Best Shooting Target Reviews 2023

A nice shooting day-out at the range cannot be complete without the right tools, one of which being the shooting target. Shooting targets are objects used for any shooting sport, with any kind of firearms and they come in different shapes, colors and dimensions. These targets can be of paper, rubber, self-healing materials or steel, to suit your shooting style. Bearing in mind the varieties of shooting targets out there and how the search for the best shooting targets can be tough, so we decided to provide you with top 5 brands of shooting targets, with a featured product from each. Do check other shooting targets from these brands if those featured don’t work for you. Furthermore, we also have a review for the best archery targets, so if you’re more into the old-school forms of shooting, check that out as well.
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Our Top Choice
Do-All Outdoors Cow Bell Target
Do-all Outdoors makes it a top priority to provide affordable, durable and tested target and master-crafted outdoor accessories to customers while it maintains top quality at an amazing value.
Rated for .22 caliber pistols and rifles. Made of sturdy steel. Resounding ring when hit. No need to reset target after shooting it.
The steel bell may inspire fear of ricocheting bullets.
Black, bell shaped
12x3x9 inches; 4.2 pounds
Best Value
GlowShot Heavy Card Reactive Splatter Targets
GlowShot, showing a mind keen for innovation, makes and imports wide varieties of reactive splatter shooting targets with a touch of love for customers to encourage their shooting spirit.
Features multicolored splashes that circle your shots. Made with thick, non-adhesive tag board able to withstand thousands of hits. Comes with 100 per pack. Works for rifles and well as airsoft and BB guns.
Hard to see some individual impacts.
Multi color
Rifle, airsoft, handgun
10x16x6 inches; 6 pounds
Birchwood Casey Double Mag Action Spinner
Since conception, Birchwood Casey has pioneered leading targets accessories that have come to be sought-after by customers who want to advance their shooting game.
Features an innovative twist design that allows for no welds to break. Comes with a built-in foot rest. Stands firm in the ground. Features large circles for an easier-to-hit target.
The shooting target is rather close to the ground.
Red, disc shaped
3.2x8x29.2 inches; 5.2 pounds
Caldwell Rimfire Resetting Steel Target
As one of the industry leading manufacturers of innovative shooting products, Caldwell produces adorable and advanced target and shooting systems.
It can be easily transported to and from the range. Durable metal construction. Good for .22 Rimfire. Comes in a resetting target format.
The stickers do wear off after a few rounds of shooting.
Red, fire tongue shape
23x16.5x1.8 inches; 2.5 pounds
Heavy duty steel
Splatterburst Targets Sight in Splatter Target
Nurtured as a family-owned and operated business, Splatterburst Targets is known to provide its customers with quality shooting targets, which come at an affordable rate.
Highly visible. Bright fluorescent yellow colors every impact. Comes in a heavy duty, non-adhesive tag board. Excellent for all firearms.
Need to staple target to board to prevent it rolling up.
Rifles, shotgun, pellet gun
12x18x1 inches; 3 pounds
Non-adhesive board

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What is the Best Shooting Target?

As earlier stated, shooting targets come in several shapes, colors, texture and sizes so, getting the best shooting targets need some caution. The individual reviews following shows the various structures the shooting targets come in and the different features they offer. Since you’ve read the buying guide, we trust you can now make an informed choice when selecting your shooting targets. So, let’s go over to the individual product review.
Our Top Choice
The Do-All Outdoors Cow Bell Target is generally rated for .22 caliber, pistol or rifle. It’s designed to allow you to enjoy shooting without the need of resetting the target. Its frame comes in a sturdy steel construction. If you prefer a shooting target with auto reset, you can check out the Do-All Outdoors Handgun Auto Reset Trap Steel Target, which is rated for .38 - .44 Caliber.

Do-All Outdoors Cow Bell Steel Shooting Target, Rated For .22 Caliber

Founded in 1977, the Do-All Outdoors Manufacturing has become the leader in providing innovative gears for hunters and shooters, with full lines of traps and targeting accessories that have raised the bar for recreational shooters at all skill levels. Its products are crafted with care by a staff with over 100 years of combined experience afield and tested to the highest standards.

The Do-All Outdoors MCB2 Cow Bell Target is designed to allow you enjoy shooting without the need of resetting the target. It’s rated for a .22 caliber, at a minimum of 30 yards and comes with a sturdy steel construction. Its dimensions are approximately 9 x 4 x 17 inches and promises to be a great addition to any day spent shooting.

Do-All Outdoors has other shooting targets you might like; they include:
  • Do-All Outdoors Triple Spinner, rated for .22 Caliber — It features three targets of varying sizes to test your shooting accuracy; Its high visibility and orange steel targets make for an easy target. After every hit, the targets spin back into set position. It’s made with high quality steel and has tough support legs for stability
  • Do-All Outdoors Big Gong Show 9’ Self-healing Target, rated for .22 - .50 Caliber — It’s an Impact Seal Target constructed with technologically advanced materials, with the ability to handle the repeated punishment from all calibers and can go thousands of rounds. Its design can allow bullets pass through the self-healing target with minimal damage, thus adding to the long life of the product. It is light yet sturdy and also requires no resetting
  • Do-All Outdoors Silhouette Popper Steel Target, rated for .22 Caliber — Just like its name, it has an automatic popping action with every direct hit to the target, which allows it to be ready for you to take the next shot. It requires no assembly nor resetting and include stainless steel stabilizing spikes to ground the target and help keep it upright for use
  • Do-All Outdoors AccuBlue Layered 12x18 Silhouette — This shooting target is designed to be easily seen on any range and for precise targeting. It contains a pack of 10 created for multiple shooting opportunities and compatible with all different types of ammunition
  • Do-All Outdoors Round up Dueling Tree Steel Target, rated for .22 Caliber — It’s designed to lessen bounce back and includes a snap-into-position feature
Best Value
The GlowShot Heavy Card Reactive Splatter Shooting Target features multicolored splashes that circle your shots. It’s made with a thick, non-adhesive tag board that has the ability to withstand thousands of hits. It comes with 100 per pack. If you’d like the reactive splatter that comes in packs of 40, then try out the GlowShot 16" x 10" Reactive Splatter Targets, which also comes with the multi-color feature.

GlowShot Heavy Card Reactive Splatter Shooting Targets with Multi Color Splatters

Being the sole distributor of GlowShot targets for Australia and New Zealand, GlowShot Targets imports and creates a wide range of innovative reactive splatter shooting targets that its customers can choose from to provide them a good shooting experience. With a customer and after sales service team that’s as knowledgeable as the founders, all your issues are promptly resolved.

The GlowShot Heavy Card Reactive Splatter Shooting Targets come with multi-colored reactive splatter that allows you to see your hits instantly. It uses a GlowShot technology that produces a colored ring around your hits, each ring different from the other, and comes in a pack of 100. They’re made with a heavy duty, non-adhesive tag board, which has the ability to withstand dozens of hits. It’s used for gun targets and rifle targets and also works with airsoft and BB guns.

Other shooting targets manufactured by GlowShot include:
  • GlowShot 7x11 Oval Reactive Splatter Targets with multi-color feature — These Multi-Color Reactive Splatter targets allows you to see your hits instantly and come in packs of 75. They’re also made with heavy duty, non-adhesive tag board, with the power to withstand several hits and they serve as gun, rifle and airsoft targets
  • GlowShot 8” Reactive Splatter Targets with Multi-Color feature — These shooting targets come in packs of 75 and can work for gun and rifle targets. They also come at an amazing price
  • GlowShot 18” x 10” Silhouette Splatter Targets with Multi-Color Feature — The Multi-Color feature allows you to see your new hits. They come in packs of 50
  • GlowShot 6” Reactive Splatter Target — Its target sheets come in 6.5 by 6.5 inches, with a 6” peal and stick bull’s eye and 3 replacement patches. It’s also made with adhesive rated to 20 degrees below zero and is used for gun and rifle targets
  • GlowShot Reactive Splatter Targets with 4 Bull’s Eye — These shooting targets come in packs of 25 and 75 and have multi-colored splatter feature. They come with a red splattering center and are reasonably priced
The Birchwood Casey Double Mag Action Spinner is made for centerfire handguns up to .44 magnum. It has large circles for an easier-to-hit target from long range and comes in a 3/8-inch-thick steel. If you prefer a more affordable target with the same quality, then check out the Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C 8-Inch Round Target that comes in 30 Sheet Pack. It’s made from highest quality material, and it includes an 8” Bull’s eye and 120 plasters.

Birchwood Casey Double Mag .44 Action Spinner with Built-In Foot Rest

Established in 1948, Birchwood Casey has pioneered innovative products with a solid dedication for quality with the aim of providing avid collectors and professional gunsmiths with gun care products that can stand the test of time. It also makes some of the most innovative and durable shooting targets which bring to life the shooting dreams of people across the world.

The Birchwood Casey Double Mag Action Spinner is a popular, two-disc spinner target for the “big bore” pistol shooters. It’s made for centerfire handguns up to .44 magnums and has large circles for an easier-to-hit target from long range. It comes in a 3/8-inch-thick steel, with a durable, solid steel construction and a built-in foot rest that pushes it firmly to the ground.

There are other varieties of shooting targets by Birchwood Casey you can check out; they include:
  • The Birchwood Casey 6” Round Shoot-N-C Self-Adhesive Targets that come with 60 targets and 240 pasters. They’re made from high quality material and allow for hits to be seen by making a brightly-colored ring around the shots
  • The Birchwood Casey 3” Inch Shoot-N-C Round Targets which have the capability of targets exploding in colors after impact, allowing for visibility; they come with 240 targets and 600 pasters
  • The Birchwood Casey 2” Inch Target Spots are made using the highest quality of material and components, and tested for durability and quality. Their high contrast red color feature lets you see a sharp picture and bullet holes clearly, for better scoring. They arrive in a pack of 90 and are good for the avid shooter
  • The Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird 8” Round Splattering Target features a heavy tag board for durability; non-adhesive back that allows you affix it on the surface of your choice; and the splattering feature on the target that lets you see your performance from your standpoint
  • The Birchwood BC27 Dirty Bird Silhouette Target comes in black color but white splatters that allows you sight each spot to weigh performance. Its target has an aiming point for open or scoped sights, with a non-adhesive back that allows you place it on a surface of your choice, add notes and save for future reference
The Caldwell Rimfire Resetting Target is made of sturdy, thick metal and comes in a resetting target format, which includes 2.5-inch shooting spots and works with a .22 Rimfire. For a target that comes with a stand, check out the Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand. It features an oversize, all-weather backer that holds multiple large targets and is resistant to moisture and rot.

Caldwell Rimfire Resetting Steel Target, Includes 2.5-Inch Shooting Spots

With a vision to be the “best-run business in America” and the “most successful and respected business in the industry”, Caldwell has come to produce target and shooting systems which are fast becoming the gold standard in many aspects - durability, quality and versatility. Founded by Larry Potterfield in the late 70’s, the company has employed a steadfast performance in its product delivery to ensure that its customers are given a treat when they’re out shooting.

The Caldwell Rimfire Resetting Target is made of sturdy heavy duty metal and comes in a resetting target format. It can be easily moved to site and back with a frame of 16.8” wide x 22.5” high x 1.8” deep. It includes 2.5-inch shooting spots and works with a .22 Rimfire. Additional shots can be purchased separately if you wish for a longer and interactive shooting experience.

Caldwell has other shooting targets you can check out:
  • The Caldwell Magnum Rifle Gong is designed to withstand bullets impact shot at a minimum distance of 100 yards, without compromising the gong integrity. It has a mill certified hardness of 550 Brinell (HBW) for AR-550 and 500 Brinell for AR-500 targets. Its frame is constructed of steel tubing and requires no tools to assemble or disassemble, with an entire system which can be packed down for easy transportation
  • The Caldwell Duramax 5” Self-Healing Targets come in different shapes and sizes. They’re made of ballistic polymer, rated for pistols or rifles from .22Lr to 50bmg and designed for maximum durability. Its self-healing nature allows it to be shot without it getting damaged. Another feature it has is that it bounces, rolls, spins or flips when hit
  • The Caldwell 103654 Handgun Resetting Target is, as its name implies, a resetting target for handguns. Its frame measures 12” wide x 26.8” high x 1.8” deep, making it portable to move around. Each target is 3 ½” in diameter, with 3 targets in total. It’s made of heavy duty steel and designed for up to Acp 44 Special, which isn’t intended for Magnum Velocities
The Splatterburst Targets 12” x 18” Sight In Splatter Target allows you see your shots instantly by causing a bright florescent yellow impact after every shot and comes in a heavy duty non-adhesive tag board that withstands hits. It’s excellent for all firearms. If you desire a more affordable shooting target that comes with stick and splatter features, look out for the Splatterburst Targets Stick and Splatter Adhesive Shooting Targets, where you get 25 8-inch sheets per pack.

Splatterburst Targets Sight in Splatter Target, with Bright Florescent Yellow Impact

Splatterburst Targets is one of the big names known in the industry when it comes to target and shooting accessories. Splatterburst Targets is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing its customers with quality shooting targets, and a commitment to also provide excellent customer service alongside satisfaction.

The Splatterburst Targets 12” x 18” Sight in Splatter Target is a heavy duty non-adhesive tag board that has the capability of withstanding hits. It comes with a bright florescent yellow impact feature that allows the user see his shots instantly. This yellow upon impact is visible at any light condition without the need of using spotting scopes. So, whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, this target, made for high visibility, permits you to see your shot clearly without walking over the range. It’s excellent for all firearms; pistols, rifles, shotguns, bb, pellet guns, among others.

Other shooting targets by Splatterburst Targets include:
  • The Splatterburst Targets 1-inch Simplespot Adhesive Shooting Targets come as non-splattering targets with bright florescent orange that makes them easy to see in all light conditions. Their high strength and visibility allow them to be stuck to almost anything, at any temperature and seen from the shooting range. They can be used indoors or outdoors and work for all calibers and firearms
  • The Splatterburst Targets 18 x 24-inch Triple Silhouette Reactive Shooting Targets feature bright florescent yellow upon impact and high visibility, to see all shots that had gone out to the targets; and a heavy duty, non-adhesive tag board that is capable of withstanding shots. They’re great for people with reduced vision and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer’s desk. They’re also great for all firearms
  • The Splatterburst Targets 12 inch Multi Bull’s Eye comes with the same bright florescent yellow upon impact and high visibility feature for clearer, precise shooting view and obvious shots on targets for analysis. They can be used both outdoors and indoors and at any range of your choice. They come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. Also great for all firearms

How Do I Choose the Best Shooting Target?

Ever been to a shooting range with friends? If so, you can agree that it’s quite exhilarating; the noise, the people and even the arena. Shooting has become such an engaging sport that even minors (highly supervised) are allowed to join in the sport. As interesting as it sounds, some people find it rather perplexing or purposeless because they see no reason why they should go out shooting with a gun when it’s not aimed at catching some game. If you’re one of them, then you’re missing out in the fun as shooting doesn’t just help you aim well, it spurs you to target precisely. It’s like playing a chess game: it pushes you to be focused on anything and make moves that can preempt those of your competitors. Now, that’s where the need for shooting targets comes in.

Shooting targets are objects used for shooting sports, targeted to be hit by either firearms such as pistols, rifles or non-firearms related sports such as darts. They come in various forms and sizes and aim (pun unintended) to improve one’s shooting accuracy as well as precision analysis. Initially, shooting targets were designed to teach military men how to be precise when shooting at their opposition, but over the years it’s evolved into a sporting activity that’s encouraged and improved people’s mental capabilities as it strives to bring out the marksmanship in every player.

Shooting targets can also be seen as a good way of discouraging the unnecessary killings of animals. You can attest that some avid shooters like the killing game because it’s a more convincing way of showing your skill to your opponents during competition, yet these bragging rights might have helped certain animals to go into extinction before their time. But the emergence of widely available shooting targets has helped to reduce these needless killings at the same time as encouraging the shooting sport by providing obvious scoring sheets which analyzing your shots angles and show openly your shooting ability.

Although all shooting targets essentially carry out the same function, they come in different types, dimensions and materials including paper, rubber, and steel, with each type bearing its peculiar advantages and disadvantages. So, when choosing a shooting target, consider each type with care in order to purchase the one that goes with your preferences and shooting style.

The purpose of this review is to assist you in making the right pick when getting a shooting target so that you can have an enjoyable day-out at the shooting range. The shooting target must be durable, as durability cannot be compromised. So, go ahead and get those vital points you need to make a wise choice. After you get your target, all you need is your rifle and a pair of shooting glasses and you’ll be on your way to the range!
Shooting targets can be seen within the price range of $10 to $70, depending on production factors like sizes, cost of production, structures, etc. You, of course, wouldn’t expect a paper target to be sold at the same price as a steel target. So, if you want to get a target of steel, you’ll have to pay more for it. But, whatever the case may be, there’s a price for everyone’s budget. During our research, we came across cheap shooting targets that were obviously substandard according to our parameters; we left them out because what we’re looking out for is targets that’ll guarantee your shooting satisfaction.
When it comes to purchasing shooting targets, it’s essential to note the features that they come with, as this will help out in determining if they fit your shooting style. Here are some of the key factors you need to consider when making your pick:
  • Dimensions
  • Types
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Visibility level
  • Extras
Construction and Design
Most shooting targets are used for outdoor as well as indoor shooting sports. They vary in types and come in paper, self-healing materials, rubber and steel. The most common of them all is the paper target which is known to be the simplest, most economical, effective and most widespread of the shooting targets. It comes in various forms, which include: paper silhouette targets, paper bull’s eye targets, and image-based targets. Some paper targets arrive with sticky backings which makes them attachable to larger frame surfaces.

For that reactive target shooting experience, the metal shooting targets does it better, as it’s not easily perforated like the paper target and has a level of strength to stand the bullets that come its way. Another type of shooting targets is the silhouette target which can be metal or paper, reactive or not. Most common silhouette targets are shaped in the form of a torso or the upper part of a human body and can be good in teaching a person how to steadily hit center mass. They can be hung or attached to a surface, allowing darts or firearms shot at them to land directly on their surfaces.

With the arrival of more advanced technologies, shooting targets, which used to be wholly manual, are now available in electronic options. They come as automated scoring systems with the capability of automatically analyzing the shots of the shooters, with the purpose of allowing viewers compare shooters and make their decision of winners. Some models have running targets feature that move on rails and are programmed to switch positions almost every minute in order to fully engage the shooter.
Performance and Ease of Use
Shooting targets are easy to use, whatever the structure and dimension they take. For the paper target, it just needs to be attached onto a surface so that it can have some sort of support when it’s time for shooting. Metal targets, on the other hand, don’t need support as they already have solid frames that can be pushed to the ground, to handle the bullets coming through. They work for all types of firearms and calibers, so long as they’re used according to the manufacturer’s prescription.

Maintaining a shooting target isn’t that challenging as all that’s required is cleaning. Most models come with portable features that allow them to be conveyed to the store to keep after use. Although it’s easy to use shooting targets, extra care needs to be taken when shooting at metallic targets as you wouldn’t want the case of the bullets bouncing off its surface and hitting you. That’s why it’s recommended that shooters wear eye protection and stay about 10 yards away to avoid being hit.

Unlike shooting at bottles where there’s no room for analysis, shooting targets encourages analytical calculation and accurate precision as the targets come along with scoring sheets which enables the shooter to know how his aiming game is and where there’s need for improvement.


Get the Best Shooting Target of 2023!

Now that you’ve taken time to read through our choices of the best shooting targets on the current market, we hope we’ve been able to provide you with the needed information that’ll help you in making the right decision when purchasing your next set of targets. If you still can’t choose, you can always look through the other options offered by these terrific brands for some additional options.

Our Top Choice
Do-All Outdoors Cow Bell Target
Best Value
GlowShot Heavy Card Reactive Splatter Targets
Birchwood Casey Double Mag Action Spinner
Caldwell Rimfire Resetting Steel Target
Splatterburst Targets Sight in Splatter Target