Best Shoe Storage Box Reviews 2023

Some people claim that you can never have enough pairs of shoes – it’s true! Ladies often have a pair of power heels, some running sneakers, flat shoes for a casual look, and heaven only knows what other fancy togs or glass slippers may adorn the interior of their closet! Guys, there’s that pair of Crossfit exercise shoes, leather office loafers, embarrassing cowboy boots and swimming flippers that are jammed into the rear of your walk-in! But piling your many pairs of shoes in some corner of your closet will not only damage them but also make it hard to access them, hence the need for a shoe storage boxes. On here, we have compiled a list of quality products from some of the best shoe storage box brands that will definitely relieve you of your shoe woes!
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Our Top Choice
Hansi Naturals 12-Pack Shoe Storage Set
Hansi Naturals is a brand focused on providing safe and reasonably priced products that enhance your everyday living.
Space saving stackable system; Adequate capacity; Transparent thus no labeling; Easy shoe retrieval; Pack of 12
Not adequate for high heels above 8 inches
Transparent, stackable with lid
1 pair of shoes/up to 4 inch heel
13 x 8 x 5 inches
12 pack
Best Value
Whitmor Clear Vue Shoe Storage Boxes
Whitmor has helped consumers keep their home organized for over seventy years by providing them with dependable home products.
Transparent containers; Durable plastic; Foldable for easy storage; No labeling required; Available in a 2 pack for boots or 4 pack for shoes
Boxes may slip off each other when stacked high
Transparent boot or shoe box
1 pair of boots or shoes/no heel
Boot:20.5 x 12” Shoe:11.75 x 7.4”
Boots: 2pack / Shoes: 4pack
Sterilite Clear Storage Box
For the last 75 years, Sterilite has helped you organize your home by providing you with quality products for your everyday life.
Large capacity for many shoes; 6 or 16 quart capacities; Transparent; Lid that fits snugly; Handles for easy portability; Available in 8, 12 or 24 packs
Lid may warp when box is overstuffed
Stackable, transparent box
6 quart / 16 quart
13.6 x 8.3 x 4.9/16.8 x 11.9 x 7”
6Q: 12 or 24 / 16Q: 8 or 12
Iris Easy Access Women’s Shoe Box
Iris USA is a brand that for the last 23 years has been dedicated to helping people with their organizational needs.
Easy shoe retrieval via front panel; Lid locks up in place; Transparent; Ventilated keeping shoes fresh; Stackable; Divider allows for 2 pairs of flats to be stored
Only fits two pairs of flats or one pair of boots
Front panel slides open
2 pairs of shoes /1 pair of boots
13.25 x 9.75 x 9 inches
1 pack
IKEA 4-Pack Skubb Shoe Box
IKEA is a value driven firm that aims at making your home a better living space by providing you with items for everyday tasks.
Made of breathable fabric; Adequate capacity; Easy to identify contents; Ventilated to keep away odors; Available in white or black; Comes in a pack of 4
Isolated case of black dye transferring to shoes
Fabric box with mesh
1 pair of shoes / up to 6” heel
8.75 x 13.5 x 6.25 inchces
4 pack

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What is the Best Shoe Storage Box?

From the ease of identifying contents in the box to how easy it is to access those contents, there are various factors that need to be considered for you to land the ideal shoe storage box. Let’s continue exploring more pointers that will help make your shopping experience much easier.
Our Top Choice
The Hansi Naturals Women’s Shoe Storage Set comes in a set of 12 stackable boxes providing adequate room for your favorite shoes without taking up too much space. Do you need a shoe stretcher to help those high heels fit perfectly? We believe that the Hansi Naturals Professional Shoe Stretcher will get the job done.

Hansi Naturals 12 Pack Stackable Women’s Shoe Storage System

Hansi Naturals is part of the Hansi Organics brand that is all about healthy living. Their products are geared toward safe living without straining too much. They have a wide range of products to improve your well being at a reasonable price. Specializing in manufacturing bee’s wax products, such as soap, candles, pastilles and seal rolls, Hansi can be trusted to add a natural feel to your home. They have a dedicated team that works tirelessly to ensure that you remain happy and satisfied with their brand.

The Hansi Naturals Women’s Shoe Storage Set is all a woman needs to protect her beloved clogs, workout sneakers or Cinderella slippers. Truth be told, some of us girls can’t get enough of those pretty little lovelies, and suddenly, they seem to mysteriously multiply overnight! With this smart storage system, you won’t run out of space to store that necessary footwear since it comes in a pack of 12.

Here are more features of this storage system:
  • The boxes are stackable saving you space
  • The containers have a flat base providing stability as you retrieve shoes
  • Transparent boxes thus don’t need labeling
  • Re-usable containers making them cost efficient
  • Lightweight and compact boxes for easy storage
Best Value
The Whitmor Clear Vue Shoe Storage Box is a transparent container made of durable plastic that comfortably fits your boots or shoes and keeps them safely stored in your closet. If you want to get your other half matching shoe boxes, check out the Whitmor Clear Vue Men’s Shoe Boxes too!

Whitmor Clear Vue Plastic Storage Boxes – Available for Boots (2-Pack) or Shoes (4-Pack)

Whitmor understands the importance of a well-organized home and it is with this passion that the company has managed to stay at the top of their league for 70 years. As a family owned business, the brand continues to grow and is now run by the 4th generation of founders. By getting any of their products, you will get to understand why some of them are best sellers on credible e-commerce sites. Under the Whitmor brand, you will find shoe racks, free standing closets, storage baskets and even shelving ideas.

In their wide product range are the Whitmor Clear Vue Storage Boxes that are innovatively designed to keep your shoes safe without any chance of damage. Harmful elements such as dust and moisture can damage your shoes; but not with these storage boxes around. You can choose from boot boxes, that come in a pack of 2, or shoe boxes, that come in a pack of 4, or one set of each if that’s what you need! They all have the same quality construction.

Here’s more about these storage boxes:
  • Their one-piece construction is easy to put together
  • Vent holes allow air to circulate, keeping your boots or shoes fresh
  • They’re transparent so you don’t need to label them
  • They come with lids to fully protect your footwear
  • Its sides can open allowing easy retrieval
  • Each box comfortably holds either one pair of boots or one pair of shoes
  • Has adequate length even for long boots
You can get these shoe storage boxes in various pack sizes, depending on your personal shoe-storing needs!
The Sterilite Clear Storage Box boasts of either a 6-quart or 16-quart capacity with transparent sides that allow you to easily identify the contents inside. Do you want a storage box that has a pop of color instead? How about the Sterilite ClearView Latch Box that comes with colorful latches?

Sterilite Transparent Storage Box with Lid – Available in 2 Sizes & 2 Pack Sizes

There’s a high probability that you have a Sterilite product stacked somewhere in your home. Since 1939, Sterilite has continued to help people get and stay organized by providing them with a variety of durable and dependable products. The brand has created a good reputation among homeowners who can’t seem to get enough of their simple yet reliable designs. Whether you want a box to store your camping gear or a closet for your expensive apparel, Sterilite has got you covered! Their unshakable commitment to serve their loyal customers, as well as their aggressive product expansion, has seen them become among the best in the industry.

Among their products is the Sterilite Clear Storage Box, a common product in many households who love organization. With large capacities of either 6 or 16-quarts, you will be in a position to stack many pairs of shoes inside these boxes, or even store other items such as toys. Since these boxes come in large pack sizes, you can also use them to store hardware items in the garage or even store your gift wrapping in an orderly manner. So much use for one product!

Here are some more features of these clear boxes:
  • Opaque lid that fits snugly to protect contents
  • Transparent body so you can easily see what’s inside
  • Recessed hands for easy portability
  • Surface is indexed to enhance stability
  • The boxes are stackable saving space
  • Made of durable and handy plastic material
With all these great features, you’re probably already deciding what to store in these handy boxes. Well, before you decide that, you’ll need to choose whether you want the 6-quart or 16-quart sizes. The 6-quart option comes in a 12 or 24 pack whilst you can get the 16-quart boxes in an 8 or 12 pack.
The Iris Easy Access Women’s Shoe Box is transparent and has the unique design of a front panel that opens up and locks to give you quick access to your shoes. Are you a manly man that was hoping for a manlier manly man shoe box design? Look no further, we believe that the Iris Easy Access Men’s Shoe Box would be an ideal fit.

Iris Easy Access Clear Women’s Shoe Box with Divider to Store 2 Pairs of Flat Shoes

If you love organization, then you should make Iris your household companion. This brand has immersed 23 years worth of experience in the manufacture of innovative products that will easily resolve your storage needs. With a serious dedication to excellence, they have managed to rise and be counted among the industry leaders in all things storage. Whether you want a tote, trunk, drawer, bin or any other storage item, they’ve got it! Iris provides affordable solutions that will help you easily stay organized.

One such storage product is the Easy Access Women’s Shoe Storage Box that’s designed to take your shoe game to the next level. Its front panel easily opens up and locks allowing you to quickly retrieve your shoes. To remove your shoes in a hassle-free way, you just need to pull the front flap upwards. Even if the shoes you want have other boxes stacked on top of them, you can easily access them.

Wait! There’s more to this storage box:
  • Its transparent for easy viewing of its contents
  • Has ventilation holes that keeps air circulating which fights odors
  • Stackable allowing you to save on space
  • Has alternative uses such as storing toys
  • Can fit women’s shoes up to a size 10
  • Has a divider to accommodate an extra pair of flat shoes with up to a 4-inch heel
  • Without the divider you can fit a pair of boots or shoes with a heel higher than 4 inches
  • The box measures 13.25 x 9.75 x 9 inches (L x W x H)
The IKEA Skubb Shoe Box is made of 100% breathable polyester and comes in a 4 pack which provides you with adequate storage space for a fair few pairs of shoes. Not digging the fabric design of this shoe box? We believe that the IKEA Stall Shoe Cabinet will be a great alternative for you.

IKEA Skubb 4 Pack Shoe Storage Box – Available in Black or White

Ever heard of the IKEA concept? Well, if you haven’t, allow me to indulge. IKEA is a brand that constantly works towards improving your daily life and ensures that they come up with ways to do so. This concept is actualized in all their aspects; from the logo, to its distribution network and even their entire business model. One key element of the IKEA concept is giving you value, and what better way to do so other than saving you a few bucks. To achieve this, they do the packaging for you and leave the assembly part to you; cuts costs and makes the products affordable.

The IKEA Skubb Shoe Box is one product that will definitely transform the way you store shoes at home. This product comes in a pack of four which implies that there’s adequate space for a sizeable number of shoes. Built to fit in the standard PAX wardrobe from IKEA, which has a depth of about 13.75 inches, this shoe box is 13.5 inches deep and just what you need to take care of your wonderful shoe collection.

Here are more features of this Skubb box:
  • Easy to view contents through the mesh
  • Made using 100% breathable polyester
  • Has a hook & loop to easily fasten and open it
  • Has a zipper that easily opens for easy storage
  • Ventilated to keep your shoes fresh and odorless
  • Requires you to insert polypropylene for reinforcement
  • Its recyclable depending on the region’s rules and provisions
If you’re not sure on the black option, these boxes are also available in white, so that solves that problem!

How Do I Choose the Best Shoe Storage Box?

Who hates cleanliness and organization? Ever been mad because you waited in line for over an hour at the theatre for a new movie only to have people cut in line ahead of you? Or when you want to vacuum your carpet but can’t get started until you put away the toys your kids left lying around? How about when you are late for work and need to find those lucky 4-inch pair of heels that always seals the deal but can’t find them? Then you need a shoe storage box that is designed to keep your shoes where you can easily retrieve them.

Shoe storage boxes help relieve your storage woes by providing you with a cost efficient and space saving way to store your shoes. These storage boxes not only protect your shoes from such things as dust and water but also help you to quickly retrieve your favorite pair without too much hassle. Some chicks totally dig shoes, like Marilyn Monroe who had over a thousand pairs! Did she have enough shoe storage boxes? Who knows, it’s a total mystery! But while shopping for shoes is all fun and games, you need to have a good storage system otherwise your closet will be all chaos.

When shopping for the best shoe storage box, ensure that you know just how many pairs of shoes you have piled up. If the shoe box is not enough, you can add a storage seat to your space that will double up as a place to hide away your shoes. The other important consideration is how easy it is to retrieve shoes from the box. Usually, it’s much easier to access your shoes when the box is transparent – trust me it’s too much work to keep labeling boxes every time you add a new pair!
Taking care of your shoes by storing them in an organized manner doesn’t have to cost you much – especially when those Jimmy Choos put a real dent in your pocket! You will find a sturdily built shoe storage box for between $5 and $50. In this range are standard shoe boxes whose price varies depending on the capacity of the box as well as the ease of shoe retrieval. If you are feeling a little generous, you may opt to go for the higher end storage boxes that come customized for your particular shoes.

Even when on a tight budget, you need to stay away from cheap shoe storage boxes that are often poorly built. They cause more harm to your shoes than good since they are not well ventilated making your shoes have a certain odor – not good for your feet all!
When shopping for a place to store your shoes, you need to put some key features into consideration such as:
  • Design - The design will determine how fast you are able to access your shoes with the easiest being one with a panel that slides open for easy removal of your shoes
  • Capacity - Just how many pairs of shoes can the shoe box hold? Does it come in a set? Ensure that the box has adequate space to hold most if not all of your shoes
  • Size - The size of the shoe box is important especially because closets have limited space and you don’t want to overstuff it by adding a space hogging shoe box.
  • Ventilation - Keeping your shoes fresh is essential and this can be achieved with a shoe box having ventilation holes that allow air to circulate.
  • Material - The most ideal material for a shoe box is plastic which should be transparent so you don’t have to label it.
Construction and Design
The design of shoe storage boxes varies from one brand to the next with some coming in a set of small but stackable boxes while others are one large box, big enough for multiple pairs of shoes. Most designs will feature a transparent body which is geared towards easily identifying the contents inside without having to label the box. For easy identification, some models have opted for a mesh design rather than a clear body, which also doubles up as ventilation for the box.

The most common material used to make shoe storage boxes is plastic which is loved for its durable and handy nature. You may also find some storage boxes made of fabric, although they are not so common. Storage boxes may have ventilation holes whose purpose is to let in air, keeping your shoes fresh without any odors. In terms of accessing your shoes, you may find that some boxes allow you to slide open the front panel and retrieve your shoes while others need you to lift the lid to access your shoes. Some of the boxes may also have handles for easy movement.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of a shoe storage box largely depends on how easy it is to access your shoes. Of course, when the box is transparent you are in a better position to easily identify which pair of shoes you are in the mood for that day. Ease of shoe retrieval is also an important aspect of performance with the easiest being one where you just need to slide the front panel of the box up and pick your pair. Easy access to your shoes is essential, you don’t want everything in your closet tumbling down as you try to reach your shoes, do you?

Shoe storage boxes don’t require a lot of assembly and the box usually come in an easy to set up design. The box doesn’t require a lot maintenance especially if it’s made of plastic which is known to withstand a lot of handling without much damage. However, when the storage box is made of fabric, you are often given cleaning instructions which includes a warning on use of detergents and bleaches.

Get the Best Shoe Storage Box of 2023!

Bravo! You made it to the end of this review and hopefully you can now confidently step out and buy the best shoe storage box for your precious foot fancies. Did you find your ideal match here? We hope so, but in case you didn’t these reputable brands have more options that will be a plus for you!

Our Top Choice
Hansi Naturals 12-Pack Shoe Storage Set
Best Value
Whitmor Clear Vue Shoe Storage Boxes
Sterilite Clear Storage Box
Iris Easy Access Women’s Shoe Box
IKEA 4-Pack Skubb Shoe Box