Best Shooting Glasses Reviews 2023

Considering that debris, flying objects, dust particles and shrapnel can harm the eye during shooting activities, it’s only wise to get good eye protection. There are many different pairs of shooting glasses, with different lenses and frames and made of different materials, so in order to assist you in deciding the best shooting glasses for you, we’ve featured 5 of the best shooting glasses from 5 top brands in the market. If you aren’t rushing your choice, you can also check out more shooting glasses from these brands other than the ones featured in this review.
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Our Top Choice
Beretta Plastic Shooting Glasses
Beretta produces firearms and high quality shooting equipment for both law enforcement agencies and the private sector.
These shooting glasses come with a soft cleaning bag for storage. They also have anti-slip tips to avoid slipping while you’re shooting.
These glasses are rather on the big side, so if you have a smaller head they might be a bit loose for you.
8.8 × 3.6 × 0.2”; 0.2 pound
Low light protection
Available in 7 Lens Colors
Best Value
Allen Company Electron Shooting Glasses
From gun cases to game bags and beyond, Allen Company produces quality products for outdoor enthusiasts.
These glasses fit the face properly and can be worn comfortably with shooting muffs. Its lenses also have an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating.
The wraparound frame could dig into your head and hurt a little.
9 × 3.3 × 2.8”; 0.02 pound
Wrap around
Electron light protection
Available in 2 Lens Colors
Ducks Unlimited Shooting Glasses Kit
With safety as its primary focus, Ducks Unlimited is known for supplying superior personal protective gears.
The lenses are 99% UV protective. The kit also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a storage case.
There have been complaints of difficulty in removing lenses and parts breaking.
7.5 × 4 × 2.8”; 0.02 pound
Wrap around
99% UVA/B/C protection
Includes 4 interchangeable lenses
Spits MAGSHOT Shooting Glasses
When it comes to safety glasses and accessories for extreme sports such as hunting and water sports, Spits has got you covered.
Comes with a microfiber cleaning storage pouch. They’re also scratch resistant and offer a full field of vision.
The magnifying lens pops out but it works great if you can get it to stay put.
0.2 pound
Shatterproof polycarbonate
ANSI Z87.1+ safety compliant
UV 400 protection
Yellow tinted with black frame
Radians Revelation Protective Glasses
Radians leads the way when it comes to personal protective equipment that minimizes exposure to safety hazards.
You can use these with ear muffs because they don’t interfere with ear protection. The polarized lenses also reduce brightness for outdoor conditions.
The lack of scratch resistance is the only downside to it.
7 × 7 ×7”; 0.1 pound
Anti-fog, polarized
5-position ratchet temples
99% UV protection
Available in 10 Lens Colors

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What is the Best Shooting Glasses?

As you already know from reading our buying guide, the right shooting glasses can help keep your eye safe and also improve your accuracy while shooting. Our individual product review showcases all the critical features that top shooting glasses possess. So since you’ve read our buying guide, your buying decision would be a lot easier. Let’s delve into the individual product reviews…
Our Top Choice
The Beretta Shooting Glasses are a lightweight performance shooting shield with polycarbonate injected lenses that offer full view protection. They’re also stylish and don’t fog up easily. If you prefer a purple lens instead, check out the Beretta Purple Lens Shooting Glasses. They have a metal dedicated frame making them a good option for low light days.

Beretta Plastic Shooting Glasses with Polycarbonate Injected Lens – Available in 7 Lens Colors

Beretta was founded by Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta and began production in 1500. It has always been synonymous with excellence and is popular for manufacturing firearms, gun parts, male and female gears and military gear. Known for prioritizing quality without compromise and innovative designs, Beretta provides competition and military firearms as well as optical accessories that are made from superior materials. With the promise of constant technological improvement, Beretta continues to solidify its position as a leading firearm brand in Europe, America and the world at large.

One product that does just this, are the Beretta Shooting Glasses with Polycarbonate Lenses. The lenses offer full view protection and also a wider field of vision. These glasses have a plastic frame, a comfortable nose rest that prevents your nose from hurting and an anti-slip tip that prevents the glasses from slipping during shooting activities. Additionally, they come with a soft cleaning bag that ensures the specialized glass doesn’t get scratched while you’re carrying it. The shooting glasses can be used for both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges and, what’s more, they’re available in seven lens colors for different shooting conditions.

Beretta has other shooting glasses you can choose from, including:
  • The Beretta Trident Shooting Glasses with three interchangeable lenses. They’re lightweight and come with a hard clamshell case that prevents the glasses from getting damaged
  • The Beretta Shooting Glasses Orange Lens. They have a comfortable nose rest and are a great, lightweight option for bright days
  • The Beretta Shooting Glasses with Purple Lens. They enhance the orange clay against a green background and are also a good option for low light days
The Beretta shooting glasses are 100% UVA and UV and are also ANSI Z87 certified.
Best Value
The Allen Company Electron Women’s Shooting Glasses have a wrap-around frame, a non-slip rubber nose piece and dual injected rubber temples that allow the glasses to rest lightly on the face. For a pair of shooting glasses with a yellow lens for low light conditions, check out the Allen Company Photon Shooting Glasses. It also has an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.

Allen Company Electron Ballistic Women’s Shooting Glasses – Available in 2 Lens Colors

There are few brands around the globe that provide quality outdoor gears and accessories for outdoor enthusiasts, and Allen Company is one of them. Established in 1970, Allen Company has since then developed a reputation for manufacturing some of the best products that offer great value for money. No matter the outdoor activity, from archery and hunting to fishing and shooting, Allen Company has got you covered. With a social media and online team always ready to assist, Allen Company ensures that your outdoor experience goes safely and hitch free.

The Allen Company Electron Women’s Shooting Glasses have a wrap-around frame and lens that ensure it covers the eye region to protect it from projectiles. They’ve also got a rubber nose piece that’s non-slip and adjustable for comfort and a dual injected rubber temple which means these glasses will sit comfortably on your face. This pair of shooting glasses meets the ballistic safety standard required by the US military for impact protection and can be used in any activity that exposes you to fragments and other particles. They have both an anti-fog, and anti-scratch, coating on the lenses that prevents them from damage and allows you to use them in any kind of weather.

Here are other shooting glasses by Allen Company that may interest you:
  • The Allen Over Shooting & Safety Glasses which can be used with prescription glasses. It’s large enough to be worn over prescription glasses and it offers 100% UV protection. It has a wrap-around frame for extra protection and a metallic coating on the lenses for durability
  • The Allen Company Ballistic Over Glasses that offers impact protection and is designed to fit over prescription glasses. It’s yellow in color and the lens has anti-fog and anti-scratch properties
  • The Allen Ion Ballistic Shooting Glasses offers 3 different lenses and has an adjustable nose piece for nose comfort. The three lenses include the clear lens, the yellow and smoke lenses for different outdoor and indoor activities. It has a wrap-around frame and the lenses are impact, fog and scratch resistant
  • The Allen Company Photon Shooting Glasses comes with clear lenses for indoor conditions and yellow lenses for outdoor conditions. It’s high velocity compliant and ballistic impact resistant. It also has a wrap-around frame and lenses that are scratch and fog resistant
Allen Company warrants products purchased from Allen Company or authorized dealers to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for one year.
The Ducks Unlimited Shooting Glasses Kit comes with 5 scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses that offer a clear panoramic view. The glasses have a black frame and a soft nosepiece for a tight fit. If you want shooting glasses with anti-fog coatings, check out the Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit, which comes with 5 anti-fog lens options. They also offer 99% UV protection and comes with a case.

Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit with 5 Interchangeable Lenses and Protective Case – Available in 2 Styles

Ducks Unlimited isn’t only dedicated to providing high quality outdoor gears for hobbyists and outdoor enthusiasts, it’s also focused on keeping its customers safe, irrespective of the activity. By manufacturing superior products, Ducks Unlimited has successful provided a line of merchandise that’s not only well accepted in the market place, but also ensures that its customers are happy and satisfied.

The Ducks Unlimited Shooting Glasses Kit includes shooting glasses with 4 other polycarbonate, scratch-resistant lenses that are interchangeable. The color of the lenses includes:
  • Clear lenses: for indoor applications and general activities that require impact protection
  • Forest gray lenses: offer the least amount of color distortion for general outdoor activities
  • Amber lenses: for indoor and low light conditions
  • Vermillion lenses: which mute green to bluish backgrounds and can be used for shooting sporting clays.
The shooting glasses have a black semi-frame and wraparound lenses with an 8 base which offers full front and side protection. The glasses weigh only 22 grams, making them extremely lightweight. They also provide a panoramic view that’s clear and obstruction free. The soft nosepiece is fixed and comfortable and allows for a tight fit. The 99% UVA/B/C protection of the lens is quite important because ultraviolet radiations from the sun can damage the lenses as well as the cornea and eyelid skin, which can lead to complications and certain cataracts. This shooting glasses kit also includes a storage case made of neoprene and a microfiber cleaning cloth which enables you to clean the shooting glasses after each use.
The Spits MAGSHOT Shooting Glasses have a high contrast yellow tinted, shatterproof, UV400 lens. They come with a magnifier and let you interchange magnifiers for gun barrels of different lengths. For shooting glasses with smoke lenses, check out the MAGSHOT Camo Frame Safety Glasses. They reduce brightness and are a great option for daytime and outdoor activities.

Spits MAGSHOT CAMO Hunting Shooting Safety Glasses – Available in 7 Magnifying Powers

Spits is a reputable brand known for manufacturing highly reliable adventure wear and gear. When it comes to extreme sports such as water sports, cycling, hunting, triathlon, winter and motor sports, Spits ensures you have the right accessories, clothing and equipment to keep you safe and protected.

The Spits MAGSHOT Shooting Glasses are ANSI Z87-2 compliant and can serve as a basic impact shield. They have a retractable frame that fits most head sizes as well as a magnifier. They also have polycarbonate, shatterproof and scratch resistant lenses which are lighter and thinner than other conventional lenses. They’re yellow tint increases contrast sensitivity and allows these shooting glasses to be used in low light conditions and other outdoor conditions. The lens of these MAGSHOT Shooting Glasses also has a UV400 filter to protect your eyes from all dangerous ultraviolet (UV) radiations. They also come with a microfiber cleaning storage pouch that allows you to properly store the glasses and keep them from harm’s way.

Spits has other shooting glasses that you can also check out:
  • The MAGSHOT Safety Glasses ACU Camo Frame is for hunting and shooting and comes with a 1.75+ full magnifying removable adapter. It’s shatterproof and ANSI Z87-2 compliant
  • The MAGSHOT Hunting Shooting Safety Glasses ACU Camo Frame has a smoke lens and is ANSI Z87.1+ safety compliant. It also offers maximum protection from ultraviolet radiations
  • The MAGSHOT Hunting Safety Glasses ACU Camo Frame comes with a 2.50+ style full magnifying removable adapter. It has a shatterproof, scratch resistant polycarbonate lens and also contains UV400 filter coating
The MAGSHOT Shooting glasses are also available in other magnifying powers.
The Radians Revelation Shooting Glasses are quite comfortable, have a superior fit and are easy to clean. They also have a rubber nose pad that’s non-slip and soft for comfort. Need a shooting glasses with smoke lens for ladies? Take a look at the Radians Remington Ladies Shooting and Safety Glasses. The polycarbonate smoke lens offers 99% UV protection.

Radians Revelation Protective Shooting Glasses – Available in 10 Lens Colors

Radians has been in the business of manufacturing protective equipment for personal use for more than a decade. It has been steadfast in providing outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, range shooters, hobby enthusiasts, crafters, police officers, first responders and industrial workers with safety apparel such as safety eyewear, safety vests, work boots, head gears and hard hats that ensure maximum performance and protection. It has also remained relevant by listening to end users, responding to market trends and partnering with top brands such as DEWALT, Mossy Oak and Realtree to provide its users with reliable safety apparel that’s both functional and comfortable while ticking the safety boxes and meeting ANSI criteria.

The Radians Revelation Shooting Glasses provide a superior fit by offering five different ratchet positions and four telescoping temple positions. They feature a non-slip rubber nosepiece that’s soft and allows the glasses to rest comfortably on the nose. The frame also has self-adjusting fingers which allows them to fit nicely on the head. There’s a ventilation channel, just between the lens and frame that aid in the reduction of fogging. The silver mirror lenses are polarized and reduce glare causing reflections which could arise in bright outdoor condition. They also offer 99.9% protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiations. To top it all off, they’re also ANSI Z87.1-2003 compliant and impact resistant.

Radians has other shooting glasses you may want to check out:
  • The Radians Clay Pro Shooting and Safety Glasses with metal silver frame and 7 base single lens that wraps-around for full field vision protection
  • The Radians Shotgunner Shooting Glasses comes with 3 lens that can be interchanged. It also boasts of a frameless design that allows for a wide and clear field of vision
  • The Radians Clay Pro Shooting Glasses comes with amber colored lens for lowlight conditions and outdoor activities. It also has a silver metal temple and offers 99.9% protection from the harmful UV radiations of the sun
  • The Radians Rock Shooting Glasses which is available in 3 different frame colors. It has a rubber temple that provides non-slip comfort and a wraparound amber lens for a wide and clear field of vision
All shooting glasses by Radians meet the ANSI Z87.1+ standard.

How Do I Choose the Best Shooting Glasses?

Something as little as a piece of flying debris can be the difference between a wonderful shooting experience and the threat of blindness. That’s why shooting glasses are recommended for both amateur and experienced shooters. A pair of shooting glasses is an eye piece that’s capable of offering eye protection and also improving shooting accuracy. No matter the form of shooting activity, from hunting to shooting ranges and other gun sports, the need for shooting glasses cannot be over emphasized.

In order to make an informed decision before purchasing a pair of shooting glasses, you need to answer some important questions. Do you know the best lens material and color? Do you need a pair of shooting glasses that offer UV protection? Do you know how to get a great deal? As with other ocular devices like the monocular, the nature of the lens is quite important. The lens of a pair of shooting glasses is required to be impact resistant and prevent harmful UV rays from reaching the eyes. The same can be said about the lens color. The color of the lens for night vision won’t be the same for daytime and outdoor shooting conditions. Apart from the lens, the frame also plays an important role. The frame provides fit and comfort of the shooting glasses and if not properly considered, you could end up with an uncomfortable pair of shooting glasses.

When it comes to an important sense organ like the eye, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. A pair of shooting glasses is essential to protecting the eye and, more often than not, it can also help improve your shooting accuracy. Just as with other safety gear like your life vest, it’s important to get the right shooting glasses. That’s why we’ve brought you this buying guide, where we’ve carefully explained the technical aspect of shooting glasses and also provided you with the different features that a quality pair of shooting glasses should have with consideration to their prices. Ultimately the aim is to help you make a wise and informed decision.
The impact rating and lens material greatly influences the price of a pair of shooting glass. Shooting glasses with the ANSI and the US military ratings tend to cost more than those without them. Similarly, different lens materials and the level of protection they offer also tend to affect the cost of the shooting glasses. If both the frame and lens are wrap-around and offer full view protection, it’ll be more expensive than those that don’t offer them.

When it comes to eye protection, you cannot really put a price tag on it. But for those that work with a budget, a good pair of shooting glasses costs between $13 and $35. It’s important to note that during our research for this review we came across cheap shooting glasses, but we chose not to feature them because they don’t offer the same level of eye protection required to make any shooting glasses effective and functional.
Before you purchase a pair of shooting glasses, it’s necessary to understand the features that make it great for eye protection. So in order to select a pair of shooting glasses that not only protects your eyesight but also improves your shooting accuracy, you need to consider the following features:
  • Lens material
  • Lens color
  • UV protection
  • Additional protection/coverage
  • Frames and fit
  • Impact resistant ratings
Construction and Design
The lens material is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a pair of shooting glasses. There are different types of lens material, but when it comes to the lens of a pair of shooting glasses, polycarbonate is the best option. It’s the same material used to construct bullet proof glass. It’s lightweight, durable and effective as a shield for eye protection. When used in shooting glasses, it could be tinted, polarized or even clear. There’s also the trivex lens material but it’s mostly used in making prescription shooting glasses. It’s also durable and can be clear, tinted or transitioned. You may also come across plastic lenses, but they’re not certified by American National Standards Institute (ANSI), so they should be avoided.

The difference between ordinary sun glasses and shooting glasses is the certified impact resistant rating by recognized agencies. The agencies include American National Standards Institute (ANSI) with a minimum rating of ANSI Z87.1, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with a high impact rating and the United States Military standard rating with a minimum rating of MIL-PRF-31013. It’s important to note that, when compared to other average shooting glasses rated ANSI Z87.1, the military-grade glasses offer a higher impact resistance. As a general rule, all glasses that aren’t marked with the above ratings aren’t qualified to be used as shooting glasses.

Frames of shooting glasses are designed in such a way as to provide the best fit possible. Frames come in different styles and colors and are also made from different materials. Some are made from soft plastic and glasses while others are made from metal and rubber. These construction materials all offer different degrees of comfort. Those made from soft plastic and rubbers are generally more comfortable and less durable than those made from metal. We also have rigid frames and flexible frames. The flexible frames have adjustable hinges or tips and provide a superior fit to the rigid frames. Another important aspect to consider with the frame is the nose piece. For a more custom fit and comfort, shooting glasses usually come with a non-slip rubber nose rest that may or may not be adjustable.
Performance and Ease of Use
There are so many lens colors available and while it may only be a matter of preference, the color of lens you choose can actually improve your shooting performance. Some of the more common lens colors include smoke, gray, clear mirror, amber, purple, brown, green, black, ice, vermillion (red) and polarized. Depending on your shooting condition, each color has its pros and cons. Colors like smoke and gray are excellent for shooting conditions where bright sunlight is expected because they help block glare. However, they’re not as effective in regions of low light. For shooting in dawn/dusk or night time outdoor shooting, colors like amber, mirror and polarized are more effective. Purple and vermillion tinted lens enhance target’s color against a dark background. When it comes to indoor and outdoor shooting, during the day or night, clear lens would be great. It only offers eye protection without affecting your vision. There are brands that offer shooting kits with more than one lens. This gives you the option of numerous tints that can meet different lighting and shooting conditions.

As with other sun glasses and goggles, it’s important to purchase a pair of shooting glasses that protects the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. These harmful rays can cause different eye diseases such as eye cancer, cataracts and damage to the eye lens and cornea. It’s necessary that shooting glasses should block at least 99% of UVA and UVB. Those that offer such UV protection are usually rated UV400 or higher.

There are additional features that should be found in a standard pair of shooting glasses. If the frame and lens of the shooting glasses is wrap-around, they offer full protection and a wider field of vision. It’s also necessary that the lens is anti-fog. Some shooting glasses have a ventilating channel between the lenses and frame to help avoid fogging. Some also have anti-slip tips to keep the glasses in place during shooting activities. Most shooting glasses usually come with a soft cleaning and storage bag for cleaning and storing the glasses while others come with a storage case.

Lastly, there are shooting glasses that can accommodate prescription glasses. They’re large enough for that purpose and also offer the same eye protection that others do. There are also some shooting glasses that come with magnifying lenses and adapters. This option is suitable for older people with deficiency in eyesight or those that need the magnifiers for the length of their gun barrels.

Get the Best Shooting Glasses of 2023!

We hope that this review has helped you find a pair of shooting glasses that can protect your eye while improving your shooting accuracy; we only chose the very best for you. So, knowing that it is an informed decision, you can now safely pick your favorite pair of shooting glasses.

Our Top Choice
Beretta Plastic Shooting Glasses
Best Value
Allen Company Electron Shooting Glasses
Ducks Unlimited Shooting Glasses Kit
Spits MAGSHOT Shooting Glasses
Radians Revelation Protective Glasses