Best Shoe Bag Reviews 2023

Are you getting ready to pack for a business trip or a vacation? Don’t forget to carry along some decent shoe bags to keep your sneakers, heels, flats, or extra official shoes. These bags keep your shoes clean while ensuring your clothes are protected from any dirt or odor that may cling to your footwear. We’ve reviewed five of some of the best shoe bag brands, from which some their selections can be used to organize your closet as well. And that’s not all; we have a separate review for some of the best shoe boxes for more options you could be interested in.
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Our Top Choice
YOMO Designer Canvas Shoe Bag
YOMO manufactures award-winning, innovative travel gear that will get you going in style.
Exclusive view window. Made from the finest quality materials. Comes in a 3-pack. Durable stitching. Chic, modern design. Ideal for travel. Simple, drawstring closure.
Not big enough to accommodate larger shoe sizes.
Chic design, drawstring closure
1 pair
15 x 12 x 0.2” / 5.6 ounces
Best Value
Travel Gadgeteer Non-Woven Shoe Bag
Travel Gadgeteer sources the right products, optimizes and improves their product line whenever necessary to bring you high quality products for your everyday travel needs.
Drawstring with a locking clip. Lightweight but tough. Water-repellant. Large size at 13 by 16 inches. Comes in a 6-pack. See-through window let’s you see which shoes are inside.
Some think they’re too bulky and stiff for travel.
Drawstring + locking clip
1 pair
15.8 x 12.2 x 0.1” / 7 ounces
Water-repellant nylon
6 colors
eBags Nylon Cube Shoe Bag
eBags understands that each journey is special and unique; whether you commute, trek, or cruise, you need a product that will ensure a smooth journey.
210d nylon slip-sheet that separates each shoe. Webbing handle for easy carrying. Multiple colors to choose from. Durable nylon/laminated web construction. Dual-vented grommets.
Too big for small shoe sizes.
Zipper, Dual-vented grommets
1 pair
13.75 x 7 x 4.5” / 5 ounces
TechLite Diamond Nylon
8 colors
Dot&Dot Shoe Bag/Packing Cube
Dot&Dot is comprised of lifetime travelers who design and produce products that suit your every travel need. Protect your shoes and clothes during travelling with ease with any of their products!
Ability to fit most shoe types and sizes. Material lining separates the shoes. 13.75 inches long. Available in multiple colors. Mesh, see-through panel. Excellent air flow. Top handle.
Lacks firmness to keep the shape of shoes.
Zippered mesh panel, carry handle
1 pair
13.75” x 7” x 4.5”’/ 0.3 ounces
Heavy nylon
Available in 6 colors
Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sac
The end goal of Eagle Creek is to enhance the travel experience through a well-organized product line geared toward meeting the end needs of travelers.
LinkSeal Mesh for easy visibility and dirt resistance. Quick-grab handle. Washable. 16-inches wide. Zipper closure for easy access. Lightweight. Structured. Lifetime warranty.
Some complaints that it lacks ventilation.
Fabric lining, zipper closure, handle
2 x sandals / 1-pair hiking boots
16.1 x 9.1 x 0.2” / 3 ounces
LinkSeal™ Mesh

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What is the Best Shoe Bag?

Shoe bags are a great way to organize your wardrobe, package your shoes for a trip, and carry out a whole lot of functionalities like keeping your cleaning utilities, scrub brushes, sponges, and much more as you travel. You don’t have to use those flimsy polythene bags to keep your travel accessories anymore. Now that you’re aware of the features to look for in a shoe bag, it’s time to pick an ideal shoe bag according to your personal style, shoe size, and budget.
Our Top Choice
The YOMO Designer Canvas Shoe Bag comes with an exclusive view window that allows you to have a peek of the shoes inside without having to open the bag. Want to have all your travel necessities and accessories organized? Get the YOMO Leather Passport Holder that comes with 5 pockets to fit your passport, credit cards, cell phone, dollar bills, keys, coins, boarding pass, etc.

YOMO Designer 3-Pack Brown Canvas Shoe Bag with View Window

YOMO’s traditional and contemporary designs inspire fashion worldwide. With their New York designers standing behind every sketch and stitch, the company’s priority is quality control of the manufacturing and craftsmanship process. YOMO stays a head of competition by manufacturing award-winning travel gear at revolutionary prices.

Made from durable, high quality canvas, the YOMO Designer Canvas Shoe Bag is durable enough to keep your shoes in perfect condition even after the most grueling journey. The fine and strong canvas material is thoroughly well stitched, with excellent thickness to ensure there will be no wear and tear during the long years of usage. And, with their stylish design, these bags will step up to add elegance to your home closet.

One exclusive feature of the YOMO Designer Canvas Shoe Bag is its functional view window that lets you peek through and view the contents of the bag without the need to take them out. Measuring 15″ x 12″, this shoe bag comes with a drawstring closure to safely secure your shoes.

Here are more features that come with this shoe bag:
  • High-end design that makes it an excellent gift
  • Easy to clean and machine-washable; you will however need to wash them separately with cold water and gentle cycle, and hang to dry
  • Easily portable and accessible
  • A lifetime guarantee makes it a totally risk-free purchase
Best Value
The Travel Gadgeteer Shoe Bag have a drawstring with a locking clip to ensure that your shoes stay inside the bag while the dirt is kept out of your luggage. Looking for high-quality travel bottles as well? We recommend the Travel Gadgeteer Travel Accessory Bottles that come as a set of 4 bottles, 2 toothbrush cases and 1 pouch. They are TSA Approved and meet all air travel security needs.

Travel Gadgeteer Non-Woven 6-Piece Shoe Bags Set with See Through Window – Available in 2 Colors

Travel Gadgeteer is committed to providing excellent products for all your everyday travel needs. Their products include shoe bags, money belts, travel scales, water bottles, luggage straps and travel adapters. Currently, the company offers its products specifically through Amazon in Germany, England, and the USA.

Shoes are probably the most difficult thing to pack considering their bulk, weight, and awkward shape. The Travel Gadgeteer Shoe Bag Set gives you 6 high-quality nylon shoe bags that can fit 6 pairs of shoes. Their large capacity allows you to organize your shoes, large or small, and keep them away from bacteria, dust, and moisture, making your travel easy. These shoe bags come with a plastic see-through window that enables you to identify the contents easily without the need to open the bag. The best part is that there are different colors to choose from; you can go for the set that has 2 brown, 2 black, and 2 blue or one that has 2 teal, 2 purple and 2 burgundy.

Other features that come with this shoe bags include:
  • Water-repellant coating design to effectively prevent moisture intrusion and allow breathability
  • Made with high performance fabric that is resistant to scuffs, tears, and abrasions
  • Portable design: you can hang it somewhere to save on space
  • Drawstring with locking clip to keep the shoes securely inside the bag and keep dirt off your luggage
  • Extra large capacity to accommodate larger shoes; 13 x 16 in. (33 x 40.5 cm)
  • Perfect shoe bag for camping, golf, athletics and storage to keep your items dust-free
The eBags Shoe Bag comes with 210d nylon slip-sheet that separates each shoe, preventing the scratching of fine leathers and other delicate fabrics. Looking for a different design? Go for the eBags Shoe Sleeves that comes as a set of 2 with a stretch fabric to pack different shaped shoes.

eBags Nylon & Mesh Shoe Bag with Dual-Vented Grommets - Available in 8 Colors

Founded in 1998 by 5 passionate guys, Eliot Cobb, Andy Youngs, Jon Nordmark, Frank Steed, and Peter Cobb, eBags started off as a feisty startup selling only seven luggage brands. The company has now grown to become the number one online retailer for all travel bags and accessories. In 2017, was acquired by Samsonite International- a world leader in travel luggage, and is now a fully owned subdivision of Samsonite International!

Perfect for all shoe types, the eBags Shoe Bag will keep your footwear protected, organized and secure, and separate them from other travel essentials and clothing. This bag is made with highest construction standards with interior seams perfectly finished for durability. Its PVC-laminated mesh top ensures that dirt and debris remain contained.

Made from Techlite Diamond Nylon, the eBags Shoe Bag has dual vented grommets to provide that needed air-flow. Your fine leathers and other shoes made of delicate fabrics will not scratch, thanks to the 210d nylon slip-sheet that separates each show. And, to ensure convenience when carrying, this bag comes with a webbing handle. You can have peace of mind while buying this bag because it is covered by a limited lifetime warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials.

If this is your kind of shoe bag, you will be happy to know that it comes in 8 different colors to choose from, including denim, canary, black, eggplant and grasshopper!
Measuring 13.75 inches long ways, the Dot&Dot Shoe Bag/Packing Cubes protect most shoe types and sizes including golf, gym, soccer, leather, dance, bowling, and ballroom. Looking for a smaller size? Go for the Dot&Dot Small Packing Cubes that measures 11" x 6.75" x 3" and comes in sets of 4.

Dot&Dot Shoe Bag/Convenient Packing System for Shoes - Available in 6 Colors

Dot&Dot is dedicated to ensuring that every product they bring to the market goes through a rigorous design and field testing process for optimum quality. Their products are approved by a team of experts who have experienced a lifetime travel experience. Their shoe bags are professionally stitched from high-quality fabric and zipper lining followed by a careful inspection by a dedicated team.

Packaging your shoes together with your clothes during travelling can cause the dirt on your shoes to get in contact with your clothes. The Dot&Dot shoe bag provides a perfect solution for protecting your shoes while ensuring the rest of your luggage is clean and safe. The bag keeps your luggage organized by placing your shoes where they belong and freeing up more space for other packages.

The fabric lining between the shoes protects the shoes from damage due to scratching or rubbing against each other. Additionally, you won’t experience any wet sock smell since the bag has a side ventilation to provide the much needed air flow. During travelling, the shoe bag provides convenience during security inspection. It has a water repellant mesh that allows the security officers to see the content of the bag while preventing dirt from coming out of the shoes.

Other features of the Dot&Dot shoe bag include:
  • Works well with other packing organizers like packing cubes, toiletry kits, and packing folders.
  • The top mesh panel prevents dirt from transferring inside your hanging garment bag, wheeled suitcase, or purse.
  • Convenient top handle makes it easy for kids and adults to store their shoes in a closet, luggage, or any hard to reach place.
If you are keen on this shoe bag, you will be happy to know that it comes in 6 different colors to match your personality and style. Choose from dark blue, gray, green, light blue, pink or red, or get one of each and have a rainbow!
Made with LinkSeal™ Mesh, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Original Shoe Sac provides both easy visibility and dirt resistance as it keeps your clothes and shoes separated during travel. Want to carry multiple pairs of shoes? Go for the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Multi-Shoe Cube that is made of polyester and comes with 2 padded collapsible dividers for protecting/separating 3 pairs of shoes.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Original Shoe Sac with LinkSeal Mesh

Eagle Creek is a tribe of travelers that was founded in the San Jacinto Mountains of California by Steve and Nona Barker who ran a retail store known as Mountain People. They would later put their energy into full time pack manufacturing in 1975. Today, the company focuses on outfitting travelers with high-quality products to make their travel and adventure better.

Let’s face it, when your luggage is properly organized, travelling just seem easier. Eagle Creek shoe bag gives you peace of mind by creating more space in your travel bag while ensuring your shoes are safe and secure.

Eagle Creek shoe bags are designed by taking notes from the field concerning the challenges travelers go through like checkpoint hassles and organizing family. The bag is built to last hence eliminating the material wastes that would otherwise end up in the landfills. This protects the planet for several years to come.

The shoe bag has a quick-access carry handle for easy handling. The LinkSeal™ Mesh provides a dirt-resistant layer and easy visibility during security inspection. It’s also made from ultra-light, ultra-thin nylon for easy portability and to preserve luggage space. The handy grab handle on top of the sac is for simplicity in packaging. You simply place your shoes inside the bag, zip up the sac, and place it in your suitcase. And that’s not all, the shoe bag has a fabric lining making it washable, so you won’t be afraid to carry soiled shoes.

How Do I Choose the Best Shoe Bag?

Let’s face it! We’ve all been faced with some kind of irritating and confusing situation during a business trip or a vacation with friends or family. Now, picture this. You’ve packed your suitcase with all the necessary belongings including clothes, underwear, personal care, grooming accessories, and pretty much everything you need for the trip. Now it’s time to throw in an extra pair of shoes, sleepers, or even light up shoes, if you’re feeling groovy. You’re suddenly faced with the glaring nightmare. How do you pack the shoes?

If you choose to pack them without any cover, they’re going to soil your other clothing you just picked up from the dry cleaner. The second option is to wrap them up in a shopping or a plastic bag – which can be quite disgusting! Of course, the plastic can suffocate the shoes and begin to release unpleasant odor throughout your suitcase.

This is an experience you probably don’t want to share with your colleagues, or even seek help with. But don’t worry. You can make your next trip hassle-free by purchasing a good quality shoe bag to organize your traveling suitcase and wardrobe. Unlike storage boxes that are a bit rigid and bulky, these shoe bags are quite lightweight and flexible to pack into a wide range of travel bags or suitcases.

Organizing your shoes becomes even simpler if you go for branded cotton shoe bags. Sounds exciting, right? Shoe bags are now available online, and with a click of a button, you can have your bag delivered to your doorstep.

Generally, a shoe bag meant for luggage is made from semi-stiff materials like tough nylon or canvas. This shouldn’t be confused with individual package bags that come with some high-end dress shoes. However, you can still pack those bags for extra protection on your shoes.

Always go through our consideration factors in the following sections to grab an idea on what to look for when shopping for a shoe bag before you dive into our individual reviews. Read on!
Basically, when it comes to the price of a shoe bag, it boils down to savings over time. If you spend between $12 and $20 on a good quality shoe bag, it will provide a long-term storage solution for your shoes of all kinds every time you travel. Since it will take only a single deep scratch or tear to ruin a valuable leather dress shoe, investing in a good shoe bag is a pretty quick return on investment. Cotton padded shoe bags can be a little bit more expensive but they gently touch your shoes without scratching or scraping in any way. You’ll still find some cheap shoe bags out on the market, but the fabric they’re made of may soon scratch your shoes and ruin the elegant look.
A shoe bag can either be packed in a travel bag or taken as a separate small bag. However, it’s important to choose a model that best suits your travel needs. A purse-size shoe bag will be accepted by most airlines as a personal item and not a carry-on luggage. This can be useful for travelers with no laptop bags and look to take advantage of the space allowance.

Now, the most important features of a shoe bag are protection and convenience. Here are the features to take note of:
  • Shape – A good shoe bag turns a pair of oddly-shaped items into a single regular shaped object that you can easily slip into your suitcase. Additionally, it gives a thick layer of padding to soft leather surfaces.
  • Space – For obsessed travelers, every cubic millimeter of space counts. Some travelers will create extra storage space by stacking toiletries into the shoes or the cracks of the shoe bag. However, this is not a recommended strategy. If by accident a cream burst into your shoes, the mess can be as bad as any external damages. So, find yourself a shoe bag that occupies minimum space without compromising on the safety of your shoes.
  • Size – Shoe bags come in a variety of sizes. Some models accommodate four packs while others can take in as much as 10 packs. Be sure to pick an ideal model based on your individual traveling needs.
  • Material – Construction material is a critical aspect you should look at when shopping for a shoe bag. The material should be durable, easily washable, waterproof, and capable of stretching for extra space. You have the option to pick between canvas, cotton, and nylon.
Construction and Design
Some shoes like good leather dress shoes are valuable investments that you can’t trust to the airline baggage handlers. Shoe bags provide a layer of cloth protection and cushioning to keep the shape of the shoes from being collapsed under the heavy weight of other luggage. That way, you can be assured your shoes will reach the destination in their original shape and form, even if you push them at the bottom of a baggage compartment.

Here are the common design and construction features of shoe bags you’ll find on the market:
  • Design – The shoe bags come with varying designs. Some are made with a sleeve design while others have a box design. Sleeve designs are perfect if you need to carry a compact backpack while the box design is great for safeguarding the shape of the shoes but will occupy more space.
  • Type of Closure – Bag shoes come with either draw stings or zippers. Draw strings ensure a perfect and tight closure while zipper closures are ideal for bags that accommodate more than one pair of shoes.
  • Storage vs. Travel Bags – Shoe bags can be helpful when keeping shoes in the closet. Since there’s little space reserved for shoes in the closet, shoe bags will keep your shoes clean for the duration they’re in the closet. The next time you need to wear them, you’ll not worry about cleaning and shining them again – you simply take them out of the shoe bag and slip them on. Travel shoe bags are helpful when you travel with your shoes by protecting them from scuff and scratches.
Performance and Ease of Use
When you choose the perfect shoe bag, using it shouldn’t be a problem. The bag is a great way to protect your shoes from dust, mold, moisture, and other factors that could ruin the material. Shoe bags also keep dirty shoes from ruining your other clothing in the luggage.

To reap maximum benefits from your shoe bag, ensure that your shoes are perfectly packed. For instance, if you’re packing a dress shoe, first slip in a shoe tree to maintain the shape before placing them in the shoe bag. Place the soles against each other and ensure the heels are facing the opposite directions to form a more regular shape.

Additionally, consider shoe bags that are waterproof to protect your shoes from excessive moisture or prevent any wetness from penetrating to your clothing.

Finally, if you truly adore your shoes, you can opt for branded shoe bags. That way you can easily organize your luggage since each pair of shoes will be easily identified by its brand. Branded shoe bags are sold by the shoe manufacturers, but some dealers also sell a collection of branded shoe bags from different manufacturers.

Get the Best Shoe Bag of 2023!

When you travel or set off for a trip, shoes and outfits are necessary items in your travel luggage, and so are shoe bags. Shoes collect a lot of debris and dust and you don’t want to transfer the same mess to your clean and tuned clothing. A shoe bag is a great way to seal off your shoes from messing up your other belongings while at the same time protecting the shoes from scratching against each other and causing damages. It’s our hope that you found the best shoe bag from our list. If you didn’t, these brands still offer other fabulous options you can sample as well.

Our Top Choice
YOMO Designer Canvas Shoe Bag
Best Value
Travel Gadgeteer Non-Woven Shoe Bag
eBags Nylon Cube Shoe Bag
Dot&Dot Shoe Bag/Packing Cube
Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sac