harder to find):
  • Large – 19.5” x 22” x 20”
  • Medium – 18” x 18” x 20”
  • Small – 17” x 20” x 16”
It comes in several different colors, although not all colors are available in all sizes. You can choose from beige, green, pewter and taupe.
Performance and Ease of Use
At the time of our research, the Roll n’ Clean by Omega Paw had 6,722 Amazon reviews with 89% of owners feeling strongly enough about it to give it a 4 or 5 star review. When we looked at the critical reviews (and compared them to the positive ones) one of the things that stood out was the fact that some of the unhappy customers talked about clumps of waste being stuck on the box – with many happy owners responding to this type of comment with a tip that following the manufacturer’s 3” of litter nearly eliminates this problem.

Others reported issues with odor – not that it was worse than a traditional litter box, just that they wanted “more” from the litter box. To this we have two responses – first, we don’t know what kind of litter they were using or how often they were emptying the waste container. Second, this litter box is not a self-cleaning litter box in the true sense. It is simply a system to make daily maintenance and scooping a bit easier if you choose to go the more “manual” route.
We chose to include the Roll’n Clean by Omega Paw on our top self cleaning litter box list because it is an affordable option for people who really don’t like the task of scooping dirty lumps of waste several times a day. Not only is the box itself less expensive, it works with any kind or brand of litter – although it does perform MUCH better with the clumping kind. This means there is not special litter or trays to buy – keeping the ongoing costs of using the box the same as they would be if you were using a basic litter tray.

In terms of controlling odor there are two things that the Roll’n Clean offers.

  • Since you don’t have to reach in, scoop out waste, dispose of it and wash the scoop – you are likely to “roll and scoop” more frequently than you would a traditional litter box.
  • The waste container is enclosed, so that keeps the smells away from you and your cat. Again, be cause you don’t have to dump the waste every time – we do recommend at least once a day though – you are more likely to give the box a tip on it side than to reach for a scoop.
You can further reduce any potential smell by using litters that are designed for odor control, like ones made with baking soda.

Although not cat box is perfect at never having any litter messes on the outside, the high sides of the Roll’n Clean help to keep it to a minimum. You also don’t have to worry about litter dust when rolling the litter box because it’s designed to keep it on the inside.

As for your major cleaning of the litter box – because the litter and waste do come in contact with the base, lid and inside the grate, you will have to take it apart and wash it just like you would a traditional litter box. You can reduce the amount of waste that sticks to the bottom (and make the Roll’n Clean work better in general) by following the manufacturer’s recommendation of putting at least 3 inches of litter in the tray.
Runner up for best litter box that “cleans itself,” the ScoopFree® by Petsafe was our # 1 pick for litter boxes overall. Not only does it make daily maintenance a “hands off” experience, but it works so well you can go on vacation and not worry about your cat! Petsafe even has feeding your cat covered with the Amazon #1 best selling automatic feeder.
PetSafe ScoopFree® Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box – Optional Privacy Hood

ScoopFree® Litter Box PAL00-14242

The ScoopFree® Self Cleaning Litter Box was our # 1 pick for top litter boxes overall – and that had to a lot to do with its affordable price tag when compared to other automated cat litter boxes. It’s our “runner up” for self cleaning litter boxes because it doesn’t offer as many features as the #1 spot holder, the Litter Robot, but what it does, it does well – and at half the cost. This model comes with a lit to help keep odors and litter inside, and gives your cat some privacy. Not sure whether your cat will like the hood? You can always by the privacy hood separately later.

We have pretty much covered the major features that the ScoopFree® Self-Cleaning Cat Box offers, but there is one more that the Ultra model offers as an “extra.” In addition to the ability to adjust the raking system wait time, you also get a health counter that monitors your cat’s daily usage. With this counter, you see how many times your cat has left the box (it doesn’t tell you if she actually “went” or not though) which is a nice feature if you own an older cat, kittens or when your cat is sick or has a urinary infection.

We understand that the price tag of $159.99 on sale for the Ultra is a bit of a financial investment but when you look at what you are getting in terms of cleanliness, reduction of odors, easy of use and time saved, many happy cat owners think it is money well spent. By the way, if you are interested in getting the ScoopFree® Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box without the lid, the model number is PAL00-14242.
Construction and Design
The base of the ScoopFree® litter box is rectangular in shape and big enough for most cats as well as homes with more than one cat (27.4 x 19 x 7 inches). You get an AC adapter and a cord that is 10 feet in length, meaning you don’t have to worry about finding a spot that is right next to an electrical outlet. This litter box is designed for cats that are at least 6 months old and it works for miniature breeds of dogs and puppies too!.

There are two design factors that make the ScoopFree® by Petsafe a great self cleaning litter box – special litter crystals in a disposable litter tray and the an automated raking system.
  • The ScoopFree® automatic litter box system uses disposable litter trays that come prefilled with litter crystals that are designed to actually dry solid waste and absorb urine on contact. The crystals control odor 5 times more effectively than traditional clumping litters or regular clay litter. The crystals are 99% dust free and are low-tracking so they won’t stick to your kitty’s feet. If you purchase the Ultra model, the hood will help to keep the litter inside the box when kitty does her digging.
  • The ScoopFree® automatic raking system goes to work 20 minutes after your cat leaves the box. It separates the dirty litter from the clean, moving it into a covered waste container that traps in odors. The waste trap is large enough so that you don’t have to empty it daily like you have to with many other self cleaning litter boxes. According to the manufacturer, depending upon how frequently your cat uses the box, you could actually go a few weeks without dumping it!
Changing the litter tray is simple – just slide out the old on, place the cover that comes with the new one on top and throw the whole thing away. The trays are leak-proof so with the exception of the rake and the waste container, the base of the litter box never comes in to direct contact with waste, making your “major cleaning” task much easier.

How long a tray of litter lasts depends upon how many cats you have, the size of your cat and how frequently it goes to the bathroom. The average time for single cat owners is between 20 to 30 days, 10 to 25 for two or about weekly for 3 cats. If you have more cats than that, it’s probably a good idea to have more than one litter box – but this isn’t any different than you would do if you were using at traditional litter box.

In terms of cost – a single litter tray costs about $15 (Amazon offers good savings with multi-packs), which is about the same price as a 40 pound bag of premium clumping litter. You have three options for crystals:
  • ScoopFree® Premium Blue Crystals Litter Tray – original, odor controlling
  • ScoopFree® Lavender Crystals Litter Trays - lavender scented
  • ScoopFree® Dye-Free Crystals Litter Trays - natural and free of perfumes and dyes
Another option that some cat owners use is to purchase a plastic, non-disposable tray and bags of litter crystals. This saves on cost some, but it means that you need to handle the litter tray – dumping the old litter, washing the tray and refilling it. It’s all a matter of personal preference and whether convenience or price is more important to you.
Performance and Ease of Use
At the time of our review, there about 600 Amazons for the ScoopFree® Ultra and another 1,800+ for the ScoopFree® Original Self Cleaning Litter Box – both have an overall rating of 3.8 stars. In most cases we like to recommend products with a minimum Amazon rating of 4 but we did some digging into the user feedback on Amazon (no pun intended) and read several other more in-depth reviews from pet experts.

The trend we saw with a lot of the critical feedback stemmed from people saying that they needed to change the trays more often than the manufacture recommended or that the system wasn’t completely odor free for the full “20 to 30 days.” With the exception of a few rare, isolated cases we didn’t see complaints about the actual mechanism works – as a matter of fact we saw a lot of reviews that talked about how it doesn’t get stuck or jam like other models that they have tried.

What we learned, by looking at both the positive and critical reviews, is that cats differ in their frequency of usage and the manufacture gives averages. They do say that results may vary depending upon factors such as size, age, health, diet and the number of cats. As for the “odor” – our thought (as well as many other happy users) is this, just because you CAN leave the waste container alone for 3 weeks at a time, doesn’t mean that it’s the best option. We are dealing with urine and feces here, so no matter how enclosed a container you have – it’s going to stink after a while.

When we did our research, the ScoopFree® by Petsafe was the only self-cleaning litter box that uses disposable litter trays as part of the system. These trays truly make keeping your cat’s box clean and odor free a much easier task. The waste storage container is large enough to go a few weeks before entering – however, we would recommend only going that long if you are on vacation! Most pet owners suggest that once a week is enough to keep odor under control.

The Original ScoopFree® offers one option for the time delay before the rake does its job – 20 minutes after your cat leaves the box. If you go for the Ultra, you can adjust this to 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes. For both models, the timer will automatically reset if your cat goes back inside before the time is up. Petsafe tested the raking mechanism in the lab and it went over 100,000 cycles without any jams or failures. Real world owners also report that they don’t experience jamming like they had with other self cleaning litter boxes.

Some owners of larger cats, or cats who go more frequently, have expressed concern that using the disposable crystal trays costs more than a system that allows them to use any brand of litter. While this may be true, what you are getting is a litter that provides up to 5X more odor control and cleaning system that keeps your contact with the waste to a minimum (just emptying the waste container). The average single cat owner only needs to change the tray about every 3 to 4 weeks. Changing frequency will be more often if you have multiple cats, kittens, senior cats or cats who are sick.

The ScoopFree® Litter Box without a doubt simplifies your daily maintenance tasks. Altogether now, “Woo Hoo! Goodbye to scooping!” But how does it do with the major cleaning job? Yup, it’s got that covered too. First of all, since you are using a disposable tray, there is now litter tray that has to be dealt with – that means now emptying out a tray full of old litter, no banging the bottom to remove stuck on clumps and no worries about whether to go outside in the rain with the hose or washing the pan in the bathtub.

With a traditional litter tray, because there is direct contact with the waste, major cleaning should be done once a week. For the ScoopFree® you should wash the waste container that frequently, and you might want to rinse out the hood while you are at it, but since the base never comes in contact with waste (thanks to the leak proof trays) “major” cleaning day will consist of changing out the tray and probably washing the rake. We don’t think things could get much easier.

Needless to say, the ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box has lots of features and benefits for pet owners, but about their furry friends?
  • Because cats are clean animals, they won’t go in a litter box that is dirty or smells badly – Petsafe has that covered for sure.
  • Most cats like privacy and seclusion when they do their business, but others don’t – ScoopFree comes with our without the privacy hood and even if you purchase the Ultra model, if your cat doesn’t like it you can simply take it off.
  • Some cats can be very particular about the type of litter that is used in the tray – From the reviews that we read, most cats adjust nicely to the litter crystals. However, if yours doesn’t’ this system will not work with clumping or clay litters.
  • Some cats can be skittish and the sound of a self cleaning litter box may be enough to frighten them so much that they won’t go back – With the 20 minute time delay before raking, most cats won’t be bothered by the sound.
Self-Flushing Cat Box by Cat Genie. The system actually removes and liquefies solids for easy disposal down toilet or drain. Part of the magic – CatGenies non-toxic, non-absorbing, septic-safe washable granules.
CatGenie Self-Washing Self-Flushing Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Box

CatGenie Self-Flushing Cat Box – White/Grey

When it comes to the least amount of work you will have to do cleaning up after your cat, the CatGenie Self-Washing Cat Box is the closest you are going to get to training your cat to use the toilet – and this cat box even “flushes” itself. It even looks like a mini kitty-potty – which may, or many not be to your liking. Before we go any further, we need to stress that this litter box requires both an electrical outlet and connection to a running cold water source (either a bathroom toilet, utility room or wash room work well). If you can’t do that, this cat box won’t work for you, but we are guessing you are going to want read on just for curiosity sake.

The CatGenie uses special Washable Granules™ that satisfy a cat’s instinct to dig and cover its waste. They don’t need to be changed because the system automatically does the cleaning – simply replenish as needed. It has features that are totally unique compared to the other self cleaning litter boxes that we reviewed. It can be installed using the water line from your washer, toilet or utility sink – the necessary T-Adapters are included. If your cat likes additional privacy, you can also purchase sides or a dome to go with the CatGenie.

For people who want the option of a system that flushes based upon the cat’s actual usage time, the CatGenie 120 provides this feature. We will not that many users, especially those who only have one cat, choose to run the cleaning cycle only once or twice per day to make the cleaning solution last longer.
Construction and Design
Instead of cat litter or granules, the CatGenie uses specially designed, non-absorbent pellets to fill the litter tray. It also uses special SaniSolution cartridges (available in scented and unscented) that plug in to the top of the litter box – the part that looks kind of like a toilet tank. This is also where the controls are located.

What makes this system work is multi-step processes. First, uniquely designed grated called the GenieHand drops down into the basin shaped tray and scoops out all the solid waste, which is then deposited into a separate chamber. As this is happening, the litter tray starts to fill with water and sani-solution. Meanwhile, within the chamber an impeller grinds up the waste, hair balls and all, liquefying it so that it can be flushed away (either in your toilet of through the supplied drain house) – and it’s completely septic safe. As this is happening, the pellets are washed and the dirty water is drained away – followed by a few spinning rinse cycles. Lastly hot air blows both the granules and box dry.

This is not a quick process – from start to finish it takes about 30 minutes, split half and half between cleaning and drying. But the end result is worth it. Every bit of urine and waste has been washed away and you start with a freshly cleaned, disinfected and sanitized litter box.

The “basic model” offers two options for how the cleaning process is started – either manual or by a set number of times per day. You can choose 6, 8, 12 or 24 hour intervals. A newer (and more expensive model), the CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box, does give you the option of setting the cleaning process to start shortly after your cat leaves the box. Whichever model you get, neither will start the cleaning process if it senses that your cat is inside the litter box. You can also push a button to start the cleaning cycle manually at any time.

This is a pretty “big” litter box relatively speaking – which has its pros and cons. It’s good for larger cats, but it will take up some space especially since you need to make room for hoses. The CatGenie is 16” wide in the back and 19” in the front and 21” high at the tallest part – the height for your cat to the box is only about 14 inches (which is why this system won’t work for kittens who can’t jump yet). From front to back, the depth is 24” – including the required hose space. It comes with a 10 foot drain hose and a 8 foot water supply hose.

When you purchase the CatGenie, you get everything required for installation (including instructions), 1 box of washable granules, 1 SaniSolution cartridge, and the cat box (or should we say cat toilet?).
Performance and Ease of Use
When we did our research, the CatGenie Self Cleaning Litter box had a 4 star rating on Amazon. More than 50% of the 487 people who wrote reviews liked it enough to give it 5 stars. Among the critical reviews, there is a trend that some people report that the cartridges and pellets don’t last as long as manufacturer averages. There are also reports of some product defects. Because we believe in honest reviews, we will say that the CatGenie isn’t without its flaws. For example, if your cat has loose stools, the scoop may not be able to lift them all nor will the cleaning system always be able to wash them away.

The end result is that the heating system will actually cook what’s left. If you know that your cat is sick, it’s a good idea to turn off the cleaning cycle and manually remove the feces. Yes, this means you do actually have to do some scooping, in the big scheme of things, it’s worth it. However, if you have a cat that tends to always have loose stools, this might not be the best option. Many reviews (as well as pet experts) talk about how if you feed your cat better quality food, they will have better health and more solid stools (hey, not much different from us humans, huh?).

As long as you have the space and the water hook up, the CatGenie really does take all the work out of cleaning the cat box. Some may consider having to buy special granules and cleaning solution as downside, but it depends upon how you look at it. First of all, nlike when you wash a traditional litter box in your tub or utility sink, the CatGenie is designed so that only the waste and urine are washed away. Yes, from time to time a granule will sleep by, but if they do they are septic safe and will biodegrade within 9 months.

Secondly, the pellets are reuseable and washeable – cleaned and sanitized at least once a day (depending upon your desired frequency. They are non-absorbant which means they won’t take in the urine smell and feces won’t stick to them. This means you don’t have to keep emptying and starting over once a month – just keep topping it off as necessary. One box costs about $25 and typically lasts between 4 for to 6 months.

As for the SaniSolution, one cartridge is good for about 240 washings which is typically about 4 months under normal conditions. It’s also recommended that every 6 to 12 weeks (depending again on how many cats you have and how frequent you use the cleaning cycle) you run a separate maintenance cleaning to remove lime and grime from the system, hoses and the actual pipes. One CatGenie Maintenance cartridge is good for 4 cleanings and costs about $21.

So let’s put that all together.
  • CatGenie Pellets – about $50 to $75 a year
  • CatGenie SaniSolution Cartridge –$75 to $100 a year
  • CatGenie Maintenance Cartridge $21 a year
Total average cost per year would be about $150 to $200 . Even if you only purchased one 40 pound bag of premium clumping litter a month, you’d be paying that much AND you’d have still have all the work to do.

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