Best Shoe Stretcher Reviews 2023

The right shoe stretcher can save a good pair of shoes and allow you to wear them for a couple more years! If you own many pairs of shoes or boots, it is a good idea to have a shoe stretcher in your house to loosen up tight shoes. For this review, we have selected five excellent stretchers from some of the best shoe stretcher brands out there. Take a look at them and find out which is the right one for your needs.
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Shoe Sizes
Our Top Choice
FootFitter Professional Single Shoe Stretcher
FootFitter's goal is to offer premium stretchers, shoe horns, boot care, and accessories to clients all around the world.
Made from wood, this shoe stretcher will alter the length and width of the shoe and can be used for both the right and left shoe.
Isolated complaints that it stretched the wrong part of the shoe.
2-way shoe stretcher
From 3.5 to 16
Beech wood
3 bunion corn plugs
Comes with instructions manual
Best Value
MARZ Products Ladies High Heel Shoe Stretcher
MARZ Products offers an assortment of products from shoe stretchers to organizers, in order to make the lives of their clients easier and more comfortable.
Designed to stretch high heeled shoes, this product will give you the comfort and fit your foot requires as it loosens the width and the length of the shoe.
Doesn't have many relief spots.
High heel shoe stretcher
From 5 to 10
4 relief pods included
2 year warranty
Mallory Boot Instep Stretcher
Mallory offers high-quality products to its customers through various sales channels, all of which are of high quality.
With a solid construction made from heavy duty cast aluminum, it will loosen any boot in no time due to its shape and angle.
Could be designed to stretch bigger-sized boots.
Boot instep stretcher
None included
Good for left and right shoe
KevenAnna Women High Heel Shoe Stretcher
KevenAnna manufactures different products that are meant to provide you with comfort and security, such as gel insoles, tactical gloves, and knee braces.
Made to last a lifetime, this shoe stretcher is made from hard plastic and comes with 12 plugs to give any bunion or corn some pain relief.
Can be difficult to learn how to use it.
High heel shoe stretcher
From 4.5 to 9.5
Polyurethane plastic
12 bunion plugs
Comes in pair of 2
Star Adjustable Wooden Shoe Stretcher
Star delivers quality products all around the world, from shoe stretchers to kids’ toys, pest repellant, and kitchen accessories.
Designed to last, this product has 8 custom holes and can aid you in finally getting the perfect shoe fit.
Some customers did find that it was too narrow for their purposes.
Unisex shoe stretcher
From 4.5 to 14
Hard maple wood
1 bunion attachment
Good for left and right shoe

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What is the Best Shoe Stretcher?

Picking a shoe stretcher isn’t too hard; you just have to know the right size and style. For example, some stretchers work on two axles—horizontal and vertical—allowing you to stretch both the width and the height of your shoes. Let's take a look at our contenders and learn the basics about shoe stretchers.
Our Top Choice
The FootFitter Premium Professional Stretcher is a 2-way wood shoe stretcher that will loosen any shoe and provide spot relief due to its customizable features. If you'd like a different style, take a look at the One-Way Shoe Stretcher which is also made from beech wood and available in multiple sizes.

FootFitter Premium Professional 2-Way Shoe Stretcher - Made from Beech Wood, Available in Multiple Sizes

FootFitter is a European manufacturer that designs quality products for foot care such as stretchers, shoe trees, shoe horns, boot hangers, and other shoe accessories. They have over 100 products on Amazon and their happy clients can be found all over the world.

The FootFitter Premium Professional Stretcher is a professional shoe stretcher that provides more comfort in both length and width. Made from polished wood, it's strong and resistant enough to loosen any shoe that you may have a problem with. Plus, it has 14 holes that can be plugged, in order to customize your shoe according to the size and shape of your foot. This shoe stretcher is available in multiple sizes, starting from women's small up to men's large. In other words, there will be a suitable shoe stretcher regardless of your foot size.
Best Value
The Marz Products Ladies Shoe Tree Stretcher is made from durable polyurethane plastic and it's adjustable in two ways. This model is also available in 4 different colors. If you want one for large shoes instead, then we recommend the Women's Large Shoe Tree Stretcher which comes in 4 color options.

MARZ Products Ladies' High Heel Shoe Tree Stretcher and Shaper - Two-Way Adjustable, USA Women's Size 5-10, Available in 4 Colors

MARZ Products tries to ease their clients' lives by offering different accessories that are necessary in every home. With their shoe and scarf organizers, you'll never have to wonder where your most prized belongings are. Why not choose order over chaos and invest in some home products that will save you time? With the perfect blend of practicality, style, and affordability, MARZ Products will fit perfectly in any space!

The MARZ Products Ladies High Heel Shoe Tree Stretcher Shaper is designed to last you a lifetime due to its resistant and durable material, plastic polyurethane, and premium steel shaft. Say goodbye to uncomfortable shoes that hurt your legs and damage your toes, and hello to this adjustable stretcher that will ensure you'll have enough room to wiggle your toes! Plus, it also relieves pain by offering you relief pods that will alleviate the pressure.

Don’t forget that this tool also comes in 4 colors: yellow/black, yellow/yellow, plum red, and pink. Pick the one most appealing to you! Additionally, the stretcher is backed up by a 2-year warranty.
The Mallory Cast Aluminum Boot Instep Stretcher is built to last thanks to its high resistance and durable materials. Plus, it can be used for both the left and right boot. If you're looking to widen your shoes, check out the Cast Aluminum Boot Toe Stretcher from the same brand. This tool is also made from aluminum and has a one-size-fits-all design.

Mallory Cast Aluminum Boot Instep Stretcher - For Left or Right Foot, Made from Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum

Mallory is well-known due to its powerful ignition systems. It also offers a variety of accessories including wires, caps, and coils. Mallory focuses on quality and client satisfaction, reflected in each and every one of their products. Whether you buy a wire or a boot stretcher, know that buying from Mallory is always a good investment.

The Mallory Cast Aluminum Boot Instep Stretcher is a one-of-a-kind model that will definitely last longer than any pair of boots ever created. The aluminum will prevent the stretcher from losing its shape or getting damaged in any way, while the mechanism, screws, and moving parts will ensure a comfier place for your foot every time. Designed to fit both right and left boots, you'll have no problems loosening your boots or shoes from now on!
The KevenAnna Women High Heel Shoe Stretcher is made from resilient plastic and comes in a pair of two with 12 plugs included in the package. This one is for women only; if you are looking for shoe stretchers that can be used by both men and women then go for the Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women which is currently an Amazon Best Seller.

KevenAnna Pair of Women High Heel Shoe Stretcher - For USA Women's Size 4.5 - 9.5, Includes 12 Bunion Plugs

KevenAnna's goal is to design products that will come in handy even at unexpected times. Whether you're going on a trip and need an organizer for your cosmetic products, suffer a sprain on the road, or require a pair of professional tactical gloves, you'll find them all at KevenAnna. With a stylish design and an affordable price, their products will help you out!

The KevenAnna Women High Heel Shoe Stretcher comes in a bright pink color that’s hard to miss, so you'll never misplace your shoe stretchers again. Made from polyurethane plastic, they're resistant and will rise to the challenge of turning any uncomfortable shoe into a perfect fit. Plus, they can accommodate any size, from a 4,5 up to a 9,5. This set of two also comes with lots of plugs that will give your feet some pain relief from bunions or corns. Best of all, you will get 2 stretchers in the package, so you can use them on both of your shoes or boots at the same time.
The Star Men's and Woman's Shoe Stretcher is made of polished wood and comes with a metal bunion to provide pain relief. It is available in multiple sizes for you to choose from. If you're looking for a kids size, take a look at the Star Kid's Shoe Stretcher which is made from hardwood and available in plenty of different sizes.

Star Professional Men's and Women's Shoe Stretcher - Made from Hard Maple Wood, Available in Multiple Sizes

Star doesn't just manufacture one product, but an assortment of products that are designed to improve your livelihood. This brand has over 7,000 products on Amazon, and people are generally pleased with the purchases they've made, whether it was a pair of resistant latex gloves, a curling ribbon, or a light switch.

The Star Men's and Woman's Shoe Stretcher is a useful and necessary product for any home. Instead of throwing away too-tight shoes, let them meet this shoe stretcher so you can enjoy more room in your favorite pair of footwear!
Designed with 8 custom positions where you can place a metal bunion attachment, Star gives you a customizable shoe stretcher that will not only provide an overall stretch, but will also give you some pain relief from those bunions and corns! This model is available in multiple sizes from 4, 5, and 6 for women up to men's XX-large at 14.

How Do I Choose the Best Shoe Stretcher?

Never take your feet for granted again! Your shoes should be comfortable no matter what. However, sometimes it’s difficult to find great looking shoes that are also comfortable. Good looking shoes tend to be a bit too tight, and we're sure you don't want to wear them at home for several hours to stretch them out. This is where shoe stretchers come into play. They're great shoes accessories that can stretch out your shoes in just a couple of days.

Feet tend to swell throughout the day, so if you ever feel discomfort while wearing the same shoes that were great in the morning, it's high time you use a shoe stretcher. In a blink of an eye they'll deliver shoes that are more comfortable.

It's easy to ignore our feet until we experience pain, discomfort, bunions, rough heels, and more. This is why it is very important to take care of our feet. If you want to relax while pampering your feet, you should consider an electric foot massager. Put some water in it, add a few drops of essential oil with your favorite scent, and that's it. Similarly, you should always use a foot file to keep your feet smooth and impress everyone when your shoes are off.
The price of a shoe stretcher depends on the material it is made from and its manufacturer. They usually cost between $10 and $30. For example, for $30 you can get a shoe stretcher made of wood that can efficiently stretch both the length and the width of your shoes.

You'll also find cheap shoe stretchers out there, but it's better to stay away from them. They definitely won’t make a difference in the comfort you feel when you put your shoes on.
At first glance, you might believe shoe stretchers are all the same and it doesn't matter which one you buy. That's not true, as there are some important features to look for when purchasing such an item. When your feet hurt, nothing can make you enjoy life. Shoe stretchers are great at alleviating all kind of feet problems caused by tight shoes. They can also stretch the shoes in a certain spot.

Check out what are the most important aspects to consider when it comes to shoe stretchers.
  • Type - There are different types of shoe stretchers, but the most common ones are the single models that can be used for both left and right shoes. You can also find two-way shoe stretchers that can stretch the length and width of your shoes. You should also check out the compatibility of your shoe stretcher; there are some designed for flat shoes, some for high-heels, and others for boots.
  • Versatility - Always check out how many stretch options the shoe stretcher has. Most of them have three: length, width, and spot stretching. Depending on your affection, get the one that can return the comfort of your shoes back to you.
  • Material - Shoe stretchers are made of wood or polyurethane plastic. Wood shoe stretchers have great looks and are quite durable.
  • Size - Although most shoe stretchers can fit a range of sizes, make sure your shoes are compatible with them.
  • Accessories - If you have problems with your shoes in certain spots, make sure the shoe stretcher comes with certain accessories such as bunion corn plus, relief pods, and more.
Construction and Design
Shoe stretchers help you expand the lengths and the widths of your shoes, so that the next time you put them on, you won't feel any discomfort. They work best with certain materials such as leather, suede, or other natural materials. They could also work on sneakers, but you won't see the same results as in leather shoes.

As we said, quality shoe stretchers are usually made of wood and sturdy plastic. You should always check the internal components of a shoe stretcher which should always be made of steel. This will help it to last for a long time.

If you have a special tight spot or a certain spot where you feel pain on your feet, you should go for a shoe stretcher that comes with bunion plugs or relief pods that will stretch that area.
Performance and Ease of Use
Before using a shoe stretcher, you need to get used to the practice. You should first try it on a pair of shoes you don't wear anymore in order to make sure you do it properly. On the other hand, you can also contact a shoe repair shop if you're afraid you'll ruin your shoes.

While you use the shoe stretcher, it's also good to use a shoe stretching spray that will saturate the material. After that, just insert the stretcher in the shoes, turn the knob, and begin stretching the shoe. You should leave it in there for around 48 hours. However, the longer you keep the shoe stretcher in, the more the shoes will stretch, so it's good at the beginning to try a shorter period of time.

Get the Best Shoe Stretcher of 2023!

Not only can these tools save your shoes, but, as you can see, they don’t cost a fortune either. Get your favorite one and try it out; you will see that it makes a big difference on the aesthetics of your shoes.

Our Top Choice
FootFitter Professional Single Shoe Stretcher
Best Value
MARZ Products Ladies High Heel Shoe Stretcher
Mallory Boot Instep Stretcher
KevenAnna Women High Heel Shoe Stretcher
Star Adjustable Wooden Shoe Stretcher