Best Shoulder Immobilizer Reviews 2022

Shoulder injuries can take a toll on your everyday life, so it's important to heal as quickly as possible! Shoulder immobilizers provide support so your shoulder can rest and avoid harmful dislocations. The best shoulder immobilizer brands feature comfortable support structures that lock the shoulder, elbow, and arm into place. We found five high-quality shoulder immobilizers, with options for almost everyone.
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Our Top Choice
FLA Orthopedics Pediatric Shoulder Immobilizer
FLA, which stands for “For Living Actively” Orthopedics, passionately pursues innovative technology so people can live more active lifestyles.
Strong elastic material. No restrictive straps. Comfortable design.
One user found the infant size too small, so be careful when choosing sizes.
Infant, pediatric, youth
Humeral & wrist cuffs
3.2 oz.
Best Value
Tynor Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer
Tynor specializes in creating high-quality orthopedic products at low prices using 3-D computer designs and advanced manufacturing.
Six-way support. Shoulder compression. Soft elastic bands. No buckle biting. Sleek and lightweight.
Restrictive design offers more support but may slow down an active lifestyle.
Small to X-Large
Shoulder compressor
12.6 oz.
Neo-G Kids Shoulder Immobilizer
Neo G caters to active lifestyles through their cutting-edge support devices. Their compression and support devices are registered with the FDA, MHRA, and Health Canada.
Highly supportive. Breathable. Lightweight. Universal fit.
Looks a bit bulky.
Polyester blend
Swathe design
6.4 oz.
Corflex Tricot Shoulder Immobilizer
Corflex is a veteran-owned small business with serious expertise in rehabilitation products. Since 1984, they've addressed a broad range of orthopedic needs.
Highly durable material. Soft to the touch. Supportive waist band.
Not quite as supportive as a full-body immobilizer.
Waist strap
7 oz.
Soles Universal Arm Sling
Soles specializes in creating a variety of comfortable orthotic products to aid in the recovery of various injuries.
Soft padding. Lightweight. Adjustable. Machine washable. Unisex. Reversible (right or left). Durable.
Not as firm and supportive as full swathe-style immobilizers.
Non-woven material
Small & adult
Padded shoulder strap
4 oz.

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What is the Best Shoulder Immobilizer?

We looked at brands that specialize in medical equipment to make sure you get the best results, and we compared prices to make sure you can find an option within your budget. We chose shoulder slings for both children and adults, since the sizes vary greatly. Now that you have a better idea of what to expect, let’s go ahead and move on to our reviews.
Our Top Choice
This children's shoulder immobilizer is firm, comfortable, and lightweight, so kids can continue their lives while in recovery. For more support and a larger sling, check out the Pro Lite Deluxe Sling & Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer.

FLA Orthopedics Pediatric Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer – Available in 3 Sizes

FLA Orthopedics is passionate about getting people back to their everyday lives. If that means staying active, you're going to need a non-restrictive solution that helps you get the most rest possible. FLA creates innovative and employs high-tech designs along with high-quality manufacturing for the best products they can make. They offer a wide variety of medical support equipment in a variety of sizes.

This children's shoulder immobilizer is basic yet effective. It keeps the arm and shoulder in place using two comfortable straps and is made of firm elastic so there's enough give to continue living life to its fullest. It easily fits left and right arms and is available in three distinct sizes: infant, pediatric (x-small) and youth (small).

FLA Orthopedics also has a variety of adult's shoulder stabilizers and immobilizers to choose from.
Best Value
This full shoulder immobilizer is sleek and lightweight while providing six-way support. For an even more supportive model, try the Tynor Universal Shoulder Immobilizer.

Tynor Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer – Available in 4 Sizes

Tynor was born in India when patients had limited access to orthotic products. The available equipment was either low-quality or highly expensive. Tynor aimed to creatively offer affordable yet high-quality products. They used state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and employed 3-D computer design methods to maximize efficiency and quality. Today, they offer a wide variety of supportive products including high-quality shoulder supports.

The Tynor Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer is a balance of quality and low price. It provides six-way support along with a firm shoulder cup for consistent compression. The design is breathable and can be used by patients with open wounds around the shoulder. The design is sleek and lightweight, the elastic fabric is comfortable, and there's no need to deal with troublesome buckles. This adult's shoulder immobilizer is ideal for factures of the humerus, radius or ulna, clavicle bone fractures, post-surgical and post-cast arm care and more.
The Neo G Paediatric Sling & Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer offers maximum support for a smooth recovery and is a registered medical device. Looking for a more basic sling? Check out the Neo G Fitright Airflo Sports Arm Sling.

Neo-G Kids Comfort Paediatric Sling & Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer Medical Grade

Neo G is a great place to find high-quality support and compression devices. Their products are registered with the FDA, MHRA, and Health Canada. Their wide variety of products is sold to hospitals, doctors, physiotherapists, pharmacy groups, and consumers. The products are designed by qualified orthopedic device designers and manufactured using cutting-edge technology in their European factories.

This full shoulder immobilizer is made of medical-grade fabric to be soft and breathable. The design is firm yet lightweight and comfortable. It fits either arm and is unisex. It's built to reduce stress in the entire shoulder area and encourage proper joint alignment to speed up the healing process. The universal fit means that, with the help of an adult, this immobilizer can fit on nearly any child through its adjustable straps. You can hand wash this immobilizer in cold water.

Neo G has more shoulder support devices as well as a wide range of body support devices that are great for athletes.
The Coreflex Universal Shoulder Sling does a great job at immobilizing your shoulder without the bulkiness of a full-body immobilizer. If you're looking for a little more support, check out the Corflex Universal Shoulder Immobilizer.

Corflex Tricot Shoulder Immobilizer / Rotator Cuff Sling - Medium

Corflex is a veteran-owned business that was founded in 1984 to distribute quality orthopedic rehabilitation products. They understand many different injuries people may suffer from and that each may need a unique product. That's why their products include orthopedic soft goods, fracture braces, hot and cold therapy and wound care products.

This shoulder sling immobilizer uses a unique design to match the supportive nature of bulkier designs. The convenient thumb loop and Velcro make it easy to stabilize your arm while the waist strap keeps the entire sling in place, making recovery easier. The sling is manufactured with soft and durable tricot material for long-lasting comfort. It's ideal for use following rotator cuff injuries, glenohumeral acromioplasty surgery, and other shoulder injuries.

Corflex also has a variety of shoulder support devices with a manual gel pump for pneumatic compression and cold therapy. Check these out if you're experiencing swelling, pain, or muscle spasms.
The Soles Universal Arm Sling makes recovery easier and is available for both kids and adults. For a full children's immobilizer at a great price, check out the Soles Pediatric Shoulder Immobilizer & Sling.

Soles Universal Arm Sling with Soft Padded Shoulder Strap – Available for Kids or Adults

Soles offers a wide range of recovery items including braces, support devices, and rehabilitation toys. Their well-rated products are trusted by many users for their consistent and comfortable results.

This simple and comfortable sling stands out since it makes recovery as easy as possible. It comes in kids and adults sizes and fits right and left arms. It's made with highly-durable and machine washable material. The medical-grade sling uses comfortable padding to ease you through recovery and uses a fully adjustable shoulder band so you can maintain the most comfortable position.

How Do I Choose the Best Shoulder Immobilizer?

After long periods of tireless working, the holiday season is finally here. The long-awaited vacation kicks in, and you finally get some time off to enjoy with family and close friends. An adventure through the woods ensues, as you look to make the most of this short time off your usually stuffed schedule. Just like in the movies, you arm yourself with the complete picnic gear, featuring a high-end camera among other tour necessities.

Fast-forward to the actual trip: everyone is excited, taking photos of the picturesque landscape. Each person wants to document this memorable tour; hence multiple pictures are taken. Then suddenly, as one of you tries to climb a higher place to get a beautiful, panoramic view to store in their camera, they accidentally trip and fall. Without warning, an event that seemed like paradise turns sour. Upon examination, you identify that the injured person suffered shoulder dislocation, and is in urgent need of first aid. Luckily, you still remember the Red Cross drills you undertook while in college, so you lay them on a picnic blanket and patch up a makeshift support mechanism using sticks and strings.

In such a situation, a shoulder immobilizer would have been priceless. Designed to support the shoulder and arm while offering comfort, immobilizers, just like knee braces, prevent further dislocation. Though relying on Mother Nature as mentioned above may be handy in certain scenarios, immobilizers trump on them as they are accredited by nearly all leading orthopedics in the health and wellness industry.

As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher.” Having undergone such a gruesome experience, you’ll want to be adequately equipped next time you go out on a field trip. Thus, the first item on your checklist will be a fully-fledged first aid kit to take care of such emergencies should they arise. A shoulder immobilizer is also a no-brainer.

The current market has a myriad of options regarding immobilizers, catering to individuals of all age groups from kids to adults. Our team conducted a thorough analysis of what the market has to offer in this niche and identified the industry leaders. Once you go through our in-depth guide, you’ll be well-informed on the various choices at your disposal.
It’s a general inclination in business that you get what you pay for. True to this trend, the shoulder immobilizer market is no different. Hence, woven and ergonomically-designed immobilizers tend to command higher prices than their polyester counterparts or those with simplistic designs.

With about $13, you can get your hands on basic shoulder immobilizers. The more decorated options have higher price ceilings, going up to around $32. That being said, we definitely favor the upper half in the pricing range, as they are more durable and well-equipped to carry out the job at hand. Although it’s possible to get dirt-cheap shoulder immobilizers, we do not recommend them. They are made with flimsy material and you don’t want something that won’t offer what it promises.
Upon identifying the items that fall within your intended budget, the next appropriate step would be to evaluate their outstanding features to separate the wheat from the chaff. This should be done with utmost keenness, as modern manufacturers go out of their way to make their products more appealing to prospective customers.

You should be on the lookout for the following when on a shoulder immobilizer buying mission:
  • Type - What is the nature of the material used? It can be elastic, polyester, polyester blend, or even non-woven in some cases.
  • User - Who is the intended target for the immobilizer? Is it meant for young ones or grown-ups?
  • Size - The type narrows it down to either kids or adults. Regarding size, these broad categories are split into smaller ones such as infant, pediatric, and youth in the case of children, and medium, large, and extra-large among the adults.
  • Weight – What is the mass of the immobilizer?
  • Design Features - These vary from brand to brand, as each manufacturer has a different way of designing the straps.
When you’re done with assessing the features, it goes without saying that you test them out to see whether the product is worth spending on.
Construction and Design
In this area, size matters. Different individuals have varying arm sizes; hence this is an aspect that should be put into consideration. If overlooked, the immobilizer may not be useful, as it’s meant to secure the arm tightly. Thus, if it’s too big, the arm will easily swing, rendering it useless. Conversely, if it’s too tight, it ends up being an inconvenience rather than a remedy.

Since immobilizers are meant for injured persons, they should be made in such a way that they are comfortable. Bulky variants often come with more support, but they strain the wearer. On the other hand, lightweight immobilizers are flexible, allowing the user to maintain an active lifestyle even after injury (especially those without restrictive straps). However, their nature means that they offer less support.
Performance and Ease of Use
Modern immobilizers are equipped with a myriad of ergonomic features, all in a bid to make the recuperation process tenable. A majority of designs use medical-grade fabric that’s not only soft, but also breathable. This ensures that the secured arm feels fresh at all times, particularly for patients with open wounds. Also, the fabric is elastic, another aspect that enhances comfort, hence speeding up the recovery process.

Besides ergonomics, the material used should be easily washable, as well as long-lasting. It would also be great if the immobilizer is adjustable, because this increases the number of people it can serve.

Get the Best Shoulder Immobilizer of 2022!

Consider the severity of your injury and consult a doctor when considering what type of shoulder immobilizer you should purchase. Higher-end versions are often more comfortable and supportive, making them better choices for severe injuries and long recovery periods. Whatever shoulder injury you've gone through, there's a good chance these brands have an option for you.

Our Top Choice
FLA Orthopedics Pediatric Shoulder Immobilizer
Best Value
Tynor Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer
Neo-G Kids Shoulder Immobilizer
Corflex Tricot Shoulder Immobilizer
Soles Universal Arm Sling