Best Shaving Set Reviews 2022

Shaving is a fundamental activity in a man’s daily grooming routine. Whether you prefer to keep a clean shave or style your beard, shaving is a ritual that requires your attention on a regular basis. Wet shaving is arguably the best way to achieve that clean-shaven ‘James Bond’ look. Our review looks at some of the best shaving set brands to give you a close, smooth shave every time. We’ve done the research for you to narrow down the field. We highlighted one product from each brand, but they make many other options if you don’t quite see what you are looking for.
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Set Size
Blade Info
Handle Info
Our Top Choice
Parker Safety Razor Shave Set
Parker has been creating high quality, durable shaving supplies since 1973. It has been a good choice for wet shavers ever since.
It has a twist-to-open butterfly head for easy blade replacement. It’s great for both coarse and soft beards. The chrome design makes it a great gift set.
No reported cons so far
3 piece
96R butterfly-open safety razor
Black & chrome handle
Best Value
GBS 5 Piece Men's Shaving Set
For 20 years, GBS has been offering exclusive and deeply satisfying services and products for men, the old fashioned way.
It comes with a natural soap and a soft brush. The blade is easily replaceable and the razor glides smoothly to prevent rashes and cuts.
There are isolated complaints about the soap not having fragrance.
5 piece
Butterfly DE shaving razor
21mm chrome handle
A.P. Donovan Straight Razor Set
For several years, A.P. Donovan has been manufacturing elegant, top quality products exclusively for the male groomer.
It’s made of high quality Japanese tempered steel. The hardwood handle ensures an adequate weight balance with the steel blade. Its leather strop keeps the blade sharp.
You have to be very careful to avoid a cut.
5 piece
High-quality alloy
Mahogany wood
Merkur Shaving Gift Set
Merkur is a name that stands for quality design and experience. It prides itself on making the finest men’s grooming kits.
This set has a beautiful finish. The metal pieces are sturdy and the razor has a good grip. The bristles are comfortable on the skin.
Isolated complaints that the soap is not great quality.
Long Handle Razor #1805 Set
Classic Safety Razor
Chrome handle
Silver & Brown
Colonel Conk Hardwood Stand Shave Set
For well over a century, Colonel Conk has been a widely known maker of men’s shaving and grooming products with excellent quality.
The boar brush is high quality and the soap lathers well. It’s small size makes it easy to store.
It does not come with a shave bowl.
4 piece
Gold tone double track razor
Gold tone chrome
Gold Tone

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What is the Best Shaving Set?

There are many different reasons to choose a shaving set, ranging from budget and accessories to design and style. We have considered all those things in our review. All you need to do is keep your own personal requirements in mind and read our review to see which product satisfies all of your needs.
Our Top Choice
The Safety Razor Shave Set has a pure badger brush, a black and chrome stand, and a matching 96R butterfly-open safety razor. The extra-soft brush bristles make creamy lather. There’s a similar shaving set but with a 99R safety razor and a stainless steel stand: The Parker 99R Safety Razor Shave Set. You should definitely check it out.

Parker Razor Shave Set - Includes Pure Badger Brush, Stand & Parker 96R Butterfly Open Safety Razor

Parker Safety Razors is a family-owned and operated business that makes shaving razors to a very high self-imposed standard. They aim to consistently exceed customer expectation. Since 1973, this brand has stuck with its aim of giving its users the close and comfortable shave they want and deserve. Its commitment to innovative and durable designs makes it a well-trusted shaving brand.

The Safety Razor Shave Set (Suggested Retail Price: $79.95) has a pure badger brush, a black and chrome stand, and a matching 96R butterfly-open safety razor. The razor has a brass frame and a twist-to-open butterfly head for easy blade replacement. The brush bristles are very soft and make a creamy lather that opens up pores for a close shave.

The chrome stand is elegantly designed and beautifully styled. It holds up the razor and brush for convenient storage. Whether you have a soft or a coarse beard, this wet shaving set will give you a professionally close shave from the comfort of your home. With its appealing looks, this shaving set is also great as gift.

There are other types of high quality razors, brushes and other shaving products from this brand that give you the smooth and comfortable shave you want. Here are a few…
  • Parker 99R Safety Razor Shave Set - Includes Premium Black Badger Brush, Stainless Steel Stand & Parker 99R Butterfly Open Safety Razor
  • Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set - Includes Black Badger Brush, Stand & Parker 29L Butterfly Open Safety Razor
  • Parker 71R Safety Razor Shave Set - Includes Pure Badger Brush, Stand & Parker 71R Safety Razor
  • Parker 3 Piece Shave Set with Stainless Steel Fusion Compatible Razor Handle, Pure Badger Brush & Deluxe Stand
  • Parker Travel Shave Kit - Includes Parker Safety Razor's Dopp Bag, Travel Safety Razor, Travel Shave Brush and Travel Shave Soap
Best Value
The GBS 5 Piece Shaving Set has a razor with textured handle for a good grip, and a circular driftwood soap made of natural ingredients, free from synthetic preservatives. If you’d prefer a shaving set with a flask and safety blades included, you should check out the GBS 6 Piece Shaving Set.

GBS 5 Piece Men's Shaving Set - Comes in Gift Box with De Razor, Badger Brush, Chrome Bowl, GBS Soap and Stand

GBS, in 1997, opened an old fashioned barber shop and spa offering a wide variety of services, including; hair cuts, hot shaves, shoe shining, sports, relaxation and deep tissue massages, and facials. This brand is an exclusive retailer of high end grooming products and kits for men in the United States and Europe.

The 5 Piece Shaving Set (Suggested Retail price: $56.88) consists of a stainless steel safety razor, pure badger brush with chrome handle, chrome bowl, circular driftwood shaving soap, and a stainless steel razor and brush stand. The razor has a textured handle for a good grip even with wet hands, and a butterfly open design that makes blade replacement straightforward.

The bristles are made of pure badger fur, soft and smooth on skin, and its well-designed chrome handle gives you a comfortable hold on the brush. The chrome bowl is an ideal size and shape – compact but still functional. It has a wide opening and sufficient depth to allow you mix enough creamy lather for a full shave. It also has a wide base, which helps avoid accidental tilt and spillage.

The circular driftwood soap is made of natural ingredients, free of synthetic preservatives. It forms creamy and consistent lather that’s soft and smooth on the skin and won’t cause irritation or burns. It’s suitable for all skin types and gives the razor a smooth glide, eliminating the chances of razor bumps and rashes. The stainless steel stand is functionally designed to raise the brush and the razor above ground level and away from surfaces. This allows the brush and razor to air out properly.
The A.P. Donovan Straight Razor Mahogany Set is a handmade professional tool that gives you the close shave you’ve always wanted for that perfect gentleman’s look. Would you prefer a great shaving set with a plastic handle? Check out the Solid 7\/8 "Razor with a Black Plastic Handle.

A.P. Donovan Excellent 7/8 " Straight razor Set Including Brush, Shaving Soap & Strop - Mahogany

A.P. Donovan makes products designed exclusively for men in the areas of grooming, fashion, style and related accessories. Its products are elegant and stand out whether they are smoking pipes, grooming kits, or luggage - even down to its whiskey decanters. If you rock any A.P. Donovan product, you’re sure to be an attention-grabber.

The Straight Razor Mahogany Set (Suggested Retail Price: $189.95) is a handmade professional tool that gives you the close shave you’ve always wanted for that perfect gentleman’s look. The closeness of a shave is undoubtedly one of its key qualities. This blade is made from high quality Japanese tempered steel, also known as white paper steel. The straight razor promises a gentle, yet close shave and the steel edge guarantees toughness and durability.

The heavy hardwood used for the handle ensures an adequate weight balance between the steel blade and the handle. The wooden handle is crafted from Madagascan mahogany, and its luxurious appearance complements the high-quality steel of the blade. This creates a beautiful symbiosis, almost becoming an extension of your hand as you carry out your close and smooth shave.

The wooden case that houses the razor is beautifully made of real wood. It’s enhanced by handmade arabesque carvings and a finely finished metal lock. The velour-lined foam inside protects the handle and keeps the steel blade free of scratches. It passes for a beautiful ornament just sitting there in your bathroom or travel bag.

Badger bristles are used for a premium shaving brush, and with the right maintenance, it can last for many years. This brush creates a consistent lather that gives you a smooth and close shave. The bristles are held together by a mahogany handle. The feel of the bristles on your face gives you that comforting sensation you associate with a worthy shave.

The razor strop that comes with this set is meant to straighten out the tiny ridges built on the blade from previous shaves. Using this is recommended before every shave so you can get a close cut every time. The strop is made of premium Kazakh cow’s leather and on the other side is linen fabric. The hook and rings on either end ensure the strop is fully taut for an effective result.

This premium shaving kit is fit for royalty.
The Merkur Shaving Gift Set with classy chrome finish promises to give you a close shave with its sharp safety razor, shaving soap and soft brush to work in the rich lather. An able alternative to this wonderful product is the Merkur Shave Set with 38C Long Handle Razor which comes with an Omega shaving cream bowl.

Merkur Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Safety Razor, Bowl, Shaving Soap, Badger Brush, Stand

For over a century, Merkur has been developing, designing, and producing high quality cutting and shaving products that stand the test of time in quality and style. This is a very reliable brand when it comes to men’s grooming, producing masterpieces of precision and craftsmanship with its highly skilled workers. Every product carrying this brand name carries with it a guarantee of performance and functionality.

The Shaving Gift Set (Suggested Retail Price: $75.99) with classy chrome finish promises to give you a close shave with its double edged safety razor, quality shaving soap and soft brush to work in the rich lather. The slim, long-handled safety razor has a bar-type guard to give you a firm grip that won’t slip.

The brush has 100% pure badger bristles that are very soft and work a rich and creamy lather off the Col. Conk shaving soap that comes with the set. The soap makes a consistent lather that opens up hair pores, allowing the full length of hair to be removed in one glide, thereby preventing rashes and bumps. The soft bristles and creamy lather combine to give you a comfortable and smooth shave every time.

The 4-inch chrome plated bowl is where you work up the lather. It has a wide-set opening to let you easily mix up a consistent paste. The base is also wide to keep the bowl firmly grounded, avoiding spills. The elegant stand hangs the brush and the razor after use to air-dry.

The following are other quality shaving sets made by Merkur:
  • Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety razor set – This is an inclusive bundle for quality wet shaving
  • Merkur Futur 4 Piece Shaving Set Polished Chrome – Beautifully designed and perfect for a gift
The Colonel Conk Model 237 4 Piece Hardwood Set is an elegant, carved wood set with a double-track razor for twice the shave with each stroke. If you’re a lover of gold, you might like to show off your style by using the Colonel Conk No.252 Hand Crafted Shave Set which has a gold and wood finish.

Colonel Conk 4-Piece Hardwood Stand Shave Set with Mixed Badger Brush, Gold Tone Razor and Soap

The brand Colonel Conk has been building a legacy since the 18th century went it was founded. Now, it enjoys a worldwide reputation based on the top-notch quality of its products and its proprietary glycerin soap. Over the years, it has expanded its line of products to straight razors, safety razors, shaving mugs and brushes, shaving sets, aftershaves and balms, flasks, and gift sets.

The Model 237 4 Piece Hardwood Set (Suggested Retail Price: $40) is an elegant, carved wood set with a double-track razor for twice the shave with each stroke. Its mixed badger shave brush is soft and helps create the kind of lather that makes your razor glide smoothly over your skin, taking off the entire strand of hair in one stroke.

The hardwood stand comfortably seats both the razor and the brush. The whole set is compact and lets you easily store it away. The Colonel Conk’s world famous glycerin shaving soap completes this set to give you that creamy, consistent lather that makes close and smooth shaving possible. This set makes shaving a ritual to look forward to.

Here are some other great products from Colonel Conk:
  • Colonel Conk No. 250 Hand Crafted Shave Set – Come in a hand carved fossil marble with a chrome Mach 3 razor
  • Col. Conk No. 243 Double Track Shave Set – Comes in a black and chrome finish, with a faux ebony boar bristle brush
  • Col. Conk 3 Piece All Natural Shaving Kit – Unscented – Made for sensitive skin. Includes After shave, shaving cream, shave oil

How Do I Choose the Best Shaving Set?

Once upon a time, a man was not thought to be properly groomed if he had a little beard. A gentle man was expected to be clean shaven. In fact, keeping a beard was seen as sign of rascality and rebellion.

Interestingly, the world we live in today sees things differently. You can no longer tell someone that this is the right way to live. Everyone now has a right to live the way they feel. A man is able to choose how to express himself with his decision to shave or keep is facial hair. So gentlemen, there is no right or wrong way to handle your beards!

Regardless of how much we try to be free spirits living the way we want, there is still that little something about a person’s appearance that makes you either instantly like or dislike that person. In the same vein, it is easier to see a clean shaven man as a proper gentleman than a man with a bushy beard. We know that underneath, the reverse may be the case, but like they say, you only have one opportunity to make that first impression so you should go for it.

A simple shaving set can help you present the right first impression as a gentleman of proper grooming. A simple process that begins when you stand in front of the mirror in your bathroom, lather your face and then gently shave away at the hair with your razor can be the difference between creating the right or wrong impression.

We know some prefer to use the hair clipper, but having the right shaving set makes it a simpler process. If you want to achieve optimum grooming, this guide will help you find the best shaving set. We will show you features to look out for so as to make your choice a lot easier.
There are many shaving sets out on the market that are priced differently based on a number of factors which include the brand, the presence of clippers or razors, extensiveness of the set and other such things. During our research, we found that you can get a good shaving set within the $40 to $190 range.

While we trust the products within this range, there are more shaving sets on the market. Some are more expensive than those within our range, while others are less so. We would however caution you against cheap shaving sets, these are liable to be of low quality and you don’t want to need to replace your investment every few months.
In order to determine the most suitable shaving set for you, some features have to be considered. In this section we have taken time to highlight some of these features. Here are some important features to consider:
  • Type of Set
  • Razor Type
  • Blade
  • Handle
  • Set Size and Pieces
  • Colors
  • Stand or Bag
Construction and Design
Each shaving set is uniquely organized to meet the needs of the user. Different people have differing types of skin and hair, levels of competence, and general preferences. These are taken into consideration in putting together the items in a shaving set. For example, a shaving set for a beginner will focus more on safer and easier to use items, while a professional shaving set will focus on efficiency. So your choice will be based on whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.

There are several types of razors out there. There are straight razors, cartridge razors, electric razors, safety razors and disposable razors. Each of these razors has a particular strength that makes it stand out from others, but these strengths will not necessarily appeal to everyone. For example, a lot of people consider electric razors the quickest and safest type of razors. While this suits people who want to shave speedily, it will be disagreeable with people who prefer straight razors for cleaner shaves.

Beyond considering the razor, it is important to consider the razor’s blade. The blade is the specific part of the razor that cut’s your hair. It is important to get a razor with a blade that is appropriately sharp and durable. Every razor has a blade, but these can differ in a number of ways. The blade from a straight razor lasts as long as the razor itself. It is as essential, if not more, than the handle. Similarly, a disposable razor’s blade usually lasts as long as the razor. However, a disposable razor is only meant for a few uses, after which the blade gets dull. Unlike either of these, the safety razor’s blade is meant to be replaced at regular intervals.

A razor’s handle is the portion of the razor that is held during use. A razor’s handle must provide a firm grip, even while the razor is wet. It must also provide the perfect weight balance for the pressure that will be applied to the razor. A razor’s handle can be made from quite a few different materials, such as chrome, wood, plastic and others. These materials will determine the razor’s durability. They also determine how attractive the razor is.
Performance and Ease of Use
A shaving set, by definition, will have a number of items meant to help in the shaving process. These items can consist of a razor, blades, a strop, shaving cream, shaving soap, a brush, a mirror, and any number of other items. What you have in your shaving set can affect your shaving experience. For example, those who prefer shaving soaps will be glad for a bowl to lather the soap in, and a brush to apply it with. Those who go for a set with a straight razor will appreciate the inclusion of a strop on which to sharpen the blade.

Razors, like a host of other items, can come in a wide variety of colors. These colors can be bright chrome, reserved black, gentle blue or any other number of aesthetically pleasing colors. A razor’s color is usually fixed, and so what you see is what you get. Though this has no direct relevance to the act of shaving, if it tickles your fancy, you should surely consider it.

A razor set can sometimes come along with a stand or a travel bag. A stand can be a very useful addition, as it provides you with a place to both keep and dry your shaving tools after use. However, a razor stand is usually meant to be stationary. For people who are more mobile in their lives, there are shaving sets that come with travel bags, into which they can be comfortably packed and transported.

Get the Best Shaving Set of 2022!

Now you have come to the end of the review. Did you get the information you need to make your choice? If you have made up your mind already, just go ahead and make the purchase.

Our Top Choice
Parker Safety Razor Shave Set
Best Value
GBS 5 Piece Men's Shaving Set
A.P. Donovan Straight Razor Set
Merkur Shaving Gift Set
Colonel Conk Hardwood Stand Shave Set