Best Sheepskin Rug Reviews 2022

With their rich, plush texture and eye-catching appearance, sheepskin rugs can add pizzazz to literally any space in your home or office. Before you head out to buy the perfect sheepskin rug, it is important to determine where you will be placing it on your couch or in your recreational room. These rugs come in a wide range of colors, textures and prices, making the buying experience a bit complex. But we’ve done the homework and presented you with five of the best sheepskin rugs around. They're bound to make great additions to your home and its existing décor.
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Pile Height
Our Top Choice
Safavieh Faux Sheepskin Area Shag Rug
Safavieh started out as a artisan family business 30 years ago, and today is one of the biggest names in the home furnishings industry.
Power loomed from Japanese acrylic. Virtually shed-resistant. 3 colors and 12 sizes available. 2.5-inch pile. Cotton canvas backing.
May be challenging to lay flat owing to its light weight.
Rectangular (round available)
2.5 inches
5 colors available
12 sizes available
Japanese acrylic/canvas
Best Value
Nouvelle Legende Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug
Eurow, Nouvelle Legende's parent company, is one of the biggest manufacturers of a wide range of cotton, microfiber, and sheepskin products.
Measures 20” x 36”. Acrylic with polyester backing. Ultra-luxurious pile. Animal friendly. Good for hallways and most spaces in your home.
May shed at first, so it’s best to use a lint roller as a solution.
20” X 36”
Super Area Rugs Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug
The family owned and operated Super Area Rugs has a mission to make homes beautiful again, and that’s what you can expect from any of the trusted brands it deals with.
22” x 34”. Genuine Australian sheepskin. Slip-free suede backing. Woolmark certified. 12 colors available.
May emit a funky odor initially owing to its natural Australian sheepskin material.
Irregular, single
One pelt, 2.5 inches
12 colors available
22” x 34”
Australian sheepskin/suede
Chanasya Soft Mangolian Faux Sheepskin Rug
Chanasya is a family owned and operated business that has garnered a surge of appeal for its unparalleled range of products, which include outdoor and indoor furniture.
Mangolian faux fur. Four different sizes/colors. Non-toxic. Hypoallergenic. Machine washable.
May be a little small for some spaces.
Irregular, rectangular
Soft and silky
4 colors available
4 sizes available
High-grade faux fur
Ikea TEJN Faux Sheepskin Rug
Ikea claims to be the world’s largest furniture retailer. It specializes in kitchen appliances, ready-to-assemble furniture, and home accessories.
Measures 39 3/8” in length. Modacrylic and polyester. Three-inch plush pile. Available in gray and white.
No grip on the bottom, so it can slip easily.
3 inches
39 3/8" x 23 5/8"

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What is the Best Sheepskin Rug?

Sheepskin rugs can be found in a wide range of different colors, styles, and shapes. Some are even made from material that looks and feels like natural fur but doesn't harm any animals. Now that you’ve read our sheepskin buying advice, you should have great insight on the aspects to consider. Let’s get right to our top five sheepskin rug suggestions, and help you bring the best one home.
Our Top Choice
The Safavieh Faux Silky Sheepskin Ivory Area Shag Rug is power loomed from superior quality Japanese acrylic, making it robust and virtually shed-resistant. If you’re looking for a handcrafted, natural sheepskin rug including backing, and one that offers unmatched softness, the Safavieh Genuine Sheepskin Pelt White Premium Shag Rug is worth a second look. It features a rich pile height between 2.4 to 4 inches.

Safavieh Faux Silky Sheepskin Area Shag Rug - Available in 12 Sizes and 5 Colors

When you're shopping for items to beautify your home, Safavieh is a name that probably crops up often, and there’s more than one good reason for it. This company was founded three decades ago, and is now a renowned name in the home furnishings space. It ships thousands of packages each day to customers in Asia, Europe, South America, Canada, and all 50 states in the USA.

The Safavieh Faux Silky Sheepskin Ivory Area Shag Rug is made entirely from faux silky, best-in-class Japanese acrylic material. It is shed-resistant, has a rich pile height of 2.5 inches, and is sealed with a cotton canvas backing for superior durability. This rug can be had in a choice of three fashionable yet solid neutral colors—gray, ivory, and pink. It's also available in 12 different sizes and shapes. If you’re looking for top-notch underfoot comfort and a rug that you can’t take your eyes off, Safavieh's faux sheepskin rug won’t disappoint.
Best Value
The Nouvelle Legende Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug measures roughly 20 by 36 inches and is made from a blend of acrylic and a polyester backing. If you’d like a longer sheepskin rug to accentuate your fireplace, the Nouvelle Legende Faux Fur Sheepskin Premium Rug Duo may be a better option. It is pretty long at 73 inches, and can be ordered in a choice of three colors: brown, gray, or ivory white.

Nouvelle Legende Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug – Ultra Luxurious Pile and Animal Friendly

Eurow, the parent company of Nouvelle Legende, is an esteemed manufacturer of microfiber, sheepskin, and cotton items. Headquarted in Simi Valley, California, it is also home to several other prominent brands, including Esteem and Udderly Clean.

The Nouvelle Legende Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug measures approximately 20 by 36 inches. It is made from 80 percent acrylic and 20 percent polyester backing, resulting in a faux leather feel and look. Although it is primarily designed for decorative purposes, it has an ultra-luxurious pile. This rug is remarkably cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and is animal friendly, making it an excellent addition to any space in your home. With regards to maintenance, hand washing at low temperatures is recommended.
The Super Area Rugs Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug is made from genuine Australian sheepskin, with a slip-free suede backing. If you’d like a thicker rug, you should buy one with two or more pelts combined. Consider the Super Area Rugs Genuine Australian Black Sheepskin Rug. It's 100% sheepskin and incredibly soft.

Super Area Rugs Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug - Available in 12 Colors

Super Area Rugs is a family owned and operated business that has been dealing exclusively with all types of rugs for the past decade. With its mission statement of providing superior quality products to “make your home beautiful again,” you can trust that any product you buy from its line will not disappoint.

The Super Area Rugs Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug is a unique single pelt rug that is made from genuine, Woolmark certified, premium quality Australian sheepskin. It measures roughly 22 by 34 inches, and is appointed with a slip-resistant suede backing for longer service life. This rug is available in 12 different appealing colors including dark brown, fiord blue, plum, teal and wild fire red. It's also germ-free and tested and proven to be non-toxic and hypoallergenic, making it ideal and safe for any room and for the people in your home.
The Chanasya Soft Mangolian Faux Sheepskin Rug is crafted from Mangolian faux fur, and can be ordered in four different sizes and colors. If you’d like faux fur decorative pillows to match, the Chanasya Super Soft Elegant Throw Pillows should do the trick. These luxurious plush pillows are made from high-quality polyester.

Chanasya Soft Mangolian Faux Sheepskin Rug - Available in 4 Sizes and 4 Colors

Headquarted in Austin, Texas and founded in 2012, Chanasya is a household name when it comes to indoor décor, gardening tools, outdoor furniture and much more. Its company portfolio is filled with many excellent products, most notably pillows, blankets, and fresh pine candles.

The Chanasya Soft Mangolian Faux Sheepskin Rug is crafted from polyester and measures 24” x 36”, but can be ordered in three other sizes as well, including one that spreads out to 72 inches. It's available in pink, tan blue gray, turquoise, and white versions, all of which are machine washable for easy maintenance. This rug is backed by an industry-leading two-year manufacturer warranty. One of the noteworthy features of this rug is that it's made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic material, making it a great choice for your home or office, and for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
The Ikea TEJN Faux Sheepskin Rug measures 39 3/8” in length and is made from a blend of modacrylic and polyester. If this rug slips, the Ikea Rug Underlay Pad with Anti Slip Carpet Stopp is a great solution. It can be placed under the sheepskin rug to prevent it from sliding around underfoot.

Ikea TEJN Faux Sheepskin Rug in White

Ikea was established over 70 years ago by Ingvar Kamprad. It's one of the biggest names in furniture, with a market cap of €36.4 billion in 2016 alone. Headquarted in Delft, Netherlands, it is renowned for its wide range of kitchen appliances, ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessories, with a grand total of 12,000+ products in its catalog.

The Ikea TEJN Faux Sheepskin Rug is made from polyester and modacrylic, with a total pile height of three inches. It measures 39 3/8 " in length and offers fantastic warmth and softness, making it an ideal choice to drape across your favorite furniture or place in different areas of your home. You can get it in a choice of gray or white, and it should be hand washed only for superior longevity.

How Do I Choose the Best Sheepskin Rug?

Just like a glass coffee table, an area rug for your hallway, or a bathroom rug, sheepskin rugs can raise the style quotient in most spaces. They can be made from several different materials. Some are crafted from superior quality acrylic fibers that look and perform like the real thing. It is wise to figure out the size you need, and the style and color that will accentuate your overall décor. You should also consider the build quality of the fur rug, and whether it’s safe to use around kids and animals. Some rugs are easy to maintain by simply throwing them in with your regular washing load. Others are delicate, especially the ones made from genuine sheepskin that require a bit more personal attention (hand wash) in order for them to provide unparalleled aesthetic pleasure for years to come.
It is highly recommended that you have a budget in mind to buy a sheepskin rug that fits your needs. For example, some fur rugs are designed for decorative purposes only, while others look good and also make a great choice for high traffic areas. There is no shortage of cheap sheepskin rugs, but their poor craftsmanship, such as inconsistency in the fibers or cracks, will probably detract from a room. The prices of sheepskin rugs vary depending on the material they are made from. You can expect to pay more for a genuine Australian sheepskin rug than one made from faux material, though some faux rugs offer the same visual appeal and longevity. To give you a rough idea of the price tags you can expect to see, they can range from $30 to upwards of $100.
Sheepskin skin rugs aren’t a “one size fits all” design, because what works for you might not offer the same benefits for your neighbor. However, here are a few factors to look at when searching for the best sheepskin rug:
  • Size –The length and width of the rug
  • Wool Thickness or pile height –The density of fibers measured from the bottom backing to the top surface
  • Backing –The area on the bottom of the rug that serves as its foundation
  • Shape –Common shapes include irregular, rectangular, and round
  • Non-toxic –It is important to get a sheepskin rug that made from non-toxic materials, and hypoallergenic material if you have allergies
  • Genuine Sheepskin or Faux Fur –Some rugs contain fur from real animals, while others are made from machine-loomed acrylic fibers
  • Pelt –The layer of sheepskin used; single layer equals one pelt, and so on
  • Maintenance –Some sheepskin rugs are machine washable, while others require a gentle hand wash
  • Colors –Most genuine sheepskin rugs are available mostly in shades of white, black and gray. If you’re looking for red, tortoise, or purple, you will have to opt for faux fur because sheep don’t come in those colors
  • Brand –A brand with a stellar reputation is highly recommended, since you don’t want to pay top dollar for an imitation sheepskin rug
  • Warranty –Some sheepskin rug manufacturers fortify your investment by providing some type of guarantee, mostly against factory defects
Construction and Design
The first thing to examine when buying a sheepskin rug is the material, whether it's real fur or faux leather. High-quality faux sheepskin rugs provide nearly the same benefits (if not more) than some genuine fur rugs, so it all boils down to personal preferences. Faux sheepskin materials include Japanese acrylic, polyester, or a mix of the two.

Another crucial element that’s often overlooked is the backing, which provides several benefits, including antimicrobial protection, delamination protection, dimensional stability, and strong tuft bind. The backing also prevents moisture and consequently allows your fur rug to breathe easy. Without quality backing, your sheepskin rug will most likely succumb to extreme wear, mold, and mildew, and some may even end up ruining your floors. Common backing materials include polyester, suede and canvas, each of which is designed to enhance the quality of your rug.
Performance and Ease of Use
In order to enjoy years of comfort and aesthetic pleasure, you will have to maintain your sheepskin rug according to manufacture care instructions. Some sheepskin rugs, especially those made from genuine fur, may emit an unnatural smell initially. This is common and should wear off after a few days of use. On a brighter note, it tells you that you’ve got yourself a winner (but don’t go around smelling rugs to gauge their authenticity).

Thicker pile height is not always better, meaning that plush padded rugs do not always mean high quality. High traffic areas can benefit from smaller density rugs because these rugs are easily cared for, most simply by vacuuming them every so often. Longer pile sheepskin rugs offer a more soft, luxurious and premium feel, but they're more susceptible to markings and crushing from certain pieces of furniture such as couch legs. Measure your space before you head out shopping for the best sheepskin rug!

Get the Best Sheepskin Rug of 2022!

We truly hope that our sheepskin rug buying guide along with our top five options has helped you make a choice you will thank us for later. Buy confidently with just a few clicks.

Our Top Choice
Safavieh Faux Sheepskin Area Shag Rug
Best Value
Nouvelle Legende Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug
Super Area Rugs Genuine Australian Sheepskin Rug
Chanasya Soft Mangolian Faux Sheepskin Rug
Ikea TEJN Faux Sheepskin Rug