Best Shin Guard Reviews 2023

The last thing you want while you’re enjoying an adrenaline-pumping game of soccer is to be carried off the field by medics because of an injury. Or much worse, an avoidable one if you had shin guards. We’ve put together reviews on our top five best shin guards made by world-leading brands, and if you’re interested, we can show you around so that you can pick your fav and go on to become the real MVP that you are! Ready… Set… Go!
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Our Top Choice
Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards
Fostering a culture of innovation, Nike Inc., makes it a duty not just to manufacture quality products and services, but also to create experiences that motivate today’s athlete.
Ultra-thin coverage. With superior cushioning for excellent impact diffusion. Low-profile construction. Anatomical design to fit skin contours. Durable shell. Comes with sleeves.
Not ideal for adults, but better for youths.
Soccer; with sleeves
S; M; L; XL
69% K resin/31% EVA
Pink; volt; black
Anatomical left and right
Best Value
Franklin Sports Field Master Shin Guards
Franklin Sports understands consumer needs and therefore offers the strongest values at the best prices to deliver on those expectations. The customers heartily agree!
Lightweight shell absorbs impact. Vented foam construction gives cooling effect. High-density cushioned foam padding to disperse impact. Directional stretch sleeve for comfort.
Runs a bit on the small side.
Soccer; with sleeves
S; M; L
Info not provided
High-density foam padding
Adidas Ghost Club Shin Guards
Producing over 850 million product units every year, Adidas satisfies diverse customers, employs thousands of people, and yet keeps things simple enough for everyone to follow.
Great fit for beginners and pro athletes alike. Hard shell front plate offers maximum protection. Adjustable hook and strap closure. Also comes with ankle protection.
Sizing appears to be a bit off.
Football; ankle strap
S; M; L; XL
EVA foam
5 color combos
Hook and loop strap
ProForce Combination Shin/Instep Guards
Since 1972, ProForce has not relented in bringing the elements of fun, excitement, and quality to the world of Martial Arts training through its unique products.
Excellent padding. Great for protecting sensitive or injured areas. Covers entire kicking area from shin to instep. Made of cloth material. Pads are easily removable for washing.
Elastic meets at the sole of the feet and can be uncomfortable.
Kickboxing; with sleeves
Child-M;L; Adult- S; M; L; XL
Cloth material
Black; white
Protects shin and ankle
Vizari Blaze Shin Guards
Vizari Sport is one of the leading soccer-specific companies today, and is particularly vested in equipping athletes of all ages and skill levels with high-performance equipment.
Shin guards for kids. Cool unique flames graphics. Synthetic shell for protection. Grooved shell for a flexible and adjustable fit. Front closing straps. With ankle protection.
Might run a little too small.
Soccer; ankle straps; kids’
XXS; XS; S; M; L
PP shell/EVA foam
Blue with flames
Flexible grooved shell

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What is the Best Shin Guard?

Hopefully, our guide taught you a thing or two about selecting a good shin guard. You’re now ready to make an informed choice on the best one for you. So let’s get down to what you’ve been waiting for: the reviews.
Our Top Choice
Play safe! Play comfortable! Play right! with the Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards with Sleeves. They come with comfy superior cushioning plus an ultra-thin coverage that’s so low-profile, you’ll hardly even know they’re there! Or see this one with a hyper pink/black color combo. It’s more affordable and comes with ultra-thin coverage: the Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guard – Hyper Pink\/Black.

Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards with Sleeves – Available in Multiple Colors & Sizes

Of course we all know and love Nike Inc., a brand that has shown love for and commitment to the athlete (and those of us who just like to keep in style) from day one! It’s a point of duty over at Nike to go beyond manufacturing quality products and delivering first-class services, to creating experiences that inspire today’s athlete. So, when you see a Nike product, there’s actually more behind the impressive and high-performance design; there’s passion poured out from everyone at Nike into one vehicle that motivates the athlete to keep keeping up. And when discouragements come, it’s those “passions” that ring in his ears, telling him to “just do it!”

Play it right with the Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards, and you’ll enjoy every minute of your game!

So what do these guys offer you? First of all, protection. But duh… that’s why we’re here in the first place. Excellent. But what if we told you that these guys give you ultra-thin coverage? Yeah you heard us right! There’s an “ultra” before the “thin”. So, while you’re running and dashing left and right, you’ll barely even know that you’ve got anything on your shins. And they still get the job done! Amazing!

Also, these guards come with superior cushioning. Your legs will l-o-v-e these things, because they’ll feel so comfortable and you can play the full 90 minutes before you tire out. You’ll practically be on fire! And when you fall or have to slide, coupled with its hard-knock shell, the impact is immediately diffused and you can bounce back and score that goal!

Yes, these guards come with sleeves but you need not use them unless you absolutely have to. The guards already come anatomically fitted so that they fit into the contours of your skin like a hug. And this way, whatever way you kick, you’ll definitely have all-around protection.

Finally, worry not about whether or not these guys will last. They will. One hundred! Their shells are made to take extreme abuse without showing squat.

Still pondering on whether this is the one? C’mon, Nike says “just do it!” Order!
Best Value
When the game gets hotter, keep your cool with the Franklin Sports Field Master Shin Guards with Compression Sleeves! Their distinctive vented shell design plus breathable compression sleeves add up to give you a good fit and improved air flow. How about a more affordable option that’s equally lightweight with detachable ankle padding and elastic straps for a secure fit? See the Franklin Sports Comp F-1000 Shin Guards.

Franklin Sports Field Master Shin Guards with Compression Sleeves – Available in Multiple Sizes

Since 1946 ‘til now, one thing has remained constant with Franklin Sports, and that’s value. By partnering with other strong names in the sporting goods industry such as the NFL, Disney, and others, this brand has continued to supply its customers with the strongest values when it comes to sporting products. Whatever level of participation you engage in, Franklin Sports has great ideas and a diverse range of products that help you enjoy your game to the max. Selling fast across several online stores, this brand has received countless plaudits from many a satisfied customer worldwide.

When things begin to heat up on the pitch, the last thing you need is to get hot and bothered and ultimately distracted from the game. And that’s why you need the Franklin Sports Field Master Shin Guards. They are the masters of comfort and performance.

They’re designed to help your legs get all the airflow they need to keep you on the move, kicking at your optimum all game long. Their distinctive vented shell design is what makes this possible.

And that’s not all; the breathable compression sleeves also have a part to play in this entire gig. They not only help to give your shin guards a better fit, they equally absorb sweat and moisture to keep you feeling fresh. So, no itching or discomfort with these guys, man. Like we told you: master of cool and performance.

Now to how they protect you…

They come with tough, lightweight shells that can withstand almost any impact, and the vented foam behind diffuses it before you even notice that it happened. This vented foam we speak of also helps your legs get some good loving while they do the needful (score us some goals).

With their asymmetric design, these guards fit your legs well and the compression sleeves even make the fit better and more secure. Remember they are breathable, so no discomfort.

What else do you want in a pair of shin guards? This pair’s a keeper. Order!
Whether you’re a pro or new to the field of play, you’ve got a buddy in the Adidas Ghost Club Shin Guards with Ankle Protection. Their great universal fit and highly-protective hard shield front plates ensure your comfort and safety. Are you a Messi fan? Then see this from the Messi soccer collection. It fits two different shields for a better fit and has a really cool look too: the Adidas Messi 10 Pro Shin Guard.

Adidas Ghost Club Shin Guards with Ankle Protection – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

Adidas has one primary focus: sports. In fact, its mission is to be the best sports brand in the world. Anyone who’s been watching would readily see how it’s easily possible. By never relenting on innovation or hard work, this brand has conveniently earned a spot as one of the world-leading brands in the industry of sporting goods. It’s a household name within the circles of the best athletes and teams and even amateurs who need the best products to train with as they practice to become pros. And we need not tell you that it’s known worldwide that the Adidas’ “Badge of Sport” is an undeniable mark of excellence.

We all know Adidas, the world-class brand supporting all levels of athletes since “19-when-it-opened-its-doors.” And its Adidas Ghost Club Shin Guards, in no manner, disappoint. No sir! Once again Adidas kills it!

It doesn’t matter your level of play; you’ll find using these guards nothing but pure joy. They have a fantastic fit that encourages you to always deliver your best on the field without any distractions or discomfort.

Plus, their shells come hard and highly protective. So don’t worry if the whole team depends on you to do a good job of marking and defending to bring home the cup, just get these guys on your team. With their tough shell, they withstand any intensity of impact.

But of course, even if the impact is withstood and there isn’t a proper diffusion, it’s still going to hurt like crazy. Well, thanks to the soft EVA backing behind the shell, it’s comfortable for your shins and will effectively diffuse the impact so you feel nothing, except the coursing of adrenaline through your veins as you play for victory.

And finally, to ensure that these really don’t get in the way, there are adjustable hooks and straps to secure your guards to your legs and it even comes with ankle protection too! Now you get a more secure fit and even more protection.

Get these shin guards. You know you want ‘em!
For our Martial Artists, here’s one item you can’t do without: the ProForce Combination Shin/Instep Guards. They come with excellent padding that covers the entire kicking area from your shin down to your instep. Namaste! Need something different? This is made of vinyl and padded with foam for protection and comfort. Also, it features elastic straps for fastening: the ProForce Lightning Shin Guards.

ProForce Combination Shin/Instep Guards – Available in Multiple Sizes & Colors

If there’s one faithful friend of the Martial artist, it’s the ProForce brand. It’s been equipping Martial Arts champions for years now and hasn’t once let them down. This brand is committed to making the smartest, most exciting, and highest-quality products to encourage participation at all levels and aspects of the ancient and sacred art. Thanks to constant re-invention, ProForce has stayed relevant, pushing the boundaries of functionality and design to oblivion, and thereby creating products that have such character and uniqueness to them. With an ever-listening ear, this brand grants its customers its undivided attention every time they have issues and moves to solve them as quickly and as efficiently as it can.

The sacred practice of Martial Arts can be beautiful, therapeutic, and painful (ouch!), especially when you’re not properly kitted. So if you’re a Martial Artist, you cannot afford to not get the ProForce Combination Shin/Instep Guards. These guys are the very guards you need to enjoy the next karate class.

They’re made with breathable cloth material. So let’s count our first blessing: ease of washing! Hallelujah! Simply throw into the wash, and the pads are easily removable for this purpose. No need to be cleaning with rag and water and all—not after we’re dog-tired from all Sensei’s drills.

Now to the main deal: they cover the entire kicking area: from your shins to your insteps. That is, no area is left uncovered. So say you’re sparring and someone tries to catch you off-guard somewhere around your legs, you might lose some points; but oh well, you still have a good leg to walk out honorably with.

And because these guards come with superior padding, you can even use them over an injured or sensitive area. Now you can train for longer and inch ever closer to becoming the Sensei you always hoped to be. Remember, the more you practice, the better you become. So, we can’t afford to allow injuries to slow us down.

Like we mentioned, the guards are totally breathable, so your legs might take a beating to get stronger but they’ll also enjoy excellent comfort from all the pampering these guys will be giving them.

Aside from martial arts, these guards are also wonderful for sparring, kickboxing, and other such sports. Your next class will be incomplete without these guards. Get them now!
Support your star with the Vizari Blaze Shin Guards with Flame Design & Ankle Protection. They’re safe, and your little munchkin will love the unique flame graphics on the synthetic shell. The flames might even psych him up to run even faster! Here’s something for the girls. It comes in a pretty pink color with floral patterns and features a grooved shell with ankle protection. See the Vizari Blossom Shin Guards.

Vizari Blaze Shin Guards with Flame Design & Ankle Protection – Available in Multiple Sizes

Since 1998, Vizari Sport has catered to thousands of athletes in the United States, especially the soccer athletes. With a team of designers in the U.S and strong connections to other strong brands, this company brings the magic to the soccer field with its high-performance equipment, and quality apparels and footwear that help players play their best. And amazingly, these products come at unbeatable prices! Its product lines reflect its strong commitment to the success of various levels of soccer athletes and show the great lengths Vizari will go to ensure that they have all that they need to be their best—budget regardless.

So quick question: your son comes home to tell you that he made the soccer team at school, what do you do first? Cook him his favorite dinner? No. You get him the Vizari Blaze Shin Guards. And then you make him his favorite dinner because well, he’s a star and all stars need fancy dinners.

But anyway, back to the point. These guards are an excellent choice for any kid athlete you love. They feature really tough synthetic shells that can take all the abuse of regular practice, actual games, and of course, youthful exorbitance.

Plus, with the padding added to the mix, you can be sure that your baby will be protected, comfortable, and enjoying his game all the way.

Also, these shells are grooved. You know how kids can sometimes get really peckish at small inconveniences like an improper fit or something poking somewhere. Not with these guards. The grooves are made to hug their legs well in such a way that they are molded to their legs without a chance of slipping off or causing discomfort.

Further, they allow him to adjust the entire thing if he doesn’t like the way they fit. With a front-closing strapping system, you can be double-sure that your kid is enjoying his game in safety. They will remain the same way they were fastened from the beginning of the game to the end.

And did we mention the looks of these bad boys? Epic! They’ve got flames everywhere on the shell like you’re a dragon lord or something. He will be the envy of all the other kids at practice when he unpacks these shin guards for sure. The design is sick!

Take your son to practice and watch him shine as he plays with these super duper cool shin guards. Now that’s what we call #familygoals.

How Do I Choose the Best Shin Guard?

Soccer is a beautiful game and while some of us don’t mind playing the role of excited maniacs, a couple of us are more hands-on with our love for the game and would much rather play.

Now imagine that the game we all love is played by injured players, every single one of them injured from both teams. First off, it would make us the sickest, most psychopathic generation to ever walk the face of the earth, because really, enjoying people’s pain… how else do you define that?

And secondly, it would be such a bore! All the rough tackles, the marking, the dribbles, everything will be absent. Why? Everyone is in tremendous pain. And that’s why we should thank heavens for shin guards.

It doesn’t matter what level of soccer you’re playing, whether it’s some junior, “pop-up-net-level” soccer or evergreen-grass “Stamford Bridge level” soccer, you need shin guards. And that has nothing to do with elitism or sophistication, and everything to do with your safety and the game.

How excellently you’ll play and how great the level of satisfaction and enjoyment you’ll get from a game are hinged on, yes, your skill, but also on the quality of your accessories from your cleats to your shin guards, even down to your socks!

Perhaps, of all the accessories a player can possibly have on for a game, the shin guards are probably the most important of all. They occupy a central role in the quality and duration of play of any one player and can be a determining factor between whether a game is won or lost.

So now you know; shin guards are an absolute must. But before you skedaddle to get a pair, do you know what shin guard is best for the position you play? We’re sure you might have never thought of that. Well, welcome to class and this is your first lesson: there are different shin guards for different positions. If you follow us, you’ll get to know them.
Shin guards vary in their cost for diverse reasons such as the brand-makers, the type (adult or youth), and design. Generally, they could go for between $10 to as high as $400. But worry not, if your name isn’t spelt N-e-y-m-a-r, you might not be needing something that expensive because truth is, cost regardless, all quality shin guards do pretty much the same thing, save a few extra perks that the pricier ones offer (which you can really do without). But hey, if that’s how you like to play it, by all means splurge.

In contrast, what you should never do is think of getting cheap shin guards. Because of their terrible quality, they could even break while in use on the field and trust us, you do not want to be the victim of a broken shin guard’s “tantrums.” You’d much prefer to have scraped your bare knee on gravel, we tell you.
There are quite a number of features you need to look out for and understand before deciding on any particular pair of shin guards. Let’s have a look at some of them below:
  • Material
  • Design
  • Ankle protection
  • Size
  • Your position on the field
Construction and Design
There’s a lot to know about shin guards but we will try to compress all we know into bite sizes for you to easily digest and still come out well-versed.

So, our first stop will be materials:

Fiberglass: Shin guards made of fiberglass will usually be sturdy and hard but also lightweight. These guards are about the most comfortable (you can also read priciest) and they offer topnotch protection and support. But then, they won’t move with your leg.

Foam Rubber: Because foam is inexpensive, these shin guards are about the most affordable types. They are lighter when compared to fiberglass and also protect from impact (although not as well as fiberglass). Sadly, foam is quite prone to wear and tear, so durability might be an issue. A good thing though is that because of their light weight, they offer greater comfort and ease of movement.

Polyurethane: These guys are heavy and rigid! The only good thing about them is that, with them, support is much increased.

Plastic: It’s inexpensive like foam rubber and offers some support (not much). But when it comes to handling rigorous use, this is not your guy. It doesn’t have the strength of fiberglass or polyurethane and it doesn’t claim to.

Now, let’s stop over at “Design Alley”:

There’s the wand system, the shield, and the OSi. Now one after the other, let’s discuss:

The Wand System: It usually comprises a mix of fabric and foam to cushion the effect of a blow and disperses impact quite well. Generally, though, whether or not this type performs well is largely dependent on the material in question.

The Shield: This comes as several layers protected by a hard outer layer which prevents the force of impact from hitting the shin directly. If you just up and buy a random pair of shin guards, chances are you’d most likely be getting a shield design ‘cause they are the most popular.

The OSi: This is more of a custom-made kinda thing. Usually, it’s made with fiberglass and then a medical cast process is used to mold the shin guards directly to the user’s legs. Hope we don’t need to tell you that if you want it you’d need to be willing to spend some Franklins?
Performance and Ease of Use
Should you get ankle protection?

Yes, and no…. well, it actually really depends on you. Yes, because you will get additional support and protection and even if you’re still healing from an injury, it can help you play better. On the other hand, no. Because, especially if you’re a pro player, it could really slow you down. So pick your poison.

A word on sizing

Pick your size. It can’t be emphasized enough. For the sake of your comfort, we will say again to pick the right size. A rule of thumb is that your size of shin guards should ideally begin two inches below your knees and run ‘til about an inch away from your shoes.

Then finally, let’s talk about the position you play, because believe it or not, that determines what type of shin guard you should get. So here we go:

Forward: What comes to your mind? Correct! Speed, strength, endurance. You need something really light with superior ankle support.

Midfield: You’re going to be attacking and defending, so think light for mobility, and tough for protection when you have to defend.

Defense: You should already know you need heavier and more protective shin guards. ‘Cause you’ll be doing a lot of tackling, marking, and covering and your shins will be taking quite a beating. So heavy and tough is the way to go.

Goalie: Dear goalie, keep it light because you wouldn’t want to give excuses to your teammates or the boss on why you weren’t able to jump to save the winning goal. No you wouldn’t.

Get the Best Shin Guard of 2023!

It’s time to order those shin guards and play your way to athletic stardom! Before we forget, remember these brands have other shin guards beside the ones we’ve featured.

Our Top Choice
Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards
Best Value
Franklin Sports Field Master Shin Guards
Adidas Ghost Club Shin Guards
ProForce Combination Shin/Instep Guards
Vizari Blaze Shin Guards